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Virginia Governor

The governor of Virginia serves as the chief executive of the Commonwealth of Virginia for a four-year term.

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yes let's get out the vote for Ed Gillespie today, Virginia Governor's race
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Ralph Northam running for Virginia Governor resorts to race baiting in attack ads! .
Virginia Governor the Circuit Court of Warren County see two decision A dismissed B same case granted a person vict…
Charlottesville is on Virginia Governor who cheated2get 2000 felons2 vote 4their crooked idol, Hillary & bribe…
“They had better equipment than our State Police” - Virginia Governor on the Neonazi militias in
Just listened to the Governor or Virginia address a crowd in a church. He couldn't have said anything more perfect.
Virginia governor tells white supremacists to ‘Go home’
I liked a video Virginia Governor slams white supremacists in Charlottesville
Virginia governor tells white supremacists to ‘Go home’ via No Freedom of speech.We have Black Lives Matter
SC governor urges prayers for Virginia after rally violence.
Virginia Governor slams white supremacists in Charlottesville
Virginia governor to white nationalists: 'Go home ... shame on you' - CNN
'There is no place for you here,' Virginia governor tells white nationalists
BREAKING: Virginia governor declares state of emergency in response to white nationalist rally.
3 people dead after violence in Charlottesville today said Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.
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"We stand together with this city known for equality, diversity and opportunity" - Governor of Virginia
4/ Stewart, like Virginia 5th District Congressman Tom Garrett, has allied with Jason Kessler, a white supremacist https…
the Gov knew it would be violent and turned down help from the natl guard claiming he was gonna handle it.…
Speech that was needed from trump was like the one the governor of Virginia gave. Not some written words he was rea…
Virginia governor tells Nazis 'go home' and calls on Trump to fight hate speech – video
Good the governor and mayor need to give some answers
Virginia Governor Hillary stooge Terry McAuliffe very culpable in this tragedy. Why the stand down order for police? Hop…
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe handled today's crisis in a manner which was everything you could ask for in a leader.…
It took the courage of the Virginia governor to utter the words the president could not...
Corrupt Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe condemned only one side when BOTH were clearly at fault! That does NOT help h…
The governor of Virginia makes the speech that Donald Trump should have made.
Boot them from the White House too. Virginia Governor to Alt-Right: 'Go Home and Don't Come Back' via
Virginia's Democrat Governor says the violence in the state should be called out "for what it is".
"There is no place for you in America". Virginia Governor slams white supremacists in speech after
► VIDEO: Virginia governor to white supremacists: 'Go home and never come back'
Virginia governor: "We need to call it out for what it is" Via
was executed, Virginia Governor showed no compassion US continues to defy so-called superior morality of west.
Listening - YouTube Listen to Dr. Ralph Northam Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor
His last Virginia Governor's Conference on Aging. Terry McAuliffe telling us why we all want to age in…
Congratulations to VSU Alumna Cyndy Neville of Prince William County -- winner of the 2017 Virginia Governor's...
With few differences on policy, fundraising is where candidates for Virginia Governor differ
incorrect. Virginia Governor and former "bagman" for the DNC donated the money to Mcabe's wife.
I may be from West Virginia, but I fully support for Gov. of Virginia! Y'all deserve a great Govern…
Gun Giveaway: Candidate for Virginia governor to give away semiautomatic rifle as part of his campaign. .
Stewart said that he doesn't see this as a controversial contest. "Look, this is a rifle that people are permitted
Another article by the liberal media upset about our AR-15 Giveaway.
Forget Santa. This politician is giving away an AR-15 rifle for Christmas
Governor proposes reforms for economic development agency
RICHMOND, Va. - Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is calling for reforms at the state's troubled economic
Three republicans endorsed for governor:
Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe's restoration of voting rights to 67,000 ex-felons got a lot of attention,...
Corey Stewart is offering a chance to win an AR-15 rifle as a part of his gubernatorial campaign. What do you think?
Remember the Virginia governor who took bribes for himself and his family and serve no jail time.wait he's white…
Corey Stewart, former Virginia Trump campaign chairman and candidate for governor, is giving away an AR-15:.
Gov proposes significant improvements to VEDP to ensure more accountability & follow-through for taxpayers…
Not nearly as oblivious to irony as the boy scout pack raffle for an AR-15. **TRUE**.
Virginia gearing up for 2017 governor’s race - by Hastings Wyman
Um, I think I just decided who I'm supporting for Governor of VIrginia! Sweet!
Candidate for Virginia governor giving away AR-15 rifle
MANASSAS, Va. - A Republican candidate for Virginia governor is giving away an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part
A new report cautions against extension into area:
Virginia Governor approves new regs, fight looms over public health disclosures
Corey Stewart is running for Governor of Virginia and getting criticism for a raffle he wants to hold.
Virginia Governor is big cider fan, and local cider sales are growing rapidly... .
next storyline Obama gives him early release and Virginia Governor gives his voting rights back.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Isn't Kaine former one-term Virginia Governor who took over as DNC Chair during that term, treating Guv as part-time?
Good Old Boys Club comes through for former Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, who's prison sentence was Voided...
“The Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of former Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell.” -
Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart says he will run for Virginia Governor.
Great news. Virginia Governor restoring voter rights to felons.
Next visit, it'll be the W/Virginia Governor. Today, J.Kerry, Sec. Of State.
Virginia Governor vetoes bill protecting Religious Rights and the first amendment
Lieutenant governor against offshore drilling in Virginia (from
1958 – Tim Kaine, American lawyer and politician, 70th Governor of Virginia. Happy 58th!
Virginia governor to size up destruction in storm's wake
Offshore Oil News: Virginia's lieutenant governor is urging federal officials to exclude Virginia from offshor...
Lieutenant governor against offshore drilling in Virginia
Rundown of events today as Gov & *** damages & thank first responders in Appomattox, Waverly & Essex.
That supports helps to explain why he lost his campaign for Governor of Virginia. He's an out of to…
West Virginia lawmakers continue making an embarrassment of the state--legislature sends "english only" bill to gov
if I'm Governor, the Steelers will be in Pittsburgh, northWest Virginia at that point, so I could never accept the winnings.
The Correspondence of William Nelson as Acting Governor of Virginia, 1770-1771
West Virginia Coal has endorsed Republican Bill Cole for governor. Notable as Dem, Jim Justice, is a coal magnate.
You're so right Governor. I can hear the new York rump roast sizzling all the way up here in Virginia.
.announces 1st recipient of VA Growth Fund is Western Front Hotel in St. Paul
Virginia becomes first state to get a DFS regulatory bill to governor's desk. SB646 passes Senate 31-9. Bill tracker https:/…
Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is in the audience. Donald Trump asks him to stand. "A fantastic person," Trump says.
Keswick Vineyards takes best in show at 2016 Virginia Governor's Cup - Washington…
The Governor issued a proclamation recognizing February as Career and Technical Education Month! Learn more:
Gov declares state of emergency in response to the severe weather event that continues to impact the Commonwealth.
"Virginia sends nation's first daily fantasy bill to the governor"
Virginia Governor: Gunman who shot two journalists dead seems to be former TV station employee
Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, whose poll numbers for the moment suggest he'd have a hard time beating Bill Cosby
MARS mishap in Virginia will cost $15 million: Governor Terry McAuliffe announced an agreement between Virgini...
State of VA, NASA, and Orbital ATK to evenly split $15 m cost of repairs to Wallops due to October Antares failure.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Upgraded Antares rocket expected to launch at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in 2016.
The first black president will be a politician who is black." -- Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder
Charges chased the Rolex. Curious if Virginia's disgraced ex-governor & wife will take Herbalife in prison.
K9 Lucy and MPO Arnold with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and the First Lady at the Arlington Campus.
At Latino summit, McAuliffe’s message is simple: Don’t forget to vote: Democratic governor comes to Arlington to…
Virginia's former governor Jim Gilmore became the 17th potential presidential candidate for the Republican party .
same thing happened in the Virginia governor's race. Did not end well for the GOP.
President of the United States, U.S. Senate, West Virginia Governor: Wast Management to pick up Recyc... via
Ladies and gents, the next Governor of West Virginia. We can see how he values education by his own words.
Having a great time representing at the VA Governor's Latino Summit!
Hear announce the creation of the Virginia International Trade Alliance (VITAL)
Sign the petition to audit the Governor's donors - $25K from Glinn USA already returned.
We are here to represent VA LAN at Governor McAuliffe's 1st annual Latino Summit. We are uplifting issues of...
."New, Combined Sales Tax Holiday is Aug. 7-9" Stock up on emergency supplies.
Virginia clinics not part of Planned Parenthood fetal tissue program; No complaints recorded, according to governor
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
VA Governor Terence R. McAuliffe has declared August as "Fill the Boot" Month in Virginia! Be sure to drop a...
"A childish battle between governor and GOP lawmakers should have Virginia calling for the adults" via
Governor appoints Fairfax judge to Supreme Court of Virginia:
How Virginia offers to make it an employee-friendly state where individuals will want to work
Jim Gilmore, a former Virginia governor, has entered the presidential race as the Republicans' 17th candidate
Excited to have as partner with Virginia's trade programs
How one governor used to create a new Virginia
these kids helping out the Governor of Virginia!…
Virginia is fortunate to have such an engaged Governor--too bad it is a one term seat.
Fox announces debate roster; Rick Perry and former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore left out.
Needed 513 > Petition: W Virginia Governor: Remove the name of the late Sen. and Ku Klux Klan member Robert Byrd fr
Virginia Governor wants change as state has highest record of students referred to police and court-Richmond, Va.
Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell made history today, becoming the first Virginia Governor to be convicted of corruption.
Bob McDonnell, fake *** ex Virginia Governor invoked The Lord when asked about trial.. Can I smack him in the face?
Super Bowl XVII: This bet in 1983 was between governors instead of mayors, so naturally the stakes were higher. In this Super Bowl, the Washington Redskins faced the Miami Dolphins, so the Virginia Governor, Charles Robb, wagered one live pig (named Josephine) and Florida Governor Bob Graham put up 3,000 bees.
Wasn't the Virginia Governor implicated in that?
Governor McAuliffe announces the creation of the Virginia Oyster Trail.
Screw you. No screw my wife. Former Virginia governor denies corruption charges.
“Gov McAuliffe announces approximately 500 new jobs in Newport News - building a new Virginia economy http:/…
Virginia ex-governor back on witness stand in corruption trial.
Prosecutors grill ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell over loans from businessman: The former Virginia governor denies he acted...
and the losers are electorate who put up with Governor bluster
Ex-Va. governor Robert McDonnell again says he promised no favors for gifts
What's going on LA? Ex-Virginia governor spars with prosecutor in corruption... Get Found ->
Former Virginia governor denies corruption charges (from
The designer goods at the center of the government’s case against former. Virginia governor  Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were sp
Ex-Virginia governor spars with prosecutor in corruption trial
Hmmm, we seem to have a growing trend. Virginia Governor and Wife Indicted (republican) New Jersey Governor and...
Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, is a certified *** Give u one guess who he has already endorsed for president even though she has not officially declared she is running. Her first name is Hillary.
This will come as a relief to you (well, most of you), but I’m not writing a blog post about Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe’s, abs. Each year, the Virginia Wineries Association hosts The Virginia Governor’s Cup wine competition. Over…
The historic and prestigious Virginia Governor's Fellows Program offers a select group of outstanding and highly motivated individuals the opportunity to experience firsthand the administration of state government in the Commonwealth. Established in 1982, the Governor's Fellows Program brings except…
Water protection, fetal pain bills pass legislature and head to governor
West Virginia House OKs bill to prohibit after 20 weeks from conception; now goes to governor by
Proud Papa.We just got a letter from West Virginia Governor Tomblin stating that Noah Irving has been selected as 1 of 100 top high school incoming juniors in the state for the Arts! He gets to go to Governor's School for the Arts this summer at West Virginia Wesleyan University for 3 weeks (in July). You may or may not remember that Noah was selected to go to the Governor's School for Math & Science when he was in middle school for both years he was eligible. He said those were some of the best times of his young life and he really hoped to go back to another Governor's School once he was eligible. He did some creative writing and applied. He then did an interview and an audition in Charlestown last month. He wasn't sure how well he did until now. So he gets to show off the other side of his brain...very cool. Congratulations Noah!
Yesterday, the Governor’s amendment to House Bill 962, sponsored by Delegate Ben Cline (R-24), was defeated by a...
Virginia: Report on Legislative Action for the Week of March 3: Yesterday, the Governor’s amendment to House B...
Proud Mom and Dad moment..Madi just got her acceptance letter for the West Virginia Governor's School of the Arts. Congrats, Mads!
A high school women's studies class is asking IL,FL, & VA to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
After learning about the ERA, a high school women's studies class is fighting for its passage:
Congratulations to Alexa Hall and Katie Hoffman for their acceptance into the West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts!
Governor letter to the General Assembly following adjournment
Unfinished Business - Senate SJR. 152. Confirming appointments by the Governor of certain persons communicated Feb. 1
Eye on Virginia: The difference a governor can make via
You HAVE to ROTFL at the indictment of Gov&Mrs McDonnell today when you consider
Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is in attendance. He was given an autographed ball by A-10 boss Bernadette McGlade.
Virginia's budget is not a bargaining chip. Tell Governor McAuliffe to pass a budget -
'Former Virginia governor, wife plead not guilty to federal corruption charges
Wine Wednesday: Record year for Loudoun wine at Governor’s Cup |
It's official: Bye, bye "blue law." Virginia waterfowlers can hunt on Sundays starting this fall. Full story -
When the governor has 2 first names you know yiure in west Virginia.
Dem Gov amends bill to restrict gun rights
on 1952 George Allen, American politician, 67th Governor of Virginia
Governor to call budget special session March 24
.While this is great: imagine how much $$ made from exporting
You get what you ask for !! When will they learn ? VIRGINIA: Governor Amends Bill to Restrict Gun Rights
If you live in Virginia please sign this so our Governor can get on his job.
Governor Terry McAuliffe and General Assembly Democrats are demanding that we expand ObamaCare in Virginia before...
(Mary Curry)In doing my research for the Feb. issue of FLA JAMZ the Magazine which is dedicated to BLACK HISTORY MONTH...I ran across this information while looking up...who was the first slave here in America...I HAD NO PLANS OF SHARING THIS, but to only those that buy the magazine...but I felt it was to important not to share with is documented that the first known SLAVE " JONH PUNCH", IS...WELL JUST READ IT YOURSELF.Information in this what is NOT TAUGHT. John Punch (fl. 1630s, living 1640) was an African indentured servant who lived in the Virginia Colony during the seventeenth century. In July 1640, the Virginia Governor's Council sentenced him to serve his master for the rest of his natural life as punishment for attempting to escape from his indenture. For this reason, historians consider Punch the first documented lifetime slave in the colony, and his case a key milestone in the development of slavery in the United States.[2][3][4] In July 2012, published a pa ...
Americans have a hidden problem so criminal and so scandalous, that most media-outlets and most politicians dare not speak a word of it, especially during election time. But while campaigning on Virginia recently, Democrat Terry McAuliffe openly boasted, “the (NEA) National Education Association is in (his) corner and ‘going door-to-door,’ helpin’ out (his) campaign in becoming the next Virginia Governor.” There’s a reason the Teachers Union gets so active during election time, and Democrats lap-up the praise given them, despite the MASSIVE amount of child sexual-abuse perpetrated by Public School Teachers on Public School Children. What some phrase as ”sexual misconduct” only serves to deflect the truth of what is plaguing the public schools, both in Virginia and across America. Sure, Democrats always promise a better tomorrow for public school children. They always make the same broken promises every election cycle and do so directly to the faces of the public school parents, whose child ...
Happy New Year from Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe. . LIKE and SHARE if you want more Democratic...
Watching Jay Leno tonite I learned that there was yet another party running (unbeknownst ) for the Virginia Governor's race...'Ken Cuccelinni' LMBO!! Jay, you crack me up...
Wow the GOP is crazy, Mark Levin just said "He hates Chris Chistie and will do everything in his power to make sure he is not the candidate in 2016." Bill O'Reilly said he dont like Christie now because he was thanking the President, Rush Limbaugh said its a master/servant relationship he has with the President. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham all say the love the fight Ken Cucccinelli in the Virginia Governor race because he was Conservative. Wait am i missing somthing didn't he lose? Oh wait Chris Chistie took a picture with the President so he is bad. He won the woman vote, Latino vote, union vote and Black vote all while being Conservative but that isn't what we wnat because he had the *** nerve to hug a Black man from Kenya, I am Lmfao. Well they just handed the White House to Democrats in 2016 because he was there only hope.
Even though it looks like Ken Cuccinelli will not win the Virginia Governor's race, we'd like to thank everyone that came out to make hundreds of phone calls for him. Thanks for your hard work and dedication - hopefully better results will come in future elections!
Despite polls which showed Democrat Terry McAuliffe with a solid lead, it looks like he will eke to victory in the race for Virginia Governor. With 92% of the vote counted, he leads Republican Ken Cuccinelli, 46.8% to 46.5%. Libertarian Robert Sarvis garners 6.7% of the vote. Combined, the Republican and Libertarian get 53% of the vote. McAuliffe will be elected with 47% of the vote.
Breaking News: CNN projects Terry McAuliffe will defeat Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor's race. What do you think? Comment here, you may see it on-air during AC360 Later tonight.
Fox News just called the Virginia Governor's race for McAuliffe... . ugh.
Fox News is now projecting that Democrat Terry McAuliffe will win the Virginia Governor race.
Voting results in Virginia Governor: CUCCINELLI 46.51% MCAULIFFE 46.48% 88% precincts reporting *Crap - Fox News called this for the Dem*
Dont throw your vote away. Either Cuccinelli or McAuliffe will be the next Virginia Governor! Vote wisely, we do NOT need more of the likes of obama!! If libertarians and pro-gun Democrats don’t wise-up in the next 24 hours, Syracuse, NY liberal Terry McAuliffe is going to become governor of Virginia, and try to bring New York-style gun control to the commonwealth with the full backing of his benefactor, billionaire gun-hater Michael Bloomberg.
berita hari ini : Both Sides Invoke Obama in Climax of Virginia Governor's Race - New York Times By Axel Gerdau Obama Campaigns for Terry McAuliffe: Ahead of Tuesday's election, President Obama campaigned in Arlington alongside Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia. ARLINGTON, Va. — To motivate voters, Virginia’s bitter rivals for governor reached out to the same figure on the weekend before Election Day: President Obama. The president’s motorcade ferried him five miles from the White House on Sunday to a rally for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, here in the Northern Virginia suburbs that are emblematic of the state’s shift from a Republican stronghold. Mr. Obama hit *** the theme that Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, Mr. McAuliffe’s Republican rival in Tuesday’s election, was an extremist who would not reach across the aisle to govern. “You’ve seen an extreme faction of the Republican Party that has shown again and again and again that they’re willin ...
As is sadly the case too often, you won’t read the real story about the Virginia Governor's race in the Pingree-Sussman Kennebec Journal or other MTM papers, because of their unofficial official policy of pretending that the Libertarian Party doesn’t exist or that if it does, it doesn’t matter. The truth, however, is that when Ken Cuccinelli loses the Governor’s race in Virginia - as he surely will - it will be because a significant number of Virginians - upwards of over 10%, according to the latest polling - will be voting not for the Republican or Democratic candidates for Governor or Legislature, but rather AGAINST them by voting for the REAL voice of freedom and Liberty in Virginia, Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor. This is in spite of aggressive true voter suppression efforts by both the Democratic and Republican parties that attempted to keep Libertarian candidates of the ballots and that attempted, wherever possible, to keep Libertarian candidates out of debat ...
Wall Street Journal: Good News for Cuccinelli in Latest Poll The Wall Street Journal reports that the latest polls in the Virginia Governor's race are good news for Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli as his campaign shows excellent momentum in the final days leading up to the election:
So, November 5th is coming soon, a.k.a. Election Day. Not only are we voting to choose the next Virginia Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and members of the House of Delegates; but we will also be voting for local representatives such as members of the Board of Supervisors (Blackberry, Iriswood, and Collinsville Districts). These are the people who are going to be making decisions that affect our local economy and the general economic development of our area. There is massive potential for Henry County and Martinsville to get back on its feet and become a thriving community again. Let's be sure we are diligent in selecting a representative that has our BEST interests in mind. Don't just go to the voting booth and "hit buttons" because you "don't know, don't care" .. Be diligent and research. In fact, there are 2 articles in the Martinsville Bulletin TODAY, introducing the two candidates running for the Collinsville District seat. (Joe Bryant vs. Randy Scott) Both seem to emphasize "job cre ...
YES:!! Pres Barack Obama as well as Vice Pres Joe Biden will campaign for D-Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor. YES!!!
For those in Virginia or those who know someone in Virginia please share: A new poll is out in the Virginia Governor's race - and it shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli by single digits (46%-39%). But here's the startling point: the Libertarian candidate is pulling 10%, and most of that vote is coming from Republican voters. We have 12 days to win this race and now we have our pathway to victory: we have to get those Republican voters who were thinking about voting for the Libertarian candidate to "come home" and support Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli is an outstanding choice for conservatives and libertarians alike. Cuccinelli is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment and earned an "A" rating from the NRA. Cuccinelli was the first Attorney General to file suit to dismiss ObamaCare. And Cuccinelli has always fought for less government regulation and lower taxes - in fact, Cuccinelli took on the establishment of his own party after they teamed up with Democrats ...
Washington Post's George Will endorsed the libertarian candiate for Virginia Governor. Here is a related interview.
I have read a lot, but last night was the first time I had seen the two candidates for Virginia Governor. Individuals may have differences with Ken Cuccinelli, but he is far smarter and better prepared than Terry Light.
NASA partners with Virginia Governor's School for Science Technology - Daily Press via
Virginia Governor makes huge reversal on gifts; he will return all gifts to CEO to stem threatening scandal. JV...
Remind me again.why isn't Virginia Governor rotting Federal Prison?
Many people think of the off year Virginia Governor's elections as being like a "midterm" election for Congress. True, the turnout is lower than Presidential years but it isn't quite the same electorate. This is one of the biggest mistakes...
Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell to join the Bloomberg Washington Summit next week in DC.
...And the streak continues... 5 consecutive Silver medals in the Virginia Governor's Cup wine competition for our Cabernet Franc! Also a Silver for the 2010 Meritage and Bronze for the 2011 Merlot. Can't wait to find out who the 13 Gold medal wines are awarded to!
We're honored to have had former Mayor of Richmond, Virginia Governor, and now Senator Tim Kaine as well as Vice...
Today on HearSay we’ll explore how the 2013 race for Virginia Governor may be impacted by U.S. Senator Mark Warner and Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling's decisions not to compete in the gubernatorial race. We’ll also take a look at what’s in store for the 2013 session of the General Assembly. What are your thoughts on Virginia's gubernatorial candidates to date? Join us live at noon on 89.5 WHRV FM
Senator Mark Warner announces he's not running for Virginia Governor in 2013. He was a great governor last time, but this assures a great team for Virginia in the US Senate with Tim Kaine.
Extreme Republicans are sounding more and more like the "American Taliban" - deciding which rapes are legitimate (Missouri Senate Candidate); that rape pregnancies are "something God intended" (Indiana Senate Candidate); that ANY employer should decide if birth control is covered, forcing any woman employee to discuss birth control with their boss - (Blunt Amendment voted for by all MALE Republican Senators); voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that supports equal pay for men and women on the same job - (Presidential Candidate Romney does NOT support); requiring INTRA-VAGINAL probes of women contemplating abortion - that's INVADING YOUR BODY AGAINST YOUR WILL (signed by Virginia Governor); and finally supporting a "Personhood Amendment" that would give 100% Human rights to a fertilized egg - making abortion murder; a failed invitro fertilization "homicide" - and I suppose incarcerating women, doctors and spouses that can't have children - THAT'S PUTTING THEM IN JAIL! (supported by Vice Preside ...
Ken Cuccinelli is running for Virginia Governor in 2013. Visit the official website for news and information and to show your support today.
For all my family and friends in Pennsylvania here's an article from Free The EPA added 8 new victims to it’s death toll today when Alpha Natural Resources announced that it would be closing 3 Virginia coal mines and 5 other mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania resulting in the destruction of 1,200 more coal mining jobs. This is just the latest in a long and steady string of coal mining jobs lost due to the EPA’s War on Coal. These shutdowns are the result of radical environmentalist policy that has been supported by former Virginia Governor and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Bob Casey. As recently as July, Kaine bemoaned suggestions to weaken job-destroying EPA regulations saying in the New York Times, “My advice is, don’t try to weaken regulations. Sell your story. Say we can meet these standards.” In January of 2008, Obama said “If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them” when referring to his C ...
Former part-time Virginia Governor (more on that in a moment) and Obama cheerleader Tim Kaine is out with an ad touting the fact that he "cut his own pay". It sounds great, right? Not exactly, since Kaine was only following in the footsteps of his opponent, former Governor George Allen and the man h...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) The latest round of Romney campaign pretzel logic—the taking an actual occurrence and twisting the logic and facts into a pretzel to score cheap political points—got underway over the weekend as uber-conservative Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, opined on the “Obama guts ...
Obama's Thesis. Michael Ledeen at PJM reports on President Obama's Columbia college thesis, of which ten whole pages were made available to Joe Klein. The paper was entitled "Aristocracy Reborn," and Obama wrote this about the Constitution: "... the Constitution allows for many things, but what it does not allow is the most revealing. The so-called Founders did not allow for economic freedom. While political freedom is supposedly a cornerstone of the document, the distribution of wealth is not even mentioned. While many believed that the new Constitution gave them liberty, it instead fitted them with the shackles of hypocrisy." What on earth does this President have to do to get the media coverage he so richly deserves! In the Virginia Governor's race, Republican candidate Robert McDonnell wrote a graduate thesis twenty years ago that could be politically damaging to his campaign. That decades old thesis has been covered by the Washington Post on August 30 and again on September 1. It has been reported on ...
The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and many other federal, postal employee and worker organizations heard from former Virginia Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine in a town hall meeting last night in Arlington. At the meeting, attended by over 100 people, Kaine d...
Kids matter. If you agree, please read on. There are two elections that could decide the fate of the nation over the next two years. One is Barack Obama’s and the other is Tim Kaine’s. Control of the U.S. Senate is at stake. The Vote Kids Action Fund, a grassroots super PAC that supports candidates who advance the health and well-being of our nation’s children, is committed to electing former Virginia Governor and children’s advocate Tim Kaine to the U.S. Senate. We will expose his opponent George Allen’s anti-children agenda. Polling shows children’s issues resonate with voters. George Allen wants to funnel billions of dollars in new tax cuts to the top 1% at the expense of our kids. Allen can’t wait to enact the radical Ryan/Romney/Republican budget. The Ryan budget funds millions of dollars in new tax cuts for the top 1% and seriously damages the American dream of working hard to get ahead by: • Limiting food-assistance programs that provide nutrition to kids in need; • Slashing ...
Official photos from last week's reception honoring James Monroe at the Virginia Governor's Mansion:...
Virginia Governor steps in with ultimatum Unanimity or else ! RT High Noon at the Rotunda: - Virginia Governor McDonnell's claims that GOP Governors are driving the improving economy are wrong. Check it yourself! States with Democratic Governors for the week ending January 28th had 15% lower new claims per capita than states with Republican Governors. Isn't science wonderful!...
Celebrity interviewer Aladino had an exclusive interview in DC on May 1st with Tareq Salahi about running for Virginia Governor.
I SUPPORT Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor 2012! May 8, 2012 Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians, You might have read in today's news that I was in DC yesterday to announce the entry of court orders in two separate cases. The second largest healthcare fraud case in history: $1.5 billion; and the largest consumer protection pharmaceutical settlement ever reached: $100 million. Both of these cases were resolved against Abbott Laboratories for its fraudulent sales of the drug Depakote via the Medicaid programs in all 50 states, the federal Medicare program, and to private purchasers. Virginia's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU), which is a section of the Office of the Attorney General, was the lead investigative agency in the nationwide criminal and civil cases. Often, in our federal-state law enforcement partnerships, it is the feds that carry most of the manpower load; however, in healthcare fraud cases, it is Virginia's MFCU that carries the lion's share of the work. In this case a large pharmaceut ...
How embarrassing! Tareq Salahi wants to formally announce his candidacy for Virginia Governor. That's right.he and his ex wife Michaele were the ones that crashed the 2009 state dinner and caused a huge political scandal. And now she has run off with a member of Journey. someone said, "If he does win...everyone is invited to watch pigs fly."
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell spent the day in southwest Virginia looking at neighborhoods hit hardest by last year's tornadoes and talking with some of the victims.           
White House Gate Crasher to Run for Virginia Governor: (RICHMOND, Va.) — White House gate crasher Tareq Salahi says he plans to run f...
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