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Vince Cable

Dr John Vincent Vince Cable (born 9 May 1943) is a British Liberal Democrat politician and economist who is currently the Business Secretary in the coalition cabinet of David Cameron.

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Vince Cable wants 'political adult' Remainers to overthrow will of the people? More like spoilt, bullying children
Vince Cable: Lib Dem leader to warn of looming Brexit 'disaster'
Vince Cable to hit out at Conservatives’ Brexit ‘fairy tales’.  . Lib Dem leader reiterates demands for referendum on terms of leaving EU
Vince Cable to warn 'disaster looms' with Brexit in first major speech as Liberal Democrat leader… News UK Nation
Juncker is SO POMPOUS he even makes Remainers hate the EU! says Vince Cable
Jimmy Page waiting for Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan to buy a drink for Vince Cable at the Shepherd'…
Why do political irrelevancies like Vince Cable, Tony Blair, Michael Hestletine, George Osborne etc get so much…
The thing that strikes me most from Observer interview with Vince Cable: The Lib Dems have nothing to say any more . http…
"The majority of people would rather have Vince Cable in No.10," says about the Lib Dems' leader
What do Vince Cable & Deborah Meaden have in common apart from appearances on strictly come dancing a chance to ret…
Vince Cable warns inherited wealth is fuelling inequality. He means huge rise in Inheritance Tax if you vote http…
Theresa May suppressed up to nine studies that found immigration does not hit UK wages, claims Vince Cable
Looks like James Chapman and Vince Cable have got their work cut out for them. via
Boris Johnson in row with Vince Cable over resignation rumour. All is not well in brexit land.
Vince Cable should go back to doing what he does best. Synth pop. Erasure was a…
Vince Cable: Brexit is no longer Project Fear but Project Near. After that it will be Project Here.'. http…
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"the old have had the last word about Brexit, imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia for an imperial past" Vince Cable telling it real.
Vince Cable slammed for 'peddling lies' after claiming Boris Johnson wants to quit the Cabinet in fresh Brexit row…
Cabinet 'in a state of civil war' over Brexit, warns Vince Cable
I will ask Vince Cable. He has successfully predicted eighteen of the last three major financial crashes.
Boris Johnson and Vince Cable in row over rumours Foreign Secretary is to resign over Brexit: 'If the Foreign..
Vince Cable: Brexit transition would be a 'massive car crash in slow motion'
Either Boris The Spider is lying, Vince Cable is lying or The Daily Depress is lying. You choose🦊
Should Boris Johnson stay on as Foreign Secretary? My answer: Yes - who else will defend Brexit?! What do you think?
‘Peddling LIES’ Boris Johnson DENIES Vince Cable's claims he'll quit Cabinet over Brexit
Boris Johnson and Vince Cable trade barbs over resignation rumours
BREAKING: Cable - It’s civil war in Cabinet over borders. 👉 Because of tossers like you trying to deny OUT means OUT.
Row .claim of rumours is to resign over Asked ultimate question 'whose side are you on'
Vince Cable Talks to Wessex Scene - Our Politics Editor, Zach Sharif, interviewed the new Lib-Dem leader after ...
Philip Hammond & Vince Cable, with Amber Rudd should resign! They must be working together, shame on them.
Vince Cable: I can offer the same formula as Macron   10% Off
.transition would be a ‘massive car crash in slow motion'. Second referendum required. htt…
If can successfully drag Corbyn & Labour & UK into another referendum he will do us all a great service. ht…
The Vince Cable story: Profile of new Lib Dem leader via @ so inexpensive !!
Vince Cable could well be the grown-up who knocks Corbyn off his perch. I hope so b/c JC as much as TM would destroy UK wi…
Cable is the man to scare Corbyn into supporting a second referendum
. Boris “Making Stuff Up” Johnson tells his spokesperson to accuse Vince Cable of (wait for it) “making stuff up”. 😂. https…
Boris Johnson rows with Vince Cable over resignation rumour.
Vince Cable needs to be the parliamentary leader of not just a party, but a movement -The New European
Vince Cable in total deny,during EU ref remainers said we would quit the single market including Cameron & Osborne htt…
Vince Cable, Steve McClaren & Mark Addy (King Robert Boratheon) all went to my school in York. Vince Cable,…
How about Theresa May as Mainwairing's wife, Boris as Walker, Jeremy Corbyn as Fraser and Vince Cable as Jones?
BBCr5: Nicky Campbell to Vince Cable - 'what makes you think you are the best man for the job?' He might not be but he's cheaper than you m8
Vince Cable new leader of his party without a vote, says the vote should be ignored, change your name to the anti Democratic party
Vince Cable. Or "Deputy Prime Minister Vince Cable" as he will be in a few months time when Theresa May needs propping up...
Vince Cable is the long lost uncle of Nicky Wire.
'We need exit from Vince Cable's crusade for SECOND exit referendum continues
Lib Dem: Vince Cable is new leader. He was the only candidate and he wants to oppose Brexit. Not exactly democratic. htt…
Vince Cable looks pleased that he's going to be appointed as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats:
Vince Cable set to become Lib Dem leader. Why was Cable knighted? Should have been &
Vince Cable: ‘We voted for the bedroom tax, tuition fees and Royal Mail privatisation. But we just can't apologise." ht…
Vince Cable: There's 100's of Euratom type issues no one has thought about when leaving EU htt…
Brexit may never happen - Sir Vince Cable. Seriously? 12 seats! What a joke of a party take you pension and go away.
Can someone show this fool the way home
Vince Cable refused to scrap tuition fees and ducked a question on whether tripling them to £9,000 was fair
Vince Cable just said in an interview what millions of Brits have been thinking. Get the full story here:
"brexit is stopping us exploiting migrant workers with poverty pay" moans Vince Cable
Hope he is right!!".Vince Cable just said Brexit might never happen
Vince Cable predicts WON’T happen . This old duffer is so outta touch with the British…
Vince Cable reveals plan to build alliance with Labour and TORY MPs to STOP Brexit
Excellent questioning by in the Vince Cable interview today. It really revealed Cable's thinking on the fundamentals of Brexit.
On 1)Vince Cable says Brexit may never happen. Do you believe him? 2)Why are Labour moderates complaining? 3) Student…
vince cable. I believed the lies and. voted for brexit. to curb immigration. Now that looks impossible. we might as well stay in.
Brexit may never happen, Sir Vince Cable claims as he compares Theresa May to Stalin.
On this morning Sir Vince Cable outlined his plans to make the Lib Dems the natural home for disgruntled pro-Rem…
Sir Vince Cable." Brexit may never happen" mate it's already happened were you not in the country when we voted OUT ? Anti democratic mate.
"Brexit May never happen". Vince Cable. "brexit is a house built on sand. Eventually it will collapse". EUflagmafia. https…
Brexit wrong,ages ago EDUCATED UNIVERSITIES lost war with NAZI&now they lost with Brexit,BR…
Vince Cable "We have a generous policy towards Refugees". He MEANS on the make economic migrants that destroy our public service…
Vince Cable is all over media but front runner for leadership is not on at all. She is a…
Vince Cable is not the leader of the Lib Dems. He's applied to become leader
Tory Brexiteer tells on Lib Dem Vince Cable is wrong to claim we may not ever leave the EU. It's…
Sir Vince Cable said "enormous" divisions in the Labour and the Tory parties a "deteriorating" economy. Markets need to see more agreement
Vince Cable: "I am beginning to think that Brexit will never happen"
Don't you just LOVE the BBC?. Who cares what 74 years old Cable thinks?. Brexit may never happen - Sir Vince Cable -
Maybe in UK/EU's best long-term interests for Brexit to happen, so zealots can experience disaster. Then re-apply
Vince Cable just said Brexit might never happen
I'm beginning to think Brexit may never happen, says Vince Cable
Vince Cable’s new novel does contain sex scenes, but they’re ‘very discreet’ so... that's something?…
If MP's are unable to do the job of Brexit they will be considered unable to run the country anymore
Sir Vince Cable has said he is "beginning to think Brexit may never happen"
"Vince Cable" The man who has forgotten the harm he caused people when he formed a coalition with the TORIES
Remoaner Vince Cable should be ashamed of himself for claiming "I'm beginning to think may never happen". Clearl…
Sunday shows round-up: Vince Cable says Brexit may never happen ^CoffeeHouse
The job of an MP is to represent the people & the people voted Brexit. Vince Cable needs to be sacked
Vince Cable & the Lib Dems should stop trying to undermine Brexit negotiations. They should fight for the best Brexit dea…
Brexit may never happen - Sir Vince Cable: Labour and Tory divisions are "enormous" and the economy is "deteri.. https:…
afraid the *** ole may be right, specially politicians like him are doing everything they can to prevent Btexit
Vince Cable to Marr: "I'm beginning to think that Brexit may never happen, the problems are enormous, divisions in major p…
Remember. Vince cable tripled university fees to £9,000. Tax payers lost out on upto £1billion from his post office fi…
Vince Cable honestly appears to have no idea that the Liberal Democrats are utterly irrelevant.
Vince Cable calls for an end to EU free movement. 👇.
Vince Cable tells Andrew Marr he is 'beginning to think Brexit may never happen'
Michael Gove, Richard Burgon, Vince Cable and Owen Smith are in our round-up of today's political interviews:
The truth is that Tony Blair, David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, Vince Cable, Chuka Umanna and George Osborne might as wel…
Former Lib Dem leader Ming Campbell: "Vince Cable is ten years older than I was when I had to resign as leader on the gr…
In a joint submission to Ofcom, Ken Clarke, Vince Cable and Lord Falconer absolutely tore into Murdoc…
As a Remainer I trust Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke more than Vince Cable. With friends like him, who needs enemies? LibDems are finished
just made Ken Clarke and Vince Cable look feeble and stale yesterday's men. That girl is fabulous.
Fabulous job on You are so real and made Ken Clarke and Vince Cable look completely out of to…
Vince Cable is what Chris Huhne evolves into
Vince Cable going for Lib Dem leadership. Don't be surprised if he wants to get the band back together
On the occasion of Vince Cable standing for the Lib Dem leadership, shout out to for this piece.
The prospect of FE champion and political heavyweight Vince Cable as Lib Dem leader is rather exciting
A coalition-marred candidate who mucked up hugely with Royal Mail. If I was a Lib Dem, Vince Cable's age would be the least…
When I saw Vince Cable confirmed to stand as Lib Dem leader... I regained all the hope in humanity I had lost in the last 4 weeks.
Vince Cable launches Lib Dem leadership bid - the brass neck of the man who sold off our post office, on the cheap ? http…
Vince Cable too old to lead Lib Dems and party must not go from 'Dad to Grandad', Jo Swinson allies say
Vince Cable is economically illiterate - anyone remember his Royal Mail shares blunder?
Let's ask Vince Cable about negotiating strategies, the man who lost the taxpayer a fortune when selling Royal Mail
Vince Cable urges supporters to vote Labour
LBC obtains undercover recording in which Vince Cable tells Lib Dem voters to tactically vote for Labour
NEW: Jo Swinson, Vince Cable and Ed Davey all returning to the Lib Dem frontbench. The confident they will win…
Vince Cable secretly taped urging Lib Dems to vote for Labour candidates
Vince Cable has warned that councils are at risk of another financial crisis on the back of investing £1.5bn in commercial property market.
Remind me Rachel, it was Vince Cable who privatised the Royal Mail?
Vince Cable: We are heading towards a dangerous one-party state – only a Liberal Democrat fightback can prevent it http…
Received 2 LibDem press releases today. One with a quote from Ed Davey & another with a quote from Vince Cable. Will they make a comeback?
'Selling off NHS for profit'. David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable . rt
I added a video to a playlist Vince Cable interviewed by Eastern Eye
PSA offered PM assurances that UK plants would stay open until 2021!Vince Cable warns of closures after Brexit
Reaction to this from former biz secretary Vince Cable later this morning What's the best way to tax bu…
Ditching EU free movement is a political necessity, says Vince Cable.
Vince Cable's admission immigration has been a disaster for the UK is another sign remainers are accepting Brexit http…
People do also forget the Tory proposals on scrapping workers' rights that Vince Cable kicked into the long grass.
I wouldn't trust Ed Miliband and Vince Cable as far as I could throw them. And that isn't very far at all.
No to the Sky deal. The Murdochs can’t be trusted | Ed Miliband and Vince Cable
Vince cable: Tax evaders are pickpocketers!. Vince Cable criticises Boots boss for not paying UK taxes
"The UK has a global reputation for excellence in education" Vince Cable, UK Business Secretary . via
FORMER Business Secretary Vince Cable has claimed a hard Brexit is no longer the desired option for many Leave v...
MoD seriously misled me on arms sales, says former Business Secretary  Vince Cable
Ministry of Defense seriously misled me on Saudi arms sales, says UK arms approver
The same Vince Cable who was evasive and misleading to Committee on Arms Export Controls in 2014 about changing wording of c…
Excuses himself for arming to bomb civilians.
In explaining why he agreed Saudi arms sales, former UK minister reveals that US 'is overseeing targeting in https…
MoD misled his cabinet colleague MoB, NO OVERSIGHT on arms use & targets hit by jets on war!!.
Vince Cable "agreed" to Saudi arms sales on lies. Who's accountable for UK complicity in war crimes?.
Shock! But 1) US levels of 'oversight' still didn't minimise civilian deaths; 2) what about subsequent decisions?
Unconvincing: ex-minister says he only agreed Saudi missile exports after assurance of oversight of Yemen targets
MoD 'seriously misled' Vince Cable over use of UK weapons by Saudi Arabia in Yemen
Vince Cable showing here what a gullible *** he is.
“The bottom line is, if we don’t sell these arms to them, someone else will.”
Post university will get more expensive & more funding is needed for further education says https:/…
Ministry of Defence lied to former Business Secretary, Vince Cable, so he would approve missile sales to Saudi Arabia
Either: UK oversight makes us complicit or lack of it makes us negligent in war crimes. How about not arming Saudis!
Vince Cable: MoD misled me over Saudi missiles deal via
Vince Cable has accused the MoD of “seriously misleading” him over a missiles deal with Saudi Arabia.
MOD misled me says Vince Cable whose party allowed Cameron to wreak havoc on the poor. Lib Dems bleating won't erase their t…
This doesn't look good "MoD seriously misled me on arms sales, says htt…
Sir Vince Cable says that he was seriously misled by the Ministry of Defence when he signed off a Saudi arms deal:
Sir Vince Cable should produce the evidence of these 'promises' instead of making unsubstantiated claims to ease pr…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ministry of Defence broke assurances to Business Secretary over arms to Saudi - Cable.
Vince Cable shocked, yes 'shocked' that bombs sold by U.K. To Saudis have been used for bombing.
Does it mean the UK shares responsibility for innocent civilians killed in Yemen?.
Vince Cable says Ministry of Defence misled him over Saudi arms deals via /r/worldnews
We have over 10.000 people dead: this is the result of 'misleading'. on
Former Business Secretary Vince Cable: MoD seriously misled me on Saudi arms.
Brexit will make UK universities more expensive, says Vince Cable - - - The former Business Secretary ...
Theresa May 'obsessed' with immigration control, says Vince Cable
A deliberate policy to create Vince Cable's "skills gap" so that we "need" mass immigration?
Thrilled to announce together with will be hosting the & welcoming Vince Cable as our…
Three alums in the news - Norman Lamont, Vince Cable and Andy Burnham. Proud of my old college
Vince Cable very funny on the referendum campaign, and the fact there are no facts about the future.
really? I think Ed Balls and Vince Cable might disagree.
Vince Cable, who shared the stage with George Osborne last week, says he doesn't trust the Chancellor's numbers https:…
Oh look it's the ghost of Vince Cable, Gideon (special needs) & Ed fcking Balls!Are the"remain"mob having a laugh?Moe,Larry and curly balls
POLL: Following Ken Clarke and Vince Cable, as 'right wing' And how much he loses the Euro or hinder?
Angus Robertson, SNP, has dethroned Ken Clarke and Vince Cable, as prissy, self righteous, Windbag in Chief
Vince Cable began an intelligent industrial strategy for UK. Then came Javid: cuts and short-termism - Will Hutton.
Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Ed Davey. All knighted after making us all laugh. Just not in the right way.
Vince Cable says the Conservatives are suffering without the Lib Dems as a "moderating influence"
Conservatives suffering without the Lib Dems as moderating influence - Vince Cable
Not keen on hearing Vince Cable talk about how his lot were the moral conscience of a Tory government. His mate Danny Alexander was culpable
It's a full house for a fascinating talk by Sir Vince Cable
looking forward to hearing Vince Cable After the Storm tonight.
Quite loudly joking about getting a snapchat of Sir Vince Cable without realising he was sat mere feet away from me..
Delighted to have Sir Vince Cable talking to our Year 10 students this afternoon.
Hey Vince C. of IL wants you to support not Big Cable
Going to get in early this year! Vince Cable, Ken Livingstone and Joanne Harris amongst others. Great line up.
Last day of the Vince Cable opens the batting this morning
Great keynote speech from Sir Vince Cable at Rational insights into apprenticeships
Vince Cable kicks off day 3 fascinating history lesson on Apprenticeships and reflects on the levy
No EU influence as Vince Cable said "we will conduct ourselves on equal terms to the rest of the EU *** not EU built
Key note from Vince Cable on last day of conference. Informative, positive speech
Vince Cable on the Budget: less to do with economics than with referendum politics: The 2016 Budget was more a...
Vince Cable is worried. Where is the money going? How will Treasury use the funds, subsidise SMEs?
Vince cable was Wilshaw misquoted? judging by the arrogant performance yesterday I would say not
Will they apprenticeship vacancies be grafted onto ucas system asks Vince Cable - oh jes I hadn't even thought of that
Where is all the money going asks Vince Cable no clear answer yet
Sir Vince Cable, Former Secretary of State kicks off the final day
Big increase in overall skill level says vince Cable not what OFSTEAD said yesterday
Vince Cable says 'want to acknowledge from the outset that I set levy in train'
The stage is set for the third and final day of Up first, former business sec Vince Cable
Vince Cable has just turned up looking like a 1630's witchfinder General ! Not a good look !
I am a bit of a lefty on some issues.
Vince Cable talks politics & the economy tonight at St Peter's School for
Frankly, the best of Labour should join Vince Cable!
Stephen Crabb MP and Dr Vince Cable MP are also patrons who voted for disability cuts, is this the PR y…
I see Vince Cable is busy undermining Israel's ability to defend itself. You really would not want to go tiger hunting wit…
Not since Vince Cable has "virtue untested is no virtue at all" been so true. In fact... he wipes the floor with Cable. Total husk of an MP
Sir Vince Cable will be speaking at Book your place now
.will be discussing his latest book and the 18 March
2/2 the EU had deem jam must contain 50% sugar.hers was less.Vince cable tried to help.but learnt EU controls uk.she ceased trading
Universities UK: Dr Vince Cable at the launch of Impact of universities ...
Vince Cable's grandson said his gramps lied to the PM - Cable unashamedly admitted it! LibDem
Big Star's Little Star on ITV tonight with Kym Marsh, Vince Cable and Elliott ...
Tony Harris kindly hosted a reception for Vince Cable, Tim Farron and a room full of Lib Dems in business. He...
Does this mean we won't all get the windfall Vince Cable promised we would get if we voted NO? Heavens to Betsy!
Christ, The have sunk so low Vince Cable is touting his grandson on Big Star Little Star for PR talking f…
Vince Cable Confirmed as opening speaker. Go to to book tickkets. https:/…
Massive cut in Capital Gains Tax from 28% to 20% -- reverses Vince Cable increase in last Coalition
Meet Black Singles 300x250
either I've had too much ibuprofen or Vince Cable is on a dodgy ITV game show with some people I've never heard of.
So, Vince Cable is in last place, alongside some young non-entity *cringeing*
How on earth is a politician a star! Vince Cable is not even a household name!!
OMG! What should Vince Cable STOP DOING? Too late! He should stop demeaning himself on silly panel shows
Vince Cable had a wall of bricks fall on his head? Explains a lot really
kym Marsh & Elliot Wright are having a right laugh and Vince Cable is just sat there like "I'm sat on ITV, kill me"
Vince Cable on Big Stars Little Star reminds me of Mr Burns on Jerry Rude and the Bathroom Bunch's radio show.
What's the naughtiest thing Vince Cable has ever done? That would be propping up Tory Govt?
Once upon a time Vince Cable had ambitions of being Chancellor. Now he has to be content with appearing on Big Star, Little Star! 😂
LIB: What do you think will happen to the Centre-Left? - At conference, this Saturday, Vince Cable and Roger Li...
Vince Cable on Parliament, that 'Election' and his new life as a novel writer
Lib Dems were joined this evening in by Vince Cable. The former Secretary of State for...
We've got an article by Vince Cable on his views of TTIP - we'd love your thoughts on it, good or bad
Vince Cable says economic differences between in and out v difficult to quantify - but clearly big impact on inward investment
Key regret from Vince Cable - we've gone backwards on continuing education, on part-time higher & further education
Usual pit falls & crotch fails on Public Transport today the Nick Grimshaw express 🚈of tissues dental floss obvious Vince Cable got in here
Vince Cable calls for Labour and Lib Dem centre-left MPs to unite | Ex-Business Secretary says Tories will have mon
Vince Cable: university degrees 'superfluous to many jobs' | via
Vince Cable said this in 2003. "British economy is sustained by consumer spending pinned against record levels of.
Reminds me of Vince Cable on house prices when he got into power.
it is sadly, I cried for Vince Cable.
'Are we heading for a fresh economic crisis?'. Hear Vince Cable at Warwick next Tuesday!
Register your place for Vince Cable's guest lecture,12 Jan: Are we heading for a fresh economic crisis?
For sure, is that part before or after Vince Vaughn gets arrested for the cable box fiasco?
Vince Cable dedicated a huge amount of his work towards linking the housing crisis and the financial crash!
Yes like Labour MPs John Woodcock and Kevan Jones who went to arms dealers dinner with Vince Cable & voted 4 bombing http…
Vince Cable had more than that but got sacked. You have to get selected first to get elected.
To paraphrase Vince Cable, over the last 24 hours we have witnessed Jeremy Corbyn's transformation from Stalin to Mr Bean.
If it wasn't for Green anti frackers egged on by Business Green, he and Vince Cable would still be in Coalition2
Vince Cable is on a Mediterranean Cruise with his wife. But 2015's other Forgotten Politicians - Where Are They Now?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Former Business Secretary Vince Cable and award-winning novelist Margaret Drabble, who both have links with York,...
We've got to get back on track to working with them. Because if I and my colleag...
Every single person that attended this dinner with arms dealers, and remained an MP after May, voted to bomb https…
Vince Cable demands to know why RBS bankers have not been prosecuted | Daily Mail Online They got away with it!!!
I thought they were talking about Vince Cable apparently not!
Russell Brand fans could be classed ‘extremists’ under new laws, warns Vince Cable
Well we've got Vince Cable proposing the motion so do one, hun x
Pity Vince Cable used the 'from Stalin to Mr Bean' line about Brown in '07. This is a much better example of it.
Vince Cable: The balance has gone.Bankers "complaints are taken on board and a blind eye adopted to abuses"
Does worry me! Government not held 2 account grave indeed. Sir Vince (the) Cable reckons Lib Dems need 2 work with Lab 2 do this!
Lib Dems should work with Labour MPs opposed to Jeremy Corbyn to create 'effective opposition', says Vince Cable
I fell in love with Vince Cable when a reporter pointed to him and had to awkwardly turn away upon realising he wasn't being interviewed.
I refuse to partake in "FANTASY FRONT BENCH" until I can have previous MPs and appoint Vince Cable as minister for everything.
Vince Cable hit out at the Chancellor after the FCA dropped its review into reform
Apparently the new PA boss singlehandedly shut down Vince Cable's attempt to oust Clegg
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Vince Cable has dropped a strong hint about a 'Lib-Lab pact'
Hey Vince C. of IL sez you should side with the public on not Big Cable
Vince Cable is on tomorrows question time!
Lib Dems should work together with anti-Corbyn Labour MPs to create an effective opposition, says Vince Cable
We've got David Willetts debating future of lifelong learning in Feb, with David Blunkett & Vince Cable.
The trustworthiness of your party,Vince Cable,Ed Davey et al.on air pollution/public health !
Revealed: the 40 MPs who attended arms dealers' dinner 1 was Vince Cable; BBC's Jeremy Vine spoke, go…
Vince Cable? why not go whole hog and get lembit opik on?
Vince Cable on his time at BIS: “there was civil service inertia around a lot of issues’"
Vince Cable: 3 big challenges - housing, spatial imbalance and need to decentralise decision-making (against HMT instincts)
Vince Cable is right to say the Govt should invest in northern rail infrastructure, but it can do both that AND invest in Crossrail 2.
Sir Vince Cable says that demand management is a key solution for the housing issue in the UK
Dr Vince Cable knows how to engage an an audience of economists.. House prices. Good book pitch
Vince Cable damning the Help to Buy Scheme- is it fuelling the fire of the housing crisis? Perhaps so.
Vince Cable laments the efforts of a couple of boroughs and the mayor to build Monaco in London
Vince Cable now giving the keynote speech. Starts with housing as "it is one of the key issues this country faces"
Sir Vince Cable hits the stage Notes housing crisis and sponge effect in London
.Had to complaint to Vince Cablemy MP &BIS. HMRC wrote to me &Cable other care workers owed arrears only put notice in for me!
Vince Cable think Govt will back LHR 2nd runway...& it will never happen. We need balanced integrated connectivity
diverging views on importance of London as a centre from Vivian Hunt and Vince Cable She says yes, he says no
'We are trying to build Monaco in the middle of London' Vince Cable conference
Vince cable giving a int view on how London over dominant in uk. Food for thought - how we lead without sucking up opportunity
Lndn eyes bigger than stomach says vince cable We can't deal with pressures without rebalancing economy away from the capital.
Real problems to London's growth says Vince Cable at and impact on rest of UK. But also impact on those on low incomes
Vince Cable's wife: London's eyes are bigger than its tummy
Vince Cable tells he sticks by analysis of London as "giant suction machine draining the life out of the rest of the country"
Since Vince Cable is doing likewise, I wonder whether he'll give me a lift.
Given that Vince Cable said Tories were looking to axe FE Colleges in last term...I'd doubt it
Zac Goldsmith, Sadiq Khan, Lord Adonis and Vince Cable speaking at the London Conference today.
Sajid Javid's "sad face" signature must be an attempt to contrast with Vince 'smiley' Cable
Vince Cable dinner says current housing crisis perpetuated by vested interests interested only in maintaining values!
"Scarcity and rising prices of residential property is good politics. Vested interest of vast majority of Tory voters." Vince Cable.
"Govt doesn't believe in state funding unless it's by the Chinese or the French." Vince Cable at dinner
"Apprenticeships and getting technology from labs to businesses is key" Sir Vince Cable at
If so, plug your PC into an external monitor or TV using an HDMI or VGA cable. Does the alternate display work? ^Christina 2/2
He needs more emoji - then his signature can rival Sajid Javid's ":(" or Vince Cable's ":)"
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