Vivica Fox & Will Smith

Vivica Anjanetta Fox (born July 30, 1964) is an American actress and television producer. Willard Christopher Will Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, producer, and rapper. 5.0/5

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I'm watching b2k videos and yo I forgot Will Smith, Ron Isley, and Vivica A. Fox had a cameo in the Girlfriend video!!!
Such is the magic of ID that teenage me remembers Will Smith punching an alien, but not smoking hot Vivica Fox as a stripper.
Just think about the boatload of charisma in the original ID4: Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, Brent Spiner, and Randy Quaid!
Ok, call me crazy, ... but, ... for years people (mainly strangers) have always told me I look like Vivica Fox. I have a brother that look like Sam Jackson. I have another brother who (thinks) he look like Blair Underwood. (lol) And the older my son gets, the thinner his face becomes, he is sorta, kinda starting to look a little like . (wait for it) ... like Jaden Smith. (is it because of his Will Smith ears and the small eyes?) Uncanny.
Happy 4th everybody. Remember to celebrate our independence from the aliens, with an armed forces led by president Bill Pulman, Will Smith, and Randy Quaid. Don't forget that Vivica Fox almost saved the First Lady. What a day!!!
In response to 20th Century Fox's announcement of a July 3, 2015 release date for "Independence Day 2", here are my thoughts. First of all in regards to the choice of release date alone, I totally buy it. The release would mark 19 years to the day of the original and so in that sense it's a great way to celebrate the sequel and the original at the same time. Now as for casting and story and so forth, I look at it like this. You've got Roland Emmerich writing/directing again, the support of the studio, audience support, and much of the original players interested in returning ( Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Margaret Colin, etc.) Not to mention a road map of where you'd like to see the story go as you begin lensing "Independence Day 3." So with all of these things in place, then I say to the powers-that-be... "What's the *** hold up?!!!" Will Smith? I won't get into his ridiculous demands again regarding his returning to the franchise that launched him to action star status, however knowing t ...
Colorblindness is Not the Path to Success for Black Women Actresses Actress Vivica A. Fox walked the red carpet at the “After Earth” New York City premiere to support her “Independence Day” co-star, Will Smith. Fox spoke with theGrio about her off-screen friendship with Smith, telling the interviewer the best advice she’s ever received from the action star is to develop a universal appeal devoid of racial barriers.
TMZ Reports: Vivica A. Fox should’ve gotten busted this weekend … for excessive chugging of Will Smith flavored Kool-Aid — after actually claiming “After Earth” is a great movie. Vivica looked our camera guy dead in the eye and said … Continue reading →
Quote of the Day: "Go see Will Smith's epic "After Earth" film, Big Willie is bringing the heat 4 the Summer!-Vivica "I'm still not of over 50" Fox.
Will Smith had EVERY black celebrity chick on his show. From Stacy Dash to Vivica Fox to Nia Long
Great News! Vivica Fox, one of the stars of Independence Day with Will Smith and “Copperhead” of the Kill Bill series, will be joining us at the HCSI 2nd Annual Gift of Life Gala at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami, Florida on Saturday, April 20th. Benefits from the Gala will go towards treatment for financially strapped teens and adults suffering from addiction through the not-for-profit HCSI.ORG.
Independence Day ... Never gets old. Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox should of for real got married :P
This B2K music video with Vivica Fox, Flex Washington (i know thats not his real name) and Will Smith! Excitment! Lol
Nia Long, Fancy from the Jamie foxx show, Vivica Fox, Tyra Banks, Kim Fields from Living Single, Queen Latifah...Will Smith had allDAgirls!😂
Will Smith and Vivica Fox headline what is now a classic us vs an alien invasion. Poor aliens didn't stand a chance!
Independence Day sent Will Smith's career into the stratosphere. I thought Vivica Fox was going to be just as big. I thought she was great.
paid up his $5 dollars on our bet! He was swearing up and down that A.J. Johnson played Will Smith's wife in "Independence Day", but we all know it was Vivica Fox! Ha! Coffee on Jeff, today! Whoohoo! LOL WBLS 107.5
Independence Day is really a Good Movie with Will Smith and Vivica Fox too on A&E cable TV
y is such a good *** movie:Jeff Goldblum as a satellite computer genius, Will Smith as a jet fighter pilot or Vivica Fox as a stripper?
man, is that the same Vivica Fox on Independence Day with Will Smith? Yikes.
Actress Vivica Fox got that Puma swag on lock! She looked amazing last night as she showed off her new pixie cut on the black carpet of the 'Men In Black 3' premiere in New York City. She was there in support of Will Smith who starred in her biggest movie to date; Independence Day. Vivica exuded
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