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Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. This war followed the First Indochina War and was fought between North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the United States and other anti-communist countries.

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Thank God for my Brethren from the Vietnam War... Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel.
"Don't worry. I'll be back soon." Rosita's story of the brother she lost to the Vietnam War:
TODAY: 'Black Hawk Down' author Mark Bowden on the "turning point for Americans" in the Vietnam War, the Battle of Hue.
We stopped the Vietnam War, took down a President, invented the microchip and got the Civil Rights Bill passed. We…
Vietnam War veterans honored at Pacific Aviation Museum banquet -
Soldier of Royal Australian Regiment with M60 in the Vietnam War.
Vietnam War veteran and High School alumnus, Jerry Smith, has written a book about 'The Ballard 19',...
A final salute to a Vietnam War buddy that Jim Doyle never forgot
Memorial Day photo:. John McCain when he was a POW in Hanoi during Vietnam War. This is a hero. is no hero.…
Opinion: 50 years later, the wounds of the Vietnam War have yet to heal
"Hamburger Hill" (1987) Assault & battle of American & North Vietnamese forces in May1969 during the Vietnam War of the mount…
My father and his father were soldiers. World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Persian Gulf War. Peace.
Recognition ceremony set for Vietnam vets: HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP – Local veterans of the Vietnam War era will be……
Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. has signed S. 305, encouraging the display of the U.S. flag today. Thank you vet…
Our world war 2 vets and Vietnam vets would be happy to have Communist Russians in our business period!!
McCain you are the TRAITOR in the W.H. and have been a Traitor in the Vietnam War. Google yourself and see and...
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Rev. Vincent Capodanno, the 'grunt padre', was killed during the Vietnam War while administering last rites to a young Marin…
Nobody defended our country during the Vietnam war. Sad how many Americans were sent to die
You are a TRAITOr to America and the Vietnam War. You are the LEAK in the W.H. Your days are counted.!!
That's nothing, I dug up the French Revolution, the First World War and the Vietnam war, all in my back garden.
Vietnam War Navy pilot's remains return to U.S. after more than 50 years
He also supported the Vietnam War, knowing he would never be there. He also said his threat of VD was his…
Check out MIA: A HERO'S RETURN. Sgt.Archer returns to America 40 years after the Vietnam War ends and h…
For the record was charged with Treason following the Vietnam War, he should be in prison but was pa…
Japanese singer and actress Rina Matsuno lived for 6782 days. Exactly as long as american vietnam war hero Jimmy W. Phi…
Do we really want more war?? Did you watch Sunday morning and the Vietnam war we never learned from!!!
Somber mood at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. People honor more than 58,000 servicemen & women who died in the Vietnam Wa…
I also like the narrative arc. I was in the Vietnam war with a bunch of dudes then I asked for a raise and now I'm pregnant.
Ken Burns Documentaries shares a retrospective of the Vietnam War... . Remember to Remember.
Project seeks to put face on Alachua County's Vietnam casualties - via
50 years after most of their platoon was killed in the Vietnam War, survivors look back and reflect…
History is not taught. Propaganda is taught. Watch a history video on their side of the war by Japan, Germany,Russia,…
: September 11 was the day following your BIRTHDAY. You were born in 1959, VIETNAM WAR beginning? Mike FULLER 2:…
he played three sports in HS and then sat out the Vietnam War w/ sore foot.
8th graders using to film their Vietnam War newscasts
More than 58,000 lost their lives during the Vietnam War. Join and help keep the promise The Wall was built on — neve…
Some guy served in the Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm..hats off to that guy
AT THE CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY: Haunting Tribute of 58,241 Dog Tags to Honor US Soldiers Who Died in the Vietnam War. https…
Guy got so into his Vietnam War doc, he got that People's Republic bowl cut.
Today, we would like to invite you to read about the truckers that served during the Vietnam War. They drove...
"Once we had experienced we’d always come back.“ Tony Hirashiki, On the Frontlines of the Television
.on his new film, "The Vietnam War": The divisions we see in America today began, in some ways, with the Vietn…
WATCH: Missing Marine laid to rest nearly 50 years after plane shot down in Vietnam War
No, better, 'The Green Berets' The first and only film to say the Vietnam War was a good idea.
As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I pray we all never forget those who gave everything for us, and paid the ultimate…
A heart-breaking number: 84 Staten Islanders died in the Vietnam War.
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While coaching at Saddleback College, was a privilege to also help with wheelchair basketball. Many of the players were Vietnam War veterans
Many of you have asked me why I did not attend college; I was drafted into the Vietnam War! I originally had planned to become a politician.
I'm sorry if you found my Vietnam War joke to be a tet offensive
I added a video to a playlist South Korean in the Vietnam War and Its CRIMES against the Vietnamese
On in 1972, South Vietnamese fight to open...Vietnam War & lives were lost for the rich, again.
I just read about John McCain's military history and how he was a POW for 5 1/2 years during the Vietnam War. Wow I didn't know that before.
One of my students just gave a presentation on the Vietnam War & the Port Huron Statement, and now this is me:
Today we honor Allan Ray Chafin on Anniston, Alabama, who fell on this day in 1967 during the Vietnam War.…
You better study Vietnam War and what happened to village girls when thay saw Korean army. Be a good pe…
The cost to subsidize the churches for their tax evasion EXCEEDED the amount that was used for the Vietnam War & protection of its soldiers.
It didn't kill my Grandfather, he worked in the steel mill sinc…
all I do these days is watch Vietnam war movies eat spaghetti and listen to death grips
The more I study about the Vietnam War and therefore Nixon, the more I scream "How is this now happening again?!"
Why did McCain accuse American soldiers of war crimes during Vietnam? What did he get in return then what are his m…
And there is no Vietnam war style protests after years of useless war, undermining a weakend Boy,…
Four of my action/adventure novels, from the Old West, Civil War, and two books on special operations missions in Vietn…
.His thesis was his much-praised study of dynamic betw civilian leaders, military during Vietnam War
Anne Morrissy Merick shattered the professional barriers of an industry dominated by men
Because a Vietnam prisoner of war is a traitor huh?
Register today for the first of 3 Vietnam forums with on May 11 at 2:30.
“Tony Hirashiki was simply the best cameraman to cover the Vietnam war" TED KOPPEL
Trump eerily similar to Nixon. Comey, media distrust, protests, divided country, instead of Vietnam it will be the Korean War.
The best part of my job: the Vietnam War Veteran I get to talk to on a regular basis.
Maybe Country Joe and The Fish will get me more motivated for my Vietnam War final tomorrow.
This is my father. He was a Vietnam Vet. After the war, these veterans were not given the…
Anne Morrissy Merick, who fought for female reporters during the Vietnam War, dies at 83
Many thanks to Sergeant Jack Feick for today's outstanding presentation on the Vietnam war.
I lived though the horrors of the Civil Rights Movement, the Col…
That's good. was elected twice and ended the Vietnam War.
Please stop calling "Agent Orange". Agent Orange saw action in the Vietnam war. Trump did not.
There is no opioid crisis. This isn't a rehash of the Vietnam War.
Things that went better than the test: the Vietnam War, JFK's 1963 trip to Dallas, and the maiden voyage of the T…
20,000 US officers were fragged during the war. Meaning, shot in the head by a soldier under their command.
I was in Vietnam in 1966. These pilots were WO1 Helicopter flight officers. We were all kids. We were…
TODAY WE REMEMBER:. JIM A. THOMPSON: Who on this day in 1969 died of wounds he received in the Vietnam War.…
The Marines launch Operation STARLITE in Quang Ngai Province in the first major ground offensive of the Vietnam War! h…
On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard came to Kent State University because of students protesting against the Vietnam War.
Bruce Springsteen says "Born in the USA" helped him cope w/ mixed feelings about draft dodging during Vietnam War
North Platte (NE) Telegraph: Monument to honor US helicopter crews from Vietnam War . More -
Oak Ridge ceremony honors first Marine killed in Vietnam War
On the 42nd anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the sacrifices of all those who served. Share your s…
50 years after the Vietnam War's bloodiest battles, the 'lucky ones' are gathering for what could be a final reunion
Fifty years ago they departed to Vietnam. Some fought in what would be some of the bloodiest battles of the war.
War stories of refugees "remain largely unheard and unread, except by people like us."
For "anyone who has lived through a war, that war needs no name. It is always and only 'the war.'"
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Some truly great Americans served in Vietnam and in the final days they tried to save as many lives as possible.…
The Khmer Rouge rose BECAUSE of the Vietnam War. US secretly bombed it. The Vietnamese…
To truly understand what the Vietnam War was like, it is mandatory that you read "Matterhorn" by Karl Marlantes.
Legacies of war - Forty years after the fall of Saigon, soldiers’ children are still left behind
They did the same thing during the Vietnam War and then Carter issued pardons for draft dodgers.
Built by Rockefeller & where Martin Luther King, Jr spoke against the Vietnam War, historic will
42 Years ago today Saigon Fell, Marking the end of the War in Vietnam, 58,300+ Americans dead, another 153,000+ wounded. htt…
We won WW1 & WW2 say we won Vietnam War or any other afterward
On this day in 1975, Saigon falls to communist forces. - It's the end of the 10,000-day war in
We lost the Vietnam War 42yrs ago today. Should be a nat'l holiday, a commitment to never make same mistake again.
Vietnam War kinda tells you about they start a war, draft young guys to fight it-give up -sell out the south- call v…
I interviewed a Veteran named Harry today who was a baker during the Vietnam War. His general made him make breakfast for every dinner.
Vietnam War veteran shares experiences in preparation for MUB display
Dozens of Vietnam War songs looked at the My Lai massacre and the role played by Lt. William Calley:…
This unopened tin of Anzac biscuits contains a mother's grief for her son killed in Vietnam War
Today in 1968: 300 students take over Dean's office at Columbia University to protest Vietnam War
I wrote to President Nixon around age 10 concerning the Vietnam War. I did get a response signe…
Two veterans from WWII and two from the Vietnam War received medals that were overdue on April 12 in East Lyme, CT.
The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror. We are not supposed to Win wars
Must Read: Without Trump, Vietnam War veterans would have never gotten their heroes' welcome. via
460: Hmmm. Interesting. General McMaster wrote a book about the Vietnam War, called "Dereliction of Duty"
Read the story of the Vietnam War who learned to at age 66.
Insulting a Veteran and dodging the Vietnam War are things has done. Glass houses abound it seems.…
A Vietnam War veteran,Lt.Col."Bo"Gritz was sponsored by Ross Perot&other celebrities to search for US PoWs in…
Surviving grandfather & presents Gen Dunford challenge coin from his unit in Vietnam War.
Politicized bureaucracy: Vietnam War veteran fights to get Trump portrait put up at...
MT If we attack don't go 'half way' taught run war, NOT Politicians
NIXON VIETNAM - During a speech in 1966 said QUOTE, if communist overtook VIETNAM it would LEAD to WW111 - POLITICAL FEAR AMERICA Cold War.
Thanks to Jill for this story. I never heard the stories, but I lost alot of friends in the Vietnam War. Those...
Doctor on United Airlines flight says incident was 'more horrifying than Vietnam War'
carry casket for my neighbor. "guest" at the VFW. beg off drinking. Vietnam war . *he loved fishing
The State/Armed Forces can not look like a mirror Image of trts.All this was justified by the State and its Army.
Despite their evil use of WMD, the USA lost the Vietnam War. Yes they LOST. Never forget.
The Mourner's Song: War and Remembrance from the Iliad to Vietnam by Jam
My generation grew watching the Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite.
Soon American and the so called will have another Vietnam war..this time will be disaster
VietNam was the last war to receive honest news coverage. Ever since then war news has been a public relations exercise t…
Unification of Korea like Germany & Vietnam could be the last chapter on Cold War & a new milestone for free world; China will not let it;
Trump might wind up being the biggest reason for American to move to Canada since the Vietnam War.
42 years after Vietnam are we again reduced to counting bodies as a defining metric of war? Body count does not def…
Spoken like a couple of man-boys who have never served or sacrificed a family member or body part to war. Where was Geraldo…
Whispering Jews got us into the Vietnam War (Walt Rostow), the Iraq War (Paul Wolfowitz), and now th…
Native American Glen Douglas. He served in World War ll, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was an amazing man!
discussing possible military option in the US has forgotten Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iraq where they actually lost the war
Fantastic lecture over Vietnam War by Dr. Fredrik Logevall today. Interesting perspective on the war and all surrounding it. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Vietnam was the first war covered extensively by media so its a poor example, they didn't…
Al-Shabab fighters offered amnesty as new Somali president declares war -
When you've fought in WWII, The Korean War and Vietnam, no words are needed. Semper Fidelis 1st Sgt McDowell
"signed S.305, which encourages the display of the US flag on National Vietnam War Veterans Day." We keep it up all yea…
'Wenger out' sign spotted at the anti-Vietnam war protest in Washington DC (Novermber 15th, 1969)
Pepsi ad was inspired by THIS Vietnam War protest picture - NOT Black Lives Matter
A Communist, serial Vietnam War liar, fake Indian, and an Islamist walk into a bar...
"With exception of Civil War, no event in American history has generated as much self-reflection as Vietnam." Frederik Logevall
Paris, 1968. Students could have used Pepsi, but apparently there was a strong anti-American feeling due to Vietnam…
Vietnam war egregious and immpral on many levels. None of those cited by you equate…
The slow start of the Vietnam War 1955 to 1973
It’s truly an honor to return the Medal, Vietnam Service Medal & Nat’l Defense Medal today to Vietnam War Vet…
1972 - US forces begin sustained air strikes & naval bombardments during the Easter Offensive of the Vietnam War
When these horrible attacks happen, look to see who benefits most. THERE is your war criminal. Same pattern of crap since Vietnam.
He will start something but it will turn into Vietnam and then war will just keep going on and on
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Did you protest the Vietnam war? You're invited to share your story.
Spend an evening with , The Vietnam War,This April 26 at 7 p.m. in the Cullen Performance Hall.…
Vietnam protester from iconic photo talks Trump, Pepsi and today's Resistance
He got 5 deferments from military service during the Vietnam war when he was eligible. Just the sight…
On this we thank our Veterans for serving. by via…
Pity Vietnam did not hang this war criminal and tout
Trump is also responsible for the holocaust, the Vietnam war, 9/11 & global warming just in case you were in…
As I read 'Kill Anything That Moves,' I'm glad story of Vietnam war crimes files was featured in new .doc
50 years ago today MLK defied his advisers and came out against the Vietnam War. Liberals immediately abandoned him. https:…
exhibition reminds world of Russian support to Vietnamese in face of extreme American aggression .
Vietnam taking good care of tombs of Chinese martyrs from Vietnam-U.S. war, over 1,400 Chinese died in the war
And yet HRC was going 2 get the US into another war. is as bumbling & inept as LBJ in these matters. Vi…
roses are red. violets implore. Dr. King on the Vietnam War.
he is a leftist in sheep's wool. Probably indoctrinated in Vietnam prisoner of war camp.
Incredible photos of the Viet Cong and their allies during the Vietnam War
USA was utilizing so hardcore with the Bombs in Hiroshima & Nagasaki &a Agent Orange during the Vietnam war..
All this talk of Pepsi and wokeness reminds me of this fun little anecdote from the Vietnam War era
For a day, media/politicians yelling for Syria war should experience the *** we put our soldiers through in Vietnam,…
"Over [past] two years more Americans died of opiate addiction than died in the entire Vietnam War."
The Battle of Mother's Day Hill...a small part of the painful memory for those who fought.
Tony Hirashiki was "Young, with no thought for his own safety, he just wanted to show the Vietnam war as it was."…
When MLK condemned genocidal US war in Vietnam, 168 newspapers blasted him; NAACP lashed out; 9% of Americans agreed. ht…
the famous image from the Vietnam war era.
The new Vietnam Memorial, honoring those from Seneca County who died in the Vietnam War was…
I found out yesterday that Thuy Trang, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was a Vietnam War refugee. She put a face to that crisis.
Good morning all on . From 1962-1975, approx 61,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War (521 KIA/ c3…
Vietnam War veterans to be honored with commemoration ceremony in .
Remember today. . Remember it always. . Thank veterans who served in the Vietnam War. . https:…
Barbaric act of the Korean military during the Vietnam War ☆ 
'Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton' tells Spokane man's Vietnam War story via
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
"cameramen were the real heroes of the Vietnam War coverage...and Tony Hirashiki's story proves it!" Sam Donaldson…
Vietnam War veterans are invited to the National Infantry Museum on March 28 to participate in Auburn (Alabama)...
Worst ground aviation accident of Vietnam War occurs at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam when traffic controller cle…
also led to WW2, Cold War, Vietnam War, etc.
1.5 Million died in 1 year in India during famine in 1965, when US stopped fod Aid, as Indian govt critical of Vietnam war!
sounds like what you will hear during a Vietnam war
Southeast Asia's war on street food
The US Intel community has a policy of lying before truth finally comes out. Remember COINTELPRO, Vietnam war & Agent Orange?
Be ready to respectfully argue for yr unpopular ideas as we did when a minority were against Vietnam war. That's democracy
A war cameraman's honest and painful memoir of Vietnam and the soldiers he covered.
Awesome! I just gained more respect for Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
Are you kidding me?!?! With all the crap going on, they have the time to chase a 75 year old dude?!!
As bad as Trump is, it's probably not as bad as the war in Vietnam going on with the draft in effect, peers, family members, being
Deputies: Man AWOL from Air Force since Vietnam War found in Ocala - News4Jax (WJXT)
The “Hustlers” took part in Operation Strike of the Sword (Operation Khanjar),the largest movement of Marines Since the Vietnam War. HMH-772
Hamilton Collection
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community: Marion County deputies helped…
Every person in my family with 1 exception has been in military. From Vietnam to Iraq War.
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community -
Thought maybe then I remembered our is a not a deserter. .
Vietnam War memorial vandalized twice in one year - Fox News
Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title because of his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War. Ali stood up against a war…
Barbaric act of army during the Vietnam War. . … .
75 year old Vietnam War deserter from 1972 found in Florida retirement community. Court martial to follow.
USA invaded Vietnam with 500 American soldiers they increased to 500.000 soldiers . USA lost the war on...
how bout FDR the Democrat aligning with Stalin. Democrats have put us in every major war! Civil War, WW I, II, Korea, Vietnam
War deserter found in Florida retirement community.
What I said, hippes never imagined anything worse than Vietnam but 30 years of War on Drugs us an epic failure unle…
The reason tried to commit suicide was because she was having a lot of stigma regarding the Vietnam War I told her.
we never lost a war because we didn't declare war on Vietnam *insert that one meme*
Really? The guy is 75 and that's ancient history. Move on. 🙄
We better win now with a 4-0 lead or it'll be the worst lead we've blown since the Vietnam war
MOAR HORRIBLE NEWS FOR PROBS: Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
50 yrs ago, KOs Zora Foley. Ali's last fight before his titles & boxing license stripped for refu…
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
Or prosecuting Ellsberg to distract from Vietnam lies, or Manning to distract from war crimes, or Snowden to distract from…
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community via the App
great. Perhaps integration was detrimental to black marriages like it was for black businesses? Vietnam war longer than WW2
The hippies thought Vietnam was the worst War like usual they were wrong.
DelCo event to honor Vietnam War vets
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community - Fox News
cause England wanted the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Gulf War, and all WARS done by the USA for the Queen of England
Nevada veteran from Vietnam War awarded second Bronze Star
ummm, have you ever read a history book? There are some good ones about, say, WW2, the Vietnam War, and…
As LBJ said of Walter Cronkite when he explained on CBS that the Vietnam War was a disaster: If we've lost Shep Smith, w…
fun fact: some veterans need meals on wheels like THE ONES WHO FOUGHT IN WW2 AND THE VIETNAM WAR
Perpetrated on this day in 1968, the My Lai Massacre proved a watershed moment for perceptions of the Vietnam war. https:…
Mar 16 1968 – The My Lai Massacre takes place during the Vietnam War, when up to 500 Vietnamese villagers are killed by A…
a young British lad finding his way to America during the Vietnam War and coming together with like minded people!!
Actually Vietnam gave a masterclass in jungle warfare to invading American military in the Vietnam War.
"If you want to see what a world without culture looks like, go somewhere that went for Trump." -Man who compared t…
He also traveled to Vietnam unchecked during the Vietnam war and came home and filed as a conscientious objector. 2/
I think so too. Aging Vietnam Vets in retirement often start thinking back on life, war memories r difficult
Me & Mom watched draft drawing on TV, to see if I'd go to Vietnam. I didn't. Nearly lost my union job protesting war. What happened to USA?😕
leading a group on Shay's Achilles in Vietnam & Homer's Iliad exploring at
You're never too young to have a Vietnam War flashback
US provides 12 million USD to tackle post-war aftermaths in Vietnam at
A problem with the holodeck forces Sisko to confront a psychedelic Vietnam War scenario, and the only escape is to commit suicide.
Is this serious news, a little sense of history would have helped. Remember US - Vietnam War. .
Thank you Vietnam War veterans and for your service!
If we're smart we'll pawn the war off on China like the French dumped Vietnam in our laps way back when. But that's…
Oh, man. Ken Burns is doing Vietnam this fall. | THE VIETNAM WAR | Extended Look | PBS
.unanimously passed the War Veteran's Recognition Act to honor the selflessness & sacrifice of…
Mr Dan Tehan MP: HELP SUPPORT the Forgotten Heroes of the Vietnam War - Sign the Petition!
Did a *** of a job as leading us into the Vietnam War, too. Poor Nixon had to clean up his mess.
which came to symbolize the end of United States involvement in the Vietnam War.
I was livid during the song about the Vietnam war and all the uncultured broads starting clapping and waving t…
Why so many wars? Elite families believe that human suffering is a "loosh" or offering to Satan. World War I? Yup. II? Yup. V…
I'm trying to make notes on the Vietnam War but it would be a lot easier if my head wasn't repeatedly screaming THE HEAT IS ON IN SAIGON
Used a fake event in the Gulf of Tonkin to enter the Vietnam War, while already enmeshed in an secret, illegal war in Laos - Ended up /1
Do you think they intentionally put Kong during Vietnam War because someone misunderstoood what the Viet Cong was?
his new non fiction book on the legacy of Vietnam War was up for the National Book Award too
Oi imagine the Vietnam War. There would be individual highlights of the Viet Cong v USA
Men of 60s news finally helped end the Vietnam War but w/o alacrity that 40k young American males needed not to mention 1m Vietnamese 7/
Declassified: The Gulf of Tonkin incident that got America involved in the highly controversial Vietnam War was a stag…
First American combat troops of Vietnam War arrive at Da Nang, today 1965:
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US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant addresses a new batch of recruits during the Vietnam War, 1969.
How the Vietnam War perverted American foreign policy worldwide
Ken Burns coming to Dallas for screening of 'Vietnam War' docuseries |
Celebrate Ken Burns 4 decades of historic docs & get a preview of The Vietnam War Series on 3/6 9p on WXXI:
Listen to rock station oldies for Free! : : your listen. Paint it Black, avec le titre : Vietnam War Theme
That's what I shout when I'm in a firefight in Gears of War 4. "Vietnam!!" Lol
Q: What award-winning drama about the Vietnam War starred Dana Delaney and Chloe Webb?
you sure? The Vietnam war, the economical crisis?
Trials & Blood Dragon had a baby... Fight Vietnam War 4 in Trials of the Blood Dragon out now!
An Army veteran from Vietnam lends advice and support to other Vets to get VA benefits.
have come together in a way that I have not seem since the opposition to the corp greed that…
everytime there's a story about refugees or immigrants being denied entry i just think of my parents who left Laos durin…
Lost a HS classmate. War hero who gave his all for the USA & won the Purple Heart and Bronze Star in Vietnam in some of the worst flighting.
How old are u? Have you seen war? My husband was a medic 1st AirCav in Vietnam. War is not to take lightly!
Read a book about a badass photographer. Wrote about said book. Great read if you're into Vietnam war history.
How anti-Vietnam War activists stopped violent protest from hijacking their movement: by Robert… |
Sure you are. Like Nixon's 1968 secret plan to end Vietnam war which continued for 7 more years. Just more death. SSDD
George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, made the primitive Ewoks beat the Empire to portray the arrogance of the US in the Vietnam War.
How the Vietnam War changed American foreign policy worldwide
Beloved Vietnam War veteran slain days after DeSoto suspect was freed from jail |
I chose Vietnam, but I'm honestly thinking more the secret Cambodia & Laos operations than the public war.
im So Sick of vietnam there's so much glorification of war and I just wanted it done rippp
That new KONG movie is pretty fun. Here's my review.
As one who grew up during Vietnam War, your song Warsong was especially touching.
I watched Tropic Thunder so I know exactly what my prof is talking about with the Vietnam war.
April 15th coming up. I feel like reviving the tax revolts that occurred during the Vietnam War. I don't want to pa…
Today: music! First, the soundtrack of the Vietnam War, then the history of the electric guitar. Tune in! (See what we di…
The story behind THE VIETNAM WAR: See more ton @ 8 on WQLN TV!
We are looking for a new VIETNAM WAR in the China sea, Northkorea, eastern europe Russia, etc.
in my day we were fighting apartheid, Vietnam war etc etc. How things change :)
well, he missed the Great Depression and WW2, but saw watergate, Vietnam, the Cold War,…
dems want to force him into a war and then bring him down when it goes badly. Their playbook for Iraq and vietnam
Steven Spielberg will be taking on the Vietnam War with stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep for his next big movie.
The dedication ceremony honored the 57,439 soldiers who were killed in action during the Vietnam War 🇺🇸.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC honors those who died in the Vietnam War. Bring it to your home.
’65 recounts the early battles of the Vietnam War, from Ia Drang to Operation Starlight
History Revisionist? The arrogance of Robert McNamara's micromanaging the Vietnam War that brought out the crazy protesters.
just give him a bit he's a genius and a master strategist, he has a paper out about "lies that led to Vietnam war"
Goodbye free speech: Calif. GOP Senator removed from floor after criticizing Tom Hayden over Vietnam War
I remember early in the Vietnam war a clown general said it was an opportunity to rest new weapons. Here we go again!
HOMEWARD BOUND Remains of Marine killed in Vietnam War head to US
My phone has been dead since the Vietnam war
Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. . May you Rest In Peace at Arlington National Cemetery.
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