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Vince Carter

Vincent Lamar Vince Carter (born January 26, 1977) is an American professional basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks.

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Do the Cavaliers legend Austin Rivers says, YES. Mike Conley/Marc Gasol/Vince Carter joins us to his second
Tracy McGrady looks back on his years with Vince Carter in Toronto.
Compilation of in-game dunks by Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Blake Griffin and Shawn Kemp. (via Open Court / FB) https:/…
would you put robert horry in a tier above Vince Carter?
Julius Erving and Vince Carter will be a tough duo. Two top dunkers along with top dunker Chocolate Th…
Classic teams Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady need to be touched up neither look realistic larry hughs also looks wack.
Aaron Judge is to the HR Derby like Vince Carter is to the Dunk Contest.
My dad played in a rec league with J.Kidd and Vince Carter in the 90s...Vince Carter is still in the League 😳
Haven't played NBA Live since either Vince Carter or Kidd was on the cover
Dennis Smith Jr got the most bounce in Mavs history.I got him over Michael Finley and an aged Vince Carter
Yeah with Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter... that's pretty good
we need the New Jersey nets team with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson
Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, (possibly) Gilbert Arenas, Chauncey billups and the rest of t…
Which is crazy because he had Vince Carter in Toronto and a solid Rockets team in his prime. He didn't really have…
Vince Carter, Zidane, Asensio, Jason Kidd. Can't think of another one who could get close to these
Forgot to mention other favorites such as Jason Williams, Vince Carter, and Jason Kidd
CP3, Vince Carter, Dante Hall, Griffey, Odell. MJ, Kidd, KG, Peyton Manning, Tiger would all have been on the list…
. This is an awesome thread. I got Vince Carter, Ken Griffey jr, Jason Kidd, Robinson Cano, and James Harden
Vince Carter's jumping ability was unbelievable. . (🎧:
This kid really, is already in the category of Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp, and SkyWalker. And he's…
(1995) Vince Carter and Paul Pierce put on a show at the HS McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest!
I've knew that you got that 99 PF Dario Saric but that 97 level 6 boss Vince Carter though😳🔥
Dwayne Wade at PG, MJ at SG, Vince Carter at SF, Lebron James at PF, and David Robinson at C
Vince Carter should've signed with Toronto played this season out then retired a Raptor
My three gotta be Vince Carter, Shaun Alexander and Vladimir Guerrero.
Solid blend of young talent + infusion of Zach Randolph, Vince Carter & George Hill. Kings are moving in right direction in post-Cousins era
YES!! I'm rolling at Vince Carter. So accurate. . sportscenter's video
FL has Vince Carter. FL has Ray Lewis. FL has Tracy McGrady. FL has Deion Sanders. FL has Michael Irvin. FL has Faith Ev…
DAMNN Julius Erving with the lob and FINISHED with force by Vince Carter :D
It's still Summer League and Vince Carter is already taking De'Aaron Fox under his wing
I mean with him and Vince Carter, and Buddy Hield and Zach Randolph, it's basically a super team...
In free agency the Sacramento Kings get George Hill,Zack Randolph,and Vince Carter
The Kings have signed Zack Randolph and Vince Carter.calling it now.MY KINGS ARE WINNING THE 2006 NBA FINALS!
Justin Jackson was only 3 when Vince Carter was drafted. . They are now teammates.
AI had to go through Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady & Ray Allen to get the finals
In 2016/2017, George Hill, Garrett Temple, Buddy Hield, and Vince Carter combined to shoot 436/1128 from 3, good for 0.387.
Vince Carter is making more money than star NHL players lmfao
6 months, 4 days: Age of De'Aaron Fox when his new teammate Vince Carter was drafted in June 1998
Vince Carter is still going to be in the NBA at 41 👀
Vince Carter has signed with the Sacramento Kings, on a 1-year, $8M deal. (via
Rudy *** signed with the Spurs. Vince Carter signed with the Kings. Kelly Olynyk signed with the Heat.
40 year old Vince Carter will get paid $8M this season while Odell Beckham Jr. will play for $1.8M.
Frank Mason's new teammate is Vince Carter. Think about that. Frank was five when Carter won the Slam Dunk Contest.
Vince Carter at 40yrs of age will be making $8M next season! 😳
The Kings are paying Vince Carter and Zach Randolph $20 million next season. Getcha money, but, man.
The have added Zach Randolph, George Hill, and Vince Carter this offseason. Those are some veteran names.
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...the signings of George Hill, Zach Randolph & Vince Carter are all moves to help guide those youngsters...i like these moves...
Kings young guys will be learning how to be pros from George Hill, Garrett Temple, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph and Kosta Koufos.…
Zach Randolph and Vince Carter to the Sacramento Kings. Might as well call them the Sacramento Grizzlies. .
George Hill, Zach Randolph,and now Vince Carter??! This team is about to be legit
Vince Carter was drafted 6 months and 4 days after De'Aaron Fox was born.
Free agent Vince Carter has agreed to a one-year, $8M deal with Sacramento, agents Kurt Schoeppler and Jim Tanner tell ESPN.
Vince Carter going to be Robert Parish's age when he retires. Get that Vince.
Celtics seeking bigs, Timberwolves touch base with Vince Carter, and more free agent rumors from Wed. night:
Never forget on what Vince Carter did for our country...
Orlando has acquired Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson from NJ in exchange for Rafer Alston, Tony Battie and Courtney Lee: h…
Whatever happens this offseason, a huge thank you to JaMychal Green, Vince Carter, Tony Allen, and Zach Randolph.
Never forget what Vince Carter did for this country!
Grizz about $19M below tax now. Have JaMychal Green, Vince Carter, Tony Allen, Z-Bo as free agents.
Vince Carter set to visit with the Sacramento Kings
Vince Carter to meet with Kings on Monday, per
The Warriors need to sign Vince Carter he actually deserves a ring not Swaggy P lmfao
The Grizzlies need to get ready of Chandler Parsons' sorry *** keep Tony Allen and Vince Carter and get a better bench.
19yo today, the Warriors drafted Vince Carter. This is why it's destiny for him to end his career where it started: https:/…
Warriors will lose Clark, McAdoo, McGee, and Barnes. But they'll bring in Z-Bo, Vince Carter, Alan Anderson and Brandon Jennings 💪🏽
Vince Carter is still in the NBA? 98-99 was his rookie year. On the Sonics roster that year? Payton, Dale Ellis, Schrempf and Vin Baker.
(1998) UNC teammates, Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison, get traded for each other during the NBA Draft.
Also our MoFos have traded Vince Carter for Antawn Jamison. Antawn Frikking Jamison!!!
Those 4 picks turned into Penny Hardaway, Todd Fuller, Vince Carter and Mike Miller
The Orlando Magic once gave up the pick that became Vince Carter just to unload Scott Skiles' contract.
Its gonna be great to see Vince Carter get his first ring with the Warriors next year
Stop the false narratives. MJ abused Vince Carter. Maybe the most athletic sf ever in his wizards days. Vince still pl…
Facts. AI's biggest comp during his yrs in the weak east was Ray Allen & Vince Carter tho. The east was bad then to…
How was Iverson gonna beat Shaq and Kobe. The east was stacked back in those days. Vince Carter, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, etc.
Vince Carter & Caron Butler are total scrubs, and Tyson Chandler is garbage too. You'r…
Vince Carter or Zach Randolph? Both give you toughness and vet leadership, but one is great for helping develop a young frontcourt
Correction: Vince Carter played for the Nets when the team played at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ 😀
Vince Carter is almost as bad as Chris Webber as being a commentator.
Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady ... do I need to continue
Tracy McGrady . Allen Iverson . MELO . Vince Carter all have no rings!! and this *** durrant gonna get one lol
Strokin' like Clarence Carter. Charitable like Jimmy Carter. Dunking like Vince Carter. Giving you a break like Nell Carter
2) Vince Carter. They only played together one season, but every time they're reunited they look so happy
Dirk not really ball dominant. J Kidd, JET, Vince Carter, Stevenson, Ty Chandler an…
for a Tar Heel smh if u don't go get u a clip board on Tobacco Road and sit down ole Vince Carter fac…
lol this Pop interview bout Zaza got me in tears..a reporter gotta ask him bout the countless times Bruce Bowen injured Vince Carter doin it
Vince Carter used to be teammates with Dell Curry, he is now guarding his son Steph in the playoffs
Vince Carter was teammates with Dell Curry for three seasons, and has played against his son, Steph, for eight. via
FUN FACT: Vince Carter has been in the league so long, he was teammates with Dell Curry for 4 years, and has played agains…
Aaron and Eric Williams combined to score 311 total points during their time with the Raptors. Vince Carter had 317 in 20 games in 2004-05.
That feeling when you put a Vince Carter jersey on..
Vince Carter & Richard Jefferson destroyed a basketball hoop in this classic Nike commercial
danny green? no fools. Vince Carter went to North Carolina he is the best UNC player since Jordan
what about Vince Carter ? Danny is not the best since Jordan
They keep saying danny green the best player to come outa Carolina since Jordan.. how they dogging Vince Carter lmao !
This day in history (01) Allen Iverson dropped 54 on Vince Carter & the Raptors in GM2. VIDEO: http…
Vince Carter built a room in his house for rookie teammate Deyonta Davis in case he ever wants to hang out:.
Vince Carter is quietly becoming the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of our time...
James Harden being guarded by Andre Roberson, Kawhi guarded by ??? Vince Carter? 😂😂
"Jason Terry" at 57 still out there putting it on the 💪🏽💯. Jet & Vince Carter aint ever stop 🏀in the NBA. Them young 1s on notice
He played against the boston big 3, jkidd and Vince Carter, Dwight Howard etc. Also played against mu…
Vince Carter tell Chris Carter your brother that 6'9 from Deltona FL say hello
Vince Carter got a tech trash for talking to a guy who was five when VC played his first season.
Things got chippy between Vince Carter and Kyle Anderson.
While Kawhi Leonard is guarding Vince Carter and LeBron is guarding a guy named Paul George yes Mr Bayless your right Kawhi shut down Vince
Vince Carter was on the same AAU team as Perry Ellis, Thon Maker and Bob Cousy.
I would take a bullet for Vince Carter
Spurs facing familiar athleticism problem, unable to run with youngsters like Vince Carter.
Bob Hurley sitting somewhere smiling watching Vince Carter go at his guy Kyle anderson
Who would've thought Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce and Vince Carter would be playing in the
Earth will be a smoldering pile of ash and Joe Johnson will be playing Vince Carter one-on-one for the NBA championship
Vince Carter was in college the last time San Antonio failed to win 50 games or the shortened season equivalent.
If somebody like Tracy McGrady can be a hall of famer then Vince Carter, Melo, Joe Johnson shouldn't have problems. None of them is a winner
Mj, Kobe, James Harden, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, D Wade and that all i can name
Wouldn't you say that T-Mac more likely opens the door for guys like Joe Johnson, Carmelo, Vince Carter, and Gilbert Arenas?
Two former are in the starting lineup for Memphis -- Vince Carter and Brandan Wright.
I made a shirt of Vince Carter dunking on Trump. Wearing it = u get 2 dunk on POTUS on sight *and* support the ACLU ht…
Vince Carter literally jumps over Weis in The Olympics. Weis is 7'2".
Game 7 in '01 when Vince Carter missed the buzzer-beater or Shane Victorino's grand slam off CC Sabathia in Game 1…
This is a fan base that watched Vince Carter get traded for Aaron and Eric Williams & a pick that…
Vince Carter was doing them dirty in college also!?! 😱😱
We're running out of words to describe Vince Carter.
Vince Carter blocks are almost as fun as his dunks ✋️
Vince Carter is 40 years old and doing this! 😳🔥.
Ed Malloy with the sensitive tech on Vince Carter-. Vince: "I was not in the play". Ed: "Vince, stop". Vince: "don't 'Vin…
Vince Carter doesn't know what year it is in these highlights.
What year is it?!. Vince Carter turns back the clock in warmups.
Vince Carter passed Randy Smith for 81st all-time in assists.
Coming soon. Fountain of youth reality show starring Vince Carter and Tom Brady
John Wall passed Brandon Knight, Randy Smith, and Vince Carter for 80th all-time in assists.
- Wow! Impressive. Thank you again for the illustrations! Sam Perkins illustration? Vince Carter? Antwan Jamison?
To be fair, Billy is two weeks younger than Vince Carter, who is still playing pro basketball :)
How does 40-year-old Vince Carter warm up for a game? Half-court buckets and 360 dunks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I like my lineup but I can't see Vince Carter outscoring him tonight. I'll make one pivot lineup with j smith
Somebody prep the Vince Carter dunk in the recycling bin meme for More Life.
not sure Sir Charles would get it done . Can we just get Vince Carter ? He would SMOKE the BBB
Nothing will ever beat the dunk contest with Vince Carter. Stop comparing. It's not even close.
40-year-old Vince Carter will start for the Grizzlies tonight. He first played at the United Center on March 23, 1999.
Vince Carter thinks he can fly better than MJ.
Vince Carter is just the 6th player in NBA history to record a 20-point game over the age of 40.
8 attempts. 8 makes. Vince Carter goes for 24 PTS on 8-8 shooting from the field (6 made 3s)!
A reminder that Vince Carter is 40 years old. 👀
I want Vince Carter to play literally forever.
Pregame- Chandler Parsons (left knee soreness) is OUT tonight vs Bucks. Fizdale told media that Vince Carter will start.
Vince Carter is the 🐐 but 40 year old Vince Carter dunking doesn't compare to Present day Lebron James dunking
Troy Daniels and Vince Carter are his daddies
Troy Daniels, James Ennis, and Vince Carter are combined 4-22 shooting.
We're trying to figure out if the guy in front row is Vince Carter or Jerome Williams. Searching...
Second half -- Vince Carter moves into starting lineup, Troy Daniels from DNP to first perimeter player off bench. Fizda…
Zach Randolph and Vince Carter will be the Grizzlies' first subs at the 4:52 mark of the 1Q. Grizz lead 15-14.
Vince Carter is easily the best in game dunker. Anyone who thinks other wise is a MJ stan.
Remember when the Grizzlies signed Parsons and all the pundits were saying that Vince Carter and/or JaMychal Green need to be waived? lol
Update your maps at Navteq
What's happening to Andrew's boy Devin Booker? Scuffle w/ Toney Douglas in Jan, Middleton last wk, Vince Carter this week.
"Vince Carter is now No. 25 on the all-time scoring list. Passed Adrian Dantley."
Vince Carter could do time for child abuse, Devin Booker is literally half his age
.joined Vince Carter as the only players with 25 30-point games in a season.
With Demar Derozan tying Vince Carter's franchise mark of 25 30+ point games in a season, take a look at Vinsanity's best plays as…
Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, and Joe Johnson. I guess cuz they are best known for other things
Like him or not, Terrence Williams was the best dunker I've ever seen in a college uni. Vince Carter-like.
WATCH! NBA: Wilson Chandler throws down the reverse slam on Vince Carter!
Wilson Chandler and Vince Carter got a nice little back and forth going right now…
Wilson Chandler with the poster dunk all over Vince Carter. Woah, that was vicious.
Yahoo Sports is reporting Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson have been traded to Orlando for Tony Battie, Rafter Alston and…
Is that a throwback Vince Carter jersey in Derrick Jones Jr.'s locker? 🤔🤔🤔
Vince Carter still wears a headband, which Detlef Schrempf also did for a few games during Carter's second season.
He's talented. But this is like saying Vince Carter was the next Michael Jordan. Nonsense.
My favorite NBA players of all time are:. 1. Kobe Bryant. 2. Vince Carter. 3. Lamar Odom. 4. Allen Iverson. 5. Tracy McGrady
Jamison, cota , hansborough, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan... but this is SO hard. So many greats.
Michael Olowokandi was picked before Antwan Jamison, Dirk, Vince Carter and Paul Pierce.WOW
Memphis Grizzlies "ageless one" Vince Carter had four blocks in the win against the San Antonio Spurs. 📹
People talking about Tom Brady beating Father Time, but has anyone been seeing the things Vince Carter has been doing?!
Did his *** compare Tom Brady and Vince Carter
Tom Brady and Vince Carter drink the same kind of Kool-aid. Wish I knew what flavor.
I have a song lyric that say "remember me like Vince Carter dunking on a basket"
Vince Carter block parties never get old. Neither does Vince Carter.
Elias notes that Vince Carter joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert Parish, Karl Malone and Dikembe Mutombo as the...
Vince Carter and Tom Brady are the best 40 year ones ever since .
Tom Brady is amazed by Vince Carter athletic ability at his age.
Vince Carter out here protecting the rim like Dikembe Mutombo my dude gonna be hoopin till he's 60
Man If somebody told me in 8th grade that Tom Brady and Vince Carter would be wrecking in the pros when I was 30.
When you're on the court and you tell your friends "watch this, I can dunk like Vince Carter". (Video via h…
I'd get a Kobe, Iverson, Vince Carter, Wilt Chamberlain, Isiah Thomas, Gary Payton.some other ones too
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Move of the night: On the eve of his 40th birthday, Vince Carter takes it baseline for the 360 reverse layup
A young Vince Carter is every point guards dream
Wait why is turning into Vince carter 🤔
I'm still shocked every time I watch Vince carter finish that dunk contest
Happy 40th Birthday to the best dunker of all time and a Carolina legend, VINCE CARTER
YO is now 40. Let's relive VC's top 10 plays of his career (
"Let's go home ladies and gentleman!" . remembers Vince Carter's dunking legacy on his 40th B-Day https:/…
Memphis' riverfront is in the spotlight and is in the air. Today's The 9:01…
Happy Birthday to Mr. Vince Carter, a childhood hero of mine, and of course, the best dunker to step foot on a court. .
Winding back clock with sick spin move basket!
Happy birthday to Vince Carter! One of the greatest Tar Heels and NBA players of all-time! 🐐
Vince Carter had the best windmills by far
At 40, Vince Carter has already cemented his spot in NBA history. And he's not done yet. story.
Vince Carter turned 40 today. But his dunks are timeless.
Vince Carter turned 40 today. Not that you can tell.
*yells "Vince Carter!" as I shoot a basketball with the poor skill but aggressive confidence of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly*
..peep this. Antoine Walker, Stephon Marbury and Vince Carter vs. Biggs, Bonafide and Stretch. CLASSIC
Vince Carter is a nice man. He went to help John Wall up & grabbed his forearm (not his hurt pinky finger hand).
Vince Carter dunks over 7'2" French center Frédéric Weis in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Congrats to Vince Carter, who at age 39 (and just shy of 40-Jan.26), still getting it done from 3. Now, 5th all-time (Ray/R…
no Mutombo, no Vince Carter, no Tracy McGrady instead he has Howard, CP3, and Curry. No respect for legends.
Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkulo, Vince Carter was considered a super team back in the day 💀💀
Remember what Kenny Smith said on Vince Carter's 1st dunk? 😬
Lawler and Smith debating if Vince Carter is on the fence for the HOF. That Frédéric Weis dunk jumps him in for me. That was game over.
^ Among *active* NBA players, only Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Vince Carter have played in more games than Jo…
Bruce Bowen vs Vince Carter : A History Of Dirty Defense via this dude was on some straight bs
So the sergeant's name on Gomer Pyle is Vince Carter. There are two notable Vince Carters.
My mans 18 and about to be hooked up with a vintage Vince Carter jersey
Amazing to think I've got out high school guys at this game and most of them werent born when Vince Carter debuted.
Didn't realize Vince Carter still had high school eligibility (via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This picture of Vince Carter as a marching band member in high school is an important piece of history
Where's Vince Carter when you need him??
Demar Derozan passes Vince Carter into 2nd on the Raptors' all-time field goals made list
Demar Derozan has now passed Vince Carter for 2nd most field goals in Raptors history!.
Demar Derozan’s 66 points is the most scored by a Raptor through the first two games of a season – Vince Carter scored 65 po…
Grizzlies: SG Vince Carter won't play Wednesday at Raptors because of a hip injury; 9.3 PPG in 18 games this seaso…
Vince Carter is out Wednesday for the with a hip injury. Tony Allen, Troy Daniels, and Troy Williams to fill in.
A fan flew 14 hours to watch Vince Carter play, and look what happened...
Zach Levine vs Vince Carter in a never ending slam dunk contest
Vince Carter at 88 years old would still be more athletic than Okafor is right now.
39-year-old Vince Carter can still throw it down! 💪🏀
Recent news how do you like Wilson, Thabo, Tony Allen, Vince Carter, Patrick Patterson?
Tony Allen, Vince Carter and Troy Williams all get a boost. Williams might get some starts, but this is a wait-and-…
Sean Paul is like Vince Carter and Anquan Bolding. He will never die.
Melo is overrated. Historically Melo is not even on par with Vince Carter, Drexler, or even someone like Manu Ginobli.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Vince Carter passed Elgin Baylor for 22nd on the all-time field goal list with this three pointer... . Lenny Carlos
Kobe > LeBron. Go compare LBJ to Vince Carter or something... a player of that caliber
Vince Carter is the last one I think!
Wiggins got clamped by a 39 yr old Vince Carter and no one noticed lmaoo
Dixie Carter makes Vince look like a smart and rational businessman
Vince Carter is the best in game dunker of all time 🐐
Hang off that bih like Vince Carter
that Vince Carter USA card, that pic needs to be one of his cards.
Vince Carter will retire after this year and the Hall of Fame class will be a great one! Ray, Vince, and KG!
Don't think enough has been said about Vince Carter early season. Griz MVP so far. The oldest player in the NBA mak…
Florida native, Vince Carter, is the 24th player to reach 24,000 points.
Bro got the throwback Vince carter raptors jersey on🔥 I wanted that one
I rock an iced out Mickey Mouse around my neck. And I hang on *** like Vince Carter with his arm in the net
got to be some copyright issues there. Something tells me you'll be hearing from Vince's legal team.
Dear if you have not seen it then I'm afraid Mr. Vince Lamar Carter himself may not have seen it as well.
Vince Carter is one of the players I wanted most to win a championship ring
regrann_app from thescore - One of the best Vince Carter dunk mixes ever 🔥🔥
My first dunk was actually in sixth grade.
Vince Carter actually dunked on James Naismith right after he invented the sport of basketball.
Bringin it back to them vince carter days
Oldest player in the league Vince Carter becomes 24th player to join 24,000-point club.
Guy at my job tried to argue me that MICHAEL BEASLEY was a better dunker than VINCE CARTER in his prime 😕
Every time I walk into class, a piece of my soul dies
A loaded mind can be just about as dangerous as a loaded gun 🤔
Vince Carter really the oldest player in the NBA?!
It wasn't until recently that I discovered that Vince Carter, yes the player better known as half-man, half-amazing, Air Canada, Vincanity
On another note, former Raptors superstar Vince Carter reached the 24,000 point milestone last night becoming the 24th player to do so
Sumner is awesome but great dunker? Maybe. He is slight. Needs more muscle like Vince Carter
"I am going to make a lot of people eat their words when its time". -Vince Carter
Shoutout to Vince Carter. 24th player in NBA history with 24,000 points. Forever a Tar Heel.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Only Carter we acknowledge is Vince and Blu Ivy
Vince Carter, Dirk, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Manu, and Paul Pierce the only active players from the 90's still in the league.
NBA Players left from the 90s: Paul Pierce, Dirk, Ron Artest, Jason Terry, Vince Carter, Manu
Aerial view of Vince Carter at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest. Photo by John W. McDonough
Vince Carter's 360 windmill dunk back from the 2000 slam dunk contest 🏀🔥 SONG: 2 Chainz ... (Vine by
5 players I wish I could go back n time 2 watch play would be. 1. Vince Carter. 2. Shaq. 3. Tracy McGrady . 4. Allen Iverson . 5. Michael Jordan
Vince Carter that DC4 in the recycle bin✌🏾️. Tony Story 3 nice though
39-year-old Vince Carter shut down 21-year-old Andrew Wiggins, holding him without a FG in the 4th quarter in the
Vince Carter with the greatest dunk, EVER?
With Andre Miller not on an NBA team right now, that leaves Memphis forward Vince Carter as the oldest player in the l…
Vince Carter's a great guy and all that but we gotta be kidding ourselves if we think its better to keep him than a young guy with potential
2k really should make a young Vince Carter card that has a dynamic duo with young T Mac to make their athleticism and dunking better.
Vince Carter confirms he might participate in the 2017 dunk contest:. "I'd make things interesting".
Vince Carter says "It's possible" he will compete in the 2017 Dunk Contest. Who wants to see him challenge f…
exactly, it would hurt my heart to see Vince Carter getting hung trying to keep up with Lavine
Little Giant Ladders
Vince Carter turns 40-years-old in 3 months. . Vince Carter can still do windmills. .
Paul Peirce, Vince Carter shoulda retired with the big guys. Imagine that HoF class!
Me & the best two punch combo since Vince Carter & T-Mac on the Raptors in the slam dunk contest 🌊☁️
Before there was Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Gerald Green there was Julius Erving AKA…
6) Vince Carter dunk on Alonzo Mourning or Deandre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight.
my favourite NBA players of all time.. . Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan. Vince Carter. .. yes and in this order.
Vince Carter with the greatest dunk ever?
Vince Carter's best in game NBA dunks
With Kevin Garnett retired now, players from the 90's still in the NBA are:. • Vince Carter. • Jason Terry. • Dirk Nowitzki…
Who we got left from the 90's? Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller... and why wont Ray Allen retire?
KG's reaction from the Vince Carter show (dunk contest) in 2000 killed me 😂😂😂😂
Time to start the and wedding week! Here's to meeting Vince Carter, and a Grizzlies cheerleader, at the reception.
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
young Kobe.. young Steve Francis.. young Jason Richardson... young Vince Carter.. best in game Dunkers of my time
Throwback Thursday: Favorite Vince Carter dunk? T-Mac, Paul Pierce and others weigh in.
Tim Brown body, Chad Johnson swagger, Vince Carter hands.. & The name. Julio to put fear in the defense
If you ask me, Vince Carter's dunk is the best of all-time. He has a 4-on-1 break and decides to jump over someone a…
That time when Vince Carter did a alley-oop windmill dunk at a Rucker Park game and shut it down https…
Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, Kenneth Faried, Greg Monroe and Vince Carter are the most popular names to show up in fake raptor rumors.
Drake challenging Eminem to a rap battle is like LBJ challenging 2001 Vince Carter to a dunk contest
Watching suicide squad and thinking to myself, "man Will Smith starting to look like Vince Carter"
I bet y'all ain't know Vince Carter made more 3s than Kobe, Peja Stojakovic, , Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowtizki in his career 🤔
Vince Carter to New Orleans for Baron Davis & Jamal Magloire. Darius Miles & Zach Randolph for Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce for CP3
Vince Carter, the greatest dunker of all time 🐐🏀
ICYMI, for Vince Carter has had a Hall of Fame career. Will it end in Memphis with the Grizzlies?
Julius Erving says Zach LaVine is the best dunker since Vince Carter
Had Demar Derozan made this, it "might" have rivaled Vince Carter's dunk over Frederic Weis at the 2000
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