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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who served as the second President of the Russian Federation.

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How pathetic to see Vladimir Soloviev's hate program against Ukraine on Rossia1 TV. This is true hate propaganda. Sad Pu…
Donald Trump admitted he met Vladimir Putin in 2015 interview, despite recently saying he hadn’t - Salon .com
The United States of America should be fully prepared to go to war if Vladimir Putin harms this puppy in any way https:…
Putin's lapdog! Russian President kisses and cuddles puppy after it is given to him as a gift by the leader of ...… ht…
Vladimir Putin looking like he's about to punch the president of Kazakhstan.
King Salman sent a letter of gratitude and appreciation to President Vladimir Putin at the end of historic visit to Moscow
Wait, I got it, let's hire Vladimir Putin for Treasury Secretary. That guy will do anything I say!
Vladimir Putin doesn't deserve that dog smh..
Russia's Vladimir Putin got another new puppy today. A look at some other notable animal gifts to world leaders:
Please dont become another political hack:. 1. Russia did nothing . 2. We have interfered in many elections wor…
PUTIN GETS A PUP: Russian President and dog lover Vladimir Putin was presented with a puppy as belated birthday gift
Self-proclaimed dog lover Vladimir Putin gets a puppy as a gift from the Turkmen president - Business Insider
Turkmenistan’s President goes to visit Vladimir Putin, and (literally) pulls out a puppy:
Here's the awkward moment when Vladimir Putin was gifted a puppy
Vladimir Putin has been presented with a puppy by the President of Turkmenistan: via
'It's not easy to stand up to Vladimir Putin, just ask Alexei Navalny': A look at Life in Russia's Opposition
6. Has Vladimir Putin ever put anything in Donald's secret back channel? If so, did Donald enjoy the "inf…
Russian President Vladimir Putin receives puppy as belated birthday gift from Turkmenistan’s President
.must’ve gotten his (tiny) hands on a CliffsNotes copy of “How to be an Authoritarian Dictator like Vl…
Major breaking exclusive - why Russian servers are MUCH WORSE NEWS than anybody thought
The meaning of the recent summit between Vladimir Putin and Saudi King Salman:
"Vladimir Putin installed Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. . That is the real reason he is still there". ~ Mike Autry
Thread👇. Let's talk about the folks behind the curtain: Bob Mercer, Peter Thiel, and Vladimir Putin.
Russian protesters rally on Vladimir Putin's birthday -
Today President Vladimir celebrates his 65th Anniversary. Many happy returns of the day Vladimir Vlad…
All evidence says Putin came to power by killing his own people and blaming Chechens.
Mein konrad, today is the birthday of Vladimir Putin!.
Russian protesters rally on Vladimir Putin's birthday.
Happy birthday Vladimir Putin! We got you a shirt you can finally wear with confidence.
Vladimir Putin: The women linked to the Russian president | Daily Star
That Patek Philippe cost at least a couple thou - keeping tabs on Vladimir Putin
On Vladimir Putin's 65th birthday protests are erupting against him in 80 Russian cities
Dear A reminder that Russia is not our ally and Vladimir Putin is not your friend.
Russian protesters rally on Vladimir Putin's birthday
Putin birthday protests: Demonstrators arrested as Russians take to streets to oppose leader
Putin's spending his b'day w/national security council trying to figure out how to deal w/ protests in 80 cities
I sleep well knowing I share birthdays with Vladimir Putin and Simon Cowell.
▶Vladimir Putin turns 65: Planned protests threaten to ruin his party
Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone that the US backed jihadist terrorists in Chechnya as a means of destabilizing Russia. Let…
Amanda Ferguson told him, but he says fake news, and Vladimir Putin has…
Vladimir Putin gives 'lifeline' to Kim Jong-un in bid to save regime and stop World War 3
Vladimir Putin, Russian President, appointed Yury Materiy Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives on August 24, 2017.
Vladimir Putin has congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 68th anniversary of the founding of the PRC https…
Vladimir Putin fires back: ‘Close down RT, and we will close down CNN’
I'll be watching for a photo op with and Vladimir Putin attempting a piano duet.
Yes let Vladimir Putin win by breaking up countries.   10% Off
Steven Seagal​'s new hit song "Vladimir Putin" will make you get up off one knee and start dancing!
It's a life-or-death matter to run for president in Russia against Vladimir Putin
Russia all over every news outlet, even local. Can't wait for a random person to ask me what I think about Vladimir Putin and did I do it?
If manspreading was a distraction during a meeting with former KGB Vladimir Putin, it's no wonder why Hillary was a terri…
'Every time I met with him': Hillary Clinton on Vladimir Putin's 'manspreading'
PM Modi meeting Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin, on the sidelines of 9th in Xiamen, China
These are Russia’s top 10 war machines that Vladim...
Hillary Clinton says Vladimir Putin has one particularly terrible habit
On Thur 730am ET and will watch.Vladimir Putin never misses it, and Lil' Kim will watc…
If Trump's speech at the U.N. today seemed familiar, maybe it's because you heard it before, from Vladimir Putin.
There is no doubt in my mind that Putin has played a huge role in this!
Professor Bill Taubman opined on Mikhail Gorbachev's "verdict" on Vladimir Putin in The Washington Post this week. http…
The Sound of Music, starring Emily Blunt and Eric Cartman. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, music by Vladimir Putin. Budget: $100 billion
Clinton says Trump is being ‘played’ by Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un: “I’m not even sure he’s aware of that"
Vladimir Putin is on track to beat Stalin’s record rule
Breast Cancer Awareness
Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be S
Vladimir Putin has kick started the World Cup Trophy Tour at the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena
Vladimir Putin held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Vladivostok to discuss prospects for the devel…
Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin and China are publicly talking about the importance of AI. . Artificial Intelligence is...
The many different faces of Vladimir Putin since becoming Prime Minister in 1998:
Vladimir are 'useless' and 'ineffective'.
Putin warns of 'global catastrophe' over North Korea impasse.
Putin is turning into a ham in a fake tiff w.Trump. Didn't get the "deliverables" his greedy, crooked *** wanted.
Weird. Pretty sure this is RU unhip way of Putin saying T is not his Biatch, as a backhanded way of saying he is ...
Vladimir Putin: Donald Trump isn’t my bride – video: Vladimir Putin has said Donald Trump
That foul mouthed piece of trash Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin deliberately set out to destabilize the West | Opinion
Vladimir expects to find compromises with Donald in world’s interests
North Korea: Putin says world is heading for 'CATASTROPHE' as sanctions 'won't work'. RUSSIAN president Vladimir... ht…
Hello Diane. What is it that you admire so much about Vladimir Putin?
Update your maps at Navteq
Vladimir Putin's news conference: results of the summit
"Putin says Trump ‘not my bride, and I’m not his groom’" Russian President Vladimir Putin refrained from criticizi…
Reporter asks Vladimir Putin if he is disillusioned with Donald Trump. Putin's response: "We're not bride and groom"
"Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that any decision by the United States to supply defensive...
Even Vladimir Putin isn’t sure if Donald Trump will last his entire first term
Russian President Vladimir Putin warns North Korea it could become like Iraq
Trump is 'not my bride,' Vladimir Putin says
Vladimir Putin said President Trump is “not my bride, and I am not his groom”
Just in case you were wondering who is the chick here, "Trump Is ‘Not My Bride,’ Putin Says
BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for talks with North Korea, warns against whipping up 'military hysteria'
Vladimir says is 'not my bride, and I'm not his groom'
Also, “Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies” and “Why buy the cow when the milk is free.”.
Vladimir Putin rejects U.S. calls for new sanctions against North Korea after nuclear test
Putin on whether he's disappointed with Trump presidency. "He’s not my bride. I'm also not his bride, nor his groom"
1999: Nigeria ends military rule | Television broadcasts seen for the first time in Bhutan | Vladimir Putin becomes Prime Minister of Russia
President Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin agreed Sunday to stick to the goal of denuclearization on Korean Peninsula & keep close…
Vladimir Putin and President of China Xi Jinping visited an exhibition of Chinese arts and crafts
Vladimir Putin's new 'holiday home' features gold-plated swimming pool
Prime Minister meets Vladimir Putin, President of Russia in Xiamen, China on the sidelines of BRICS…
Yep, Putin running this game and now playing his cards, one by one: Vladimir Putin has achilling NK warning
8th of May 2008 to be precise, the day Vladimir Putin was appointed Russian Prime Minister
The superior court judges in the UCAs last official act was impeaching Vladimir Putin of Russia. An the same for Russia. Ur no longer
Vladimir Putin orders Russians to move away from North Korean border after latest missile launch
The Don Jr & Felix Sater e-mails make it undeniably clear that Trump's associates aimed to collude with Vladimir Putin to g…
Ivanka Trump did not deny sitting in Vladimir Putin's chair on a trip to Moscow.
Rex Tillerson won't say it, but I will: Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.
Is it a bit fishy that I fancy Vladimir Putin? | Barbara Ellen
‘Want to strengthen ties with Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin is more trusted globally than Donald Trump, survey shows
Watch Russian President Vladimir Putin doing “manly” things (for the media?) on a trip to Siberia via
Why Putin is the world’s most powerful man. Fareed Zakaria: To understand Vladimir Putin, you have to understand...
This man has been more critical of "fake news" than he has been towards Nazis or Vladimir Putin. Do y…
Vladimir is more trusted globally than Donald survey shows - RussiaFeed
buys Reagan twirls in his grave-'Perfect Alabama candidate': Republicans warm to Vladimir Putin – video
If only the party of racists and Putin backers and trump enablers had any shred of credibility left.
realy sorry abt dat.actually it was a statement by Vladimir Putin that I found interesting.not directd at u
Vladimir Putin has banned fluoride from Russia, stating that the "toxic poison" that was "force fed to...
Former minister directly accuses key Putin ally of framing him .
Listen: dives deeply into the psyche of Vladimir Putin, his effect on Russia & the US & where we're headed
The happiest person in the world right now is Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump is a threat to national security and mus…
There are two things Trump can't ever seem to criticize: white supremacy, and Vladimir Putin.
Our *allies* see Vladimir Putin as more trustworthy.let that sink in.
18 yrs ago today Russian parliament took what seemed an unimportant vote to confirm Putin as PM. The rest is history https:…
U.S. allies trust Vladimir Putin more than President Trump "to do the right thing," survey says
are very confused. They don't know the difference between Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Lenin. Learn some history.
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Vladimir Putin’s powerful propaganda apparatus seems to be turning on its once-promising protégé.
The Putin model here isn't Khodorkovsky, but Vladimir Gusinsky, the media mogul whose network criticized Putin and was forc…
And the supposed exonerating facts are that a Trump employee repeatedly tried t…
The CIA is spying on and violating the privacy of the whole *** planet but Vladimir Putin is the "global cyber threat"? Get real
Russian guys are stripping off in the name of Vladimir Putin 😂 💪.
has just become our new favourite thing about the internet. Following the ongoing photos…
Yes, as long as it extends to annoying Putin. If this is just going to make Vladimir laugh, well.. I'm sick of his mirth.
America’s allies trust Vladimir Putin more on foreign affairs than they do President Trump and U.S. policy …
The Internet is freaking out over these awkward shirtless photos of Vladimir Putin:
Ivan Krastev:. Many Americans fear that when they look at Russia they are looking at the future. What is most...
More than the President of the United States, Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin has confidence…
There was the mall i learned from vladimir putin everything.
is totally owned by Vladimir Putin like Trump.Neither Trump nor his supporters are patriots
Five men jailed over murder of Vladimir Putin critic Boris Nemtsov in
Vladimir Putin trusted more than Donald Trump, says poll (source
Vladimir Putin will make working trip to Sevastopol on August 18
You would rather loan Jeff Bezos money for ten years at 3.2% than Vladimir Putin at ten years for 7.8%?. Yes.
There are new questions about why seems unable to criti­cize Vladimir Putin or white supremacists.
here's your idol din lemon ANTIFA JOSEPH STALIN the idol of Vladimir Putin
The list of things Donald Trump is too weak and frightened to criticize:. 1. Vladimir Putin. 2. White Supremacists . 3. Neo-Nazis…
"Rex relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin" https…
Alex Ovechkin attends martial arts event with Vladimir Putin
Oh gawd. People are becoming in more soulless by the day. . 'Republicans warm to Vladimir Putin – video
Great piece showing how our nation's religious right is identifying w/Putin over a hatred for homosexuality. .
Alabama is Putin country. Christian Religious Right see Russians as brothers, hope to Make America Anti *** Again.
The front page in 1999. Boris Yeltsin appoints Vladimir Putin as new Prime Minister of Russia.
Jen, I personally spoke to Vladimir Putin and he told me to tell you he thinks you should quit comedy
Is Vladimir Putin the worst enemy of Donald Trump or best friend? According to media, he's both, and at the same time
I think that's unfair to van den Heuvel. She has agency of her own, can't blame…
Dude it's crazy! You fought all over the world and even fought in front of V…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are both taking time off. Compare and contrast the world leaders' recreational activities. ht…
These people make me sick. The cynicism & tribalism is gross
Interesting short documentary about the affinity between America’s religious right and Putin!.
In 2008, Putin passed a law in 2012 forbidding American adoptions from Russia due to pedophiles and Satanic worship
85/1776...that Loretta Lynch and James Comey interfered in the 2016 election more than Vladimir Putin could even ha…
So, you think Bill Gates has lots of money? Check out these guys
Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin's favorite dish is Being marginalized stuffed with The Virginia Tech Massacre.
'The perfect Alabama candidate': Republicans warm to Vladimir Putin – video
Video For the moment arrested suspects to try to kill Russian President "Vladimir Putin",
Pretending to be a Christian has sure gotten murderous Vladimir Putin a lot of credibility with some leading Christians.
Roy Moore. Putin is right on *** Putin is closer to me on issues than I thought . America is now focus of evil.
Watch this segment that illuminates Putin's troubling appeal to the American Authoritarian Right in AL.
A society that cannot defend its children has no future. - Vladimir Putin
Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russians "was a Vladimir Putin operation." - to
Don't forget this story: . How closely are Paul Manafort and Donald Trump tied to Vladimir Putin? via http…
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Because the world needs nothing more than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin sharing a land border :P
Kim Jong-un moves to cement ties with Vladimir Putin ahead of China
Vladimir Putin goes fishing in the remote Tuva region in southern Siberia at the beginning of ... via
Mentally ill leftists project Vladimir Putin onto the Trump Hotel and play the Russian national anthem.
There are macho men and then there's Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin: My thick wife, Donald. He may be *** but he's useful *** He makes me laugh and owes me money.…
Putin sunbathes on vacation: President Trump and Russian President Putin are bo.. via
Vladimir Putin boats, sunbathes and picks mushrooms in his Russian vacation photos
Kremlin releases photos of Vladimir Putin's vacation in Siberia
REMINDER: Vladimir Putin is a former KGB communist, and an anti-democratic authoritarian who jails journalists & kills politic…
Vladimir Putin has been taking a short holiday in Tuva, southern Siberia. And it seems he left all his shirts behind in Moscow.…
Vladimir Putin is renowned for his strong-man publicity stunts.
It's shirtless Vladimir Putin, again. And internet's got meme-fever
Video Vladimir Putin goes spearfishing in Southern Serbia mountains
Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone fishing in southern Siberia, where he is enjoying a vacation in the great outdoors.…
I have the controversial opinion that California and New York should play a larger roll in picking our president than Vladimir…
Sunbathing in Siberia: Vladimir Putin's summer holiday - in pictures.
Gone fishing: Russian President Vladimir Putin goes shirtless yet again on Siberian lake trip...
Vladimir Putin filmed doing manly things while on a break in Siberia
Vladimir Putin strips down yet again for fishing and hunting trip in Siberia - via
What did President Putin of Russia do on his summer vacation? He took a fishing and mushroom-hunting trip to Siberia
What's going on in Western media these days? re-publishes TASS [state media] Putin PR pictorial. ht…
Video Vladimir Putin goes spearfishing in Southern Siberia mountains
"Vladimir Putin’s Summer Vacation: A Siberia Scrapbook" BRYANT ROUSSEAU { What did the Russian president do on his…
Vladimir Putin out here filming Blair Witch 4: The possession of the White House.
Get your head out of the gutter Maxine Waters. Mike Pence is our VP, not Vladimir Putin.
It seems has completely lost his way. . He approves of Vladimir Putin, Kirill, Hilarion, Moscow Pa…
Vladimir Putin during a two-day holiday in Tuva, fishing in a cascade of mountain lakes
Randy Newman fawns over Vladimir Putin in an ironic love song on 'The Late Show'.
my latest > Did Trump Get the False Statement He Dictated for Don Jr on Air Force 1 directly from Vladimir Putin?
Vladimir Putin richest man in the world via
An aspirant to the Oval Office ought to know this.
Obsessed w Here 23x snaps frm his life
Oh really?!?! Your idol is the same, but it does not fit the agenda, right?
Marc Bennetts, excerpts: As chief of staff for Russian dissident Alexei Navalny’s run for the presidenc...
and hes a crook and murderer, what does that say about life on earth? Crime and evil pay.
"I thought Vladimir Putin was the guy from Harry Potter" -
If any evidence spills, they will try to convince the public that it was fabricated/planted by Russia. .
Understand your opponent, and sources of opponent's power. Seems Vlad lacks understanding of a branch (Legisl)or 2
Vladimir Putin's Platinum Ref 5208 Sells for $1.25 million - story at
At this point, Vladimir Putin might as well leak what he has to the FBI or Wikileaks cause its going down no matter what lol
Is Vladimir Putin actually the world's richest man?
Moscow MOVE OUT: US diplomats pack up to leave Russia after Putin EXPELS them in Trump row
Wow — of course Trump isn't going to speak up against his idol .
Vladimir Putin is reportedly richer than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined.
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Vladimir Putin 'richest man in the world; richer than Bezos and Gates combined'
MR. PRESIDENT sign the Russian sanctions bill right now. What the *** are you waiting for ' are you afraid of boss Vladimir Pu…
Jarred Kushner and Vladimir Putin seem to be leading the US Dept of State
Rare photos of Russian leader Vladimir Putin as a young man
Vladimir Putin wants economic growth without political reform. Good luck with that.
World's richest people: Vladimir Putin wealthier than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined -
Could WW3 happen? How chemical and nuclear warfare could lead to Apocalypse
Vladimir Putin doesn't understand the limits of Donald Trump's power
Reuters - Posts | Russian leader Vladimir Putin is unlikely to risk...
Vladimir Putin is giving Rex Tillerson a helping hand in cutting down the US diplomatic service. But nothing good will come…
Obama influenced the outcome of more foreign elections than Vladimir Putin ever has
Reuters: White House official says President Trump and Vladimir Putin held a second undisclosed meeting at the G20 summit…
US calls Vladimir Putin's expulsion of diplomats from Russia 'regrettable and uncalled for'
Vladimir Putin visited the St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt on
Vladimir Putin expels 755 US diplomats from Russia in *** for-tat move - The Independent
Vladimir Putin orders 755 US diplomats to leave Russia
Vladimir Putin shows off his war fleet in MASSIVE parade of Russia's military might - Daily Star
Powerful testimony on exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted from Trump and why
BREAKING: Vladimir Putin has likely killed another Russian related to the Trump-Russia probe. That makes it... {counting}…
I'm in lust with Peter Barlow on Corrie, Daniel Craig and Vladimir Putin. In ascending order.
With an undisclosed net worth estimated to be about $200 Billion, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is actually the w…
The Adhocrat: examines Vladimir Putin as the center of Russian power.
"The hard question": how was Vladimir Putin's visit to Finland.
.or "*WHAT*" REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE Information hacked and stolen by Vladimir Putin, HAS But NEVER REVEALE…
.says LGBT targeting is straight from Putin's 2013 playbook. Other similarities (from 7/16):
MAD magazine looks at what's on Vladimir Putin's desk
9:00 From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin
We are experiencing a soft coup of our govt instigated by Vladimir Putin, executed by Donald Trump and abetted…
Top: Putin lashes out at 'anti-Russia hysteria': Russian President Vladimir Putin said…
Vladimir Putin is the richest person in the world.
BREAKING: Melania Trump now under investigation for her Russian ties & meetings with Vladimir Putin at G-20
It's interesting that the president has never attacked Russia or Vladimir Putin in the vicious wa…
Vladimir Putin and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto held talks as part of President Putin’s visit to Finland
Trump is learning at his puppeteer's knee. Putin's wealth (!):
The United States can have "improved relations" with Russia after it extradites Vladimir Putin to the USA for trial. Unti…
What does Vladimir Putin have on Trump? Tapes of meetings? The fact we have to ask those questions makes it clear that
Putin slams US 'insolence' on Russia -
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, & Debbie Wasserman Schultz did more to corrupt our election than Vladimi…
Russian President Vladimir Putin says he "very much regrets" the worsening of relations between Russia and the US
."Vladimir Putin is in the business of trying to create chaos everywhere."
Am pretty sure Vladimir Putin is the richest person on the planet
Vladimir Putin and Sauli Niinisto gave a joint news conference
Vladimir Putin is more believable than Chuck Shumer...
Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin appreciate your stupidity --
BREAKING NEWS-Senator Patty Murray gets an instructional text from Vladimir Putin on healthcare. Proof…
8. The American president is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than to the US Constitution. His political party is obstructing…
And this is why Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, & all the rest are TERRIFIED of her! She's alway…
Vladimir Putin hopes the World Cup will distract Russians from corruption. It may draw attention to it instead
Samora Machel and Vladimir Putin in Mozambique, some time after Mozambique independence.
The scandals that plague the Krestovsky stadium have made it a symbol of the corruption in Vladimir Putin's Russia https:…
President Donald Trump may have held more meetings with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit earlier this month
Dmitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin were laying flowers at Unknown Soldier monument today, under the rain. Photoshoppers…
Hollywood studios have cut Vladimir Putin out of two major movies
Hollywood studios edit Vladimir Putin out of two major movies due to hacking fears
Hollywood studios are steering clear of "Vladimir Putin" characters
Nothing to see here... Jill Stein and Michael Flynn were surely only discussing adoption with Vladimir Putin during…
21/ 49 % of those who identify themselves as Conservative Christians admire Vladimir Putin. . I do not.
Vladimir Putin ‘bathes in BLOOD to boost his sex drive'
BREAKING: President Donald Trump had second conversation with Vladimir Putin in Germany
Donald Trump boasted about how long his first meeting with Vladimir Putin lasted. Wonder what he's hiding about the se…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Trump administration and business entities are Wholly owned subsidiaries of VLADIMIR…
I am 80% sure that Vladimir Putin has given Donald Trump a noogie.
Sir, can you explain who took these pictures if the press was not present for this dinner? .
Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘bathes in the blood of severed deer antlers to boost potency’
David Gergen: ‘What the *** is Donald obsession with Vladimir CNN…
Vladimir Putin "likes to take baths in BLOOD extracted from deer antlers"
Video of on Trump’s 2nd pull-aside meeting with Vladimir Putin at G20, undisclosed & unreported
FACT: Donald Trump had more meetings with Vladimir Putin (2) than Senate Democrats (0) while trying to pass health care l…
A reunion of the best know journalist critics of Vladimir Putin. (They were all murdered.)
Trump and Putin Held a Second. We can only hope he didn't promise Vladimir Putin more flexibility after 2020
The so-called President of the United States works for Vladimir Putin. There is nothing "great" about it.…
Sounds like Trump discussed the Pee Pee Tape with Vladimir Putin during secret second G20 meeting
vladimir Putin if youre reading this please grant me asylum like you did with snowdan. i too ,am constantly in hot water because…
White House admits that Donald Trump had a second meeting with Vladimir Putin at G20
You know who has been looking even better since November 2016? Vladimir Putin.
is a racist and a bigot continuing to protect because he still hopes his coverup will hold. NOT
If he's supporters don't believe after he's SOLO meeting with uncle Vladimir that's Trump ha…
Donald Trump's Bizarro World: He will say he and Vladimir Putin spoke quietly out of courtesy. They weren't talking about the collusion!
Trump and Vladimir Putin had an intimate dinner conversation at the G-20, but there is no US government record of it https…
FUN FACT: Vladimir Putin awarded Agalarov the Russian Order of Honour in November 2013 (same month Miss Universe pa…
By the time the rolling disclosures are. done the Don Jr meet is gonna be him, Kushner, Manafort, 100 Russians & Vladimir P…
Donald Trump goes totally berserk after word leaks of his secret 2nd meeting with Vladimir Putin v…
"So far the only person Trump has convinced to Buy American is Vladimir Putin." Steve Macdow
.slams report of 'second meeting' with Russian President Vladimir Putin at G-20. http…
Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin at second, previously undisclosed meeting at the G20, White House confirms
(2) And add to the above diagram this key postscript: that the Agalarovs have repeatedly acted as agents of Vladimir Puti…
US President Donald Trump had a second, previously undisclosed, private conversation with President Vladimir...
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