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Vinnie Paz

Vincenzo Luvineri (born August 19, 1978), better known as Vinnie Paz (formerly known as Ikon the Verbal Hologram), is an Italian-American rapper and the lyricist behind the Philadelphia underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks.

Celph Titled Jedi Mind Tricks Rugged Man Immortal Technique Ill Bill Howard Zinn

Hi guys. Take some minutes to watch my playlist. 🌼
or maybe its "South paw, i fight with the left, i go fascist" either way this whole album BANGS
This new album is Hard! "South paw, I fight with the left like old fascists"
is a top 3 underrated artist. This new HMK is rap like it's supposed to sound
brand new video from Heavy Metal Kings Vinnie Paz Ill Bill with Goretex Elohim off that epic new album...
Crazy how irrelevant people got opinions who asked you 😂😂
That’s because ppl was more focused on memes and gif than the actual music
"I stay ready for the combat, while the ignorant praying and wondering where [their] God at." ~Vinnie Paz
For me it's life..i dont know if you'll understand this but when you in the dark for so long, it's hard to be in the light..
One of the greatest hip hop records ever released, and spits the greatest verse ever on it.
Lost a lotta weight here .. eyy keep that healthy lifestyle my brother and drop'em bombs!.
My girlfriend is a huge Florida Georg…
You can't be neutral on a moving plane by
*Vinnie Paz*. Resist Donald Trump and don't let the demons get to you / Wear baggy jeans or else you'll be a homosexual
This is should be regarded as one of the best quotes. Ever!!!
I started with Em and 50, then Immortal tech and K-Rino, and then once i found JMT and Vinnie Paz it was over.
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I Feel lt. ‘Blacastan and Stu Bangas "Nubian Metal" (featuring Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled)’ on
Song of Political Protest. Howard Zinn pleased. Vinnie Paz - Writings on Disobedience and Democracy via
Vinnie Paz deserves to be placed amongst the greats in the same lane as DMX, kool g rap, necro, sticky fingaz... THAT lane.
To all of you who attended Toronto Film Festival, I hope u had a lovely time. My next FF is in Savannah with Miles & Vinnie Paz. Great city👍
thanks for this, just watched the movie. looks like Kingsley got nominated but didn't win
hey man! You going to be at the CollectorFest tomorrow in PA?
Vinnie Paz is here and no one cares.
I think you know more bout boxing than most boxers. by Decision. 👍🏼 also your fans by now better know bout BSB podcast
Vinnie Paz has been on my last 3 songs on my ICP station 😏
loved your fight analysis. Can't wait to hear your take on Ward/Krusher.
of course I had to get this, a true living legend.. thanks !
would be cool to see Stoupe's set up Much love from Chicago "The Void" is dope
Been trying to get on this next project
I liked a video Vinnie Paz talks new single "The Void," GGG-Brook recap, and more.
3yrs ago, I got to meet one of my idols & fav all time artists, very humble guy, worth the 7hr drive!
Update your maps at Navteq
I also hope the hiphop gods hook up a gig in NYC or Philly late Oct...
"I was enraged by darkness, militant motion. I was embraced by the thought of the still in the ocean" - Vinnie Paz
Ep. Loved the convo on dealing with anger. I've been struggling with my own for years. Thanks y'all! ✌
A new favorite: Legendary ft. Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill & Jared Evan (Prod. by The Arcitype) by
The second leak from the Slaine Is Dead EP, Legendary.
Would be EPIC to see Vinnie Paz on the JRE
much respect for putting the views out there. Good to know some real mf's look at that stuff.
I'm listening to Innermost Hate by Vinnie Paz on
thank you friend. It's appreciated.
Only thing "fake" in that pic coo be the fur on the boots. Even then, I wouldn't being t up.
great discussion on learning to control anger. OG nailed it, it's a bad feeling.
Imagine rapping to the beat in "young money- Lookin *** . Probably would be the best song in the history of rap.
I don't know man OG Brody and the things he's done in Japan are serious biz. I wouldn't dare ask him if it's fake.
The first single off the new album. Featuring Prod by HERE
Ive listened to Jedi Mind Tricks for so long so I've never looked into them & I just did & I'm mind blown that it's been Vinnie Paz+others
when I told him to say hi to Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz ranks as one of the 50 greatest living Rhode Islanders https…
listen to shabazz the disciple, Joel Ortiz, pharoahmonche, the four owls, dirty *** Vinnie Paz, sadistik, copywrite.. Rjd2
Vinnie Paz also wrote this so I don't put much stock in his opinions anymore tbh
u were great in blade, loved ur part in To Wong Foo! Haters gonna hate ;)
Thank you. Your line up crooked fam. ✊🏿
Wackest MC in blocked me 😂😂😂 "pistol" lol lol lol...stay chill in the suburbs
yo i make mad sense it just in the words and you have to find the meaning in them. Ya dig?
the irony of someone who's rambling incoherently telling someone ELSE that they didn't make any sense is golden.
I'm like a curled about cobra just waiting to pounce on them
I'm about MY projects. If I'm further down the road than you then play your position. If you're further down the road than…
Pay your dues. Learn the game from the bottom up. You're not smarter than everyone else. If you think that in your positio…
Vinnie Paz - You can't be neutral on a moving train lyrics via
" I'm old school like quarter waters and eatin in silence, you new school like *** rappers competin for prizes" - vinnie paz
Lemieux wouldn't want to get in the squared circle with him again anyway!!
JJ Dillion was spot on about him in his book... Dude was clueless man
Luger was all physique nothing more
every time I think of bruiser I think of this shoot...
There's only a few artists I'll never get tired of listening to 🎶 shout out to
peace , check out the new music video " Severe Beating"
Listening on shuffle and hear "We slap tracks and attack like M. Bison" never stops being fantastic
who you think King Kong Ortiz should fight next
Cash Money Clique? this story you're telling is compelling. and sad, actually.
Wi nuh fraid a Battyboy, wi bend up fake face like a gorilla,. crush yuh out a rub yuh like weed inna rizzla!.
cassidy, vinnie paz, and eve. That's all
1 rakim 2 big pun 3 vinnie paz 4sean price 5 lord have mercy 6thirston howl 7 Celph Titled 8 Canibus 9 Redman can anyone match this squad
appreciate the responses as a big fan of your music and maybe an even bigger fan of the BSB
I would argue that the shepherd wants the sheep's interests to be the same but they rarely are
right now, Canelo is the end game. after that, he can decide if he wants to go up, or beat up up more MWs.
why would Lemieux get another fight with Golovkin?
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the whole Vietnam themed song was your idea Paz, without you there is no song...
I wish I had that Vinnie Paz voice.
this is how I imagine the texts between and go like with me & my little brother.
This week we have sharing stories of touring with & the late .
Listen to Fed to the Lions ( Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Planetary, Apathy, Esoteric & Celph Titled)
Curse of the Pharaohs (feat. Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric & Reef the Lost Cauze) by Army …
Listen to God Particle (feat. Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled) by Army of
Listen to Vinnie Paz Presents The Broad Street Breakdown - Episode 1 by vinniepaz on
The Breakdown is back and the boys are at it again. After recovering from the fallout of the "windows up"...
If R.A. The Rugged Man & Vinnie Paz ever actually do an album together it may be the last album I ever buy, nothing will measure up.
"Not Again (feat. Vinnie Paz)" by Diabolic from Liar and a Thief ♫
Guess I told Vinnie Paz Christ was special too, but yeh any ways.
Song of the day! Over 3Million view's folk's Philadelphia's own Vinnie Paz
nah man we in together, sinner is a sinner, all sin is forgiven except shirk.. I know you don't worship that
yeah man he's very slept on. Case and point here.
remember blasting like WHOA out my first car then chillin to Jasmine at night, he got it covered
why does Vinnie Paz have so many nicknames
Black Rob crazy underrated. his records are crazy.
Tyson Fury thinks he's like Ali,Lewis and even Klitschko...he's delusional.I said this to the other day..Worst champ ever!
Sleep's the cousin of death.. Vinnie Paz ~Jmt
but calling yourself a liar, thief, and diamond smuggler is hala? worry about staying on YOUR deen, brother.
well you get what I'm saying it's like having the Greek evil eye hanged on your wall just cause it looks good
you're not "sharing" anything. shirk? I'm idolizing someone or something other than God? says who?
that's just a joke but anyways no sin is bigger than shirk I'm just sharing this w you from 1 Muslim brother
still tho to a Muslim we don't put something that is worshipped by other ppl up, shirk
Ya that's what I was wondering about
How do feel about siding with the Islamic terrorists?
Pretty sure Fury doesn't want that fight because he could get smoked. Haye's no master technician but he could still crack him.
😭😭😭 seriously tho. If I decided to go back an have one. Which the chances are madd slim. I'd want JMT to perform.
Two questions as dumb as they R. Have you ever played at a bar mitzvah and how much would you charge too do one?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
vinnie paz has the most distinct voice in hip hop I've ever heard
Like Vinnie Paz I'm heavenly divine. you build you rep? I build shrines.
I remember Sy called me out for asking for more Vinnie Paz songs this one time lol
Apathy,Celph Titled,JMT,AOTP,Vinnie Paz,Immortal Technique,best in the biz
Hearing the family on this new project though 🔥🔥🔥
I am listening to Razorblade Salvation on Vinnie Paz Radio listen to them words mom
"I carry heavy fists, I'm a biological terrorist, if you ain't been in war, then you don't know what terror is" -Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz - end of day feat Block McCloud. . House of Pain - Back from the dead.
"Everywhere that you see joy, I see the pain. It's just the infiltration of poison in my vein" ~
Congratulations on the Pope being in Philly. You must be elated.
when the NOI referred to Evanzz as a "huckster", i knew he had them shook
Gotta give props where its due. always finds a way to reinvent himself and hold it down. Dope verse.
u and should do a project. Ur beats with his lyrics n delivery would make a sic *** album
Povetckin, Wilder, or a rematch with Vlad...How does Bye Bye Jennings look?
What it do fam, your a big inspiration. if you got the time you should check out my new project.
...album is out NOW! Go get it!!! Let it marinate and let me know what you think. CDs in stores…
rematch? By-By never fought Povetkin or Wilder.
he did WAY more than not get slept, B
i guess if the criteria is not getting slept...can he beat Povetckin, Deontay or Wlad in a rematch though?
elite level...ready to relieve Deontay of that WBC hardware level? Was a little too early for Klitschko though...
he's a good boy! Met him at fight at MSG. Really humble, down to earth dude.
"U can stand still, or u can try to walk with me, either way, I'ma be the person I was born to be - u should walk with…
listening to the fallen and feeling this. It was cool you included an a cappella. I'm going to put that to use.
Woah is one of the best hype joints in hip hop history
as far as storytelling ability, you might be right. Top 5 isn't far-fetched.
Yeah. I was a big fan of Life's Story. Rob painted vivid pictures. Ah wait, maybe not top 5 but def top 10.
I mention the great storytellers like Slick Rick, Biggie, Ghostface... Black Rob deserves top 5 consideration IMO.
he must have something on Diddy too, because he's one of the few that made it past 1 album on Bad Boy.
yo! Smh one of my favorites to this day. He REALLY gets busy on the mic.
Black Rob is criminally underrated. he makes incredible records. rappity rap for 15 songs is boring and uninspired. BR makes SONGS.
Sometimes i forget Black Thought and Vinnie Paz are from Philly. Smh
I guess I'm a tad bit eccentric but so what. People who distinguish themselves on any level usually are
Rewatching End of Days. Dig the shirt as always 👍 shout out from the Infowars staff
I wish that ran again, if not then I'mma have to take the lead like Jeff Hanneman
just checked it out on I-Tunes, don't know if it was the expectation but was seriously underwhelmed. Maybe a slow burner
I figure it's on iTunes only cuz of beats apple deal
it's pretty good, interested to hear your take on it. Excited to hear your work with as well. All star tandem.
I guess when you have the machine behind you, it's possible.
When your whole existence is to profit off of death, you probably shouldn't go around preaching about "the preservation of lif…
yes sir... Still think it'll move the same amount of units ?
I'm a fan of your music and have much respect for you guys
I was merely stating my opinion as well while trying to ask you if you thought his new album would actually be great.
Amazon here too. But I could swear he said only via Apple Music...😑
Not saying he has ever done anything wack he has been keeping us waiting for a long time that just makes me wonder.
why wouldn't it be good? what has Dre ever done that's wack?
If you like quality lyrics on dope beats you can't beat Paz, AOTP, Tech, and the Rebel Armz
will that album actually be good other than beats? I'm thinking it's a good marketing technique for the movie.
I wanna cop a physical copy, hope they have them available on Amazon.
I think only iTunes until a week or two. Then it will be released everywhere else.
seems like it. I'm waiting for spotify to release it as well
is the new Dre joint only available via iTunes? i wanna cop it, but i only use Amazon.
where did you learn Spanish from, my friend?
I don't. I gotta a Puerto Rican wife who yells at me allday in spanish and im cuban. It's just a huge disappointment all around.
I thought it was supposed to be red?
what u think of the object in the Mars pic? Looks outta place to me?
yeah, but Fox Deportes is still Fox.
i think since golden boy not doing business no more with fox sports .. Fox is just moving them from their main channels
TBH do these fights really need to have English commentary? I mean it would be nice & all..
.I would Bible Thump crowd into submission
I f you find out why please let us know!
can anyone explain why the LA Fight Club cards keep moving from FS1 to Fox Deportes? i understand Spanish, but a lot of heads don't.
Vinnie Paz and R.A. The Rugged Man, what a combo that is!
contributed to hip hop, the dude's style of music was wack regardless. Now dudes like Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, R.A. The Rugged Man
UA, *** Zombies, Hurt Everybody, Steez, Joey, Kendrick, Ab, J-Cole, Vinnie Paz, Jedi etc are all talking about the same thing at the core
Underground is life if you ain't listening to Vinnie Paz , Ill Bill , Killah priest ,A Tribe called quest, Jedi Mind Tricks u dnt knw real 🎶
scars on Broadway, Vinnie Paz, unearth, God forbid, Gustav holst, dethklok, liminal, ismfof, this is spinal tap, imagine dragons
Vinnie Paz and Jedi Mind Tricks kind of night
HERE IS A QUICK HISTORY LESSON OF THE UNITED STATES IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. COURTESY OF VINNIE PAZ. [Intro: Howard Zinn] Governments lie all the time Well, not just the American government, it's just in the nature of governments Well, they have to lie. And since they don't represent the people, and so since they act against the interest of the people The only way they can hold power is if they lie to the people If they told people the truth they wouldn't last very long [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Columbus came ashore greeted with nothing but niceness Sailing west in attempt to find gold and spices Dominated by the popes in frenzy for ices The Catholic church expelled Jews and claimed it was righteous The first man to see land would get a reward And get a yearly pension for life clearly from God A young sailor saw land said, "We isn't far" Columbus lied, said he saw it the evening before They touched ground, they were greeted by the Arawak Columbus had them locked up as prisoners in an hour flat He wanted to fi ...
Army of the Pharaohs "God Particle" featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled. Produced by Stu Bangas. Cuts by DJ Kwestion. From the n...
Vinnie Paz using the championship belt to his advantage
"War Machine" featuring Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Esoteric & Apathy from the new album "Heavy Lies The Crown" available October 21, 2014.
yo man oct 24th I'll be taking my brother for his bday to the AOTP show it would mean a lot to him if he could meet you for asec
have my GODZ friendz USB MUSICZ GODZ. Big man GK. Island Vibez INNOVATIVE THINKZ KEY BOY! ;X
I'm just curious and interested in the details I have too many different perspectives on the subject
new aotp single is incredible. Thx for keeping real hip hop alive. Such greatness amongst so much garbage.
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Kill the Messenger Official Trailer (2014) - J…: drop BOMBZ on thizzZx
Street Poetry 12 inch my first record put out by my brother
Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, RA The Rugged Man, Immortal Technique, Dilated People's,Chino XL, Slaine all still make great rap music.
I need to watch Bey v Vasquez back on TV but I thought Vasquez won. How did everyone else score it?
Vinnie Paz - End of Days: watch this if you like consious hip hop. ✌✊
I'm sorry I missed it, I thought you guys were still in Europe touring. I love all the Snowgoons / AOTP Collaboration, much luv
when are you bringing the AOTP crew to play Boston? R.I.P.Viro!!!
I liked a video Vinnie Paz "Nosebleed" Feat. R.A. the Rugged Man and Amalie Bruun - Official Video
seing if u guys wer going to podcast together since vinnie is going to be in la Oct 22 through the 24. would be great!
Cannot wait to get my hands on that vinyl, AOTP / /
''I understand the math of death and its complexity.''- Vinnie Paz (Army of the Pharoahs - Ritual of Battle)
and verses on 1st Degree Murder so ill!!
Hermano, send me that name of the cologne.. whhahhha
Give a long list of bands we should hear.
ur comin to my barrio in Santana vinnie. Itd b dope to meet u bro.
Army of the Pharaohs LIVE for 2 shows only in Santa Ana, CA on 10/22 & LA on 10/24. tickets at
Need a time machine to go back to the '01 Finals with these two:
how about ISIS if u dont mind me asking?
what are your thoughts on Mortem Storm?
Anytime, I cant wait for your new album, God Of The Serengity was hardest album of the decade, my opinion and lots from Ontario
I found it interesting some would root for Haymon, defend him and his clients. It was like baseball fans rooting for Scot…
Vinnie Paz and Immortal Technique made an amazing track together!
This same guy is telling me how we should nuke the Middle East & end Islam all while wearing a shirt. I'm so confused!!
Enjoying Vinnie Paz - Geometry Of Business Feat. La Coka Nostra on the Rap Metal channel by
oooh gotta be Mobb Depp or Cypress for me!
lol vinnie I side with your grief lol
true that beasties should be on the list. CNN has only one classic IMO as well so they don't need a mention.
Nice, this album is looking to be stacked with lots of heavy hitters. Good to see Doap and Demoz on here. Can't wait.
3 flame emojis. They really got Doms, Bronson, and Vinnie Paz on this.
Most admire people for their bank book or perceived bank book. Only *** and thieves should be concerned with other peop…
I who have nothing, I who have no home - Vinnie Paz
Peace Could ya check my Joint with Kool G Rap & Vinnie Paz drop some Feedback Would be Appreciated https:…
When it comes to underground legends the bet to me has to be Vinnie Paz and Immortal Technique
"Everything's fake trust me no one that lovely, I met a lot of famous people and they fat & ugly" -Vinnie Paz to the sister
a lot of the artist I like aren't new I listen to a lot of Talib Kweli, Vinnie Paz & Lloyd Banks.
Sad but I think the highlight of my year so far was that Vinnie Paz and Ivan Nova replied to me lol
Vinnie Paz-God of the serengeti...been a minute
Jamming on some hard body vinnie paz-cheesecakes. With ma ***
Beware of those without ambition. They will often try to convince you you're in the same boat.
Scientists concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg, because the protein which makes egg shells is only produc…
without a doubt one of the real masters of the craft, can't wait for the Glow proje…
Random shout to A LOT of dudes in this business are SNAKES. Paz doesn't have this issue.
I added a video to a playlist R.A. the Rugged Man - Sam Peckinpah ft. Vinnie Paz, Sadat X
Why does Vinnie Paz defend mainstream rappers/artist?
I'm listening to "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train" by Vinnie Paz on Pandora
Are you coming to Turkey. Do you have plans ?
what's happening bro we gotta catch up, been a minute. I'm maintaining Lord you know.
got to say respect for the music, always hitting on them deep subjects. Keep it up brother!
One of my followers told me that he loves me in my DM´s today. Don't know the guy, just that he likes Vinnie Paz.
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This guy Vinnie Paz got some NERVE...I don't think his motivation has to do with shelter dogs though,…
I'm sure the ones I think are cool when on stage are probably *** when they not on the mic
Every rappa better fear me... Cuz Vinnie Paz is a beast/. And ya'll steady screamin' for war but want peace/
hey Vinnie, if you get a chance & havent heard as yet, these new Redman songs are insane, nice to see him BACK!
those same people are probably reading this agreeing with you. It's amusing.
it's funny, most of the self-righteous, "political" rappers I've come across are dweebs who need a beatin. but Pitbull? MAD cool and humble.
Maybe popularity and fame is more a blessing and a curse than a weird privilege. Heck, what do I know anyways?
That's fair. I guess some people think that "big breaks" are easy and that popularity is a right and not a weird privilege.
But what if you're good? That may be not be likely, but what you are actually good at what you do? Would you check then?
"happy birsday to my young blood ... enjoy it, Costanza"
"If you believe what they tellin you the beast and them won! That's why I speak about survival and need for a gun."-
I don't like Nastradamus, I forgot that album existed. You like Vinnie Paz??
why every time Lord Jamar hurts someones feeling…
What's worse that OR "Winnie the Paz, me and you make song at my village?"
. Agree. Wish the acting was better though, the story is the only thing keeping me watching
spamming established artists with your YouTube/soundcloud links is the new "Please Listen To My Demo", huh? it's become a daily nuisance.
is your tattoos temporary? You can't do prayer with that tattoos, dude.
ur a legend Vinnie lol that's what media does is feed the ppl with this agenda they have
Cotto seems awful comfy and smug considering he is the smaller of the two fighters...
I don't see Sergio trying to sell the fight using strong language, I see a fighter who feels disrespected and has vengeanc…
if an alien came here to gather data, he'd go back to his leader and say, "the 2 trendiest things on Earth are: being *** and being atheist"
“School girls in gas masks. WWII. In Death Reborn
Sir, assuming the info@ address on the JMT website goes straight to you, check your emails.
the God program has many embedded programs that play themselves out; some are useful and some become obsolete.
How I feel after listening to a couple of Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled and Ill Bill songs
Can't find anywhere to purchase, but I've got Game of Death-
Listenin to Jedi Mind Tricks & I gotta tell u I'll forever have RESPECT for Vinnie Paz
I like Cotto but *** did Sergio destroy Cotto in the face off. What did you think of it?I got Sergio by Ko in 5
Vinnie Paz is too crazy for the radio tho.
my top 3 were tyson hagler Camacho my favorites
he was the man. the Boom Boom fight was classic.
ok sorry but don't get to talk boxing much ...what did you think of Camacho?
What abt some vinnie paz kwa playlist? braap
maybe Maravilla, but that's not happening
ok maybe I'm to drunk but I like him who is pound for pound the best right now?
ok one more GGG pound for pound the best right now?
honest expert opinion who won the Hagler Sugar Ray fight?
does anybody have the Azie/Mobstyle joints in a digital format? i still have my cassettes, but no way to convert them right now.
If so..ask him if he's still feeling himself like he's a "chronic masterbater"
I don't think the world is ready to accept this.
Official video for Vinnie Paz's new single "Cheesesteaks" from Vinnie's newest solo album "God Of The Serengeti" available now at
Before the Lewis fight Lou put Golota on the phone , I said to Andrew "Win the title for us Polish people " ..
Golota had both those fights won , if only he wasn't a head case as Lou Duva himself called him .
true, but Golota walked through some monstrous shots without blinking, including Bowe's guy's giant Walkie talkie lol
By the time Golota met him Bowe was so ridiculously easy to hit & just took all that punishment in both fights .
oh, that was awful. wasted talent. and to think how great Golota looked against Bowe. twice.
Could be like all the Polish people quietly filing out after KOd Golota in AC Only worse !
Thanx to flames for making that remind. Just downloaded vinnie paz streat wars
I fux wit jedi mind trix heavy n even tho I like sum tha traccs on there for tha most part vinnie paz last solo album succd *** I expected much more
From Vinnie Paz's upcoming EP "Carry On Tradition" available now. Order on iTunes: Or directly from our online store:
It's times like this that my GRIND is at it's best. Friday 8:15 p.m Laptop Adult beverages My Beautiful Mind S.M.G Freddie Gibbs/Kevin gates/Vinnie Paz *Do Not Disturb*
To all that don't know this is what hip hop is supposed to sound like "You came into my mother's life at the right time More than a step-father, more of like a lifeline She ain't really had happiness since my pop died She was living but living is always not alive And my momma should be treated like a queen You gave her everything she ever needed like a queen Probably the most gentle G I ever seen The love y'all shared I never seen in human beings Y'all were together twelve years, never no fights Not even a little argument, that was so nice Three of us eating dinner together most nights Working seven days a week, that ain't no life But never once did I hear you complain Even when they let you go never hear you with blame It take a real man to walk through the rain He was a real man who got sick and fought through the pain" ~Vinnie Paz "Same Story"
- - See the other tracks on the channel page - - :)! Vinnie Paz - "Feign Submission (Interlude)" JBL the Titan Vinnie Paz - Feign Submission Vinnie Paz - Fei...
To this day, I still can't find a battle *** who's as disrespectful as Arsonal... Diabolic ft Vinnie Paz - Not Again Music From: The Vex
We get to listen to Vinnie Paz in the office. I have the best job ever!
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Produced by Psycho Les (The Beatnuts). Cuts by DJ Eclipse. From Vinnie Paz's upcoming album "God of the Serengeti" available 10/22. S...
Vinnie Paz's new album "God of the Serengeti" available now at Produced by Enemy Soil Films & New Pace Creative Mu...
Am I the only one that finds comedy in monogamy? - Vinnie Paz
Hate u 91 E. But at least there's good bumps on Vinnie Paz Shoot up your hearse music.
How many nikkuers of today knows Vinnie Paz??
Nothin like some Vinnie Paz and AOTP for breakfast.
Since 1996, Vinnie Paz has been best known as the fiery frontman of renowned indie rap group Jedi Mind Tricks.
Jarren Benton - Bully feat. Vinnie Paz (Prod by Kato): The flying monkey gets Ozbourne like I was Ozzy
Here's the track listing of our upcoming mixtape/compilation that will be available for FREE Download! "Exordium Armada" is a prelude project to our upcoming debut album "Phonik Armada" that drops in september! It contains alot of Remixes we did over the years and some exclusive Joints! Artwork by Le Spaff Release date coming soon!!! Nutso, godilla jaguar paw, Royal Flush, M-Dot, Poison Man, Revalation of EMS, Mayhem of EMS, Meta P, R.A. The Rugged Man Official Page, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Vinnie Paz, Xzibit, B-Real, Apathy,titled, King Magnetic, GQ Nothin Pretty, TRIBECA, Christopher Tedesco, Reks, OTO10DAKT, Big Shug, Mos Def Official, Rakim, AND ALOT MORE! In the meantime go like our fan page Symphonik BANG Productions Stay Tuned!!!
Never thought id say this, but... I just bought my first 3 hiphop CDs... Jedi Mind Tricks, Heavy Metal Kings and Vinnie Paz. I have changed! And I think it's for the better. But I will always love Metal :)
I've gotten favorited by Vinnie Paz and Mark Dice and whatnot, and i'm genuienly happy becuase guys like them inspire me
Did you all know that Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali , Nas , loupe fiasco , Ice Cube, Immortal Technique ,t-pain , Vinnie Paz , Raekwon , DJ Khaled, Busta rhymes, Mos Def, Akon , Shaquille oneal and many more are Muslims ?
Something is telling me that R.A. The Rugged Man Official Page answering my question with wanting to have a large tour through Japan is going to lead to one wicked dream journal entry in the morning. I could see myself writing about Vinnie Paz eating sushi and drinking a 40 while James Bostick is chopping people's heads off with a samurai sword. That's normal right?
If you guys seriously think that Eminem is worse than he was before then you have no understanding of an emcees skill. Just because he's famous and makes poppy songs does not make him a worse Emcee. If you have any understanding of how skill can be measured then the only white rappers that can take him head on is Aesop Rock, Eyedea, Sadistik and Kristoff Krane, not Vinnie Paz not R.A. The Rugged Man not Apathy not Slug not RITTZ not Sage Francis. Em still has one of the best flows, deliveries and at least top 15 at lyrical aspect, you don't have to like him or his music but you have to acknowledge his skill, because he has improved a lot since SSLP - Krazy
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