Vivica Fox & Fresh Prince

Vivica Anjanetta Fox (born July 30, 1964) is an American actress and television producer. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince is a hip hop duo from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2.7/5

Vivica Fox Fresh Prince Vivica A. Fox Independence Day Bel Air Kill Bill Tatyana Ali Soul Food Jasmine Guy Nia Long

Man Will really had the baddest girl friends on Fresh Prince, Tyrah Banks Stacey Dash, Nia Long, Vivica Fox
This episode of Fresh Prince with vivica fox is hilarious! 😂😂😂
"Boy save your charm for the girl on your arm." -Vivica A. Fox, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 1991
the Fresh Prince episode when Vivica Fox plays "Janet" the crazy *** delusional gf who goes from 0 to 100 when Will looks at the waitress 😂😩
Watching a Fresh Prince episode from 1991 with Vivica Fox & cotdamn, why did she do all that *** plastic surgery? So naturally beautiful
This episode of Fresh Prince with Vivica Fox be having me weeaakkk
When Vivica Fox was on Fresh Prince, girlie was straight bugging! Lbvs
Lol when Vivica Fox was in the Fresh Prince lol I felt sorry for Will
Young Vivica Fox on the episode of Fresh Prince! Lawd! Vivica Fox now! Ew!
DANG!!! Vivica Fox on the Fresh Prince right now!! Smh
"Vivica Fox on Fresh Prince. he had all da baddies of the 90s
I wanted 3 girls in da 90s. Vivica Fox, Hillary from Fresh Prince and T-Boz my imaginary baby mama
Idk whether to watch Fresh Prince s.1 with Vivica Fox and Jasmine Guy or s.5 with Nia Long and robin Givens...
Vivica Fox on Fresh Prince, god f'ing lord lemme be you❤😍🔥
The Vivica Fox episode of Fresh Prince when she ran Will into the ground? I'm crying!
My god Vivica A Fox in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is my WIFE! 😩😁
Why would Victoria A. Fox still go to her strip joint gig when there are giant UFO's all over the world? Does she really need the money? Come on, she's dating the Fresh Prince, he's loaded...
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FILM COMPANY MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT Friday 08 February 2013       T&T FILMAKERS GET UP CLOSE WITH VISITING US CELEBRITIES   The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) in collaboration with the Independent Media Producers Association of Trinidad Tobago (IMPATT) hosted a “Conversation With the Stars” on Carnival Friday which was attended by over thirty five T&T producers, directors, actors and film students.   T&T’s film personnel got the chance to get up close and personal with actor Tatyana Ali of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and the most recent film “Home Again; US actress, producer Vivica Fox known for her work on Independence Day, Soul Food and Kill Bill; Damien Dante Wayans, actor, writer, producer and co-star with Tatyana on the current BET TV series “Second Generation Wayans” and actor and choreographer Darrin Dewitt Henson of Soul Food fame.   The visiting celebrities spoke about their life stories, their challenges and successes and reminded T&T’s film per ...
Ever wonder how Vivica Fox and the kid off Fresh Prince escape that huge explosion by running into that small room with the door open??? Really. Independence Day is a classic but we're just picking it apart at this point.
remember the episode of Fresh Prince with Vivica Fox? 😂😂😂😂
Watching Vivica Fox appearance on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, remember how fine she used to be, and the abomination she has done to herself today.
Vivica Fox was on Fresh Prince? Lol. I remember she played a crazy broad...
*** some of y'all act like Vivica Fox in that one Fresh Prince episode when y'all get a significant other. Waitress can't even look at them
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