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Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastores is an international chain of record shops, founded by Sir Richard Branson on London's Oxford Street in early 1976. Virgin Megastores are best described today as entertainment retailers.

Tower Records Times Square Abu Dhabi Oxford Street Tottenham Court Road Piccadilly Circus Virgin Mobile Oxford St Rolling Stones

This is the very same building that used to be Tower Records/Virgin Megastore/Best Buy. Pure insanity.
I remember queuing for this outside the Virgin Megastore on Tottenham Court Road on release day. 30 years ago. Time…
is it going to be released in the Dubai Virgin megastore at the same time ?
: always look to expand your frame of reference. Working in Virgin Megastore was vital for Vikki to learn more.
I'm at virgin megastore hope its a 2 cd set with a cdrom video on cd 2
couldn't believe my luck,picked it up in a reduced bin in Virgin megastore when I was about 14
You can't get a curry in Currys, you can't buy boots in Boots... and I got thrown out of the Virgin Megastore
was in London working at Virgin Megastore when The Score came out. Huge album
Just been sorting out a box of old CDs. How did anyone ever cope with paying £14.99 for an album at Virgin Megastor…
Always Jadine Concert Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE at Virgin Tickets and in all Virgin Megastore…
Here's a reason to smile more. Tatty Devine’s home and gift accessories are coming to the UAE. . Available at Virgin…
Still have Far From Yours and It Reminds Me singles on CD. I miss Virgin Megastore and their high-priced Maxi-Singles.
and you were extremely dreaming!! Virgin Megastore Cardiff, queued 9 hrs & I burst into tears!
I miss the Downtown Disney Virgin Megastore. I did hit up quite a few Tower Records in Japan.
I remember buying that LP in the virgin megastore in the galleries shopping centre with my 15th birthday money
job at Virgin Megastore head office in London. people working there were all hot. 1st day walked into girls loo> had a *** gt;busted
"The IFPA and Virgin Megastore were prosecuted for selling condoms in Ireland as late 1991. Later that year, the...
remember buying this release day in London Virgin megastore, jeez time flies 🙂
AED100 VIRGIN MEGASTORE VOUCHER YR9-13. Another great reward from school was added to
Today (February 14) in 2012 - Lilo love at the Virgin Megastore signing in Paris!
Take me back to virgin megastore pls i love the records there
Every time I go to Virgin Megastore I stare at the Marauders Map and never end up buying it. Honestly idk why am I doing this to myself.
Conyngham Road's VA2 at the 78A terminus outside the Virgin Megastore, Aston Quay 1997
When I worked in music I used to walk through the virgin megastore (remember that!?) to find…
I remember seeing this book in Virgin Megastore some time earlier, and I remember that I said that I'd buy it. It h…
Get the best from Virgin Megastore to enjoy it with your friends!
counter at Virgin Megastore Dubai doesn't sell new products like their matte lipstick and the PhotoFocus range!I'm so sad!
doing a signing in New York's Virgin Megastore...Wing Commander on were in f…
You could say you're gonna lose your Megastore Virginity... I'll let myself out
i went to virgin megastore earlier and your songs are playing. . Please include Dubai in your tour list for Divide. 😆😭➗🎶
Actually so excited for my first ever Megastore experience!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Register on the website for a chance to win 1 out of 5 Virgin Megastore vo…
Its like imagining spotty Colin from the local Virgin Megastore giving Branson a quick call...nae chance..
I wanna go to virgin megastore and get the new Nintendo switch 😭🙏
bought it in Virgin megastore in Colchester.
TLC - Creep 😍 . First record I bought when I moved to London. Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street.
I remember buying a PSP on launch day at the Virgin Megastore on 14th.
pair of boxer shorts signed by the legend himself, Michael Jackson several years ago at a visit to a Virgin Megasto…
I blind-bought the SPEED RACER Blu-ray at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square for $36.
This is IT you see! I picked up a few in Virgin Megastore too. Cruising the Indie racks :o) Where’s the algorithm for THAT?
Zavvi are what used to be virgin megastore. That is not a assign they can be trusted IMO
We're live in Virgin Megastore Dubai Mall demoing the Pioneer Dj Starter Pack!! Head down and check it out!
It's been years but i'm still mad as *** they got rid of the Virgin Megastore in Times Square.
The first time I played Mario 64 in Virgin Megastore
Since then, it has been globalized with the release of Virgin Megastore~^
Looking at the game prices in the local Virgin Megastore and laughing. Then looking at the controller and doing the…
I bought her first cd from the virgin megastore in chicago twice because I lost it the first time
I remember A playing at Virgin Megastore in Leeds back in t'day. Good times.
Has it really been 14 years? I remember buying this album from the virgin megastore like it was yesterday.
went to Virgin Megastore to cop and played on Sony Walkman, after coppin' batteries from the chinawoman, good times.
Get the latest QH magazine at any Virgin Megastore, Carrefour, Megamart and all leading supermarkets!
it's the only thing I associate the word mega with. Loved a Virgin Megastore, me
Yesterday, I went to Virgin Megastore in Bahrain and I brought other earphones.
Hey Virgin Megastore, do you have any news about the Nintedo Switch in Dubai? Price, launch date etc, thanks! :D
Got this at midnight on that date at Virgin Megastore on LI 19 years ago! Seems like yesterday.
.. That also means in 1998 I froze my *** off on line outside the Virgin Megastore to get my ha…
i have a question. are they only going to accept tickets from virgin megastore tomorrow or the printed ones on A4 paper or both?
Virgin Megastore in Times Square right at midnight. It was all PJ fans & people there for the Rent soundtrack.
Lebanese pop star sits near her fans during a signing session 4 her album "Bastanak" at virgin megast…
4th impact t-shirt I bought this week, I made the collage then I emailed it to Virgin Megastore so that they could…
Virgin Megastore playing the songs I wanted to hear aha
same here, i live in Manchester so we had hmv & virgin megastore so i had a better chance 😇
big fans. I saw you all at Virgin Megastore NYC Union Square for your debut release.
Uncovered this in my cellar. I rescued it from my Virgin Megastore when it was closing down in 2004.…
Me: why is Virgin Megastore called so? maybe the owner has never had…?. Sister: -stares silently- go upstairs
I liked a video Virgin Megastore ad
Be part of Spartan Race Jeddah & join us on Feb 4th !. Get your tickets NOW from any Virgin Megastor…
Virgin Megastore is looking for Payroll Officer, Location: Jeddah, Saudi National Only, 1-2...
"Pardon Our Progress," reads the sign at the mall outside the cavernous space that once had a Virgin Megastore - since has had 15 makeovers
Be part of the event & join us with your friends in The Spartan Race !. Get your tickets NOW from any Vir…
. Virgin megastore is looking for Payroll Officer , Saudi National , 2 Years Of Payroll and SAP System . talents
I'd love to go back in time before you could download music and browse CDs in Virgin Megastore in town chatting to other people about music
How Virgin Megastore has pivoted to remain relevant:
I used to wait on him at Megastore on Nicest man. It was an honor & he…
to strolling through Tower Records & Virgin Megastore.
Should we go down to old London town in our millions to protest against the Virgin Megastore in Marble Arch
The album is now available at Virgin Megastore in Bahrain City Center!
Sudden nostalgia hit - LP cases on sale in HMV Eldon Square (which I think was Virgin Megastore back in the day???)
Wow just thought about the time I interned at MTV. Me & the kid I worked with used to go to Virgin Megastore to play Madden during lunch lol
there was one in Bham's Virgin megastore, but it didn't last long.
Remember purchasing back in virgin megastore days when used to spend all wages back in shop
I don't work on Fridays. I make appearances. (@ Virgin Megastore in Amman)
I loved that game! Spent hours playing it and had it set up in the PS1 pods in Virgin Megastore I wrked in back then😀- Paul
Get your collectible Tshirt exclusively at Virgin Megastore City Mall.
Omg, the stationery section at Virgin megastore was messing up with me. But then I was like "NO MORE JOURNALS !!"
Almost set ! See you all tomorrow . Buy your tickets online now on Virgin Megastore ,come with a taxi to avoid...
Get 10% off when you use your Card at Virgin Megastore in the T&C apply
Keyrus creates omnichannel commerce solution with SAP hybris for Virgin Megastore Middle East...
Thanks To for signing their last cd together at Virgin Megastore…
Dear UAE friends Omrade is now available on Mall of the Emirates. Virgin Megastore and Virgin Mega Store, Dubai...
I still get the urge to tidy these & displays when I'm in hmv... *** you virgin megastore!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Want to see 4th Impact Perform in Dubai this April 29, 2016? Get your tickets now at all Virgin Megastore in UAE...
and The Virgin Megastore is now a Metro Bank. Kin banks man!
Do you feel it ?? THIS FRIDAY @ Sharq Village &Spa Garden. Tickets online at Virgin megastore and at the door ..we...
I wanna say it was a Tower Records?? I did spend too much time at that Virgin Megastore whilst hanging around TRL, tho! OY.
Tickets on sale at all Ticketing Services in all Virgin Megastore branches 01-999666.
Retail Leaders Circle happening now at The St Regis Hotel Dubai. Nisreen Shocair, President Virgin Megastore is...
I deeply hope you went to the Virgin Megastore (or whatever CD store it was) in Times Square.
I get that. The Tower Records on Rockville Pike in MD. The Virgin Megastore in Times Square. The River Club in DC. Old times.
just had this weird random memory of the old Virgin Megastore on Michigan Ave, and I got so sad remembering that I'll never see it again.
here we don't have this we have virgin megastore and yes I did. I bought Nancy and Mariah cds as well :D
i was given take this to your grave, infinity on high, and folie à deux. i bought the rest from virgin megastore.
really, I didn't know at the time, I remember queueing up outside Virgin Megastore to get tickets & someone tellin me
I saw a KCON poster at Virgin Megastore and now I'm sad.
I used to say that when I worked in a Virgin Megastore, about the customers… the moment they step in, they ruin everything. :D
I liked a video from Dj Chuckie on Virgin megastore -Paris
You can apparently purchase Alif the Unseen at at least 1 Virgin Megastore in Riyadh. No one is more shocked than I.
Who remembers that massive Virgin Megastore in Wheeler Gate
I'll be signing copies of the album. 26th March - Virgin Megastore. 27th March - Andy's Records. 28th March - Our Price . Woolworths said no.
...I miss Virgin Megastore. x) But I'm kinda alright with Richard Branson selling that off and then starting Space Tourism instead, lol
Remember this? Meeting us at the Guitar Hero championship at the Virgin Megastore in NYC. 4/11/07
We later got a Virgin Megastore in Bristol & I traitorously moved my Who VHS purchasing there.
Going back in time to watch DS9 episode 1. I remember being so excited seeing my first glimpse of this on a screen in the Virgin Megastore
A great project to be a part of with DG placing two of their Senior Ecommerce team members. Good luck…
Completed OG the other day. Also found this in my cupboard. Bought it from Virgin Megastore.
* Few days ago, I bought the bag on the left from Virgin Megastore Lebanon. Today, when passing by Carrefour City...
Tickets are on sale at And . Virgin Megastore...
I remember when 50 Shades of Grey was super popular and this 7 year old boy in Virgin Megastore asked if he could get it 😂
March 18th-In 1999, did an autograph signing at the Virgin Megastore in NYC.
Spotted at Virgin Megastore earlier this week. How cute this mini envelope necklace?! A pair of earrings is also...
i met a girl yesterday at virgin megastore and she saw me looking at SGFG (which costs so much omg) so then she +
991 – After an in-store promo appearance U2 were fined £500 being found guilty of selling condoms illegally at the Virgin Megastore, Dublin
Although Virgin Megastore book prices are a bit pricey but I have to say every book I get from the store is in a superb quality.👌
Dubai... Are you ready? Get your tickets now online or at Virgin Megastore In UAE.
it stocked a good selection of punk 7" singles 77-79. Bought mine there as well as the Virgin Megastore & Soho Market!
probs! or the Virgin Megastore in Arizona Mills!
Random but I miss Tower Records and the Virgin Megastore.
'Everybody Loves a Happy Ending' at Virgin Megastore in Paris at Virgin Megastore in Paris, France.
What do you call 1000 nuns in a warehouse? �� Virgin Megastore!!
I wish working in a record store as a teenager was actually like working at Empire Records. Virgin Megastore didn't quite cut it...
Everytime I hear I Wanna Be Adored, it takes me back to the first time I heard it. . Virgin Megastore wondering why he wants to be a dog
I used to work with him at Virgin Megastore he was a great laugh
I saw this at Virgin Megastore yesterday and I thought it was pretty cool
Of course not. Going to go to Virgin Megastore on Oxford St and buy all his CDs. That's still there, right?
it was 1994... and from a virgin megastore... I think standard releases had gone from £9.99 up to £10.4 then £10.99 the year before
Blogger Zoella has recently launched a beauty range, including this cute perfume. Out now at Virgin Megastore.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hey, Al Ain... . Theory of Mind is now available at Virgin Megastore in Jimi Mall. Head down there…
Pass by Virgin Megastore Opera on Friday August 8 at 6 PM for album signing session!
please stop making all the girls I know convert. Thank you. Best regards,. a virgin megastore.
fantastic and she trained teachers in the Virgin megastore in Limerick
Do the guys remember signing at the Virgin Megastore in Liverpool? I was one of the organisers of that.
1996 book launch party at the cafe of Virgin Megastore in Midtown
Grab a copy of one8one from any of the Virgin Megastore outlets. 2 pages of all you need to know about Carl &...
Don't miss today Danveri's album release "She's All Naked" and Mini Concert that will be held at Virgin Megastore...
Listening to makes me feel like I'm browsing in the old Virgin Megastore in Times Square.
Highly recommend this from Virgin Megastore. After you're done with writing your letters, it becomes a storage box!
I only have the boys album I got it from virgin megastore when I was in dubai :/
Album release is on the 2nd of july at Virgin Megastore - Beirut Souks at 6:00 PM. Be there, be many!
I legit left my own 8th birthday party to watch the Virgin Megastore thing on
In three hours it looks like has solved the digital discovery of music for me. It's like Virgin Megastore radio on speed.
Just spontaneously laughed out loud (“LOL’d”, I believe they call it) again @ “The Virgin Megastore”, Truly excellent.
just bought george michael's listen without prejudice vol. 19 at the virgin megastore and it's so good i wish it was all 6 CDs in my changer
awesome mate Tandy or virgin megastore was the best used to spend ages on Saturdays walking around there
When you finally find out the name of that virgin who owns a megastore
you buried the lede. The funniest part of this photo is the Virgin Megastore across the street
Same here, some big shops have them again. Virgin Megastore Paris used 2 buy 2nd hand from customers
Hello Noor, we are sorry for the delay. unfortunately; Tori Kelly's new album is not available at Virgin Megastore.
When your boss wants you to work overtime and you're like بشت بليز. On sale soon at Virgin Megastore &...
Meet me friday august 8 at 6pm at megastore opera ❤️
Officially in love with the cashier at Virgin Megastore 😭😭
Continue the story. . Once upon a time a guy called Richard got lost in Virgin Megastore and … .
Headstrong display at the Virgin Megastore in Orlando, FL. (2007)
do you ever miss a stranger like I miss that guy that stood in front of me in a concert also some cute guy I saw at virgin m…
Esquire magazine tried out Hexoskin and here's what they thought... You can buy yours at Virgin Megastore and...
Me: "What was this before, Tower Records?". Friend: "No.". Me: "Circuit City?". Friend: "No, a Virgin Megastore.". ... 😞
Virgin Megastore is looking for Duty Manager for our store in Al Khobar - Dhahran Mall,send your CV to virgin.ksa
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
- I've had a look in Our Price, Virgin Megastore, HMV, MVC, Andy's Records, Music Junction.the lot!
Being able to listen to 6 music is good, and I can get Uncut and Mojo. There are some records on sale in Virgin Megastore.
"Pomeranz is truly an exciting artist... one of the finer voices of our time" - Billboard Magazine Save the date, on OCT. 06, 2014, a music legend is going to perform at the Bahrain International Circuit. Get your tickets at the Virgin Megastore City Center or through their online ticketing system here: / / / /
heyy, i just want to know if there's a branch of Virgin Megastore in KSA ?
What a great news?! Album after more than 5 months in Virgin Megastore ❤️
for those who asked, I found it in virgin megastore
I'm pretty sure la Fnac is slowly dying like Virgin Megastore did. It's a sad.
Benefit from a 75% discount when shopping from any of Virgin Megastore branches from June 2nd till July 2nd
No-one in at work. Met Rich for lunch outside Virgin Megastore - went to McDonald's and watched him eat a Big Mac then we went to Athena.
not even sure if I could penetrate that *** .
I go back to Saudi Arabia . But I think the Virgin Megastore has some . My sister bought a Bieber t shirt from there
5 days to go, Dubai! Get your tickets from any Virgin Megastore in the UAE or online.
I graduated HS in '86, so Toad is from post-college years. Bought this CD at Virgin Megastore in Hiroshima in '94.
When I worked at Virgin Megastore we’d often play Starship Troopers on the big screen and hope no kids walked upstairs during certain scenes
Bought 4 books from Virgin Megastore in which 3 out of them are out of my comfort zone! Excited to experience reading something new & good.
Random fact, image used in the article is from the Virgin Megastore Beirut Lebanon, not campus bookstore. Great article.
Check out this Ipad on Virgin Megastore on app. .
This is a very nice collection that I found in Virgin Megastore :P I got one
look what I found in Virgin megastore
Awesome and unique backpacks available EXCLUSIVELY at Virgin Megastore!
So happy with the collection I got from Virgin Megastore.
Happy Friday! It was a lot of fun with all the children earlier today at Virgin Megastore, Mall of the Emirates.
it truly is a crisis. But hands up. I have that record too. £3.99 in virgin megastore a long long time ago.
Shop for SAR 500 at any Virgin Megastore brand and get a chance to win a family trip for 3 to Disney Land!
just to add, taken in 1982 at Virgin Megastore, Tottenham Court Rd. 32 years have passed quickly.
Good morning everyone! Virgin Megastore is now well adorned with "Bahrain in Harmony - David Pomeranz Live In...
After almost 8 hours on the road and then attended the Xbox One launch event at Virgin Megastore and played...
People waiting in-line, including me at Virgin Megastore at Emirates mall to play one of newest games…
. after party at the Virgin Megastore in NYC - Plastilina Mosh had played earlier - Cerati did a cd signing.
Virgin Megastore - became McDonalds? I worked at Dillons bookshop which was a bit further down for a while
We are so excited to see you all tomorrow morning at Virgin Megastore MOE.
Tickets for one of the cultural highlights of September are now on sale at Virgin Megastore! Ticket prices range...
Drop by booth in Virgin Megastore City Stars for the next 6 weeks! during working days and Friday…
REMINDER: Bring your little ones and come join us tomorrow at Virgin Megastore, Mall of the Emirates from 10:00...
Join us at Virgin Megastore - MOE tomorrow for an exciting event!
Microsoft will hold an One hands-on sessions in on Thursday, join in at the Virgin Megastore in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates.
I LOVE If would open up a Virgin Megastore on this plane, it would be PERFECT.
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition with Tools Only @ Virgin Megastore and Telco Village Call us @ 06-5920032 or 06-5920042
A 2000 set up just for the Virgin Megastore. Unbelievable Jeff.
to let you know it's only in Egypt virgin megastore that the album is top 2
New items replenished at Virgin Megastore and get yours now before it get lost!
So 10 quid to grave rob 'Our Price' the 'Virgin Megastore' and 'HMV'. Next term at sorted now though. http:/…
Can't wait to bring ya out here babes x can't believe I found a virgin megastore and a m&s out here
If you said that in 2008 you could have saved Virgin Megastore. We had thousands at £5 a pop.
you heard that the former Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysees is being developed as a Harrod's, right? Or so they say..
All Hands On The Bad One is a cracking album tho. I remember getting to Virgin Megastore mega early to buy it.
smh they're sO overpriced, I feel like virgin megastore would have them bc they sell Polaroid cameras + film
Boring!! Back to school! . What's not boring is Virgin megastore this Friday, 10am! -
There are so many ‘AWESOME’ things about going back to school this year with Virgin Megastore and RAGMAG Magazine...
He chases Pam Anderson around a Virgin Megastore with a "Traditional marriage sack". How can that not be funny. Blazing Saddles?
Unveiling an extensive line-up of world-class brands at Qatar Duty Free. Guests will really be spoiled for choice, with boutiques and stores from the likes of Bally, Bvlgari, Burberry, Chanel Watches, Harrods, Hermès, Michael Kors, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Swarovski, Virgin Megastore, and WH Smith. In the coming months, we will have more world class brands joining the line up.
Get ready for one of the biggest concerts happening in which will definitely be one of your best "moments". Buy your tickets for the tomorrow starting 6 am exclusively from Virgin Megastore at before any other place in Abu Dhabi.
" One Direction " tickets will be sold tomorrow starting 6:00 am in Abu Dhabi exclusively at in Virgin Megastore!
The Google Glass is available at Virgin Megastore by vi...
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros perform Bhindi Bhagee at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square on the 24th of July, 2001. Filmed by Dan McKellar.
Those living in check out Virgin Megastore's Mega Shopping Fest! is part of it. Don't miss it!
Following his visit to Ireland on Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted in the United Arab Emirates this weekend, as highlighted by tbreak media. Cook posed for photos at Apple reseller Virgin Megastore at the Al Wahdi Mall in Abu Dhabi yesterday, while several photos from today place him...
Name: Virgin Megastore, Egypt – Azadea Group Company Profile: Virgin Megastore is the number one destination in the region for entertainment; gaming and life style if you are interested to become part of Virgin family “Azadea Group” - Just apply now. Position: Sales Associate, females, unveiled Location: City Stars & Mall of Arabia Branches Role purpose: The sales associate is responsible for greeting, assisting and serving customers on the shop floor at any and all points in the shopping experience, in order to ensure the provision of the highest standards of customer service and the achievement of maximum sales. Qualification: 1.high school degree 2. Knowlegde and understanding of store operating procedures 3. Fluent in English Skills required for the job: 1.Customer focus and attention to details 2. Team work 3. Cultural awareness 4. Communication To apply, kindly send your CV to: recruitment.egyptplease mention the required position in the “subject” so as to be considered.
Here is a sneak peek into what New Years Eve at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is going to bring you! Get the feeling with ART DEPARTMENT and Infinity Ink! Tickets Are Available Online at or at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE.
One day we'll tell our kids about Blockbuster, Tower Records, Borders Books and Virgin Megastore and they'll just laugh…
TiVo box has packed up after only 3 months. I've not hated Richard Branson this much since 1998 when the bearded bell-end gave all us Virgin Megastore workers a copy of his autobiography as our Christmas "bonus".
I recently had the great and wonderful pleasure of interviewing Sir Richard Branson. If you don’t know who he is, he is a dyslexic billionaire who founded the Virgin company: Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Megastore, and more.
Today was productive in Abu Dhabi - I found a Virgin Megastore and a Woolworths! both of these stores are closed in the UK.
What happened today in music history: 1920: Enrico Caruso recorded his last work for Victor Records. 1963: “She Loves You” was released by the Beatles. 1965: The second season of “Shindig!” was opened with the Rolling Stones performing “Satisfaction.” The Kinks, Byrds and Everly Brothers also appeared on the season opener. 1966: The Metropolitan Opera opened its new opera house at New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. 1970: Jimi Hendrix made his final public appearance. He appeared with Eric Burdon and War at a club in London. The opening performance was Samuel Barber’s “Antony and Cleopatra.” 1978: The Grateful Dead recorded a concert at the pyramids in Egypt. 1980: Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall officially opened. 1991: Willie Nelson and makeup artist Ann-Marie D’Angelo got married. 1993: Grace Slick’s home was destroyed by fire. 1998: The members of Mott The Hoople played together for the first time in 24 years at the Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street.
I wish there were more good old-fashioned DVD stores like Sam Goody and Virgin Megastore.
1st time I was in Virgin megastore realising I couldn't see half of a cd cover. Frightening.
The time Virgin Megastore announced Macca's death to its staff “LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!
"I came three years ago where we did RedBull Music Academy. Here we go again. One..." @ Virgin Megastore:
even tho I have one in home everytime I visit Virgin megastore I go straight to gaga by Terry
has a huge success in virgin megastore Morocco for that they are celebr' it by puting BTWballtour everywhere http:…
If virgin megastore was oppened,it will transform to megastore only?
First week at Virgin megastore I spent two days looking for the song"needle in a haystack".
Virgin Megastore & Time Out Kids present Story Time at Virgin in Mall of the Emirates on Friday 30th Aug at 10am.
In other 2011 a boar ran thru Virgin Megastore before plunging into the Canal du Midi
Get your tickets now to Virgin. Megastore , Al-Jeel Al-Jadeed Club or Taj Mall -Cinema Foor featured in NBC s Science of Love
Went to all the Self shows they did for Gizmodgery. Exit/In, Virgin Megastore at Opry Mills, and some place in Murfreesboro.
They started selling individual books of the boys in virgin megastore dubai and borders. (via
Triste. I left L. A. in 2010 so it's news to me. Saw many excellent films there. If I recall the Virgin Megastore closed also.
I will marry someone who works in virgin megastore it's final
I miss the days of TRL & the Virgin megastore across the street. Like why must we grow up?
Virgin Megastore mentioned in Emirati film Sea Shadow as the place to shop for music (see pic).
oh man flashbacks, I got the 9th ever Xbox sold in the UK I was at the launch in virgin megastore Day One Launch
Just got my opening night tix to with (@ Virgin Megastore)
trying and it depends on their schedule (1D's schedule) and I asked virgin megastore about "Our Moment " they said it's not+
just met up with What a beautiful soul she has! We rekindled our friendship over Indian, Virgin Megastore and Ice Cream :)
Bruv, that superman chain in your most recent instagram picture, where'd you get th... — Virgin Megastore in Tahlia
Like can Virgin Megastore get any more awesome!
was my very first idol and I'm honored to say I met her 10 yrs ago today at virgin megastore
I bought all my CD's and cassettes at Virgin Megastore in Burbank before the roof collapsed.
Hamilton Collection
Wow! Really amazing crowd at Virgin, Paris : Fans at the virgin megastore in france. X
If I could shop at Virgin megastore for free, that would be beyond awesome :') :)
ehhh sorry but My alma mater Loteto Foxrock was nicknamed Virgin Megastore back in my day!.
Get your tickets from Virgin Megastore, Aljeel club & cinema floor at taj mall
So, who are we going to see at Virgin Megastore this Friday? ;)
Apple TV, 1080p programming including iTunes movie and TV shows, Netflix, Vimeo, Get it now at Virgin Megastore
SPOTTED>>. In all the places in the world, I spotted this cute, home T-shirt, customiser kit in Virgin Megastore,...
Watching Apocalypse Now Redux for the first time! Broke the seal on the Virgin Megastore wrapper to see it!
"Victor: Took a charter flight on a DC-10 to London. Landed at Heathrow. Took a cab to the city center. Don't let people lie to you: hostels are for the ugly. I'm staying in Home House, the most beautiful hotel in the world. Called a friend from school who was selling hash, but she wasn't in. Met a couple of Brits who take me to, of all places, Camden Street. I flirt a bit at the Virgin Megastore, buy some CDs, then follow some girls with pink hair. I wandered around trying to get laid, until it started to rain, then went back to Home House. Ministry of Sound is dead, so I go to Remform - but it's *** Night. I find the one hetero girl in the place and we dry hump on the dance floor. We cab it back to Home House. I strip her clothes off, suck her toes, and we *. I hung out for four or five days. Met the world's biggest DJ, Paul Oakenfold. Kept missing the Changing of the Guards. Wrote my mom a postcard I never sent. Bought some speed from an Italian junkie who was trying to sell me a stolen bike. Smoked a ...
Think it will be this year Highcross decide to do something with the wasted space that was Virgin Megastore/ Zavvi? I have an idea - a larger Forbidden Planet. What would you like to see there?
Day 1-3 Day 1 started at 2315 at my home on Plymouth *** along the south coast of Britain. I left with a suitcase of clothes, modelling balloons, radox, treseme and electronic to spend the next month in Thailand (and 2 more in Vietnam after that) teaching English. I will explain my motives for doing this before we continue, so you know why I'm doing this. Last year I went to India for 3 weeks, helping out in an orphanage and doing some teaching, and I loved it. In March of this year I did the same thing, but this time in Ghana, and I loved it. I am considering this as a potential career for me, but could I stick it out long term. I've been working at hmv/Zavvi/Virgin Megastore for near 7 years now, so I'm taking this 3 month career break to give it a proper go. I'm not being paid to do this, it is all voluntary work through IVHQ. But if at the end I am happy (or sad that the end has come) then it'll give me something to think about. Back to Plymouth now where I left my home and walked to the train station ...
A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, Virgin Megastore offers a wide range of products, including music CDs, books, games, movies, gifts and the latest in technology. Innovative products and services fitting into all age groups' lifestyles, Virgin Megastore caters to local cultures throu...
Selective canvas tote bags are now available at our "RED BOX" section in Virgin Megastore (City Stars) branch. Pickup yours now or order it from our online stores, follow this link.
Still goosebumps from this.I was lucky to hang out with Lester a couple of times.Too much to be told here. The day after seeing this show on dutc national TV I walked into him behind the Virgin Megastore in Amsterdam,told them how much I liked their music and where to get good hashcake at about 11…
I got one from Virgin Megastore. They're a bit rough and ready but they play records, which is presumably what you want.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Watching Empire Records. The 90s was a great decade. Reminds me when me and would go to the Virgin Megastore to buy tapes,CDs
It's another massive week this week! 5 Days of The Lowdown on Virgin Radio Dubai, on Tuesday shooting more of my CNN Go episode At.mosphere Burj Khalifa and then Wednesday co-hosting with Diala Makki the launch of the world's tallest hotel JW Marriott Marquis Dubai and Friday appearing at Virgin Megastore with from 4-7pm
Our Price, Andy's Records, Virgin Megastore, Tower Records and now HMV. Why didn't they see the digital revolution coming?
Anyone know what the HMV in Glasgow's Buchanan Street was before it was a Virgin Megastore?
Virgin Megastore on Corporation Street and Frank's Wild Records in Digbeth looking for any MWH stuff I could find
Years ago I was in London to see the Nightbreed premiere at the NFT (as it was then) and fluke-ishly I walked past an empty Virgin Megastore as they were setting up a table for Clive to do a book signing. It was a very surreal experience and Clive was wonderfully dis...
Is this true? Virgin Megastore pays a rent of €15million monthly just for their store on the Champs Élysées? Really?!
I used to buy my music from Our Price, Tower Records, WH Smith and Virgin Megastore. HMV was the last beacon of hope. Sad times
Up with cutting edge modern problems, Wright Stuff guest MP Nadine Dorries wonders if Virgin Megastore will soon go the same way as HMV.
I have a vivid recollection of the first time I went to HMV. It was two years after my parents first visited London. I was on a school trip. It was the middle of summer in London and the main thing I remember at the time was that it was always raining and not much warmer than Cape Town's winter we had just left! It was early evening as we passed Piccadilly Circus. I quickly nipped in for a browse and came out with a classical CD. You couldn't find classical music easily on CD in South Africa and, as a music student at the time, it was like hitting the jackpot. Tower Records was still on Piccadilly Circus, Virgin Megastore was at Tottenham Court Road. These are all long gone as we have moved to become digital consumers but one would have thought that HMV would have continued to concentrate on what it was so good at, the rare and hard to find content which isn't always available on Amazon, along with excellent service from knowledgeable staff. Let's hope the administrators can make one last ditch attempt at ...
Really not sure what to say about HMV...apart from an obvious "thank you for the music".but then there have been so many other record shops, whether small independent stores or on every high street, that have been and gone over the last ten years due to changes in consumer purchasing patterns and the recession, and theyre all sadly missed for their own merits. Whether it's an independent store on Berwick Street, Soho, or a lock-up garage on North Street in Scarborough, or Virgin Megastore on Tottenham Court Road...we've brought down the entertainment empires of all shapes and sizes that all had substance, and reduced some of them to an app or a website. It'll be interesting to see what the backlash will be in the next ten/twenty years but for now I feel sorry for all the staff who lost their jobs...harsh!
'Sleeves' in Falkirk, 'Tower Records' in Piccadilly Circus, 'Virgin Megastore' in Watford and 'HMV' on Oxford Street. Some of the happiest moments of my reckless youth spent aimlessly flicking through shelves of CD's and vinyl, stood for hours at listening posts trying to control my feet and excitedly ordering in Madonna "import" singles that cost more than an album does now! Joyous memories that the youth of tomorrow will never know. Makes me SO sad. God help any of us if/when our hard drives corrupt!! :(
Now, Crawley Our Price was one of the greatest shops in the world, but I also spent many of my teenage days wandering from Tower Records at Piccadilly Circus to Virgin Megastore and HMV on Oxford Street via the second hand record shops of Soho. HMV might be a pale imitation of what it was back then but I'll still be very sad to see it go.
Oh my god, the Virgin Megastore on Oxford St is a massive Primark now! (I know ALL Virgin shops have gone, but it still made me feel weird.)
The Park Ave CDs holiday party is at a bowling alley at Downtown Disney. It's on the site of the old Virgin Megastore. We are literally celebrating on the grave of a chain music store.
These January sales are a joke, went to boots and they don't sell boots, went to curry's and they don't sell curry, went to selfridges and they don't sell fridges and as for the Virgin Megastore.
2012 was a great year! A lot of sleepless nights! Thanks to all our friends, fans & partners for making it a very special year. Thanks ILQ -, InterContinental Doha, La Cigale Hotel, Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park, What's Goin On Qatar, Red Bull, Unique Sound, Virgin Megastore, Crepaway, Glow'n & everyone else that made it special! Thanks to the residents Jared, Paul Mendez, Steve Kz, Jade Rox, Xwolf! & a special thanks to all our guests, CALVIN HARRIS, MINISTRY OF SOUND, HED KANDI, JUDGE JULES, BEARDYMAN, DJ FRESH, SAK NOEL, DJS FROM MARS & EVERYONE else that made it special.. Thanks again! We look forward to rocking your planet in 2013 with an already confirmed array of international superstar DJs, artists & MORE on the way..
For a share of stupidity try to ask virgin megastore salesmen some details about an electronic device
Perfect from .. Just take a picture and it will auto upload @ Virgin Megastore
sorry for interrupting but Justin isn't coming till now I called virgin megastore and they don't know till now..
If I go into Virgin Megastore and ever find the album I intended to buy I will actually assume there is an apocalypse.
When you walk into Virgin megastore and you get overwhelmed by all the Bieber and One Direction books, CDs, DVDs and magazines they have.
'Boots don't sell boots, currys don't sell currys, selfidges don't sell fridges, went to the virgin megastore and that was a dissapointment'
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