Vivica Fox & Gabrielle Union

Vivica Anjanetta Fox (born July 30, 1964) is an American actress and television producer. Gabrielle Monique Union (born October 29, 1972) is an American actress and former model. 5.0/5

Vivica Fox Gabrielle Union Sanaa Lathan Vivica A. Fox Halle Berry Janet Jackson Dwayne Wade Christina Milian Keisha Cole Maya Moore Britney Spears Lynn Whitfield Kim Kardashian Vanessa Bell Calloway Laila Ali Tyra Banks Allison Felix Selma Hayek Kerry Washington

I grew up watching Gabrielle Union , Nia Love, Regina Hall ,Vivica Fox, Regina King, Janet etc there were so many black actress 2 look up 2
Two Can Play That Game is on 😂😂😂 this use to be my movie. Gabrielle Union, Vivica A. Fox, Morris Chestnut, Anthony Anderson and Mo'Nique 😂
goes to Keith from two can play that game Vivica A Fox and Gabrielle Union yikes
Halle Barry, Gabrielle Union, Stacey Dash, Vivica Fox and Lisa Ray can get it moe. All of them in there 40+ still looking beautiful
“Vivica Fox or Gabrielle Union?” Gabrielle. Vivica got her lips shot up
“Vivica Fox or Gabrielle Union?” Can I have both on different days lol
Vivica A Fox featuring Gabrielle Union in a movie is a must see...
Just read an article about why Black women will never be considered Cougars: Unlike in mainstream White popular culture, African American pop culture is full of examples of ‘older’ (re: over 35 years old) Black women being just as desired as women in their 20’s. Stacey Dash, Vivica A. Fox, Sanaa Lathan ,Gabrielle Union, heck even Pam Grier are all way past 40 (and in Pam’s case 60) and still making romantic comedies and playing love interests while in White Hollywood Jennifer Aniston is the only woman over 30 allowed by law in a Romantic comedy. Until this Cougar concept came along age seemed to ravage the value of White women within their own community, the same can’t be said for Black women.
I can’t get into some movies with Vivica A. Fox or Gabrielle Union.
Ok ok ok .who would u hit .Gabrielle Union... Or .a young Vivica Fox ?
Something about Gabrielle Union and Vivica Fox's attitude. They play those roles to well like it's really them
Never been big on Halle Berry, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union and Vivica Fox.
You know my issue with thetopic? Men are called insensitive by saying it really doesn't matter & women should get over it, light skin women aren't allowed a voice on the matter, & most of all...dark skin women use it as an excuse for why THEY don't get complimented or make someone's preference list. Kelly Rowland, Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, Meagan Good, Vivica Fox, Gabrielle Union...these women are positive proof that for the most part colorism is just a deflection by a dark skinned woman to avoid the truth...she not getting complimented because she UGLY, it ain't her color
Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Teraji P. Henson, an Vivica Fox are mine (in no particular order)
The media loves to talk about how much *** Jennifer Lopez, Coco, Britney Spears.and Kim Kardashian has but at the sametime they badmouth the sisters of color that have curves. The black women and latino women that I am getting ready to pay hommage to have better bodies and here is my list Meagen Good, Sali Richardson, Nicole Ari Parker-Kudjoe, Tyra Banks, Janet Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Laila Ali, Gabrielle Union, Detria McKinney(Janeen on house of pain), Michael Michelle, Vivica Fox, Nia Long, Monica Calhoun, Lisa Raye, Halle Berry, Christina Milian, Gloria Velez,Vanessa Bell Calloway, Sanai Lathan, Lynn Whitfield, Tamela Jones, Selma Hayek, Eve Mendes, Michelle Rodriguez, Allison Felix, Sharon Neal, Taraji P.Henson, Maya Moore, Beyonce, Keisha Cole, Ashanti and Blu Cantrell need I say more. I have said all along how the media uses reverse psychology on African-americans to try to degrade us and belittle us but alot of you simply cant grasp this because you dont think openmindedly
Gabrielle Union or Vivica Fox ,im goin' with Gabrielle Union !
They used to love installing a poor weave on Vivica Fox and Gabrielle Union.9xPQ
Vivica Fox or Gabrielle Union? Gabrielle Union or Sanaa Lathan? Gabrielle Union or Dwayne Wade's ex wife? Coincidence?
Idk who looks better: Raven, Vivica Fox, or Gabrielle Union. All my role models though, no doubt.
Last year it was Vivica Fox, this year Beyonce, next year Gabrielle Union /☹\
I don't care what any of my friends say, Gabrielle Union and Vivica Fox look alike...
Alot of Black people are role-casted! Look at Gabrielle Union and Vivica Fox---:Prime Example
Sitting here waiting for Vivica Fox and Gabrielle Union to say they love me and 138 me, at least I think thats 69x2 !
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