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Virgin America

Virgin America, Inc. is a United States-based airline that began service on August 8, 2007. The airline's stated aim is to provide low-fare, high-quality service for long-haul point-to-point service between major metropolitan cities on the Eastern and West Coast seaboards. San Francisco International Airport is Virgin America's principal base of operations and sole hub.

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Alaska Air and Virgin America are now one. Alaska Air Group said Wednesday it has completed its $2.6 billion acq
Oh, our teammates at Virgin America should be able to look into this for you. I hope your travel gets better in the air -Ryan
01-26 Critics are already in love with ‘Captain America:...
The Alaska Airlines-Virgin America merger is taking shape What that means for your credit c…
Virgin America wireless If only SOMEONE could manufacture a reliable computer that's small enough to use on my couch.
A flight was delayed after someone named their Wi-Fi hotspot 'Samsung Galaxy Note 7'
01-26 How much of a villain is Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War?
America’s Next Top Model contestant Angelea Preston slams Tyra after losing her All-Stars Season title because of her f…
Was this a connecting flight from a Virgin Atlantic flight or a Virgin America only flight? ^R
Anyone flown Virgin America recently? I'm reading my MVP Gold member benefits with Alaska Airlines and they look pretty good to me.
you're gonna be a nice in VIRGIN America 😂😂
01-26 Who’s on Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil...
Actually, America was conceived as a place where Pilgrims could build a New Israel in a virgin land.
That has happened to me on several airlines, most recently on Virgin America.
I just sang the entire Virgin America flight safety song with a passenger next to me. I have no life 😭😂
Starting 12/19 we can earn Alaska miles on Virgin America flights. Any idea if we can credit to Delta?
Is this a new Alaska? Dance music on overhead speakers on this 737-900ER to meet Virgin America employees.
Alaska Airlines + Virgin America have launched a fun microsite explaining how the different brands work together:
Alaska & Virgin America have used: as their merged airline site.
Underneath wing of a brand new Boeing 737-990ER media waiting for special Virgin America merger painted plane.
Leaving behind Seahawks today & flying to SFO with for their merger close celebration with Virgin America. https:…
Alaska gains two new hubs with VX deal: and Here are the combined AS/VX facilities:
*** ?? Did Virgin buy Alaska? Christ...that will leave as the only decent airline left in America.
Alaska Airlines, Virgin America begin merger process, both brands to keep flying -- for now htt…
Alaska Airlines has acquired Virgin America. That means there will be more flight destinations for regular Virgin...
Mikey its be Bryviator from FlyUS and Virgin America.
Virgin America – Alaska Airlines deal is done - Virgin America - Alaska Airlines deal is doneThe Alaska Virgin ...
So excited for the -merger and all the Alaska EQMs on Virgin America! ✈️🍸
It's now official today: has officially joined forces with Virgin Air. More flights, more rewards baby!…
Alaska Air closes acquisition of Virgin America - (Reuters) - Alaska Air Group Inc said on Wednesday it closed ...
Air begins merger Virgin promises 'more:
Being favorites of customers and employees alike, the acquisition of is a win!.
This special paint job starts with Virgin America red up front and then morphs through violet, purple & Eskimo in blue. http…
today marks the death of virgin america. RIP
Alaska Air's $4.01bn acquisition of Virgin America completed today, the 4th largest US domestic airline M&A deal on record $V…
Alaska Airlines takes key steps in merger with Virgin America.
Not a fan of Virgin America, but clearly Brad didn't consult me, so better get used to it, lol
Alaska Airlines and have joined forces, and you might be wondering what that means.
Here's what travelers can expect from the Alaska Airlines, Virgin America merger | KTVA 11:
Alaska Airlines / Virgin America merger jet. One of a kind paint job. "Roll in" this morning at Sea-Tac.
Alaska Airlines finalizes Virgin America buyout, what consumers can expect next
Jointly branded Boeing 737 intro'd today as Alaska Airlines completes purchase of Virgin America
Flight plan for Alaska N493AS SEA-SFO for Virgin America merger event.
Welcome to the family Virgin America teammates! You guys rock! Looking forward to working together to create the...
Alaska Air begins merger with Virgin America, promises 'more to love' -
Alaska Air and Virgin America are now one
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Alaska Air's planned purchase of Virgin America hits more turbulence, Delta could feel it: Alaska Air Group is…
Virgin America should really. Add a Widget, and Messages extension to share your active flight itinerary.
Alaska Air hits turbulence as Virgin America flyers sue to block deal
Did you know makes playlists based on location & moods? Awesome. Virgin America, I love you. Forever.
Virgin America's app has Spotify playlists based on your trip - - by Billy Steele
Virgin America Does a hot cash that *** slugs
virgin America I just collected an extra chance to win $500 from
Virgin America Knows a dope dancer that dances bucks
Flying Virgin America? Get your 1st Uber ride for FREE using promo code omidd1 or sign up:
My doctor asked me if I was using protection , I said I'm a virgin.. He gave me the straightest face in America !!
Virgin America Has a rough guy that jumps slugs
Airfare from NYC to Dallas is $89, on Virgin America. Which is exactly what I'd pay to go to Dallas to fight Tomi Lahren
Virgin America Has a phat trick that smokes ***
Anybody know if Virgin America is a good airlines?
See...the way Virgin America has these flight deals set up, I might have two book two more trips by the end of the year!
Aaliyah, released on July 7, 2001, by Blackground Records and Virgin Records America, is the third and fin...
Virgin America got the cheapest flight sale right now. AND I got some points.
Virgin America 8 Hour Sale - Fares from $39 to $159 (Travel between Aug to ... Read more:
Obama's agenda for America. 󾌹passing the torch to Hillary Clinton, God bless America. Our once home sweet home. A...
Virgin America Flash Sale with Fares Starting at $39 (Must Book Soon!) - via
Can Remain the Darling of Domestic Flyers? | ensync travel services
Can remain the darling of domestic flyers?
Tomorrow, Virgin America will be flying me home! Super stocked to see my family and friends!
Any lookingto fly to the Western Region Oireachtas this year - Virgin America has a super sale, but must purchase...
Hi John! Which Virgin airline did you experience this with: Atlantic, America or Australia? VA cc:-
What's going on? Can Virgin America Remain the Darling of Domestic Flyers? -… Get found ->
T+L magazine: Virgin America, Singapore are top airlines for 2016 - USA TODAY
Sweet Baby Jesus virgin america your sales are so tempting
Proud to work for the domestic airline – 9 years running! Congrats to all Virgin America teammates today!
Virgin America, Singapore Airlines are T+L's top airlines (again) for '16 (pic: http…
T+L magazine says Virgin America and Singapore are flying high as the TOP airlines for 2016:
LAX - Transferring from Virgin America to Air New Zealand - Hi, I'm looking to make two separate bookings, but...
Alaska Air and Virgin America - de facto Transfer of International Route Authorities:
Have you been flying BLAH Airlines? Hadn't seen this before. Oh such a shame I never flew with Virgin America
same reason why the US airlines were scared of Virgin America coming here...
so salty that im flying spirit airlines to Texas when we normally fly Virgin America that route (THAT AND WE'RE BROKE?
Richard Branson’s Top 12 Tips for Entrepreneurs:. This week, Richard is selling Virgin America to Alaska Airlines...
These are America's best airlines of 2016:. 1. Virgin America. 2. Jet Blue. 3. Delta.
Alaska Air, Virgin America received Justice Department request for more information:.
The Death of Virgin America's Brand and the Aftermath of the Alaska Airlines Sale
Lynda .com and Virgin Airlines teamed up to offer free courses on all Virgin America planes.
Then why is Virgin America being sold to lousy Alaska Airlines?
flew Virgin America my the 1st time. Wow- it was terrific. So appreciate the extra leg room, appreciate food not nuts.
Richard Branson says there was 'nothing he could do' to stop Alaska Airlines from buying Virgin America
Virgin America was accommodating and gave us a seat for free both ways.
Virgin America teams up with Starwood loyalty program, launches Hawaii promotion via
Alaska Airlines to buy Richard Branson's Virgin America carrier: Virgin's shares rose more than 39 percent in ...
Alaska Air buying Virgin America in deal worth more than 2B - San Jose Mercury News
- Virgin Australia "in play"? Virgin America already sold to Alaska Air. SIA vs Qantas?
really wish Virgin America would have called me first to break the Alaskan Airlines news. feel p hurt rn.
Virgin America is highest rated. I'm personally a big fan of Jet Blue and Delta.
Huge bummer, Alaskan Airlines buys Virgin America. They better not mess up everything Virgin did to improve flying. .
Virgin America to Merge with Alaskan Airlines: Alaska Airlines is paying cash of $57 per share for Virgin Amer...
Alaskan Airlines is buying Virgin America for $2.6 billion. It's the largest amount of money associated with the...
Richard Branson admits "sadness" at Alaskan Air's takeover of Virgin America.
Alaska Air Group Inc. is buying Virgin America in a deal worth more than $2 billion:
ALASKAN ACQUISITION | Alaska Airlines announced today the acquisition of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin America for...
Alaska Airlines service STINKS! I expect Virgin America's stellar service will be hampered by Alaskan's idiotic practices
So Alaskan Airlines just bought Virgin America for $4 Billion. Because all we need is more airplane consolidation
Now the work begins! How can Alaska Air keep what is working with the Virgin America brand and employee experience w…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Did Alaskan Air pay too much for Virgin America? Price certainly looks very steep.
Virgin America "merging" with Alaska Airlines is like Leisure Suit Larry starring in a Carmen Sandiego game.
Alaskan Airlines buys Virgin America to expand flights from the West Coast. .
Alaska Airlines acquires Virgin America. . Reservations surge as creeps look to take the new airline: Alaskan Virgin.
Gah, adios Virgin America. Always my first choice in/out of SFO.
I wake up to find my favorite airline, Virgin America, got bought by Alaskan Airlines. Not happy.
Alaskan Airlines acquires Virgin America. I have high hopes for this merger actually. . "I wanted to write to let...
Alaska Airlines and Virgin America!!!: It’s official! Alaska Air Group is slated to acquire Virgin America, pe...
Alaska Air & Virgin America are merging creating "Virgin Alaskan Airlines." Sarah Palin says that one airline her kids will never fly on.
Alaska Airlines expected winner in bidding war for Virgin America: The parent of Alaska Airlines, which has sp...
Virgin America and Alaskan Airlines are merging? Really? Wow.
BREAKING: Alaska Airlines near deal to buy Virgin America in deal that could value the airline at over $2B - Dow Jones, citing…
Blomberg reports that Alaska Air Group ($ALK) and JetBlue Airways ($JBLU) have made bids for Virgin America ($VA):
Virgin America spikes 10.33% to $37.70 after receiving takeover offers from Jetblue Airways and Alaska Air Group. $VA
Virgin America apparently up for sale via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Charity asks Virgin America to name London street after Sir Nicholas Winton
Virgin America launches direct flights to San Francisco from Denver, with Richard Branson on board
Other hiring events this week include: American Family Insurance, Virgin America, Aerotek and more:
He got a free trip to America because of it... I guess Virgin felt pretty guilty 😂😂😂
Trainspotter gets free flights to America ‘cos Virgin train ruined video of Flying Scotsman? Just… wow.
Virgin America cites a positive performance for Hawaii while pricing in Dallas continues to suffer
Virgin Trains gave that trainspotter a free flight to America for interrupting his shot of the train
We got him some tickets to America to say sorry. :) ^NB
VIDEO: Lincolnshire man offered trip to America after V... via
these men are running for President. of the United States of America. this was on live television.
but in this primry can you PR, the Virgin Islands. America Samo. Those votes add up lol Really they do
Great Ad for the Virgin Islands during this debate. New slogan: "Now you see why you should leave America?"
Hope all of America is watching this Unfortunately thanks to my snooping around on this Virgin America flight, only 1 out of 10 screens is
So why do Catholics in Latin America deny they are Christians; insist that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the way?
VIDEO: Lincolnshire man offered trip to America after Virgin 'photobombs' Flying Scotsman
from Earn up to 2,500 Elevate for referring friends to join the program:
there was a time in America where could admit to being an innocent virgin without fat *** attacking her. what happened
Brilliant! Lincolnshire man offered trip after Virgin ‘photobombs’ Flying Scotsman
So much in South America. Nothing more sacred than a They also have huge…
hey Ryan, I'm in Australia and have just seen this, have fun in America and Kudos to Virgin!!!
I promise I will never try to make a flight so close ever again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (@ Virgin America) on
NEWS Tow vehicle on fire while towing Virgin America A320 on Taxiway at Los Angeles (LAX)
Virgin America flight makes emergency landing at LAX: Marina Del Rey Patch -
I am a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member, can u advise if my air miles can be used on Virgin America flights?
Upgraded to Business class sweet thanks Virgin America. Plenty of leg room and free movies. See you soon Jersey...
OH NO!!! Virgin America headed by an anti-Israel activist?? Must read for all those Virgin America travelers
JetBlue giving Virgin America a run for its money...
So looking forward to going to America, especially as I have saved up just so I can fly virgin
Virgin America flight spotted 92 miles away traveling 455mph at 25,025 feet!
My flight is currently drag racing a Virgin America flight down the runway. It's pretty sick tbh. Will fly again 👍🏼✈️
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Next episode of Serial loaded & ready to go. Time for my flight home! (@ Virgin America Flight 917 in Las Vegas, NV)
Virgin America flight spotted 123 miles away traveling 617mph at 33,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 135 miles away at 30,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 58 miles away traveling 456mph at 36,850 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 446mph at 18,825 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 376mph at 12,350 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 113 miles away traveling 555mph at 30,750 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 463mph at 19,100 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 181mph at 425 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 449mph at 36,000 feet!
The easiest way to make money in south america is to say you saw The Virgin in your back yard and charge people to come pray
did you finally go with Virgin America?
Virgin America flight spotted 118 miles away traveling 569mph at 33,000 feet!
There's a reason why I only fly Virgin America...American Airlines *** ..
Every virgin in America, right now:
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 404mph at 20,475 feet!
Even in midair I can't avoid the empassioned groans of people watching footballs. *** you Virgin America and your onboard live tv!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 167mph at 800 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 116 miles away traveling 590mph at 33,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 132 miles away traveling 549mph at 35,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 3 miles away traveling 174mph at 200 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 72 miles away traveling 557mph at 30,150 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 180 miles away traveling 486mph at 36,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 177mph at 725 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 5 miles away traveling 186mph at 1,325 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 114 miles away traveling 539mph at 32,975 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 163mph at 950 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 82 miles away traveling 402mph at 13,950 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 439mph at 26,350 feet!
Watching the Virgin America safety video, at home. Just because.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Virgin America is really dedicated to fresh meals...
Virgin America flight spotted 114 miles away traveling 536mph at 28,550 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 166mph at 1,275 feet!
I detest myself for enjoying the virgin america safety song
My *** would be forced to listen to Joe Buck commentate the Virgin America preflight safety video.
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 179mph at 250 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 52 miles away traveling 322mph at 12,825 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 81 miles away traveling 391mph at 15,500 feet!
Just heard every male virgin in America moan simultaneously at that Warcraft trailer..
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 178mph at 750 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 544mph at 34,950 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 130 miles away traveling 553mph at 28,075 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 47mph at 225 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 106 miles away traveling 429mph at 26,475 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 125 miles away traveling 530mph at 35,000 feet!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
super troopers 40 year old virgin coming to America the nutty professor and Mafia
[Announcer]. And now Jenkins the Magnificent will wow you with his new juggling routine!. Jenkins was voted America’s Vir…
On virgin america.. No button to recline, not cool for lax to JFK
Word to the wise leaving Vegas on Virgin America...don't eat at the Las Vegas Chop House! Worst service ever.
Virgin America flight spotted 127 miles away traveling 547mph at 36,975 feet!
The virgin America website really isn't that great. It just looks good cause other airlines sites are so bad.
Virgin America flight spotted at 34,250 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 129 miles away traveling 557mph at 35,000 feet!
Blessed with the new Virgin America entertainment system. Best new feature seems to be the map is actually useful now.
My tall Anchor Steam at was obstructing my view of @ Virgin America at San…
My grandma, while looking at a list of airlines: "Virgin America? Where could you possibly find a virgin in America?"
The best and worst airlines are announced by Virgin America,
Virgin America signs codeshare agreement with Airlines
Virgin America loft complimentary wine and beer choose wine on the third trip for a refill she topped the glass to the top.
My dad is obsessed with the virgin America safety video
So yeah, my first ever flight with the Virgin bunch would be tomorrow. Not Virgin America, but close enough.
The holidays can be ruff. But this year Virgin America teammates helped spread some holiday cheer at the https:/…
The Last Ship" season 3 is scheduled to return in summer 2016 at TNT with 13 episodes. Read more at
Virgin America flight spotted 78 miles away traveling 408mph at 19,600 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 93 miles away traveling 339mph at 23,300 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 180mph at 375 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 379mph at 36,000 feet!
yeah only once but virgin America was nice
Have anybody flew virgin America before? Is it nice or naw?
Guaranteed, even when I'm not flying Virgin America I will always have the song stuck in my head at the airport.
Virgin America flight spotted 101 miles away traveling 516mph at 24,425 feet!
Virgin America is expected to arrive at San Francisco Intl (KSFO) in 45 minutes at 20:53 PST
Virgin America flight spotted 88 miles away traveling 325mph at 24,800 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 3 miles away traveling 148mph at 300 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 94 miles away traveling 392mph at 26,375 feet!
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Virgin America flight spotted 102 miles away traveling 365mph at 20,300 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 394mph at 38,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 109 miles away traveling 578mph at 27,000 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 173mph at 200 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted at 1,650 feet!
Only in America.U.S. city OKs Satanist's blood spill on Virgin Mary. Why is this not a hate crime against Catholics?”
Jennifer W.'s Review of Virgin America - San Francisco (1/5) on Yelp {yelp}
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 407mph at 27,675 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 81 miles away traveling 645mph at 36,425 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 83 miles away traveling 364mph at 15,375 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 83 miles away traveling 395mph at 21,950 feet!
"Round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tend-holy crap is he NURSING?". -America
Virgin America offers better diversion destinations, I'm not throwing away my shot
Virgin America flight spotted 98 miles away traveling 381mph at 25,050 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 169mph at 900 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 86 miles away traveling 351mph at 21,900 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 103 miles away traveling 528mph at 24,375 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 3 miles away traveling 158mph at 300 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 121 miles away traveling 571mph at 31,025 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted traveling 179mph at 225 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 188mph at 1,000 feet!
*all set to board this plane*. Virgin America: Hi :) We're going to delay this plane for an hour :)))
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 164mph at 1,075 feet!
Just going to stick with Virgin America when flying cross country from now on
Virgin America flight spotted at 175 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 77 miles away traveling 356mph at 19,325 feet!
An all-out assault on Christianity is happening right this minute in America's heartland ...
Virgin America flight spotted at 31,450 feet!
Had to order a virgin strawberry margarita at lunch bc America 🙃🖕🏻
Virgin America flight spotted 96 miles away traveling 355mph at 25,325 feet!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Christmas in America: Belief in the Virgin birth and visits from Santa
Bye I'm about to fly ~ virgin america has a music video for the safety video lol amazing
Virgin America flight spotted 86 miles away traveling 348mph at 14,250 feet!
America The Story of Us or internationally America The Story of the U.S. . From Virgin America to the Modern America
Hands down the best airline is virgin america don't @ me
Virgin America flight spotted 128 miles away traveling 552mph at 35,950 feet!
Virgin America flight spotted 3 miles away traveling 173mph at 325 feet!
Cinnamon digging this Virgin America mood lighting.
Virgin America flight spotted 4 miles away traveling 180mph at 775 feet!
Cowen and company downgrades virgin america to market perform (va) _ wkrb news – wkrb news: Cowen an...
Lax to Newark NJ $247 nonstop on Virgin America travel Jan-mid March departing on Wednesdays
Dallas attorney denied boarding Virgin America flight in New York Not flying anytime soon
First time flying on Virgin America. LAX bound. (@ Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL))
Virgin America is shady with their wifi. Shady
I feel like I'm being held hostage for these commercials on Virgin America before takeoff.
I added a video to a playlist CoolSculpting on Virgin America
Time to get going for some turkey! (@ Virgin America in San Francisco, CA)
Props to on a killer social campaign for his album launch - custom emojis for all!
Th 10 most enticing amenities for luxury travelers.
happy TG thanks for flying with Virgin America!
Hi, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks my fans Virgin America for waiting me. But can't flight probably next time
Enter now for a chance to win a stylish getaway for two to Vegas. .
This Virgin America plane’s safety video isn’t working so they have to do it manually. The vacation gods really are looking out for me.
Be sure to read AB cover interview with chief David Cush!
More competition is coming to Denver. Except really more like different competition rather than more. Virgin...
The Captain America: Civil War poster looks like the most intense game of Battleship ever.
United, Virgin America set to battle on San Francisco - Denver route - via
Google Seat View brings the Virgin America experience to life:
Jane the Virgin is a telenovela. Telenovelas are, by definition, serialised. That's b/c telenovelas air daily in Latin America.
Feels like a purple Virgin America lounge in here.
Dear New York City. I'll see you soon. @ Virgin America Loft at LAX
Bar for airlines so low. Virgin America does a few small, nice things and it feels like luxury. Smart
Netflix partners with Virgin America to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi for movies and TV shows - -
Book your flight to Denver with now:
Check out our exclusive interview with Virgin America chief executive David Cush
Virgin America debuts at DIA with San Francisco flight
What a shame staff aren't as passionate about helping customers as Virgin America; that they cannot make a quick call to you...
Here we go again ! This time a quick trip to Dallas - love Virgin America, who agrees with me ?
Virgin America's bus-shelter ads use Google Street View to take you inside its planes:
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