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Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya (born on December 18, 1955 in Uttar Kannada district, in Karnataka, India) is an industrialist and a second-time member of India's parliament.

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Irony is Amnesty India head is Aakar Patel.He should issue statement to Vijay Mallya to return money to Banks. His…
Engine company accused by Vijay Mallya of causing Kingfisher Airlines' downfall responds to allegations:
Karnataka HC orders winding up of UBHL in a case relating to recovery of dues from Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines.…
if you close your eyes you wont see escape of Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya or Rafale deal or Vyapam or rape accused ministers
lol !!! ROFL ! And UK shields the corrupt who looted India - Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi
he should leave the country and be with Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi instead
"All steps being taken to bring fugitives like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi back to India: Arun Jaitley - Times of Ind…
Business tycoon Vijay Mallya, whose defunct-Kingfisher Airlines owes over Rs 9,000 crore to various banks, has onc…
Liquor baron Vijay Mallya today, while appreciating the enquiry initiated by the Directorate General of Civil...
Ask Danish Ali, why Deve Gowda took Rs.100 crores from Vijay Mallya for a Rajya Sabha seat??Deve Gowda and sons are infamouse for bribes.
Formula 1: Vijay Mallya's Force India aim to be a top three team: 'That is certainly going to…
: . Vijay Mallya expects Force India to break into top three constructors in 2017 Formula One season. . . …
I added a video to a playlist DB LIVE | 23 FEB 2017 | Vijay Mallya, dreams big as Force India eye
Indian government has no case against me whatsoever, says Vijay Mallya...
Force India boss Vijay Mallya hits back at claims from Renault that "poor" teams will be left behind in 2017
what is the difference between him,Lalit Modi,Vijay Mallya who all ran away &dont wanna face Law of the land
Hamilton Collection
Chill. Sasikala is anyways going to surrender & go to jail. Not run away like Lalit Modi or Vijay Mallya.
UB board asks Vijay Mallya to step down as non-exec chairman..
After takeover of UB Group of Vijay Mallya by Mukesh Ambani it will be " Pio Beta Pio "
New Delhi | In connection with Vijay Mallya's Rs 900 crore Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) loan case, the Central Bureau…
In Indian context, is this like Vijay Mallya becoming the prime minister? What would be worse?
3 eminent Indians who should've been battling emergencies at home - but are in London. 1. Vijay Mallya . 2. Amar Singh. 3…
Delhi court appearances: Arvind Kejriwal, Vijay Mallya and more made appearances in 2016
Vijay Mallya got loan of 9000 Crore by Congress . whereas Modi Govt attached Property/shares of Vijay Mallya worth 9661 Cr…
if you check out that article you'll dance like crazy, they are asking peepz to keep Vijay mallya and modi kinda beards
Chairman of IDBI, SBI and United Bank of India waiting outside Bangalore Airport for Vijay Mallya (2016)
Wen will Vijay Mallya will be in queue to deposit black money and other corrupt people's, After 30 Dec 2016?
Poor ppl queue up for ₹2000 n SBI has written off 48000cr bad loans including 1201cr of Vijay Mallya! Govt has made Ullu of 130Cr Indians!
Vijay Mallya Buddha hai lekin Ladkiyan leke Ghumta ha.Why did have a problem with that? does he feel jeal…
Vijay Mallya case : ➡. Here are some Facts, can Pappu understand is a billion $ Koschein
Flash -- Corruption has increased due to demonetisation, PM Modi allowed Vijay Mallya to take off quietly: Kejriwal . https:…
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In a written reply, EA Minister said the two cases in question remain an issue under discussion.
Don't think Kejriwal has the right to point fingers at Vijay Mallya when he himself is with a couple of girls in this pi…
Vijay Mallya, enjoying life outside India, has Rs 1200 crore loans written off. Common man stands in lines for Rs 4500
SBI write off Vijay Mallya's loan: Know what it actually means
Vijay Mallya flew Jet first class to London with 7 heavy bags in March 2016 (7 months before
Government serious about bringing back Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya: Rajya Sabha told
when Vijay Mallya was declared a defaulter in 2010 under UPA regime,why wasn't he arrested ?
Vijay Mallya, Zakir Naik, Lalit Modi taught us that if you want to get away with something unlawful. Forget a lawyer. Get a…
Modi Government of karza excused of Vijay Mallya 1200 million 4500 the common man to change the hours be RS lined i…
Arvind Kejriwal repeats the lie that Vijay Mallya's loan has been waived off
Common Man: Why should I pay for corrupt like Vijay Mallya?. Soldier: If I can pay for Adani/Ambani from my OROP, why ca…
Vijay Mallya is old but moves around with girls - Aloo loving liberal Kejriwal says.
Uncommon knowledge question: Which party is able to contest Vijay Mallya in terms of doing more corruption ?
ED to send LRs for attaching Vijay Mallya's foreign properties - via
Where is such order? Hopeless action. Vijay Mallya loan not waived off: Arun Jaitley - via
33 people have died & millions suffer in long lines as Vijay Mallya gets a 1200 cr SBI loan write-off from Modiji! https:/…
Arun Jaitley on Vijay Mallya: Bad loans write-off doesn't mean we won't pursue it - via
just hope that bank have some property or assets of Vijay Mallya attached to the loan.
PM Modi says those involved in big scams are standing in queues at banks. Spot the 2G accused and Vijay Mallya outside th…
Its like if Vijay Mallya and Mamata Bannerjee ran for PM of India.
Vijay Mallya, Christian Michel in list of 57 fugitives handed over by India to UK
I added a video to a playlist India expects early extradition of Vijay Mallya after May Modi talks
wait till you get one from Vijay Mallya for helping him fund his Kingfisher Calendar for the yr 2017 using those taxes.
Vijay Mallya needs Gaali Janardhan reddy flight , Room will not be not sufficient 😂😂
Vijay Mallya affair has exposed the rot in banking sector via
: Sebi seeks UK help to nail 'fund diversion' at United Spirits Wants details of Vijay Mallya transactio…
Fresh trouble for Vijay Mallya as CBI registers case over complaint by SBI |
130 crores in one year ! wow ! give him five years and he will be able to help Vijay Mallya !
Vijay Mallya is adamant that the "witch hunt" against him will not negatively affect Force India
Solicitor General Ranjit Sinha who represent ED & CBI in court, reportedly met fugitive defaulter Vijay Mallya in London quietly. What deal?
How India's party-loving businessman Vijay Mallya ended up lying low in London
Kiran suggests SBI's Arundhati Bhattacharya for RBI Governor who gave dubious Loan to Vijay Mallya and Malya RTs.
ED sent us extradition request for Vijay Mallya,our team suggested few changes which has been sent to ED: EAM Sushma Swaraj
Indian HC was not at fault, Suhel Seth, if invites someone then HC has nothing to do with it: EAM on Vijay Mallya attended ev…
Request for extradition of Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi will be forwarded to UK once it is received from ED: Swaraj.
EAM : India hasnt sent extradition request for Vijay Mallya to UK, MEA has sent to ED for some clarifications
Is the Govt not apprehending Vijay Mallya on purpose?
Vijay Mallya was not in Indian High Commission&invitee list at London: MEA
Vijay Mallya to miss more Formula 1 races as passport suspended
ED moves court seeking to declare Vijay Mallya proclaimed offender...
ED in action! Attaches nine assets of Mallya, UBHL my piece
CBI forms SIT to investigate AgustaWestland, Vijay Mallya scams...
CBI forms team to investigate Vijay Mallya loan defaults and AgustaWestland chopper scam...
CBI sets up SIT to probe AgustaWestland and Vijay Mallya case...
Govt has to sack the managment of bank of Baroda, seriously
Bank freezes security guard's account -- with 93 rupees balance -- as it continues the hunt for Mallya's 90cr rupees
Vijay Mallya's properties worth over 1,400 crores attached in loan fraud case
CBI forms SIT to probe corruption charges in AgustaWestland scam, Vijay Mallya case...
loan part 2: BoB freezes a/c with Rs 93 in quest for Rs 550 crore!.
CBI forms SIT to probe AgustaWestland, Vijay Mallya cases...
How froze a security guard's A/C with Rs.93 saying he was guarantor for Vijay Mallya's 550 crore loan.https…
In Interview: Vijay Mallya Said, I have no plan to leave UK -
ED attaches Vijay Mallya’s properties worth Rs1,411 crore in IDBI case
Loan recovery: ED attaches assets worth Rs 1,411 of Vijay Mallya and his companies
SIT formed to probe VVIP chopper and Vijay Mallya case - The New Indian Express
Is that apex court also looking into the matter of Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher -
Red Corner Notice: Interpol posers for ED in Vijay Mallya case...
Vijay Mallya case: ED denies reports that Interpol rejected request for Red Corner Notice...
Bank freezes Manmohan Singh's accounts because he is Vijay Mallya's...
RCB is just like their owner Vijay Mallya, showed promise till the end & then suddenly fled away
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Vijay Mallya after buying the sword of Tipu Sultan chopping a Lemon to provide Nimbu-Pani to the guests.(2004)
Can we expect Vijay Mallya to comeback to India for witnessing RCB's final?😄
This Manmohan Singh is Vijay Mallya's guarantor . For more details:
Man Mohan Singh was the guarantor of Vijay Mallya's bank loans.not the MMS you wish! Stop playing child!!!
"India is going to be d 21st century's Congress in terms of absconders & defaulters..Lalit Modi,Subrata Roy,Vijay Mallya..".
Virat Kohli treats bowlers like Vijay Mallya treats banks.
Why media focus only on Vijay Mallya ? what about Subrata Roy . Time the media exposes the Sahara mystery
Setback for India as UK govt says it will not deport Vijay Mallya
Trump thinks like Vijay Mallya - if you default, creditors should lose or adjust - new way of American economy!!!
When I resigned from Guj state government job from Australia; they refused to accept resignation from overseas. Good luck, Vijay Mallya!
Irony is that, Vijay Mallya's RCB ranks at the top of Fair Play Award list 😂
DTN India: 40 firms ‘tied’ to Vijay Mallya under scrutiny: Sources said the Financial Intelligence Unit has g...
Chagan Bhujbal, Subrata Roy, Vijay Mallya, Ashok Chavan. Good, the august prison list is getting long, even before the Augusta gang arrives.
government has asked the UK to deport the liquor tycoon & self-styled “King of Good Times” Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya: From India's 'king of good times' to a ... -
India asks UK to deport Kingfisher Airlines tycoon Vijay Mallya: The Indian government has asked the UK to de...
Why is Jignesh Shah & Associates of NSEL fame not booked like Sahara or pressure not created like on Vijay Mallya?
This largest defaulter after Vijay Mallya's KFA has paid back a fraction of loan to lenders - Zee News
After Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya absconded to London. London should start promoting tourism Land of absconders. 👄…
While you also get Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi as well😜
India should offer a combo deal on We should be willing to accept Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi along with th…
Prevention of Money Laundering Act Court reserved order to April 18 on Non Bailable Warrant against Vijay Mallya.
The Moral Hazard of Settling with Vijay Mallya - Vivek Kaul's Diary via
The Moral Hazard of Settling with Vijay Mallya - -
in that willful defaulters only Vijay Mallya counts,what abt others
Vijay Mallya seeks more time to appear before ED in money laundering probe.
Financial Express Don't trust Vijay Mallya: Six reasons why banks should chuck his Rs 4000 cr…
Vijay Mallya now offers Rs 4000 cr to banks by September - Firstpost: Financial Express
Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines loan: Offer made to pay Rs 4000 crore to settle case - Financial Express
Vijay Mallya: Don't target my son Siddharth -
Don't target my son Siddharth: Vijay Mallya via
Dont target my son Siddharth: Vijay Mallya via
make movie on Mr.Vijay Mallya and take Mr. Vinod Khanna as hero!
Vijay Mallya inspite of carrying high debt/becoming defaulter leaving the country...
Vijay Mallya agrees to ‘One Time Settlement’ with bank, Siddharth Mallya to work as Probationary Officer in SBI
Country 'helpless' before Vijay Mallya, but farmers have to end lives: Arvind Kejriwal
How Companies Play On The 'Duplicate Effect' To Dupe Banks via but r they getting Vijay Mallya soon or not?
An Indian origin attorney based in Switzerland is turning out to be a key man of Vijay Mallya's empire abroad.
Vijay Mallya set to exit United Breweries board?...
Move over Vijay Mallya, here’s why Yo Yo Honey Singh is the REAL king of good times!
Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari refers notices against Vijay Mallya to the Ethics Committee of the Upper House (PTI)
The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has accorded a two-week extension to business tycoon Vijay Mallya to appear… by SI
United Breweries, Sanofi India and Bayer CropScience boards to go with Vijay Mallya as chairman: ET.
End of good times, Vijay Mallya may step down from United Breweries board via
We want to ask if PM's favourite dirty tricks master Subramanian Swamy also played a role in letting Vijay Mallya abscond?: P…
How banks can still recover from Vijay Mallya |. The author is a former executive director of United Bank of India:-)
ED director to personally monitor money laundering case against Mallya: ED probe revealed that Vijay Mallya in...
Vijay Mallya will be brought back: Joginder Singh, Fmr CBI Director
SBI director - 'Please, be calm, it has nothing to do with Vijay Mallya'
Vijay Mallya should come back, settle disputes with banks, says KFA&Ex-ED: Ex- Executive Director of Ki...
Time not 'right' for returning to India: Vijay Mallya.
RBI failed in its supervisory role: Vipin Malik, former Director, RBI on Vijay Mallya
Zee News just uploaded a video: Zee News has uploaded Vijay Mallya : Director of ED meets home minister Rajnat...
CBI director Ranjit Sinha revealing the warrant against Vijay Mallya that he always keeps in pocket.
The & Bobby Deol movie Kismat had a character named Vijay Mallya.
DTN India: Vijay Mallya controversy puts investigative agencies in the dock: NEW DELHI: Investigative heat on ...
sandesh: Nearly four years after grounding of the Vijay Mallya-owned Kingfisher Airlines (KFA), the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (…
Pappu cried abt Vijay Mallya's escape. Now the the summons isissued and he'll be back. Can Rahul now ans for Warren Anderson and Quattrochi?
Now those calendar girls will wear respectful clothes. Thanks to Vijay Mallya's bankruptcy. - ManGo Man
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Unable to repay his debt, Vijay Mallya flew.
Vijay Mallya? 'We know VJ, the rich man from India with Big Cars': The iron gates at the king-size countryside...
Arun Jaitley said that has run away like Quattrocchi ran away. So means if Cong helped Quattrocchi then BJP helped…
From social media- Vijay Mallya spends 4 crore on a horse. What's the big deal? Congress has been spending 500 crores on a donk…
The bandicoots in the NDA allowed Vijay Mallya to vamoose. Else, how could he just slip away? His flight plan would've been kn…
DTN India: CBI was aware that Vijay Mallya was leaving India on March 2: The Bureau of Immigration (BoI) had a...
Political parties distance themselves from Mallya
Vijay Mallya should be made the Uncivil Aviation Minister of India. 😂
Modi can't catch Lalit Modi, can't stop Vijay Mallya, and talks of bringing back Dawood.
Pressure on Kingfisher baron Vijay Mallya dials up, trademarks seized - Times of India (37 visits): . .
Don't worry, Modi will recover 9000 Cr siphoned by Vijay Mallya by levying "Mallya Recovery Cess" :).
Spend it like Vijay Mallya,. Close it like Harvey Specter,. Save it like David De Gea.
So this is Vijay Mallya's north of London estate? This is where he has fled? Ladywalk, Queen Hoo Lane, Welwyn.
I hold Arun Jaitley directly responsible for the escape of Vijay Mallya. Theres no one else... ...
Vijay Mallya was in Rajya Sabha day before he left India
Breathe in. Breathe out. Close your eyes. While I sneak out . - The Art of Leaving. By Swami Vijay Mallya ji.
Are we allowed to ask how Vijay Mallya was allowed to leave the country? Or is that anti-national?
The important question is: How did Vijay Mallya leave the country? If by Kingfisher Airlines, he couldn't have gone far.
Vijay Mallya with his son, demonstrating to Lalit Modi, how he emptied the Indian banks.
Vijay Mallya looted 17 banks. And the one decent bank that was left, Yamuna bank, is now being taken care of by Sri Sri.
DTN Kerala: CBI knew about Vijay Mallya’s flight plan: The Central Bureau of Investigation had prior knowledge...
DTN Kerala: Vijay Mallya went by the book in skipping RS session: While his fellow MPs got involved in a slugf...
When Vijay Mallya was trying to leave country, why was he not identified and arrested by authority?.
Says the man who ran away without paying debts of upto 7000 Crores from 17 banks. -:)
I can tell you, nobody can recover anything from vijay Mallya by force. He will make you bleed for that! Except govt dues.
why IDBI is not filing the case against Vijay mallya, rather they going for privatization. Coz CVC ke saame bhu…
Vijay mallya said BharatMata ki jai, airport authorities let him go because he is
Karnataka political parties distance themselves from Vijay Mallya - The Economic Times on Mobile
When the Indian Govt tells Supreme Court that Vijay Mallya left the country, that does mean they have details of...
Company News | Among elders, Vijay Mallya got most from 'remunerative directorships'
At one point Vijay Mallya had Piles of Cash. Now the Cash has gone and only the Piles remain. This condition is medical…
( $JETAIRWAYS) Vijay Mallya's journey from Delhi to London on Jet. Read more:
Now, all netas abandon Vijay Mallya - Times of India
.Vijay Mallya addresses reports he fled India over $1B in unpaid loans via
Congress targets govt on Vijay Mallya, Arun Jaitley says what about Quattrocchi
Vijay Mallya is a playboy of indian industry he just played with Banks. I am sure Mallya honey trapped bankers with girls and …
Jaitley answer to Mallya: Q: Vijay Mallya met the late Ottavio Quattrocchi today, in absentia.
Questioned over Vijay Mallya, Arun Jailtley reminds Rahul Gandhi of Ottavio Quattrocchi's 'escape'.
“It is neither in our principle to pay interest, nor it is in our interest to pay the principal". - Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya in country home outside London - Business Today: Vijay Mallya in country home outside LondonBusin...
@ Today it was Vijay Mallya...tomorrow the stage is set for Subroto Roy to 🏃🏽&✈️...away!
SBI received a cheque from Vijay Mallya.
After what happened to Subroto Roy, Vijay Mallya will be wary of returning
Samjahvadi Party to raise Vijay Mallya matter in Rajya Sabha.. SP MP Naresh Agarwal : The truth case to come out..
2 mistakes of Vijay Mallya:. 1: Not repaying to banks. 2: Siddarth Mallya.
BSTN Return, with passport: SC to Vijay Mallya: Liquor baron has left for UK, reveals Centre
Vijay Mallya has more assets outside India than the outstanding loan amount of Rs 9,000 Cr: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi to…
I was informed that Vijay Mallya left India on March 2 & I informed the court of the same: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi
Who is a bigger problem, Priya Pillai or Vijay Mallya, is clear if you figure out who the state stopped from travelling …
Subroto Roy should have gone the Vijay Mallya way. Time rehte desh se nikal liya.
The question is who helped Vijay Mallya escape? ask the govt. & external affairs ministry
The Times of India reports that Vijay Mallya may have already moved abroad along with the first tranche of $75...
Vijay Mallya has friends at the very high levels. He can roam freely. Subroto Roy didnt have such Friends.
Vijay Mallya has fled last week to london. now we can never catch him like Lalit Modi.. enjoy Mr.Mallya
Vijay Mallya, Sahara and Lalit Modi scams all had one thing in common. Weak action plan by the Govt. Only courts help get the money back
I think that Vijay Mallya is second Lalit Modi. 😂
Vijay Mallya disguised. Planning to flee away.
UK has now three of our diamonds:. 1. Koh-i-Noor. 2. Lalit Modi. 3. Vijay Mallya
It happen today: Vijay Mallya misled govt, employees: Ex-women staff of Kingfisher Airlines... What do you think?
Rumour: Vijay Mallya is in Geneva for the Motor Show 2016. He may do a Lalit Modi.
After Lalit Modi if Vijay Mallya flewed India. It would be very tough for India.
. Vijay Mallya will be meeting Lalit Modi in London and partying n must me laughing on shots being taken on him.
Vijay Mallya, has joined Lalit Modi's cozy club.
Vijay Mallya is probably sitting next to Lalit Modi and getting some protips on how to play HIDE AND SEEK. ***
Sir, I am happy you are taking enough steps torecover Rs.7000 Crore from fraudster Vijay Mallya,hope Subroto Roy has paid back all
Banks ask Supreme Court to ban Vijay Mallya from overseas travel: NEW DE...
Over and out: Two of the biggest patrons of sports in India, Vijay Mallya and Subroto Roy
If Mr. Subroto Roy could be jailed for not paying back the dues he owed then why not Vijay Mallya jailed by the same SC of India?
Soon, Subroto Roy Sahara may have company in Vijay Mallya. How times change! The King of Bad Times is coming to a jail near you.
BJP backs Vijay Mallya for Rajya Sabha via is friend of corporates--and corporate loan defaulters
Vijay Mallya quoted, sad that Kingfisher is not flying when oil prices are low. Hmmm. All your people paid yet, Vijay?
The liquor baron Vijay Mallya has agreed to give up his chairmanship and board seat at India’s top spirits company, United Spirits, ending
Vijay Mallya bought Stuart Binny to carry beer bottles for 2 crores. Rich guy! .
IPL 2016: Vijay Mallya to be chief mentor of Royal Challengers Bangalore...
Vijay Mallya diverted rs 4000 cr to tax havens- But he is a law maker in RS with FM/DRaja/Yetchur…
We have a formidable team, Kohli has luxury of choice, says Vijay Mallya: The RCB owner said with Watson and Stuart Binny now in the ...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Vijay Mallya should end up in jail, if not now then never . Gov has to nail him now , like Subrata Roy.
Who is a greater looter Subrata Roy or Vijay Mallya? Why is Mallya not behind bars?
Skidding in fast lane. Both owners Subrata Roy & Vijay Mallya of Force India Formula One are in a huge debt trap. So much for fast life
Lock up Vijay Mallya.. Shame on our law enforcement and governance that he roams free..
'Bankrupt' king of good times, Vijay Mallya, to celebrate his 60th with Enrique Iglesias
Bollywood actress Sophie Choudry with Enrique Iglesias at Vijay Mallya's birthday party in Goa, earlier this month. https:…
I so so wish kingfisher airline to come back vijay Mallya will never ban or stop alcohol & nonveg :p
A movie is being made on Vijay Mallya's life. . There'll be no story. Only Credits. . From. FB Post
Why? Vijay Mallya types are regulars and not funny?
CBI: Welcome Mr. Mallya. Please have a seat. Vijay Mallya: Thank you. CBI: What will you have? Tea or... Mallya: Loan pl…
After seeing this, can somebody educate Vijay Mallya about the 'purpose' of a calendar?
I work hard and I play hard, too. There is nothing wrong with that.
Today, on Vijay Diwas we salute the courage & indomitable spirit of our armed forces. Their service to India is unparalle…
Aalia Bhatt marries Vijay Mallya's son Sid, she will be Alia Mallya, their kid a dhamaliya and grandfather is already a BIG divaliya!
Vijay Mallya - Alcohol is not the solution of every problem but it helps to forget the problem.
What cracks me up is the Royal Challengers ad between immediately after which cracks a Vijay mallya joke.
Vijay Mallya lost his empire because he brought sword back to India and earned the curses of Hindus killed with it
While his father Vijay Mallya busy fighting bankers in courts, Sid Mallya debuts in a teen comedy ' Brahman Naman'
Dr. Subramanium Swamy was the President of the Janata Party. One fine day, he appointed Dr. Vijay Mallya as...
Vijay Mallya blames UPA for favoring Jet Airways and Air India as the result…
Despite reports that shareholders oust the billionaire at United Spirits’ AGM, Vijay Mallya remains chairman
Vijay Mallya is expected to chair the AGM of United Spirits today despite uncertainty over his role at the group:
Thanks to Vijay Mallya, banks are riddled with NPA. Why is he not Subrata Roy's neighbour till date?
Suhel Seth's character modelled on Vijay Mallya's in Madhur Bhandarkar's
Illegally transferred Rs 170 cr to RCB BY Mallya from USL
has to be a balanced approach- do they bring any value to the Economy with jobs,exports or are like Vijay Mallya
it was the idea of to sell it to Vijay Mallya, but kingfisher folded up b4 the time came
Sanjeev Chaudhary is following the Interest "Vijay Mallya" on -
may not recover Rs 900 cr loan from Mallya co
Vijay Mallya = best Teacher. Taught us.. even if u Dont pay. Salaries. Taxes. Debts. Outstanding Bills. You can still live res…
All purpose parts banner
$DGE: Diageo may not fully recover $135 mln loan from Mallya More about
Did you know the Kissan Jam that you eat was sold by Vijay Mallya to HUL. He later realised his Life also became a Traffic Jam !!
Diageo may not fully recover Rs 900 crore loan from Vijay Mallya company
couldn't resist it, vijay Mallya? Wait... He is originally from Kolkatta :)
Wouldn't corp bankruptcy procedures clarify this?
Vijay Mallya is 1,162 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
Diageo may not be able to recover $135 mn loan from Vijay Mallya firm Watson Ltd - Financial Express
ShahRukh Khan, Anand Mahindra, Vijay Mallya few among those Indians who have more overseas or foreign fans than the local or national fans
Vijay Pratap Singh is following the Interest "Vijay Mallya" on -
If Harshad Mehta, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya etc are innocents then nothing can be done n India always will be a fool's para…
Vijay Mallya has gone flop in Kingfisher Airlines, who is Ram Charan. . He will be flop as in Tollywood !!!
Bank Union wants Kingfisher Airlines' owner Vijay Mallya be declared as a willful defaulter.
Heineken Ups Stake in Vijay Mallya-Led United Breweries: Heineken has increased its stake in Vijay Mallya-led United Breweries after ...
Sports News>> ". What's wrong with Formula One... and how to fix it: Jenson Button, Vijay Mallya, Matthew Carter, …
Dr.Vijay Mallya, gives one helluva medicine!!!
I wanted to wish but realised that Vijay Mallya is actually Dr. Vijay Mallya.
Here's on why customer cars won't work - and how the Strategy Group is hurting small teams:
Will Rajiv Bajaj do the same to Rahul Bajaj what Sid Mallya did to Vijay Mallya & Kingfisher ?.
It seems you love beers a lot. You should be friends with Vijay Mallya.
Dna on 3rd june- vijay mallya was very good. He should pay
It might be for discontinued airline Kingfisher because women are light to Vijay Mallya it's owner.😉
Team boss on how a upgrade will bring regular points >>
Vijay Mallya says Force India expects to be competitive once again at the Canadian Grand Prix after returning to...
Vijay Mallya Says Force India 'is in a good place' and heading to Canada: The team's only other points came in...
Sonakshi Sinha seems to be having a Vijay Mallya birthday bash- lasts for a week!. happy birthday sonakshi sinha still trending!
Sunil Gavaskar : My son is the biggest loser of. all times... Amitabh Bachchan : No, mine is... Vijay Mallya :...
Formula 1: Confident Mallya targets strong weekend: Force India boss Vijay Mallya says his team are feeling go...
Following right woman makes you Robert Vadra. . Following wrong makes you Vijay Mallya. . . And following no woman makes you Narendra Modi.
Vijay Mallya: “Everybody is protective of their own corner…”
Force India is in a 'good place' heading to Montreal, according to team boss Vijay Mallya
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Force India 'in a good place' heading to Canada: Vijay Mallya says Force India expects to...
vijay mallya shud be paid so that he can restart his UB breweries. the author's claims have no relation whatsoever. //13
Likes of Vijay Mallya, default on loans, don't pay salaries, yet they still r living a good life
A farmer kills himself for loan of few thousands but Vijay Mallya has to pay ₹7600Cr to banks n nobody can touch him. Ghan…
This is one good news for Vijay Mallya in a long time: Royal Challenge wins I-league beating Bengaluru FC
Because of ppl like Vijay Mallya, the industrialists will stop taking bank loans seriously.
Vijay Mallya is a fraud using banks money for lavish lifestyle & practically robbing the common man. Should be decla as wilful defaulter
Happy Birthday Vijay Mallya: A sneak peek into his luxury car collection, private aircrafts
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