Vino Alan & Carly Rose

The second USA season of The X Factor is being broadcast on Fox. The series started airing on September 12, 2012, with the live shows starting on November 1, 2012. Carly Rose Sonenclar (born April 20, 1999) is an American child actress, singer and songwriter and in 2012, a finalist in season 2 of the American The X Factor. 3.3/5

Vino Alan Carly Rose Fifth Harmony Tate Stevens Beatrice Miller Jennel Garcia Arin Ray Jason Brock Willie Jones David Correy Carly Rose Sonenclar Young Adults

Just a quick thing so no one is confused. I mentioned some contestants already in this chapter which might not make sense because J-Squad will be auditioning. What I've decided to do is to make it so this is the last stop for people to audition, so everyone else has already done it so that's how Marissa knows some are cute. I've also made it so the judges have already put people into their groups, and there are less contestants to make it easier to write about. I hope it makes sense now, but if it doesn't, just ask me to explain it another way :) Also, one more thing. The people I'll be using for the Young Adults are Paige Thomas, CeCe Frey, and Jennel Garcia. I'll be using Carly Rose, Diamond White, and Beatirce Miller for the Teens. The people I'll be using for the Adults are Vino Alan, Tate Stevens, and Jason Brock. And I'll be using Emblem 3, Playback, J-Squad and Fifth Harmony for the groups. _ I felt someone lightly shake my shoulder. I opened my eyes and stretched. I looked over and saw Jake sittin ...
Part2/Chapter1 *Week later* "I hope I did good."Carly says. "You did amazing and if we dont win I want you to win."I say. "Thanks." "The contestant that is safe is Emblem3!"Thee host said"the next act going through is .Carly Rose." "Congrates Carly."Ivan said.Carly blushed.It seemed like Carly liked Ivan their age difference is only two years apart. "The next act will be Vino Alan." "Also One Direction."the other host said."Now its between Stevens and Guardian Angeles and the act going home is Stevens." We made it through yes. *After show* We made I'm so happy"I say to Keaton. "Congrates on making it in first place."Simon said. "Thanks"I say. "It is going to be harder and someone is going to get sent home hopefully Vino or Carly so then my three bands can be the top 3."Simon said"So work harder." "Yes sir."I say. *Week later* "I want to do good for this performance."Wesley said."We all do."I reply. "What song are you guys going to sing?"I ask."You'll see."He replied.Comment what you thought -MarleneHoran
'I really love my little siste Carly Rose' Vino Alan.
The top 4 should have been Carly Rose, CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia, and Vino Alan.
Disappointed that Vino Alan was voted off X-Factor , but now there is certainly no competition for Carly Rose, agreed
umm well if I had to choose one from every category id say Emblem3, Carly Rose, Vino Alan aand CeCe :) wbu?
so is , i dont really like Tate Stevens. I dont think he should win. Top 3: Carly Rose, Vino Alan,
Yay! Carly Rose is 1st. Tate Stevens is 2nd. Vino Alan is 3rd. EmblemThree is 4th 😘
Now I'm hoping for either Vino Alan or Carly Rose to win X Factor.
Beatrice Miller is out! The Top 8 is out! Rooting for Vino Alan, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose and Diamond White.
OK, found something I enjoy. Took the time to add the app, and vote on the X-Factor today! They have a man there that has an amazing voice, could listen to him all day! Go Vino Alan! And they have two adorable and powerful singing 13 year old girls, where do they get those voices? Diamond White and Carly Rose, you go girls! Hope you go a long way, but sorry, Vino is my favorite! I know, I am pathetic, right? LOL Sorry, everyone that knows me, knows I have a huge love for music!
WOW Carly Rose amazing performance! goo Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Vino Alan & dIAMOND wHITE, Tate did goo too. Oh & love Emblem 3! but every1 did great tonight!
XFactor! Vino Alan, 5th Harmony, Paige Thomas, Carly Rose, great job, background, & thank you song. It's hard to sing while crying but when you sing a certain song for a certain person or group, its hard not to get emotional.
I'm surprised that hardly anyone noticed this mistake. 9309 was Carly Rose not Vino Alan. Get it right nx week
Current favorites from each group: Paige Thomas, Vino Alan, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony. Hoping they go far!
Safe and through to the top 10...Arin Ray. Vino Alan. Carly Rose. Diamond White. Tate Stevens. Emblem 3. Beatrice Miller. CeCe. 5th Harmony
Would hope that Carly Rose, Tate Stevens, 5th Harmony and Vino Alan get into the Top4.then the battle really kicks up
Carly Rose >> Vino Alan >> 5th Harmony. CRS is alone at the top...other two are pretty close.
I think that the top 3 will be Emblem3, Carly Rose and maybe Vino Alan! Hopefully!
For me , Carly Rose ,Fifth Harmony and Vino Alan was the best tonight.
Gud day folks, anybody watch Xfactor las picks were Diamond White, Vino Alan CeCe Frey and Carly Rose Sonenclar...boy!! l just love Carly Rose she is truly like a rose in bloom with a great voice...but dem judges..(Simon & LA Reid) dey dont cease to annoy me at times with the backstabbing. Only time will tell..dey need to grow
Vino Alan, he's my favorite.Carly Rose is my 2nd :)
My Top 5 Pic for XFactor Tate Stevens, Diamond White, Paige Thomas, Vino Alan , Carly Rose an I Like Cecelia but I think she is Going home
they already eliminated two of the best Jeffery Adam Gutt & if they eliminate Vino Alan or Carly Rose im done w X Factor
X Factor USA was simply amazing this week. Lyric 145, Vino Alan and Carly Rose are definitely my favourites
the top 12 table is totally according to my expectations- Vino Alan ,Tate Stevens and Carly Rose are in the the first three places!
I want Diamond White, Lyric 145, Beatrice Miller, Vino Alan or Carly Rose to win.
X Factor was good this week. I was shocked at the top performer. Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose, Diamond White, Vino Alan, Janelle Garcia and Jason Brock were my 6 top favorites. The person who got sent home was one of these above!!! Darn.
Carly Rose got 2nd. Vino Alan was 3rd. Diamond was 4th. 5th was Fifth Harmony :)
5th Harmony, Emblem 3, Carly Rose, Arin Ray, Jennel Garci and Vino Alan. That'll be the X-Factor top 6.
Top 3 picks from X Factor's perfomrances last night: Vino Alan, Carly Rose, and Fifth Harmony. Loving it!
Good talent on the Xfactor. the talent(s) that may be in jeopardy are CeCe Fry, Jason Brock and Jennel Garcia. My favorites were Lyric145 and next Emblem3. They have a full package and have the talent for Superbowl half time shows. Fifth Harmony probably will fit in better with Contemporary Youth Gospel, very rarely do you see larger groups like their anymore without some playing instruments. they were good. Diamond White and Beatrice Miller are both talented; just have to see which of the two can keep it going throughout the competition. and the same for Arin Ray and Vino Alan. Tate Stevens will make a good country singer whether he wins or not, has the voice and works the crowd; but right now singing other artists songs. can make a difference when you do your own. Paige and Carly Rose are both talented as well. Tough all around competition. I will set my DVR incase I miss a episode. also believe can recap online.
1st - the beautiful Carly Rose, 2nd - the crazy fun Emblem3, 3rd - the man with z big voice Vino Alan!!
Jennel, CeCe, Carly Rose, Vino Alan, Emblem3! One of them has gotta win this thing!
I needa finish watching the performances but so far Vino Alan, emblem 3, Willy, and Carly Rose 😀 you?
Jennel Garcia and Carly Rose are the most beautiful singers LOL. Which one is Vino Alan?
I really like them, Jennel Garcia, Carly Rose, and Vino Alan lol. I'm rooting for all of them!
omg i have lots like Carly Rose and Beatrice Miller & then Emblem 3 & 1432 vino alan & uhm yeah-- cant think of the rest!
Carly Rose and Beatrice or Vino Alan and David Correy or CeCe and Paige
Not even 1 day to X-Factor USA but scared for the results!!! Hope Sister C, Vino Alan,Carly Rose,Lyric 145 & Willie Jones make it tru!!!
Faves: Teens: Carly Rose and Beatrice Miller. (Diamond White and Arin are both good) Adults: Vino Alan and Tate.
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