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Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (– 21 January 1924) was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician who led the October Revolution of 1917. As leader of the Bolsheviks, he headed the Soviet state during its initial years (1917–1924), as it fought to establish control of Russia in the Russian Civil War and worked to create a socialist economic system.

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Further witness the hypocrisy of showing off statue of
Vladimir Lenin - one of the biggest mass murders in history.
"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."-- Vladimir Lenin
"It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed."-- Vladimir Lenin
"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."-- Vladimir Lenin
"Destroy the family, you destroy the country."--Vladimir Lenin
Seems, History, reminds us that Vladimir Lenin, removed Statues. Wasn't he also a Fascist?
One in US: Restaurant Red Square with a decapitated statue of Vladimir Lenin inside Mandalay Bay Resor…
UKRAINE: The country has formally removed all 1,320 statues of Vladimir Lenin
Ukraine removed 1,320 Lenin statues. And changed a Lenin Street to Lennon Street -- from Vladimir to John.
Steve Bannon is not a good guy. Was at Goldman Sachs before Breitbart. He describes himself as a Leninist, as in Vladimir Lenin.
are very confused. They don't know the difference between Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Lenin. Learn some history.
Began with Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin communism. With Benito Mussolini fascist totalitarian…
Steve Bannon openly bragged of hoping to destroy the "administrative state" a la Vladimir Lenin. That is, burn the Constit…
That's what Alexander Kerensky said before Vladimir Lenin overthrew his provisional government in…
"When we hang the last capitalist it will be with a rope he sold us.". -Vladimir Lenin
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let me begin by saying that I chose a definition of 'witch' where Vladimir Lenin was the greatest of his century
No doubt. That is why Vladimir Lenin once called American liberals, "Useful *** "
Vladimir Lenin nails his April Theses to the door of Tauride Palace, Petrograd 1917 (Colorised)
Today marks 147th Anniversary of birth of Vladimir In this painting he's depicted when he invented the modern
C.L.R. James said in "Modern Politics" that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's book, "State and Revolution" outsold the Bible.
Why R there so many Vladimir's in the Caribbean?. Does it have anything to do with V. I. Lenin?…
"I don't care what becomes of Russia. To *** with it … All this is only the road to a World Revolution." -Vladimir Lenin
“It is a wall, but a rotten one, one single jab—and it will collapse.” Vladimir Lenin
“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.” Quote from Vladimir Lenin. It's working…
Instead, watch our talk on why Leninism matters with the father himself, Vladimir Lenin
Nice conversation in work w/ a recent uni graduate who wholeheartedly agreed that (& Vladimir Lenin) did nothing wrong.
>tfw same height in cm as Vladimir Lenin
She is racing what appears to be Vladimir Lenin. She's young & in shape and he is 147 which is a handic…
Vladimir Lenin giving a speech to the proletariat masses at St. Petersburg 1917 (colorized)
There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel. ~ Vladimir Lenin
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I think you're confusing Vladimir Putin with Vladimir Lenin.
A special angle on the de-communization process set off by Maidan events 3 years ago, set into law in 2015:
100 yars ager, Vladimir Lenin had battled through a revolution and brought forth victerrry for the grand ol' CCCP
I think the Trump, Putin, Vladimir Lenin, and Yuri Gagarin dolls all grouped together is bizarre AF.
07-10 A statue of Vladimir Lenin is seen as a pigeon flies by. President of…
Believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Com…
Vladimir Lenin shaped pin from the 1970s. Listed on Etsy:
Doesn't it bother you that communism founding father, Vladimir Lenin, once dubbed American…
"There can be nothing more abominable than religion." Vladimir Lenin
"Always be Vladimir Lenin as much as possible" -- words to live by
Don't ever let the people in power tell you what you can't do. They said that to Vladimir Lenin and he killed, like…pr…
Ridiculous bars. These rappers here pennin'. You're Nicholas Tsar. We're Vladimir Lenin.
What has become of the thousands of fallen Vladimir Lenin statues in Ukraine? 📹
By the way, the term "political prostitute" was first used by Vladimir Lenin in respect of Leon Trotsky. The two revolutionaries however 1/3
No! But, they will praise the Vladimir Lenin 16 foot tall, over 7 ton statue that stands…
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BREAKING NEWS! . Statue of Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin still standing in Seattle, Washington,...
Commie Babe Nadezhda Krupskaya was married to the architect of the October Revolution, the first Soviet leader…
In case y'all didn't know, this is a Vladimir Lenin statue in Seattle. . Now how enraged do you feel? Are you even…
"In the United States, the Negroes should be classed as an oppressed Nation." ~Vladimir Lenin (Statistics and Socio…
HOW TO DESTROY THE WEST . by Vladimir Lenin. more and more relevant these days
How to destroy the West. by Vladimir Lenin
Strategy of the left wing, fascist media: A lie told often enough becomes truth. - Vladimir Lenin. W…
I added a video to a playlist Vladimir Lenin - The father of Communism - full documentary
You don't need prisons if you shoot all your opponents - Vladimir Lenin
The term “useful *** is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes lefty c…
Vladimir Lenin was a Communist leader in Russia, Steve Bannon
Here what do you think about this statue of Vladimir Lenin that sta…
On the Celtics shot chart:. "This is looking like something Vladimir Lenin would draw up for Russia. Lots of red." -
Without me, there will always be hunger and chaos in Russia. Vladimir Lenin
OK, I'll make an exception to my previous rule. Dig up the bodies of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph St…
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Well, nobody is protesting for the removal of Vladimir Lenin's statue in Seattle. Apparently, it's normal to try an…
“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” - Vladimir Ilyic…
Vladimir Lenin invented the cucumber, that's why pickles are pickles are red. You learn something new every day.
Why can't that statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle get taken down instead of Robert E Lee?
4K people with a terrorist organization - Vladimir Lenin
The October Revolution . Vladimir Lenin gave the signal on everything but my boi Trotsky called all the shots.
Follow on in the villa in the suburb of Moscow where Vladimir Lenin spent his last ye…
It's the time of year when Caroline looks like Vladimir Lenin half the time. Or like maybe Ben Affleck when he...
November 8th is the day in 1917 that the People's Commissars give authority to Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin.
I fail to look like they're a terrorist organization - Vladimir Lenin
She "persuaded Vladimir Lenin 2 make [March 8th, International Women's Day] an official holiday in the Soviet Union"
Per American-hating Communist Vladimir Lenin, who prophetically knew that America's useful *** would fall for th…
And liberals still don't get it. That's why Vladimir Lenin called American liberals, "Useful *** "
"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.". Vladimir Lenin
YES up to today there are those who admire the most incredible monsters such as of past Vladimir Lenin , Iosif Stalin, Vyecheslave
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This Guy Mr Vladimir Lenin again, . they need to learn from us , We are the Masters of the world!
Read about Bannon's admiration of the same Vladimir Lenin whose Soviet state killed 50 million of their own citizens
. The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin giving a speech at the Red Square, Moscow (1919, colourised)
Vladimir Lenin didn't die. He went to Liverpool and renamed himself John Lennon
Burial of Fidel Castro ashes seen as dawn of new era of success for communism in Cuba, as Vladimir Lenin was replaced by Gre…
A century ago, it took Vladimir Lenin one month after taking power to coin the term "vrag naroda", "enemy of the people", o…
Image of Tsar Nicholas II found beneath portrait of Vladimir Lenin
Looked at a job today, bloke in his 50s, wears a Jeremy Corbyn/Vladimir Lenin hat, also spotted a Free Palestine badge in h…
Vladimir Lenin smoked too much,Nikita Khrushchev had TB,Leonid Brezhnev had pneumonia. all Russians who hacked..
ust the same strikingly similar way with Communists Soviet tyrannical rulers like Vladimir Lenin , Josef Stalin Nikita Khrushchev , u
A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin. Check out - Twenty Forty-Four: The League of Patriots.
"Furthermore, Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik party were promising "peace, land, and bread" ...
Politics is the most concentrated expression of economics. - Vladimir Lenin.
If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imper...
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Seventy years ago this November, Vladimir Lenin created the modern t...
Comrades, its been awhile... I am currently editing the Iskra please subscribe my fellow comrade, Vladimir Lenin, and I have been plotting.
I'm sorry, but Vladimir Lenin is the All-time mannequin challenge champion.
Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.
Despite being dead for over 90 years, Vladimir Lenin continues to ensure the employment of dozens of Russian embalmers.
the goal of I'd - Vladimir Lenin . Btw, Marx used both terms I interchangeably, but how would you know.
I do this but only as other people, like "I'm THE Vladimir Lenin"
"Jews...must be...sent to fight on front lines and should never be allowed in any administrative positions..." -Vladimir Lenin
"Vladimir Lenin likes this": Russian revolution given the social media treatment
That's actually a statement by Vladimir Lenin and was often used by Sen. Ted Kennedy as justification for Democrat policies.
Unseen letter by Vladimir Lenin to go on display at the British Library
The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. - Vladimir Lenin. So true. . I fondly...
One quick way to destroy a society, is through its music. Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) Russian Revolutionary
Trump would have turned him into Vladimir Lenin Jr. He would have lost all moderate voters
Yup, using taxpayer dollars to keep a company afloat. And his top staffer is a lover of Vladimir Lenin.
Shocking similarities between Michael Walker and Vladimir Lenin, the man who set communist ideology in Russia after…
War cannot be abolished unless classes are abolished. Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) Russian Revolutionary
So what was the ideology that Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin espoused then?😒
In profile Virat Kohli is looking increasingly like Vladimir Lenin.
Watching closing keynote of the October Revolution with Vladimir Lenin himself.
Yellow media is now even quoting VLADIMIR LENIN Lenin against Next, a pro-quote from
Your wcw doesn't know who Vladimir Lenin is
Vladimir Lenin’s railway journey from Switzerland to Russia changed history
In 1923, Vladimir Lenin's last photo. He had had three strokes at this point and was completely mute…
Vladimir Lenin's Mausoleum is a classical monument of Soviet architecture. Have you ever been there?
Are you speaking of the holocaust under Vladimir Lenin and Genrik Yagoda where they killed 10,000,000 Christians? :^)
The only man i care about is Lenin, no not John Lennon, its Vladimir
Transnistria. Tiraspol. This monument to Vladimir Lenin stands in front of the Supreme Soviet…
Trump used Russian propaganda in his vodka advertisement including an image of a statue of Vladimir Lenin
Lenin would deploy extraordinary energy and ruthlessness to get what he wanted
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"Imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism." - Vladimir Lenin
Russian Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin at desk with his cat, talks with... via
Vladimir Lenin's railway journey from Switzerland to Russia changed history
You cannot make a revolution in white gloves. - VLADIMIR LENIN
One would like to stroke and caress human beings, but one dares not do so,because they bite.-- Vladimir Il'ich Lenin
You're too kind. Vladimir Lenin: "Give us a child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever." (Bolshevik =democrat)
Can we talk about the Vladimir Lenin statue on the roof?
Vintage photo of Finnish-Russian War 1939-40A sculpture of Vladimir Lenin durin
You're right. They are following Vladimir Lenin's advice. They tell the lie over and over, then rig the election. http…
"The state methodically concentrates all its efforts on doping the urban workers.".
After all, inspired by Marx, Vladimir Lenin created a new system of governance for the Soviet Union which was based on class warfare,
Vladimir Lenin was no reactionary. He was a brilliant, albeit flawed, revolutionary facing a nearly intractable situation
Used to have it up in one of my last stores...I was Vladimir Lenin of retail for a while..
Forward - Vladimir Lenin & Obama used the communist slogan, Mao added to it to get the "Great Leap Forward"
Huh? Vladimir Lenin's birthday? But today is supposed to be ...1st Earth Day was Lenins 100th bday???
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From wsj on Russian bank VEB: "founded in 1922 by soviet leader Vladimir Lenin to foster trade after years of revolution and civil war"
Wheelchairs used by former soviet Vladimir Lenin.
with fellow radical Vladimir Lenin, she helped set up the League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class
Watching yesterday at Foxnews Dem townhall I pictured him comfortably standing next to Vladimir Lenin...
Without Mrs Lenin (note to subs, fill in name here), would Vladimir Illyich have been able to lead the revolution?
"The main problem of internet citations is that people believe their authenticity" - Vladimir Lenin
"Women may be bound twice in a nation struggling for freedom but women in the struggle are women unbound." - Vladimir Lenin
How Clara Zetkin instigated the Russian Revolution by proxy through Vladimir Lenin.
don't slag my Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin hybrid
After Vladimir Lenin's death in 1924 it wasn't the plan to preserve his body forever—but that's what's happened -
No more USSR!!!. changes street named after Vladimir to “John Street”
"universal appeal", dear even big daddy of Vladimir Lenin cudnt evoke universal appeal!
Vladimir Lenin | Communist revolutionary, head of the Russian SFSR, Paternal grandfather was Jewish.
Question: What is the connection between Vladimir Lenin and Animal Farm? What animal does he represent?
If you sing The Internationale three times backwards in the mirror Vladimir Lenin will appear and give you a ghostly ***
is it just me or does Vladimir Lenin look like Red Foreman
Vladimir Lenin is having a really bad week: An attempt to blow up a Lenin statue in rebel-held Ukraine comes d...
Uncle Vanya, at only 77 pages, inspired both Vladimir Lenin and Benjamin Walter.
“Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle.” . ~ ~ Vladimir Lenin
Here is the untold truth; West Media objected tearing down of Vladimir Lenin & Saddam Hussein statues, so it the time to do the sam
shazam there's a picture of Bernie and Vladimir Lenin next to wach other
under which leader would you say the Soviet Union was the worst Vladimir Lenin or Joseph Stalin
His assist-to-turnover ratio was 3 which was losing a part of the Naga. Lenin took power under their leader Vladimir Lenin. Bigger?
"The most important thing when you are ill and weak is to never lose heart.". -Vladimir Lenin
I liked a video Secret Life of Vladimir Lenin - Searching for the Truth
"A lie told often becomes the truth..." -Vladimir Lenin
Movie re-enacting Vladimir Lenin's Cheka program that executed anyone who was suspected of being an enemy of the...
Can you believe this one chick asked me to Role play as Vladimir Lenin? She wanted me to put my AK in her VA-JAY-JAY
A Vladimir Lenin statue has been transformed into Darth Vader via
him. "War is never necessary, with only one exception! That's revolution! As Vladimir Lenin once said, revolution is so progressive
Pavlov's experiments were redone for humans at Vladimir Lenin's request. Just saying. . Stephen Addresses the...
Vladimir Lenin even said the Communists need to promote atheism to advance their cause.
.on protests: "What you see in these kids is what Vladimir Lenin once called 'useful *** '"
Theres a bar called the red square in our hotel, and theres a statue of vladimir lenin i now understand the pun
Well I think Bernie's vision is more like Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Russia. Both are interesting topics though!
So you're saying Vladimir Lenin didn't say that? It's one of his most famous quotes moron
Just casually a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Freemont
Crime is a product of social excess. - Vladimir Lenin
Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement. - Vladimir Lenin
It is impossible to predict the time & progress of revolution.It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws. -Vladimir Lenin
. Check. Check. Check. Hey Barack I'm sure Vladimir Lenin's looking "up" at ya with a big toothy grin!!!
some kind of state to get us out of the people who were also inspiring posters of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Bashar
Vladimir Putin's paternal grandfather, Spiridon Putin, was a chef who cooked for Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. https:…
1917: Russia - forces led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky ~ Bolshevik Rev…
The democrats now have a choice between. Vladimir Lenin or Cruella Deville... Tough Pick ! .
"Vladimir Lenin said" "Go to youth. from fighting squads everywhere. Let groups be organized of 3, 10, 30...
History fact: Vladimir Lenin was obsessed with ballet and made Tu-Tus the official proletariat uniform, but swans still are bourgeoise!
Vladimir Lenin, having seen Lev Trotsky, has cried: "Oh, My God, same Lev, it is rather in the car!" also has got into an armored car.
Vladimir Putin's grandfather was chef to Lenin and Stalin
My professor just referred to Vladimir Lenin as John Lennon and no one so much as batted an eye
QELD - USSR. "Ridiculous bars these rappers here pennin'. You're Nicholas Tsar, we're Vladimir Lenin"
."The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize" -Vladimir Lenin
using the power of the state to punish his enemies. Sounds like Vladimir llyich Ulyanov aka. Lenin. :-(
"The goal of is ~ Vladimir Lenin. fans are helping to usher in Communism.
Vladimir Lenin's Rolls Royce via ... This is one for Jeremy Corbyn & his supporters. Power corrupts!!
Obama is the Vladimir Lenin meets Pee-wee Herman of world leaders.
Question: Why is Vladimir Lenin and Kaiser Wilhelm spelling is as hard as Ausc...
Bernie Sanders, Thomas Mulcair, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin the names change not the agenda
Mike Keenan is Vladimir Lenin in weirdest hockey video you'll see today via
Vladimir Lenin wasn't accountable to anyone, so when he ordered that farmers be killed, Russians starved.
Vladimir Lenin is Russia revolutionist. He was loyal follower Karl Marx.
Wow. Vladimir Lenin looks really good for a guy who's been dead for more than 100 years
Vladimir Lenin's ancestors were immigrants from Astrakhan,which was a Tatar Khanate in history. It seems like(his eyes) he was Turkic Tatar.
Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin's original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule.
"We’re waiting not so much for St. Benedict but for St. Vladimir, a baptized Lenin."
Learning is never done without errors and defeat - Vladimir Lenin
Statue of Vladimir Lenin's head uncovered for exhibition
Is Vladimir Lenin's Quote Not an Apt Description of Naspers’s Current Role in our Democracy?
Vladimir Lenin : "The state does not function as we desired" !!!
via Reader to The Leader: How dare you publish a letter disrespecting Vladimir Lenin!
that's like the tsar of Russia posting a pic of Vladimir Lenin and saying "pride".
Hillary keeps adoring media at a distance and in a rope corral. Vladimir Lenin would be proud.
Q: Is Vladimir Lenin a hero of yours? A: Oh no! my hero is a Greek fisherman.
Vladimir Lenin lives on. thanks to Progressivism
.. ideologically a Marxist. Just like his dad, Vladimir Lenin.
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Vladimir Lenin called them useful *** & real Communism doesnt like any of them & will kill them as fast it will a patriot or a christian
Bernie Sanders is parroting Vladimir Lenin, almost verbatim.
I understand Seattle has a statue of noted mass murderer Vladimir Lenin.
Vladimir Lenin was my favorite member of the Beatles
I'm Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov... Better known to the world as Lenin. Look... Over there! Vladivostok.
"Healthcare is the keystone to the arch of the Communist state." - Vladimir Lenin
I wonder how many times people have seen Kelsey Grammer from behind and thought he was Vladimir Lenin.
From 1985 to 1989 - this picture took pride of place on my cupboard door. Vladimir Lenin (22 Apr 1870 - 21 Jan...
I am happy and proud that my son Vladimir Guerrero Jr has signed with Thank God for the blessings!!!
is what Vladimir Lenin said bannable? about the raping?
A democracy is a state which recognises the subjecting of the minority to the majority.--Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
"Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism." Sound like what's going on in the USA? Vladimir Lenin spoke these words.
On Juny 2nd, 1916, Lenin says Imperialism is caused by capitalism. Here, his story
Karl Marx is the Father of Idea of Communism & Vladimir Lenin was the father of first communist society.Both Same but contradictions in them
"hundreds of statues of Vladimir Lenin"
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Vladimir.i.i.lenin. in madharas pattanam ,new train what happened is not slapping. it is just "patting on the cheek." give benefit of doubt
Vladimir Lenin in an exchange with his cherries
"Quantity has a quality all its own.". ~Joseph Stalin (attributed, but originally Vladimir Lenin).
Come on if alive Vladimir Lenin could get thousands to turn out to hear him speak in Madison, Wisconsin
vladimir lenin is probably my best friend..He lets me sing to him, cuddle w/him, cry w/him, and he listens. Bye.
"[Music] affects your nerves, makes you want to say stupid nice things..." -Vladimir Lenin
1st step (& maybe the most important) to control a country is to control the health of the people - Said by Vladimir Lenin!👎
Hey I'm sure you're making Vladimir Lenin very proud.
5. Essential Works of Lenin by Vladimir Lenin. 6. The Doctrine of Facism by Benito Mussolini. 8. The USSR flag
Vladimir Lenin was of Jewish Ancestry as were 95% of the Communists in both the Bolshevik and Menshevik Parties
Vladimir Lenin called the mutiny a "dress rehearsal" for the Russian revolution 12 years later.
I can understand Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Lenin, or Mikhail Gorbachev, but Stalin was the evil CEO of USSR INC.
Yay! It's finally Vladimir Lenin's birthday on the east coast! . Oh, & a happy to, comrads. -mao.
I'm going to wear my Vladimir Lenin holding a copy of Pravda shirt tomorrow. Just for old communist times sake
'No amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses' Vladimir Lenin.
Overheard: Vladimir Lenin: fighting in the revolution was hectic and dangerous, but not as hard as Dark...
“Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, 1919 Year 11 think about what we discussed today.
You realize that Earth Day is on Vladimir Lenin's birthday?
Earth Day is on Vladimir Lenin's birthday & "Global Warming" was created to end capitalism. Any que…
The amazing story of the embalming of Vladimir Lenin's body, 145 years old yesterday
Vladimir Lenin (b. 1870 - d. 1924) Harbinger of the bloody 1917 Communist Russian Revolution.
" First, it’s on April 22, the birthday of the ruthless Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin. If you think that…
Yesterday marked 145 years since the birth of Vladimir Illyich Lenin. Here's a timely quote to contemplate.
Doylestown: expect 11 minute delays and ready Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin. Today he'd be considered a Blue Dog Democrat. Enlist in our army at
Did you know? Earth Day began on the 100th anniversary of VLADIMIR LENIN's Birth. Look at the people who celebrate Earth Day.
April 22nd is Vladimir Lenin's birthday. I'm sure the founders were thinking of him when the founded "Earth Day". Commies!
Penza Communists laid flowers to Vladimir Lenin monument on Soviet leader’s birthday
liberals celebrate Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's birthday. They couldn't come straight out and say that Earth is that.
Moscow's Lenin Mausoleum Closed Until Mid-May: The mausoleum of Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin will be...
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(b. Apr 22, 1870) Vladimir Lenin; controversial figure, tyrant or champion of working class.
Vladimir Lenin: "When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state."
Today is the 145th birthday of Vladimir Lenin.
"There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen". Happy birthday Vladimir Lenin!
Always felt the green movement was really the red movement, Earth Day 4/22, Vladimir Lenin's birthday 4/22, just a coincidence...
Communism cannot be imposed by force. . - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Orenburg Communists paid tribute to the memory of Vladimir Lenin The Communists laid flowers to the monument of Vladimir Lenin
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