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Vince Carter

Vincent Lamar Vince Carter (born January 26, 1977) is an American professional basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks.

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*yells "Vince Carter!" as I shoot a basketball with the poor skill but aggressive confidence of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly*
..peep this. Antoine Walker, Stephon Marbury and Vince Carter vs. Biggs, Bonafide and Stretch. CLASSIC
Vince Carter is a nice man. He went to help John Wall up & grabbed his forearm (not his hurt pinky finger hand).
Vince Carter dunks over 7'2" French center Frédéric Weis in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Congrats to Vince Carter, who at age 39 (and just shy of 40-Jan.26), still getting it done from 3. Now, 5th all-time (Ray/R…
no Mutombo, no Vince Carter, no Tracy McGrady instead he has Howard, CP3, and Curry. No respect for legends.
Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkulo, Vince Carter was considered a super team back in the day 💀💀
Remember what Kenny Smith said on Vince Carter's 1st dunk? 😬
Lawler and Smith debating if Vince Carter is on the fence for the HOF. That Frédéric Weis dunk jumps him in for me. That was game over.
^ Among *active* NBA players, only Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Vince Carter have played in more games than Jo…
Bruce Bowen vs Vince Carter : A History Of Dirty Defense via this dude was on some straight bs
So the sergeant's name on Gomer Pyle is Vince Carter. There are two notable Vince Carters.
My mans 18 and about to be hooked up with a vintage Vince Carter jersey
Amazing to think I've got out high school guys at this game and most of them werent born when Vince Carter debuted.
Didn't realize Vince Carter still had high school eligibility (via
This picture of Vince Carter as a marching band member in high school is an important piece of history
Little Giant Ladders
Where's Vince Carter when you need him??
Demar Derozan passes Vince Carter into 2nd on the Raptors' all-time field goals made list
Demar Derozan has now passed Vince Carter for 2nd most field goals in Raptors history!.
Demar Derozan’s 66 points is the most scored by a Raptor through the first two games of a season – Vince Carter scored 65 po…
Grizzlies: SG Vince Carter won't play Wednesday at Raptors because of a hip injury; 9.3 PPG in 18 games this seaso…
Vince Carter is out Wednesday for the with a hip injury. Tony Allen, Troy Daniels, and Troy Williams to fill in.
A fan flew 14 hours to watch Vince Carter play, and look what happened...
Zach Levine vs Vince Carter in a never ending slam dunk contest
Vince Carter at 88 years old would still be more athletic than Okafor is right now.
39-year-old Vince Carter can still throw it down! 💪🏀
Recent news how do you like Wilson, Thabo, Tony Allen, Vince Carter, Patrick Patterson?
Tony Allen, Vince Carter and Troy Williams all get a boost. Williams might get some starts, but this is a wait-and-…
Sean Paul is like Vince Carter and Anquan Bolding. He will never die.
Melo is overrated. Historically Melo is not even on par with Vince Carter, Drexler, or even someone like Manu Ginobli.
Vince Carter passed Elgin Baylor for 22nd on the all-time field goal list with this three pointer... . Lenny Carlos
Kobe > LeBron. Go compare LBJ to Vince Carter or something... a player of that caliber
Vince Carter is the last one I think!
Wiggins got clamped by a 39 yr old Vince Carter and no one noticed lmaoo
Dixie Carter makes Vince look like a smart and rational businessman
Vince Carter is the best in game dunker of all time 🐐
Hang off that bih like Vince Carter
that Vince Carter USA card, that pic needs to be one of his cards.
Vince Carter will retire after this year and the Hall of Fame class will be a great one! Ray, Vince, and KG!
Don't think enough has been said about Vince Carter early season. Griz MVP so far. The oldest player in the NBA mak…
Florida native, Vince Carter, is the 24th player to reach 24,000 points.
Bro got the throwback Vince carter raptors jersey on🔥 I wanted that one
I rock an iced out Mickey Mouse around my neck. And I hang on *** like Vince Carter with his arm in the net
got to be some copyright issues there. Something tells me you'll be hearing from Vince's legal team.
Dear if you have not seen it then I'm afraid Mr. Vince Lamar Carter himself may not have seen it as well.
Vince Carter is one of the players I wanted most to win a championship ring
Meet Black Singles 300x250
regrann_app from thescore - One of the best Vince Carter dunk mixes ever 🔥🔥
My first dunk was actually in sixth grade.
Vince Carter actually dunked on James Naismith right after he invented the sport of basketball.
Bringin it back to them vince carter days
Oldest player in the league Vince Carter becomes 24th player to join 24,000-point club.
Guy at my job tried to argue me that MICHAEL BEASLEY was a better dunker than VINCE CARTER in his prime 😕
Every time I walk into class, a piece of my soul dies
A loaded mind can be just about as dangerous as a loaded gun 🤔
Vince Carter really the oldest player in the NBA?!
It wasn't until recently that I discovered that Vince Carter, yes the player better known as half-man, half-amazing, Air Canada, Vincanity
On another note, former Raptors superstar Vince Carter reached the 24,000 point milestone last night becoming the 24th player to do so
Sumner is awesome but great dunker? Maybe. He is slight. Needs more muscle like Vince Carter
"I am going to make a lot of people eat their words when its time". -Vince Carter
Shoutout to Vince Carter. 24th player in NBA history with 24,000 points. Forever a Tar Heel.
Only Carter we acknowledge is Vince and Blu Ivy
Vince Carter, Dirk, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Manu, and Paul Pierce the only active players from the 90's still in the league.
NBA Players left from the 90s: Paul Pierce, Dirk, Ron Artest, Jason Terry, Vince Carter, Manu
Aerial view of Vince Carter at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest. Photo by John W. McDonough
Vince Carter's 360 windmill dunk back from the 2000 slam dunk contest 🏀🔥 SONG: 2 Chainz ... (Vine by
5 players I wish I could go back n time 2 watch play would be. 1. Vince Carter. 2. Shaq. 3. Tracy McGrady . 4. Allen Iverson . 5. Michael Jordan
Vince Carter that DC4 in the recycle bin✌🏾️. Tony Story 3 nice though
39-year-old Vince Carter shut down 21-year-old Andrew Wiggins, holding him without a FG in the 4th quarter in the
Vince Carter with the greatest dunk, EVER?
With Andre Miller not on an NBA team right now, that leaves Memphis forward Vince Carter as the oldest player in the l…
Vince Carter's a great guy and all that but we gotta be kidding ourselves if we think its better to keep him than a young guy with potential
2k really should make a young Vince Carter card that has a dynamic duo with young T Mac to make their athleticism and dunking better.
Vince Carter confirms he might participate in the 2017 dunk contest:. "I'd make things interesting".
Vince Carter says "It's possible" he will compete in the 2017 Dunk Contest. Who wants to see him challenge f…
exactly, it would hurt my heart to see Vince Carter getting hung trying to keep up with Lavine
Vince Carter turns 40-years-old in 3 months. . Vince Carter can still do windmills. .
Paul Peirce, Vince Carter shoulda retired with the big guys. Imagine that HoF class!
Me & the best two punch combo since Vince Carter & T-Mac on the Raptors in the slam dunk contest 🌊☁️
Before there was Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Gerald Green there was Julius Erving AKA…
6) Vince Carter dunk on Alonzo Mourning or Deandre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight.
my favourite NBA players of all time.. . Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan. Vince Carter. .. yes and in this order.
Vince Carter with the greatest dunk ever?
Vince Carter's best in game NBA dunks
With Kevin Garnett retired now, players from the 90's still in the NBA are:. • Vince Carter. • Jason Terry. • Dirk Nowitzki
Who we got left from the 90's? Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller... and why wont Ray Allen retire?
KG's reaction from the Vince Carter show (dunk contest) in 2000 killed me 😂😂😂😂
Time to start the and wedding week! Here's to meeting Vince Carter, and a Grizzlies cheerleader, at the reception.
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
young Kobe.. young Steve Francis.. young Jason Richardson... young Vince Carter.. best in game Dunkers of my time
Throwback Thursday: Favorite Vince Carter dunk? T-Mac, Paul Pierce and others weigh in.
Tim Brown body, Chad Johnson swagger, Vince Carter hands.. & The name. Julio to put fear in the defense
If you ask me, Vince Carter's dunk is the best of all-time. He has a 4-on-1 break and decides to jump over someone a…
That time when Vince Carter did a alley-oop windmill dunk at a Rucker Park game and shut it down https…
Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, Kenneth Faried, Greg Monroe and Vince Carter are the most popular names to show up in fake raptor rumors.
Drake challenging Eminem to a rap battle is like LBJ challenging 2001 Vince Carter to a dunk contest
Watching suicide squad and thinking to myself, "man Will Smith starting to look like Vince Carter"
I bet y'all ain't know Vince Carter made more 3s than Kobe, Peja Stojakovic, , Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowtizki in his career 🤔
Vince Carter to New Orleans for Baron Davis & Jamal Magloire. Darius Miles & Zach Randolph for Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce for CP3
Vince Carter, the greatest dunker of all time 🐐🏀
ICYMI, for Vince Carter has had a Hall of Fame career. Will it end in Memphis with the Grizzlies?
Julius Erving says Zach LaVine is the best dunker since Vince Carter
Had Demar Derozan made this, it "might" have rivaled Vince Carter's dunk over Frederic Weis at the 2000
Still remains the best in-game dunk. Vince Carter ended his career and had the man doubting the meaning of life! 😂. https:/…
Gotta be Vince Carter jumping over Frederic Weis in 2000! That was special!
Only one I see on that list is Vince Carter. Terry ain't no hall of famer
It's almost sad. Once Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Vince Carter retire it will actually be the end of a legendary era..
Vince Carter sealed his place in Olympic history after throwing down one of the greatest dunks ever htt…
Young Kevin Garnett going one-on-one with Vince Carter, J Kidd and other Team USA teammates. (Via
Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter shouldve got a ring
MJ, Vince Carter, Lebron, Dominique, and I wanna say Jeff green or Julius Erving
Tar Heels news 7/14/16: Vince Carter reflects on Olympics dunk; Who will join the 2017 recruiting class?
That time Vince Carter set the basketball world on fire at the Olympics!!!
hm who wants a Nets Jason Kidd and Vince Carter jersey and a Sixers Allen Iverson lol
Scott City to Wichita, sitting next to Vince Carter after scoring 20 pts .
Watching NBA summer league. Vince Carter stated (twice), "in high school I could grab the top of the backboard."
Vince Carter and Rick Kamla wrap up Day 4 of the Orlando Summer League, as some of the newest NBA stars begin...
All I'm saying is that Ray Allen still hasn't officially retired. Vince Carter wants a ring & would take a minimum deal.
I wish I can watch the A.I., T-Mac, Shaq, Vince Carter, Ray Allen and Kobe era again. Competitiveness at it's finest.
it's cool for Lebron, Vince Carter, Shaq, Michael Jordan, A.I. and Ray Allen to jump around teams but KD can't? Stop hating
Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd... You're right, they were stars at the time, but at some point they were.
Since Richard Jefferson retiring pick up Vince Carter and a solid backup point guard
Who remember that Richard Jefferson an Vince Carter duo 🏀🔥😈
Opinion of the day: Vince Carter shouldn't retire and instead join the Cavs to replace the Richard Jefferson void and have a farewell season
Still blown away that Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson have rings and Vince Carter doesn't.
JR and Richard Jefferson getting one before Melo and Vince Carter is a cruel joke .
Richard Jefferson won the title with the Cavs, they should get Vince Carter now
My man Richard Jefferson is retiring.I'm happy guys like KG, Vince Carter, and Jason Terry are still around to root for.
Larry bird,Tracey McGrady, Reggie Miller, Bill Russell, Vince Carter, D wade you could of said anybody but curry😕..
S/O to Richard Jefferson on getting a title. *** shame that '06 Nets team didn't get one. Vince Carter is the only one still ringless..😳
Who would've thought that nets team with JKidd and Vince Carter would never win and this is how Richard Jefferson would end up winning.
It just hit me Richard Jefferson got a ring before Vince Carter 😕
As a kid i witnessed some of the nastiest and most historic dunks by Vince Carter but also Richard Jefferson when...
Man i miss that old Nets team with Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, And Richard Jefferson 😕
Richard Jefferson has a ring. Jason Kidd has a ring. Someone PLEASE get Vince Carter a ring now.
If Richard Jefferson retires Lebron can u please bring Vince Carter to CLE and get him 1 too🙏🏾
I can now sleep at night knowing Dirk, Jason Kidd, and now Richard Jefferson have rings. Now if only Vince Carter got one too...
Greg Oden has played in more NBA Finals than Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Chris Webber, Vince Carter, Walt Bellamy, and Dominique Wilkins
I'm sorry but he makes Marvin Williams look like Vince Carter lmao
40. Y'all can talk about the Olympics one. THIS is my favorite Vince Carter dunk
49. Vince Carter wraps it around his back then proceeds to destroy Alonzo Mourning!!!
Vince Carter got an ESPN analyst contract also
Y'all forget Iggy used to have hops like a young Vince Carter.
Brendan Haywood & Vince Carter on ESPN expressing surprise/disappointment in LeBron for passing when had so many physi…
This dude straight up, use to be Vince Carter. He transformed into Courtney Lee.
T-mac, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter all talking at the analysis table. I kinda dig this future Kenny, shaq and chuck! I could get used to this
I'd love to see Vince Carter retire as a Raptor, play another year back in Toronto it's a good team that could use veteran leadership.
Vince Carter with the teammate of the year award
I'd put Vince Carter's Olympic dunk at Amazed not one Blake Griffin dunk.
Shane Battier presenting Vince Carter with the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award
Kevin Garnett was beaten out by Vince Carter for the Teammate of the Year award, which apparently exists, and is voted on by…
Vince Carter named Teammate of the Year in NBA player vote. Ryan Anderson was sixth in voting.
Listening to Bruce Bowen & Antonio Davis saying Vince Carter going to his college graduation before a game 7 was wrong
Terrell Owens, Vince Carter, Dwyane Wade, Micheal Vick, Barry Bonds, Tom Brady, Ty Law, Jeremy Shockey. All made me want to be like them.
At least Vince Carter still has these NBA Playoff Records to his name.
Vince Carter dunking over a 7-footer during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
👑 Jordan Kilganon with an ode to John Wall & Vince Carter
agree! T-Mac was that dude! And his cousin Vince Carter was nasty too
My all time Raptors Starting Lineup (during time with Raptors). 1. Damon Stoudamire. 2. Vince Carter. 3. Derozen. 4. Bosh. 5. Antonio Davis
That break on Weston Road Flows - Vince Carter and Glenn Lewis straight to the heart. Don't get me started on jangalang...
Toronto at home: Vince Carter in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest. Toronto on the road: Literally any NBA Dunk Contest since then
Jordan Kilganon with an ode to John Wall and Vince Carter
Today at work: wearing the old Vince Carter jersey, bumpin hype, and watching the raptors get it done on the road
I would love to, but you might yell at me about Vince Carter
Nets: . Jason Kidd . Vince Carter . Damien Wilkins . . I just don't feel this team. Kidd/Carter is a great tandem, but they have no backup.
I'm a bulls fan but I've always had a soft spot for the raptors since the Vince Carter, Jerome Williams days
I remember one of the magazines featuring the ProAm team that featured Donald Hand, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant in the backcourt!
I watched a game of Vince Carter and Iverson in the East semis in '01. Loved the East conference then
Toronto Raptors done had Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, & T-Mac before but never made it to East Finals. Now Water Dat Down Tracy McGrady!!!
I'm trying to have bunnies like a young Vince Carter. 🐇🐇
I'm writing an article about Vince Carter in a park, eating cupcakes, while a dj spins house music, and girls play roller-derby.
yet we have MJ, Vince Carter, James Worthy, Kenny Smith, Jerry Stackhouse, Brad Daugherty. Y'all can keep your picks tho...
Vince Carter to join NBA TV on Thursday and Friday for its playoff coverage.
CuHz really tried to tell me Clyde Drexler, Ray Allen, Tracy McGrady, Joe Dumars and Vince Carter all better Shooting Guards than Wade.
Dorrell Wright and younger brother Delon embrace at halfcourt. The Raptors are on to round 3. Ghosts of Vince Carter exorcised.
Bismack Biyombo celebrated Vince Carter style after this high-flying alley-oop
So...Brandon Wright, Vince Carter, Tony Allen can bring free agents to Memphis...but Melo, KP & Phil can't for 🙄
Wait wait wait. Amare Stoudamire is on the Heat??? What are you gonna tell me next, Vince Carter plays for the Grizzlies
Vince carter is top 10 in the 2000s, no doubt.
"He was a big inspiration to me growing up." - Cory Joe on facing Vince Carter last night.
I don't want or need to gain respect with what I do off the court. I want r...
I added a video to a playlist Vince Carter 17 dunks of the 2015/16 season
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The original Vince Carter was a straight savage like no other
Vince Carter's almost 40 and still makes this look so easy 😉🔥
It doesn't get much better then throwback Vince carter videos
Art of seduction.. *** jump like Vince Carter, backstage like they apart of production.
T-Mac and Vince Carter on the same team 😩 I wish I could have seen it 😭
Vince Carter's the greatest dunker of all time. Period.
Vince Carter really put his whole forearm in the hoop bro.
that 7-foot french guy that vince carter jumped over & dunked on has a section about it on HIS OWN wikipedia page... htt…
Forever wishing I could dunk like Vince carter.
Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady are third cousins
The 2000's were lit for NBA. Prime Kobe, KG, Shaq, Duncan, Yao, Nash, T-Mac, Vince Carter, Ben Wallace and more. And MJ was still playing
Where are all of those Grizzlies fans that wanted to trade Jeff Green, Courtney Lee and Vince Carter for Joe Johnson? Where ya at?
wow! So you remember the Chris Boch, Kris Humphrey, Tracey McGrady, Vince Carter yrs. I was still a struggling leafs fan
badged out TBT Vince Carter with a 3 point shoe. Someone go cop
Richard Jefferson has played with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, and LeBro…
You need a list of players that are shockingly still in the NBA...Pierce, Vince Carter, Andre Miller, etc...
Help me Vince Carter. You're my only hope. cjpbday
you forgot Vince Carter and Kerry kittles
The three players that should retire. In other words their phone might not ring this summer, Vince Carter, Jason Terry & Andre Miller.
Kawhi Leonard got more rings than Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony Paul George James Harden Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter combined
it don't even matter cuz Joel Anthony da best tbh. Vince Carter still top 5, & Ricky Rubio da best PG
Andre Miller guarding Vince Carter is like when you're short a few for pickup so you throw the coach and someone's dad in there
Better question: Would you rather have Big Shot Bob's career or Vince Carter? Fairer comparison.
Allen Iverson needs to be higher on that list and Vince Carter, Anthony Davis, and T Mac deserve a spot on the list
Vince Carter has no plans to retire...
An emotional Dave Joerger on the veteran leadership of Matt Barnes & Vince Carter...
Watched Tim Duncan and Andre Miller go up against Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, and Zach Randolph in an NBA game today. It's 2016.
Vince Carter- "The thing I'm most proud of is that each guy that stepped into this locker room played hard."
Pop with parting words for ZBo. . Vince Carter walks off saluting fans by waving grower towel. https:…
The Grizzlies' 2015-16 season ends with Jordan Farmar, Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson and Chris Andersen on the floor. 116-95.
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Dave Joerger coached a team with Chris Andersen, Matt Barnes, Vince Carter and Jordan Farmar into the playoffs. That's a magic trick.
Who goes down as the better all time player between Vince Carter and Manu Ginobli?
Seeing Manu Ginobli (age 38) go up against Vince Carter (39) in the playoffs makes me feel simultaneously old and young.
Jordan Farmar, Tony Allen, Matt Barnes, Vince Carter, and Z-Bo closing out a playoff game in 2016. IMAGINE someone told you this in 2008.
Vince Carter just put Manu Ginobli on skates 😂⛸
Vince Carter scoring over Manu Ginobli is awesome. It's awesome that both are still playing.
Vote now: Which is the best dunk? Kobe Bryant vs. Knicks, Vince Carter vs. Pacers, Kobe vs Dwight Howard
love how miserable Vince Carter looks on the bench
Blows my mind sometimes that fragile *** Vince Carter, is still in the league at 39. Outlasted Tracy, AI, Ray Allen, AND Kobe. That guy.
Vince Carter in the corner pump fake then three pointer to win
Now, recall that Jason Williams mix the NBA did? Then the Vince Carter one? And the Warriors one the NBA shared last week? Got me thinking..
I wish we still had Vince Carter. We got Deron Williams just for him to shoot 1/9
I should've picked Vince Carter in both of my late line ups for Fan Duel smh
The Spurs and Grizzlies game should be a sweep but idk depends on if Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Vince Carter take over
Can we just get Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Jason Terry, and Caron Butler back? 😂😂
These dudes think Deron Williams is Vince Carter and I'm gonna let them think that
For a second I thought Vince Carter was still on the Mavs but nope Deron Williams is just bald now
Deron Williams looks like Vince Carter from afar
Ray Allen and Big Dog Glenn Robinson were nasty but .Earvin Johnson n whoever else..Vince Carter next best player was Alvin Williams
I remember watching the 2001 east conf playoffs ..cause I was a Ray Allen and Vince Carter fan...the worst east playoffs ever
The Bulls record might be broken and we losing Kobe, KG and Vince Carter this year.. The NBA will never be the same
What might've been fans... Tracy McGrady tells Vince Carter on "I wish I would have stayed, man" ht…
"It all started with VC. There will never be another" . - on passing Vince Carter in Raptors scoring. http…
Demar Derozan passes Vince Carter for 2nd-most points in franchise history. He trails only Chris Bosh.
I added a video to a playlist NBA 2k16 MyTeam: RTTP!!! Derrick Rose and Vince Carter!!! In game dunk
As a kid, Steph Curry used to play 1-on-1 with Vince Carter. Even then, he wanted to win. . Air Canada recalls:
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & Vince Carter are the only retirements I care about. 🙌🏼👏🏽
Vince Carter talks about playing a young Stephen Curry 1-on-1:
Vince Carter remembers a young Stephen Curry while playing with his father Dell Curry in Toronto!
How Warriors gonna beat Jordan, Pippen, Rodman when they can't beat Jordan Farmer, Lance Stephenson, 39 Y/0 Vince Carter, and Matt Barnes?
The Grizz are coming at the Warriors w/Jordan Farmer, Vince Carter & Matt Barnes in the starting lineup. They're losing by 35 tonight
I ball like the young Vince Carter.
The shoes Vince Carter won the Slam Dunk Contest in.
"Well my Tar Heels fell, and it was painful." Vince Carter earned himself and the a much-needed win:.
Roc-A-Fella Fun Fact: Hov originally wanted Vince Carter and Jason Kidd also on the cover.… http…
Batum and Parker are too young/athletic. Andre Miller at PG and Vince Carter at SG. Sixth man is Kendrick Perkins
Robert Horry says Dwyane Wade isn't a top five all-time shooting guard. Says he would place Vince Carter ahead of Wade.…
James Harden has scored more points in his seven first NBA seasons than Vince Carter, Bernard King, Reggie Miller and Stephe…
Brook Lopez has moved past Vince Carter into 2nd place on the all-time scoring list.
I like the sincerity of Vince Carter. He's had a very special career himself.
Vince Carter, James Worthy, Kenny Smith, Anton Jameison. Do I need to list more?
Top players I want the Raps to have their jerseys retired:. Vince Carter. Chris Bosh. Morris Peterson. Kyle Lowry. Demar Derozan
Former Ute Andre Miller turns 40 today. Guy was a beast in '98 Don't believe me, go ask Vince Carter and MIke Bibby
I would try to Vince Carter it if I could dunk. I'd bring out a Kia like Griffin.
Vince Carter apparently has Dr. Emmett Brown on his speed dial, making a call from 1999...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Vince Carter and Shammond Williams should be on the coaching staff
Jazz bench getting destroyed by a group including Lance Stephenson and Vince Carter.
We COULD lose KG, Pierce Kobe, Vince Carter and Tim Duncan in the same year...
At age 39, Vince Carter is still showing us that he's half man, half amazing:
Vinsanity is timeless. Even at age 39, Vince Carter's still got it.
Still half-man. Still half-amazing. ICYMI: Vince Carter turned back the clock with a reverse alley-oop.
Play of the night goes to 39 year-old Vince Carter. He's still got it!.
Vince Carter is 39 years old and he's still throwing down reverse alley-oops!
I'm going to have to list Dante Hall as right there. Jason Williams, Vince Carter. Near level of entertainment.
Vince Carter, Michael Vick, Randy Moss, Usain Bolt, Allen Iverson but I feel like I can only really stand by 1 and 2
Did you know Vince Carter was a drum major in his high school marching band?
Jason Williams had the best passes in the league and Vince Carter was the greatest dunker ever. Hands down
They named some interesting ones: Tom Chambers over Mark Jackson I had never saw and Vince Carter over Alonzo Mourning.
I miss watching Allen Iverson and Vince Carter in their prime. When James Naismith invented the game there was no 3 ball for a reason
Marvin Williams, PJ Hairston, Vince Carter all hit 5 three-pointers last night.
Kobe Bryant's HS coach used to tell him Vince Carter was better. VC just found out.
Vince Carter crushing the Lakers, 5-5 from three-point range, 15 points in 11 mins.
Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant for the final time tonight! I get to witness two legends go at it again!
Dude gon' say to me its over for the Nets... They lost Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and now Joe Johnson
could you also say Vince Carter. Always great to see
Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter have given us some great memories.
Watch Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter share a laugh after a vintage Kobe fadeaway.
says goodbye to former teammate Matt Barnes, Tony Allen and Vince Carter .
Kobe..Vince Carter..Rip Hamilton..Tim Thomas.. All on the same team nothing more need to be said here
Vince Carter passes Charles Barkley for 24th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.
Turning back the 🕓. Kobe knocks down the fadeaway over Vince Carter!
2016 Vince Carter hero ball won't win you basketball games
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the awkward Nick Van Exel meets the fine Vince Carter 🔰
In the last 5 wins, Vince Carter has scored 61pts (12.2ppg). He's made 23-41FGs (56%).
Matt Barnes, Chris Anderson, old Vince Carter, old Z-Bo, Tony Allen and Lance Stephenson are on the same team together.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
James Worthy, Vince Carter, tons of guys. Jordan shows up like an hour later, when my parents and I are the only ones left.
Getting a tech for recreating a Vince Carter dunk? Worth it.
Watching an old featuring Steve Francis, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady. Larry Hughes botched his slam
Aaron Gordon with the dunk . Zach LaVine with the dunk. Blake Griffin with the dunk. Vince Carter with the dunk
One of them. Dominique/Jordan, Spud Webb, and Vince Carter years were just as good though.
Zach Levine is the love child of Vince Carter and Dr. J
Zach Levine and Aaron Gordon both go on on that same level with MJ and Vince Carter in my opinion
Zach Levine and Aaron Gordon both did their thing last night but I still think Vince Carter had the best slam dunk contest.
The dunk contests with Jordan, Vince Carter, or my favorite spud webb
Vince Carter put Toronto on before Drake did just being honest. Even had a young Durant rocking his jersey.
If Vince Carter was young right now, Imagine him against Lavine & Gordon? I'd take Vince Carter but that would be beautiful 🏀.
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