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Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought primarily as part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, during the First World War.

Vimy Ridge Memorial Prince Harry Canadian Corps National War Memorial Prince William Jacques Parizeau Victoria Cross Remembrance Day

Catch the final segment of our chat with exploring the outcomes from his class' Vimy Ridge pr…
I bet they don't even acknowledge being at Vimy Ridge, or trying to kill us because they failed. O…
An honour to present HP Legion Pres Don Ebbett w/ a copy of the declaration of the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge:
.CH-147F commemorates 100th anniversary of Battle of Vimy Ridge with flyover:
Beechwood Cemetery has planted 6 Vimy Oaks. The Vimy Oaks support the Vimy Foundation and the replanting of the oa…
Up Vimy Ridge, onto the beach at Gallipoli, much the same gig really
I saw wicked in London when my school was there in April for the 100th anni of vimy ridge! We stopped…
Jeez, they sure didn't mind importing tens of thousands of our boys to liberate them...
Pls support us on our bike ride stopping at Ypres (Menin gate,Thiepval & Vimy Ridge) in acts of remembrance to the fall…
Granddaughter still searching for stolen watch that belonged to First World War Veteran who fought at Vimy Ridge.
Why France didn’t want Canadian trees planted at Vimy Ridge
Me and my staff practicing the plan for Vimy Ridge. Unfortunately I had a falling out with Garnet on the left. We w…
. So I found an old picture of me and your father from the Weltkrieg, it was taken after Vimy Ridge.
Why France didn't want Canadian trees planted at Vimy Ridge
That ain't Vimy Ridge, it sure as he…
Canadian soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge 1 May 1917 | Iconic photo colourised to mark
Proud that my grandfather battled with the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade at Vimy Ridge (see X in pic) https:/…
COMMENT – 'Blood from Vimy Ridge, martyred apostles remind us of our covenant,' writes
I guess Vimy Ridge, the Scheldt Estuary, and Juno beach were the result of Canadians not liking co…
Their Royal Highnesses have arrived at Vimy Ridge and are touring the trenches ahead of today’s commemorative s…
VAC hires student guides to work in France at our memorial sites at Vimy Ridge & Beaumont-Hamel? htt…
5359 Canadian soldiers die in April 2017. Big spikes are the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Battle of Arleux…
To honour our aboriginal soldiers from Moosonee/Moose Factory, we have placed a tamarack bird at Vimy Ridge and Jun…
Canada found National Cohesion at Vimy Ridge. Recognize it. But never celebrate the shroud of death it was for so many.
Education Minister Leads moment of silence for Vimy Ridge
Glen Larson shares Saskatchewan family history in The Boys from Balcarres: The Ghosts of Vimy Ridge.
Apr 10th 1917: The British have captured 9,000 prisoners at Arras, while Canadian forces have occupied Vimy Ridge.
10,000 Germans have been taken prisoner at Arras & the Vimy Ridge by British & Canadian forces. Significant ground taken.
Prince William, Prince Harry, and Justin Trudeau came together to honor fallen soldiers at the Battle of Vimy Ridge:
To mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, we planted a Vimy Oak at our Veterans Centre:
Then-Lieutenant William Bishop flew during the Battle of Arras, which the Battle of Vimy Ridge was part of, during “Blo…
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Today, New Democrats honour the soldiers and their families who served our country at Vimy Ridge.
Watch live: French president François Hollande's address at the centennial commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge https…
LIVE NOW: French President, Francois Hollande delivers an address at Vimy Ridge. http…
Vimy Ridge: Royals to commemorate defining WW1 battle-duke of Cambridge&Prince Harry to join - great moral booster
Paula Simons: Percy Taylor was reborn a Canadian at Vimy Ridge via
(Calgary Sun):at 100: Sombre march on Memorial Drive honours 'Canada's bloodiest day' : Flags at..
Calgarians joined hundreds of soldiers in marking the 100th anniversary of the battle at Vimy Ridge
Local events mark Battle of Vimy Ridge centennial
Duncan Homeless refuse to be evicted for Vimy Ridge Memorial
A powerful event Vimy Ridge Centenary Evening. Honoured to bring greetings from residents
The French town that never forgot Vimy Ridge via
Great interactive map from on Vimy Ridge, the battle that helped defined Canada as a nation.
Our “K” Division members are honoured to be part of the troop commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ri…
100 years ago the battle of Vimy ridge began. Who knew about this piece of history?
We bonded, though, talking about Vimy Ridge, as well as the vastness of the Canadian North.
On this week's podcast, + discuss the legality of missile strikes against Assad:
COMING SOON!. Dedicated to the 38th Ottawa Overseas Battalion and to those soldiers who fought at Vimy Ridge,France.
Ottawa company brings Battle of Vimy Ridge to life with virtual ... -
We revisit the defining triumph and tragedy of
On the 100th anniversary of the Battle of pause to honour and Remember Canada’s sacrifice.
Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of In honour of 12 Canadian songs from the Great War era➜
Joe showed how he feels about our vets & CDA by changing Vimy Ridge National Park 2 Jacque Parea…
I hate that it has to be this hypocrite representing. He'll ruin this historic moment by making it all about him. https:…
6-inch Naval gun of the Royal Garrison Artillery firing over Vimy Ridge behind Canadian lines at night. Battle of Vimy…
Honoured to bring greetings on behalf of our PM @ the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary - Battle at Vim…
Vimy Ridge and Peak are found in They honour the soldiers who served in in 1917.
I liked a video from Canada prepares to mark 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge
Join at Churchill Sq. tomorrow for a full day of activities commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge…
On April 9 flags at Confederation Bldg at half-mast from sunrise to sunset to mark Battle of Vimy Ridge national day of remembra…
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Ridge.
ICYMI the sacrifices made at Vimy Ridge will be honoured w a 100 round howitzer salute fired from Ft. Rod Hill at 8 pm.
Over 300 soldiers from the Calgary Garrison commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada's victory at Vimy Ridge.
‘Our greatest victory, our bloodiest day:’ Hundreds attend Vimy Ridge ceremony in Calgary
WATCH LIVE: Canadian Forces attend ceremony in France on the eve of 100th anniversary of Battle of Vimy Ridge:
Thousands of Canadians contributed to the victory at Vimy Ridge. Learn more about their sacrifices & achievements:
To honour those who fought at Vimy Ridge, we will be wearing a special helmet decal during tonight's game! http…
I liked a video from Canadian students make pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge
Sask. author's novella views Vimy Ridge era through the eyes of his grandfather
Pictures of Vimy Ridge are being projected onto the National War Memorial. They'll keep shining til midnight.
Today we honour the legacy of those brave servicemen & women who sacrificed so much for peace during the Battle of Vimy…
Cadets stand guard at National War Memorial in Ottawa overnight to mark 100 years since Vimy Ridge:
It is one hundred years since my grandfather fought at Vimy Ridge. No one thought the Canadians could possibly do what they did.
Canadians are marking today 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. described by some scholars as "Canada's coming of age"
Walk through the trenches of Vimy Ridge with Google Maps
Trudeau heading to France to mark the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge
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100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in pictures
100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge honoured in Calgary. has more.
ICYMI | How one Brockville-area soldier came home from Vimy Ridge honoured — but also scarred:…
On the eve of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a candlelight vigil is being held at the National…
VIMY RIDGE - The tangled routes of our Vimy oak
Tomorrow marks and - discover three powerful stories in our latest blog post
On April 9, Legionnaires across the country will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of https:/…
Tonight we remember the battalions who fought at the Battle of Vimy Ridge 100 years ago.
April 9th marks the 100th Anniv of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The sacrifice of 200,000+ Cdns in FWW ensured the peace we…
Four Victoria Crosses were awarded to Canadian soldiers for their bravery at Vimy Ridge.
Sunset ceremony on eve of 100 year commemoration in via our
Adversity for most at this age is misplacing cell phone charger. Vimy Ridge
Vimy Ridge: Royals to commemorate defining WW1 battle: The Duke of Cambridge and Prince…
The Vimy Ridge fanfare performed on the steps of Vimy monument at sunset ceremony on eve of 100th anniversary of the batt…
Our Vimy cake at commemoration of Battle of Vimy Ridge.
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Join me Sunday April 9 at 2 pm for unveiling Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary mural at Garry Morden Training Ctr Ninth Line in Ward 9
P.E.I. vet killed at Vimy Ridge was close friend of Diefenbaker
(Calgary Sun):of Ridge defined and united Canada : They took Vimy Ridge from the German army..
.to Honour 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge across Canada h…
Gov't film clip re Vimy Ridge in heavy rotation in this passport office. My piece on the subject is here:.
100 years later, Canada remembers the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
A century ago, Canadians were preparing for the major attack on Vimy Ridge during the First World War
Your WWI stories: Globe readers, in their own words, on loved ones who fought at Hill 70, Vimy Ridge & Passchendaele. http…
the 22nd (French Canadian) Infantry Battalion fought during the Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917? https…
The Elgin County Museum and St. Peters Anglican Church commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge on April 9th.
Help us commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge at the Eve of Victory Gala on April 8th. Find out more here…
March 20, 1917-Preliminary bombardment of the German positions at Vimy Ridge during First World War
Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry will all attend 100th anniversary ceremony at Vimy Ridge -…
Vimy Ridge is in France but anyone can make a virtual visit there with our ‘Experience Vimy’ web feature! http…
Remembrance Day brought back memories of visit to Vimy Ridge in France this summer. Memorial is a stirring reminder.
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Mrs Hall is watching Unearthing WW1 on Well worth a watch. They're currently at Vimy Ridge: the s…
Now Unearthing WW1 on is at Vimy Ridge. My favourite memorial is there. Took these last time I too…
"Mother Canada" looking out over the Douai Plains from the Vimy Memorial, on Vimy Ridge, France. It is dedicated...
Crazy. Hitler at Vimy Ridge Memorial following the Fall of France.
Author to speak about Battle of Vimy Ridge at St. John's York Mills Church -
Author Ted Barris to speak about Vimy Ridge at St. John's York Mills Church & Vimy Foundation via
Canadian Field Artillery bringing up the guns. Vimy Ridge, April, 1917.Read & Like our FB page htt…
Montreal officially renames Vimy Park after Jacques Parizeau; park originally dedicated to WW1 Battle of Vimy Ridge: https:/…
Park honouring Vimy Ridge officially renamed after Jacques Parizeau.
Thiepval memorial and Vimy Ridge today. Passchendaele and Tyne Cot Cemetery tomorrow.
Close to Vimy Ridge visiting a German cemetery that included 4 bodies for each black iron cross
774 Air Cadets fr St. Anthony @ Vimy Ridge! On to Beaumont Hamel for the big celebrations tomorrow!
Vimy Ridge Memorial by BobMelnyk - A Vimy Ridge ceremony to honor the Canadian soldiers.
Urn with soil from Vimy Ridge passes in front of the Barrie War Memorial Cenotaph. @ Memorial…
Man, when I was in school in England, we went on a field trip to Vimy Ridge in France (big Canadian war memorial there)...
Remembering the sacrifice of our Canadian veterans at Vimy Ridge today with the Governor General's Horse Guards.
Then to Vimy Ridge & the Canadian Memorial to the missing - with trenches and shell/mine craters
Memorial at Vimy Ridge. Mother Canada looking for her lost sons... 🍁
Remains of an unknown Canadian soldier are interred at the National War Memorial after being returned from Vimy Ridge in 2000
I did not know this says all WW1 Australian war graves in France destroyed in WW2. But Hitler protected Vimy Ridge Memorial
Hitler visiting Cdn War Memorial, at Vimy Ridge.1940.4more on his protection of monument go2
My great-grandfather fought at Vimy Ridge with the Canadian Army in World War I...
And possibly an even bigger deal was Vimy Ridge. But we always remembered it as a whole country, not just a select group of religious loons.
We don't pay enough attention to The War to End All Wars.
I added a video to a playlist The Battle of Vimy Ridge - Battlefield 1
Bringing Canadian wounded to Field Dressing Station,Vimy Ridge in April1917. German pows assist in pushing rail car. ht…
Vimy Ridge, 1917. British and Canadian forces pushed through German defenses at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Apr1917 htt…
Canadian soldiers tend to a fallen German on the battlefield at Battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917 https…
Just realised it is 100 years to the day (21 May) since the large German attack against the 47th (London) Division on Vimy…
Our Earthkeepers are very engaged in environmental stewardship at Vimy Ridge Public School.
Hamilton Collection
Hi Jean, could you set me straight on this. For The Battle of Vimy Ridge you wrote the lyrics Dad wrote the music,is this right?
salmon ecosystem studied by gr 8 class at Vimy Ridge ps with the kindie
YouTube "Stephen Harper at Vimy ridge speech". It's when I knew we finally had a statesman in charge.
In contrast to the very well cared for Vimy Ridge - the Moroccan memorial seems forgotten and crumbling
Vimy Ridge is truly monumental in every sense of the word.
no man's land at Vimy Ridge. The sign warns of live ordnance still out there 100 years later
Me looking at Fritz's lines from a Canadian trench at Vimy Ridge
Thanks to everyone that came out and supported the MH Air Cadet Vimy Ridge Fundraiser!
I'm not really a payback kind of guy. Of course there was Vimy Ridge :/. I just like my Arnold impression.
Canada bcame member of League of Nations --ON TARGET: Vimy Ridge remembered via
SpeedeNews: Canadians to Celebrate Centennial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
Interested in going to Vimy Ridge for the 100th anniversary? See Mr. Peterson in 327. Amazing opportunity! Don't miss out.
Deep dugouts were dug all over the ridge. Notably, the CO of the PPCLI used an underground dugout as a front command centre.
Thanks for the article! Hamilton air cadet unit fundraising to visit Vimy Ridge for anniversary
Via - Exhibition traces cave carvings made by Canadian soldiers at https:…
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Obit for Howard Cable. Working on a piece to commemorate Vimy Ridge shortly before his death: … via
learning about trench warfare at Vimy Ridge
arriving in France first stop Vimy Ridge
Have one or two photos from the Canadian war memorial at Vimy ridge (France)Hugely impressive and a fine testimony to the Canadian fallen.
NZDF personnel pay respects to Canadian service at Vimy Ridge
So this one time Marie-Josée and I paid a dude to fly us in his ultralight plane over Vimy Ridge. What a view.
Join CWS in April/17 for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Vimy Ridge! See Ms. Bettio for info.
W. J. Milne was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery during the Battle of Vimy Ridge
Folks planning Scenic river cruise on Seine next year & want to get to Vimy Ridge? Any tips? DM me for their email. Thx
99 yrs ago today, the Canadian Corps assaults Vimy Ridge. The victory is seen in Canada as a nation-building event. https:/…
Loading a large naval gun on the Canadian front, taken during the Battle of Vimy Ridge
20 years of letters about Vimy Ridge. This one from 2004.
Today is the 99th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. We Remember.
Author, historian tells story of 1917 Vimy Ridge battle through eyes of Hanover soldier.
What war memorials, including the spectacular monument at Vimy Ridge, say about us:
Cadets commemorate 99th anniversary of Battle of Vimy Ridge
at Vimy Ridge was our birth as a Nation 🇨🇦
Vimy ridge commemoration, Army cadets at cloverdale cenotaph those Canadians who lost their lives
Government of Canada honours 99th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Ottawa
A teary weekend. I wore sunglasses a lot. Students did something special to remember
It's Read about Canada's most celebrated military victory on h…
It was honour to have spoken at the 99th Vimy Ridge walkathon yesterday.
The King on Vimy Ridge interested in German trenches. July, 1917. General Currie is directly behind the King.
.and hundreds of cadets mark Vimy Ridge day at Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery
Today, 99 years later, we honour the sacrifices of all those who fought for Canada at Vimy Ridge.
To the men who gave their lives Ridge 99 years ago - They are remembered -A turning point in Canadian History https:…
The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time all 4 divisions of the Canadian Corps saw action together. ht…
Vimy Ridge walk. So proud of our students and staff members!
An aerial view shows Canadian National Vimy Memorial on Vimy Ridge,the scars of craters and trenches still visible. htt…
I join Canadians in commemorating the 99th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Lest We Forget. ht… featured in NBC s Science of Love
April 9, 1917: thousands of Canadians rose from the trenches to take Their story
Unveiling of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on Vimy Ridge on 26 July 1936.
Commemorating the service + sacrifice of CDN servicemen and women on 99th anniv of Battle of Vimy Ridge
Today, we honour the Canadians who sacrificed - and triumphed - at the battle of Vimy Ridge. Read:
Honoured to join Minister of Defence to commemorate CDN victory at Vimy Ridge In France 99 years ago.
The courage of our Canadian heroes at Ridge will never be forgotten.
Today is 99th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. We all honour those brave heroes. My Grandfather Scott was one of them. https:/…
Some of the Byng Boys returning from action after defeating the Bavarians at Vimy Ridge in…
We thank the brave men and women who have sacrificed on behalf of our country:
Today, 99 years after Vimy Ridge, we pay tribute to the brave heroes who paid the ultimate price, and whose sacrifice de…
4 Cdns earned the VC for great bravery during the Battle of Vimy Ridge? http…
A Canadian grave near Vimy in June 1917. Nearly 3600 Canadians died in the Battle of Vimy Ridge - April 9-12
Premier Stephen McNeil's statement on today's 99th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
2nd stop at Canadian front line at Vimy Ridge with tour guide Neil
Thomas Banks, one of 20 Canadian students who'll experience the history of Vimy Ridge in person - Details at 6 yeg…
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Europe 2017 - Spartans would you like to travel to Amsterdam, Brussels, Vimy Ridge, Normandy & Paris -See Ms J King for info & applications
Robert Price & Matt Hirst present: 'Adaptive Leadership: a counter narrative of the Battle of Vimy Ridge'
im with you. I don't want to talk about Vimy Ridge again for years
Vimy ridge was a defining moment in WW1 The Canadian Monumental Pride and Honou very sobering
Hitler visiting the Vimy Ridge Memorial (1940). He allegedly liked the memorial and didn't want to see it harmed.
Great article on the Canadian mythology of Vimy Ridge
Vimy Ridge Park no longer floods and breeds mosquitoes each spring. Drainage problem solved.
Heading to Belgium after visits to Vimy Ridge and Fromelles. Chocolate in the near future!
Newfoundland Memorial Park was our next stop followed by Vimy Ridge and some trenches!
Jim was wounded at Vimy Ridge, France on April 9 1917 & died the following day. He was buried in Villers Stn Cemetery.
we did a day tour of St Symphorien, Menin Gate, Vimy Ridge, Tyne Cot, Essex Farm & some other places I can't remember right now.
BSG girls in the trenches at Vimy Ridge yesterday.
History coming alive – France day 4: France 2016 – At the Vimy Ridge Memorial. Well it’s our last full day and ...
Sunlight over Fresnoy, the scene of bloody fighting in May 1917. Ridge in background.
Amazing what you find on a quiet stroll. Walking at Fresnoy, in the shadow of Ridge
A few more photos from last week's recce to the battlefields. Pillboxes, Farbus Wood, Ridge
Learn about fraud at Vimy Ridge PS on April 14, 7-9. Lead by Everyone welcome.
Mr Shields at Vimy Ridge recording the podcast which will be available on the VLE next week!
Some handsome men in my family. Robert was injured at Battle of Somme Sept 1916 and again at Vimy Ridge 1917
French exchange students at the Canadian war memorial in Vimy ridge, Northern France
Heading down to the Somme and Vimy Ridge today.
CEF after Vimy Ridge on motor lorries. May, 1917. 🍁
student trip to Vimy Ridge to be discussed at tonight's Council meeting.
Tonight at 6:30 is our information night for Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary Tour. Come and see what it's all about.
Canadian WW1 memorial atop Vimy Ridge. 1000's of lives were lost to take this strategic position.
Hello I am trying to locate 72nd Bn, CEF burials from battle of ridge April 1917 in the vicinity of Arras ... 1/3
Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge at Vimy Ridge Memorial. Explore battlefields in England/France in Apr 2017.Mrs. Unger for more
Managed a trip out to the impressive Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge today, v cold but impressive views! 1/3
Join us tomorrow @ Vimy Ridge Academy to discuss the Dermott District Park Renewal! Visit for more info.
This is so awesome. Check out Vimy Ridge Thanks McMaster Library
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I wouldn't fancy being on the wrong end of this, the barrage plan for the Canadian attack on Vimy Ridge
Unlike Australia/ Gallipoli, Canada found its national narrative in a successful battle- Vimy Ridge
TI: early episodes like Canadian soldiers gassed at Ypres overshadowed by Vimy Ridge (all 4 divs CEF fight together victoriously)
Early picture of the Vimy Ridge tunnels Opened in 1926
Grandfather lost his leg in vimy ridge for our freedom.Trudeau is bring a known enemy of Christians,jews to our soil,Islam/muslims.
Uxbridge Secondary School teacher Tish MacDonald will be leading a student pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge in April 2017...
A heartwarming story of one family's loss on the slopes of Vimy Ridge
Now we have Hanna Smyth (University of Oxford): ‘Identities Set in Stone? The Vimy Ridge and Delville Wood Memorials as Sit…
H.S.: Vimy Ridge - potent symbol of Canadian identity, independence and nationhood
VIMY RIDGE TRIP PARENT INFORMATION MEETING. A parent and student information meeting for the Vimy Ridge 100th...
Tim, respect yourself, mate. Do you think the Canadian Corps ate sprouts at Vimy Ridge? I don't think so
Spring of '17 another great Song click to Listen
I believe that part behind the foreskin is called Vimy Ridge (sorey)
Pte AW Rutherford, 50th Bn CEF, Nov '16. 3 months later after a raid on Vimy Ridge he was dead
Robbie Burns Night - Fundraiser For Vimy Ridge. The Pipes and Drums of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment will be...
Wanna be part of history? Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary trip. April 2017. Come see Mr. Conway for info.
That trip to the vimy ridge centenary actually sounds so sick
Bonjour,. We are saddened to report that our 2016/2017 trip to Vimy Ridge has been cancelled. Chinook’s Edge...
WW1 night continues on Yesterday now with Vimy Ridge Heaven to ***
Tonight on Yesterday FWW from 8pm: Hidden Histories, Vimy Ridge and I Was There
Tix available online for robbie burns vimy ridge fundraiser with POW bagpipers and CKP !!
Interested in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Victory at Vimy Ridge April 2017 in France?...
killed instantly leaving trench to attack Vimy Ridge
Join us as we commemorate the centennial of the battle Ridge.
Thank you Michael Watson from EF tours for coming to St Peter's to talk about Vimy Ridge 2017 trip. 😃
Don't forget about Vimy Ridge 2017 parent information meeting tonight at 630 pm. See you shorty.
Have a look at this campaign to try and find 44 Canadian Soldiers who fought at the Battle of Vimy Ridge
dec 24 at vimy ridge. Pascale and phillipe are exchange students from LU in Sudbury.
. Looking to send a 'flag photo' from our recent family trip to Vimy ridge. what is best format to send?
Historian raising funds to find 40 Canadians killed at Vimy Ridge
Vimy Ridge 2017 parent information night tomorrow at 6 pm in the library. Don't miss out on this opportunity.
No kidding...That POS had to have Vimy Ridge explained to him last time they where in power.
'The Somme taught me all I wanted to know about Europe - that and the Vimy Ridge and some odd corners . . .'
‘If we can recover them, then we should recover them’: Historian seeks 40 Canadians killed at Vimy Ridge
Ottawa historian raising funds to find burial site of 44 Canadian soldiers near Vimy:
Best Bowie Music Memory: Contiki trip in 05. On our way to Vimy Ridge, guide explained meaning of place to Canadians. Then played "Heroes".
Gas masks modeled in house for our Vimy Ridge virtual reality exhibit. .
-not the sort of "Railways! Vimy Ridge!" feel-good story that most popular histories tell & people want to read
If they can be found. That should be. And given the honour and respect they deserve.
Historian's mission is to find missing remains of soldiers at Vimy Ridge via
An Ottawa historian is on a mission to give proper burials to more than 40 Canadian soldiers killed at Vimy Ridge.
Robert Galloway's letter Dec 10/16. KIA Vimy Ridge. I have no time to wright very mutch.
Remembering grandfather - active service Dec 1915 to March 1919 - included battles of Vimy Ridge and Amiens
Peter Mansbridge talking about going into the tunnels of Vimy Ridge
"I thought then in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation." ~Commander of 28th Canadian battalion at Vimy Ridge.
Canadians at Vimy, "..and on that ridge I witnessed the birth of a nation."
Day 6: Up at 5:30 AM to get to Vimy Ridge. We r looking forward to being involved in the Remembrance Day ceremony of t…
Looking back to my trip to Vimy Ridge.
Can't help but think back to grade 10 when I travelled to Europe and stood at places like Vimy Ridge and Beaumont-Hamel.
Hey Scouts, have you seen the trailcard? View it here:
One of the thousands of graves of unidentified soldiers, this one in Cdn Cemetary No. 2 Vimy Ridge.
The truly heroic story of Calgarian John George Pattison, who earned the Victoria Cross at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
Children today are learning of battles like Vimy Ridge & Juno Beach. We salute our veterans for their service and sacrifice.
Greatest Canadian victory wasn't Salt Lake in 2002, Vancouver in 2010 or Sochi in 2014. It was Vimy Ridge in 1917.
Here's a video I shot a few years ago of the Vimy Ridge Tunnels. These tunnels were used by four divisions of the...
Never forget the men who died in Flanders, the men who fought for the Somme sector and the men who took Vimy Ridge. . Proud to be Canadian🍁
This is my grandfather Ben who I never met. He fought at # vimy ridge. ...
This summer I had the privilege of visiting the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge, a profoundly moving place.
Remembering taking the kids to this time last yr. On the blog
Canadian Cemetery nearby the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France. Lest we forget.
At Vimy Ridge, they didn't grade the ground after the war. This is what remains from bombs + trenches.
The tunnels where Canadian soldiers gathered before the assault on Vimy Ridge. The battle that forged our nation.
My great-great-grandfather, Richard Buckles, was born 100 years before me. November 1st 1896. He died at 20 on Vimy ridge
When you drive over the Vimy Memorial bridge in south Ottawa, think of the sacrifice & legacy of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
I'm grateful for being able to visit Vimy Ridge and see where so many Canadian soldiers fought for…
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