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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who served as the second President of the Russian Federation.

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Vladimir Putin (Russian President): “I'm Russian but I would love to see Cristiano Ronaldo winning the 2018 World Cup in…
Russia kicked off the Confederations Cup with a 2-0 win over New Zealand in front of president Vladimir Putin.
*** Cheney and Vladimir Putin - two old white balding mass murderers with blue eyes and hawkish foreign policy outlook
Oliver Stone defended Vladimir Putin to Stephen Colbert. The audience laughed at him.
Vladimir Putin fights election-tampering accusations with his own shots at US. Russian President Vladimir Putin ...
Russian President Vladimir Putin issues chilling threat to enemies: 'I'll never forget'.
Vladimir Putin mocks James Comey by offering asylum in Russia: Russian President…
Take a tour of the Russian President’s office courtesy of Vladimir Putin (Video)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered fmr FBI Dir James Comey "political asylum in Russia" if things go south for h…
This Syrian artist has re-imagined Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and other world leaders as refugees https:…
Oliver Stone on interviewing Vladimir Putin: "Why should he lie?".. Related Articles:
Robert Parry describes how director Oliver Stone peels back Vladimir Putin's defenses,
"I am not a woman so I don't have bad days" Vladimir Putin during Oliver Stone interview
Arrested. Because they are on the streets against in of Vladimir
The $1.6 million question: Was this Patek Philippe watch meant for Vladimir Putin?
Kelly defining her new brand with Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones.
*WATCH How Vladimir Putin became the wealthiest man in the 🌏 making $136,000 a year.
Vladimir Putin has sent a warning to United Kingdom, telling them “Brexit will never happen” if left to the Elites!. https:…
So Megyn Kelly's first 2 interviews are Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones. . We don't need this. We don't need her. This is b…
I love waking up to Vladimir Putin's face in my ceiling light 😍
Violence in Russia: Police attack protestors with pepper spray in anti-government rally
Demonstrators protest Vladimir Putin in over 200 Russian cities
Demonstrators protest Vladimir Putin in more than 200 Russian cities
Navalny is far to the right of Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Steve Bannon & Nigel Farage. An unusual hero for American liberals…
Oliver Stone's Vladimir Putin documentary gives the Russian president a new platform for peddling disinformation. https:…
So NBC hired Megyn Kelly to put the national spotlight on Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones? Good to know.
Human Rights should not be for politicians to change willy-nilly. Imagine if Donald Trump said this, or Vladimir Putin said this.
Vladimir Putin had a phone conversation with Emir of Mattis spoke to his counterpart there as well today https:/…
Vladimir Putin tells Oliver Stone: "I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days"
Vladimir Putin: I don't have bad days because I'm "not a woman"
Vladimir never has a bad day, he's no woman, Putin 😂😂😂😂
Russian fighter jet scrambled to intercept American B-52 bomber over Baltic Sea
Putin would use sambo to fight off a *** man in a submarine shower and boost the Russian population. Or something. https:/…
Vladimir Putin destroys Megyn Kelly in interview! . Welcome back Megyn. Now go away
I am amazed by this man. . President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusiv...
Vladimir Putin tells 'hysterical' Megyn Kelly to 'take a pill' as he ridicules suggested links with Donald Trump.
"I am not a woman, so I do not have bad days." - Putin .
Vladimir Putin says he never struggles because he is a man and does not have 'certain natural cycles'
Why the Democrats are set to lose 2020
Macron denounces 'lying propaganda' of Russian media as he meets Putin
Vladimir Putin warns 'no one would survive' nuclear war between Russia and US
Vladimir Putin just accused the United States intelligence services of assassinating President John F. Kennedy.
Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly kicks off her new show on NBC and ain’t having it.
Will Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin return the world into medievalism filled with arbitrarin… by Abbey Laurel-Smith
Megyn Kelly criticizes the conflict on cable news after spending 12 years as a soldier in Fox News’s culture war. https:/…
Vladimir Putin: I don't have bad days like women do
Vladimir Putin says he never has a bad day because he is not a woman
This was a disaster for America, a disaster for Europe, a disaster for NATO. It was a decades-long dream come true for Vla…
Can't believe Vladimir Putin made Hillary Clinton own slaves decades before he became president of Russia
Putin says he never has an off day because...he's not a woman .
Russian President tells interviewer: 'I am not trying to insult anyone. That's just the nature of things. There ...
US suspects Russia planted fake news that began Qatar crisis, but Trump doesn't, neither does Alex Jones or Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin destroys Megyn Kelly when asked about Trump-Russia collusion: "What they're saying is just nuts". https:…
Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi met with Russian and Indian business leaders
In a shocking statement, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has said that Queen Elizabeth II "shapeshifted into a...
Vladimir Putin denies he has compromising material on Donald Trump The Guardian World News. Russian President Vlad…
.debuted her new NBC show tonight with an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin:
Susan Rice: When Trump failed to reaffirm NATO's Article 5 defense commitments, it was "a big win for Vladimir Putin". ht…
The Megyn Kelly - Vladimir Putin interview at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum:.
WATCH: Vladimir Putin has agreed to sit for a one-on-one interview with following the International Economic For…
EXCLUSIVE: NBC News' joins Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi ahead of tomorrow's International Economic Forum in Ru…
Full Megyn Kelly-Vladimir Putin exchange on Russian interference in U.S. via
Vladimir Putin: Edward Snowden was not a traitor, and only God knows how any of us will die via Republic
Vladimir Putin says Edward Snowden "is not a traitor," but leaking information was wrong
SUNDAY: sits down for an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the debut of Sun…
"corruption allows the possibility to rule without using brutal force" Megyn Kelly saw an aggressive Vladimir Putin. https…
Megyn Kelly: Will you condemn Trump as did other European leaders?. Putin: I'm not seen as a European leader. 😂…
Vlad The Impaler just had work done on his face. None who can't see it belongs @ BRAILLE INSTITUTE!.
Vladimir Putin begins covering his *** because he knows it’s all about to drop on Donald Trump’s head
After meeting with Jared Kushner, head of Russian bank flew straight to meet with Vladimir Putin
EXCLUSIVE: Putin tells hackers could have meddled in U.S. election from anywhere, including U.S. itself
In addition, hackers jailed for financial have been recruited after conviction by the Russian gov't. https…
Vladimir Putin says wassup to a pigeon and the pigeon salutes back LMAO RUSSIA REALLY UP TO THINGS
PM, Shri meeting the President of Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, at Konstantin Palace, in St. Petersb…
I want her to be president so I can see her smoke a peace pipe with Vladimir Putin. That will be "must watch" TV.
PM and Russian President H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin at India-Russia CEO's meeting in Konstantin Palace at
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People who believe the Crimean referendum was legitimate: Vladimir Putin, Almazbek Atambayev, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and Stephen Cohen.
Vladimir Putin meet Narendra Modi to discuss the Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant.
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant on the discussion table between Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin.
Do you agree with Senator John McCain's claim that Vladimir Putin is a greater threat than ISIS?
Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to global security than ISIS – US Senator, John McCain
French President Emmanuel MacRon says he held a "frank exchange" with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in their...
Vladimir Putin: The Russian President is a bigger threat than ISIS - US…
This message brought to you by Vladimir Putin who is responsible for its content.
🇫🇷 Emmanuel MacRon hosts Vladimir Putin at Versailles Palace for first face-to-face talks 📷 & C. Ar…
French president Emmanuel MacRon hosts first face-to-face talks with Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than Isis B part of the solution, and help put a patriot back in WH
Emmanuel MacRon & Vladimir Putin walk in Versailles Palace as they arrive for a joint press conference, May 29, 2017.
John McCain calls Putin a bigger threat than
"Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than Isis…." then do something abt it!
Vladimir is a bigger threat than Islamic State says
Why Jared Kushner reportedly wanted a secret channel for Trump to talk to Putin
Vladimir Putin denies Russian interference in French presidential race.
In Australia, John McCain calls Vladimir Putin "the premier" global threat, greater than ISIS
UNITED STATES: Senator John McCain says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the world than ISIS
Putin and Macron appear awkward as they shake hands and pose
DISGUSTED by telling us Russian intervention didn't change course of election. RUSSIANS DON'…
Vladimir Putin 'thinks House of Cards is a factual programme'
"Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than Islamic state". - John McCain . 💥 Time to throw the bums out 💥 .
VERSAILLES, France (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin, who held his first meeting with French Presiden...
Emmanuel MacRon and Vladimir Putin shake hands ready for frosty meeting.
Who is the bigger threat to the West?
John McCain: Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS — “the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy”
John McCain says Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS
John McCain says Russian President Vladimir Putin is "most important threat, more so than ISIS."
Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than Isis, John McCain says
Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Ricky Gervais and Lionel Blair just to see if he will tap dance all the…
Just saw a photo of Vladimir Putin and legitimately thought it was Willo Flood. Both terrifying in their own way...
President Trump has made things very easy for Vladimir Putin.
I just remembered that George W. Bush used to call Vladimir Putin "Pooty-poot"
Vladimir Putin steps up to say Donald Trump didn't give him valuable intelligence But Trump already admitted it,Vlad
That "blind spot" was named Vladimir Putin. Would not be surprised Flynn was told to be head of NSA by Vlad.
Vladimir Putin dismissed accusations President Trump divulged secrets to Russian officials in a meeting last week
Vladimir Putin ready to disclose President Trump talk transcript
Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the U.S. of having "political schizophrenia"
I guess he's referring to Vladimir Putin (R-Moscow) ...
Interesting that both Paul Ryan and Vladimir Putin are on the same side trying to protect our lying President.…
Vladimir Putin offers to provide details of Trump disclosures to Russian envoys
Vladimir Putin and Russia to the rescue. Trump keeps good company doesn't he.
Putin: I have a transcript of Trump, Lavrov talk via Zero Credibility, Zero Transcript.
There is no collusion, he stressed,. & then he invited his guest,. A rep of the Russians,. For private discussions. At Vladimi…
Vladimir Putin says he can prove President Trump didn't share classified intel with Russia, offers to supply Congre…
The chaos in the US political system right now is exactly what Putin was aiming for. Trump was all too eager to help
Vladimir Putin says transcript shows Donald Trump did not give secrets to Russia
Vladimir Putin took time at a press conference to gloat about Trump
Vladimir Putin says he can prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets
This is professional trolling. It's hard to imagine Vladimir Putin laughing his balls off at anything, but on this morning,…
Vladimir Putin vows to hand over President Trump talks transcript via /r/worldnews
Do you believe that President colluded in ANY WAY with Vladimir Putin & the Russian government to win t…
BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is willing to give the US records of talks with Foreign Mi…
Putin offers transcript to prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets via
"I find it absolutely extraordinary you have Vladimir Putin vouching for the president of the U.S," Rep. Schiff says
Vladimir Putin personally signed off on Russian bank financing of Trump International Hotel and Tower
The offer by Russian President Vladimir Putin added a bizarre twist to the furor over Trump's intelligence disclosures.
Vladimir Putin says can prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets
Vladimir Putin reportedly has a transcript of Trump’s meeting with Russia’s foreign minister – and he might release it htt…
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Vladimir Putin offers to give Congress a record of the conversation between President Trump and Lavrov.👇
1) "The defense calls Vladimir Putin" would not play in any court, let alone one of public opinion. . 2) Of course Russia…
New post (Vladimir Putin’s On Allegations President Trump Shared Secrets: 'Political ...) has been published on -…
There's 1 person out there this AM vouching for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. We need an independent commissi…
Oh well yes, we trust you~Said NO ONE EVER! Vladimir Putin says he can prove did not pass Russia secrets
The American Action network is a primary support for Paul Ryan and helps him with his support of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Bro they mad abt the statues coming down, I'm like we abt to replace it with Juvenile, Marc Morial, or Vladimir Putin
If Donald Trump admired Vladimir Putin's methods as much as he says he does, Carter Page's life expectancy would be meas…
Telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation
1. During DT campaign he actively collaborated with Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation to secure his successful election
Vladimir Putin plays ice hockey match - and wins.
“We have nothing to do with that,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, without being asked.
Heads of state and government congratulated Vladimir Putin and Russian citizens on Victory Day.
Marshall: "It seems like President Trump’s special relationship with Vladimir Putin is on-going."
"I'm concerned that I have a president that praises Vladimir Putin.". —Constituent at Rep. Tom MacArthur's town hall (via… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Vladimir Putin 'wants' to reinstate Russia's royal family and bring back the
Vladimir Putin tells Red Square: No one can defeat our military
American democracy is in peril right now. This is exactly what someone like Vladimir Putin would want.
Vladimir Putin is unique among politicians around the world for the legal tricks he pulls in order to maintain his power and wealth.
Run along now & Tell you're Master Vladimir Putin I'm not ready to get up yet I'm going to drink my water and lay back down a bit
One of the strangest things about Russia is that Vladimir Putin has a certain image he wants to present, and does press events and photo ops
Donald Trump will meet with Russia’s foreign minister at the White House later today in the most high-profile vi...
Is Vladimir Putin secretly the richest man in the world?
Prediction: Trump will nominate Vladimir Putin as new FBI director. /LouiseMenschMode
Check out Vladimir Putin Russia Pin Pinback Round on tin 2 1/4" wide with Russian on side via
😱 Vladimir Putin is the happiest man in the world tonight. The Russians are winning. It sickens me. Just sickens me. Unbe…
The French were smarter than we were: They did not let Vladimir Putin cast a ballot in their election.
25. They “have forged ties with well-connected Russians and come to see that country’s authoritarian leader, Vladimir Puti…
Reminder: Putin's French election op was an Act of War -- one clearly endorsed by the Trump WH. Seems important. https:/…
My latest ===> EXCLUSIVE: Putin's spy game failed in France but more Kremlin dirty tricks are coming. This is war. https:…
People of Great Britain . Trump is NOT our president ! He is a wanna be *** tator who is in league with Vladimir Putin . The USA
Trump could meet with Vladimir Putin’s top diplomat at White House on Wed, a U.S. official and a person with...
Sergey Lavrov is completely repulsive for collaborating with Vladimir Putin in the committing of bloody crimes in U…
7 May 2000. Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as President of Russia.
" Vladimir Putin has never said whether or not it was Stierlitz who inspired him to become a spy. But he was 21...
Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin's top diplomat at the White House today -
Vladimir Putin says he wants Russia to produce more renewable energy
This absolute insanity of this would be hilarious if I were, say, Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin took part in an march on
The Stephen Colbert *** joke row is a repulsively cynical ploy by far-right homophobes, writes Lindy West.
Yes, Vladimir Putin came to me in a vision at the time of the Maastricht treaty and made me think eurosceptic thoug…
Putin's SpyWar worked on the USA in 2016. It just failed in France. Germany is the Kremlin's next target.
I heard Trump is considering Vladimir Putin for the next FBI Director
"The winner in this all is Vladimir Putin" Yep.
Quote:"On Tuesday Vladimir Putin chalked up another victory." Russia is seen as victorious...…
Ya'll Vladimir Putin isn't funding Republicans okay. Have you never heard of the Koch Brothers?
In related news, US also increasingly convinced that Vladimir Putin personally fired the "magic bullet" that killed JFK. 🙄 h…
.on firing of James Comey: There's one really big winner in all of this; "the winner is Vladimir Putin"
I liked a video Donald Trumps calls Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters
Vladimir Putin has congratulated all Russians on by via
Vladimir Putin has congratulated all Russians on
Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander Garden h…
Vladimir Putin praises military at WW2 victory parade: Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised the sacri...
Vladimir Putin: Russian President urges world to fight terror as Russia marks WWII victory
Vladimir Putin sent a message of congratulations to on his election as President of France
LIVE: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives on Red Square for the parade
Vladimir Putin just had his people get things going 2 insure Yakov Smirnoff will B our next "What A Country!…
Russians need to follow Gennady Gatilov as Regent to Romanov heir. Vladimir Putin is used up. He served his role. He is not indispensable.
Vladimir Putin on jews in Soviet Union government - YouTube
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From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin via Best to know your enemy rather than remain ignorant
Vladimir Putin is at it again, meddling in the French election. Just kidding, that's former president Barack Hussein Obama.
TRUE or FALSE: During his roughly three and a half months in the White House, Trump has called Vladimir Putin more than h…
President Trump and Vladimir Putin had a "very good" phone call about Syria and North Korea
Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin watch 'Dr. Strangelove' together Fool should have shown him Marx Bros Duck Soup
Vladimir Putin swaps politics for ice hockey with legendary French skier
US President Donald Trump to speak with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by telephone Tuesday - topic unknown u…
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to meet Vladimir Putin in Russia for the first time since 2015.
Angela Merkel travels to the Black Sea, to talk with Vladimir Putin: via Ukraine, Syria.
Interview was literally 4 hours of Oliver asking "is my nose deep enough?" And Putin saying "no".
Oliver Stone interviews Vladimir Putin for four-hour series to air on Showtime
Trump vs Kim Jong-un. The referee is Vladimir Putin!. Landon Meier aka Hyperflesh revealed his latest masks at
TOMORROW / TUESDAY President Trump and Vladimir Putin will communicate via teleconference. Syria and North Korea will…
These anti protest laws HAVE to be unconstitutional They sound straight out o…
This is no shock: Stone's an admirer of Putin. Expect some softballs about how awful the West has been to Russia
WH: Tuesday afternoon, "will speak with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by telephone."
Russia unveils nuclear submarine the 'SUPER SHARK' to terrify NATO
‘Trump’s mouth is only good as Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster’: Colbert brutalizes Trump in 2-minute blitz
US President Trump is set to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone on Tuesday
Flag: Trump will be speaking with Vladimir Putin tomorrow afternoon.
Stephen Colbert to Trump: “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s *** holster.”
We pray for you Sir Vice president Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin nightly..Praying for us all prayers for peace
"Le Pen victory would mean a strong ally of Vladimir Putin in the heart of a Europe"
The big winner in the will be Vladimir Putin, 3 of…
Vladimir Putin, here with French President Francois Hollande, has big plans for Europe. Kremlin Press Office, CC...
You guys have your own Vladimir Putin. 😂.
This is why Vladimir Putin acted to save Syria’s Christians [video] via Templar Internati…
The 'Father of All Bombs': Vladimir Putin's big daddy response to U.S. motherload that shocked the world
JUST IN: Watch as Joe Scarborough accused Sean Hannity of openly supporting Russia and Vladimir Putin, which led...
Nicola Sturgeon, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to *** While there they complain that their...
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un telegrams congratulations to Russian President Vladimir Putin on defeat of venomous fish-wife Hil…
Vladimir Putin on the Federal Reserve's ceaseless money printing.
Apr. 12, (AP) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin meets with Rex Tillerson amid tensions
Vladimir Putin: Chemical attack in Syria was a false flag to set Assad up, more may come.
Vladimir Putin once gave Rex Tillerson a medal. Now, he may not even meet with him.
Vladimir doesn't know which conspiracy theory to believe
Rex Tillerson met with Vladimir Putin today even though Putin has been defending Syria and North Korea. He's a great Secretary of State!
Vladimir Putin meets with Rex Tillerson in Moscow amid Syria tensions via
JUST IN: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is meeting with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin in Moscow, CBS News confirms
So all that *** kissing Trump has been doing hasn't won him a *** thing.
Putin warns of chemical weapons 'provocations' to frame Assad: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday warned…
President Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Syria has saved President Bashar Assad’s government from imminent col...
12/3/2016: Viktor Nazarov, governor of Omsk, Russia, "It turns out that United Russia won the elections in America." ht…
Tillerson meets with Putin after Trump's attack on Syria
Rex Tillerson holds joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister after meeting…
Breaking News: Vladimir Putin /Rex Tillersonin meeting in Moscow just wrapped up. Putin says he will stop backing Assad &…
But I'm sure Tillerson is delivering some tough talk. My, my, whooowee, would not want to be Vladimir Putin getting a ta…
Even for Putin, the news from Syria is increasingly coming to resemble a choose your own adventure story.
It's okay that Tillerson ditched the press pool on his way to meet Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin. We can just imagine it…
Breaking News: Vladimir Putin meeting today with Rex Tillerson in Moscow, US Embassy spokesperson tells Fox News. .
~“We have great expectations for Trump,” Putin ally in Duma tells
Rex Tillerson ‘ditches’ US press before heading to Kremlin to meet with Vladimir Putin
BREAKING: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be meeting with President Vladimir Putin. More information to come.
I personally would have denied access to Russian airspace & that would have been the message to Tillerson via
Vladimir Putin has been described as being 'incandescent with rage' at suggestions that he is as dishonest as the SNP. htt…
President Vladimir Putin met with Rex Tillerson in Moscow. Tensions over Syria had put the meeting in doubt.…
BREAKING: Kremlin spokesman says President Vladimir Putin is meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
3 key takeaways from the Vladimir Putin-Rex Tillerson meeting in Moscow via
Vladimir Putin doesn't know which Syria conspiracy theory to believe by
Nothing says "drain the swamp" like your oil exec Sec. of State not bringing the press pool to a meeting with VLADIMIR…
Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Rex Tillerson looks at murderous dictator Vladimir Putin 😍
I hope it also explains how Vladimir Putin convinced the campaign to ignore the white working class and make their…
Amid doubts and recriminations, Vladimir Putin meets with Rex Tillerson
Vladimir on US provocations in cites famous novelist duo Ilf & Petrov: "It's boring, ladies." We have s…
Vladimir Putin wants to thank the people of Kansas-04 for doing the right thing and electing the pro-Soviet candidate
Ruh roh. Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital and will blame devastation…
This is nothing but theater. Vladimir Putin met with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via
Vladimir Putin takes part in the plenary session of the 4th International Arctic Forum
test BBC News crid:42rlr2 ... in Syria. The Sunday Telegraph says Vladimir Putin will be told to pull troops from Syria and ...
Bio on Vladimir Putin, what everyone should know about world leaders.
It's interesting how that air strike turned into Russia vs America
Is Vladimir Putin of Russia president for life?
Russia has banned making fun of President Vladimir Putin by portraying him as a *** clown"
Putin sends Russian warship to Med to confront US ships which bombed Syria
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We don’t want to start ‘You PLANNED THIS!’ accuses of plotting strike BEFORE chemical hit
It looks like Americans ought to be far more worried about Obama and his Big Brother Democrat Pals, than about Vladimir Puti…
How convenient that Trump, under fire for being Vladimir Putin’s poodle, now stands up to him in Syria. How...
I've read this. I'm off news for the rest of the day: . UK Government in secret move to boost relations with Russia
Stephen Colbert imagines Vladimir Putin as a *** icon in animated spoof
The Pepes didn't get upset until Vladimir Putin's interests were put at risk. That's what this is all about.
A spokesman for Vladimir Putin calls the strikes 'a significant blow' to relations between Moscow and Washington.
World War 3 fears as Trump plans SECOND strike on Syria
Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Syria in the wake of the US missile strikes with the Security Council https:…
Donald Trump, who’s totally not Vladimir Putin’s puppet, warned Russia before airstrikes on Syria. ht…
Don't expect Putin to fall out with over Syria strike
There's a very worrying theory about Donald Trump and the Syria air strikes
Vladimir Putin furious about Syria air strikes.
War fears after Trump's blitz on Syria: US warned by Putin over missile strikes
Russia banned pictures of Vladimir Putin in drag, so "The Late Show" made this
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Trump’s new Russia expert wrote a psychological profile of Vladimir Putin — and it should scare Trump
truck attack: Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has sent a telegram of condolence to Sweden's king.
Vladimir Putin says the US strike on Syria violated international law
Russia bans 'extremist' picture of Vladimir Putin as a *** clown. Or is it Brian Eno? via
Also rumored to be buying the Marlins: LeBron, the Pope, George Clooney, Bruce Springstein, Vladimir Putin.
Mitch McConnell thinks Vladimir Putin should pick our SCOTUS and he wants to use the to defend Putin's rights.
No one can even find so much as a photograph of Ezra Cohen-Watnick. But his wife worked for Vladimir Putin:
On climate change, Scott Pruitt follows the lead of Vladimir Putin - Daily Kos
So strange to see the Party of Reagan become the party of Vladimir Putin & Authoritarianism.
Russian President Vladimir Putin places bouquet of roses at memorial for victims of St. Petersburg subway explosion.
Hey what was it like hanging with Russian Mafia don Alex Torshin?
Donald Trump pledges full support to Vladimir Putin over Saint Petersburg subway attack - ...…
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