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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia, on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

Rusted Root North Carolina Ocean City

me @ drev bc he lives on the other side of Virginia Beach (40 min away)
🤔. Get off your but, no more excuses! Stop waiting for a handout! @ Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia Beach. kicks off free cab day! Aweome Uber promo code TRYFREE66 gives free promo. . Promo now.…
Virginia Beach resident claims an attendant spilled coffee on her, damaging her passport and ruining her trip
I live in Virginia Beach, so making a bop to colossal lmao
Virginia Beach-based Coast Guard Cutter seizes over 8,000 pounds of cocaine
Military Appreciation Month at the Virginia Aquarium. :: - City of Virginia Beach
It's neat that much of what is now Virginia Beach had passenger rail.
City of Virginia Beach fulfills technology mission with Dell EMC.
Railroad once connected downtown Norfolk to remote hunting grounds of what is now Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach to memorialize boulevard for Martin Luther King Jr. via Daily
Keon Muckelvene takes 4th at the national wrestling tournament in Virginia Beach, congratulations!.
Norfolk has mermaids, Virginia Beach has dolphins, Smithfield has hogs. "Sweet Swine of Avon" is an homage to Willi…
Had a blast going down to Virginia Beach to see
Think I'm gonna need some drinks! (@ Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia Beach, VA)
Come try a free class on us at UFC gym Virginia Beach located on 550 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA...
We will be tattooing at Tidewater Comicon May 13 & 14 at the Virginia Beach convention center.…
Severe weather strikes Virginia Beach - News reports say a church was destroyed and dozens of homes damaged aft...
Surprising. Neil has a lot of talent. Former 1st rounder out of Virginia Beach, VA. Knew him when I was working the…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a major accident on Exit 15: Newtown Rd, Virginia Beach on - Drive Social.
Williams’ Virginia Beach childhood to be made into musical: Missing… via
Pharrell will co-produce 'Atlantis,' a musical film inspired by his early life in Virginia Beach
Major wins at Christian Film Festival in Virginia Beach. Best Film & Director +more
Man shot by arrow identified as senior football player at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach.…
Police: Man shot by arrow while driving in Virginia Beach
Come out to "The Big Event" as the VTAA chapter helps out with the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. Details:
IMPORTANT UPDATE: "Kokomo" was written by John Phillips and Scott McKenzie of the Mamas and Papas in MY HOMETOWN Virginia Beach in 1986
Question for the intermission: Will NHL expand to Virginia? Arena to be built in Virginia Beach.
Unbelievable crowd of supporters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thank you! Next stop - Cleveland, Ohio. h…
Booked my room for this Virginia Beach trip.
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me John Witherspoon brings his "bangin'" comedy to Virginia Beach - Virginian-Pilot
Right Now: Overcast and 58º at The Town Center of Virginia Beach. VA Beach radar -->
The Virginia Beach Boardwalk modeled in is the first screenshot of the 2.9 demo!
"This is about justice": March for equality at Oceanfront will shut down 40 blocks of Atlantic Ave.…
Starting the notes for my next "Pieces of my Past" blog entry. It'll be about a neat house in a neat part of Virginia Beach.
Virginia Beach police detain man after shooting on Shelter Drive - Daily Press
5 more days than the 6 cops who murdered in Fairfax, VA or cop ambush on in Virginia Beach
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I encourage all to visit & become acquainted with & react to murder of her precious daughter by Vir…
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Va. Beach council delays talk of repealing tax implemented to pay for light rail - which was shot down by voters.
I really want to take a weekend trip to Virginia Beach to see my sister real soon. 😩
Cuz you’re still stuck in my head like the song they played that night when the cool Virginia Beach. 🙃
This reminds me of you at Virginia Beach
Va. Beach rape kits get hits in CODIS DNA database via
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Sheriff “Recidivism rates measure everything. If you don’t know the recidivism rates, you know nothing."
Grant Austin Taylor has a show on 02/24/2017 at 09:00 PM @ AJ Gators... in Virginia Beach, VA
yo. Dey have any Caribbean clubs in Virginia Beach area??
Virginia Beach woman sentenced to 22 years for running over friend with SUV
Man shot on Shelter Drive in Virginia Beach - Virginian-Pilot
Imagine if the 75 had a Virginia Beach University
Right Now: Partly Cloudy and 54º at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. VA Beach radar -->
Tonight, at the Scott Taylor town hall in Virginia Beach, VA, a Trump supporter was attacked & scratched by protesters.…
Beautiful home for sale in Shadowlawn!!. 908 Maryland Avenue, Virginia Beach, Virginia!
Virginia Beach (VB) Timeshare Rentals specializes in Spring, Summer and Fall Timeshare Rental weeks at a lower...
Russian Navy Viktor Leonov AGI Spy Ship now 19 "miles" (likely nautical miles) off Virginia Beach; what does that l…
Dude, when "Ocean Avenue" was released, I lived in Virginia Beach... you can imagine how hyped we'd get on the boardwalk 😂
Lori Montross has listed 810 Goldsboro Avenue in Virginia Beach, Va. For more information click the link below...
Dave is on a shoe hunt (@ Rack Room Shoes in Virginia Beach, VA w/
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Have you heard about LancerFest? Check out the full day of family fun we have planned in Virginia Beach.
habibi for the win at the Virginia Beach scavenger hunt
.and Adult Protective Services investigate death of 96-year-old Virginia Beach woman.
Welcome to the DE Jordan Williams from Frank W. Cox HS in Virginia Beach, VA!. 🐅🐾
As of Next month, about half of Virginia Beach's Lynnhaven River will be open to oyster harvests
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me More areas of Virginia Beach's Lynnhaven River will reopen to oyster harvests - ...
8NEWS: Mother and children missing after Virginia Beach fire
Mother and children missing after Virginia Beach fire
Police looking for missing, endangered woman after Virginia Beach house fire 🔥
Mother and children missing after Virginia Beach fire | WAVY-TV
I'm very sad you guys aren't coming closer to Virginia Beach and Norfolk than Lynchburg or Roanoke :'(
yessir. Grew up in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.
Notice how he picked Norfolk over Virginia Beach. That's love ❤️
Virginia Beach, Norfolk and now Chesapeake are concerned about broadband internet bill in the General Assembly
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Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach in DE are good. Ocean City, MD is okay. Virginia Beach, VA is okay. Key West, FL though 😍
Soja and Tribal Seeds coming to Virginia Beach in two weeks! Can't wait 😏
Two unforgettable experiences all within an hour of Virginia Beach
Join us in the Virginia Beach tasting room for the first-ever Hoppy Adventure Club w/ Jan 17, 6pm. RSVP here: http…
Jewish Community Centers got bomb threats, but Virginia Beach center was closed for snow - Virginian
Virginia Beach grandfather dies in Fort Lauderdale airport attack
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Imagine if Teddy Riley never relocated to Virginia Beach.
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Woman in her 80s honks horn to avoid robbery, police search for suspect
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Stick stuck in Virginia Beach cause the snow stuck and all I wanna do is pick up where we last left off cause I'm still tryna
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6 salt and scraper trucks at 4 a.m. in Virginia Beach at least these guys are on duties
Ooh! My biggest is a spaghetti-mane Pinkie Pie from a drugstore in...Virginia Beach? I like remembering where I got stuff. xD
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Thieves break into several Virginia Beach homes in broad daylight via
I liked a video Virginia Beach to spend over $6M on police body cameras
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Description: I-264 at MM 18 - City of Virginia Beach, potential delays - - disabled vehicle. The WB right lane and right shoulder are…
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Storm updates: Lesner Bridge closed in both directions because of ice
UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2017-01-06 23:00:00 - It was moving fast behind clouds... -
Assistant Water Resources Engineer: WSP Group - Virginia Beach, VA - office for an entry…
your in virgina beach right now i live in Virginia Beach i actually tried to meet you last August
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WTKR3: Humpback whale spotted breaching several times off coast today:
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Viewer Brent DiGeronimo sent us this video from the bay front in Virginia Beach! Blustery!!! https:…
So much snow! Marta sent us this picture of her yard in Virginia Beach. Share your pics with us here: ht…
OH! So you are living here now? Wonderful news. Hope you enjoy Virginia Beach after it all melts. ;-)
1st victim of FL Airport attack 62yr old Terry Andres from Virginia Beach. He was on vacation with his wife when he was kill…
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RARE warning in Virginia Beach, VA with intense horizontal snow, sleet and sand hammering the beach
First Blizzard Warning for Virginia Beach in 6 years! Here we have Winter Storm Warnings for Ocean & Eastern Suffolk C…
ESPN just featured the Virginia Beach couple told us about a few days ago:
Check out what the chefs at Westminster-Canterbury in Virginia Beach have built -- a gingerbread replica of the Cavalier…
Person shot on 25th Street in Virginia Beach
I'm going to at Shakas Live in Virginia Beach, V...
That's down the street from me. I go to Virginia Beach from time, we should link one day at the Waffle House.
When I'm older I want to live on 43rd Street in Virginia Beach
no NYC, no Florida, no Florida Keys, no Utah pastrami burgers, no Philly cheese sandwiches, no Virginia Beach
Developer that wants to build Virginia Beach arena challenging City Council vote that halted the project
Spend a day in the life of Lorraine Wagner, based in Virginia Beach and featured in
4 Corners Trucking Llc in Virginia Beach, VA was just found at on 07th Dec 12pm
Virginia Beach considers $2M plan to create cul-de-sac, park and valet parking area in front of Cavalier Hotel.
Plan to cut off section of Atlantic Ave. would cost Virginia Beach about $2 million
Virginia should just give Virginia Beach to North Carolina then incinerate itself... The "why am I still here?" sta…
Sugar Shack just opened today in Virginia Beach! These Richmonders…
Crazy that in a year,we visited Virginia Beach twice explored the mountains of Colorado&Utah swam in San Diego dog…
Sugar Shack Donuts just opened in Virginia Beach! I must say they are definitely sugary !
Karl Werne has a show on 11/30/2016 at 07:00 PM @ Steel Pier Cafe in Virginia Beach, VA
no offense but Virginia Beach really is full of white people
Penthesilia, an amazing cherry/dates sour by Commonwealth Brewing, Virginia Beach, VA. Hanging…
GAMEDAY! ! ! Bishops headed to Virginia Beach, VA to face off against University in Marlin Tip Off.
We are in Virginia Beach tonight for "Losing Streak" some tickets are left at the door. Doors at 7:00 pm at
"An excited energy in the air": Brides receive free wedding dresses in Virginia Beach
Brides received free wedding dresses in Virginia Beach as part of Operation Wedding Gown. h…
A reading and signing at... Wait for it... Barnes & Nobles - 4485 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA on Nov...
Incredible performance in Virginia Beach, Va. Joan! see you next on the Melissa Etheridge cruise! Keep Rockin!!
Virginia Beach couple in major crash on I-64 find missing dog
I don't like the steelers lmao I'm wearing a UNIVERSITY of Pittsburgh shirt and I was passing through bc I was in Virginia Beach
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Person hit vehicle on Centerville Rd. in Virginia Beach
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Of course we would play in Virginia Beach when the high is going to be 40 for the weekend🙄
Out Virginia Beach who can i come see ??
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Attention Virginia Beach! is looking for volunteers to serve:
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The NFB of Virginia will be having an Auction at its state convention in Virginia Beach -...
Friday's first round playoff matchup between Bayside (8-2) and Tallwood (8-2) will be played at Kellam High School in Virginia Beach.
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this is your last chance to fight a real man ! Meet me saturday November 12th at food lion on Virginia Beach Blvd at noon.
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Congratulations to the Beach FC 02G Red & Coach Pantophlet on winning the Virginia State Cup Championship.
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A great Pumpkin Saison, on a great day in Virginia Beach!
Leslie Lehner, joining as Admin from Virginia Beach, VA on this beautiful Sunday!
I'm so excited to be in Virginia Beach this week!😝😝
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Virginia Beach. Hmmm I'm wondering if the southern schools just ignore New England themed lessons lol
so u say u wanna get so high breathe me in like air / 📷 @ Virginia Beach
Independence Blvd - A Chick-fil-A is crossing the road in Virginia Beach
One out the door and another one on the floor, New Yamaha Kodiak 700. CYCLE WORLD ~4972 Virginia Beach blvd~
Congratulations to ABNB Federal Credit Union on their new branch opening in Virginia Beach off of Virginia Blvd.
Please come out and support PA football on Nov. 10 at Applebee's-4040 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452…
Midtown at Town Center is teaming up with Mini Price Storage - 3441 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA to...
I'm at the Wawa on 2501 Viriginia Beach Blvd. in Virginia Beach
I might go to at Sandler Center For The Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, VA - Mar 21
1000s of women came at Trump rally in Virginia Beach, VA . But Media will never show you this! Spread online!. htt…
HUGE crowd to see in Virginia Beach. Yeah, I don't think he's pulling out of Virginia anytime soon.
Virginia Beach finest, Officer Johannesen, training our safety patrols on leadership skills. Thanks to all our officers…
I lived in Virginia Beach for over 20 years and never used the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. That changed today. Be…
Updated: Flooding causes more than 150 road closings in Virginia Beach - Southside Daily
Virginia Beach's Three Ships Coffee Roaster is best in state, Cosmo says - Southside Daily
Virginia Beach leaders, city officials discuss race and community policing - Southside Daily
Vivian Campbell of with Phil Collen and Steve Clark overhead. Virginia Beach, VA.…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
((RECAP)) TONIGHT 3320 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach ~ Celebrate life at the most…
Virginia Beach-based rescue team in Florida for Hurricane Matthew - Southside Daily
Weather at work: Mostly Cloudy and 71º in Virginia Beach. VA Beach radar -->
Virginia Beach light rail still too costly, mayor says - Southside Daily
Woman in Virginia Beach dies of gunshot wound, police say
Weather at work: Overcast and 69º in Virginia Beach. VA Beach radar -->
Virginia Beach library is the state's best, Elle Decor says - Southside Daily
Join us this Tuesday for the 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate Watch Party at Dave & Busters in Virginia Beach...
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me Rusted Root, heading to Virginia Beach for Neptune Festival, marks 25 years of j...
Rusted Root has a show on 10/01/2016 at 05:00 PM @ 24th Street Stage in Virginia Beach, VA
1st job of the day! (@ Municipal Center Building 9 in Virginia Beach, VA)
Big quartz mineral at Virginia Beach aquarium .
AIM Virginia Beach looked to the sky this year at the NAS Oceana Air Show. While hosting a booth, the crew...
Virginia Beach area during the high winds of tropical storm Hermine and rescue groups are working to rehabilitate
Former NBA star Christian Laettner to attend Ping-Pong for Charity event in Virginia Beach
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
See you on Sunday at Virginia Beach for my late 21st birthday!
Good morning America! I am preparing for my trip to Virginia Beach & North Carolina today! DJT.CNN national polling https:/…
In his opening remarks, discusses his 10-Point Plan for Veterans Affairs (VA) at the Sandler Ctr, Virginia Beach (9-6-16)
A flash flood watch issued for SE Va, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Rainfall of 3 to 6 inches possible.
Veterans for Trump rally at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA! .
Virginia Beach soccer player with cerebral palsy will play in 2nd consecutive P
School Board member plans to cut business ties with Virginia Beach schools after Pilot investigation -…
I'm at 24th Street at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach police identify man killed in Oceanfront shooting
This stunning Virginia Beach wedding starts with an oceanfront ceremony under a gorgeous t…
I hate living in BFE western branch when I spend everyday in Virginia Beach 🙄
Cox (Virginia Beach, VA) 4-Star DE Jordan Williams has committed to play his College Football at Clemson.
Another detractor verbalized to me today: . "You will never get anywhere in this city (Virginia Beach), or the whole state of Virginia."
I really couldn't imagine growing up in any city other than Virginia Beach
Why would you rather go to Ocean City over Virginia Beach?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Virginia Beach council discusses proposal to tax Airbnb homes, rooms in the city - Virginian-Pilot
Fun fact: Virginia Beach has more than half the population of the entire state of North Dakota.
Reason 12783 why I miss living in Virginia Beach
160720 "Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed…
Power outage in Virginia Beach off Holland Road. Any idea why? Seems like a whole block or more.
Virginia Beach, Va. demolished the Alan B. Shepard Convention center in 1994 and replaced it with a parking lot.
Watch live: Donald Trump speaking in Virginia Beach on veterans affairs - Virginian-Pilot
Ugly stargazer fish found in Virginia Beach - New York Daily News
PsBattle: Shocked antiques collector on Antiques Road Show recorded in Virginia Beach rece…
SAVE THE DATE! . RevolutionConf 2017 is coming back to Virginia Beach on June 1-2, 2017.
Everyone head to the Monster Energy North Stage. We're gonna play in the rain Virginia Beach 🤘🏻
11 days and I'll be in Virginia Beach! Hello boys at the Oceana Naval Air Station 😏
Holy crap.and I need Jon Goodman to stop breathing so *** hard. — watching 10 Cloverfield Lane in Virginia Beach
S&W Sales Event today at Colonial Shooting Academy in Virginia Beach, VA until 5pm!
Man charged with impersonating law enforcement officer in Virginia Beach via
Getting my Father's Day worship on all up in here (@ Crossroads Vineyard Church - in Virginia Beach, VA)
Safe or out? Virginia Beach man will tell you at College World Series...
Virginia Beach is named the 2nd hardest working city in the nation.
What a wonderful evening - MOCA engages with representatives of the Sister Cities of Virginia Beach to plan for...
U-19 alumni tells Virginia Beach athletes what it's like to
Dropped Kyle off this morning. There was no traffic today! (@ Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, VA)
Join us for our first seminar at Meyera E Oberndorf Central Library Auditorium-Virginia Beach. Va.
Haunted Virginia Beach - It’s no surprise that Virginia Beach is haunted. Between the long history f
Cynthia James has just listed 2613 Elon Drive in Virginia Beach, Va. This sought after First Colonial rental...
Back to the grind. Ugh. (@ Municipal Center Building 9 in Virginia Beach, VA)
Mr. Murphy your movie Coming to America was feature in Virginia Beach high school prom Bayside High
Man charged in Virginia Beach fatal stabbing
This was our family vacation to Virginia Beach, VA. 2016. Matt and April's first time seeing the ocean, 25 yrs.
Police say woman dies after being struck by a windblown beach umbrella in Virginia Beach.
Virginia Beach police arrest man in woman's stabbing
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Police ID woman stabbed to death Friday in Virginia Beach
"Samaritan" comes to Virginia Beach. Police upgrade surveillance equipment at the Oceanfront
Virginia Beach police investigate stabbing death of woman
Police: Woman fatally stabbed in Virginia Beach; man in custody
New post on my blog: Virginia Beach developer could bring more retail, office space to Suffolk
Police investigating suspicious death in Virginia Beach
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me Virginia Beach police upgrade surveillance equipment at the Oceanfront - Virgini...
Virginia Beach police's surveillance equipment at the Oceanfront is getting very advanced
Virginia Beach police upgrade camera surveillance, will add more - Virginian-Pilot
Defense attorney: A former Virginia Beach police detective has refused to testify in a murder trial.
Can I just move in with my cousin? Virginia Beach sound 10x better than greenbrier county👙☀️
More than 30 turtles hooked by fishing lines in Virginia Beach in May | WTKR
Ohio it's been real, but I need more sunshine and beach in my life. See you soon Virginia Beach! 👙☀️ ❤️
Virginia Beach these LEFTOVER CRACK tickets are getting low!
A total of 16 volunteers helped register voters. The Republican Party of Virginia Beach is strong!!.
From the Beacon editor | Oceanfront pizza shop owner celebrates 50 years in Virginia Beach
Filipino Catholics carry on cultural tradition in Virginia Beach with Mayflower Festival
Just 4 more days and I'll be in the peach state hanging out with a couple teammates before we head out to Virginia Beach
Instructional Designer at Camber (Virginia Beach, VA): Camber Corporation is seeking an Instru...
Dropped Joshua & Gracelyn off at school. (@ Three Oaks Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA)
I'm going to at 5th Street Beach Stage in Virginia Beach, VA - Jun 5
Took notes to school for next week. (@ Three Oaks Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA)
The continues today at the Virginia Beach convention center 🏢make…
Tidewater Comicon in Virginia Beach. Come see me! — feeling optimistic at Virginia Beach Convention Center
757 friends (Tidewater Comicon) is this weekend at the Virginia Beach convention center. Come through
Virginia beach Va approves 9 acre Islamic center in the heart of Virginia Beach
I'm at in Virginia Beach this weekend. Here's an interview with and me:
Have you been to our new location in Virginia Beach? We're offering the BEST washes in town at 5217 Indian River Rd!
Virginia Beach lands first transoceanic fiber cable station in Mid-Atlantic -…
Virginia Beach-based Navy SEAL will receive Medal of Honor via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I'm going to at Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, VA - Sep 4
And the spit of sand from Virginia Beach south to Oregon Inlet = peninsula
Oh how I miss my beaches Chesapeake bay Virginia Beach and Ocean City MD pic of VA beach tho
This Monopoly board has Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake on it
Anderson Cooper to appear on "Jeopardy!" Tuesday, raise money for Virginia Beach charity Spike's K9 Fund - Vi...
.will play for Spike's K9 Fund, a Virginia Beach charity run by retired Navy SEAL Jimmy Hatch
ill never forget the day jasmine thought Virginia Beach's zipcode was also the same as hers in Chesapeake lol
LRT: I had those desks in Chesapeake schools. The entire time I was in Virginia Beach schools, I had these.
Tracking rain and storms through parts of Virginia Beach & Chesapeake. Rain is moving east
TRACKING RAIN: We're tracking mainly rain over Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and parts of Norfolk. An isolated storm...
I know where I am now (@ Chipotle Mexican Grill in Virginia Beach, VA)
All the best athletes in the 757 come from Chesapeake and Virginia Beach
Actually, the best turkey bacon I've had is this restaurant in Virginia Beach called Mary's. It's so delicious!
no, I live in Virginia Beach but work in Chesapeake.
Kudos to the Chesapeake Bay Found in Virginia Beach and its now "Living Building"
I'm Shannon Anderson. I gave $267 to I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I work as a Pilot at Navy.
Housing Needed:. Virginia Beach, VA or Chesapeake, VA. "Hi my name is Girlyn but I go by Glen. I am a Navy wife, a...
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