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Virgin Active

Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs in South Africa, Namibia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Richard Branson Virgin Active Health Club Planet Fitness Nuffield Health Greater London

Hi Brett, your Virgin Active gym visit for 03/12/2017 have been allocated to you. Thanks.
Virgin Active; the only place this amount of sweat doesn’t turn heads. 😓💦
Virgin Active's playlist is oddly too good today
Yes to actually connecting but no active download/upload. Fortunately 4G generally available.
Hi Richard, at this stage Virgin Active and Planet Fitness are our gym partners. In the event you would lik…
I’m happy Milpark Virgin Active is empty, I dont have to share the sona with creepy men.
and Virgin Active are both..VA worker have to be there at 5:30am and some k…
Cabanga a warm place and then it gets heated up... yahh @ Virgin Active Durban
moving to virgin active where the service is much better. Le mbora to come nice
In his reference to the virgin AoC Season Syllabus Association, Ofsted’s Replacement Administrator, Saul Writer fic…
.would you like to open a Virgin Active outside my house?
Thanks for the reply, may sound like a daft question but you do still have an active Virgin Media service don't you? IP
Virgin Active gyms was a small one. Nelson Mandela stepped in and asked Richard Brans…
Only active for a few weeks & happy to say, that I have sold at least one of each of my clips. . YAY me!…
Raise your hand if you've ever joined virgin active and went there just to update your status
All this time I’ve had my health insurance and had no idea that I get 50% off membership at Virgin Active Gyms.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Aha! Needed this moment pay to cell ke fete fa Virgin Active and take care of it before their price chang…
😂😂😂 that happens to me at Virgin active South Gate, because I dnt watch TV it's hard to know em,some…
such an excellent customer support service to sort out my specific problem. It is a pleasure to be…
Hi Hannah, thank you for clarifying - would you mind letting us know your email address so a member…
virgin active red in Braamfontein's service *** Things fall apart & never get fixed. Staff indifferent
.receives financial boost from Puma Investments which will see five new gyms rolled out over the next 1…
School is out – and your festive season playground is officially open. Come to Cornubia Mall to enjo…
What Golf Can Learn from the Wider Leisure industry? Find out at where Virgin Active MD will explain how t…
Please note that I am enraged and disgusted as a PREVIOUSLY loyal customer. My husband bought us lunch from t…
Oh and waterfall, there's a nice indoor jumping thingy right next to virgin active. Now that I have made…
I thought I knew what hard-core cardio was until this trainer played the whole album wow😲 workshop vi…
I've just been informed by virgin active that my vitality has been cancelled. This was not a pleasant…
Personal Training. Wednesday morning and I sit at the Virgin Active…
It's time to break out! Join Virgin Active RED today from as little as R199pm! Join here:
Yu gym at Virgin active... I don't 😞
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
"Hi! Do you have a minute? we have great deals on Virgin Active deals this month"
Foodie Friday is returning for Christmas this Fri 8th December on the Virgin Active lawn from 12pm - 2pm.…
Went to Claremont Virgin Active for the 1st time and there were so many people I thought I’d die of anxiety. I didn’t. . Progress.
I have the premier membership card access to all Virgin Actives and i must say the Virgin Active in Soweto has to b…
Sorry for Virgin Active hearing implant mistake
If you go along to Charles Tyrwhitt with your membership card, and quote Virgin Active, you can take advantage of the offer. NJ
Thank you Tuesday morning Zumba class at Steenberg Virgin Active SA for making my day :) Love to make your smile (and sweat!) ~~
The story of unused Virgin Active memberships.
Get a Virgin Active account. I just go shower there when there's a cut
Epic morning, now it's time for the books. @ Virgin Active…
Join Virgin Active, get a designer kit bag and the rest of the month free! *Subject to stock availability. Ts &...
Lets work on that sexy summer body!!! — feeling strong at Virgin Active Centurion
The things that happen to me here guys!. "Uthi lo mfo, Umuhle yazi, be ezi yakho!". active Maponya!
Aerial yoga (@ Virgin Active Health Club in City of London, Greater London w/
I wish virgin active red had a kauai 😔
Update your maps at Navteq
Good Morning, is it any e-mail address to check with any manager in Virgin Active regarding some questions and issues?🙂
It's open day at virgin Active Somerset halfway today, free entrance, all you need is your ID
Happy Women's day!!. Taking it easy today.not feeling so great 🙁 @ Virgin Active,Vodaworld
Totally and I'm now left with no active ticket for my return journey
What time does Virgin Active open today?
If I'm gonna go hard I better make it look sexy...! @ Virgin Active…
Check out this article from Virgin Active
Started drinking at 17. Sexually active from 15 and became known as virgin *** Which now I'm like ok w…
will be confiscating Cosmic Girl if she can Carrie a…
Probably the reason why I don't see you at virgin active early morning 👀
Show your air drumming skills to be in with a chance of winning a trip to LA:…
Join the winning club, join Virgin Active RED today and say hello to version 2.0 of you!
This man must consult virgin active...stru...definition of improper fraction
Kiddos getting their Active Play on at Rosebank Virgin Active Fit Fest tonight!
Win a trip to LA with thanks to your air drumming skills:
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
That'd explain the choice of channels always showing at virgin active
Finally back at it. Mkhaba must fall — feeling determined at Gym Virgin Active , Somerset Halfway
This is where u should be... Fit Fest Rosebank Virgin Active ✌✌
Her cholesterol level is too much for South African men and Virgin Active I guess
Most of the people at work go to Planet Fitness... My parents would feel betrayed if I left Virgin Active, what to do, what to do...
Let me just go open a virgin active account cause I'd be so far with training with weights now.
Not quite. They're slightly greyer but still active, just subliminal mak…
Dear Virgin Active Muppets, a few ideas for you to ponder:
Lost silver wedding band at virgin active in Barbican last afternoon. If found please contact me.
it's Virgin active trying to keep us fit
Stay focused... — feeling pumped at Broadacres Virgin Active
I actually did MMA classes regularly like 3 years ago when I was with Virgin active. Looking for s…
Thank you so much for asking. Do you have an active Virgin Mobile USA account? -F.T
Thanks you Kissu for the invite. Nice dancing with you guys at Virgin Active today. Song…
Join me tonight, 6:35pm at Virgin Active Moore Park. (Photo:
Luv the creative video! July 18 & Virgin Active is just part of the special bond yo…
Does anyone if the steam room and sauna are on at the Bryanston Virgin Active.
I only have a Brabantia bin, Nutri Bullet and a Virgin Active membership, so I don't know what you mean.
I used to get Zim, Naija & Zulu wrong numbers 😭. One time I got one from Durbz, Rajeesh wanted us to meet at Virgin…
Then let the gym management know. If its virgin active they take these things serious. If he keeps pushing go to the cops.
You make me wanna reinstate my virgin active membership just to get discounts off flights lol
Virgin active! Richard Branson is smart. Ispirational. Virgins in business. I like that
active Repton Park - I have a gift voucher to redeem for a spa experience. Over the past 2 weeks I have left 4 messages but no reply
We'll be shaking up the holidays with free fun & fitness every Sat from 29th July - 26th Aug. Have you booked yet?. https…
Join us this Saturday,10am at Kauai Maerua inside Virgin Active for a Meet & Eat with our very own Namibian Olympic…
Hear how Virgin Active have used their iconic brand to shape their people strategy ->
Surely you can just pop into an active virgin ans grab a smoothie. That's the same amou…
But what is it with those women who think they're background dancers in some gangsta rapper video? Chill out, it's a Virgin Active class 🙄
A little video I created for Virgin Active SA in honour of two great leaders on their special day..
Still nothing done 11 th ave and 9th houghton outside virgin active
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
lol I heard they now play it at virgin Active
Virgin Active Red Braamfontein staff is quite friendly! 😊
The thing is i've seen hairy armpits sweating at Virgin Active and
I am a virgin but I don't judge others who isn't. I only judge when sexually active people have lack awareness on STDs &pregnancy prevention
Fit Fest is happening tonight at Virgin Active Soweto. Join us! Book on myvirginactive. Check the programme here:…
Pound class this morning GM with leoni and pound class tomorrow nite in durban at ballito virgin active with me 😁
Go park by virgin active man. Be smart about this girl
First experience - not impressed. Are Tues mornings at Cottons just bonkers busy?! Never had that at Virgin Active.
...folks who are looking to get fit and active. Our Virgin Active clubs cater for childr…
...facilities are the Virgin Active Health Clubs, while the Virgin Active Red and Virgin…
Hi Greg, we're sorry you feel that way. We have 3 brands: Virgin Active, Virgin Active R…
I added a video to a playlist Easter Break Workout at Virgin Active.
I saw you at virgin active in Braam. You look so me... — Lol *** how do you guys recognise me?. You couldn'...
A large communications cabinet has arrived in the middle of Denham Green - perhaps for the active equipment in Virg…
Saturday, central London, VM down again. Repeat, down again. Is service running okay on Necker Island,…
Was speaking to about this as part of rehab for knee. Just don't think the Virgin Active…
Maerua Mall still, just there by Virgin Active.
Me n the Mrs stacymaxx. . Why my neck sue long 😂 @ Virgin Active…
Scheize is rweal. I speak less today.Too inspired. @ Virgin Active Windhoek
😤 — listening to Ace Hood - Starvation 5 at Virgin active Richards bay
3 hours after trying to cancel gym membership with now getting told I can't time. APPALLING SERVICE
On the topic of pubes, I saw the most disgusting thing happen at Virgin Active once.. THE MOST!
It's good having one close to home. Especially a 24hr one. I'm leaving Virgin Active for Gymbox
In many occasions I sat with him in the Virgin Active gym in Windhoek as we…
Now fill'd thy virgin of gold, silver, and the vulgar by existence And thy glimmering eyes, more if all were the active springing
Virgin Active members always mention that they are or were before they tell you something, just for control..
2012 when I was a member of virgin active I always met Tate Ya Toivo at the gym. Looking fresh. Was a true pleasure to have talked to him.
Virgin Active Thailand have opened the doors to these members until end of June as show of support.
Look at the changing rooms, shower ares and customer service...have a look your competition Virgin…
“Screw it, let’s do it.” -Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group
Tate Toivo Ya Toivo. Glad i got to shake his hand and have a conversation with him 5 years ago in Virgin Active. Living leg…
Virgin Active Reviver Package for Two was £138.00 now £65.00 from Prezzybox…
Oh well, VM Down again, can't use internet except on phone. Might as well dig up some VM reviews...
This summer CDC is getting active with the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge. What are your fitness goals?
JUNIOR ACTIVITIES MANAGER (CHILDCARE), Virgin Active, Bromley, WoW jobs brought to you by
Full chicken from Woolies has Medical aid, life cover. Had an awesome career and went to virgin active 🐓😂
Virgin Active is the Mtn of gyms. yheses
I just called virgin active to say I won't be renewing my contract 😂💔
Sunward Park Virgin Active is the worst gym.
When the whole squad is from gallifrey @ Virgin Active Moorgate
Come Join me and Layla for a 3 hour Spinathon at Morningside Virgin Active. Great music line-up.…
Flight Lite and Flight Pack at Virgin Active Holland Village, the weekend crew hitting it hard…
19/05/2017 21:58. We received reports of a motor vehicle accident on Ballito drive at the virgin active robots. 2x vehicles involved.
Virgin active is about 300 a month & gym those boobs are not sha sha
I'm not trying to build a summer body, I'm trying to build a lifestyle... @ Virgin Active…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thank you Virgin Active.I didn't expect this.
Yo . when a master trainer/ a top guy in virgin active ... stops u mid session to ask u "How long u been a pt"...
Ridiculous cop stand off happened now infront of virgin active
The women at Virgin Active at Angel seriously have high opinions of themselves!! They need to get a reality check!
Great news from our sponsors at Virgin Active Kirkstall all participants get a free day pass simply fill this out
The team went out to get them legs Spinning at the Virgin Active Kyalami
Haibo I'm the Premier member of the Virgin Active, why must I suffer for parking like other civilians when the gym is this close
Join Virgin Active SA & get a R750 adidas voucher plus, get this month free!!! Join with your child, they will...
The intelligent 9 year old son of one of the staff members at our Virgin Active gym has been missing for 3 days now and the world is trash.
This milpark Virgin Active is so budget . HOW does Kauai not sell the cappuccino muffins ?😢😢😢
guys I've been trying to join but virgin active sandton cbd can't seem to load me on their system bcz I canceled my vitality
To this day I tell doctors I'm not sexually active so it's documented that I'm a virgin ane can't nobody tell me I'…
U boy who ws wanking nw around 19:30 Braam Virgin Active & wen I saw u ,u just laugh & get out of d shower still hard AF let'…
Thanks for confirming this, just to check. Are you still an active Virgin Mobile customer? >DG
come to Virgin Active Braam at 8:50 on Saturday for a free shuttle to the venue
Oy kinda regretting cancelling my Virgin Active membership now. 😐 Zayeds belief principles are amazing!!
Virgin Active closes at 21:30, if there's nothing from him around 21:10.I'm calling his work or partner. 😕 I can't shake off this feeling 😔😒
"Diversity is imperative to a brands growth" Zayed Davis, Virgin Active. LOVE love this!
"Life's a helluva more fun if you just say YES!", Virgin Active South Africa CMO
Zayed Davis, CMO Virgin Active sneaker obsessed and he's wearing great shoes!
Its almost as if Virgin Active strategically placed itself near fast food restaurants to keep us coming back. Idk
Richard Branson sold Virgin Active years ago. Maybe that's why he isn't answering?
Blacks will complain about shoprite,virgin active,checkers,nandos etc,but still go there,not white people lol.
Barbells, seated leg curl and let’s not forget about squats! Leg day is intense, which day of the week is your leg day at Vir…
Tmi//. Wow I'm a virgin and I'm looking at what HPV is and wow the stuff girls have to do when s3xually active is weird to me 😲
Best Nutmilk is made at Virgin Active Roodepoort. Sandton, creata & honeydew failed to make nice nutmilk
Nothing ruins a good song more than a Virgin Active White house remix.
I have never had a contract with virgin active, why am I being harassed to pay outstanding balances 🙃
😂 its true sha, Virgin active is great, i ain't finna go down the ladder.
Virgin Active has asked me to be one of their most prestige personal trainers. I have rejected the offer.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Off to to get some views on the mobile industry. In particular that of Virgin Active's Tex Soh
Virgin Active admits to not providing transport for staff who work late
So happy to be back after a long unexpected 'break' (@ Virgin Active in Singapore)
listening to Beyoncé - Freedom at Virgin Active, Claremont
A months free membership of Virgin Active gym / pool/ sauna etc to give away of anyone wants it.
Hi! Am I right in remembering you go to Virgin Active CW? Considering switching to it...
The gym & pure gym emailing saying they miss man. I upgraded to virgin active b. Now I knw hw girls feel when they move on frm that trash ex
Konje gym is open to even non members today. No wonder my Virgin Active is so full 😑
All done, senzani namuhlanje my peoples? @ Virgin Active, Berea (Overport City)
Unfortunately it does mean you'll need to redeem these at a outside of Virgin Activ…
My sentiments.and virgin active.and virgin travel..
Great morning session with this machine @ Gym- Virgin Active,…
Hi! If paying online, select Virgin Active SA from the list of public beneficiaries. Use the number on…
St John, US Virgin Islands-Enjoy an active outdoor and white-sand beaches with translucent water
I see you in these streets holding onto your Platinum membership card to Virgin Active 🐸☕️
Electronic Device Insurance
That's a skill you are born with, there's no manual for it at Virgin active.
Level 2 Swimming Teacher wanted by in Closes: 1 May. Apply: More jobs
The people that work at Virgin Active, if it opens at 5am - 9pm daily, what time do you check in & knock off?
Waiting for roadside assistance because Satan decided to temper with my day 😭😩 @ Virgin Active…
Pretty standard for a central london gym with a pool. Cheaper than virgin active 😬💸
Decided to give Virgin Active a go and very happy I did 💪
Ty is right Manafort was no political virgin. However he hadn't been active in US politics in quite some time.
But if he was active long ago and now back he'd be a political cougar…
Guy tryna sell me a Virgin Active contract in the taxi! 😒 like dude we know its month end and we all have targets,but daaam!😒
Wednesday evenings. Hill repeats. And so on. 26 April, Virgin Active Watermeyer.
Virgin Active, Croydon have limited places for a half term camp - More details here -
Well done to the children in Yr 4 who took part in the mini-tennis tournament at Virgin Active - great effort!
We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Virgin Active supporting Mums back to work!
Back when Virgin Active was called The Health & Racquet Club
We hope everyone had a great Easter! We certainly did thanks to Virgin Active, Swiss Cottage, who donated some eggs…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Unfortunately, ours isn’t a Virgin Active one any more, sold to Nuffield Health. Will check if they are running Easter offer 🐣x
Any donations for gloves😫the iron cut right through my hands 😭😫😝 @ Virgin Active, The Boulders
Virgin Active was so nice today but £74 a month is insane
Bora Bora is opposite Virgin Active pha equigney & Grazia is not far from uSpar, I think it's next to that Dept of health offices
Please come to see us, join our news letter to win a FREE £50 massage tonight 6-8pm at Virgin Active Chiswick Park
get a campaign to get the people not usually active to come out and join. Use a different photo
Gym almost sorted. Got a tour around Virgin Active on Monday and a chat with a PT who will hopefully be in my budget.
double check if your family has private medical insurance, because that means you get 50% off Virgin Active 😊 xx
I just completed a survey, you can too at stand a chance to WIN a 6 month Premier Virgin Active membership!!
Outdoor active experiences bringing people together for challenge & fun? Count me in Want to join us…
Come trail run with us and get front row seats to witness the Absa Cape Epic in all its glory, go to…
Virgin active membership at Vodacom is R700.00 pm and at Carlswald is R350 pm
maybe virgin active could take over the new but empty Next Generation gym inSwindon,kembrey pk
We've looked in to this, and this person is not a Virgin Active employee. NJ
Who goes to the Dainfern Virgin Active? Is it worth the membership fee?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Hard work at the gym this morning. It's all too much for Jan! @ Virgin Active
Mansion House is the newest Collection Club. Take a tour...
So proud of our Craig Hulscher competing with Virgin Active in ABSA Cape Epic 2017! Look out for riders 628 -1 and 628-2. All the best guys!
Big news day! No im not really reading the I'm at the gym 😉💪 @ Virgin Active
Take a peek at new Mansion House club:
Hence the use of the words "virgin" and "pure" for ppl who have never been sexually active
Hearing whisper that David Lloyd Leisure is set to announce purchase of 16 clubs from Virgin Active, part of the old Esporta racquets estate
Finally quit Virgin Active and joined South Shields. Can't wait to get started and try some classes!! 💪🏼
Congratulations to Virgin Active for protecting the children in their gyms.
- The simple moves to prove you're healthy for your age, Virgin Active has devised a checklist of simple ...
Good to be back! Day 188! (@ Virgin Active in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire)
If I cancel my gym membership with virgin active and open one with gym company, I'd save 200 every month...
...that's about right! — feeling exhausted at Virgin Active (Constantia Kloof)
I wish hey... I mean the Kauai at Virgin Active
Yoga is good for the soul. And holiday blues 🙏🏼 @ Virgin Active
🎾 Our inclusive tennis sessions at Virgin Active Glamorgan launch this month!
Saw an Audi A2 on the road today. Can't say I've ever seen one of those before. @ Virgin Active…
Lee Tucker wantd in UK on 42 charges relatng 2 paedophilia blacklisted frm all Virgin Active gyms in southern Africa
I have just voted in for Virgin Active Italia Spa
| UK child sex fugitive banned from all Virgin Active gyms in southern Africa
How Virgin Active hire people with big bellies to tell us to join the gym and lose ours beats me. Like the nerve 😳😳
Virgin Active premium package is over R900
do you use Virgin Active, Notting Hill? Think I was working out next to you two weeks ago...
Virgin Active confirms it has banned UK child sex fugitive Lee Tucker from its clubs. He's on bail in CT
Get in 💪 shoulders high reps assault kwaPayne Virgin Active 18 kilo Dumbells is all the…
I look like a bear in this pic. 🐼 @ Virgin Active Fitness Club At Emquartier
Wait...aka "Molly" on is really a virgin? She plays a sexually active female very well 😊. Luv her even more 🆖
Last workout before X'mas to make myself feel better (@ Virgin Active Health Club - in Zetland, NSW)
"my running training thanks you, Virgin Active!"hi Kell
Virgin Active really needs to stop playing this whack music& get some S.A dj's to turn out mixes for them. Black VA's do it already
my running training thanks you, Virgin Active!
I remember last year at my check up when my physician asked if I was sexual active and I said I was a virgin, she high fived me. I laughed.
After a step class with Mbongeni and calling on @ Virgin Active Bellairs
I beg some to buy Trevor some good earphones, he's now had virgin active earphones and gas station ear phones which both…
Last grind before we grab 2017 with both hands and bend it to our will. @ Virgin Active, Claremont
Well done to team that conceptualized Virgin Active RED in Brackenfell. Glad to see a few will be opening in Durban soon
In the "Thank you, Dr. Obvious" category: A CDC report says teens who remain virgins are much healthier
Some Face Of Friday action !. 2017 will be a great healthy year ! @ Virgin Active Glen Marais
The virgin active in nelspruit,empty for days!!
Virgin active ladies mara why nenza so? For simple reasons, didn't wanna see your bums, opted to jog. Now you hit road with hotpants exposed
Get some of your beauty Christmas shopping done at our Virgin Active finishing bar- only the best brands. Perfect...
O ko kae? I'm heading to Virgin Active.. Won't play with this knee!
Disgusting treatment of Personal trainer's who generate them so much money active
Virgin Active does not tolerate any form of racism or abuse.
The rowing machine & at the moment I've been trying out the Hydro class at Virgin Active which is like a HIT session in the pool
virgin active broadfield park or Be X Fitness depending on where you are 😊
Congratulations to George winning his first U9s Grade 4 at Virgin Active. The club & coaching team are proud of his…
One would say I had been exercising today but As for the sonar @ Virgin Active…
Gym session with the boys!!! — feeling active at Virgin Active, Menlyn
How do these guys get this buff with no Virgin Active ?
Trying 2 save whats left to save of this body @ Virgin Active the Sanctuary
Man's shorts turned brown in a Virgin Active swimming pool. Cause unknown after tests. Sounds like a load of crap to me
Virgin active Hamilton is a great club but when things break down they stay broken for weeks due to lack of support from Virgin England.
Good afternoon, Nuffield Health haven't taken over the Virgin Active in Norwich. If you have queries or complaints (1/2) ^BW
Check out this job at Virgin Active: Fitness & Personal Training Manager
This man went for an innocent swim, and then something horrible happened
This man is needed at Rand Stadium/Orlando Stadium/Houghton/Virgin Active to get the mean machine on track
These Virgin Active classes are just getting stupid now
Bomb threat @ my Virgin Active gym... Who knew exercising could be this dangerous??. Perspiring before lifting weights. 😞
Each day the drive grows... self motivation.. @ Virgin Active Polokwane
Virgin Active is having a special of R99 joining fee, free December & you start paying in Jan. Valid for today.
The new Virgin Active Classic at the Waterfront. Just stunning!
Let's do this... anti gravity yoga...‼️ @ Virgin Active Alice Lane…
Should he forgive her or forget that he ever met Messi? @ Virgin Active Cedar Square
First Virgin Active Rumble class done this morning. Great work out but it kicked my *** I'll be back to settle the…
Virgin active members, What kind of music is played during your spinning class sessions? Please also name the gym
Get fit and fundraise in this December! . Virgin Active Youth Sport Trust...
There is another way to hurt him deeply by boycotting ALL MAJOR companies that do or share business with him.STAGECOACH VIRGIN…
Agreed, shocking. Without Virgin, the gap between active & passive highlighted in the report wd be even bigger
There is a virgin active Sandton cbd
Wonder when the Sandton Virgin Active starts operating 🤔 I can't afford Alice Lane, I haven't joined the blessee market
Virgin active have Free Membership until 31 December offer is redeemable for the next 2 days
Its easier to go to the gym when its free for a month Free Virgin Active Membership until 31 Dec
After bath, done going home. Great exercise @ Virgin Active, Groenkloof
Part time Physio hrs avail 2 evenings a week &/or Saturday mornings at our clinic in Virgin Active Peterborough. Ca…
It's crazy how Molly so active on the show but a virgin in real life.
The fact I worked in this district for so long, but I'm the last person to know new the Virgin Active Rosebank opened already.
A BIG thank you to my wonderful Spin Squad, Pump Posse and Stretch & Tone crew at Virgin Active Thundersley and...
Check it is disruptive by Virgin Active
How to I link Planet Fitness to my profile? I have both Virgin Active and Planet Fitness memberships.
Thanks for coming to sign up with Virgin Active on my birthday. Your gesture is deeply appreciated. That's the...
was like "A RUNNING NUN!!!" when he was trying to explain 'virgin active'
Thanks Virgin active for not paying me today, really appreciate it guys xoxo
Anyone looking at joining a new gym direct message me for a free trial at the Virgin Active in Bromley 💪🏼🏋
Thank goodness l went to Mandela Square. Got that Virgin Active promo for the new gym at a cheap rate
Sleep isn’t the only way to nurture the brain. Exercise, conversation & positivity also keep the mind active
We don't mean to brag but, have you seen the beauty this is Virgin Active Collection Menlyn Maine?
Introducing the SkillMill. Crazy piece of kit and Virgin Active Clapham be the first in the country to have them 💪🏻
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