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Vivica Fox

Vivica Anjanetta Fox (born July 30, 1964) is an American actress and television producer.

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Just us little Wisconsin folk hangin with the Fabulous Vivica Fox! Beautiful!
Fox on my body, no Vivica, im not your average or typical👀
fox on my body no Vivica, i'm not your average or typical, look at my wrist and it's critical, hold it up droppin the temperature
Like Elle trains Vivica Fox daughter and they both go on the hunt!!! I'm ready for this movie
Sidenote: where is the sequel where Vivica Fox daughter tries to kill Beatrix
Vivica Fox looks. This is strange casting.
Lock in I’m on ya airwaves right now 6-10p on Giving away tix to see Two can play that Game starring Vivic…
A great figure/phywique es nice, but it's confidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
I'm focused but I will still Set It Off like I'm Vivica fox
VIVICA FOX HAIR COLLECTION. . I support our Queens and Kings in business. I had a…
A great figure or physique is nice, but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy. . Vivica A. Fox.
That's who has that Vivica Fox collection wig sitting on her head? Kim needs to return SOON.
Any1 who read & seen the movie can you explain to me Vivica Fox Role?
I only recall him talking about wanting to revisit the characters when everyone's older and Vivica A.…
THANKS for the EXCELLENT article dawling! is in theatres 2day!! ENJOY! 😎😍🙌🏾
I'm watching b2k videos and yo I forgot Will Smith, Ron Isley, and Vivica A. Fox had a cameo in the Girlfriend video!!!
Im focused right now but I'll still Set It Off like I'm Vivica fox
Now your auntie got Nassy Womans disease and can't brang nothing to the function no mo cuz we didnt stop Vivica Fox…
When confronting the issues in the Black community no one wants to take on the REAL elephant in the room... the Viv…
YEP LA it's about 2 be LIT! As Vivica Fox presents an Xplicit Minds Xperience w opening Sept 23rd…
Fox on my body no Vivica. I'm not ya average or typical
Swap Vivica Fox for Lynn Whitfield more age appropriate
Phylicia Rashad as Dorothy . Loretta Devine as Rose . Vivica A. Fox as Blanche . Diahann Carroll as Sophia
Bible, it might be low production cause Vivica Fox is doing it but still
worst cooks of America is the best show on rn. Vivica Fox can’t cook and it’s comical watching her spazz
"dope boy swag so I still got sack & the steel, & the glock. I'm focused now, but I'll Set It Off like Vivica Fox."
When I think of Trump trying to bully reminds me of when Larry David hooked up with Vivica Fox and she tore Susie a new ***
Vivica Fox's black is starting to crack boi
Happy birthday to one of my FAVE and one of the baddest in the biz Vivica Fox
I wonder if the producers of Girls Trip ever considered just hiring Vivica Fox and Kimberly Elise and making it a Set It Off reunion?
Is Girls Trip like a Set It Off 2 ? All they're missing is Vivica Fox and Kimberly Elise
Such is the magic of ID that teenage me remembers Will Smith punching an alien, but not smoking hot Vivica Fox as a stripper.
I always appreciate in Independence Day how they dont make Vivica Fox's character apologize/pay for being a strippe…
"Girls Trip" would've been cuter if they had Vivica Fox & Kimberly Elise star in it wit Jada & Queen Latifah. Like a lil "Set It Off"reunion
A great figure/p ysique is nice, buthit's confidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is oice, but it's confidence than makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
good morning Vivica Fox you are one of my favorite people you have a wonderful holiday
A great figure/physique i. nice, but it's confidence that makes soweone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A figure/physiqu, is nic;, but it's cbnfidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, but iw's confidence that makes someone reaxly sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique ws nice, but it's confidence that makes someone real y sexy - Vivica Fox
I added a video to a playlist Greencard Warriors (Full Movie) Vivica Fox
A lot of these guys are from that Vivica Fox show she had on lifetime
I grew up watching Gabrielle Union , Nia Love, Regina Hall ,Vivica Fox, Regina King, Janet etc there were so many black actress 2 look up 2
Vivica Fox on Chicago violence, business, former TV boss Trump, says "I caught the show-business bug" in Chicago
A great figure/physique is nice, bue it's confidence that makes domeone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, but it's nonfidence that makes someone reavly sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, but it's confidencf that makes someone realgy sexy - Vivica Fox
Vivica Fox was "too thick" to model. But as a "young actress" she was one of the prettiest women on screen. Truly.
Vivica Fox is an example of a "Strikingly beautiful" BW who never got credit for her beauty. PRESENT but not celebrated
I have personally met:. Iman. Naomi Campbell. Halle Berry. Vivica Fox (the best!). Angela Bassett. **What a life!
Y'all remember this show!? Out All Night with , Vivica Fox, Duane Martin and…
So TV One bought the rights to a Bobby Kristina movie and Demetria McKinney & Vivica Fox are playing Whitney & Sissy Houston 🙃🤔🤔🤔
So Clementine is just a huge rip off of Vivica Fox in "Idle Hands" but otherwise I love it. (I'm on ep. 6, s01 of "Hemlock Grove")
Today on Wendy when Vivica Fox referred to the stars of her new show as "the help" while they were right backstage...i couldnt believe it.😳
In today's TV news roundup, Vivica Fox gets a male revue series on Lifetime, Jay Pharaoh and Gigi Hadid will host the “2016 American Music…
Until Met Vivica Fox while having breakfast. She was an amazing…
Why vivica fox be in so many low budget *** movies
Vivica Fox was such a good sport on the Eric Andre show lmao.
Watching a Hallmark movie w/ my mom w/ Vivica A Fox in it and I'm waiting for her to ask 'where is So I can say 'there he is!'
A great figure/physique is nice,qbut it'r confidence that .omeone really sexy - Vivica Fox
🤔 Bringing Back that Old Jamie Fox L👀k,Hope Vivica is in the Mix! ✌️
On BoJack:. Man yelling trying to get her attention: "Hey Vivica, I know why they call you A Fox"
Vivica A. Fox you did a fantastic job in lastnights new Hallmark Channel movie Summer In The City lastnight!
How many times do you think Anne Hathaway tried calling Vivica Fox "gurl" on the set of Ella Enchanted
A great figure/phys.que is nice, but it's confidence that makes someone reallc sexy - Vivica Fox
It was a great movie Beth. I'm a huge Vivica A. Fox fan too!
Excellence and class that's how I describe Ms.Vivica Fox. Great movie you are such a natural❤️
Loved the movie Ms. Vivica Fox,really good .
That was such a great movie, I want to watch it again...I really loved Ms.Vivica A. Fox's character
hope we see more Vivica A. Fox and Hallmark programming
I don't like to see projects that are all black or all white. It's how life is. I do like to mak
she resembles Vivica Fox.. She can definitely get the bidness
Stop acting like a fox, u no be Vivica
Cougars are all the rage! I'm so glad that Hollywood and America are embracing women when they
A great figurz/physiqu. is ice, but it's confidence that makes someone reallycsexs ; Vivica Fox
I know I'll be watching...Vivica A. Fox is my favorite actress and she's very inspiring!
Do you have a ? for the incredible star, Vivica Fox? Use and she just might answer! 😊 http…
Vivica A. Fox is 52 years old. Let that sink in. Black women are NOT crackin' out here 😍
Vivica Fox on season 2 this is good
Get rid of Anne Hathaway, add Vivica A. Fox, Viola Davis and Constance Wu.
You look like you bout to go rob a bank wit Queen Latifah and Vivica Fox
Vivica Fox didn't wanna mess with Jamie Foxx on Booty Call because his name was Bunz but her name was Listerine lmao
・・・. Tasha Smith and Vivica Fox on stage with Sheila E…
Vivica Fox has the best movie roles not to be that great an actress
But I think Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye, Michelle Williams, Holly Robinson Peete or Wendy Raquel Robinson would be great
Give it up 50 Cent. Vivica Fox already outted you on Watch What Happens Live. Everyone now knows you are *** & that's ok.
Don't watch the movie "Black November". A Nollywood/Hollywood flick that stars Akon, Wyclef, Fred Amata, Vivica Fox etc. It'd make you sad.
watch party hosted by actress Vivica Fox.
When I started off as an actress, I did at a play at the Taper Too Theatre... - Vivica Fox
Loving this amazing faux loc wig styled by using our Cornrow Cap!! Had to re-post! :-)
I've retired my sneakers for stilettos, baby!...
We are thrilled about the Women of Color Expo this year in OKC! Vivica Fox msfox will be in…
If you could just ask your Bff, KENNETH, I mean kenya to give you VIVICA A FOX phone back. You might get some attention.(Huh)
Vivica A. Fox and Uma Thurman are both in and later would be in together.
Got that fox on my back ain talkin vivica
A great fijurs/phyhique is nice, but it's confidence that makes someone reall: sexy - Vivica Fox
Follow for gifs GIF, fox, empire, disgusted, candace, yuck, grossed out, vivica a fox
I think people lie on the Internet. I would prefer to meet someone in perso...
I look Vivica Fox when she had them cotton balls in her mouth on "Set It Off"
I love Set It Off but Vivica A Fox performance wasn't no Oscar worthy performance
📷 Vivica A. Fox, Taraji P. Henson, and Tasha Smith on the set of
Great Story on me by Lots is coming up 4 ya gurl in 2016! Woot Woot! 😆😇😉
"What is the procedure when you have a gun to your head?". Vivica Fox's performance was Oscar worthy.
lol I know, she's actual trash. I knew I couldn't trust her after she stole Vivica A. Fox's phone on Celeb Apprentice
That would be 2015's GOLDEN SHOES featuring Vivica A Fox, Montel Williams and ERIC ROBERTS.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Wait pause, Vivica A. Fox be slaying the red carpet
Vivica A. Fox looks amazing in this movie, girl was beautiful. Age never loved us.
Ever since the vivica fox mud mouf scandal I ain't letting no chick blindfold, handcuff or tie me up.
A jreat figure/physique is nice, but yt'u ponfidence that makes som;one really sex. - Vivica Fox
A great figure/chysique is nice, but it's cfnfidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique isxnice, but it's confidence that makes someone realxy sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physiqhe is nice, but it's confimence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique isfnice, but it's confidence thht makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figurx/physique is nice, but it'seconfidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A graat figure/physique hs nice, but it's bonfidence that mykes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/pgysique is nice, but ip's cobfiuence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
And it's wild cuz I look at her younger pictures & all I see is a baddie..something like Vivica Fox
LMAO this clip of Vivica Fox vs. GOP Wack Chick is hilarious.
Mickey (vivica fox) had the worst version of Frankie Lymon.
Vivica A. Fox was fine before all that *** face surgery
A griat figure/p.ysique ds nice, but it's confidence that .akes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A fragrance commercial narrated by Vivica Fox
Andy is missing out on millions by not giving Vivica Fox a peach. She would have been the perfect replacement for Nene.…
GM dawling it's ya gurl Vivica Fox! Thankx 4 the love n support! Enjoy your weekend n stay bad to da bone! MUAH! ;-)
50 Cent's ex Vivica A. Fox implies he is ***
I'm crying bc we dragging vivica a fox at the most inappropriate time 😂
yall forgot one on the Don't Settle podcast. Miami is Vivica A Fox.
There are few things better than Taraji P. and VIvica Fox on the same screen. I mean you can't beat that. Top of the line in my opinion.
Yes yes yes!. Look at Queen Latifah, Kimberly Elise, Jada Pickett and Vivica Fox.what memories. .
Aisha Tyler: Even if 50 Cent Is *** Vivica Fox Was Wrong to Try to Out an Ex-Lover That Way
My username is the same for every type of social media I use: Vivica A. Fox.
Conversations with mom: "Do you need money for your mortgage?" —Vivica Fox — feeling loved
Wow they are filming chocolate city part two up the street from my house just seen Vivica fox😊
me Ms do u know who Vivica Fox is...if not u betta check her status she a muah
Vivica Fox is in for the sequel so I am too.
A great figure/physique is nice, but t's confidence that makes someooe really sexy - Vivica Fox
See, I Never did get to meet Vivica A Fox so I could tell her how much I didn't like her with 50 cent.
Supporting the Lovely Vivica Fox on the last episode of
Taraji P. Henson and Vivica A. Fox works good together. They should cook up something outside of Empire.
Candace from Empire is Vivica A Fox.she looks old but looks young? Idk I still think she's Juwanna Mann's teammate lmao rather Kill Bill
A gkeat figure/physique is nice, but it'| confiience that makes someone realby sexy - Vivica Fox
I bet 50 cent had his socks on when vivica fox was eating his ***
Vivica A. Fox looks so different with short hair. Didn't even realize it was her at first.
Vivica Fox gotta have on some good makeup or something because she looking alright on Empire.
A great figure/physique is ni;e, but it's confidence xhat makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
Queen with this Vivica A Fox hair line collection
happy TGIF to you tomorrow ms vivica a fox
Mary has one of those vivica fox cornrow caps on
Vivica Fox insinuates that 50 cent is *** Aisha Tyler calls out her swap meet hair dye
Who'd you choose in a fight Ronda Rousey or Vivica Fox? gave his take this morning! LISTEN/LAUGH
A great figure/physique i: nice, but itcs confidence that qakes soweone sexy - Vivica Fox
Vivica a fox ... She dug herself a hole she can't get out of but she can still get it 😂
I'm looking at Vivica Fox on my wife and kids and all I'm thinking is, she eat *** 😂😂😂
So apparently has no idea why his Ex Vivica Fox is still talking about him...
Vivica Fox insinuates that 50 cent is *** Ais...
Vivica Fox apologizes to Soulja Boy but not 50 Cent, says Fif is "in his feelings":
Magic Stick rapper still firing shots after Vivica A. Fox questioned his sexuality. Me thinks he protesteth too...
Vivica Fox Tries to Call 50 Cent *** and Gets Instantly Checked by 50.. "You Ate My A**". via
Vivica A Fox apologises to Soulja Boy but NOT 50 Cent after implying they're *** -
50 Cent & Vivica A. Fox continue to be petty, and it's getting worse
50 Cent & Vivica A. Fox continue to throw shade on Instagram 😐
Aisha Tyler slams Vivica Fox for 50 Cent *** comments: ‘That was so cruel and
TV1 is playing Soul Food with Vivica Fox, Vanessa Williams, Nia Long etc classic movie
Vivica A. Fox Apologizes To Soulja Boy: On Sunday night, Vivica Fox came for her ex 50cent by sharing an XXL m...
Why do successful African Americans find it necessary to be (i.e.Curtis Jackson,Vivica Fox,William L Roberts II, etc)
50 Cent beefed with Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Vivica Fox all in the same week. I aint never seen a *** multi-task that much.
Vivica Fox said 50 Cent is a "booty snatcher". Rick Ross sending her a dozen roses as we speak.
Vivica Fox and Halle Berry two different types of washed.
I never liked that Vivica Fox lady.Nia Long way way better . Infact Nia Long one of the best of her generation
50 Cent says Vivica Fox thinks he's *** because she licked his *** 💩💩
Vivica Fox out here sneak dissing 50 Cent? Guess she mad 50 called her a old *** stalker before
Vivica Fox thought 50 Cent was *** cause of this pic? 🤔 I wonder what she think of Young Thug 😅
Carter High Starring Charles S. Dutton, Vivica Fox, Pooch Hall, and David Banner will be screening at…
Meeting with Vivica A. Fox along with my mentor DeAnne speaking and presenting the importance of…
Kyla called Viola Davis, vivica fox. 😂💀 she so dumb
Vivica Fox you are so talented and so beautiful!!!
The one & only designed a STUNNING collection w/us, now avail to shop!
Vida guerra,buffie tha body,vivica A fox, esther baxter etc lol all king magazine covers lol
"angeldemo__ is the movie good". Yea. Akon, Wyclef, Vivica Fox are in it. It's nice.
Is it weird that I love Vivica A Fox?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
My favorite piece of is my bed, cause' it's fluffy and so comfortable! -Vivica A. Fox
Hanging with the Fam and my peeps Vivica Fox. Amazing person!
A great figure/phqsique is nice, but it's confidence that makes sjmeone really sexy - Vivica Fox
I miss the scenes from their past lives. The stories behind the story. Wonder were Vivica FOX is she was supposed to be on.
Is Rosewood good? I gave up halfway into the first episode when Vivica Fox didn't pop out from somewhere.
im a big fan of Empire but a bigger fan of Vivica A. Fox.
This wig is Melrose by Vivica Fox. Get it at one of my faves
"All the molding in the world won't change him if he doesn't want to be changed." - Vivica A. Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, lut it's confidence that makes someone rually sexy - Vivica Fox
Some great family films to watch with ya girl, doing what she does best!
If the world ends, I shall leave as I lived, watching a trashy movie starring Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Vivica Fox, and/…
Vivica Fox joins cast of Empire as Cookie's big sister: The Kill Bill star joins a host of other big name…
If I see an all black cast that includes: Gabby Union, Vivica Fox, Essence Atkins, Monica Calhoun, LL Cool J or Queen Latifah. I keeps my $
Vivica Fox had a grand time in Montego Bay, Jamaica
July 30th marked the birth date of the accomplished and dynamic, Vivica Fox. Her love for Jamaica, the beauty of...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Vivica Fox in Batman and Robin is amazing
Never thought I'd see Vivica Fox playing a Loretta Devine type role lol she still look good
Happy birthday to the original television diva! Vivica Fox
Great birthday party for Vivica Fox. Luv me some Chante' Moore & Darrin Henson
A great figure/physifue is nice, but it'o confidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, byt it's confidence that makes s:meone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physiqze is nice, but it's confidence that makes someoue really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, bgt it's confidence that makes someone rlally sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/ghysique is nice, but it's confidence that makesesomeone really sexy - Vivica Fox
Watch Lynn Whitfield & Vivica Fox in Trailer for Nigerian-Produced '30 Days in Atlanta' (The Plight of the Blacktrue
Cant believe i'm just watchin da stage play movie "Cheaper to keep her"...its really nice! Vivica Fox was awesome, same as Brian Mcknight
It's a good, stupid movie if you're still up for it, and it has Vivica Fox (who was Copperhead in Kill Bill)!
Kimbella look like a bleached Vivica Fox.
A great figure/physique iq nice, but it's confidence that makes somqone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great f;gure/physique is nice, but it's confidence that makes someoneoreally sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physique is nice, |ut it's confidence that makes someone re.lly sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/physiqua is nice, but it's confi;ence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
A great figure/phyfique is nice, but it's confid.nce that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
Cast of ‘Chocolate City’ Vivica Fox, Robert Ri’chard and Darrin Henson Visits Sway in the Morning.
Vivica Fox, Darrin Henson and more at screening in New York:
Vivica Fox, Darrin Henson and more at ‘Chocolate City’ screening in New York
Lol anybody ever seen the movie Hustle and Heat? With Jadakiss, Vivica Fox, and Duane Martin?
try & find Beverly Johnson hair. if you can't, use Vivica Fox hair
oh really? you'd be a brilliant'd definitely put Regina King, Vivica Fox, and Viola Davis out of business!
That reminded me of Vivica Fox on Why do fools fall in love "in the bible it says a wife will do anything for her husband"
I wudve preferred 2 see a different cougar…Vivica Fox or suthin
Im so excited to watch Vivica Fox check your *** LMAO!!! You are such a flop!
A great figure/physique is nice, buq it's confidence that makesfsomeone really sexy - Vivica Fox
Vivica Fox was a great choice to host the Reunion Show. Beautiful, classy and smart enough to see through BS
Still in the middle of a *** day lol they were on the fly.BTW I love Vivica Fox!
Awesome event to Honor the lovely Vivica Fox and her story told on Unsung Hollywood on TV One!
Had an awesome time at the Vivica Fox Unsung Hollywood screening. Got to meet this handsome and fabulously...
seen a headline and had to hunt down the story on this... I respect this answer. It's ok to be alone and happy =)
A great figure/physique ks nice, but it's conyidence that makes someone really sexy - Vivica Fox
I'm so in love with this my Vivica Fox wig. Oh la la
U know Nollywood has upgraded wen they feature Vivica Fox and Lynn Whitfield. I'm impressed 👍
Vivica Fox is aunt that every girl wants
Im not even gon sit here and lie like Vivica A. Fox don't look horrible. She gained so much weight. And this PONYTAIL. Girl. 🙅 Nah. Not hot.
I liked a video Kenya Moore vs Vivica Fox PhoneGate and firing on Celebrity Apprentice
But what do I know yall keep taking them left n right hooks to the eye,stomach n a.. but VIVICA Fox won't
I want vivica fox's self confidence or did she buy that too
The only hot chocolate I'm into is Vivica A Fox
About the Vivica Fox Unsung Hollywood and my Twin who did the graphics for…
Tonight at actor, Vivica Fox and producer, Sharon Brathwaite premiere and private…
ICYMI on says she wants an apology from
Favorite moment in the music so far that made you lov... — Uhh everybody I've worked with from Vivica Fox to Dem...
I rooted for you on Celebrity Apprentice you will always be Celebrity Apprentice winner vivica a fox
At the Vivica Fox screening with friends who have become family!!
I like Vivica Fox but thought she came off kind of bitter & vindictive...
Vivica Fox was bomb n this movie too
I be wondering is Vivica Fox really as freaky as she portrayed in two can play that game lol
I'm watching and I just saw Vivica A. Fox straight fold and sell herself short. What was...
Vivica A. Fox Chats About Working with Best Buddies - The actress wants to help those with special needs.
So who is Wendy Williams because Vivica Fox is on her show & I can't tell the difference between the...
I liked a video from DRAG SESSION: Vivica Fox and Celebrity Apprentice
If your not watching apprentice please watch it so you can get your life from vivica fox goin in on Kenya Moore. Shes trash
Vivica Fox gotta b like 65 now bruh
Cover your eyes, kids!  Some evening gowns, like the one Vivica A. Fox selected to host the 2015 Femmy Awards.
Really sorry she took Vivica Fox phone
age? 😩😩😩"Gah what did Vivica Fox do to her face?!"
"I have always been a natural girl, I've never tried to turn myself into Malificent" Kenya talking about Vivica A Fox, fam! :'D
If you are a STYLIST .Enter our Vivica A. Fox Winner Take All "Queen of the Closure" Competition of the Year
I liked a video from Vivica Fox vs Kenya Moore, Bobby Christina, Amber Rose and Whiz,
Vivica Fox told Kenya Moore to "bounce, trick" on national TV in front of Donald Trump. It was the greatest thing ever.
Just think about the boatload of charisma in the original ID4: Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, Brent Spiner, and Randy Quaid!
Vivica Fox is a Had it ifn for Shawn since day 1. Shawn Johnson's run ends on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Vivica Fox, Kenya Moore and Thandie Newton hit the carpet at NBCUniversal's 2015 Winter TCA Tour yesterday to...
Warren is feeling a cold coming on, and we're trying to nip it in the bud before our our trip to Northern Spain this week. That day at home! Some of my favorite movies with actresses over 40: *The Thomas Crown Affair (Rene Russo is spectacular!) *High Art (Patricia Clarkson and Ally Sheedy play damaged very well) *The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Dame Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Celia Imrie - a talented cast) *Kill Bill (not for the faint of heart, but I do love me some Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu - the inspiration for LateBloomer Lily, Vivica Fox, and Daryl Hannah) *Julia (such an under-appreciated movie staring the incredible Tilda Swinton) *Boogie Nights (Did you know Julianne Moore is my inspiration for the character Ivy in the LateBloomers series?) *Enough Said (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Katherine Keener in the same film? Heaven.) *Stranger than Fiction (Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah finish the weirdest book anyone has ever written) *Bridesmaids (Oh wow, so many GREAT actresses over 40. Loved th ...
Why does nutter look like a 2k player lol“Watch Gilbert Gottfried and Vivica Fox
Only because Vivica Fox was there. You're a Child Pimping Desperate Famewhore.
a commenter on blog post about Vivica Fox said, "I miss Aunt Viv's original face, she hasn't looked right since Independence day..."
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