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Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving is a website owned by Virgin Group which offers a on-line charity donation service.

London Marathon British Red Cross

ok you need to register with Virgin Money Giving tell me which email address and I'll add you in
ok you need to sign up at Virgin Money giving and tell me the email address you used and I'll add you - thank you so much
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Sabrina is running the London Marathon 2017 via
my daughter Sabrina is running the London Marathon 2017 |Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising |
Please can all fans share. Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Someone Special
As 2016 comes to a close we've seen some inspirational fundraising campaigns using Virgin Money Giving
Can I raise money for two charities on one event? I can do this at Virgin but want to use Text Giving this year. Thanks.
For many 2016 has been a rollercoaster year, but we've been inspired by the fundraising on Virgin Money Giving
Another big weekend coming up - why not pledge to have a and fundraise for your favourite charity?
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Sedbergh School London Marathon's fundraisi Please donate if you can
Considering going dry for January? Why not raise money for your favourite charity at the same time?…
they said we will end contract but not giving u phone!! *** As we owed from March!! The money we already paid!!! Virgin is bad
Say What . . . . GET PAID TO TAKE A VACATION! . US VIRGIN ISLANDS are giving away money for people who travel in...
Overdone it this Festive period? Why not take a break for a good cause this January?
Feeling like drying out this January? Why not do it for a good cause with us and
will like to joint Virgin money giving
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Lucy is running the London Marathon! via
I keep trying to give you money, but it keeps timing out. Is there a problem with the virgin giving website?
If you would like to make a donation to BATIAS you can use our Virgin Money giving page
“Mr Branson, can you please lend me money to buy a sewing machine?” -
Right my Virgin Money Giving page is all set up and I’m raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Please sponsor me at
I'm fundraising for Parkinson's UK. Please help me make a difference by making a donation to my Virgin Money Giving…
daughter and I are running 10k for but can't find it on virgin money giving, will you be adding it?
Virgin Money has launched a new balance and money transfer credit card giving borrowers 41 months 0 per cent
Open a Virgin Money Giving page and you could win £250 vouchers
Thanks for getting in touch! Could you share a link to your Virgin Money Giving page so we can look into promoting it? ^AD
If you'd like to support us you can give a donation via our Virgin Money Giving page
If anyone wishes to sponsor Ethan they can do so by visiting the Virgin Money Giving website under Lindsey Smith xx
We have a brand new page on Virgin Money Giving - for fundraising and donations
Here's some for all Prudential 100 and 46 cyclists
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Julie and Dawn's big birthday ICAAN challenge
Little Giant Ladders
.is 3 weeks away! And your fundraising could win you £250 vouchers!
You can donate to the Virgin Money Giving fundraising page - All proceeds go to Kirkwood
Every donation on your Virgin Money Giving page could win a trip to New York
for Pls search Virgin Money Giving for Ian Cater and give what you can!! I'm losing my Mum to the disease. Pls RT
Fantastic! Every donation made to a Virgin Money Giving page with MasterCard counts as an entry ^AD
This is no One fundraiser will win a £25,000 donation to their Virgin Money Giving page
Hi! ITs on Virgin money giving Elizabeth Rizzini. thanks so much but please - no obligation!'s all-fools day in the UK,and we're the fools for giving beardie the money he buries in virgin isles banks
Giving the Oak Island boys a run for their money...(see what I did there?)
Help us win a £25,000 donation thanks to MasterCard . Virgin Money Giving have teamed up with MasterCard to give...
FAO Charities with WordPress websites. Check out this great Virgin Money Giving Widget -
would be great to get a mention in your blog about the WordPress plugin I’ve created for fundraisers
Charity Fundraisers, by here is the Virgin Money Giving plugin for your blog
who would I talk to about abuse I'm receive via virgin money giving?
£2.50 to get a track on my Marathon Music Play list From Brahms to Boyzone the choice is yours Just search Virgin Money Giving Denise Law
If you don't want to sponsor through my Virgin money giving page I have a pot going for cash and now cheques. 100% going all to DSUK!
It's easy to support our work by making a donation, simply visit our Virgin Money Giving page here:
Register by MIDNIGHT TOMORROW for the chance to win £500 for your charity!
You have two days left to win a £500 boost to your Virgin Money Giving page!
So Ive created my Virgin Money Giving Page for the GNR rising money for my target is £300.
virgin money giving. com/ElizabethWinton running London for Dave the Rhino...Every penny counts.tough times for these guys
Oh!!! Looks like my Virgin Money Giving plugin got approved on Wednesday O.O better get my SVN on!
Fundraisers, if you missed it earlier here it is again, my new Virgin Money Giving plugin for your blog
Reminder! There are only 2 days to register if you want to win a £500 donation towards your charity! More:
I’ve created a plugin for WordPress users to promote their fundraising pages using your API
ATTN: Virgin Money Giving fundraisers with a website, my plugin to pull info into a widget is ready
Please go and check it out and donate if you can. Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Ella Arnold's fundraising page
Virgin London Marathon 24.04.2016. Lots of donations have been made to my Virgin Money Giving / Tish Borrowman...
Why is a poor country like Algeria giving you any money? What did you promise them in return? Virgin blood?
Chance to receive £500 boost towards your Virgin Money Giving Page More Info
Hi Jula, Can I just confirm that you mean your Virgin Money Giving page Rula? Could you send me a link? ^AD
We are so excited to be participating in this years please donate to Virgin money giving and search Team Ted...…
Watch out for news of our Virgin Money Giving page where you can make donations to the Metro 60 Charity Challenge https:/…
powerful idea for statue of Mary Woolstonecraft - but virgin money giving page? No irony there?
You've seen the incredible Ava and Louie on the news - read more via their Virgin Money Giving page
My 8yr old son will try to swim 1 mile to raise money for AOK rucksack appeal. Donations to Virgin Giving c/o Rebecca Oleary
Hello! Please let me know if I can help with anything - we'd love to welcome you to Virgin Money Giving ^AD
Has anyone used Just Giving or Virgin Money giving? Dm me. I have a few questions :)
Virgin money giving .. Richard Lilesmartt. Once on my page shows how to donate. It's a great charity for so many reasons .. Cheers
£3k up, £17k to go. Pls sponsor me Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Orin Lewis OBE fundraising page https…
Jack Mitchell is running the Bath Half for TOP. Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Jack Mitchell's fundraising page
Over £92.5 million was donated to charities through our not-for-profit Virgin Money Giving
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Kate is sleeping rough for the night!
Ben Waterfall & Candice Lotter are running the London Marathon for - Virgin Money Giving pages here
Virgin media free offer. B aware if u receive a coupon giving u £15 u don't get money when u win the site crashes and u do not get paid out
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Before the loss of Alan Rickman, he was the 1st star to donate on the Virgin Money Giving page in the post
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Steve Old's fundraising page 85 Days to go
When it comes to giving folks money, I'm like a Virgin ion wanna give it up 😩😂
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | kevin wyper's fundraising page Cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia
Thanks for signing up! We'll post you out a fundraising pack today with details about setting up a Virgin Money Giving page!
JetBlue giving Virgin America a run for its money...
Just doing my bit at for the rhino! support me please at money giving. com Elizabeth Winton
Well Done Team, we've raised £11716.48 on virgin money giving and we have£23269.79 in the charity bank account.
I am raising money for Roger Wardle. Please visit the page on Virgin Money Giving.
- Making a donation today? Did you know you can donate to us directly through Virgin Money Giving?
Scholarships for being a virgin? Lmao never are they giving out money for sumn so stupid. As if they gone be virgins till they die. Man gone
27 dry days done & 10 to go. If you donate to my Virgin Money Giving page it would really motivate me!
A link to a charity I support says Virgin MOney GIving is not work right now. Said that at 7pm last night, still broken.
Virgin money giving site now back up @
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Dudley at London Marathon for Headway Norfolk - I’m taking on a...
90 days to go! Over 125 miles done so far...Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Nicola Meakin's fundraising page
Last year's featured article! Why not read on and enter the 2016 trials: http…
Please help Richard and the Transplant team reach their £1,500 target by visiting their Virgin Money Giving page
So proud of my brother.. Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Paul Simpson's Fundraising Page
Hey, if you charged less than £10 for wifi, the carriages would be full of people giving you money not their mobile network
As long as virgin money giving is available as a I will not support use of , just robbing the !
Please visit my fund raising page at Virgin just giving. I am raising money for children with disabilities.
You can also sponsor Sally's Abseil Challenge via the Virgin Money Giving page - we've set an initial target of... htt…
hello my donation is on it's way to you. Donated via your virgin money giving page. You all amazing,the best to you all xx
Virgin Money Giving has teamed up with Crisis to run a campaign that will allow them to welcome around 4,300 homeles…
The most amazing challenge in support of Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | 400 marathons in 1 year
Hi Graham, Have you set up a Virgin Money Giving page to help you raise money via your video? ^AD
What a brilliant idea for this Christmas! Great job Well done
Pay for a homeless person to have a warm Christmas with and
.are looking for volunteers this Christmas:
Mr. showing his kindness and generousity yet again. Amazing!.
Help the homeless this Xmas through this Christmas:
bet Virgin Atlantic are giving their money just their customers
Help the homeless through this Christmas:
Help the homeless this Christmas through Virgin Money Giving
The Chelsea Burley Trust is now on Virgin Money Giving. So it is now so easy to make a donation or set up your...
Virgin Money Giving | Charity fundraising, sponsorship and donations online | Quick, easy and...
Hey ... just finished swimming the length of river Severn tonight raising £12k on Virgin Money Giving for charity
Stupid Giving Money to his online fans for Trending anti tags And Spreading Fake News
The official fundraising site for the will remain as Virgin Money Giving for its 40th race in 2020!
I have attached a link for my Virgin Money Giving page so please give what you can. Thankyou so much in advance!
Dave is featured on Virgin Money Giving's Fundraiser Stories today - 
"Technology will democratise finance - giving control back to consumers."
When he started out, Carnegie said he'd spend the 1st half of his life making money, and the second half giving it a…
Are you based in and work with a charity? The Lounge are holding a Open Day on Thursday
The Lounge are holding a Open Day for charities on Thursday - pop in to find out more
To celebrate Virgin Money Giving's 6th birthday, we announced our extended sponsorship of the London Marathon
We've reached 50% of our target! The fundraising continues at Virgin Money Giving
Money Giving to be fundraising partner for London Marathon until 2020 Virgin Mon...
in the process of working out what company I should work with. Why Virgin Money Giving rather than Just Giving or anyone else..??
[BRANDREP] Virgin Money "whatever your run face" by AllTogetherNow: Virgin Money Giving, the not-for-profit fu...
VIDEO: Embrace your run face!: Virgin Money Giving are encouraging runners across the country to own their dod...
AllTogetherNow capture run faces for Virgin Money Giving
Not just giving a bit. Giving 100%. Brilliant work from Daniel Evans and for Virgin Money out of th…
Just got my first donation on my Virgin Money Giving page and i defo got too excited 😂
Thank you to all of you who continue to add donations to the Virgin Money Giving page - we have reached over £30,000 for
Running the Create your Virgin Money Giving page for Jo's by 31/10 & you could win £1000 donation -
I'm running Brighton & London Marathons in one week for Macs charity . Please sponsor me on virgin money giving
Considering a sponsored personal or team challenge? Why not raise money for SERV S&SL via Virgin Money Giving?
Thank you to all that donated on the day and via the Virgin Money Giving page! . The latest total is £675.33!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Virgin Money is changing the face of online fundraising with a better deal for fundraisers and charities
Why not Make a direct donation to your school using virgin money giving like school
Here is the link to sponsor Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Paul Crocker's Head Office
15 minutes to the start of 25k for Please support me! Via Virgin Money Giving. Thanks so much!
Please donate to my cause if you can! Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | London Marathon 2015 for JHLOF
Good luck to all taking part in the It's tomorrow! Not too late to sponsor me via Virgin Money Giving
giving virgin money ALL money goes to charity
9 days until the Baltic Zip Slide. All in aid of Crisis. Log on to Virgin Money Giving and search for me to make an online donation. 😍😇
not sure if they use forms think it's just Virgin money giving online. Give Sarah call she will b able 2help
Kevin McCluskie is running TWO 10K's for SCF! There's still time to sponsor him on his Virgin Money Giving page:
A massive THANK YOU to everyone that has bought a brick so far on the Virgin Money Giving Site - Charlie Adie,...
I know a 26 yr old that had a guy spoil her with a larra money, cz she was a virgin, he popped & started giving the after-p*$$y behaviour.
You can still make a donation via our Virgin Money Giving page:-
Even though I have now completed the Kew Gardens 10k my Virgin Money Giving page remains open, so you can still...
Giving more doesn’t just mean donating money – we can all give more of our time to help others h…
oer we now have a donate button on our FB page which links to our Virgin Money Giving site - how very...
To donate please head to our virgin money giving page:
Tell your crowd about Virgin Money Giving via
One of our Orthoptic Students has set up a Virgin Money Giving Page in Gail's Memory. All Donations will go to...
Whoops Sam! Your page is at Virgin Money Giving! Thank you for supporting Have a great ride.
Registration done for RideLondon 100 on Sunday. Still time for sponsorship at Virgin Money Giving!
Last chance to win an Apple watch! Just open a fundraising page for the
skydive booked for 30th october on behalf of caint wait! Find my page on virgin money giving!
Terrible UI design on Virgin Money Giving - no separation between amount and payment separators at all.
Open a fundraising page for to be entered into the draw to win an Apple watch!
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Michael Taylor's fundraising page good luck final day what a brave & kind man
Thanks for getting in touch! Virgin Money Giving is just in the UK at present ^SM
Looking to set up a fundraising event? Get started with a Virgin Money Giving page today!
Fancy winning Sheffield Wednesday tickets? Donate to virgin money just giving page before 8th to enter
Just 6 days til Chris Coyne does the 2015 Prudential Ride London-Surrey100 and cycles 100 miles for RDT! Support him at Virgin Money Giving
An amazing friend, Martin Kell, has been raising money for us via Virgin Money Giving and toady we found out that...
the conductor said speak to you and I'm not giving anymore money to you services by texting rather use Virgin trains
Our Virgin Money Giving page will be up & running very soon to help you collect your sponsorship money for the big day!
are they registered with Virgin Money Giving, that could be an option
Branson offers some dads one year leave on full pay: Richard Branson is giving certain Virgin staff p...
This arrived in the post today! Raising money for NSPCC. See my virgin money giving page. Thank you.
"Please raise awareness of the work they do. Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Ian Mapeni's fundraising page.
We would love your support for these worthwhile Charities. Please visit our Virgin Money Giving Page. . Many thanks Gerry and Carl 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
A kind of different event: Incredibly proud to be featured on Virgin Money Giving We're stand up…
Ty to for your donation to my Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | BHWSDCSociety Team fundraising page
1 WEEK TO GO! Check out my Virgin Money Giving Page. I'm taking on a challenge for charity. Please sponsor me.
New record of £22m raised on Virgin Money Giving by 2015 London Marathon runners
Please help us raise some money for Children Hospice Southwest just go to Virgin just giving page and look for us.
Visit our Virgin Money Giving page if you would like to donate to a great cause >
.announced he would be giving Virgin employees unlimited vacation. Time versus money ...
Electronic Device Insurance
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Sara and Papa cycle to Paris and back!
Virgin Mobile USA is giving its Data Done Right customers more data for less money -
yes there is Virgin money giving I will post the link shortly
Virgin Money Giving - Clare Mahdiyone's fundraising page Who is going to sponsor our CEO on our bike ride
Hi trying to raise funds for you but cant find you on Virgin Money Giving. Are you on there and if not can you get added asap?
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Emily's Open Water Swim. Please donate to this good cause
Help raise funds for sponsor the The Rock 'n' Rollers at Virgin Money Giving. Running in Liverpool in just over 2 wks pls rt
Coffee morning? Marathon? It's so easy to fundraise for us via our Virgin Money Giving page. Thanks for your support
We're £148 short of our target for Sat's Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. If you can help please search for 'Heasman' at Virgin Money Giving.
A few lovely people have been asking for the link to my Virgin Money Giving page, so here it is 󾌸...
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Alice and the wheely cool guys fundraising
Find out how to raise more with Virgin Money Giving - runbritain via
Vicky & Kevin r running for us @ the Rock n Roll in Liverpool. Donate at Virgin Money Giving, follow links from StHelens Mind Pls rt
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Calum Morley's fundraising page. My son Calum is going to China for a year…
A record £22m was raised from 2015 runners on
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | BOSP Thank you to those that helped. It's not to late if you haven't yet.
Delta giving Virgin America a run for its flight safety money!
Love. Love. Love. And Love the MixUp afterwards. you're giving a run for their money. via
Check out our Virgin Money Giving page and show your support for ELHAP.
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Rachel Niblock's fundraising page how fantastic is this! Thank you everyone!
Or despite giving UFC and Virgin Media my money, piracy is the only option?
what site would you recommend I fundraise for you on? Givey? Don't want to use JustGiving/Virgin Money Giving as they charge.
I'm going to set up a Virgin Money Giving page. Anyone up for for sponsoring me for ?
USA is giving its customers more data for less money
Rachael Blaney is raising money for Children with Cancer UK by taking part in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Mark Anderson is raising money for Soldiers Off The Street. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
People who fundraise. Is Virgin Money Giving better than Justgiving??
Please help us. Virgin Money Giving - Paypal isn't working. We're desperately trying to raise money for Ebola.
Happiest Birthday to me. Hehe i wish to myself... good health, more money and stay virgin LOL.. thanks God for giving me another year.. AMEN
"Lol... Not all. The right one will love him without him giving her money nt all but d right 1
WIN one of two 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon places. Our Official Hotel Partner Holiday Inn® are giving you...
Lol if think I'm giving them more money a month for Skygo extra they're having an absolute laugh, time to get Virgin
Osborne giving £5m to Virgin Money foundation. Forgot to mention Virgin M has cut share of pre-tax profits given to community from 5% to 1%.
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Sole Mates fundraising page. Bit of a slow start but hope it picks up a bit
Thanks that's kind! Virgin money giving link on the homepage to make a donation to
During our campaign you can also donate through our Virgin Money Giving Page
For those who missed out on a Virgin Money place - there are still charity places up for grabs! ^AD
All you need to do to enter is receive a donation on your Virgin Money Giving page! ^AD
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Sole Mates fundraising page. So 81 days to go please sponsor me if you can
Thank you. Please advise The You Trust that they are welcome to donate to The Opportunities Fund via Virgin Money Giving.
...please donate at the following link: Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Grahame and Matej Suffering!
Come on tweeps get involved! Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Paul Billingham's fundraising page
Read what UK charities are doing to counter the effects Ebola is having across West Africa ^AD
Please check out my Virgin Money Giving page
Virgin Money Giving has 10 Virgin Money London Marathon places to give away!. Win one for your supporters here:
David Heneghan is raising money for Malawi Leaders of Learning. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Peter White is raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Limited.. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Karen Williams is raising money for Leeds Christian Community Trust. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Neelam Raina, Richa Grover, is raising money for British Red Cross. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
PRASHANT MISTRY, Vishal Patel, Vijay Patel is raising money for Better Lives Foundation. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Simon Nelson is raising money for Downs Syndrome Association. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
William Davis is raising money for The Ataxia-Telangiectasia Society. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Robin Walker is raising money for Evesham Abbey Bell Tower Appeal Trust. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Emily Graham, is raising money for Tenovus. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Claire Hegarty is raising money for Capricorn Animal RescueGerman Shepherd Dog Rescue. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Wesley Snell, is raising money for Dream-A-Way CIO. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Beth Holland is raising money for YoungMinds. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Natalie Stokes is raising money for Macmillan Cancer SupportARC (Antenatal Results and Choices). Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Melanie Cairns is raising money for Age UK Sunderland. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Mike May is raising money for Epilepsy Research UK. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Our very own Ros Rowe ( Finance and Project Manager) has bravely participated in an Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for Music and the Deaf. Please support her challenge by donating via our Virgin Money Giving Account .
Jennifer Wise is raising money for SWAN UK. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Rachel O'Neil is raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Virgin Money Giving page now up and running! Search under fundraiser Richard Mander
yes for sure. We are using Virgin Money Giving and our link is: THANK YOU!
no sweat, I got caught by one yesterday (Virgin Money Giving).
Virgin give more of the money to the charity tha n Just Giving do
Further to my message. Please see our virgin money giving page for what we are doing for alder hey. Thank you
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Griffith Mobey's fundraising page in aid of the National Autistic Society
People are now signing up and creating their pages on Virgin Money Giving for the sponsored Zumbathon on 11Th...
Guess what? Chloe's little sister Sophie has decided to have her hair cut too! Please sponsor her on virgin money giving
I have a virgin money giving sponsorship page, will post it later :)
currently at 8 minutes hold time *** ? Any ideas? Happy taking my money not happy giving me what i pay for?
I'm all signed up for The Great South Run in October please look at my Virgin a Money Giving Fundraising page:
Please support Dr. Rob and his friend undertaking an amazing challenge for please log onto Virgin Money Giving Thank you
Oh my. Just set up a page on Virgin Money Giving. SO much easier with
Don't forget you can help support Nigel By donating on the Virgin Money Giving Page.
Just under two weeks until the starlight walk. We have a virgin money giving page below just click the link. We...
claire grant is raising money for Breakthrough Breast CancerThe Cancer Vaccine Institute Limited. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Fast Parts Wales Ltd is raising money for Ty Hafan. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Stuart Piper is raising money for CLIC Sargent. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Avril Young is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer CareMidlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Andrea King is raising money for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Emma Green is raising money for Sue Ryder. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
George Lamb is raising money for Dementia UK. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Help us get to our 20k target for and Donations via Virgin Money Giving here:
Ursula Martin is raising money for Penny Brohn Cancer CareTarget Ovarian Cancer. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Anthony Jones is raising money for Lagan's Foundation. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
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