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Vince Young

Vincent Paul Young, Jr. (born May 18, 1983), nicknamed VY , is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

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USC plays Texas this week! So let's talk about the last time they played and how Vince Young was clearly down here…
Derrick Johnson is the 2nd Longhorn all-time behind Vince Young. Ricky Williams 💩
Kaepernick knows this. Vince Young knows this. McNabb knows this. Every Black QB knows this. Still welcome yet another stud…
Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Percy, Bama D, Pete Carroll. (I just wanna see the show Vince & Reggie put on)
Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Michael Crabtree, 2012 Michigan State, and Pete Carroll. And I still got $2 left
Any team with Vince Young and Reggie Bush in college would be illegal
Can I have Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Percy Harvin, and the Canes and we'll just throw the ball out there and let em coach themselves?
WATCH: Vince Young and Ricky Williams chat, Colt McCoy saves the day in new Tiff&Treats ads via
I think it should be between Vince Young and Jamarcus. Maybe throw Brady Quinn in ther
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Barkley, Dan Orlovsky can get contracts but Colin Kaepernick, Vince Young, & RGIII can't get signed?
Pete as HC of the 14 team doesn't let Tyler Murphy become Vince Young reborn and goes 11-1
Peter Warrick, tommie Frazier, Ndamokung Suh, Charlie Ward, Michael Vick and Vince Young, I had to put 6
Chris Simms was a teammate of Vince Young w/ Titans & says look in the mirror instead of "exposing" Jeff Fisher.
Vince Young has every right to be mad & call out Fitzpatrick. No white QB could go 31-19 as starter & get dumped 👇
Six years after they both left Tennessee, Vince Young still bears some ill will for Jeff Fisher
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The most impressive thing about Vince Young throwing all this shade is that none of it was intercepted.
Vince Young went hard at Ryan Fitzpatrick in today's Sports Illustrated interview. 😱😱😱
*** wish the NFL and Jeff Fisher didn't *** my *** Vince Young out the NFL
Vince Young saw Fitzpatrick get another contract and had enough lmfao
Vince Young's recent comments remind me why I never liked him. All that poutine seems to have made him SALTY.
jealousy or bitter? Maybe his attitude is why he not playing
Vince Young is crying about Fitzpatrick still being in the league and he not. Vince, you suck bro. Just face it 😂😂
PicksPatrick has played 127 games. Vince Young hasn't even played half that. So solid observation there buddy.
Good piece on Vince Young attempt at redemption
Vince Young wants answers everyone... lol man, some guys just can’t let it go. 6 years in the league, just be grateful my guy…
Why does Vince Young hate FitzMagic? How many men named Vince do I love?
Programming Note: on Braden & Fitz tomorrow morning to discuss Vince Young's career in Tennessee and…
Vince Young blames Jeff Fisher for failing in Tennessee. Who gets blamed for Young failing in Philly, Buffalo, GB, Cle…
Vince Young is a disgrace to humanity; I'll take Fisher over that read one and run du…
Vince Young has his return to football derailed after a torn hamstring joins Game Night to discuss
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.will joins & tomorrow morning at 730 to discuss his piece on Vince Young
Who is telling Vince Young to Trash talk players that can actually make an NFL roster? Come on
I've always felt one of the most overlooked stories in sports was how Jeff Fisher sabotaged Vince Young's career
Vince Young is one of my favorite college players of all time, but his use of "turkey necks" in a quote makes him the 🐐
Ppl making a big deal of Vince Young's comment about Fitzpatrick and Gabbert like we all don't sit there on Sundays thinking the same thing
Jeff Fisher held back Vince Young and Steve McNair. He managed to keep a NFL HC job for 22 years
Game Night with Robert Henslee() Guest List. Vince Young with . NFL with Sports with
Sounds like Vince Young is jealous that Ryan Fitzpatrick gets to throw all the INTs, wants his chance to find the open D…
On Vince Young/Ryan Fitzpatrick: Fitz led NFL in INTs once, in 2011, and had a better QB rating (79.1) than Young did (60.8)…
Unclear exactly when Vince Young made his comments about Ryan Fitzpatrick, but if it was after his release from Saskatchewan…
This piece on Vince Young is excellent. VY doesn’t hold back on his relationship with Jeff Fisher.
Remember when Vince Young was on the cover of Madden. His game never translated to the NFL. Fitz is better
In a new interview Vince Young called Ryan Fitzpatrick a garbage QB. Then he asked the reporter if he wanted fries wit…
Vince Young ain't telling me anything I don't know, lol, Fitz is a bum and Jeff Fisher hadn't had fun since the 70's
Vince Young ripping Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good start to the morning.
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Hey Vince Young, tell us what you REALLY think about Ryan Fitzpatrick | . htt…
Still Invinceable? Vince Young opens up to SI on his NFL flameout, CFL comeback and more. Full story ➡️
Vince Young talks about his career, rips “garbage” QBs who are getting signed instead of him, per https:/…
Anytime I hear about Vince Young I think about that Rose Bowl game...
Vince Young best college QB I ever seen
"Vince Young recently applied to trademark 'Make Vince Great Again'" {by Chris Chavez} via
"Vince Young tells his side of the 2008 'suicide incident' story" {by Chris Chavez} via
"Vince Young describes how his relationship with Jeff Fisher unraveled" {by Chris Chavez} via
Vince Young won a championship with his Rose Bowl run—but that wasn’t the most memorable play of this millennium https:…
Vince Young a case study of what can happen to can’t-miss NFL QB
It certainly raised an eyebrow or 2 but I wouldn't say worry. People were worried about Vince Young and Pacman jones lol
Other quarterbacks that are, today, better than Kaep: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kellen Moore, Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw...
Vince Young, Jameis Winston, and Johnny Manziel in front of Matt Lienart and I don't think so Bruh.…
Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, there are a lot of dumb moves
Vince Young and Texas clinch a national championship over Reggie Bush and the Trojans with this run on 4th and goal. (2006…
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Vince Young and Reggie Bush were Unstoppable on NCAA Football Games too 😂😂😂
Introducing our newest team member to join our E.O.A. Crew - Vince Young- Welcome
Long line of winners who didn't succeed in NFL. Tebow, Vince Young, Kellen Moore, colt…
Jeez Bo we got a quarterback in rider nation. Vince Young. What happens if he gets more wins then…
Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Ken Dorsey had pretty good resumes
David Carr went Vince Young went and it was clear Young was not a prototype NFL QB you could see it miles away
Remember that championship game against Vince Young's Texas team?
No QB has been ranked that high since 2002 Vince Young according to 247 sports Trevor Lawrence
Vince Young was not good. Should have taken Matt Leinhart. I miss LenDale White
Best quarterbacks of all time: . 1. Matt Saracen . 2. Vince Young. . . . 145. Tom Brady
The Riders have announced the Mini Camp schedule: Vero Beach, Florida April 25-27. All QBs will be there including Vince Young.
De'Aaron Fox just did to Lonzo Ball what Vince Young did to Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart in the Rose Bowl.
They oughta call Vince Young, Nnamdi Asomugha, and the gang to ask how the big offseason moves go in Philly.…
Brock Osweiler is gonna end up being traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for Vince Young and two pairs of new slacks
Bud Adams knew what he was doing... It's 2017, and Vince Young has a professional football contract. Jay Cutler & Matt Leinart don't.
Vince Young announces deal w/ but first things first... he likes hugs via
Vince Young signs with professional football team.
Vince Young nearing pro return, closing in on deal on with Canadian Football League team.
Vince Young announces the formation of Vince Young Realty, a real estate brokerage based in Austin, Texas.
Watson, the 2017 "Vince Young" of the NFL draft...GM beware the shiny new object.
In honor of combine weekend, throwback to Vince Young's Wonderlic score of 6 .
Different than college. Look at Vince Young, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, Jemarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and so many other QB's who
Vince Young is trying to trademark "MAKE VINCE GREAT AGAIN"
Pretty cool that and Vince Young on same Rose Parade float, a decade after their memorable Rose Bowl
Trench Richardson charged with domestic violence and Vince Young trying to make a comeback... We're in the twilight zo…
Let me guess, it's over for Vince Young but not for drug addict bum Manzel? Right? # sellout
Super Agent joins the Cannons & to chat Vince Young's shocking comeback. Hear…
.on Vince Young's comeback: "Sometimes football quits you and football quit Vince Young... Now it's time to act…
LMAO Vince young is making a comeback
Stephen A if Jay Cutler can be an NFL QB, as far fetched as it sounds so can Vince Young.
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QB Vince Young in talks to join the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders
ICYMI: Vince Young hopes to play football again.
Vince Young is attempting a comeback!. Here's a list of the teams that are interested in signing him:
Vince Young is trying to make an NFL comeback. He should form his own flag football team with Tim Tebow, Johnny Manzie…
Vince Young trending so why not right
I supported the Jamarcus Russell comeback attempt a few years back so im gonna support the Vince Young comeback attempt too
If Tebow got his shot, I know Vince Young has a chance! At least he can hold a clip board.
If Osweiler, McCoy, Sanchez are still in the league Vince Young can get a check too
how come Vince Young is done you're just a hater
Free agent Vince Young's agent says he's in talks with the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders.
V.Y. in negotiations with Canadian team.
Vince Young held a press conference on his possible return to football. 😂😂😂
Vince Young looking to make NFL comeback:
If I told you that Vince Young has started 50 career NFL games, what would you guess his record was?. ...because it's 31-19.
Vince Young might be headed to the CFL!
Vince Young attempting to make a comeback to football. Three local flag football teams are said to be extremely interes…
Kenny Britt has caught TD passes from an aging Matt Hasselbeck and Kerry Collins along with Jake Locker, Case Keenum, Vince Young
I'd rather have recently retired Michael Vick than Vince Young..I'd take Marcus Vick right now over Vince Young..Vicks Vapor Rub, too!
Vince Young never fully recovered from the Jeff Fisher blackball. I'm just glad karma eventually exposed Fisher as a frau…
I trust the Packers implicitly about quarterbacks. They cut Vince Young in 2013 & went with Seneca Wallace & Scott Tolzien. Just sayin'.
According to , the are interested in former Tennessee QB Vince Young
HC Steve Leisz, notes top recruiting soph ranking held only by Vince Young & Adrian Peterson previously.
Ever!! *** USC thought it was over Vince Young Took Texas Home🐐💯🏆
Mullet's growin out a bit now and been on sunbed so when I let my hair dry naturally and don't wear makeup I look like young Vince Neil lel
A young Vince Carter is every point guards dream
Watson is really, really good. He doesn't play like Russell or Vince Young, at all.
vince young is older... So I mean this point invalid
Vince Mamer: "Teachers of young children require specialized expertise."
Vince Young and Reggie Bush days were nuts
My director is a young black female. She used one word to describe Detroit, "Depressing." She had never seen such desolati…
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he needs to listen to whatever coach Brown was listening to with Vince young. 🌹
and Vince Young made it to two pro bowls... so check your "black curse"
does this D Watson national championship smell like Vince Young national championship and how it boosted his draft st…
Gahh.. never really listened until today. Chris Young - Sober Saturday Night (feat. Vince Gill)
Durant over vince young? LOL. young won a title, durant didn't do crap his 1 year. LOL. thanks for the laugh
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL no proof
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL leaked fake news that suicide was brought up? Bs fake news
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL in the suicide causing game vs jacksonville? After loss fisher called cops
Watching the Vince Young Rose Bowl on TV at an airport during an 8 hour delay, with Rose Bowl tickets in my pocket https:/…
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL which he created also "cant handle boos " but was actually injured?
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL plus created false narratives as excuses not too. Used wonderlic fake news
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL worked all the excuses in the book not to play him
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL had Usc teamate use mic to slander
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL What also played mj23 like at ends of games to always win
Why Running Quarterbacks Fail in the NFL Is this a joke? This is same as "Bo jackson not a good running back."
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Now Playing: Chris Young - Sober Saturday Night ft. Vince Gill is on Knoxville Edge
Still blows me to this day that I'm related to Vince Young & Shannon Sharpe
You remember when Vince Young won the Rose Bowl in '06, this is one of those moments.🔥
Bradford, Stafford, Matt Ryan, Alex smith. Jamarcus Russel and Vince Young only burned…
"Pro Bowlers" who had fewer TDs than Smith in last 15 yrs: Bridgewater, Garrard, Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Jeff Garcia,…
"if RGIII, Vince Young and Marcus Mariota can go in the top few picks, there's no question Deshaun Watson can." .
Next year in a commercial, do Deshaun Watson and Vince Young room together in a really, really nice condo next to the…
Deshaun Watson is the first Heisman runner-up QB to win the national championship since Texas QB Vince Young in 2005.
The National Championship has never been the same since Vince Young, Jamal Charles and Matt Leinhart, Reggie Rush.
Despite being a USC fan, I couldn't help but admire Vince Young. USC could NOT stop him no matter how hard they tried😩
The 2006 Rose Bowl with Texas and USC was probably the greatest game of bowl history Vince Young was that dude
11 years ago today, Vince Young scored the winning TD in the final seconds of the National Championship game to top USC…
On this date 11 years ago, Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns put on a comeback for the ages.
Kansas needa drop Smith for Vince Young. That's the only team that could possibly stop the 2018-19 Tennessee Titans
troy smith and Vince Young way better than McCarron and Murray
Sam Darnold breaks Vince Young's Rose Bowl record, and 18 more wild numbers from
.him and Dan Fouts honked for Sc the day Vince Young destroyed them! Forced Jackson to retire!
This is my 22nd Rose Bowl, and I've never seen a better run here..Vince Young's run more impactful, but nothing matches B…
Vince Young, JeMarcus Russell, Jason Campbell.the list goes on...
I can see it now...Deshaun crossing the goal line late in the 4th to seal a W vs Bama just like Vince Young did against USC in 06 Rose Bowl!
looking like a young Vince Wilfork out there.
I see we're still living and the past😂 By the way Vince Young isn't ever coming back😂 Tom Herman??? Please😂
. All of you young'uns Google Vince Foster. Clinton's have been killing/having people killed for decades!
I wish Reggie Bush and Vince Young had great careers in the NFL smh such let downs
Shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a novice QB he totally ruined Vince Young.
Young LeBron and Russ up there just because they always looked like they were trying to break the rim. No one touch…
I can't right now with the comparisons between Dak Prescott and Vince Young.
The Young Pope was series of 2016 by a long way. Intriguing, superb writing and character details of the highest quality. Brilliant.
"So I stopped writing, now I'm like lightning. And you ain't Vince Young so don't clash with the titan"
Great players coach unless your Vince Young from what I heard but he never adapted. Not great at developing talent
A University system that does not work for working class young people, well said
If you're a young man know this:. Mass media's agenda is to castrate you. To make you feminine. To make you weak so you'r…
Whether fictional or biographical, a good book can inspire young scientists this holiday season! h…
I still remember sitting in my living room watching vince young run it in
Vince Young was raw af in college too. You don't know if a player will make it until he actually plays
Just some young legends from the 6ix
I guess I Leftwich'cause I still get to win, dig?And what you heard is thundering/No Vince Young I did superb on the Wonderlic.
on Sober Saturday Night by Chris Young f./Vince Gill at…
The fact that young MA or Vince staples aren't mentioned makes this list very suspect
I would love to be in a cypher with Young M.A & Vince Staples.
McNabb, McNair, Akili Smith, Jeff Blake, Vince Young, we could go all day with this.
Jeff Fisher 106-72 with Steve McNair and Vince Young. 67-93 with Chandler, Collins, Bradford et al.
Usually busts come from good teams before the draft. Vince Young, Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf. Goff got hyped for no reason, then no chance
Vince Young. Vince Young was where it all went wrong.
Jeff Fisher finally got fired so Vince Young and I sat down for a celebratory game of Jenga.
It is Vince Young not Evans. We haven't jumped the shark
saying you're in love after 2 weeks of dating is like when Vince Young called the 2011 Eagles a dream team during preseason. they went 8-8.
What happened to the What happened to Vince Young
Keyshawn Johnson said it best about Charlie Strong Mack Brown only won one national championship with Vince Young he would've won anywhere
what happened with vince young and leinhart in the NFL? How weren't they good enough I'm baffled
Andy Murray 'too young' for knighthood
The young fella just put a UAB senior on a poster!
Vince from Westminster got tix to see Young Thug at The Ogden Theatre 12/11! Don't fret my friend! has more tix this week!
Love. It makes me think of Vince Gill's "Young Man's Town".
Still say the Texans should have drafted Vince Young from the jump!
Ruined Vince Young now he will do the same with his new QB
He's probably learned at least four plays in the playbook by now. He's the wide receiver version of Vince Young. Ta…
Vince Young was rookie of the year and a pro bowler, Jeff Fisher ruined him
😑😑the only time Texas football has ever been relevant when y'all had Vince Young
Vince needs to stop taking the spotlight from the young talent who work their *** off every night instead of someone who
people forget Vince Young was required to make a 4th & 18 vs KU to win & UT was incredibly Superior
Actually excited for game 2nite. Live seeing big vince and Derek Carr is a young talent that's fun to watch
Agreed. Vince Young didn't get Heisman when Bush had to vacate it
Vince Young and on sideline at Houston vs Louisville game. Could they be discussing Braxton's college o-coo…
my friend summed it up perfectly: "it was Hubris vs Vince Young & Vince won." Our D wasn't at its best but made timely plays
2011 was the peak. Conceding 300-400+ yards to the likes of Vince Young, Rex Grossman and Matt Moore every game
well he kinda close to Vince Young.
Just watching the show back from last night . Really great show . Loved it . love to Selena for the speech , brave young…
This is Vince holding all the young talent down and putting Goldberg in the main event.
Vince: I should make Brock win so Brock can give the win to a young talent instead of Goldberg. Also Vince: Bury Bro…
The ones that *** me off the most is Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell going broke
Most important game modern time was Texas beating Southern California in the title game. Vince Young game. Ratings were wild.
BREAKING: Burger King trades star cook Mark Sanchez to Taco Bell for cashier Vince Young and the rights to Tim Tebow a…
*If only* the had taken Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler instead of Vince Young (as Fisher and the fans wanted). Bud Adams screwed the pooch.
Qbs that are better than Blake Bortles:. Marcus Vick, Mike Vick, Vince Young, Colt McCoy, RG3, Akili Smith, Aaron Brooks, etc.
Vertical Sources: Phoenix guard Archie Goodwin has been released and will become a free agent. Explosive, young guard un…
Edgar M.'s ready to tear up the nearest street. How do you
like I said last night, if I gotta go broke I'd much rather go the Vince Young way, at least there's better stories to tell
Vince Carter's a great guy and all that but we gotta be kidding ourselves if we think its better to keep him than a young guy with potential
Yet he benched Vince Young for much less than 4 picks.
Of course he got it. 38 is still 23 to me lol ...a very young man 38 Year Old Vince Carter Still Has Vinsanity Hops
one more young front line starter, Vince Velasquez
Who was the biggest NFL Draft bust, Jarmarcus Russell, Vince Young or Troy Smith? 🏈
It’s true, really does sing “I’m Coming Over..” in his best voice while going places.…
This is a real headline. Lakers compare Young’s defense to Kawhi Leonard via
Mike, Bortles' mechanics are horrible. On the same level as Vince Young in my opinion.
Some of the brightest young Canadian minds think these are the two stocks to buy
Vince Young, 98 yard drive under 2 minutes vs the Cardinals, more heroic than the Music City Miracle. Great watch on YouTube
I was sold on being a Texas fan when Vince Young led that drive against USC
when Vince Young threw 2 in against Pittsburgh, Jeff Fisher pulled him.
c'mon, Jeff Fischer knows what he's doing w/ Goff. Look how he developed Vince Young into one of the top QBs in the ... oh...
Vince's number is usually 10 lengths above benchmark. Young horses can cope better. Of fast to slow - Prince of Penzance (!) OK
Migrant kid arrives in Europe. What a polite, peaceful young man!
he graduated a year after me. We are from the same city. He's the best QB from Houston since Vince young. Incredible QB.
they don't want him acting like Michael Vick or Vince Young,
I've always hated Jeff Fisher for how he did Vince Young too
Call me Vince Young Homie I got Quarterbacc vision I can see the 5-0 when they blitzing
I just told Vince Young to cancel his gym membership and sign up with my dawg
I honestly think if Fischer doesn't like the pick, then he won't use him. Felt the same way when he drafted Vince Young.
Fisher picked Kerry Collins over Vince Young. That's all you need to know.
A titans qb who is turn over prone, inaccurate , has great legs but is hurt a lot? Vince young 2.0 Marcus Mariota
Old Lady: Excuse me, young man. Me: I have a grandma
Jeff Fisher sticking with keenum sounds eerily like when he chose to stay with Kerry Collins over Vince young despite 0-8
yup and Vince young showed why you wanna end that game
Really? Are you a beat writer or propaganda writer for the Titans? Mariota shows little difference from Vince Young.
Two moms created this playful line of outerwear for young kids to look like adorable little animals…
Vince is part of a really, really good -- and young -- middle infield for Prep. 5th (!) D-1 commit for the Lack. League thi…
Haven't liked Fisher since he torpedoed Vince Young's career. Now he is defending Keenum! Unbelievable!
Oct. 23, 2004: Vince Young rushes for 158 yards and 4 TDs and Cedric Benson runs for 168 yards in No. 8 Texas' 51-21 win over Texas Tech.
Kapernick is wet garbage... someone get Vince Young on the phone
2k really should make a young Vince Carter card that has a dynamic duo with young T Mac to make their athleticism and dunking better.
The Lakers are comparing defense to some Hall of Famers.
This dude got a Vince young jersey on
We're about to play SOBER SATURDAY NIGHT by CHRIS YOUNG / VINCE GILL! Listen & Vote 4 More:
how about the Colts staff for not letting Mariota go all Vince Young or Steve McNair the ONLY way the Titans (1/2)
ohh lmao not soon tho maybe some years yal will be Ight yal ain't made noise since Vince young days
Vince Young would've led a game winning drive there.
Bring Vince young back this *** Mariota can't do nothing but fumble and overthrow passes
Jeff Fisher: 106-72 (59.6%) with McNair and Vince Young at QB. . 66-88-1 (42.6%) without. He's still finessing off thei…
representing Vince Young and all of his greatness!
Ron Mexico is available if Big Ben is unable to go. I think Matt Leinart or Vince Young would also be ready to step in.
Jordan Spieth spent his Saturday hanging out with Vince Young at the Texas/OU game:
guys with no real arm ie Matt Lienart, Vince Young, T Pryor, Matt Jones wont last in the NFL...
You see the Texas-Oklahoma promo commercial with The Boz & Vince Young? Vince is looking chubby!
Cam Newton really two seasons away from being vince young
I love that FOX has Vince Young & Brian Bosworth promoting Red River Rivalry. They are perfect examples of the state of those two programs.
Was that a rare Vince Young sighting?
Did anyone see Vince young in that FS1 commercial he looks terrible
Why does Vince young look fat and 50
Titans using Mario Mariota the same way they used Vince Young. Trying to win games the ugly way.
Just saw a Fox college football promo with Vince Young and Brian Bosworth. Shocked that both were available and not busy with... something.
Is it just me or is Vince Young looking a lot like Rerun from What's Happening in that Red River Shootout commercial?
They got Vince Young to do a commercial 😳
Vince Young and The Boz Doug a college football commercial is really, really depressing.
Vince young looked fat on that commercial
Vince Young really let himself go. He has more chins than me.
I don't think that's idiotic. Both he and Vince Young were so big that they appeared to be slower but pulled away from dudes.
Man y'all killed Vince young when he played like this Marcus gonna always get a pass tho because he's a good off the field guy😂😴
Jesus Christ. Vince young is better than him. And I hate Vince young.
we never throw the ball down the field, our offense hasn't been anything since Chris Johnson and Vince Young left
A 98 yard drive like we Vince Young against the Giants
yeah true the , but if Vince young would have got drafted to HOU, bro career would of been way different
Reggie Bush got a ring , Vince young won rookie of the year w/ the "Titans"
Vince Young looks rough on that Red River Shootout commercial
Terrible what the white man did to Vince Young
Vince Young has a double chin now anything is possible
They just showed a Vince Young commercial... He look like a lineman..
Vince Young on a commercial, dude should be in the league but thanks Jeff Fisher
Anyone else see that Texas Football commercial with that fat guy that used to be Vince Young
Man I just seen Vince Young for the first time since he retired from the NFL. That boy gained 10 pounds 😭
Vince Young in the intro for The Red River Shootout. Glad he's alive.
Wow Vince young out of no where on that commercial lol
Lmao bro i don't even know I been hating the Texans every since the picked Mario Williams over Vince young and Regg…
Chelsea looks like a young Vince Foster
The more I think abt it, Lamar Jackson is carbon copy of Vince Young lol. Just a lil skinner and a tad bit faster.
Ain't see nothing like Lamar Jackson Since Vince Young dayz 💯
That's as many as Michael Vick, RGIII, Vince Young, Marcus Mariota, Tim Tebow and Johhny Manziel had in 222 combined games!!!
Where did they find Vince Young at for this OU/TX commercial?
I'll never forgive them for ruining Vince Young though...
Lamar is awesome... but it's October. Comparing to Vick or even Vince Young is crazy. They still gotta beat ACC comp b4 a playoff run
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