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Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel (born Mark Sinclair Vincent; July 18, 1967) is an American actor, writer, director and producer.

Paul Walker Deepika Padukone Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson Infinity War Ruby Rose Jason Statham Bradley Cooper Michelle Rodriguez Helen Mirren Billy Lynn Ranveer Singh David Twohy Chris Pratt Nina Dobrev Liam Neeson Steven Seagal

Vin Diesel teases Groot and Hulk's epic fight in -
to Vin Diesel: Celebs who rewrote records in 2015
Vin Diesel and are back in See the explosive action Friday.
Deepika Padukone comes clean on her link-up with Vin Diesel: "There is no smoke without fire" - watch video
[Video] Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel on the sets of The Late Late Show with James Corden😎 . (tfs h…
XXX: The Return of Xander Cage review – Vin Diesel goes full throttle in action-movie silliness
It's cute how Vin Diesel always referring to Kris as his lil bro
I don't think she would ditch Ranveer for Vin Diesel. 😳😳
That New XXX with Vin Diesel is mad good 👌🖒🖒
Find someone who looks at you the way Vin Diesel looks over his shoulder at the camera.
Vin Diesel emerging from water is my new favourite screen shot.
Y'all seeing Yifan on my tv because he's in the movie XXX makes me feel proud of him... he's acting with THE Vin Diesel like wow amazing
Let's hope Vin Diesel dies in this one🙏🏽
Great line from The Fast and the Furious: "it don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, WINNING IS WINNING!" diesel
I forgot how absurdly hilarious the avalanche scene in the original xXx was. So glad Vin Diesel came back for another one of these.
In my head, I have amazing babies with Vin Diesel: Deepika Padukone. (PTI)
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does the robot have a name, or can I call it Vin Diesel?
.made her US talk show debut to possibly tell me if she's dating Vin Diesel.
170118 commented "cant wait to see u" & liked Vin Diesel's Instagram post not long after touching down in LA!https:/…
Deepika, Vin Diesel's first look from xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, see pics
Deepika opens up on her HUGE crush on Vin Diesel. Is Ranveer listening? - India Today
Here are some of the pictures of and Vin Diesel which can surely make jealous!🤔.
Finally boy friend Ranveer Singh lost his cool and did this to Separate Deepika from Vin Diesel
if could dress any actor it would be Daniel Craig & Vin Diesel
Ranveer Singh or Vin Diesel: Whose chemistry with Deepika Padukone is hotter?
New names who should be in Steven Seagal, Vin Diesel, Sigourney Weaver, Dwayne Johnson, Carl Weathers, Michelle Yeoh.
Deepika Padukone looks on as Vin Diesel refers to Ranveer Singh as her 'boyfriend' - watch video
Vin Diesel on Deepika Padukone: I loved every single moment spent with her!
You are in this year's Super Bowl are the ads in this movie, why is Vin Diesel fighting a big rig
"Vin Diesel mania to hit Mumbai on Thursday, here's how the Hollywood star's day is planned - The Indian Express"
Vin Diesel was joined by his leading ladies at the London premiere tonight!…
The white carpet all set for the stars of Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone, Nina Dobrev & Ruby Rose expected very…
Aw so cute! Deepika,Ruby Rose,Nina Dobrev,Vin Diesel and Hermione Corfield at in London
A1. Serena Unger. A2. Global domination. A3. Coz I am a big fan of the Vin Diesel movies.
Imagine if you woke up tomorrow in a world where Vin Diesel and Paul Giamatti swapped careers. Vin in Sideways, Paul in xX…
Periodic reminder that Vin Diesel and Paul Giamatti are the same age.
I added a video to a playlist The Fast and the Furious 2001 Racing of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,
Kate Beckinsale and Vin Diesel are in a Cold War over who can make more Underworld/Fast and the Furious movies.
Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster and Rick Yune in The Fast and the..
I was never a fan of Vin Diesel when he was in Right Said Fred, to be honest.
Steve Martin is clumsy with words whereas Vin Diesel is actually a scumbag.
We’ve added 12 new videos to including chats with President Obama, Vin Diesel, Jerry Seinfeld, ISS htt…
Vin Diesel and Elsa Pataky at the Fast Five photocall in Madrid
. I would SO watch the LifeTime movie of this starring Tim Tebow as himself and Vin Diesel as Hernandez.
please take in fast 9,replacing vin diesel. let Dom be a Villian # Camila
Being MALE is a matter of birth. Being a MAN is a matter of age. But being a GENTLEMAN is a matter of choice. 👌. - Vin Diesel
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Did Vin Diesel reveal a possible Groot and Rocket standalone movie...and a Groot vs. Hulk???
xXx: Return of Xander cage - Official Trailer 2016 VIN DIESEL, Donnie Yen Action Movie HD. Watch it on my youtube.
Jason Statham working with The Rock to fight Vin Diesel. Fast and Furious has come to fool us again and I LOVE IT! 😍😂
Vin Diesel serves up some holiday punch in this Japanese spot for xXx:
I don't even like Vin Diesel I just hate headaches man
Blesss kris wu and vin diesel's upcoming movie. Looking forward to it. Haaah
When I climax inside the sultry orifice of my lover, I always shout 'Vin Diesel!', because to say 'God' would be a significant step down.
Literally going to force my parents to watch vin diesel and kris' movie at the cineams
"I'll m give you a choice between Vin Diesel or Nicky jam, who would you guys like to see in a stocking". Lauren: Rihanna…
The leg pulling with Vin Diesel.. Deepu jst wants to hide her face 😝😋💞💖
my love for Vin Diesel is outta this world ❤
Vin Diesel: ‘The less I exercise, the more I enjoy it’
I am so hyped for Donnie Yen lookin fine as *** and he's badass, and Kris Wu is in it along with Vin Diesel 😍😍😍
"You never know how powerful a force love is, until love is the only thing you've got to lean on." ~Vin Diesel
Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel star in the new Furious 8 trailer.
How is it we have Charlize Theron starring opposite Vin Diesel and The Rock in a car movie and it's not called "The Fast & The Furiosa"?
Vin Diesel has three films out next year and the one where he plays a baby space tree is the LEAST ridiculous looking one. I lov…
Vin Diesel's return to xXx low key looks more lit than his 12th Fast and Furious
actor Vin Diesel . b. 7(18)1967 portrays Riddick. in the "Chronicles of Riddick" franchise . created by David Twohy b.…
Vin Diesel & Duane Johnson are different people?
Verne Troyer is just a tiny Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel talks about losing Paul Walker three years later:
Vin Diesel on Paul Walker's death: "The last three years have been some of the hardest of my life": htt…
Vin Diesel opens up about Paul Walker's death:
Vin Diesel says the years since Paul Walker's death have been the 'hardest of my life':
few yrs n i'll join the league of Denzel Washington,Dwayne Johnson,Common,Michael Jordan,Tyrese,Vin Diesel,Jason Statham,Neyo,Dmx lol
Vin Diesel alone is a 👍👍👍 but with Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson is a blast. Yet without Paul…
Do you think Vin Diesel remembers making The Pacifier? Or does he only remember Fast and Furious movies.
Dwayne Johnson has no regrets about starting his feud with Vin Diesel
competed with Vin Diesel in training for xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage - Yahoo7 via…
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Vin diesel in guardians of the galaxy?
Funny when birds say lads don't give them the full story, then look 10/10 on Instagram and like vin diesel in real life
Did they have Vin Diesel direct the Cars 3 teaser? What is actually changing?
My last words b4 I die are gonna be "Daddy's Gone" which were Vin Diesel's last words b4 leavin the Fast & the Furious set for the last time
When I was about 18 I convinced my sister that Vin Diesel was Sicilian and his real name was "Vincenzo Dieselini" she told everyone at work
Vin Diesel's posts about Paul Walker make me so sad ☹️️
It seems like The Rock is angling for a WWE match with Vin Diesel, doesn't it? Read my story:
Vin Diesel is a disgruntled inner-city priest who replaces all the hymns ever written with Toto's soft rock classic 'Afri…
Every now & then I feel grateful on behalf of the unfortunate looking folks who made it in show business (e.g. Vin Diesel, Amy Schumer)
Vin Diesel is like if Tor Johnson were a leading man
Watching a clip from Fallon and David Blaine is James Loney with Vin Diesel's voice. I feel like I needed to tell you this.
A movie directed by Ang Lee with Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, Steve Martin & Chris Tucker. I am convinced Billy Lynn is an elaborate hoax.
Tony Gonzales is in the new XxX movie with Vin Diesel.
Neymar to star in new movie with Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson Via
Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal are both ANTI-ILLUMINATI! They support TRUMP whole heartedly. Why doesn't Vin Diesel and Dwayne do?
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Vin Diesel & Meena Kumari on the sets of Pakeezah (1950). . (Pic By: )
I love Dwayne Johnson..he's good on the Fast & furious segas. I miss Paul Walker 😢 I love my Vin Diesel though.
Vin Diesel on 'Billy Lynn': "Seeing the movie is such a heavy experience. Everyone is just kind of like a deer in headli…
Is this doofus suggesting that Nelson Mandela and a movie: about monsters doesn't matter; Vin Diesel is was retitled Wild Speed.
The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, and Vin Diesel. (Basically the cast of Fast and Furious, I guess?)
I liked a video Vin Diesel and tony jaa
Vin Diesel sings to his late friend Paul Walker in his acceptance speech at People’s Choice Awards
Vin Diesel sings a touching tribute to his friend Paul Walker.
I have just enough hair to play the part of Vin Diesel. Dan's role is The Rock while Cole stars as Michelle Rodriguez.
If they make a Triple X with both Vin Diesel and Ice Cube in it! Our generation will have seen it all and the world can end.
Better hope you got Vin Diesel and not Paul Walker's buddy
Vin Diesel at with XXX castmate playing Infinite Warfare
The special Groot version of that only Vin Diesel & I have, where every Groot line is printed in English.
Vin Diesel says The Rock's 'Fast' role was originally meant for someone else
Can't talk, too busy arguing with my family about whether my dad looks more like Vin Diesel or Stanley Tucci.
I liked a video from The Rock vs Vin Diesel REAL FIGHT on Fast and Furious 8 Set, Vin
This world needs a live action remake of Frozen with Vin Diesel and Harvey Fierstein playing all the roles
ICYMI: The Rock and Vin Diesel beef reportedly leading to a match…
The Rock's beef with Vin Diesel may have been a publicity stunt! Details inside the report at 235p on
The Rock and Vin Diesel's feud is a Wrestlemania PR stunt timed for Fast 8, reports claim
Jennifer Lawrence made more money than Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel. That's amazing.
I actually need to see and Vin Diesel play DnD together. Not sure who should DM!
o que achou desse rumor do The Rock x Vin Diesel no WWE?
Could we see The Rock vs. Vin Diesel at WrestleMania 33?
yes shawnlorman New shawnlorman two yaer 2019 out more Los Angeles the rock my friend miss vin diesel
Lest we forget, Vin Diesel was in Saving Private Ryan.
thought Vin Diesel's characters name on fast & furious was "scrubby skirts"
The Guardians of the Galaxy will be in 'Avengers: Infinity War,' Vin Diesel has confirmed. https:/…
Vin Diesel has confirmed the 'GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY' will appear in 'AVENGERS: Infinity War'
Vin diesel turned into actual diesel
The Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in according to Vin Diesel https:…
Kind of can't stand Vin Diesel. Felt that way for awhile now. Why is he the one to break the Guardians story, attention for himself?
so you're saying it comes out on Vin Diesel's birthday. Tigght
Oh snap–Dwayne Johnson left Vin Diesel out of his thank you list: 👀
'Proud of our entire FAST FAMILY': The Rock fails to mention Vin Diesel in new Instagra... - Daily Mail
Vin Diesel has said the will show up in Best. News. Ever!
Vin Diesel just lifted up his girlfriend by the butt
Vin Diesel wants that Groot-Hulk moment and confirms Guardians are in Avengers: Infinity War https:/…
Vin Diesel confirma Guardians of the Galaxy en Avengers: Infinity War
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wraps up 'Fast 8' shoot with one last shade aimed at Vin Diesel
don't say a word Dwayne Johnson throws more shade at Vin Diesel as he leaves co-star out ... RT
The Rock fails to mention Vin Diesel as he thanks Tyrese Gibson, crew after wrapping
LMAO he really is. And they made Vin Diesel into a superhero somehow he got super strength
Aw man smh The Rock and Vin Diesel gonna mess around and have a real fight in the movie lol my 💵 on The Rock!
Vin Diesel confirms that the Guardians Of The Galaxy will join Avengers: Infinity War via
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*** right I was scared tf you ain't vin diesel
Vin Diesel says the GOTG will be in Avengers: Infinity War. I'm not surprised. (
Dwayne Johnson leaves Vin Diesel out of Fast 8 thank you list...
Vin Diesel confirms Guardians of the Galaxy for Avengers: Infinity War
Vin Diesel says the Guardians of the Galaxy will feature in the next Avengers film
Vin Diesel says 'Guardians of the Galaxy' will appear in 'Infinity War’:
If Chevy Chase is retired, maybe they can bring in Vin Diesel! He'll wear tight-fitting t-shirts when it's 20 below outside!
Vin Diesel, the rock just does any bogus film thrown at him.
(Toronto Sun):'grateful' to Fast 8 cast : Vin Diesel has expressed gratitude..
- This guy has no chance of winning the republican primaries. - -
The fight of the century!!! Personally, we're all on Team Rock on this one! Join us this week as we talk this and...
Vin Diesel plays D&D and tabletop games. What about The Rock? Is he ready to role some dice?
Vin Diesel 'grateful' to Fast 8 cast: Vin Diesel is grateful to the entire cast of Fast 8.
the question then is who would you like as buff/bear vampire?Is the rock,vin diesel,chris Evans or chris helmsworth?Who u like?
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss Vin Diesel.
"whos vin diesel?" "the other bald, buff guy thats NOT dwayne the rock johnson"
'Fast and Furious 8' is wrapping up filming with a letter to fans
In these troubled times, I very simply refuse to believe that and Vin Diesel are not friends.
I'll find it on dish, watchin the last witch hunter. Vin Diesel is ***
Vin Diesel calls "intense" but continues to post cute pics instead of throwing shade.
hey is that Vin Diesel behind home plate at Shea stadium?
I need some kind of graphic that shows me where Vin Diesel and a Venn Diagram intersect.
Tyrese Gibson sides with 'brother' Vin Diesel in Fast 8 dispute via
Tyrese Gibson is team Vin Diesel in Fast 8 feud with The Rock
Tyrese Gibson appears to have picked a side in the Vin Diesel and The Rock drama - .
Tyrese Gibson stands by Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel amid The Rock drama
Actor Tyrese Gibson is throwing his support for actor Vin Diesel amid his ongoing and ambiguous feud with "Fast and Furious 8" co-sta...
Vin Diesel warns ‘don’t beat anybody up’ as co-star Tyrese Gibson sides with him amid drama with
'You're my brother for life': Tyrese Gibson shows allegiance to Vin Diesel as Fast 8 st... - Daily Mail
It's no surprise Tyrese Gibson and have Vin Diesel's back. These washed up actors need to stick together
Finding out that The Rock and Vin Diesel are feuding feels about as devastating as learning your parents might get divorced. Maybe worse.
I don't like your movies and I don't like Vin Diesel's movies. Squash the beef, stupids.
Replace Meek and Drake for Vin Diesel and the Rock.
Vin Diesel and The Rock vs Trump and Clinton...i could accept The Rock and Vin ruling this country
Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Fast 8′ Set Beef is Reportedly with Vin Diesel via
I know we are all upset at Trump v Clinton but the Vin Diesel vs The Rock feud is the more upsetting public figure conflict to me right now.
We regret to inform you it is Vin Diesel who is the candy ***
Dwayne Johnson & his FAST 8 co-star VIN DIESEL met to make peace after some conflict on set: http…
Vin Diesel storms off set minutes after wrapping amid 'candy *** row.
I was planning to watch "xXx" tonight, but that's over TWO HOURS long? For a Vin Diesel extreme sports spy popcorn flick?!
Always ! Lmao . There's this guy that Steph calls him Vin Diesel & they have the same exact voice 😂
Vin Diesel is driving The Rock nuts on the set of 'Fast 8' via
I don't really know much about either but I picked "Candy *** Vin Diesel" bc he has an *** made of candy
does this Vin Diesel vs. The Rock beef mean that the romcom where they babysit the president's kids and fall in love wil…
Just got word that Vin Diesel and The Rock are in a fight. I alone can fix this. After this evening's Shakespeare in the Pa…
ICYMI: The Rock shoots on Vin Diesel, tensions are high on the set of “Fast 8”…
Uh oh... Vin Diesel and the Rock are reportedly feuding on the set of Fast 8:
CHANTS vin diesel was always sus and annoying.and ugly
I'm not surprised by that actually. Vin Diesel seems like he'd be a jerk.
The Rock shares dramatic video with Fast and Furious 'family' after Vin Diesel 'storms off&
Tea time with Cladora: Vin Diesel reportedly left "set of 'Fast 8,' beef ...
The Rock should make peace with Vin Diesel.
Surprise! Vin Diesel is the “candy ***  ‘Fast 8’ star that Dwayne Johnson put on blast: https:…
Has The Rock already faced off with Vin Diesel following his Fast 8 post? What we know now on West Coast.
Vin Diesel leaves set of 'Fast 8,' beef with The Rock not squashed: report
Vin Diesel, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch And many more.. This is Going to be beyond Epicness.!
love me some Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, & of course Vin Diesel
Things That Will Never Happen no. 41:. Sitting in on a conversation with Vin Diesel, Tony Todd, and Keith Michael Richardson.
Vin Diesel, F. Gary Gray, Tyrese, 2 Chainz and Dwight Howard tonight at in Philips Arena.
OMG AND Vin Diesel? Somebody pinch me! xXx: Return of Xander Cage is going to be 😎💣🔥
Ruby on her friendship between hers and Vin Diesel's character in 'xXx: The Return of Xander Cage'. https…
The chemistry between Vin Diesel and her (Deepika) is just too hot to handle - BollywoodLife
Vin Diesel teases 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' trailer: 'It is... Via News Break:
WATCH new xXx video: Deepika Padukone in Vin Diesel's arms ... - India…
Film pitch: Vin Diesel stars in an all-action biopic about a former Spurs, Saints and Liverpool defender. The Chronicles of Ruddock.
Vin Diesel? Your performance as Carolyn Fry is what made Pitch Black great. Ellen Ripley would be proud! Respect.
Sean you're Vin Diesel and Kev you're Paul Walker. I hate you both.
Vin Diesel shows off his body in new teaser for xXx: The Return Of…
Happy Birthday Wishes To: Astronaut and former U.S. Senator John Glenn is 95. Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey) is 55. Vin Diesel is 49.
Pahlaj Nihalani guiding Vin Diesel' which scene to be censored in the movie "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage".(2017) htt…
My new documentary about Vincent Van Gogh, starring Vin Diesel as the artistic yet buff artist in... Vin Van Gogh.No Paint, No Gain!
The answer is Mark Sinclair Vincent(Vin Diesel). I like his movies
in your advert, Vin Diesel gleefully holds up a bag of peas saying "Bargain!", he is crying inside. "What happened to me?!"
Vin Diesel Is a phat cash that slangs jugs
When you wanna be Vin Diesel but end up being Vin Paraffin
thank you! I enjoyed watching your convo :) Luke Evans comes highly recommended
Deepika Padukone has the CUTEST pet name for her xxx co-star Vin Diesel!
The top Google searches of the day in America. . Take that, Vin Diesel!!!
You make movies for the people. If critics happen to like them too, we...
Think the closest might be Vin Diesel.
The video game culture was an important thing to keep alive in the fil...
My mother gave me this book called Feature Films at Used Car Prices by...
"You'll be amazed at what you can do with love, you'll be amazed how powerful a forced it is". Vin diesel. Thru...
Vin Diesel & cast reunite in Fast 8 first day of set teaser
Do you know what Deepika Padukone calls her co-star Vin Diesel? http:Da shirtless skinhead?
Anybody know about the new hoax going around about Vin Diesel dying in a car accident?
Still tryna figure out who'd win in a fight between The Rock & Vin Diesel 🤔
Yeah. The Rock is just Vin Diesel when he gets a tan in the summer.
Vin diesel’s name is an unhappy friend decreases the boobs of men surveyed.
Did some research: USA's sign is Cancer, which is a crab. Salena Gomez, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel & Elon Musk are Cancers. Wha…
I liked a video Guardians of the Galaxy Movie CLIP - Dancing Baby Groot (2014) - Vin Diesel Marvel
Happy fourth of July! . America is amazing,. Just like Vin Diesel and Street Racing!.
Vin Diesel shares touching photos of Paul Walker
My mum just texted me saying vin diesel is dead is this a joke??
A movie with Jason Statham, Vin diesel, and Liam Neeson would be cool. A battle of the 3 tough guys
Did Vin Diesel pass away or is it just spice?
Science guys did a time machine for food. -- Vin Diesel encounters a microwave
Vin Diesel, Megan Fox, Jason Momoa, and Liam Neeson rumoured for the Mortal Kombat reboot... ht…
My lil tribute to Vin Diesel,David Twohy&the incredible Riddick-Universe.
Vin Diesel, Donnie Yen, WU YI FAN to be starring in the upcoming movie in 2017, The Return Of Xander Cage. My baby kris has done well • wyf
Stop sharing that stupid article saying Vin Diesel is moving to del rio. ***
So yall think Vin Diesel moving to Del Rio but which one is the real story 🤔😂
my main takeaway from this latest round of comic book movies is that earth's mightiest heroes are clearly Vin Diesel and Ludacris
Helen Mirren joins the cast after insisting Vin Diesel get her in the movie.
Every time Vin Diesel says something Helen Mirren replies in a deeper, more gravelly voice.
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Helen Mirren is playing Vin Diesel's daughter from the future, I bet.
Vin Diesel says 'it's about family,' Helen Mirren fires back with 'No. It's about cars, *** '
Remembering Paul Walker | Vin Diesel's tribute to Paul Walker on Instagram will move you to tears
Vin Diesel has shared an emotional tribute -
Vin Diesel shares pic of daughter, Paul Walker.
Vin Diesel pays tribute to Paul Walker with moving Instagram photo:
Paul Walkers character realizes he's going down a dead end road so he turns around and follows Vin Diesel.
but my driver was still speeding. doing some Vin Diesel move on third mainland bridge
Vin Diesel shares photo tribute to his young daughter and Paul Walker
Really proud of. - Deepika being in XXX with Vin Diesel. - Priyanka being in Baywatch with the Rock. - Me being in bed all…
Now it's just me, my wine and vin diesel lol
watching pitch black with my cat, richard b. riddick. vin diesel be like "richard b. riddick. escaped convict. murderer.". pets cat. "THAT YOU"
Whoa!. How hot is this new still of Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel from
That commercial where the rock says he's not vin diesel has me trying to picture vin deisel and I'm seeing the's like mc escher.
I had no idea that Vin Diesel wrote and directed his first TWO movies and they BOTH made it to prestigious film festivals
Apparently I want your man.Unless it is Vin Diesel than I wouldn't worry 😘😏👌
Me: I want a man with muscles like Vin Diesel. Mom: you know where you find those guys? The gym. Me: well looks like I'm going to the gym now
Ughhh Vin Diesel has my heart like how can someone's voice be so sexy
Neymar to make acting debut alongside Deepika, Vin Diesel...
Hot Video! Fast and Furious 8 new video shows flying cars and explosions; Vin Diesel...
Neymar to feature alongside Deepika Padukone, Vin Diesel in 'xXx'...
Neymar is making his Hollywood debut with Vin Diesel and Deepika...
The Vin Diesel line in was hilarious! 😂
while you're at it maybe Rocky can bring Vin Diesel with him!
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will always have it goin' on 😍
DC: "A solo Wonder Woman film is too risky to make.". Marvel: "Here's a film where Bradley Cooper is a raccoon and Vin Diesel is a tree."
season 2 trailer is complete with girls, parties, football, and a Vin Diesel joke
I forgot that Vin Diesel was Groot. I think in my brain I decided it was the Rock, but he def sounds more like Vin Deisel than the Rock.
Vin Diesel shared a touching tribute to Paul Walker as filming for "Fast & Furious 8" begins http…
FL—Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Evangeline Lilly, and Chadwick Boseman are still open.
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Vin Diesel e Charlize on the set of Fast 8...
Vin Diesel shares Fast & Furious 8 movie poster and it will make your heart hurt:
the Jetta makes me feel like vin diesel
BLOODSHED: zoe from vin diesel killed jordan from the bus
I saw a fast and furious movie for the first time and every time Vin Diesel gave a heartwarming smile I wanted him to be…
The reality is that I always envisioned the 'Riddick' franchise as a contin...
WATCH: Vin Diesel just posted a BFF tribute video for Ruby Rose:
I accidentally called Vince Vaughn Vin Diesel and I am now ready to die
If y’all can understand how weak I am right now.😂😂😂 this man Vin Diesel a clown
I thought this was Vin Diesel it's just Vin Unleaded tho.
Why in the world has it taken me this long to finally watch Furious 7? The Rock. Vin Diesel. the action oh my gosh I can't
you mean every vin diesel movie including-maybe-especially The Iron Giant, right?
I think The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel has meme potential. I think it could be the next Bee Movie.
Watch the Powerful New Trailer for ​'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk​' Joe Alwyn, Kristen Stewart, and Vin Diesel star in this moving drama.
Everybody please watch Vin Diesel singing in the church choir I believe in god now
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Guardians 2 spoiler: . Vin Diesel is voiced by Rocket Racoon
Vin Diesel and The Rock are black dudes. Don't try and steal my heroes please.
Your best argument is F&F? That has Vin Diesel in most and No. 1 opened with Michelle Rodriguez!
I have two looks I can pull off with my bald head. Vin Diesel on a good day and Uncle Fester on a bad day.
David Twohy, the man behind the RIDDICK series which starred Vin Diesel and shot the man to stardom, will be...
Any press (real press) about both films is about Vin Diesel & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Because it's their movie. +
Sony Santa Monica are combining Super Monkey Ball and Elite. The twist? it's Vin Diesel plays every character
I just saw a video of Vin Diesel singing "O' Happy Day" with what looked to be the choir of the Jericho Missionary Baptist Church of Zion.
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