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Virginia Gov

The governor of Virginia serves as the chief executive of the Commonwealth of Virginia for a four-year term.

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Virginia Gov. McAuliffe calls acts in Charlottesville "unacceptable": "A right to speech is not a right to violence" http…
Back in the day | July 23, 2017On Thursday July 20, 1967, Virginia Gov. Mills E. Godwin Jr. addresses the crowd at the dedication ceremony …
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: "Trump has abdicated his responsibility as president"
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Role in Green Car Scandal that Fleeced Taxpayers out of Millions - Judicial Watch
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said today 93 million Americans are shot a day. Fact check: Not True. Entire country would b…
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe on Paris accord: “If the federal govern't won't lead on this issue, the states will."
Incidentally: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the only Democrat in office in the US today to have overseen an execution.
Checking out "Virginia Gov. Says Clintons are Done with Politics" on Tea Party Command Center:
New Jersey and Virginia Gov and Assembly races are next year:. VA House of Delegates: 66R 34D. NJ Assembly: 22R 52D
but now.he's anything but anti-illegal immigration. Video clip from campaign for gov in Virginia years ago
Virginia Johnson was nominated by for
Virginia could become the next North Carolina for LGBT people. Gov. Terry McAuliffe warns that his successor could sign an HB2-like anti-LG…
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Virginia's gov says state has forfeited $47.9B because he hasn't been able to close the Medicaid coverage gap.
Make sure Halloween is one of the safest nights of the year by following these safety tips:...
Congratulations! Eight in the Running for 2017 Virginia Teacher of the Year:
40 percent of Virginia 8th graders meet or exceed NAEP science proficiency standard
You can find the list of eligible reasons to vote absentee at
VA Board of Ed. honors and for and state awards.…
of H Gov of gave $467K to wife of FBI Deputy Director who was investigating Clinton.
Fire embers can travel more than a mile, so keep your roof & gutters debris-free! Don’t give fire a place to grow!…
Built 1913, Virginia & Truckee Locomotive was added to Nat'l Reg of Historic Places on Oct 27, 2004. PDF:
BOEM has two vacancies for an to work at their Virginia location. .
everyone needs to watch this video it's shows who got $$$ FBI PAYOFF & Virginia Gov👎🏻
opening in your neighborhood Nov 7 to see us at 3434 N Washington Blvd.…
Bike riding is a great activity for the Look over these safety tips so it can be fun& safe.
Can't get to the polls on Election Day? You may qualify for absentee voting! Learn more:
Great piece from on some of Computer Scientist James McClure's work.
Giles County, VA and many other localities in Southwest Virginia will be collaborating to improve outdoor recreation…
Virginia GOP party chairman on Gov. McAuliffe's donation to Dr. McCabe looks 'shady'
This announcement could have been made by Gov. for
50 percent of Virginia 4th graders meet or exceed NAEP science proficiency standard.
Virginia students among nation’s top achievers on 2015 NAEP in science.
The spacecraft is counting down to a 7:40p ET launch from Virginia to the space station. Watch now...
Astronauts Takuya Onishi and will be at Canadarm2 robotics controls to grapple at 7:05am Sunday. http…
So proud of our rat *** Gov of Virginia. Should be ashamed of his lying ***
Still waiting to hear about Kaine & Hillary's crooked friend Virginia Gov. Terry McAulliff .They need to be exposed too ! !
New numbers show Virginia continues to shed manufacturing jobs, losing 2 percent in the last year alone
Absentee voting remains open across Virginia for eligible voters! Know your options:
VA students are outperforming nationwide peers in Awesome job teachers & students, keep up hard work! https:…
Commonwealth of Virginia is an Employer of National Service encourages and Corps alumni to apply…
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hangs with Willie Nelson — and Nelson's weed
Feds ask for delay to pursue charges against ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell:
Prosecutors and Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's attorneys want more time to figure out the next steps after...
U.S. Attorney wants three more weeks to consider the next steps in the case of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.
Prosecutors want until Sept. 19 to decide if they will press case against Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDon...
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to announce restoration of voting rights for 13,000 felons on Monday - Washington Post. https:/…
Democrats are so desperate for votes the Virginia Gov. defies a court ruling & grants clemency to 200,000 felons. https…
OSHA deploying assets to flood impacted West Virginia counties to ensure safety and health of workers, general…
New Virginia law requires hospitals to provide costs to customers at least 3 days in advance of procedures
JW Statement on Supreme Court’s Decision to Throw out Corruption Conviction of Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell
SCOTUS rules that Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell won’t be going to jail on corruption charges.
Glad to see WV Gov act. In Chicago, 12+ dead, 40 something shot in violence weekly, d…
Supreme Court throws out conviction of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell
We are monitoring in flooded areas of West Virginia
Supreme Court overturns the corruption conviction of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell
Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued his executive order April 22 restoring rights of over +200,000 convicted felons in Virginia TO VOTE FOR HILLARY
Zeigler says reversal of VA gov's conviction could free Siegelman .
IMO didn't say Former Virginia Gov Bob McDonnel was innocent; only that jury was not told what constitutes bribery…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
This makes it harder to prosecute elected officials accused of bribery
JUST IN: US Supreme Court tosses out conviction of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.
Supreme Court unanimously throws out the conviction in the corruption case of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.
Today is Come out to any VSP for special programs
to agree: It's time to give our troops a raise. 🇺🇸
Virginia gov's corruption scandal is the newest reek from Clinton Inc.
West Virginia just weeks away from a partial government shutdown: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's plan to veto the state…
Now we know why Clinton crony and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is so anxious to let convicted felons vote.
End of May Friendly Reminder: It's time to renew your registration & state inspection.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under investigation by DOJ over possible illegal.. https…
"Broadband is becoming as necessary as power, water & other basic services."
First on CNN: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under investigation over campaign fundraising
FBI Investigating Donations to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in...
Sources: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is subject of FBI probe related to campaign donations
WASHINGTON -- Noel Francisco, the lawyer arguing in Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's corruption appeal, only had one j…
is sympathetic to Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell via
From today's Wash Post: "Technically, I'm still a candidate for president." - Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore (R).
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe just send a sobering message about the commonwealth's criminal justice system? Logical
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe served as campaign chair in 2008. Welcome to
Yes and that's why I support Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore. I don't think he has any values and I know I don't!
Virginia Gov.has vetoed legislation that would ban sanctuary cities in Virginia
RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has vetoed GOP-backed legislation that would have prohibited state
Nixon lost his presidency for Watergate. Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell was indited for corruption. Former Rep.
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe declares state of emergency due to severe weather - NBC News
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he'd support bill to expunge marijuana convictions.
If it cannot be grown, it must be mined. Learn more about minerals mined in Virginia:
Virginia friends, three bills are going before the Virginia Senate for a vote early next week. PLEASE REACH OUT...
How much do you know about WHERE General Washington was born? Pope's Creek, Virginia. -
Out of town for the 3/1 VA presidential primary? Deadline for absentee ballot is tomorrow, 2/23:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
were recruited by private brokers NOT coerced by gov. http…
This is one dance party 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin will never forget.
Gov welcomes Cadets of the Virginia Military Institute as they visit Richmond to participate in legislative process. https:…
VIRGINIANS! The Robert E. Lee specialty license plate is available to ALL citizens. Order yours today!
Countering Va. Gov. McAuliffe, House Republicans unveil budget blueprint: "The best part is catching up ...
Lawmakers in Virginia are working to create a two-year budget plan to be approved by Gov. McAuliffe.
SEVERE WX ALERT: ...The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in West Virginia... Greenb... WX WARNING
ICYMI: Pearisburg (Giles County) ABC store closed this month for remodel:
Virginia, absentee voting has begun for MARCH 1 Presidential Primary:.
House and Senate finance committees on Sunday unveiled dueling two-year budget proposals that reject Gov. Terry
OH Gov John Kasich to campaign in Virginia ahead of Mar 1st primary-
🇺🇸Online VOTER registration for Virginia. It is super easy.➡️
The House Appropriations Committee released their amendments to the budget today. A lot to dislike- particularly...
Sweden a lost country - come on swedes get rid of your bonkers gov and tak your country back
Go to for details on HAC amendments to Governor's introduced 2017-2018 Budget
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Will the Real Donald please stand up? Virginia GOP, he supported our current Dem Gov http…
State of Virginia & US Gov.recognize the Igbos as one of the early slaves who settled in Virginia’ ht…
Did you know 8 distilleries craft small-batch vodkas perfect 4 mixing in your favorite cocktails
Virginia wants to bring back the electric chair!!!LIS > Bill Tracking > HB815 > 2016 session
Virginia. Georgia. Louisiana. Mississippi. . Gov. Kasich will be in each early this week! RSVP today:
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe authorizes shutdown of state government on Monday -
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declares state of emergency ahead of major winter storm expected to impact region...
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hopes to use federal grant to offer free birth control
RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has rejected an effort to allow a German diplomat's son and convicted
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe proposes a $50M boost for
"and Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, who doesn't register."
Governor warns of problems getting lethal injection drugs - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the...
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The latest on the case of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who's been convicted on corruption charg…
Virginia Gov tried to reign in lax gun laws in January. It failed.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says it appears WDBJ shooting suspect is former "disgruntled employee"
Electronic Device Insurance
Leave it to a liberal Democrat jack wad Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to turn a tragedy into a platform on gun control!
Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell files emergency application to Supreme Court asking to remain free ...
Virginia gov is planning to put IUDs&LARCs in girls⏩Dems want to implant abortion-inducing device into teen girls
Make sure you check out the map created to help you navigate road closures during the race:
Calendar of events around the area side. Who knew?
Details about Ontario’s public consultations on street checks now available:
Interested in contributing to the conversation on police street checks? Opportunity August 31:
Prosecutors to respond to ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's bid to remain free
100% correct re: VRA. Been here before & we should not STILL be here 50 yrs later. Listening &
Have you tried out our new Document Bank? Bringing to the !
McAuliffe already working to elect Clinton in Virginia and beyond: RICHMOND When Gov. Terry McAuliffe goes…
Official agency statement on use of private email & text messaging by public officials & employees.
ACPS campaign featured as a VDOE Division Innovation! Check it out at
When u wake up 2 find ur face on the Website. w/
Ex-Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell asks to remain free as he appeals corruption convictions to Supreme Court, by http:…
It's Back! is in the City Hall Parking Lot (300 Park Ave.) from 9-4pm TODAY! Open to all Virginia residents. ht…
It’s time - a child ID card is great for sports & identification. Only $10.
Virginia crop production forecast shows corn, soybean and peanut production up from 2014:
Prosecutors response to Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's request to remain free while appealing public corruption convictions due by 5pm
Jim Gilmore significantly increased funding for two of Virginia's historically universities, Norfolk State and V…
Governor Jim Gilmore proposed and signed into law Virginia's first stand-alone Martin Luther King Holiday.
universities are doing groundbreaking biomedical research. Hosted at WVU today for a firsthand look:
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A federal appeals court is waiting for prosecutors to respond to Former Virginia Gov. Bob...
McDonnell asks court to let him remain free as appeal continues - Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell...
Mark your calendar for Nov. 3 to vote then check that your voter reg. is up to date.
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe to lead national redistricting effort by Democrats via
Our view: Here's who should back Gilmore for president - So . .  . Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore...
A day in the life of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the walking exclamation point
Richmond, Va. --- Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants changes in policies in the state after it was found that...
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The actions taken by Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in his public corruption case were in some ways more blatant
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signs "ban the box" order to help former offenders get jobs
“Friday night announcement from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: he will veto Tim Tebow bill.
Virginia gov. calls for investigation into student's arrest: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is calling for an i...
Pulling for a Virginia Gov win on this one, first then
Virginia governor released from hospital: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been released from the hospital after…
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to remain hospitalized for at least another...
Va. governor to spend 2nd night in hospital: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is spending a second night in a Richmond…
Va. governor to spend a second night in the hospital: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is sp...
BREAKING: Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell sentenced to 2 years in prison for public corruption.
Family members and friends wept softly as Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell told the judge at his sentencing hearing that he couldn't "fathom any deeper humiliation" for taking bribes from a wealthy businessman to promote a dietary supplement. Then, the tears mostly stopped. Some even...
“Breaking: Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell sentenced to two years on corruption charges e…
McDonnell was the first Virginia governor ever to be charged with a serious crime, and likely will be the first to go to jail...
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, once a top Republican prospect for national office, faces sentencing Tuesday for selling the influence of his office to the CEO of a dietary supplements company.
A federal judge has sentenced Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to two years in prison, followed by two years of...
Tomblin taps Reed as new commissioner of West Virginia DMV: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is appointing Patricia Reed ...
BREAKING: Ex-GOP governor of Virginia gets two years in prison for corruption
Murphy wins, Virginia. House 34th District shifts state house blue. Now Gov. Terry McAuliffe can get things done.
"Ex-governor gets 2 years in prison for corruption TWO YEARS! ARE YOU SERIOUS…
Calling ex-Gov McDonnell 1 of VA's best govs, emotionally pleads for leniency for felon .
Judge sentences Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell to 2 years, taking more lenient approach than judge in William…
Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Corruption via
Ex-Gov McDonnell gets 2 years for 11 counts of corruption. Here's reprise of his convcition story for bg:
Ex-Virginia Gov. Gets 2 Years in Prison - Convicted of corruption.
Biblical! McDonnell judge muses about being Pontius Pilate and gov's wife allowing "serpent into the mansion":
Finally got one. MT Bob McDonnell, ex-gov of Virginia, sentenced to 2 years for corruption on Tuesday.
Ex-Virginia Gov. McDonnell gets 2 years for corruption
Yes, 2 years prison time for corruption of ex Virginia Gov.Bob McDonnell. Another one bites the dust~
Four months after he was found guilty of 11 counts of corruption, Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was sentenced to just two years in federal prison today. The sentence was far lower than the six and half years sought by prosecutors.
RICHMOND, Va. — Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is in federal court now to learn his fate when he is sentenced for his public corruption convictions.
If only he'd let a Super PAC manage the payoffs | Ex-Virginia Gov. McDonnell gets 2 years
Update your maps at Navteq
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe introduces 7 new gun regulations to make Virgina safer
Federal judge rejects new trial for corrupt ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen.
Federal judge rejects new trial for Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell:
Feds now recognizing West Virginia same-sex marriages.
And a second shout out to VA for expanding Lystedt law to include private YSOs using public sc school property!
Virginia! Your mail-in absentee ballot applications are due October 28, 2014!
NJ Gov. Christie back again in Iowa; 2016 on mind?
"Former Gov. Bob McDonnell sobs as guilty verdict read on corruption charges.
As of right now former Gov McDonnell sentencing on Jan 6..
Here is Early Voting information, including times and locations for all 55 counties in West Virginia:
Read over your ballot question for the November 4 election?
"What is on my ballot?" — For Virginia voters, I found this website very helpful as I prepared to vote absentee...
West Virginia Dems face test in state House races
Others in the administration of Former Virginia Gov
If you’re eligible, stop by your local registrar's office TODAY & absentee vote in person. Find your registrar here:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Police are appealing for assistance to help locate missing Virginia man, Kevin Hardy.
Applications for absentee voting in West Virginia are due October 29th. Let your voice be heard this election season!
Applications for mail-in absentee ballots in Virginia are due October 28th!
Many of you have heard about the risk of catching Ebola and may have questions and concerns about this rapidly...
I voted already! Can you vote early? Travel, work or pregnancy could qualify you:
Governor McAuliffe's statement on passing of Hannah Graham. "Our hearts are broken by today’s news."
Kornachi dissed our democrat candidate for Gov here in Virginia while we were still knocking on doors. We kept Cuccinell out!!
A once sleepy launch site in Virginia has re-awakened as a thriving spaceport.
13 members of gang indicted for three alleged murders and one attempted murder in northern Virginia. |
At issue are serious allegations of corruption, but the trial has also unveiled some scandalous details of Former Virginia Gov
Gov. McAuliffe pledges justice, says 'Our hearts are broken by today's news' of
Going to be gone on Election Day? Vote absentee this year! Applications for West Virginia are due October 29th.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday announced the layoff of 565 state workers, other targeted cuts and a...
Va. governor announces layoffs, increased booze costs: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is planning to lay off 565…
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he was "disappointed" that ex-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary.
The executive chef of disgraced Former Virginia Gov
The corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's Political Career Likely 'Over' Because of Crony Capitalism . All lies with Obama and his bunch.
Moral of Virginia soap opera: Sell your office at your own risk - The trial of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell...
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe plans to expand public health care to 20,000 mentally ill adult residents. But he will not try a large-scale unilateral expansion of the state's Medicaid program.
A jury in Richmond found Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife guilty of corruption, fraud and bribery charges. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Richmond announced the verdict was reached just before 2:30 p.m. Thursday. WAVY News 10’s Erin Kelly and Andy Fox are at the courthouse in Richmond.
The jury has reached a verdict in the federal corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov.
Earlier today, Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was convicted of corruption in federal court. Well, I need to take this in. A crooked politician? What do I tell my children? Thankfully, they at least have the entertainment industry to look to for decent morals.
The jury trial of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has occasionally been a sordid, too-dramatic-for-fiction tale. Today, it came to a striking conclusion.
Following conviction on multiple corruption charges, Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell now a leading contender for GOP's…
Checking out "Ex-Virginia Gov. and Wife Guilty of Public Corruption" on Tea Party Command Center:
BREAKING: Ex-Virginia Gov. McDonnell guilty on 11 corruption charges; wife, Maureen, guilty of 9 of 13.
Jury begins deliberations in the corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell:
Public corruption case against Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell ...
Boy, all that time living and voting in Northern Virginia must have really affected Asa. Not sure how he thinks NJ Gov helps him here
Congratulations to our CASA VA leader Julio Cesar Idrobo for his appointment, by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, to the Virginia …
Last week Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell revealed during his corruption trial that he has left his wife and is now living with a Catholic priest named Wayne Ball, seen above. Father Ball, as it turns out, was once busted for having *** sex in the parking lot of a park.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) When Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were indicted on corruption...
Today at 10.30am AEST I'll be in conversation w/ at on Watch Live here:
An F-15C went down in Virginia at 9:05 a.m. EDT. The status of the pilot is unknown at this time.
Defense for Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell rests in corruption case
Excerpts of State Supt. Steven Staples' back-to-school remarks on VDOE website:
Starting now: discusses and gender equality with WATCH LIVE:
Defense rests in corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell:
Under cross-examination at his corruption trial, Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says wife Maureen and his...
The text of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's email to his wife, Maureen, introduced into evidence in their public corruption trial: From: Bob McDonnell...
Allen: "This has been a great experience once again in Richmond." Thanks Mayor Dwight Jones, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, NE Patriots.
The public corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov. Bob & his wife, Maureen, is entering its 3rd week.
Trial of Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell really getting wild.
Jury selection was on the agenda Monday for opening day in the corruption trial of Former Virginia Gov
VA - EX-GOV Bob McDonnell's Defense to Rest on State Ethics via
McDonnells arrive for trial in Richmond; witness lists revealed. Virginia Ex Gov corruption trial.
By Gary Richardson RICHMOND, Va., July 28 (Reuters) - The federal corruption trial of Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell and his wife Maureen starts on Monday, with the couple charged with selling political favors for a loan,...
I'm guessing the Bill Bolling listed as an Ag. policy advisor to Nunn in this leaked memo is from Atlanta and not the fmr. Virginia Lt. Gov?
They've asked me for money to support the party while they with Drew support from our candidate for gov. Of Virginia
Corruption trial of Bob McDonnell, wife set to begin Monday via 30+Wks of Incompetency
There’s a lot to learn about Va. Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam via
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, his reputation already tarnished and his political future destroyed by a gifts-for-favors scandal, faces the possibility of an even greater loss when his trial on federal corruption charges begins Monday.
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe refuses to talk now, but in 2007 said, 'Shut the borders down'
Corruption trial begins for Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell, wife ...
Jury selection starts incorruption trial of fmr.Va gov McDonnell and wife. Gotta love Va. politics!
"It's going to be ugly." Corruption trial of ex-VA Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife opens today.
Jury being chosen in ex Va-Gov. case MT Prosecution subpoenas his 5 kids,cabinet secys, wife's manicurist
Corruption trial begins for ex Virginia Gov. McDonnell and wife  
Corruption trial for former Gov. Bob McDonnell begins: The trial for the Former Virginia Governor a...
Former Va. Gov.'s trial opens today. and there as they pick a jury.
Fmr. Virginia gov. Robert McDonnell on trial - Washington Post
“I have tremendous faith in God, and I have a great team of lawyers," ex-Gov says on way to criminal court
Know anyone? Sign Fabricator For more details and to apply - click now!
In Virginia, ex. Gov. McDonnell and wife go to trial for selling favors and influence….Corbett does exactly the... htt…
Five things to watch at Former Virginia Governor’s trial via
The News Advance - McDonnells arrive at U.S. courthouse - RICHMOND -- Former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maur...
IFSP funding application available FRIDAY, AUGUST 1. These funds run out quickly, so mark your calendars now for...
Our offices are busiest at end of month. Avoid a wait. Avoid the drive. Go online at -
Pediatric neurologist & Va Lt Gov - challenges of remaining relevant in the office via
It's an honor serving as your Lt. Gov- check out this profile for an overview of our work so far!
Prosecutors have filed a list of 61 potential witnesses in the corruption trial of former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell -->
Former Va. governor's corruption trial begins: Jury selection is on the agenda for opening day in the corruption...
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell arrives at courthouse for trial on gifts scandal - Former V...
Richmond, VA coverage of meeting with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. getting closer to DC
Charlottesville news McAuliffe Heads West to Fundraise - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is planning a trip to Los A...
ABC affiliate in Richmond, VA reports on meeting with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
McAuliffe heads West to fundraise: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is pl...
“Judge declines to throw out corruption charges against ex-Virginia Gov. and wife
Corruption case against Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will proceed
A federal judge set a July trial date Tuesday for Former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell and his wife after refusing to dismiss the corruption case against them.
BREAKING: Judge denies motion to dismiss charges against Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell, case to proceed:
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) announced on Monday that he is appointing five new members to the state Board of Health and ordering the board to review controversial abortion clinic regulations. “I am concerned that the extreme and puniti...
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is considering expanding health coverage for the middle class without the approval...
Bill and Hillary Clinton attend inauguration of new Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe - WSET
The Virginia Constitution does not allow anyone with a felony conviction to vote unless their rights have been restored by the governor. But on Friday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) announced he would immediately restore voting rights to anyone who has completed their sentence for a drug offense, and reduce the waiting period for other violent felonies from five years to three. Non-violent felons already have their voting rights restored by a previous executive order.
In his first 100 days in office, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he has created more than 5,000 jobs so far.
Virginia Gov. McAuliffe says he looks forward to signing Senate Bill 156, which directs VDOT to eliminate monthly fees on E-ZPass by Sept.
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