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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds.

Augmented Reality President Obama Google Cardboard National Geographic

Telepresence Learning of Chemistry using Minecraft in Virtual Reality. from University of Southampton (Malay…
Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: when the shy brother outpaces the popular one
61% of consumers believe retailers will have Virtual Reality in stores in 3 years - new research…
Virtual Reality: recording of David Bowie’s musical Lazarus at V&A
Join us on the 18th of April to explore Virtual Reality in a Health and Social Care. Details and bookings below...
Nevada will be the first team to train using Virtual Reality technology in the Mountain West Conference
I look forward to one day helping a client overcome a fear by using Virtual Reality. What a great use of technology!…
Today visits the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan. Check out the Virtual Reality exhibit (cir…
Walking in Nero's domus aurea with today' commidities like Virtual Reality ensures enhanced enjoyment!
Technologies of persuasion: Virtual Reality and the Dream Marketing Mach.. Related Articles:
FOX Sports Eredivisie first to use Virtual Reality during live football match in t
The NBA hopes VR will expand its audience -
Lifeliqe disrupting education with virtual reality
Qualcomm’s VR dev kit has inside-out tracking, eye tracking, and foveated rendering
New advances in virtual reality technology lets and look at a home before it's been built…
You can now submit your Virtual Reality experiences for the 2017 festival at until February…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
VIrtual reality needs the support of big brands like to go mainstream:
From the classroom directly to outer space using Virtual Reality
Happy Friday! Which country do you want to visit ? You can visit any place through Virtual Reality. Contact us for…
Developing virtual networks: aspiration and reality
Google’s next trick is bringing your face into virtual reality (uncanny but...)
Posted by: socialmediaweek How virtual reality helped this guy lose 50 pou…
This would DEFINITELY make typing more fun ;)
How virtual reality helped this guy lose 50 pounds
Sotheby's launches surrealist paintings - by
Top story: California Today: In Virtual Reality, Investigating the … see more
Someone is friend with someone else for some years!. Virtual Reality .
Technicolor's on the exciting possibilities for in & beyond: .
Make virtual a reality this year with our step-by-step guide to conquering the virtual galaxy for
How smart are you!? Can you use your Virtual Reality brain to solve some puzzles?!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
How to watch Netflix and Movies in Virtual Reality .
12 virtual reality talks you shouldn’t miss at GDC 2017 via https:/…
“This app helps you learn a new language in virtual reality” by
Voxelus, Inc. announces the launch of "Voxelus Studios" to produce Virtual Reality (VR) projects for outside clients ... - Yahoo Finance …
Rick King: The NBA hopes will expand its audience
Virtual-reality headsets could be big, if only real reality didn’t get in the way
The roi of virtual reality. That face!! Wonder what his hcahps would say.
is a brilliant reason to watch messy cyberpunk sleazy virtual reality film Strange…
Retail, virtual reality and the supply chain |
Live the Dream! Be the Monster! Smash your way through a destructible VR city in King Kaiju at next week's meetup: http…
Looking forward to doing my talk on Virtual Reality next week! It's gonna get geeky! Read
Virtual reality worlds created with and viewed on ipad minis with Yay3D
Imagine if they spent $20M on state of the art virtual reality, & let the whales retire...
The NBA hopes VR will expand its audience
The are taking advantage of Virtual Reality.
Can you recommend anyone for this SESI: 3D Virtual Reality visualisation of Solar Storms -
Introducing a new Virtual Reality experience from Ketel One Vodka.
Tim Cook favours Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality, addresses fake news issue
Listening to Thomas Furness, a.k.a. Grandfather of Virtual Reality at University of Washington
Excited - confirm they are soon taking us on Virtual Reality field trips using their special VR goggles! To the 🌛? Inside the ❤️? 😎🎓
Have you seen the Masquerade Ball in Virtual Reality yet?. Here's you chance.. .
All Aboard and welcome to the Career Expo! Metro Trains use Virtual Reality to train the train drivers. Check out...
No better way to wind down after a long week than with a little Virtual Reality ✨✨ @ Perot Museum
Get into the Virtual Reality game- tips from Alton Glass, CEO of Glassrock Entertainment
Neo - Virtual Reality for Reddit for Google Cardboard on iOS. Check out
So tonight I saw this Virtual Reality craziness at Lewis Palmer Middle school. I was literally standing in the...
Virtual Reality brings lessons to life in Kent school
Octosense is raising the Bar for Mixed and Virtual Reality applications...
The IEEE Virtual Reality is looking for researchers and creatives to submit for their conference in March 2017.
Fewer than 10 seats remain for Precon P24: Virtual Reality in the Classroom w/ Register now!…
Is 3.0 to be driven by Not yet in India.
Google should have named their virtual reality headset Googley Eyes.
Why VR? The top 6 reasons to embrace virtual reality
Virtual Reality can help kids staying at the hospital feel like they are at home. https:/…
Art Basel enamored with virtual reality (Dec-2016)
Will virtual reality raving actually be as good as the real thing? (Dec-2016)
Time elects the HTC Vive to bring Pearl Harbor attack to virtual reality
[SYDNEY] A virtual reality mini-festival is coming to Sydney this Sunday. A day of live VR art, Augmented Reality,…
The challenges of making films in Virtual Reality by RiftingReality
The world ramps up for mainstream acceptance of technology:
Immersive Virtual Reality and intractable phantom limb pain
Can Osterhout really design cool mobile Augmented Reality and virtual reality smartglasses that sell?
Childish Gambino is selling virtual reality vinyl of his new album
'A year at the White House’: Augmented Reality app gives dollar-sized virtual tour
Lots for parents to know about Virtual reality and Augmented Reality
New article on "Is there a Stranger Thing than Your Brain on by Caitlin Burke
Agent Provocateur Are video tours and Virtual Reality really ever going to deliver
It's almost 2017 we have cars that can drive themselves, robots on Mars, reusable rockets, virtual reality yet we still use t…
One of the cool animations from our newsroom this week. 3D virtual reality model of a fetus generated from MR images.
Virtual reality real experience with :D.
Compels you to be present. The unknown Australian filmmaker who is leading the ... | via
Go Yard in Virtual Reality! Home Run Derby VR is available now for Google
Acer and Starbreeze join forces for the StarVR Virtual Reality headset | GamesBeat | Games | by Mike Minotti…
See y'all Saturday at noon-midnight for more virtual reality sex with
There are an awful lot of stock photos for virtual reality that just consist of people wearing headphones incorrectly. https:/…
"Finland was once dominant in mobile with and is now making a comeback with virtual reality"
.develops technology for wireless Virtual Reality headsets
Custom Gaming PC's Starting at $850. Get the machine you want for online gaming and Virtual Reality built by G-PC...
Virtual Reality! Customers viewed our platform virtually at the GE User Conference in Munich.
Watch Björk’s Virtual Reality “Notget” Video Teaser – Pitchfork Follow Whodiniz and get the latest!!
Tired of our reality? . Let send you to a virtual one with FEAR 360. In partnership with…
I liked a video from TOO MUCH WEIRD | Accounting (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
Maximise the value of for your business with our commercial solution for
PS4’s Virtual Reality headset will let you experience the impossible. The 1st game will be a shop sim where you can buy Th…
SyncThink gets a for eye tracking in virtual reality
"Virtual reality gives the Islanders a new way to sell tickets". Neat. ht
. Loved your presentation on Virtual Reality - Flattening Your Classroom Walls. Can't wait to try some of the apps.
Hi Its nice 2 meet u! Click the link 2 see how u can b a part of my virtual reality video
Inter-school marabaraba over virtual or Augmented Reality games for our kids...I'm here for this wuh. 👌
Countdown with us to the launch of NDT Training in Virtual Reality streamed live from the ASNT Conference
Ronnie O'Sullivan doesn't understand the concept of virtual reality 😂😂😂.
This week I took an exclusive look at the new "augmented-virtual" reality headset developed by grads.
Those who haven't seen or experienced virtual reality yet are a bit late but it's truly an experience everyone...
PLAYTIME-Finally. I have rid myself of the 'real world' and can return, once again, to my favorite playground-virtual real…
To find Board w VR search for 'VR' not 'Virtual Reality.' Ton of material in Virtual Reality search
Hamilton Collection
What Virtual Reality looked like in the 50s
Shakun you are virtual reality and hear what Mr Batra has to say it's a game c…
Definitely go get Google Cardboard for this - Relive Gymkhana 9 in 360 degree Virtual Reality
lThis new virtual reality is so good it hurts via
In 2017, the iPhone 8 will take Augmented and Virtual Reality to an entirely new level.
Love a bit of virtual reality and Ronnie….
Being 100% realistic, it's all about virtual reality these days.
My first virtual reality groping via
How to structure your virtual reality apps to be scalable, modular and multi-platform.
Here's how the 4 top virtual reality systems stack up: Sony's PlayStation VR has finally hit the market, join...
When you can't handle virtual reality
talking about how Virtual Reality is.
Still at Then stop by at the booth of HafenCity University Hamburg for a cool Virtual Reality demo!
Virtual and Augmented Reality are shaking up sectors - Raconteur
"Viveport serves as a first window into virtual reality with a wide variety of content."
The only PlayStation VR review you need, by
The Hour of Power is live with HORROR in Virtual Reality! Emily wants to play!
What if we could see the world through the eyes of a cow or coral? Scientists think it could save the environment
Google just showed off 'Daydream View' — its virtual reality headset
According to Mark Zuckerberg, virtual reality will be the main social media platform in 5 years https…
This tool will let you "draw" objects in possessing the potential to revolutionize
Google Announces "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" Virtual Reality Game: Learn more about...
Halloween attractions: virtual reality and interaction Virtual reality, spooky Airbnb rentals and the sta…
indieGames: How to make a blazingly fast VR racing game (that won’t make you sick)
Halloween attractions: virtual reality and interaction
I, for one, don't want Virtual Reality. Ever.
A pretty epic photo and virtual reality booth here at the Route Launch!
PlayStation VR: almost just right Smartphone-based virtual reality headsets such as Samsung&...
Model of Auschwitz in virtual reality investigation tool helps Germany catch last Nazi war criminals
"SUPERHYPERCUBE is a triumphant arcade game that uses virtual reality in smart, subtle ways. 9/10" -IGN
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Business Rx: She wants a reality check on her strategy for a virtual reality company. Read and Learn
Amazing how captures sports action with an accurate, rapid presentation of the world. Stunning
"Sony creates a virtual reality component... that is virtually simple to set up." - will you take credit for that pun? :)
Awesome cover story from – In Virtual Reality, Women Run the World
My feature for on why women refuse to get left behind in virtual reality:
Thanks to and pretty soon you'll be able to watch concerts in
My dad is so impressed with virtual reality 😂
3D models with this nifty Kickstarter by just waving your hand in the air
BIM+ - Use of virtual reality set to increase by 140%
PlayStation VR review: When good enough is great
Using virtual reality to help young cancer patients
."Virtual Reality has a lower commercial interest over time" 🤔
I liked a video from Virtual Reality and South Korea (Samsung) - Feat. Smoogles (CNM13.5)
Virtual Reality: The New Frontier allowed participants to roam with a bison in the wild, s…
I liked a video Werner Herzog on Virtual Reality, the Future of Humanity, and Internet Trolls
Oculus continues to set the tone and shape the future for Virtual Reality. We here at FG|PG are very excited for...
Unity developers give scientists the opportunity to explore a cancer cell in
Test your driving skills in virtual reality at launch at https:…
Take a Virtual Reality Tour . of the World’s Stolen Art .
Dexmo gloves by let you feel the impact of virtual/mixed reality experiences
"There, there, you couldn't take over the gym, but at least we can go into a virtual reality and fight other Pokémon there!"
Yosemite, and President Obama, head into virtual reality
Yosemite, and President Obama, head into virtual reality - Washington Post
Virtual Reality as a Tool for Delivering PTSD Exposure Therapy and Stress
Seven years ago today, I started on my first virtual reality headset!
We experienced VR gaming system & it's no wonder why people are hooked! Check it out
Yosemite, and President Obama, head into virtual reality: In a new project with National Geographic, Barack O...
13 Sept ESN workshop IMMERSIVE TOOLS. Time to ask: what is https…
I liked a video from World of Warcraft in VIRTUAL REALITY - HTC Vive Gameplay
Walking in the shoes of terror victims, not everyone thinks 9/11 virtual reality si
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
New report suggests developers prefer the Vive over the Rift – but it’s close
our cameraman Bryan Carey watches a virtual reality video of slaughterhouse, Lawyers hope to submit today https…
Celebrate National Parks' 100th birthday by joining Obama on a (virtual) tour of Yosemite: Oculus and Nationa...
CNN: Oculus and National Geographic document the president's visit to Yosemite. .
President Obama watches the National Geographic virtual reality video of his Yosemite vacation. PO-59TH
Ok ok ok let's do one more 360 Virtual Reality on YouTube app and discover something new each...
invite for Virtual Reality developers Conference coming with report on perspective
& Virtual Reality? just received $6.2 million to stream tournaments in VR!.
US WP: Obama, the first virtual reality president - The Obama White House is fond of scoring firsts: the first ...
Wash Post: Obama, the first virtual reality president via
You are the product of television and virtual reality
A friend of mine is running a VR role playing kickstarter based on the Mythica series. Looks fun!
Obama, the first virtual reality president
Canada woman's lawyers turn to virtual reality in court case over pig incident
TechCrunch: President Obama has his VR debut in new Felix & Paul experience by lucas_matn…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
live streams 360-degree virtual reality video with 3D sound
The most unique 360 degree music video. //
VR and education: Five lessons from the early days of cinema by
Friends - let's do some good today Help vote for "Virtual Reality - A New Lens for Social Change"
Is Google still working on a Virtual Reality headset?
VR-Tech Park the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality haven for the public to experience.
David Shaw explains how Virtual Reality "tricks" the brain into preparing for game day
CEO Ryan Holmes showcases the prototype of Overview 1, the World's first Virtual Reality camera:
Rick and Morty is coming to virtual reality
Great use case! > Virtual reality is big in gaming but now it’s set to invade the classroom https:…
Look into the future: Watch films in at Canada's first popup cinema.
Tomorrow my last scene for It will look like that! Point of view scene for virtual reality! Cool! http…
soon it's going to bed VR, IRL. virtual reality, in real life. It's getting pretty scary everyone
2016 is just some kinda Virtual Reality Farce I've found my way into, right?
- Gear up, 'Rick and Morty' is headed to virtual reality via
domain names
“Jack in the Box Tests the Boundaries of Virtual-Reality Marketing - WSJ”
on the vice channel they also had a show about how virtual reality can help PTSD
Google has abandoned plans to make a standalone headset
They'll keep spawning next generations of that show till it's in full virtual reality.
Google had an Oculus competitor in the works — but it nixed the project via
The Past, Present and Future of Virtual Reality on Social Media -
Google was working on its own Oculus-style VR headset, but it was scrapped: With virtual reality gaming quick...
I liked a video from Virtual Reality for iPhone or Android!
“From product design to virtual reality” by
Produce tracks in a virtual reality studio setup - crazy! -
Mr. Cosner testing out a virtual reality game. This was right after he accidentally punched Mr. Shantz. Watch out! http…
NITE School's 500 acre Virtual Reality Campus is a fabulous way to study and communicate online.
People find Virtual Reality a colourful and exciting new experience when they do their training course online as a
COMING SOON - GameOn Vive Hive - we will soon have a virtual reality room available for you to use. Keep an eye...
"One of the Most Realistic Virtual Reality Games" - goes hands-on with VR Funhouse: https:…
This is the world of Virtual Reality.
Kevin Kelly on the inevitable rise of virtual reality and | KUOW News and Information.
Watch Paul (try to) play the bagpipes in virtual reality HERE: 😂
We are into Virtual Reality real estate solutions. Please checkout our app :
Devs can built IoT solutions + Virtual Reality, ADAS Mobile POS, Signage and more with this new board -
Virtual Reality will create another computing boom. VR is insatiable in demand for better batteries, more bandwidth, more proces…
Google opens up its Virtual Reality field... |
eBay to launch the first Virtual Reality department store
Plans for Virtual Reality romance film by acclaimed director Jia Zhangke
Watch the 6pm NBN News tonight to see Lake Macquarie City Council & Virtual Perspective's Virtual Reality visualisation of sea level rise.
Tony Monty discusses her excitement on Virtual Reality and what it means
Nathan Burns looks into the future of Virtual Reality:
King Tut VR 2 - discovery of the Tomb of King Tutankhamun in Virtual Reality.: ผ่าน
My affinity for tech design always shows in my visuals. Virtual Reality for "Not Above That"
A Virtual Reality article from 1996 by Steve Bryson (currently researcher) —
Rick, you might like this. "Why Your Business Needs a Strategy for Virtual Reality"
Check this out! 360 Virtual Reality tour: Alone w/ Michelangelo's David in the Accademia
Making a Living in Virtual Reality: Local developers brave the uncharted world of the VR marketplace
Checking out cool stuff with Virtual Reality @ Pinewood Toronto Studios
Virtual Reality is still on the upswing...
The sophisticated successor to Google Cardboard is Daydream, an Android-powered VR platform
did you happen to see on the hype cycle? Point being the time scale. Fascinating stuff.
Jason Henry talks about his experience with a 3-D simulation of the Martian environment. https…
Hey hope you can tune in for our webcast next week with and
Jump Director of Simulation Research discusses utilizing virtual reality technology for medical simulation.
Mount Everest being filmed for Virtual Reality film watch this space in 2017!.
Y'all mad at Bran Stark but imagine u a cripple who lost everything that just found out he can virtual reality his way anywhere and walk
Will culturally sophisticated people in 200 years from now be immersed in 'classical virtual reality' from the early to mid 21st century?
in the Is Virtual Reality Making a Comeback in —
Go shopping in the virtual world via
In 2041, I think we'll be still bonding over on and off the virtual reality grid
Virtual reality: Three more brands dipping their toes in
Forward looking CMOs should be exploring the value of Augmented & Virtual Reality. Here's why:
Online CAD and Meshing Training Now Second Nature: Even in this age of virtual reality, online tutorials, and...
VR is going to be awesome. But early adopters are likely to be disappointed by a current lack of content.
Disrupting the traditional way of treating lazy eye w/ virtual reality! Learn how you can beta test at
[61] The OnePlus 3 will first go on sale from a virtual reality storefront in space
How to check out your next penthouse from your armchair: Virtual reality has the gaming world in a froth of e...
Minneapolis startup is now a big player in the virtual reality scene via
Time to stop conflating today’s superficial 360 video with virtual reality.
"Such experiences make me fear that 360 video will be the next 3-D TV, something nobody asked for and few will use."
You should come to (The world leader in and talk to the people developing the solving problems htt…
The potential of virtual reality needs to be explored - The Poly Post : Opinion.
Oculus Rx: Stanford to investigate using virtual reality for psychiatric treatment
Grab your ticket to the Art and Virtual Reality Event before it's too late! .
to investigate using for psychiatric treatment | MobiHealthNews
Foundation finance, virtual reality and the taxonomy of earmarking. Updates on the blog:
Arctic Cat making it snow all the time with its virtual reality ride - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Dj life in Virtual Reality? Thanks to Simple VR it was able to happen.
Though in its infancy, virtual reality has the capacity to redefine what we consider real:
Website. Virtual Reality. networking. What else could you need from a ?
Why the Virtual-Reality Hype is About to Come Crashing Down (-
British indie & virtual reality are the orders of the day at this year's festival: https:/…
VIDEO UNBOXING of the new w/ for full room scale Virtual Reality
David Cole is now giving a speech about Virtual Reality as the next platform. You can try VR at the site!
What to Expect at Google I/O 2016 - Virtual Reality? Drones? Wingsuitting CEOs? Anything is possible at the Goo...
Balboa Foundation addresses isolation w/Virtual Reality! Amazing people; amazing application of VR.
."Cutting-edge" technology such as Virtual Reality will only make Right of Publicity/1st Amendment balancing even harder
Working on an exciting new independent project – code name Virtual Reality ;)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
VR is going to be the new crack cocaine --Guinness Record Set With 25 Continuous Hours in Virtual Reality via
Virtual Reality at Montreal's Phi Centre and abroad -
How can Virtual Reality be used in Learn more this afternoon! Register:
Having trouble visualizing your dream kitchen? Lowe’s Holoroom, Virtual Reality for Retail
Golden Boy Promotions & NextVR Team For Championship Boxing in Virtual Reality: a1 While gaming seems to be g...
a white man experiencing (through Virtual Reality) the world through the eyes of a black man https…
Why China Is Key to the Future of Virtual Reality: Chinese manufacturers are hard at work on better VR headsets.
Come experience life in a Refugee camp through World Vision's Virtual Reality experience. Get in before day 2 of starts.
Augmented/Virtual Reality to hit $150 billion disrupting mobile by 2020
Six Flags has transformed one their oldest rides into a Virtual Reality shooter
Black Google Cardboard Kit with Straps by D-scope Pro 3D Virtual Reality Compatible with Android & Apple E...
YouTube livestreams in virtual reality
Studio 360: The pioneers who are making the first virtual-reality narratives ft.
The making of David Attenborough's virtual reality tour of the Great Barrier Reef
Oculus reacts to virtual reality privacy questions
GoPro launching new virtual reality camera, online platform The race to create both the hardware and the software that will drive the eme
I liked a video from Edge of Nowhere VR Gameplay Walkthrough (Oculus Virtual Reality Face
I've just finished "Virtual reality"! I'd love for you to come and get a gift from me!
Making headlines this week: and more:
4MINUTE "Canvas" VR. Check out more virtual reality 360 videos on Mooovr
With a helmet, anything is possible at
QCoo is developing a new game with Augmented Reality interested in it? =D
“The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience” by Katy Newton, Karin Soukup
Of course Japan has the first virtual reality arcade
YouTube introduces live 360 video, the gateway drug to virtual reality via
Gamer mixes virtual reality and real life using a green screen, makes a racing game look more ...
I could not be more excited for what Oculus and will be doing to bring virtual reality to consumers.
Digital stories as so last month. Now it's on to virtual reality story telling via
What we do -"We start by identifying people with interesting minds/then we wrap them in a creative bear hug"
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