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Vino Alan

The second USA season of The X Factor is being broadcast on Fox. The series started airing on September 12, 2012, with the live shows starting on November 1, 2012.

David Correy Jason Brock Jillian Jensen

After being inspired by this morning. I felt like a glass of vino or two. Cheers Alan 😉🍷🍷
Do you guys remember this boot camp face off of "What's Going On?" between Vino Alan and
ViNO ALaN "America the Beautiful" unplugged LISTEN HERE and subscribe please
I liked a video THE VLOG YOU BEEN WAITING FOR from Vino Alan (talking about all the things you'd
Alan vino a levantarme, kill me please
Lovely to hear you from Valencia Alan. Enjoying my glass of vino. Radio
Click here to support LiFEtruck mobile resources USA organized by Vino Alan
Bella vino, an excellent amorone, nose has a sophistica…. Wine from via
If what I read about the way Alan Turing was treated is indeed true, then it is clear that *** have been roaming freely on this earth
Happy 60th Alan (red wooly hat) a cracking day the weather stayed kind for our walk to Glaramara glass vino on the…
Time to Let It Go (feat. Vino Alan) - Single by KiLLiNG HEROiN on Apple Music
Was a blast working with my hero Bob Marlette on this one - "The Offering" (CAUTION: this rocks hard!!!)
Vino Alan playing drums at my house.
Behind the scenes of making UNi with Vino Alan/Shavo Odadjian/Bob Marlette
Click here to support Addiction Recovery Testimony Tour by Vino Alan
Vino Alan is trying to raise money to go on tour! His performance at Rock the Spectrum was amazing! He hopes to...
Omg vino Alan shading people for downloading free music I can't even
STRIKES AGAIN. Kobe Bean Bryant HITS from DISTANCE on lead 98-92 w/ 58 seconds to-play.
🍷VINO!🍷. New Orleans trims LA's lead to three, but Kobe swishes a triple to push it back up to 98-92.
I LOVE the way sings this me chills Proud To Be An American (God Bless the USA).
432hz - DOWNLOAD HERE. Thank you for supporting independent music -
Alan Wilkins [ singletrophybf ] of R.I.O.T.S. at Vino's in Little Rock, Arkansas. Benefit for…
I wanted this to be my first single after X Factor, worked very *** an album, that was never heard... created...
I think the last time i watched X Factor USA was> 2012 when Vino Alan and David Correy was on that show. Great moment!
Vino Alan : I wrote this song b4 X Factor... Recorded in '14 with Jared Lee G...
Yessir bet on. 2 cases of that good vino we gone enjoy that out here my dude!!!
Poor Bet he was relaxing at home, watching with a glass of vino, trying to get over latest sacking. No need, Alan!
Watching The Office then Alan Partridge whilst supping red vino. You can't beat that like
Vino Alan just followed me back omg
Thank you so much for Following me Vino Alan. What a pleasure, have a lovely night. ☺
nope, I believe I had 2 hoodies and a merino base layer on whilst drinking vino on crcorner!
"Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth." — Alan Watts.
X-Factor Finalist, Vino Alan, will be performing in Clinton on September 19, 2015! Mallard's Roadhouse and Cover...
Definitely worth checking it out Alan
Vino & Alan D out in Waldegrave Road this morning..
Lol one time me & Laurel made up a rap about vino alan and it's still funny
*** haven't heard from vino Alan in 836472 millions of years
no class like the old school, these kids. Bottle of vino then a cruise in the car would be better eh Alan.
What happens when you put 3 smart guys together in a room with a mic. and add a bit of vino? Free-flowing brilliance!
Vivid Black poster, signed by the band, and presented to Alan Schwartz of Bistro Al Vino. We love this club and...
got my vino ready to be reunited with my man, looking forward to seeing ALAN @ 🕙 👦🍹👓👄 whoop! whoop! ♥
A little pre dinner vino, a nice Freisa from Bartolo Mascarello. Many thanks to Alan at Mascarello, nice rec
Off to the pub for a cheeky vino hurry up Alan Trimmer getting ready for the weekend Sammy Barrett 󾌰󾌰󾌰
Hanging out with old buddy Vino Alan working on the new album.
Genius! “have started a petition for Partridge to replace
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! G'day and good morning from Australia! Come visit Adelaide again! Lots of vino!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
You & Vino Alan follow each other Mike?.I've been a fan of Vino Alan ever since he was on "The X-Factor" in 2012.
Peirson Meyer one of the most under the radar wineries. Love Alan and Leslie!via
check out journey. Keep his journey going xo Vino Alan / Will Champlin - "MY SUMMER" montage: via
SUBSCRIBE to VINO Alan on youtube.Conversations (lyrics) - Vino Alan & the crystal people: via
This reminds me of a theme song sci fi movie Angels & Aliens - Vino Alan (Lyric Video):
everyone like my Vino Alan Fan page : VINO_ALAN-FAN
I remember we did that with xfactor David Correy and Vino Alan rooted so bad for them, this is fun ty all
ansum Alan, see you Saturday my turn for the vino!!
3.20 Sunday afternoon I open the vino or wait for Alan Crawford to get back from work
We will be rocking all night long so give something new a try and come out to Alan Schwartz's Bistro Al Vino and...
Wherever you're going I'm going your way 🎼.
Join us, as we share a vino with entrepreneurial legend and Google rep Alan Noble.
happy birth Mr k can't believe it's your 26th birthday. Enjoy I glass of vino and raise it also to alan we're have the yrs gone
"would you do this?" With an accompanying photo of Alan Jones
hi how are u doing what kind of music is vino Alan
there is kat graham, diamond white, vino alan, THE DEMI BOUTIQUE AHHH
Watching with Alan Cargill and a nice chilled vino-nice way to finish off my special day — watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Botella de vino en la playa | Bottle of wine on the beach. Autor: Richard Estiven. Licencia: FreeArt
you bring the Alan key, I'll bring the vino & we will be armed for adventure!
Vino Alan & David Correy from X factor 2012 had the most incredible voices. If they ever did their own albums, my life would be complete.
ViNO ALaN | BABY'S ROOM unplugged: Thank you as an injured veteran this song means so much to me.Thank you
"Alan Shearer on how to survive the pressure of a penalty kick
BABY'S ROOM by ViNO ALaN & the Crystal People about a female soldier and the man she left at home. AVAILABLE @ also
Traded a paid night out for a night in with Alan Carr and vino
masterchef 8.30. Gogglebox 9.00,Alan Carr 10.00, catch up with Graeme norton after that - bottle of vino will be empty - bed.
Sipping vino, relaxing with my kitties and enjoying the day with Why do I do this "work" thing anyway??
Hold up. JILL JENSEN from XFactor Season 2 is now on Idol?? I was gung *** for Jill before Demi cut her (But always loyal to My main man Vino Alan) so Im stoked to maybe get to vote for her now! Aaron Cox THIS IS THE GIRL WHO DEMI LET GO INSTEAD OF CECE
Unreleased new material performed unplugged by ViNO ALaN "AT YOUR FUNERAL' available for DOWNLOAD @ Written by ...
Fat Cats will be closed until New Years due to some re models, but we will be ready to go for an epic NYE. So come on out to literally the biggest party around. Live Music, Live DJ, Drink Specials, and hourly shot specials!! Also do not forget Tickets are now on sale for the ViNO ALaN Record Release show. Buy your tickets in advance to ensure the best seating!!!'s to Ur great book alan, glass of vino and my new hiking hat, have a good Xmas, all the best...
Come have a glass of vino and visit artist Alan Bull. Signed 'North Shore' and 'Truck Paintings'…
Me too, she was my favorite after Vino Alan :)
I don't normally permit people to promote out-of-county events on this page, but considering the involvement of Drill Sgt. Christiana Ball from the Army's Operation Rising Star (PING Stacyand Christiana Ball), Victoria Carriger from X Factor, and Vino Alan, I think an exception is appropriate in this case.
January 4th come out to Rolla at the Fat Cats Entertainment Complex. Ft Leonard Woods very own and 2013 Operation Rising Star winner Drill Sergeant Christiana Ball is opening for Victoria Carriger (X Factor) and the one and only Vino Alan. v/r Stacy
I know these might or is an old version of X Factor but in it is a dude who sure as *** can put soul music on a higher level with *** a thunderous vocal cord.VINO ALAN!!!
Does anyone remember Vino Alan from X Factor last yr? He was one of my few favorites. God, he shouldve alr been making music. Id buy them.
So tonight Vino Alan came to the restaurant and gave me the most inspiring words of my life
I favorited a video Vino Alan Blesses the USA - THE X FACTOR USA 2012
Okay, so he has 5/5. James. And luke. I have Jillian Jensen . And vino Alan. …I win…
In The X-Factor, she stated her boy crush is Vino Alan.
I miss the X factor , Vino Alan didn't win last year but who care i loved him and still do 💕✨😏👌
Check out ViNO ALaN (crystal people) - His voice is unbelievable and trust its worth listening to.He is from X-Factor
But Vino Alan, Jillian Jensen & Nick Youngerman were extremly good. They should've made it dude!
R&B Alicia Keys, Paige Thomas, and Vino Alan on the Surprising Night at 'X Factor' -...
vino alan is like a panda. MY panda. M I N E.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Does anyone want a dm to passenger or vino alan idk
VINO ALAN IS WAY BETTER, he sang trouble in the xfactor!! Watch it!!
Vino Alan didn't deserve to go. however did.
Guys I just looked through who I follow and I still follow Vino Alan I'm not breathing
I still get goosebumps when I hear Vino Alan sing Sober.
I hated Vino Alan I said my dad could sing better than him
but I can DM Vino Alan, Jason Brock or Jennette McCurdy if that works for something? /.\ :)
if you want a DM to Cody Simpson, Christian Beadles, Jordan Jansen or Vino Alan! Must be following me
Why does Vino Alan type like he's 11
Yup vino Alan still follows me everyone
Remember when I wanted vino Alan to be my sugar daddy and spammed him for 3 days and he finally followed me I wonder if he still does omg
I LOVE VINO ALAN! :) Dude's got a big heart and a soulful voice
vino alan has many followers and he just have a thousand views on his videos WHAT THE *** IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???
Vino alan needs to make more music ASAP
remember during X factor is days when we were obsessed with Vino Alan's son
I'm still upset that Vino Alan was eliminated from The X-Factor last year.
If Zayn comes on someone spam for me please ill DM you to aarosa, doniya, jawaad, Michael, beau and Jai and vino Alan please
Who wants to dm me to niall I can dm u to 2/3 boys from e3 or camila or like idk vino alan
Cam across a Vino Alan video from xfactor and saw ! Ahh memory
I have such an addiction for vino alan's voice gosh
What verified accounts are following you? — liam, union j, carly rose, jason broccoli, vino alan, uhm and pizza ...
I would like to be friends to Jennel Garcia, Vino Alan and Willie Jones from The X Factor.
After 6 months of hard work finally a proper day off! Lunch with parents, cutting the grass, bathing the dog and finally sitting in the garden with a glass of vino - bliss.
Just a work of advise...If you call yourself an Italian restaurant and put pasta on your menu, please don't drown it in a sea of sauce! Also, fresh pasta mean made-in-house and rancid crab is never a good thing. Thank you!
Post a link to your band or your friends bands below, we need music to listen to!
That flipping spider that has taken up residence in my bath since this morning better of moved on.there's a lush bath bomb with my name on it waiting!!
well I've been abandoned 4 the day while kev goes 2 look at areoplanes! so I've situated myself in a nice bar nr covent garden with sum lunch n a cold vino waitin to go 2 my alan bennett play ha bliss!
Lovely impromptu bbq this afternoon and visit to Maghull would have stoped longer and finished the vino n voddy but early start and a drive home says no. thanks to
Fatin Shidqia Lubis joined auditon on The X Factor Indonesia. She was so shy but have amazing voice.
Day 2 of alcohol detox. Gym on Monday night and Tuesday at 5am makes for a very tired and sore me! Target - 1 whole week without wine!
Paris by night and last meal with Kim Paterson
Watching a drama set in Edinburgh makes me want to go home :-(
STL Media is hitting the road with Vino Alan. Brasil here we come.
Looks like STL Media will be heading out on the road with the Vino Alan tour. Very Excited!!!
Had a lovely day with alan .now chilling with a rum and coke xx
Headin' off to Wisconsin, when I get back it's off to Branson, Missouri to start work with Vino Alan. Sorry to say I've had to quit This World. I want to thank Stephen Hancock, Buffalo Lee Jordan III, Robert Fiester, Michael Shipley, Frederic Tepper, Gar Kiehl, Nicholas Whitelaw and Scott McGinn for a fun filled 1 1/2 years. We made a pretty good CD together and that will be my legacy in the band. Good luck to all.
A sunny four mile hill, field and forest walk in Scorton today where Tara walked approx 3/4 unaided! It is amazing how capable and resilient a 3 year old can be if allowed. A great day!
Thunder, lightening and hail stones.. ***
Glad we have a four sweater sofa. Ceejay Lyn Rees is flat out at one recliner end, two dogs are snuggled in next to her, then we have Alan Morgan sprawled across the sofa snoring like a pig with his head against my arm. I'm sat at the far end on the other recliner with my feet up and a glass of vino trying to hear police camera action through his snoring lol x
Downstairs all cleaned. Now do I start upstairs or start on the wine???
Glasgow bound... The west is calling me. Perhaps a small vino on the train is in order!
That was a hard run! Now to finish the vino, for tomorro I give up alcohol & crap until after g day!
“But remember Vino Alan? he was my face omfg his voice is perfect” face LMAO
Vino Alan voice is so beautiful omg
Just in after a lovely wee session @ Big Joe & Kathleen's on a Sunday Afternoon , children enjoying the aftermath of birthday party's ,Adults just enjoying the wee bit of sunshine , chased down with a wee vino or beer , Alan on barbecue duty , lovely food ,great company with my Sisters & gorgeous nieces, lovely Family times !! Xx
Wine open+chilling out!Happy anniversary to my hubby...12 years today!:)))
So...lunch time at the Bregante house. Pic 1- a totally organic/non GMO garden gone totally crazy. Pic 2 - the tomato crop for the day. Pic 3 - pomodoro (tomato), olio d'oliva (first cold pressing Italian olive oil), origano secco (dry oregano from our garden last year), pepe nero (black pepper), un po 'di sale (a little salt), un po' di pane fresco (a little fresh bread)... fatto (done)! Well, OK, and a little vino rosso just because it's Sunday :) Pic 4 - mangia! And that, my friends, exemplifies the saying 'It just don't get no better than this!!!' Have fun... M
Well!! heres to another...thrill packed nite!
had a lovely birthday BBQ with Alan Laura and Katie, happy Birthday Jim and thanks Alan for the great grub and Vino xxx Lovely to meet Carmel a colleague of Alan's.
Gutted my BOMA was hungover all day today or we could have chilled in the sun with some vino!
u told me the other day you liked a few glasses of vino, so that's not true. I hate sectarianism too. Sad you're so angry :(
Sorry enjoying bank holiday, Hay festival & vino too much. Alan Cooper & Simon Newbridge will be at Raquety Farm 15 16 June (not May!!!)
On way home from work hm wot do I open first gin wine or baileys!
Vino Alan has a wonderful voice...its a bliss!!!
Enjoying a Saturday afternoon chilling in Tracie Vanner and Alan Vanner garden with a glass vino :) xxx
At long last sitting down with a glass of vino :) it's been a very busy day but the lads have marquee up and decorated looking grt I have to say , I just want to wish my baby boy a fantastic communion day and fingers crossed the sun will shine :):) so excited
My best friend 4 cheeky bottles of vino and the amazing Alan carr too add the excitement the lavley ollymurs :))
Brilliant day at Point to Point in Tattersalls with Janet Reilly. Big turn out and fabulous weather but highlight was definetely having the crack with Jilly Cooper who was doing research for her latest book about horse racing. An amazing lady. Photo,s to follow.
watchin PETER KAY .surprisingly funny with donna villiers x
i'll miss you in this season! btw, my favorite of the last season was vino alan :D
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The X Factor (USA) finalist Vino Alan will be singing the National Anthem at tonight's Missouri Monsters game. Tickets start at just $7.
It's too nice outside to be cleaning my house 󾌣
Roll on 8 tonight off for 11 days just 2 little shifts booked get in time for family quality time catch up with fiends yes vino time
TFIF - Looking forward to camping in New Forest tonight with some very "old" dear friends - Get that fire sparked up, Ipod on and vino flowing - sod this "Summer" weather lol :)
Come into the rosie for a pint, don't worry we won't bite. But if u meet miles u might wana fight. Were on the gargle like we've lost our marbles, maybe a few jagers like alan mc gregor. Yes he is a beast just like every one from the east. Atleast we have seamy D and weasel magee we will be here all night partyin till 3. Foam party upstairs where nobody cares, you can take a few e's and maybe flick gees. If that doesn't float grab ur cooat and go to the hatter it doesn't matter u can't get any fatter. "You'll never beat Aberdeen at Pitodre", said Jimmy Calderwood, but what would he know he just loves his food. But its all good he's put me in the mood for a few Vodka & Cokes, I think I might boke when I see anthony stokes, his da hates the queen but that's no good he hasn't a bean. We know him and lennon had some beef but they sing on BGT like jordan o keefe. To finish this rap I just wana say Celtic won the league and were here to stay!
I liked a video Behind the Scenes mastering "MY SUMMER" ViNO ALaN
Back from Dgri now a wee vino Coll my boy tomorrow he deserves a wee night out in Glasgow wi his half wits called family lol Alan McIlwraith x
Is having a couple of glasses of vino...feel the need x x
How many burpees do you think it takes to burn off a glass of wine?
Would like to goo see Rod Stewart beg of Oct any1 fancy it x
In the light of the horror yesterday, I am pleased to see my friends on here using the word "Extremists" & not making generalisations.
Had the most amazing day today doing my waxing and facial training with Debbie. Super excited and highly confident :-) thank you to my 2 models Misty Moo Stirling and Caitlin Thomson for getting their hairy bits out!! I will be doing Waxing and Celestial Facials Free of charge on Tuesday at Bonnie Quines to work on case study's so if you would like a free treatment pop me a message x
Looking forward to the beginning of my birthday celebrations tonight with mum n dad & the lovely Mrs Caroline West - bring on the haggis!
Thank you everyone for all the happy birthdays. It has been an awesome first day of my 34th year. Love u all.
Alan i'll take you out to dinner whenever you want, no life changing advice needed.
Had an eventful last few days good bad indifferent amazing and heartbreaking at different points but after experiencing all extremes of emotions I feel fantastic thank you to those that shared it with me and inspired me I feel indestructible now and so excited about the future some are not on fb some may not have been with me but were in my thoughts but to name a few thank you so much
Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes Unfortunately i had to work today but tomorrow is another day, although did manage the odd glass or two of vino tonight. Happy birthday Jim, always in our thoughts x x
Wow the Vino Fantini MCipollini Bond bikes look AWESOME today in the giro!
onward.starting an illustration project: 35 pg. comic book with lots of author-specific drawings...might be needing some massages my friends! wow. good luck to me. Oh and some vino. and some coffee.
My love for Vino Alan's voice is extremely high
Got a question for you Key Westers: If you were going to Better Than Sex tonight, what would you get?
What's next for Sam Groove? Making new music and playing these events...
5 kids by 5 different fathers,I'm not judging the girls but she's a slag
England team to play the Aussies... Cook, Compo, Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell, Root, Bairstow, Prior, Taylor, Stuart Broad and Anderson... That will do.
Ah Sunday night, Chinese and a bottle of vino. Get reet in.
*DMing Vino Alan to ask how his sexy son is.*
An original video of John Lennon's How Do You Sleep from the Imagine movie
Sir Alan’s quest to find the biggest wanker has begun and by the looks of it he’s got every chance of succeeding.
get glass of vino helps you focus ☺... If I pass this I will do whatever n will like in the land of Lemon lol
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Come on in to Mobile Gateway of Salem to register to win 2 TICKETS to see VINO ALAN from the X FACTOR live at FAT CATS in Rolla Missouri on May 11th. To check him out go to the youtube sight below. YOU WILL LIKE WHAT YOU SEE!!!
Download and stream bodi profit songs and albums, watch videos, see pictures, find tour dates, and keep up with all the news on
Alan is gonna wanna tag along on the vino so bad!
hooo no te da verguenza con parlante no se alienta Alan Ayala
Vino Alan has that Michael Bolton kinda soul!
Eh no es justo!!! Yo que no salgo porque vino mí hermano y me di media vuelta y no estaba más y para colmo me dejó encerrada
Pretty cool picture taken from when I played with Vino Alan!
It's lovely there...pace yourself with the vino :) I'm about, you off to Ibiza this year?
Connection of mine did the production. ViNO ALaN (Share the luv) " MY SUMMER " Montage: via
“Quote this and add the verified accs that follow you” Liam James beau Ariana, ally, Vino Alan, Jason Brock, Savan, Emblem three
THIS SUNDAY @ 7p.m., I will be joining the KKID Basement Tapes in Rolla to chat about what's going on with the Project. I hope you can tune in! Also, the Project hits the stage on May 11th in Rolla at Fat Cats Entertainment Complex, sharing the stage with Vino Alan, Madora, and several other performers. Tickets are 7 bucks or 10 per couple. Hope to see you there.
I mean Vino Alan was 3rd ever since the live shows started and all of a sudden he was eliminated? Demi was partial and Simon just misjudged!
And to be honest I am very surprised that Simon Cowell sent Vino Alan home!!
In Episode 21 of the X Factor US it was so wrong that Vino Alan was eliminated!! He totally out-classed Diamond whit in that sing off!!
Vino Alan - I'm Proud To Be An American // he was always my favourite. this was his best performance.
I forget that Vino Alan followed me randomly one day during the X Factor season
I had no doubt, wait til drops!!! Lookout world here comes VINO ALAN!!! :)
waking up to a beautiful Cape Town morning, listening to the soulful voice of mr Vino Alan
strombutts: ATTENTION: Vino Alan is SINGLE  omf my ovaries someone hold me 
Recordatorio: matar a yisus por no responder... XD
we me voy a dedicar al estudio, no voy a salir mas¬¬
it's so sad see sing for survive against Vino Alan =/
My voice sounds like vino Alan's because I've been feeling to much today
Exclusive: Forza Italian Football interview with former Arsenal and England striker Alan Smith
David Correy and Vino alan sings what's going on by Marvin Gaye wow♥
Great night at Boreham Wood's 65th anniv' dinner. Vino did flow! Early start for a nice drive down to Newport with
Hay que locura que tengo el vino me pego
Someone buy me Vino Alan's album :'(
Luvn this photo♡ Today!! on WorldWide radio KFLW 98.9 Debut single My Summer by Vino Alan
Vino Alan got a new single!!its gonna be released today...I am so excited...
OMG Vino Alan *-* I want to hear it *-* "Check out he's got a new single dropping tomorrow! Super talent!"
Patrick is like Vino Alan with dreads
Vino Alan from X factor got a record deal an he's making an album
Knee jerks: Why Newcastle fans are so wrong to call for Alan Pardew's head -
Our Wine Guru Alan Hunter talks about 'Wine descriptions that get up his nose'...
Hey Vino Alan are you still doing good things for those who are less fortionate than others. God always have a blessing for people like you.
I still love you Vino Alan every since I saw you on XFactory your singing moves me. Keep your head up and continue doing what you are doing.
I am so happy for my Vino Alan that God has blessed him to carry on with his music career.
remember the guy with the tattooed head? That's my friend Vino Alan. Those albums are his first 2 albums.
We miss you... But you are still there... Vino
Seriously though, Vino Alan may need to get a restraining order now because if we ever meet I'm Nikki Parker-ing the *** out of that ***
Vino Alan has sum soul in him xfactor
I could never get tired of listening to Vino Alan.
Already pumped up for game 1 coach Vino!!!
Lol thats what I felt when like vino alan followed me.
The only idol of mine that follows is Vino Alan but I want one of the boys to follow or one of 5sos but its so hard x
vino alan's performance of God bless the USA. dont look at me. i am emotional.
Vino Alan, I am looking forward to your album being released!
I have a serz crush on David Correy nd vino alan
vino Alan followed me then I unfollowed him and then he unfollowed me oops
C-kan cantando reggaeton no me creen ven el primer comentario
A big day Monday 8th April We take over the Fordham We being Vino Social Ltd controlled by Alan Edmeades and Brian Taylor.
Just searched 'Vino Alan's son' on Google and look who came up as well...
So I can't hold a note... But I always seem to know talent...Vino Alan and Freddie van Dango blessed are those boys! Madluv
Nunca me faltesss , Nunca me engañes , Que sin tu amor yo no soy nadie :)
hope you're rumbling with a vino this evening Alan! We know we are! SSx
At least ally and aj and vino alan follow me...
u been on the vino ?? Let u off u dsve it! put Alan Carr on we've been in stitches x
Don't worry you two. Lots of chilled vino ready and waiting for you on the nia pre Barcelona Grand Prix.
Perfect friday night with some vino and spending it with alan carr, what more could anyone want :)
Got the vino in ready to watch Madness on Alan Carr's show tonight :-)
Vino Alan has one of my favorite voices in the world.
Vino Alan at judges houses, when he sang his own version of Sober #
I would be watch old xfactor shows of Vino Alan
all I know is that vino and Alan are heading
You sang my all time favorite had me at walking! Not to compare but Vino Alan in a way *Cheers
OMG !!! Vino Alan omg Ahhh. my mom and i love you, your amazing!
I think that Vino Alan needs to make a cover for this song:
...popping over to the continent to fill up his boot with Calais Superstore vino ready for the race weekend!!
Vino Alan was in Malibu on Saturday...i wasnt that far from there on Friday :/
The only famous person that follows me is Vino Alan from Xfactor. Das bout it.
vino Alan sober YouTube your welcome
Anyone want a DM to vino Alan from x factor last season?
My guy Vino Alan from X factor USA killled this tune
Glenda pk me dejas solita kiero ir al pipisroom
Does anyone want a DM to Beau, Jake Miller, Applebee's, or Vino Alan??
The best of the X factor, Vino Alan!
Vino Alan was in the top 3 on X Factor for 3 weeks b4 he was eliminated
If any of you give us a shout out, I'll DM y'all to Liam Payne, Josh Devine, Vino Alan, Savan Kotecha, Dinah Jane, & Jill Jensen! RT! :)
glass of vino, glass of cider, Alan partridge, ah ha!
"Vino Alan and 13 others followed you" help me :')
K you guys know Shinedown? The lead singer sounds like Vino Alan! Greatest discovery I've ever came across
Red Wine.who knew, also Alan Partridge the movie lol please be true
Alan at Antica Bottega del Vino in Verona with sommelier extraordinaire Mirto!
remember that guy vino alan from XF, he had a really hot son.
Ps ya se me akabo el vino ya no keda mas k dormir y konfiar good nite
Did you guys know vino Alan follows me on my personal
imagine dragons and vino Alan from X factor follow me on my personal account so im pretty thankful for that
Late great Alan Watkins used to tell tale of being with Johnson in Fleet Street's notorious wine bar El Vino's - Johnson looked around 1/2
Hola pinche gente guapa saluden no muerdo .-.
Hoy a la madrugada se me prendio la computadora sola.Nunca me paso esto.
I hope Vino slaps his teammates for the lack of effort tonight.
Jeff Green clearly downed an entire bottle of '24 laced with deer antler urine before the game tonight.
If you click tell me and Ill dm you to the dance moms besides Kelly, savan, the summer set, vino Alan or Jason Brock
All good Alan. Vino out an chilling
Se vino el frio!!! Alan Bengochea te dije q no me lo mandaras! no me gusta el frio!
Curses, long range forecast for font is wet & more wet- I may have to drive to Spain- or, just drink a lot of fine French vino, .m
David Correy and Vino Alan :D one of them should've won xfacter♡♥♡ Bruhhh 's
First off I apologize in advance if this is untrue. However I believe this is happening. Here are my reasons. 1. Depeche Mode is performing tonight (
Earthquake! Well, I didn't feel it but I've been told.
Well back to Dubai i go :( hate this weather but just wish i could stay for a few more days
If you watch our twitcam we'll DM your name to little mix and Vino Alan. (live on
They call Kobe vino he gets better as he ages lol all the haters r pretty quiet now..
The first person to guess the song right gets a DM to Vino Alan :) Tonight Lets Get Some And Live While We're Young?
MG y te ago un Ziing Asii re tierno
oh Alan bless, are you on your 3rd glass of vino now x
Imagine Vino Alan taking a break in ur house like...
I have a question for all my non *** friends out there that are - or were- married: How many of you have had your marriage or kids harmed by the fact that I am legally a man? Please respond below. Thank You.
The Bel Vino Bridal Expo was a success! Thank you Tobie Willis fir the opportunity and thank you to Alan and Lacey Meade for encouraging me to do this. You two are the most amazing friends a girl could have. I love you!!!
mine is vino Alan! I really want Tate to follow me. He is my favorite!
Erm hello Alan I'm a first time caller.I'm a bit nervis.knackers lol
If Kobe is fine , Alan Anderson is a nice, black .
Back at home and relaxing with a nice glass of vino, Alan and Grandson Joshua had Five Spot Yogurt, a Trip to Petco and played Operation. Elizabeth's dress will be ready for pick up March 27th! So proud of her. Her dress accents her beautiful figure and 26 inch waist. I wish that I could share the pictures. It's killing me. :) Just 4 more weeks!
Are we all knacked girls? Am really feeling it in my upper back think must be the cxworx!
Just checked the live link belva flats the count down is at 4 hours
Gaiser LIVE @ Awakenings Festival 2012 Amsterdam Movies from the infamous Awakenings techno events (NL) Check out for our upcoming e...
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