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Vishy Anand

Viswanathan Anand (born 11 December 1969) is an Indian chess Grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion.

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Amazing to listen to detailed chronicling of Vishy Anand’s journey as a chess player !! Intense & cerebral!
Vishy u beauty.. still the hunger for the game has never gone down.. deserves to win the candidates..
Anton Kovalyov had knocked out Vishy Anand in the previous round.
Past winners - 2, & - 1. - 0 has also won WC in tournament format
Unsaid: this 25 y/o upset 5 time world champion Vishy Anand in 1st round, 150 rating pt deficit. Insulted as 'gypsy…
To eliminate Vishy Anand only to forfeit in the next game after violating the dress code... 😳
I am very much on the record as a fan of Vishy Anand!: via
Vishy Anand bows out of the after failing to strike back in a must-win game.
I liked a video Anton Kovalyov on knocking out Vishy Anand from the World Cup
Anton Kovalyov knocks out Vishy Anand and advances to round three: via
Humility Personified...!!!. Vishy Anand is relatively happy with 2016 via
Vishy Anand is relatively happy with 2016: via
I liked a video from Exciting notable game: Veselin Topalov vs Vishy Anand : London
Vishy Anand the tiger of Madras,is back to Doha!Join us from 26-30 December at Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena,…
Have you seen 'Vishy Anand finishes joint third in London Classic' on Rediff yet?You should... and now
13 Best Games by Viswanathan Anand. Viswanathan Anand became India’s first GM in 1988. He held FIDE World...
NEVER! VIVA VISHY!!. London Chess Classic: Is the Viswanathan Anand era coming to an end?.
I liked a video from Good CHESS OPENING STRATEGY! - GM Vishy Anand (chess24)
A great win for Vishy Anand and a tournament to forget for Veselin Topalov... Photo:
Meanwhile Vishy Anand escapes with a draw from what looked like a very compromised position against Anish Giri!. Pho…
First he enters a variation of Keres Attack a move down, and now 16.b4. Where's Vishy Anand going today?…
Vishy Anand is up against Anish Giri in the sixth round of the London Chess Classic 2016. Follow the game live…
Happy 47th Birthday to Vishy Anand! We wish him good luck at where he has 1.5/2 so far. Photo:
Some kid was invited to play the White piece's opening move for Wesley So in his game against Vishy Anand. . It was an e4 opening. (1/3)
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest of all times, Vishy Anand, who turns 47 today.
Such stars of the chess world as Vishy Anand, Peter Svidler, Vassily Ivanchuk, Boris Gelfand are not representing their countries and with
Vishy Anand blundered a piece on move 8 against Fabiano Caruana but still drew and ended the first day of the...
Candidates Chess: Karjakin wins title but Vishy Anand shows why he is still among the world's best - Firstpost
. I'm feeling embarrassed that she might become the face of indians in the US. . I prefer the existing Vishy Anand
When Vishy Anand won the World Chess Championship in 2000 and made every Indian Proud! An amazing moment!
Newsletter from ChessBase India Chess in India, with Vishy Anand at the helm and a large number of talents...
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Getting a Vishy Anand flag sorted for Moscow. Who's in?
I will follow vishy anand's suggestion related to eat before exam Best Mann ki baat till now
Have Sachin, Vishy Anand, CNR Rao been branded as Sanghis yet?
Involving such role models like Sachin and Vishy Anand is a great motivator for students.
Impresive of PM to bring in and vishy anand to inspire students. many would follow them
It is wonderful to see that PM invited Vishy Anand, our most neglected sports icon to
Hon PM Modi invited Tendulkar and Vishy Anand in the Mann ki baat program to talk to the kids and give advice for their exams ...
Sachin, Vishy to join PM Modi's 'Mann ki Baat': Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his thoughts with the ...
. He is trying every trick in trade. I like the fact tht Vishy Anand is joining the show. Hail Chess!
Vishy Anand, Tendulkar and Modi in Mann ki baat. Can't get any bigger than this.
Vishy Anand will appear in Mann ki Baat with PM Modi on All India Radio on Sunday 11 AM!
Vishy Anand will join him tomorrow , so may be he will say that in English
Vishy Anand draws his first round opponent's name out of the bag held by Miss Gibraltar 2015
The one & only Vishy Anand from Chennai, India :-))
News Leonard Barden on chess - The former world champion Vishy Anand suffered a horror show at Gibra...
16-year-old Hungarian Benjamin Gledura had just phoned home to say "I beat a world champion" (Vishy Anand)
What is common between Dr.APJ, ARR, Vishy Anand & Ashwin?. When they perform, TN becomes part of India for North Media. El…
Vishy Anand is truly the real Chennai Super King!
Outstanding interview of Vishy Anand by Vijay Amritraj. We are the for a reason.
Magnus Carlsen on his historical debut in Linares 2007. He came out 2nd after Vishy Anand.
" the Rapid world of chess, Hikaru Nakamura is now once more the World No.1"
Have you seen 'Norway Chess: Anand loses to Carlsen, finishes fifth in blitz' on Rediff yet?You should... and now
Norway Chess: Anand loses to Carlsen, finishes fifth in blitz
Kasparov hadn't even noticed Carlsen beat Anand as he thought it was such a "done deal" that Vishy would win
Ouch. Unfortunate loss for Anand against Carlsen. Vishy was completely winning before blundering in a Queen-Endgame.
Difficult to follow blitz games in Nevertheless, Vishy Anand has started with two out of two wins.
Best of Forbes India: 2010-2011. The resurgence of a grandmaster: .
Me thinks deserves to be on that list too since I gathered his first name is Anand and not Vishy
Vishy Anand returns to the 2800 club for the first time since 2011 after his awesome performance at Shamkir
Watch all the moves of the 6rd game of the World Championship [ Magnus Carlsen 1-0 Vishy Anand ]
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Vishy Anand back to being the world
Chess Headlines: May 2015 ratings: Vishy Anand is world no.2: May 2015…
Vishy Anand just doesn't seem to get old! With a fantastic perf at reaches 2804 at age 45! World You rock,Vishy!
Mamedyarov's heart-stopping moment with the clock in (Game against Vishy Anand from Shamkir Chess r8).
Viswanathan Anand finishes second in Shamkir Chess Vishy always misses out defeating Carlsen... :(
"As the oldest participant he played extremely well without losses. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from him.” Wesley So on Vishy Anand
Anand feeds on Carlsen's embarrassment to him, unfortunately this year vishy will miss that in the WCC so bad 2016 for Vishy!
One small good news...Vishy Anand is 2800 again ! the age of 45...!
World Champion Magnus Carlsen wins the 2nd by a full point ahead of Vishy Anand after beating Mamedov
Not a fairytale ending for Vishy Anand. Carlsen wins
round 8, Anand-Mamedyarov. Vishy makes it back to no.2 in the world on the live list:
It's Vishy again! Our Round 8 report is packed with player quotes:
GM Vishy Anand beats GMShakhriyar Mamedyarov to move up to world no. 2(y) — feeling awesome
'A double déjà vu, that is how Vishy Anand's victory against GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov can be descrided today. As...
Vishy Anand wins again! The ex-world champion is in good shape in Shamkir.
Congratulations to Vishwanathan Anand for making all of us proud again. He truly deserves to be no 1. We r proud of you Vishy.
Vishy Anand beats Shakhriyar Mamedyarov to move up to world no. 2!
Carlsen will mostly win Vishy Anand clearly is the second best player in wi...
4/25/2015 – It is only by a fraction, but after today's victory against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Vishy Anand...
Vishy Anand played some really fine chess in this tournament. Bold, fresh, forceful and exciting.
Loved to c Vishy Anand playing chess of highest quality
Exchange sacrilege, courage and harmony! Vishy Anand back to 2800! Go on Sir! Salutes!
my question is to GM Vladimir Kramnik or GM Vishy Anand
Leander Paes, Vishy Anand, Sushil Kumar. Three people I wish got the same respect Sachin Tendulkar gets. Absolute legends in t…
Vishy Anand is still better Bharat Ratna than Sachin..Although wished Dhyan Chand had been honoured earlier.
A delighted Vishy Anand talks to Nigel Short after beating Mickey Adams
Vishy Anand uses the Berlin to beat Magnus Carlsen's second Mickey Adams!
Mickey Adams had Vishy Anand under pressure for most of the game, but in a knight ending the tables have turned. Anand about to win.
Is Mickey Adams using some of the preparation he did with Magnus Carlsen against Vishy Anand?
Proud moment for India. Vishy Anand came second in the World Chess Championship.
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Vishy Anand strikes back to crush Magnus Carlsen and win Game 3 in the World Championship
Anand vs Carlsen - 2013 Tal Memorial Blitz Chess: This video shows the match between Vishy Anand and Magnus...
Vishy Anand in good form before Magnus Carlsen title rematch
I added a video to a playlist Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen Chess Blitz
Sport: Magnus Carlsen crowned world champion in 10 games against Vishy Anand
Vishy Anand will play the Bilbao Masters this September! Will World Champion Magnus Carlsen also take part ahead...
Vishy Anand at on World Rapid & prep for World Chp: `Lots of work, coffee and Coldplay' by
Sochi is hosting the 2014 World Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand | Geekosystem
World Chess Championship rematch between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand will be staged from Nov 7 to 28 in Sochi, Russia.
we are presenting list posters about chess wisdom shared by the greatest players: Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Siegbert Tarrasch, Aaron Nimzowitsch, Emanuel Lasker, Levon Aronian, Vishy Anand and Wilhelm Steintz.
FIDE Top 100 Rating Lists for June 2014 are now published. Magnus Carlsen is still the highest rated player for 36th time (30th consecutive, which is close to another record for Magnus, to exceed the 31-st times consecutive number one of Garry Kasparov). No change in 2nd and 3rd place too kept by Levon Aronian and Alexander Grischuk. Fabiano Caruana is up to number 4, replacing Vishy Anand (who is now fifth). The highest rated woman continues to be Judit Polgar, with 2685 and 56 points ahead of the World Women Champion Yifan Hou. More statistics: * 23585 had their rating updated (vs 38092 the month before that) * 6740 players were added, while 135 were deleted * 55 players had title update (98 the month before that) * 47 players had their gender fixed * 14 players had their federation changed
Garry Kasparov: Congratulations to old rival & friend Vishy Anand on winning the Candidates! I didn't believe it possible but you can't argue with results!
Vishy Anand maintains lead after draw against Aronian: Five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand on Saturday ...
This is a Round 1 game from the 2014 FIDE Candidates chess tournament between Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian. The winner of this 14-round tournament, which is being held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, will act as the challenger to Magnus Carlsen in the 2014 World Chess Championship match. Anand opts for...
Salutes to Vishy Anand for deciding to compete in the strongest candidates tournament to qualify for the World Championship challenge against Magnus Carlsen later this year...Anand took a last minute decision to participate and it takes a huge heart to digest the World Championship defeat a few months ago and start all over...Indian chess at the big stage is very much alive in 2014! Anand won his first round against the top seed ( Levon Aronian) yday and it is a dream start for him in the tournament...If he wins this tournament, we will have a repeat World Championship rematch in Nov 2014 against Carlsen.Carlsen would be too difficult for Anand to beat, but thats a different story.Right now, Anand is the hunter and the rest of the world is "hunted". Sounds like a good mindset to have for Anand, going for the hunt instead of defending the long held world champ title.
Little Giant Ladders
Way to go Vishy Anand! You da champ! Brilliant game agaonst world no 2 Aronian.
Magnus Carlsen became the World Champion in November 2013 when he brutally beat Vishy Anand in his own backyard!... ht…
To the Screwed up north Indians,Muslims who think they are genetically superior to Other Indians ... Baichung Bhutia & Vishy Anand r not NI
Vishy Anand: "I started when I was six." subhead: "Having played chess from the age of five, Viswanathan Anand..."
@ CHENNAI: In Anand's chess lab: computers, cashew, chocolates, Coldplay When you enter the spacious suite on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chennai, you may expect glamour and extravaganza, but nothing so! Four quiet men wearing earplugs are staring at computer screens and occasionally moving pieces on a chess board in between them. Bowls of cashew nuts and raisins and dark chocolate to feed the brain are all over the place. The room is a chess laboratory, in which world class players are preparing a summary of their work for their boss, chess world champion Vishy Anand. On the last day before the start of the biggest chess match India has ever seen, the champ does not change his routine. After his light breakfast with healthy fruits, he will come to the chess lab to check what his seconds have prepared. He will work for an hour with his lieutenants. To get in good physical shape, Anand will then go to the fitness room on the first floor of the hotel for an hour, sometimes even longer when h ...
Excitedly awaiting start of the World Chess match. Just wished Vishy Anand at Set to win and create yet another record!
Tomorrow is the World Chess Championship match between title holder Vishy Anand of India and the genius of Norway.
For the chess fans out-there 22 yr old 'Mozart of Chess' Magnus Carlsen takes on the 46 yr old Vishy Anand for the World Chess Championship in a 12 game match starting 2morrow to 28th. Can't wait for this explosive encounter !!!
Vishy Anand could effectively be playing Garry Kasparov in the Opening, Magnus Carlsen in the Middlegame and Houdini in the Endgame.
There is so much of hype abt Tendulkar's final 2 tests.. Not many talk about Vishy Anand's World Chess Championship wid Magnus.. For me, wid due respect to Sachin and others, he is the best sportsperson India has ever produced.. All the very best Anand.. hope, u will emerge victorious..
Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen clash starts this sat in chennai. Media will forget Sachin for a week.
Excited that the World Chess Championship taking place in Chennai, and that too where my sport idol, Vishy Anand, is playing. While I really want him to retain the title, I think Magnus Carlsen will win the title.. Wishing Anand all the very best!!
How much the World(of Chess) has changed? Vishy Anand is said to be the underdog against a young and brilliant Magnus Carlsen.Lightning Kid has aged!All hail the new champion
Vishy Anand (Rocky Bolboa) vs. Ivan Drago (Magnus Carlsen). GM Gormally's preview of the WCC clash of kings:
With so much of media coverage of Sachin and his impending sabbatical it has been forgotten that Vishy Anand is defending his World Chess Crown against Magnus Carlsen the best player in the world in a match starting from today. To me the greatest Indian sportsperson of the modern era. I hope he wins again.
Vishy Anand is just too good. He has some chances against Magnus Carlsen though.
Vishy Anand on the psychological warfare in World Chess Championship matches. (~ 30 min Video)
Bleh! You Vishy Anand wannabe, I can beat you too :P
A Journalist in today's Coimbatore Edition DC asks WGM Viji, if its time for Vishy Anand to retire, if he loses against Carlsen (1/2)
I just can't wait for the World Chess Tournament between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen this November
 At the Hoogovens super-tournament in Wijk aan Zee, in January 1999, there was one main topic of conversation. Every morning at breakfast Garry Kasparov would come over to Vishy Anand's table to discuss the matter with him. The object of their interest was the new German chess star, Clemens Allwermann. This hitherto unknown player had won the Böblinger Open, ahead of GMs and IMs. He had played wonderfully courageous attacking chess, scoring 7.5 points from nine games, without a single loss. His Elo performance was 2630. This sensational result made the headlines all over Germany – chess on front pages of straight newspapers.    So who is this Clemens Allwermann? If I said this was a 17-year-old super-sharp kid, rising meteorically, as they sometimes do, you might still find the sheer magnitude of his success difficult to believe. It turns out that Allwermann was 55 years old and had had a stable rating of around 1900 for the last twenty years. He ranked around number 10,000 in Germany, but his remar ...
13.6.2013 - In a wonderful showing the American dominated the Tal Memorial blitz from beginning to finish. Vishy Anand came second, with Kramnik being third. This tournament determined the starting positions for the players in the standard tournament which begins tomorrow, the highlight game being C...
Of late, Vishy Anand has been tense and nervous: Kramnik By Dhananjay Khadilkar – May 1, 2013 How does one beat Vishy Anand in a World Championship match? Since 2007, he has fended off challenges from three different players – Vladimir Kramnik, Veselein Topalov and Boris Gelfand. All the three matches were really close yet Anand managed to emerge on top. But now he has a completely different opponent. At 22, Magnus Carlsen is almost half of Anand’s age, is currently the World No 1 and has achieved the highest Elo rating for any player in the history of the sport. Kramnik, who himself was a world champion for seven years and had achieved the distinction of beating Garry Kasparov (the only instance that Kasparov had been beaten in a World Championship match), believes that age and motivation are the biggest advantages for Carlsen against Anand. Kramnik will be backing Anand to win “Chess is not like football or other sports, but still, when you are much older than your opponent, it works against you ...
Michael Adams beats world champion Vishy Anand for second time via
Magnus Carlsen beats Vlad Kramnik to set up showdown with Vishy Anand via
'Carlsen will be ridiculously difficult to play against' Vishy Anand - Indian Express via
Congrats to Vishy Anand for winning the GRENKE Chess Classic in Baden-Baden.: Congrats to Vishy Anand...
Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand both named Sportsman of the Year 2012
Who's the one celebrity you admire the most? I will name 3 - Sachin, APJ Abdul Kalam & Vishy Anand.
2870 rated Norwegian is also setting out his major ambitions for 2013: that, to capture Vishy Anand's world title...
Wijk aan Zee: Hou Yifan and Vishy Anand Proved the Relativity Theory |
Dravid, Mary Kom get Padma Bhushan. Vishy Anand and Tendulkar only other sportspersons to get it before
happy eid milad un nabi to all of you... may GOD Fullfill our dreams Ameen
GM Kavalek: Amazing Chess Brilliancy of Vishy Anand Indeed, and does not matter, in this case, what was prepared. MG
Wow, what a game by Anand against Aronian in Wijk aan Zee! Today Vishy found himself, he played his very best! Impressive game!
NEWS: Carlsen does it again at Tata Steel, now leads by 1.5, ahead of 2nd place Vishy Anand!
Magnus Carlsen wins his 6th game in Tata Steel 2013 to lead by 1½ points from Vishy Anand with 3 rounds remaining.
Carlsen New Record in the Ranking. Today win and obtein 2871.8 points ELO! Source: is the HIGH RANKING OF THE HISTORY OF CHESS!. Magnus Carlsen won yet another game at the Tata Steel tournament on Wednesday and is getting close to Garry Kasparov's +7 (10 out of 13) in 1999 in Wijk aan Zee. This time the Norwegian won a pawn in the middlegame and ground down Erwin l'Ami after 65 moves to get to a 1.5 point lead in the A group standings. The second place is shared between Vishy Anand (who drew with Sergey Karjakin), Hikaru Nakamura (who beat Fabiano Caruana) and Levon Aronian (who won against Wang Hao). Hou Yifan beat Pentala Harikrishna with Black and Leko also won with the Black pieces against Ivan Sokolov. In the B group Richard Rapport beat Alexander Ipatov and is back in shared first place with Sergey Movsesian. Jan Timman suffered another defeat, this time against his 43 years younger compatriot Robin van Kampen. Sabino Brunello kept his half point lead over Fernando Peralto in the C group thanks to a ...
Overheard at Chesbomb. :) "How come Anand is finding all the top moves from Houdini. is something fishy?" "no its vishy"
"Look at the catastrophic record Vishy Anand has against Garry Kasparov. Kasparov managed to beat him almost everywhere they played, even though Vishy Anand has belonged to the absolute top players in the world for fifteen years. This difference cannot be explained purely in chess terms, there must have been some psychology." - Vladimir Kramnik
So Magnus Carlsen best Hou Yifan in round 9 of surprise? nah. I still want Vishy Anand to win but Magnus is too strong!
Magnus Carlsen beat Hou Yifan in round 9 of Tata Steel to extend his lead to a full point over Vishy Anand.
Watch my chess blitz win against World Champion Vishy Anand in video and in a java player
Interviewer: How do you like being a superstar to these schoolkids? | Vishy Anand: It's very
Kavalek in Huffington: Amazing chess brilliancy of Vishy Anand
One of the great games of chess was played by world champ Vishy Anand at Wijk today. Imagine Tatler's dead dachshund will get more coverage
Wijk aan Zee: Ivan Sokolov Failed to Surprise Vishy Anand |
Vishy Anand seems like a genuinely nice guy
Vishy's dismantling of World No 3 Aronian at Tata Steel tournament being touted as one among the greatest chess games
Vishy Anand's win over Loek van Wely is the play of the day from Round 7 in Wijk aan Zee:
Tata R7: Anand beats Van Wely, joins Carlsen in the lead: MORE LATER Vishy Anand joined Magnus Carlsen in the le...
But Anand has an even easier 2nd half. His form, his opponents to play - the best chance to win a super tourney in a long time. Go Vishy!
Aronian-Anand game today's BS I was awestruck now true legend hangs Bishop,knight..complex! 2 recent all time gr8 miniatures
VDIEO: Vishy Anand "I just tried to play something originally in case he went for the centre counter"
I liked a video from Chess Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand - Bilbao 2012 -
Daniel King presents his highlight from the 9th round of the 2012 Grand Slam Bilbao, Carlsen - Anand. Click here for Daniel King's latest Power Play DVDs: ht...
Young Vishy Anand plays against his mother, Cant go wrong if parents are the first teachers.
The video of my win vs Vishy Anand passed 50K views proves that a woman can beat the world champion
congratulations to VISHY ANAND for winning the 2012 World Chess Championship held in MOSCOW..
An interview with the world's best chess player Vishy Anand, on life as a grandmaster and his use of computers
I added a video to a playlist Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand vs Garry Kasparov - Intel
Kasparov was good, but he was not on the level of Fischer. He also went to schools in Russia that trained him to become this good, while Fischer trained himself and came up with his high level of play.
I wonder if Vishy Anand has tried it!
The impact of Anand:   Record response to inter-school chess, thanks to Vishy AnandIndian G...
Play Like a Super Grandmaster - The Vishy Anand edition Are you as good as Vishy?...
Once Vishy Anand met santa & banta and offere one of them to play chess with him but they refused saying that you will beat us.Vish Anand offerd both of them to play toghether,They still refused saying you will still beat us, Vishy Anand then offerd to play with his left hand on which Santa & Banta agreed.They played and Anand beat them and gone.after the game Santa & Banta got depressed thinking that they got beaten even Anand played with his left hand.But then they both thought they were cheated thinking what if Vishy Anand was a lefty?
Vishy Anand..then..just after his first World Championship match against Kasparov
Vishy Anand is yet to open his account in the Chess Masters as he was held to yet another draw on Friday:
South Koreans are invading the world! First, it was Hyundai cars then Samsung Galaxy now K-Pop music featuring Big Bang and Wonder Girls. Chess enthusiasts, dont you know that Vishy Anand, the current world champion first learned the movements in chess by watching a TV program here in the Phil. as a kid. - USA, the country where everything is subsidized! even her super rich lives life on the dole. - Time Magazine
‘It’s too early to write me off. Vishy Anand. World Chess Champion’ - Indian Express:
Vishy Anand talks to Shobha Warrier about life after his triumpoh in the fifth World Chess Championship. | 'King' Anand still simple, affable and accessible
latest win is testimony as is Vishy Anand's to their greatness beating Chinese & Soviet state backed systems despite 0 help from Govt
saina nehwal, Vishy Anand, Pullela Gopichand, Pankaj Advani and to certain extent Sachin Tendulkar! Indian Sportsperson who inspire me!
my 3 idols Vishy Anand, Sachin Tendulkar & Shah Rukh Khan. all the 3 has many special things i admire. i hope their fans too learn from it
64 squares game being played for India's highest office can beat the likes of Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand teaming up together.
Lovely Mint Lounge edition this week.. 2 articles made my day.. Rohit Brijnath on Vishy Anand & another on Mary Kom..☺☺
Jayalalitha demanding Bharat Ratna for Vishy Anand . Well, must give it to her. Anand's achievements are no less than cricketing God !!
Vishy Anand & Rahul Dravid.Similar in many ways.Balanced interviews.Straight opinions.No controversy ever.Respected by one and al.
Chess: Vishy Anand admits the criticism over his 'lack of motivation' got to him as he lashes out against Kasprov-
Vishy Anand made 7 crores after winning the world title. Ravindra Jadeja made close to 9 crores in IPL. No wonder cricket is winning.
It was a very tense match! Once again congrats to Vishy Anand for defending his title and to Boris Gelfand for a very energetic play!
DTN UK: Huge prize fails to inspire Boris Gelfand to victory over Vishy Anand: A huge prize fund of $2.55m, an i...
Vishy Anand retaines his world chess title
Congrats to the king of chess - Vishy Anand on retaining his title as world champion and making all Indians proud. Wishing you continued success!
So which model is going to strip for Vishy Anand? Come on, THIS MAN deserves it more than Gautam Gambhir or Virat Kohli or Dhoni
If Sachin can get a seat then why NOT Vishy Anand. Hats off to the BEST CHESS CHAMPION. Like Sachin he too has made India feel proud :) :) After 575 moves, 12 classical games, and 4 rapids, Vishwanathan Anand emerged as the champion for the fourth time in a row, having won the competition previously in 2007, 2008 and 2010. He had also won the world title in 2000.
Vishy Anand. Respect. Yet again. Guess he is the Rahul Dravid of chess. As in the nicest guy to play that game ever.
Copywriter: Vishy Anand wins world title again! Art Director: Check de!
Once again Vishy Anand prooved that he is the king of rapid games by winning the chess World Championship for the 5th time which went to the dramatic tie-breaker. Congrats Vishy and hats off to you.
Waiting for someone to suggest a Bharat Ratna for Vishy Anand. Where are the likes of Rajiv Shukla gone??
Don Bosco boy Vishy Anand does India proud winning world title yet again. Bosconians the world over r delighted !
Have found Rahul Dravid and Vishy Anand very similar as human beings!
And yet none of you in the media talks about a Bharat Ratna for Vishy Anand.
Boris Gelfand of Israel defeats Vishy Anand of India and draws first blood in the 12 game World Chess Championship.
Bharat Ratna for Vishy Anand if he retains the World chess crown. What do say, Guys ? Use this tag!
Vishy Anand takes on Boris Gelfand from May 10-31 for World Chess Championship 2012. Any takers in the media for this?
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