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Vin Scully

Vincent Edward Scully (born November 29, 1927) is an American sportscaster, known primarily as the play-by-play voice of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on Prime Ticket, KCAL-TV and KABC radio.

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Listening to the Dodgers game, and you just gotta love how Charley Steiner pronounces "Urias." 🙂 . They'll never be Vin Scully. 😭
tied at 2, series tied at 2, end of 2nd. To quote the one and only Vin Scully, "Deuces wild in Montreal"
What if Vin Scully accepted ESPN Radio’s offer to call the World Series in 1998? The What If Media column: https…
Another story from Vin Scully about Jackie Robinson?. Yes, please!
Watch Don Rickles tell the most heartwarming story about Vin Scully
And there were the familiar voices: for some, it was Harry Caray or Vin Scully. I…
Jack Brickhouse, Vin Scully, Harry, guys who were baseball story tellers are missed. ESPN crew last night was weak
Brutal turning on radio and instead of hearing the great Vin Scully hearing... Charlie Steiner. Ugh.
anything with Vin Scully's voice is fantastic. And bonus audio from the late, great Tom Cheek. Awesome.
Just read it. You have Josh Satin of the El Paso Chihuahuas on your side, I have Vin Scully
If you had Vin Scully, I'd just want the show to run for hours hearing his stories. Same for Mike Lange or Pat Foley.
In honor of his birthday, takes you behind the scenes of Vin Scully's final broadcast at Dodger Stadium.
Bob is just like Vin Scully and Chick Hearn! They're voices for the ages!
Chick Hearn, Vin Scully, Bob Miller. Los Angeles fans have been spoiled for so long.
"Vin Scully's Last Game! See Photo Tribute to the great Vin Scully!->
Another 7500+ and he'll catch Vin Scully; seriously though quite an accomplishment!
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As long as you live keep smiling because it brightens everybody's day. -Vin Scully
Throwback: Our friends at gave Vin Scully a love letter.
Chick Hearn, Vin Scully and now Bob Miller. Kings' play-by-play announcer to retire
When it came to sports announcers, Los Angeles had an embarrassment of riches. Chick Hearn, Vin Scully, and Bob...
I wasnt ready to say goodbye to both Vin Scully and Bob Miller within six months. Dodgers and Kings games won't be the sa…
and a pleasant good evening (as I channel my inner Vin Scully) to you from Millard High School in Fillmore. My van broke down but all's well
So, we've seen Vin Scully, *** Enberg and Brent Musburger all ride off into the sunset in the span of four months. Oof.
In the last year, Vin Scully, *** Enberg, Verne Lundquist and Brent Musburger all retired. Man.
1. Gus Johnson. 2. Brent Musburger. 3. Ken Daniels. 4. Jim Nantz. 5. Vin Scully. Been that way my whole life and now 2/5 are gone
Hey, Today, Vin Scully was honored at the Southern California Sports Broadcasters 26th Annual Awards Luncheon. https:/…
Keith Jackson, Vin Scully, Al Michaels and Brent Musberger...with apologies to Jack Buck, Bob Costas,…
Brent Musburger, Uncle Vern and Vin Scully all retire within a year. Younger sports fans, I'm sorry for what you won't exp…
Jon Miller doing Vin Scully and Harry Carey impersonations. Soaking this in
Vin Scully really is the heart and soul of the Dodgers and Los Angeles. Read our resolution honoring his career:
Vin Scully's first year broadcasting (1950) was Connie MacK's last year managing. Mack took over A's in 1901. 2 men, 116 years of baseball.
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I grew up with the voices of Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Keith Jackson, & now we say farewell to…
Everyone is very partial to their local announcer. For all the hubbub I never cared for Vin Scully or Chick Hearn when I was in Cal
I have a knack for storytelling that others don't possess! Probably from listening to ppl like Vin Scully and Chick Hearn growing up!
Sending to a pair of greats...fellow Diane Ladd and Vin Scully!! It's time...
I'd pay good $ for a Vin Scully gps . "Turn right onto Hodges Street. Gil Hodges was a righty. In fact he loved to drive. Had…
Vin Scully managed to tie together Laurence Olivier, Hank Aaron & Dorian Gray on this morning
Remember what Vin Scully said, "Eddie Murray is day to day, but then again, aren't we all?"
Pres. Obama awards Vin Scully, the voice of Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers for 67 seasons, the Medal of Freedom.
Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Vin Scully were among those who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom today…
Michael Jordan, Vin Scully visit White House for star-studded Medal of Freedom ceremony
Why yes that is Robert Redford, Diana Ross, Vin Scully, and Bruce Springsteen standing in a row h…
To Americans of all ages, he is an old friend. -President Obama on Vin Scully, before awarding him the Presidential Me…
Vin Scully speaks with Sal Paolantonio about his thoughts on being awarded with the Presidential ... - via App
Pres. Obama names recipient of Presidential Medal Of Freedom 🎖to Vin Scully. Award will be presented at the White House…
Vin Scully reacts to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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'Are you sure?' Listen to Vin Scully react to his Presidential Medal of Freedom honor
WH Press Sec. Josh Earnest called legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully to tell him he'll be receiving the Presidential Medal of…
Vin Scully, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Jordan won the Presidential Medal of Freedom:
"You sure? I'm just an old baseball announcer.". shocks Vin Scully with Presidential Medal of Freedom. https:…
Gotta love Here's calling Vin Scully to let him know he's a recipient of the Presidential Medal of…
Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom on Nov. 22.
Vin Scully to get Presidential Medal of Honor Nov. 22. Other recipients include Bruce Springsteen, Robert Redford, Bill Ga…
Congrats 2 Vin Scully, Robert Redford, & all other recipients of POTUS Presidential Medal of Freendom. Well chosen!
Congratulations to the great Vin Scully who will receive Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama on Nov. 22.…
President Barack Obama named 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom including Vin Scully.
Right now, Dave Roberts is getting a congratulatory call from Vin Scully.
This photo was a 67 year odyssey. From Ebbets Field to Chavez Ravine. Thank you Vin Scully for a job well done. https…
Vin Scully surprised Dodgers fans at NLCS Game 5 with his classic catchphrase via
Vin Scully returns to Dodger Stadium as NLCS spectator The Associated Press
Kevin Costner pays tribute to Vin Scully with emotional speech at Dodger Stadium via
Vin Scully vs. the Cubs is the kind of uplifting battle Americans deserve.
Vin Scully stars on Snapchat: Last year's National League Cy Young Award winner, Arrieta, did not quite repea...
The last time Vin Scully wasn't the Dodger broadcaster... it had still been 41 years since the Cubs had won a World Ser…
Ernie Harwell on radio and Vin Scully on TV. No one better to call a WS
all time announcer match up: Vin Scully vs Harry Carey
I have always been inspired by people like the great Ernie Harwell, Jon Miller and of course Vin Scully...
shame Vin Scully and Harry Carey couldn't call the NLCS Series...
Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vin Scully is set to make his first appearance since calling his last game in SF!
Matt Vasgersian is a good play by play guy but he never stops talking. He's no Vin Scully. Not even a Pat Hughes.
The Dodger name and Vin Scully were the last remnants of the Brooklyn Dodgers (until Scully retired last week—67 years!)
Letters: Parting with Vin Scully is such sweet sorrow via
PODCAST! & on Hawk Harrelson, Vin Scully, chemistry in broadcast booth:
Vin Scully has stepped down as the voice of the Dodgers. That has Bill thinking about the job Mr. Scully did so well
Ebbets Field, 1953 - The legendary Vin Scully in the WMGM radio booth doing what he's been doing since 1950, calling t…
retired professor Bill Littlefield talks to Vin Scully and every aspiring broadcaster should listen.
this was awesome! Now all I want is a Jonah Keri with Vin Scully podcast!
My buddy E! works for Los Doyers and got a chance to take a photo with broadcasting legend Vin Scully. Yes, I'm a...
Kuip on Vin Scully: "Our favorite story is when Dave Flemming walked into the bathroom and Vin greeted him with, 'PULL UP A URINAL!'"
Joe Buck giving a tribute to Vin Scully is like Ryan Leaf giving a tribute to Dan Marino
Last double called by Vin Scully: Angel Pagan (off of Kenta Maeda)
So did search on Optimum for Vin Scully yest. Found "Mister Ed" from 1963 feat. Leo Durocher as LA MGR. Scully announces opening scene.
Beloved Dodgers broadcast Vin Scully says farewell to the game in San Francisco
Vin Scully's finale brings rare words to San Francisco: 'It's time for Dodger baseball!'
LAFD honors LA Dodgers icon Vin Scully after his last broadcast in San Francisco earlier today.
The sport that brought Vin Scully, the voice of the Dodgers, and his wife, Sandi, together? Football, not baseball.
This is a must watch as 2 broadcasting legends leave our game. Thank you Vin Scully & thank you *** Enberg! . You will both…
The pulled out all the stops during Vin Scully's final day at the office:
How long has Vin Scully been broadcasting for the Dodgers? When he started he still lived with his parents.
Farewell, Vin. Dodgers icon Vin Scully sign off after his final MLB broadcast. .
Vin Scully's final inning coming up... 😢
Scully signs off with reassuring words for fans
Vin Scully is pure class & the greatest of all time! . Even though the Dodgers let my down this weekend... Vin n…
Look who bought a full-page ad in the SF Chronicle to salute Vin Scully.
2 careers come to an end today. 2 HOF'ers. 2 legends. *** Enberg and Vin Scully. The best of the best. ICYMI: This is a
Great radio is great storytelling, not wacky banter and grabass. Vin Scully leaves a vacuum behind.
Throwback to when Vin Scully sang at Wrigley Field!
Vin Scully calls his final game I have said enough for a lifetime
3.7 Million fans came to Dodger Stadium this year and Millions of tears were shed today when Vin Scully said good bye!
In honor of Vin Scully's last day in the Dodgers booth, Hawk has a message for the legendary broadcaster.
One of the many important thing about Vin Scully: He told stories. It was never about obsessing over Xs and Os or analy…
Vin Scully, Jose Fernandez, David Ortiz. Nobody does it better than baseball, no matter the occasion.
Congratulations to the legendary Vin Scully as he calls his final game for the today at noon. Thank you for ever…
Stark says no one will ever be like Vin Scully via App
San Francisco Giants Sweep Dodgers on Vin Scully's Final Game: "Don't be sad that it's over, sm...
Today, Mr. Scully signs off on an unparalleled career. Thank you,
Vin Scully’s final call featured two teams he grew up with:
A broadcasting legend says goodbye. Vin Scully is one of the all-time greats in our business.
▶︎ WATCH: Vin Scully Calls Conor Gillaspie's incredible catch and dive into the photographer's well.
He didn't call of them (it just seems that way) played 10,809 games since Vin Scully made his broadcast debut in 1950
Vin Scully’s career, as told by Vin Scully throughout the years.
‘I Have Said Enough for a Lifetime’, Vin Scully's last words as Dodgers broadcaster, ending 67 seasons
Vin Scully, in his final inning: "Don't be sad because it's over. Smile because it happened."
Te queremos, Vin Scully. Thank you for giving us so many Los Angeles Dodgers memories.
Best thing you'll read today. on Vin Scully:
Vin Scully thanks fans, signs off for final time (VIDEO) -
Thanks for the memories, Vin Scully, a career without peer. Began broadcasting for the Brooklyn Dodgers before most of us were born
"I have said enough for a lifetime, and for the last time, I wish you a very pleasant good afternoon.". Vin Scully signs…
Vin Scully's final message as he signs off on his final broadcast.
Vin Scully calls final game in Hall of Fame broadcasting career
Vin Scully was the best. There will never be another one as good.
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Farewell Vin Scully, your voice and history during dodger baseball games will be missed and forever treasured❤️
I really hope Bob Uecker gets the same kind of send off that Vin Scully got this year
Lots of farewells around today: Vin Scully, *** Enberg, Mark Teixeira, and David Ortiz.
Vin Scully makes amazing call as fan on field gets slammed by Giants’ Angel Pagan
I've been watching games all season long because of Vin Scully and now I'm becoming a fan.
Angel Pagan: what a weekend with a body slam and the final out of Vin Scully's broadcast career
Vin Scully's last out was Rob Segedin flying out to Angel Pagan.
How'd history be different if Vin Scully accepted ABC offer as voice of MNF in lieu of Howard Cosell? As baseball guy, I'd say much worse!
Vin Scully popped into the Giant's radio broadcast today. His scouting report on Angel Pagan was that he had piercing eyes.
Naturally, Vin Scully starts his one inning simulcast with the Giants' by saluting Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper, Mike Kruko…
Vin Scully announcing Angel Pagan body slamming a fan on the field because some times the announcing gods giveth https…
Howie Rose is my Vin Scully, and I don’t know how I’ll handle it when he hangs it up someday
Dad moved to LA in 1957 at age 9. Grew up on Vin Scully. Here he is 59 years later watching Scully's last game with his 4 y…
LISTEN: Howie Rose pays homage to the great Vin Scully!
Today is Vin Scully's last call. Howie Rose says goodbye and thank you to the legend
Excellent column from Howie Rose on Vin Scully here:
Howie Rose salutes "the greatest friend the game of baseball has ever known," Vin Scully.
Howie Rose wrote a terrific column for The Post on Vin Scully & his impact. Proud to have it:
Giants announcer Duane Kuiper just instagrammed a picture of Vin Scully and Willie Mays
Howie Rose’s ode to Vin Scully: How he makes me a better man
It's so sad to see Vin Scully go but thank god we still have Duane Kuiper, Gary Cohen, Bob Uecker, John Miller, Gary Thorne, & Howie Rose
Vin Scully taught me about baseball too, working in a job w/o a TV...after the '96 World Series, I didn't need one!
Am I the only one that would rather listen to Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow than Vin Scully?
Vin Scully, the voice of seasons. Lot of fun interviewing broadcasters for this Vin oral history:
Here are 2 sacred cows that I know I'll take heat for not liking, but I dislike Vin Scully & (gasp) think Ray Didinger is overrated.
Jaime Jarrin delivers heartfelt tribute to Vin Scully...
[Tampa Bay Times] Rick Monday on Vin Scully: 'Vinny brought the game of baseball to me."
George Lopez was on SportsCenter talking about Vin Scully. He mentioned another long-time announcer, Jaime Jarrín
Spotify just uploaded Vin Scully saying The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. . It's like getting taken to church twice.
The Holy Rosary, narrated by Vin Scully now available (that Terry and Jesse mentioned):
Vin Scully's final call for a Dodger home game is a division clinching walk off home run. There is a God. . https:/…
Got chills reading this tribute to Vin Scully on his sun-kissed final day.
Dee Gordon going yard with on his back. Vin Scully's last call at Dodger Stadium is a walk-off clincher. That's some…
Vin Scully prepping to announce final game at Dodger Stadium in jus a few hours reports htt…
Vin Scully's last call at Dodger Stadium was a walk off NL West clinching HR. Chills. (via
Dodgers win Vin Scully's last home game with walkoff HR, clinch 4th straight division title.
Today was great day because we won the NL West, but also a sad day because Vin Scully broadcasted his last game from Dodg…
9/25/16-Something Really Cool-Dodgers Win the West, Vin Scully last game at Dodger…
The last play Vin Scully ever called at Dodger Stadium was a walk-off homer that clinched a division. Baseball is a speci…
I was blessed to grow up listening to Vin Scully & Jaime Jarrin. I did this interview with both in '07. via
Jaime Jarrin delivers heartfelt tribute to Vin Scully [ESPN]
Jaime Jarrin delivers heartfelt tribute to Vin Scully
Dodgers need to give Vin Scully one more farewell gift -- A World Series title
Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer pass away, Vin Scully retires, and Les Miles is no longer at LSU. It's been a rough day
Sad day in Sports (x4) Jose Fernandez & Arnold Palmer. Last call for Vin Scully. Les Miles is fired.
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Vin Scully going out with the best storyline possible today. Unfortunately I missed the broadcast today, but that man is a legend.
Vin Scully, in his last home game, calls a walkoff homer in a division clincher? Maybe Tom Lasorda is right about the Big…
Dodgers legend Vin Scully's last game was as great as Lakers legend Kobe Bryant's. Good job, Los Angeles.
Connie MacK, born during the Civil War in 1862, was an active manager the day Vin Scully broadcast his first game.
Dodgers players tip their caps to Vin Scully as he calls his final home game. (via
'The best that ever will be': Sports broadcasters reminisce about legendary play-by-play man Vin Scully - Los Ange…
Choo on mission to get ready for postseason via Eric Nadel on Vin Scully
It's hard to find merchandise commemorating Vin Scully's last season — and that's on purpose:
Pretty great tribute video from Jaime Jarrin to Vin Scully, followed by loud ovation for both as they were shown on LF & RF video boards
Vin Scully reflects on 67 years of baseball memories
We're sending a massive love letter to Vin Scully. How you can be a part of it:
I can't believe tonight was Vin Scully's last Friday night game in Dodger Stadium. 😭😭😭 Why just this journey be almost over???
I don't know the without Vin Scully. He's been around my whole life. I can say this, baseball will never be the same.
Note from my piece on Vin Scully that if you were to start a new job now and last as long you'd stay thru S…
I fell in love with baseball playing MLB 2000, with Vin Scully commentating. He will always be a part of why I love the game. Thanks
Kevin Costner honors Vin Scully with emotional speech
When a play is under review at Dodger Stadium, they just call up to Vin Scully.
Vin Scully is an icon. Won't be the same not hearing his voice! L.A. fans have been fortunate to have two Icons as announcers Vin and Chick
Vin Scully has been around long enough for this to actually be meaningful and relevant...
Out here for Vin Scully's appreciation day!
ICYMI: Vin appreciation night turns Dodger Stadium into a shrine
This whole Scully send off is fantastic.
Vin Scully will join the Retired Numbers ring of honor next year, Dodger owner Mark Walter announces.
And for his next trick, Vin Scully will call two baseball games ... simultaneously!
Vin Scully will be a Puig truther to the bitter end.
Can't imagine the next guy who tries to take over after Vin Scully. Good luck..
Dodgers honor Vin Scully with pregame ceremony - ESPN
Vin will be missed. My whole life I have listened to him announce the games, it just won't be the same without him. Thank You Vin Scully.
Vin Scully, 89, on his plans after retirement: "I'm going to try to live."
Standing ovation for the legend Vin Scully
I'm literally emotional. Thank you, Vin Scully. We've been lucky to have you.
Vince Scully was one of the best!. Baseball has been our national pastime because of announcers like him.
The great Vin Scully has been calling Dodgers games for 67 years. I have doubts that I'll live that long.
Vin Scully leads the singing of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.
Vin Scully pens touching letter to fans: ‘I needed you more than you needed me’ | For The Win
Vin Scully is THE last vestige of Baseball's Golden Era. Without a doubt, he will be one tough act to follow.
Here's a look at some of the greatest calls of Vin Scully's incredible career.
Absolutely consistent with 67 years of work that the only person not frequently talking about Vin Scully during this ga…
I'm taking this Vin Scully retirement much harder than expected. I love this game and Vin is part of the fabric of my bas…
Vin Scully enjoys his thanksgiving in September as Dodgers pay tribute
Vin Scully's letter handed out to fans at Dodger Stadium before the game.
To honor Vin Scully, look what they spray-painted onto the field at Dodger Stadium. Coverage begins at 5:30 tonigh…
Vin Scully appreciation night turns Dodger Stadium into a shrine
The pay tribute to Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully before his final series at Dodger Stadium.
In his words: Vin Scully shares his 'Thanksgiving' with Dodger Stadium crowd
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Vin Scully letter than is being given out to fans at Dodger Stadium today
Being here on Vin Scully night was absolutely worth the 18-hour round trip drive. I love Dodger Stadium.
With 2 games and 2 innings left for Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium, you just know a foul ball will come into his booth and he'll catch it.
"The San Diego Chicken is the Vin Scully of the mascots.". ~Mike Krukow
You should try to catch the Vin Scully ceremony today. There was a mention of Jaime Jarrin and game re-creations.
Takes a lot for me to turn away from college football this time of year, but the Vin Scully ceremony was worth it. He's…
Absolutely awesome tribute to Vin Scully tonight. He deserves it. All time best. Will always remember his calls and stories.
Mayor Eric Garcetti presents Vin Scully with the key to Los Angeles.
Jaime Jarrin, who has been calling Dodger games in Spanish for 58 years, just called Vin Scully his mentor. Think on that.
I love you Vin Scully. I love you Jaime Jarrin. We as Dodger fans have been blessed beyond belief with the two . best to ever do it.
Sorry, I love Drew Goodman but Vin Scully is the best there ever was, is, or ever will be. Period. Bar none.
Anyone else geeking out about these two meeting tonight? Wait, Vin Scully & Stan Lee both grew up in Washington Heights…
Yasiel Puig gave his Vin Scully cleats to Vin Scully, because
"I try to call a play, shut up, and listen to the crowd & in that moment I'm 8 years old."- Vin Scully on the roar of the…
MLB: Vin Scully makes the call as Yasiel Puig makes a leaping catch at the wall; "Viva Cuba. Viva Yasiel"via
In 67 years, HOF’er Vin Scully has called 25 World Series, 12 All-Star Games and 23 no-hitters, including three perfect games 🐐
"Viva Cuba. Viva Yasiel.". Yasiel Puig at the wall. Vin Scully on the call. It doesn't get much better than this:
Vin Scully calling the 4th inning NOW on ESPN. Watch/listen here:
If you lived in Los Angeles and had the pleasure of hearing Vin Scully, Chick Hearn and Bob Miller, consider yourself very l…
Here's the article on Vin Scully that I just talked about. Jayson joins us next:.
I love Vin Scully, but he's on par with John Sterling of the Yankees and Harry Carey of the Cubs.
Vin Scully made the Dodgers-Giants brawl last night sound almost serene
I have been blessed enough to have heard two of the greatest radio voices of all time. Paul Harvey and Vin Scully.
I guess you never heard of Vin Scully or Marty Brennaman.
I respect he is correct, John Sterling is much better than Vin Scully and doesn't worship Ronald Reagan.
I was able to see Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Brent Musburger, and Bob Miller each tell a story about Vin Scully and what he means to sports.
Vin Scully gives us the analysis we all need during last night's scuffle:
Vin Scully, all about the dirt on Eduardo Nunez's uniform, calls the pickoff: "He is dirty and he is out."
Among the musings from our how Vin Scully once fought Sylvester Stallone ... and won:
Bumgarner vs. Kershaw as called by Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium, for the last time. Get it while you still can.
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Hearing Vin Scully describe the punch-free brawl between the Dodgers and Giants last night was a sublime moment--timeless and transcendental
A still of tonight on via I wrote about Vin's last games, on
On that note, I can't wait till tomorrow! Vin Scully bobble head night is going to be lit.
I'm not ready for baseball without Vin Scully 💔
As end nears, Vin Scully has emotions in check, 'but you never know' - ESPN…
Giants will pay tribute to Vin Scully during his final game (Oct. 2) by switching to his call of third inning on CSN Bay…
Me when I realize there's less than 2 weeks left to hear Vin Scully
The Best of Vin Scully: Five of the Baseball Hall of Fame Announcer's Greatest Calls
It just hit me that it's Vin Scully's last season :(
Vin Scully 'uncomfortable' with attention as career comes to a close via
Vin Scully to take an inning of the Giants broadcast during his final game.
People actually think vin scully is entertaining to listen to?
Dodgers win and Vin Scully narrates...I could watch this on repeat all night.
"My last game will be with the Giants on Oct. 2, 2016, exactly 80 years to the minute when I first fell in love with th…
One of my favorite Vin Scully stories is the time he lost his '88 Series ring while shopping at Costco with his wife https:/…
"And the Giants are driven to their knees, again, by their bullpen" -- Vin Scully
Vin Scully is retiring soon & my fav memory will always be when he called Scott Van Slyke & Chris Capuano "Chris Van Slyke & Scott Capuano"
Last bobblehead of the season tomorrow. Vin Scully to add to my collection.
It's Vin Scully's final week at Dodger Stadium. Here's how to watch and listen
Vin Scully's description of the Puig-Bumgarner dust-up was more entertaining than the actual dust-up.
Vin Scully isn't the announcer in *** it's Hawk Harrelson and Harold Reynolds
Vin Scully tells the Dan Le Batard Show what he considers to be ... Awesome!
MLB Video: Vin Scully tells Dan Le Batard Show about time he tried to say "hot shot hit foul" but other words came…
Vin Scully on Dan Le Batard Show. This is amazing.
Spector nailed it. I feel for the baseball fans that have never gotten the chance to hear Vin Scully call a game.
A very good piece by on why Vin Scully's final broadcast should be heard nationally.
ICYMI: Vin Scully will not call the playoffs, Pantone 294 takes over Yankee Stadium, and more!
America deserves to hear Vin Scully's last game, and MLB Network should make it happen.
Look how young Vin Scully and Harry Caray. Wow now I feel ancient :)
2 West Coast broadcasting icons will soon be retiring. Let's add *** Enberg to that Vin Scully farewell tour.
No Charley Steiner, there was not "a costly error". No one scored following that play. Geez. Already missing Vin Scully.
Vin Scully would never jinx a game like this. Thanks, Charley "literally Satan" Steiner.
if you want boring, listen to any other announcers in the MLB except Vin Scully, Pat Hughes, and Len Kasper
Charley Steiner is as bad as Vin Scully is phenomenal. The Debbie Downer of baseball.
Going from Vin Scully to Charley Steiner is like going from Jay-Z to Desiigner.
lol that's just mean. Don't tease us with Vin Scully and then cut to Charley Steiner.
Vin Scully gave a 2 min soliloquy on father of w philosophy Socrates in honor of Socrates Brito. Cant wait 2 see what he does 4 Corey Seager
What a total gift to have Socrates Brito at bat during Vin Scully's guest inning on That was sensational 👏🏽
And the season ends as it started (April 14th), Vin Scully giving a beautiful lecture on Greek history, the Diamondbacks' Socrates Brito
As the broadcast switches to Vin Scully for half inning, Socrates Brito to the plate & story time by Vin about "Socrates"
New fav thing: listening to Vin Scully call games in which Socrates Brito (Dbacks) is playing. Such glee in Brito's name.
Why I love Vin Scully: Socrates Brito comes to bat & he starts discussing western philosophy.
Oh, man. Vin Scully is on Socrates Brito, the other Socrates and the hemlock again. This is my favorite thing.
Socrates Brito is batting for the and Vin Scully is telling a Socrates story LIKE HE WAS THERE. It's amazing.
Again, *who* will talk about hemlock & mythology for Socrates Brito's future ABs once Vin Scully retires? Who??
Update your maps at Navteq
Vin Scully saying "Socrates Brito" as many times as possible tonight is the best.
Socrates Brito is batting so Vin Scully is talking about the Oracle of Delphi why can this man not live ten thousand years
Heads up: Socrates Brito is batting, and Vin Scully is talking about Socrates visiting the Oracle of Delphi.
Socrates Brito is Vin Scully's favorite player in
Kenneth Andrew Vin Scully has learned how to use hashtags, just in time to never use them: Vin Scully... Friedman
One-on-one with two GREATS. Vin Scully shares stories and career memories with *** Enberg.
Kenny Albert in the broadcast booth is something that needs to end. Just inept. Makes Mario Impemba look like Vin Scully
say the Dodgers make the World Series, wouldn't you rather listen to Vin Scully call the World Series than Joe Buck? I would.
I hope the Dodgers win the World Series for two men:. Vin Scully and Dave…
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