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Vlad Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. Putin was also previously the Chairman of United Russia.

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Where is Vlad (not Putin) the Impaler when we need him? "Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's busi…
Putin:no valuable intel from DT ("Thanks, Vlad. Next up: Charlie Manson offers to appear as DT’s character witness)
Would Vlad admit it if secrets HAVE been shared? "Putin and Lavrov laugh about the US".
Vlad Putin is a lovely piano player, and Roger Stone is a swinger.
Did 45 call Putin first? Maybe we can ask Vlad to release a transcript of the call?
Motor vehicle incident in New York's Times Square has left at least 1 dead and 12 people injured, officials say
As an outsider, this whole thing is a win win for Putin, irrespective of the outcome. Vlad now considered a puppet master...
for Christ's sake, doesn't everyone realise that DJT thought he could run US like his hero Vlad Putin does Russia?
Right, like we'll take Vlad's word. Fake news.
my guess is he'd rather go to jail and keep his mouth shut than *** off putin. We know what h…
To be clear, the ONLY two groups defending you today are FOX News and Vlad Putin... not so much a witch hu…
Stop the whining and invite Vlad Putin to White House.
No getting along. R lost Cold War, and wants a rematch. Putin now is like war of 1812. Vlad former KGB needs final beatdown.
Putin knows what he is doing. His propaganda is designed to create doubt within the USA a…
Sorry, Vlad, but you don't know the TRUE American Majority--which will happily stand up to you any day--and is.
Vlad mad coz media not letting him have his way with donnie..House majority leader: 'I think pays
DJT: "Vlad, why are you breaking my balls with this ...". PUTIN: "Whose balls!?". DJT: " . . . [sigh] Your balls.". PUTIN: "G…
Putin and Lavrov laugh about the US. Vlad is making fun of you. Go prepare the nukes!
NOW even is taking the *** out of . . A classic from Vlad the Impaler
No Just STUPID WANNA be Commie like his idol Vlad Putin & WORLD hates them both the lying Commi…
Yeah!! If there's one thing I will not be Putin up with it's a coup!! I'm just Vlad…
Just think what Putin would do or say especially after all the money & time spent. BTW Vlad more sanctions coming…
He stood in front of TV cameras and asked Vlad Putin to steal Hillary's emails and release them. Open air collusion.
Vlad Putin personally signed off on Russian bank financing of Trump International Hotel and Tower via
Not releasing the tapes are an admission of guilt, blackmail rears it's ugly face again he learned from the best,Vlad Putin
I nominate for the Oscar of pol theatrics Donald Trump + Vlad Putin. For 2 guys the Dems say are in collusion, they sure don't act like it!
The latest I heard on ABC radio today was that Trump was on Vlad Putin's payroll.
Putin wanted Flynn in that job. What intel did he share with Vlad?
'I think Putin pays' Trump:Republican suspects money from Kremlin: TheDuck 🦆 being Goosed by Vlad!
Golden Oldie, back when we had a president who did not put us into the position of being trolled by Vlad "Political…
Clinton cronies gave uranium to's some ammunition, Vlad.
That "blind spot" was named Vladimir Putin. Would not be surprised Flynn was told to be head of NSA by Vlad.
For an autocrat who hates the West so much, Putin's got capitalizing down, dam Vlad
The US just coming to grip the nature of state capture... I'd rather the Guptas than Putin tbh. Vlad doesn't look like he plays games.
There could be a personal cheque for $50m from Vlad Putin, and Trump's fans would still find a way to rationalise it as a good thing.
Just to be on the safe side, can someone check that the Special Counsel is Robert Mueller and NOT Vlad Putin in a Robert…
Trump's food descriptions of world leaders:. Angela Merkel = Tough pretzel. Vlad Putin = Complimentary…
Keep speaking truth to power (and reminding us of the role of Vlad Putin in the rise of Donald Trump)!
Ed Markey @ ST Pat's Bkfst: Vlad Putin is the richest man in the world. He owns 4 palaces, 2 yachts and 1 US President.
I wonder if young Vlad Putin watched "The Rebel" reruns as a child.He so adopted the Johnny Yuma aesthetic.Nick Ada…
Vlad Putin: "The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential election, but elections in the Senate and Congress. I…
Damir Dokic, Vlad Putin, The PM, Christopher Pyne and Russell Crowe all in the studio.. at the same time?
KGB pin-up and hackmeister Vlad Putin opines on Clinton campaign. "DNC hack was public service"
What is the SECRET DEAL BETWEEN & Vlad Putin ? Weaken NATO so Putin can get eastern europe?
I guess Obama wanted to become the most powerful man on earth just to be one of the guys and kiss Vlad Putin's patoot. Go figure.
. .i support Bernie and the only entities i know that hate Barack, are congress and Vlad "the impaler" Putin.
"Cameron & all other EU numptys should realise 'Vlad' Putin will B a great ally against coming armageddon of Islamic extremism!
Daily reminder that Vlad Putin is the man.
Cameron thinks the EU is saving us from Vlad Putin.. A better Prime Minister had a different view...>>.
I've got to say Vlad, it's tempting: Putin offering disillusioned Britons FREE LAND to resettle in Russia
Putin calls for non-aligned international security system to counter global terror: Vlad... via
You can say whatever you want, we love Vlad! leader Vladimir climb up the popularity chart
It's Vlad Putin trying to dissuade her from going home. He know what a pain she can be lol
You think...the EU...keeps us safe from Vlad Putin?
"Germany's Gabriel makes light of rumours he's stepping down" - going work for Vlad Putin
You have the 2 bullets. . You're in a room with Ramsey Bolton, joffery baratheon, and vladamir Putin. . Where do u and vlad go to dinner?
...when will we hear about Hillary and Bill's sale of Uranium 1to Vlad Putin?
our first show ever was with Vlad Putin and Queen Elizabeth masks 😜 we only show our faces in hidden cam
Having a heart to heart about big Vlad Putin to me Russian taxi driver, cuties on fleek xxx
She throws onto her back and carries him to the kitchen. "Pfft. Ol' Vlad Putin said that warehouse was abandoned anyway."
Vlad Putin, Hillary Clinton: and the Strange Email from Sidney Blumenthal; the War between…
I'm opening up the buy Mrs SCOVILLE a Vlad Putin cardboard cutout fund. Help us reach $55! Share the *** outta this
Aztec.we aren't Aztec. Besides nom owe.or.names USSR.Vlad Putin
. Looks like Vlad Putin has had a little plumping done, doesn't it?
I expect when Vlad rebukes him the first time, we'll see a similar letter from Trump about Putin.
would tell his buddy Putin: Vlad, you're hurting my feelings with those buzzing planes, please don't do it!
Trump on the other hand might nuke Putin just because Vlad snarked about Donnie's hair. Think about that & I know you see it's possible.
When Donald Trump was praised by Vlad Putin: "great honor to be nicely complimented by man so highly respected in his own country & beyond.”
makes you wonder how long they spent in the booth. We had someone write a whole new box for Vlad Putin
So far, names like Lionel Messi, Vlad Putin, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and dozens more with more to come
is afraid. To debate or face Megyn Kelly. How will he face Vlad Putin. When his spine is made of…
They’ll appeal to his colossal ego. It took Vlad Putin just one compliment to get Trump showing his belly.
Steven Seagal shows off the 10XL shirt he was given with his bro Vlad Putin's face on it.
Probs the fact he's so familiar with Vladimir Putin that he thinks it's kk to call him Vlad
is neutral on KKK and Hamas and pro Vlad Putin. In what nightmare is this making America great again?
.joins . To discuss how saving the free world from a rampaging Vlad Putin.
I don't expect Vlad Putin to characterize this as
Need to Listen to Putin? What those Vlad have too do with any of this?
I can't wait for Vlad Putin to weigh in on this important issue.
I can only assume that Strongman Trump values Putin's bullying tactics over the "weak" Baltics. Don & Vlad can go jump in the Gulf of Riga.
The Pope and captured war heroes, bad. Vlad Putin, authoritarian Chinese, and Saddam Hussein, good. The KKK, no opinion.
Have you noticed how has been very 'helpful' lately? He was told -in no uncertain terms- to 6mos ago
and, who knows, maybe Vlad Putin will pitch in!
Any friend of Vlad Putin is a friend of the Donald!
From man who admires KKK admiration,Mussilini& Vlad Putin, not surprise to hearTrump threaten 1st amendment FREEDOMS
Can you imagine little Rubio & slimy Cruz negotiating with Putin? Dead on Arrival.Only can win against Vlad.
Wanna know what spectacle I'd like to see? A boxing match between Jus Trudeau and Vlad Putin refereed by Donny Trump. Any bets on a winner?
Ed Shultz the latest stooge to join Vlad Putin's fake news channel, calling it an "international news platform."
Trump has been endorsed by Kim Jong Un, Vlad to the bone Putin, and now the KKK.
Maybe an inflamed butt. I hear Vlad Putin has herpes.
Mad Vlad (Shorty) would keep a low profile. Down with the beetles and other insects like himself.Putin not speak me?
Breast Cancer Awareness
No one could imagine meeting Vlad Putin for the first time & Putin not laughing in his sleeve & having to lighten his handshake grip.
Love ya Vlad. You're short but you're cute.
Vlad Putin joins the CND march in London saying its an excellent idea. :)
The logic of "deterrence" is that if Vlad Putin decided to lose Russia's nukes, Britain would tell him to hang onto them.
In Putin's "nip-in-the-bud" logic foreign enemies are doomed in Russia. Vlad the Impaler.
Putin's corporate raiding in Crimea stole 50 billion h of Ukrainian state and private assets. See you in court Vlad
Jeb Bush says Donald Trump seems more fond of Vladimir Putin than of GeorgeW. Bush (! Bush family part of the Cabal)
The art of the deal for Trump, facing Putin across the table,"OK Vlad, you leave East Ukraine, & I'll give you back Alaska "
Because with just a blown kiss and a bit of flattery he'll be sucking Putin's *** while Uncle Vlad slaps his face
Tune in for some harsh condemnations of warmongering and corruption, tonight on Vlad Putin's propaganda network!
I mean he is pro censorship. Pro-Censorship and Absolute Control of Internet. Just like Vlad "the Derailer" Putin.
is a cunning ploy by Russian leaders to make Vlad Putin look sane and reasonable It's working fine so far
Vlad Putin was talking about it all morning,
Trump: The Extortionist President. Like his buddy Vlad Putin in more ways than one.
With Russian agents determined to stop her and steal the pretzels for Vlad Putin.
Vlad Putin will eat Marco Rubio alive!Trump is a Man who'll go toe to toe and not Blink!
trust the UN? Would sooner Bad Vlad Putin monitor it ,he more honest than that lot
Russia to keep fighting IS and other 'terrorist groups' in Syria despite 'ceasefire': Putin Russian President Vlad…
I heard Trumps wife is a plant by Putin. Sent her here to get him to run for president so Vlad can get our Nuclear codes. She sounds Russian
What team does Putin cheer for? Send him there. Vlad likes sycophants.
Vicktor who are you Vlad Putin's troll boy or Rafael Edward Cruz's DAD trolling.
we want 2 send this little man-child 2negotiate STRONGLY against the likes of ppl like Vlad the Impaler Putin?
is that what he'll call Vlad Putin if they ever share Vodka and beets?
He's also pro-Putin. And Berlusconi got along with Qaddafi and Vlad, too. Authoritarians of a feather
Trump loves Putin he wears his perfume every day Vlad for men
Donald Trump: I've decided to choose Vlad Putin as my running mate. Great man, strong, looks good without a shirt. Bing Bing Bong Bing Bing
Vlad, Putin. You could become president USA with statements. Like that.
what every. Else he is, Vlad, Putin is positive and resolute.
Oh and he asked vlad putin to bomb the stadium, does he not realise he and the salford team are in there!! 😆
This *legally binding* stuff is something we should try on Putin? " I think you'll find, Vlad that may be legally impossible...
How Bad Vlad trolls have explained tragic downing.
Mr Putin is certainly in complete agreement with Mr Orban - Mrs Merkel is such a bully. There, there, Victor, Vlad feels for you!
Don't buy the hype: Russia's military is much weaker than Putin wants us to think via
talk to Vlad Putin and ask him about presents and volunteers he sends to Donbas to kill Ukrainians
I think that Vlad Putin would get along well with
fortunately we have Sergey Lavrov and Vlad Putin. to tell US pres and big voice JK. "Do you realize what you had been doing"?!
I'm really enjoying Italian Grandpa Munster and Vlad Putin, Esq. on the show tonight.
Vlad Putin, the wily thug, trolls American media like Chancellor Palpatine owns Jar Jar.
Thanks for Vlad Putin- glad someone will kick ISIS butt. :-). Spanish Eyes - EH.
If Vlad had 'reached out' to Bob, he wouldn't be able to type right now.
Does anybody even pretend they don't like Adele? Like, even old Vlad Putin is probably like *** there goes Adele giving me the feels".
I think Trent Reznor has a guy-crush on Vladimir Putin. That's why "Closer" has that line, "My whole existence is Vlad."
Comey: Feds have roughly 900 domestic probes about Islamic State operatives If Vlad Putin would wear a shirt.
I'd swop Putin for Cameron left to me. Dave's a prat & Vlad aint. Simples.
Imagine toe to toe with Vlad Putin. I know, I can't imagine it either. Scary stuff, thats why we need
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I like to text him sometimes "hey Vlad, where you Putin your next tat?". He always lol's
You have a fellow challenging Vlad Putin and you rightly mention that our PM is a boxer? The North Pole as a prize? Or what?
by that logic everybody who's ever sat in a room with Vlad Putin must be a mass murdering terrorist, no?
Prez Obama- yes, you heard it Vlad, they elected that son of the old PM up in Canada. Putin- i must break him.
Lois Lerner or Vlad Putin: Which the bigger Obama-enabled criminal on the loose?
The full transcript if anybody has the patience... The first 3-4mins are in Russian but then when Vlad takes the...
At least someone knows what to do. Rootin' Tootin' Putin,he should use the Vlad The Impaler death method on them.
Critics laugh at latest poll showing sweeping support for Putin
They never run out new ways of describing (nor talking about) themselves Vlad... ...just like - "CONSPIRACY...
Carly Fiorina with fake fetus. ISIS member with head. Al Gore with "I told ya so" sign. Vlad Putin with a globe
As Canada withdraws from fighting ISIS we must all be grateful that Hot Vlad Putin is stepping in to fill the gaping hole of our absence.
I agree with Vlad's point even though I don't support him!
meets in Kremlin. "Vlad y'know I killed 200,000?" . "Sure, 19.8m short of a real humanitarian" ht…
I'm sure a bunch of Russian kids got confused when Putin uttered the word Leningrad. Vlad had kids running to their CPUs google searchin'.
Putin's talking about Leningrad... that city doesn't exist anymore, Vlad!
Vladimir Putin accuses US of backing terrorism in Middle East "Vlad the Mad", thinks he's a comedian now.
Russian Prez Vlad Putin says the only thing he likes about America is 2PAC
Is it Bad that I am starting to like Vlad? . Don't be Mad.
$MCIG pitadog: Hmmm, I thought that was Vlad Putin. lol: pitadog
Vlad Putin makes Obama look like a cooked goose! how do u think clinton would look ..LMFAO !
Assad: So Vlad why are we starting my tour with a Firing Squad?. Putin: You'll see...Unless you WANT a blindfold?.
Ukraine sees signs truce can last as Putin juggles war and peace
Sure Vlad, but could you stop bombing everyone else then?. urges joint fight against -
Robert Mugabe is awarded China's version of the Nobel Peace Prize… which was won last year by Vlad ...
YOUR nation is run by PSYCHO Putin (Vlad the Impaler??) who invades nations for no good reason. Russia led by sociopaths.
accuses West of playing ‘double game’ with Syrian terrorist groups PRESIDENT Vlad...
Vlad Putin says Russian Federation has fourteen. years of regarding September 11 too
Russians are pickin' up what Vlad's putin down.
Putin at Valdai: "The flow of refugees into Europe results in the rise of nationalism". That's the point, Vlad, isn't it?
4 Voting: Either write in. Sheriff Brad Rogers or. Vlad Putin. Both want Americans to arm themselves!.
As much as I dislike Obama military Strategy, Vlad Putin is no friend of Israel.
Just had a dream I was playing cards with Sadam Hussein then later had a couple of voddies with Vlad Putin?? Totally lost the plot man😂!!
As Russian bombers flew off the coasts of CA & AK, Vlad Putin called President Obama to wish him a happy 4th of July.
and to Bob Mugabe's thoughts on democracy, Vlad Putin's on world peace and Kim Jung-Un's on the importance of a multiparty system.
Expect the new Rangers directors Vlad Putin, Gary Glitter and Ian Brady soon!
me too! It's old Vlad riding on a *** no clue what it means but every time I look at it I laugh
So Isreal can't sell arms too Ukraine.But Putin can sell arms to IRAN. OK VLAD, U mistake Bibi for Obama. Chalk & Cheese VLAD
if vlad doesn't caption every picture of Vladimir Putin "me" then i will Unfollow
; More on possible divorce from Vlad Rubles to give... >
Vlad throws US a bone as his fighter jets harass our allies. Russia's Putin says ready to work with United States: TV
strip away the title and you just have Vlad just a man nothing else
Obama is still showing Vlad how flexible he is.So flexible Putin ties him in knots.
I bet bibi won't run his mouth about lol im not a Vlad guy per sae but i am for sure as antt BiBi as they come and
"Good Ole Vlad Putin." Just some of the things you hear at
This is the History Channel's new logo for stories about Vlad Putin??
Vlad Putin 2 sell missiles 2 iran who have nukes awaiting fissile material from braak hussein 'bama&j. kerry deal on nuke fuel
yung vlad putin or Kenneth from 30 Rock?
"How was your day Vlad?". "Not bad. Planning downfall of the West.". "Aw, quit Putin me on!"
the things you see at heritage. vote for Vlad Putin
Great fodder for anti-Putin rhetoric.. Head dude is very pro Vlad
And Putin after advises of Vlad Sourkov supply almost free gas,coal and electricity ,helping Kiev junta to kill more russians
But Putin trembles in Stephen "the Handshake" Harper's presence! Vlad "the Coward" flees mtgs & runs home sulking after seeing him
calculates to whom to default first, with whom to ally finally. Vlad is purring like six cats--
227's YouTube Chili' Vladimir Putin confident that the Russian economy can recover: . Vlad... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
Must be desperately repeated again & again... "President Vlad Dangerous Moves" by Editorial Board
This has to be the greatest souvenir ever - a Mad Vlad Putin fridge magnet. Just look at that expression.
Do you ever cook something on a natural gas stove and think about how you're helping people like vlad putin and T. Boone Pickens prosper.
What talk did Vlad give today? Was it his annual Q & A? (Remember last yr when asked him a question?). On now.
Replace "Tulsa Sheriff" with "Vlad Putin" when you listen to coverage of this story.
Unfortunately Mad Vlad Putin wasn't around to pose with me.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Who says my boy is camera shy? A candid Vlad reveals he invited ex-Chancellor for a talks.
via - Was Vlad directing the raid by phone while answering public's questions - he is action man after all
Call for Ras-Putin-Call for Ras-Putin. He doth look like he never has a forced smile. But, he does have his laptop. "Brand?" Vlad?
Putin says S-300 sale to Iran prompted by progress in nuclear talks: MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vlad...
ASK VLAD ANYTHING Milk, missiles, and macroeconomics: Highlights from Vladimir Putin’s marathon call-in Q&A show
Putin the problem-solver: Russian leader's annual TV phone-in marathon
Aw, say it ain't so, Vlad! You've got to be Putin me on. The Kremlin Declares War on Memes.
Well, could you blame us after ? (Not sure I'm swallowing it though, Vlad.).
Vlad Putin on McCain - "McCain sat in a pit in Vietnam for several years, anyone would go nuts after that."
So Vladamir Putin and both made the We should probably apologize to Vlad.
Russia to build space station, Putin via - Wonderful news Vlad wants to be president of his own Universe
Putin says Washington told leaders not to attend Word War Two parade
So H Clinton's stance on marriage equality has gone from roughtly par w/ Vlad Putin to full rights in past 8 yrs?
.Heat Miser, I thought that was Vlad Putin with Kerry. Looks like John Boy has been using Botox
The CIA and Soros bank on Euromanezhka to replace Euromaidan in the themed revolution lexicon... The CIA's themed revolution against Vlad Putin is in full swing!!! The CIA is using the same coalition of Zionists, neo-Nazi street thugs, militant homosexuals, Femen scum and exiled oligarchs it used in Ukraine to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych to carry out the overthrow of democratically-elected Russian President Vlad Putin... In Ukraine, the Western themed revolution was known as Euromaidan. In Moscow, it is known as Euromanezhka, named after Manezhka Square. Apparently, the new CIA ploy is to name its themed revolutions not after colors like "orange," "rose," or "purple," but city squares... In addition to the always-present George CIA Soros in destabilization efforts in eastern and central Europe, it's exiled Russian Zionist tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who Putin paroled from prison last year after his conviction for tax evasion and embezzlement involving hi ...
that's buddy. He thinks Vlad Putin is a stronger leader then our President, lol!
Tony Abbott to shirtfront Vlad Putin. Book your seat for the G20! My cartoon from the Herald Sun and iPad!
He's the bloody Nazi style First Minister - whose country is it then? Vlad Putin's?
PTA wants a Mao Zedong street? I'll only approve if there's Vlad Putin drive too.
Max sez Hey, tough guys Vlad Putin & Steven Seagal are big buddies. Cld both be in next buddy actioner "Ukraine Nazi Takedown" or some such?
Well, the regime waging war against the of the United States isn't Vlad Putin's.
Bob Mugabe and Vlad Putin probably on the phone to Blatter getting lessons on how to really rule an empire...FIFA is the mans fiefdom
Wow, my man Vlad Putin was invited in the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The Soviet Union didn't even participate in those landings! 😄
Pressing concerns from Raj Gopal: Did Vlad Putin sleep with Lucius Malfoy and did Malfoy slither in the Chamber of Secrets?
Darryl Sutter should be our ambassador to Russia. I love his post-game press conferences & I think he could win a stare-down with Vlad Putin:)
During the 2011-2012 Presidential campaign Mitt Romney was mocked, not just criticized but mocked by the press and their Democrat allies for suggesting; Vlad Putin's Russia was dangerous and on a course to reinstate the old USSR, That the IRS was too powerful and could use that power to intimidate political opponants, that Detroit was on the verge of Bankruptcy and that to save it would require private investment from Investment Capitalists and the like, and finally that the VA was not serving our veterans they way that they deserved and there should be a voucher system so Vets could choose where to be treated. Hmmm, who should have been mocked?
I'm old enough to remember pundits swearing Vlad Putin was running rings around out of his depth President Obama.. Now *crickets*
Harry Reid is very similar to Vlad Putin. Both are ugly and both are insane. A dangerous combination.
I wonder if Jimmy Carter & Vlad Putin have had a laugh riot together mocking Obama. ;)
As the Ukraine approaches the brink of Civil War, the worlds great leaders weigh in: Vlad Putin: "And you dared doubt me. World you vill finally listen to ME. Now stay out of my war United States of Amelica." Rush Limbaugh: "Well it's obvious that it's a liberal conspiracy. Our failed leader, President BARAK Obama, has once again let down our great nation. Heck, the whole world! Barack, sounds Arabic to me. You be the judge." George W Bush: "Ukraine. Yeah I went to Ukraine. I boogied with their people. Ukraine is in Africa see. It's proof that I am not a rapist
So, Vlad Putin has a Soviet fighter jet buzz one of our Navy's destroyers in the Black Sea. What does our President do? He calls Vlad and says something like...don't do it again...I mean it this time. I really, really mean it. Sheesh.
If I was Vlad Putin the last person I would ever take seriously is Marie Harf
Apparently Rush Limbaugh is not impressed with Barack Obama's handling of Putin's Crimea invasion. Today Rush released the Vlad Putin theme song; "Come Back Barry When You Grow a Pair" From the Rush Limbaugh website: Obama goes out today and…
Vlad Putin has ousted Ukraine as the new mayor of Crimea.
A beautiful display of political corruption and manipulation by Vladimir Putin. Four for you Vlad Putin. You go Vlad Putin.
whinnin ole Davo, just read in the Toronto Sun,,that we need the adults to help the children with bullying. So as we all love team work ,I came up with and idea to form a TEAM to fight bullying on this team I suggest we have Vlad Putin, Barrack Obama, Rob Ford, The Castro borothers Fidel and Raule and that guy in North Korea Kim il whatever. Then we can form a morality team consisting of Kathleen Wynne,Deb Mathews,(the next to useless minister of health Ont., Bill Clinton, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint, and finally the financial team Bernie Maddhoff, Pam Wallen, Mike Duffy , or just about any Politician around the world. In my opinion this group of teams could be counted on to shine a bright light on the areas our youth need guidance in..
Islam is far, far greater threat to our freedoms than Vlad Putin.
While all drinkers and generous tippers are welcome in the autonomous region of Chicago known as Das Huettenbar, if Vlad Putin shows up, he better have his passport and be wearing a *** shirt or its Crimea River Rooskie!
Has anyone ever seen Vlad Putin and Dave Mustain from Megadeth in the same room? Thought so...
Dedicated to my nervous friend, Vlad Putin!!! And to my friend Obama: its just an insect, not Osama bin Laden! :) dont wait forever! Hugs for both!
So Putin invades ANOTHER country... and our less feared leader sends in SecState Herman Munster Kerry to save the day...Demolition Man style...NOT! Kerry: Vlad Putin! Lie down with your hands behind your back. Putin: What's this? Six of you on the morning news shows? Such nice, tidy mom jeans. Ooh I'm so scared! [the state dept geeks look at each other???] Putin: What you guys don't have sarcasm anymore since Obambi told Mitt the 80's wanted their Cold War back? Herman Munster Kerry: Maniac has responded with a scornful remark. Obambi: Approach, and repeat ultimatum in an even firmer tone of voice. Add the words, "or else"... Kerry: Lie down with your hands behind your back, or else... Putin: Pshhiete! he kicks Kerry's *** then goes fishing...
Russian parliament is asking Vlad Putin to recall their ambassador from the USA. This is not necessary as he is the Russian parliament. This is the beginning of war in that region. Six thousand Russian troops are already in Eastern Ukraine. I hear from many friends that 100's of thousands of suspicious Russians are here in the USA. With the USA folding up on every foreign policy front the world is descending into chaos. We are not surprised about Benghazi and this is just more of the same. Watch closely as we descend back to the Iron Curtain and the Cold War. This is what Obama and the left in the USA desire, one man rule by edict, and the extinction of liberty.
pubs supported Akain too. Bennett makes him look sane. *** he might make Vlad Putin look sane.
Hey everybody...I just dared myself to watch Letterman w/ the Little Boy (Rachel Madcow) as a guest.I actually hung in there for 47 seconds.Dimwitted Dave asked her opinion on the Sochi winter Olympics and Vlad Putin's we had a liberal retard asking another liberal retard about what a communist dictator is going to if these 2 semi-feminists morons would know.lotsa fun...but I'm paying the price now...stomach is very quesy.get back to you later.
THE SUNDAY SHOW RODEO ROUNDUP (via Politico Playbook, c/o Matt Mackowiak): The "Ed Snowden Ticker Tape Parade" Edition. Highlights: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) will be on NBC, CBS, and CNN's Sunday shows along with various other politicians and government officials discussing the Obama administration cracking down on NSA spying. No Mike Rogers, but Fox News Sunday is in on the NSA act too. NBC will still have time to find some guy from New Jersey, not Bruce Springsteen, to rip on Chris Christie while the governor bawls listening to "Born to Run." You know, Christie has been to over 100 Springsteen concerts, and he told him so during a prank phone call from The Boss who happened to flying on Air Force One with a giggling President Obama. ABC will have Soviet dictator and world humanitarian Vlad Putin, with live sports play by play reporting on communist *** bashing from Sochi, Russia, where I have heard some other sports event is happening soon as well. Now, get your TV remotes ready.To the shows! NBC’s “M ...
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Vlad Putin does not think he is God. who is he? = George Herbert wpWalker Bush. George Herbert Walker Bush clearly thinks that he is God.
Senator John McCain, who arrived in Kiev this past weekend to support proponents of European integration (evidently instead of the 6th Fleet of the U.S. Navy, which does not pass through the Dnieper on to Kiev), hardly imagined that he would wind up involved in a foul-smelling story. But then analytics, prognostication and good sense are obviously reserved for other politicians in Washington, and everyone is already used to the fact that it is McCain’s unique and inimitable style to annoy Moscow by any means possible. And it is even better if there is cause to wish harm personally to “Vlad Putin,” as the ex-presidential candidate who failed to seize the White House loves to call the Russian president. He has subjected himself to ridicule many times for his actions and statements, but in the eyes of the European and North American establishment, everything that has happened up to now has looked like the efforts of a man who is not very smart but is sincere and deserving of respect for his Russophobia ...
The latest tensions between the EU and Russia over Greenpeace's stunt in the Arctic only confirmed a fact which nobody really bothers denying anymore: Western political and financial elites absolutely hate Vladimir Putin and they are appalled at Russia's behavior, both inside Russia and on the international scene. This tension was quite visible on the faces of Obama and Putin at the G8 summit in Lough Erne where both leaders looked absolutely disgusted with each other. Things got even worse when Vlad Putin did something quite unheard of in the Russian diplomatic history: he publicly said that Kerry was dishonest and even called him a liar. While tensions have reached some sort of climax over the Syrian issue, problems between Russia and the USA are really nothing new. A quick look at the recent past will show that the western corporate media has been engaged in a sustained strategic campaign to identify and exploit any possible weaknesses in the Russian "political armor" and to paint Russia like a ver ...
Maybe if Sec. Kerry could make some off-the-cuff remark about budget stalemate, Vlad Putin could fix our domestic policy too.
I hear Vlad Putin is running for Potus since he knows more about foreign affairs than our politicians.
"Fiddler on the Roof", starring, Vlad Putin as the fiddler, with a very small cameo appearance by Barrack Obama as, "the fiddle."
Obama listening to Vlad Putin on foreign policy is like Millard Drexler taking fashion advice from Miley Cyrus.
Hoping Alex Ovechkin plays the Detroit Red Wings like Vlad Putin is playing Barack Obama. Go Caps!
The Tea Party/Eurofascist embrace of Vlad Putin makes me want to remake Red Dawn with an all-LGBT cast
The convergence of Ron Paul, Vlad Putin, Alex Jones, and Bashar al-Assad is quite something
What can I do to appear in Richie Boucher's, Bertie Ahern's, Vlad Putin's and the ECB''s board's nightmares?
It's a sad state of affairs when Vlad Putin is the voice of reason and Rodman is leading diplomacy in North Korea.
Oh man, so glad that and Seb Coe will be robustly discussing repression against LGBT folk with Vlad Putin
The prize for and goes to The Nobel prize for oppression of *** goes to Vlad
I think Vlad Putin having to shake hands w/ fabulous Olympic gold medalist Johnny Weir would be a good thing.
Congrats to Pavel for winning a gold medal in hammer throw. 81.97 meters, which is only 12m closer than unofficial record by Vlad Putin
Vlad Vlad Vlad Putin, Russia's greatest muscle's just so catchy.
On tonight's Breaking Vlad, Putin rips off his shirt while Russian girls giggle hysterically.
This is why Vlad Putin can poke us in the eye and not worry about reprisal
Vlad Putin is a man at ease with his own sexuality.
When I think about Vlad Putin saying that his dog is bigger and stronger (and therefore better) than Barney Bush I get very close to crying
Vlad Putin, some big butch men just went past in a armed troop carrier.
Vlad Putin would give Barry Obama the hands no doubt
The opening ceremony is about to kick off. We're banking on space ships and montages and stuff. Vlad Putin's supposed to be here
vlad Putin may have been the guardian angel that saved a young lady from dying in a car crash earlier this week
I'm publicly offering a square go with Vlad Putin.
"Ra-Ra Vlad It is a shame how he carries on". I haven't come up with the rest of the lyrics.
You may have noticed is in thrall of Vlad Putin.. just look at the "manly" photos!
Besides all this BS with the Snowden thing.Wud you trust Vlad Putin to babysit for your kids? Come on BE HONEST!
When mentioning vlad Putin (Russian president) one must emphasise the v and say its V-lad Putin. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I remain a charming communist. Too bad Vlad Putin is somewhat less charming. Now pay for my golf trip.
Me and Vlad Putin, school gates. Monday morning. Somebody get it oan YouTube.
Nasser cops a lot of stick, that passport photo is a shocker. I prefer the Vlad Putin look
Muh boy Vlad Putin be getting bj's every time he's sitting behind a covered table, UOENO
Reading the paper whilst watching cricket I realised that Nasser Hussain looks incredibly similar to Vlad Putin.
The last 10 CNN alerts on my phone have all been about Obama canceling his meeting with Vlad Putin. IDGAF
there's hungover Vlad Putin but that's rare because his cure for ha hovers is to not stop drinking
is there another kind of Vlad Putin?
The only defense against tyranny is Vlad Putin - Thomas Jefferson.
Stephen Fry compares Vlad Putin's persecution of *** to Hitler's persecution of jews
Man..Tea Party nuts in AZ blame the President for their racist behavior, EmoProgs are embracing Vlad Putin as their new best friend.(1)
Oh, sorry! Thought that was just a pic of Vlad Putin.
Vlad says he's disappointed by Well, take an effin' number & get in line, Mr. Putin.
I wish Vlad Putin was our president!
I got asked today if I was related to Vlad Putin. I responded with "I wish"!
Electronic Device Insurance
RESET: Obama too scared to meet with Vladimir Putin...
Barry does not command fear. Ask Vlad Putin.
"The name's Putin, Vlad Putin". Gallery of all your exploits. Its a pity there's only one of you
Perhaps Bob Kraft could offer Aaron Hernandez to Vlad Putin for the Super Bowl ring. Putin could throw him in with Snowden to VEN for cash.
BREAKING: Picking a diplomatic scrap with Russia, John Kerry offers to trade his Viet Nam War Medals for Vlad Putin's SuperBowl Ring...
So London done... press for new cd and that Metal Hammer Awards thingy. Everyone we met (label, agency, awards show, hotel, press, fans, etc...) were super nice people and Jas and I had an awesome time. A neat note... when we got to the hotel 4 days ago, we had Vlad Putin staying in our hotel... kinda neat and got to see him a few times. Lemmy, Mik and the gang were hanging around. Matt Leblanc from Friends was hanging out when a fire alarm emptied the hotel... cool dude. Filming his new series "Episodes" there. And some cool people from L.A. and St. Pete's were hanging with us, too. Nice to get out of the house and studio for a while and rub elbows with the rich and famous... Ya, I know... sounds like I'm showing off... but when you are a "semi-normal" dude and not into the rock star thing, it can be totally fun to step into that world, occasionally, and have fun with it! Now in Berlin for 4 days of press... Ute from my press/promo company is kickin *** and the new cd seems to be causing quite a buzz... ...
The G8 final communique communique - yet another diplomatic victory for Vlad Putin... This is the section on Syria with comments. We are determined to work together to stop the bloodshed and loss of life in Syria and to support the Syrian people to establish peace and stability through political means (in other words, regime change, in particular by means of armed insurrection is not acceptable). We are gravely concerned at the appalling human tragedy that the UN estimates has cost the lives of over 93,000 people and led to 4.2 million internally displaced persons and 1.6 million refugees. We acknowledge the vital humanitarian role played by neighboring countries hosting Syrian refugees, above all Lebanon and Jordan, in dealing with the significant economic and security pressures they are facing as a result of the conflict and refugee influx. Given the extraordinary humanitarian need as reflected in the latest UN appeal for $5.2 billion in 2013, we are resolved to make exceptional contributions commensura ...
Robert Kraft, Vlad Putin, and the curious case of the missing Super Bowl ring
Finally, my degree in Political Science from Indiana University is proving to be of some value. For years, I have joked that I had a degree in study of a country that no longer exists. I chose to study the Soviet Union. Why, you might ask, would I conclude that there is new value in my three years learning Russian history, Soviet theory, Marxism and the like? I am watching the news coverage of President Barack Obama and Russian Federation President f(or Life) Vlad Putin at the G8 conference. I have not seen such a chilling performance since the Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev period. Pundits are already calling the Syrian proxy war as the beginning of a new Cold War stand-off of two super powers. Let's get something straight- Russia is strong, and now wields power because of their newfound wealth in the form of natural gas. The ruble is considered a hard currency, instead of a version of junk-bond bank notes. Because they have not been a topic of discussion since the failure of the USSR, many Americans think of Ru ...
Cosmic convergence: Vlad Putin and . agree: Snowden a criminal who belongs in jail:
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