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Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. This war followed the First Indochina War and was fought between North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the United States and other anti-communist countries.

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Native American Glen Douglas. He served in World War ll, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was an amazing man!
discussing possible military option in the US has forgotten Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iraq where they actually lost the war
Fantastic lecture over Vietnam War by Dr. Fredrik Logevall today. Interesting perspective on the war and all surrounding it.
Vietnam was the first war covered extensively by media so its a poor example, they didn't…
Al-Shabab fighters offered amnesty as new Somali president declares war -
When you've fought in WWII, The Korean War and Vietnam, no words are needed. Semper Fidelis 1st Sgt McDowell
"signed S.305, which encourages the display of the US flag on National Vietnam War Veterans Day." We keep it up all yea…
'Wenger out' sign spotted at the anti-Vietnam war protest in Washington DC (Novermber 15th, 1969)
Pepsi ad was inspired by THIS Vietnam War protest picture - NOT Black Lives Matter
A Communist, serial Vietnam War liar, fake Indian, and an Islamist walk into a bar...
"With exception of Civil War, no event in American history has generated as much self-reflection as Vietnam." Frederik Logevall
Paris, 1968. Students could have used Pepsi, but apparently there was a strong anti-American feeling due to Vietnam…
Vietnam war egregious and immpral on many levels. None of those cited by you equate…
The slow start of the Vietnam War 1955 to 1973
It’s truly an honor to return the Medal, Vietnam Service Medal & Nat’l Defense Medal today to Vietnam War Vet…
1972 - US forces begin sustained air strikes & naval bombardments during the Easter Offensive of the Vietnam War
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When these horrible attacks happen, look to see who benefits most. THERE is your war criminal. Same pattern of crap since Vietnam.
He will start something but it will turn into Vietnam and then war will just keep going on and on
Did you protest the Vietnam war? You're invited to share your story.
Spend an evening with , The Vietnam War,This April 26 at 7 p.m. in the Cullen Performance Hall.…
Vietnam protester from iconic photo talks Trump, Pepsi and today's Resistance
He got 5 deferments from military service during the Vietnam war when he was eligible. Just the sight…
On this we thank our Veterans for serving. by via…
Pity Vietnam did not hang this war criminal and tout
Trump is also responsible for the holocaust, the Vietnam war, 9/11 & global warming just in case you were in…
As I read 'Kill Anything That Moves,' I'm glad story of Vietnam war crimes files was featured in new .doc
50 years ago today MLK defied his advisers and came out against the Vietnam War. Liberals immediately abandoned him. https:…
exhibition reminds world of Russian support to Vietnamese in face of extreme American aggression .
Vietnam taking good care of tombs of Chinese martyrs from Vietnam-U.S. war, over 1,400 Chinese died in the war
And yet HRC was going 2 get the US into another war. is as bumbling & inept as LBJ in these matters. Vi…
roses are red. violets implore. Dr. King on the Vietnam War.
he is a leftist in sheep's wool. Probably indoctrinated in Vietnam prisoner of war camp.
Incredible photos of the Viet Cong and their allies during the Vietnam War
USA was utilizing so hardcore with the Bombs in Hiroshima & Nagasaki &a Agent Orange during the Vietnam war..
All this talk of Pepsi and wokeness reminds me of this fun little anecdote from the Vietnam War era
For a day, media/politicians yelling for Syria war should experience the *** we put our soldiers through in Vietnam,…
"Over [past] two years more Americans died of opiate addiction than died in the entire Vietnam War."
The Battle of Mother's Day Hill...a small part of the painful memory for those who fought.
Tony Hirashiki was "Young, with no thought for his own safety, he just wanted to show the Vietnam war as it was."…
When MLK condemned genocidal US war in Vietnam, 168 newspapers blasted him; NAACP lashed out; 9% of Americans agreed. ht…
the famous image from the Vietnam war era.
The new Vietnam Memorial, honoring those from Seneca County who died in the Vietnam War was…
I found out yesterday that Thuy Trang, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was a Vietnam War refugee. She put a face to that crisis.
Good morning all on . From 1962-1975, approx 61,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War (521 KIA/ c3…
Vietnam War veterans to be honored with commemoration ceremony in .
Remember today. . Remember it always. . Thank veterans who served in the Vietnam War. . https:…
Barbaric act of the Korean military during the Vietnam War ☆ 
'Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton' tells Spokane man's Vietnam War story via
"cameramen were the real heroes of the Vietnam War coverage...and Tony Hirashiki's story proves it!" Sam Donaldson…
Vietnam War veterans are invited to the National Infantry Museum on March 28 to participate in Auburn (Alabama)...
Worst ground aviation accident of Vietnam War occurs at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam when traffic controller cle…
also led to WW2, Cold War, Vietnam War, etc.
1.5 Million died in 1 year in India during famine in 1965, when US stopped fod Aid, as Indian govt critical of Vietnam war!
sounds like what you will hear during a Vietnam war
Southeast Asia's war on street food
The US Intel community has a policy of lying before truth finally comes out. Remember COINTELPRO, Vietnam war & Agent Orange?
Be ready to respectfully argue for yr unpopular ideas as we did when a minority were against Vietnam war. That's democracy
A war cameraman's honest and painful memoir of Vietnam and the soldiers he covered.
Awesome! I just gained more respect for Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
Are you kidding me?!?! With all the crap going on, they have the time to chase a 75 year old dude?!!
As bad as Trump is, it's probably not as bad as the war in Vietnam going on with the draft in effect, peers, family members, being
Deputies: Man AWOL from Air Force since Vietnam War found in Ocala - News4Jax (WJXT)
The “Hustlers” took part in Operation Strike of the Sword (Operation Khanjar),the largest movement of Marines Since the Vietnam War. HMH-772
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community: Marion County deputies helped…
Every person in my family with 1 exception has been in military. From Vietnam to Iraq War.
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community -
Thought maybe then I remembered our is a not a deserter. .
Vietnam War memorial vandalized twice in one year - Fox News
Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title because of his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War. Ali stood up against a war…
Barbaric act of army during the Vietnam War. . … .
75 year old Vietnam War deserter from 1972 found in Florida retirement community. Court martial to follow.
USA invaded Vietnam with 500 American soldiers they increased to 500.000 soldiers . USA lost the war on...
how bout FDR the Democrat aligning with Stalin. Democrats have put us in every major war! Civil War, WW I, II, Korea, Vietnam
War deserter found in Florida retirement community.
What I said, hippes never imagined anything worse than Vietnam but 30 years of War on Drugs us an epic failure unle…
The reason tried to commit suicide was because she was having a lot of stigma regarding the Vietnam War I told her.
Breast Cancer Awareness
we never lost a war because we didn't declare war on Vietnam *insert that one meme*
Really? The guy is 75 and that's ancient history. Move on. 🙄
We better win now with a 4-0 lead or it'll be the worst lead we've blown since the Vietnam war
MOAR HORRIBLE NEWS FOR PROBS: Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
50 yrs ago, KOs Zora Foley. Ali's last fight before his titles & boxing license stripped for refu…
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community
Or prosecuting Ellsberg to distract from Vietnam lies, or Manning to distract from war crimes, or Snowden to distract from…
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community via the App
great. Perhaps integration was detrimental to black marriages like it was for black businesses? Vietnam war longer than WW2
The hippies thought Vietnam was the worst War like usual they were wrong.
DelCo event to honor Vietnam War vets
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community - Fox News
cause England wanted the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Gulf War, and all WARS done by the USA for the Queen of England
Nevada veteran from Vietnam War awarded second Bronze Star
ummm, have you ever read a history book? There are some good ones about, say, WW2, the Vietnam War, and…
As LBJ said of Walter Cronkite when he explained on CBS that the Vietnam War was a disaster: If we've lost Shep Smith, w…
fun fact: some veterans need meals on wheels like THE ONES WHO FOUGHT IN WW2 AND THE VIETNAM WAR
Perpetrated on this day in 1968, the My Lai Massacre proved a watershed moment for perceptions of the Vietnam war. https:…
Mar 16 1968 – The My Lai Massacre takes place during the Vietnam War, when up to 500 Vietnamese villagers are killed by A…
a young British lad finding his way to America during the Vietnam War and coming together with like minded people!!
Actually Vietnam gave a masterclass in jungle warfare to invading American military in the Vietnam War.
"If you want to see what a world without culture looks like, go somewhere that went for Trump." -Man who compared t…
He also traveled to Vietnam unchecked during the Vietnam war and came home and filed as a conscientious objector. 2/
I think so too. Aging Vietnam Vets in retirement often start thinking back on life, war memories r difficult
Me & Mom watched draft drawing on TV, to see if I'd go to Vietnam. I didn't. Nearly lost my union job protesting war. What happened to USA?😕
leading a group on Shay's Achilles in Vietnam & Homer's Iliad exploring at
You're never too young to have a Vietnam War flashback
US provides 12 million USD to tackle post-war aftermaths in Vietnam at
A problem with the holodeck forces Sisko to confront a psychedelic Vietnam War scenario, and the only escape is to commit suicide.
Is this serious news, a little sense of history would have helped. Remember US - Vietnam War. .
Thank you Vietnam War veterans and for your service!
If we're smart we'll pawn the war off on China like the French dumped Vietnam in our laps way back when. But that's…
Oh, man. Ken Burns is doing Vietnam this fall. | THE VIETNAM WAR | Extended Look | PBS
.unanimously passed the War Veteran's Recognition Act to honor the selflessness & sacrifice of…
Mr Dan Tehan MP: HELP SUPPORT the Forgotten Heroes of the Vietnam War - Sign the Petition!
Did a *** of a job as leading us into the Vietnam War, too. Poor Nixon had to clean up his mess.
which came to symbolize the end of United States involvement in the Vietnam War.
I was livid during the song about the Vietnam war and all the uncultured broads starting clapping and waving t…
Why so many wars? Elite families believe that human suffering is a "loosh" or offering to Satan. World War I? Yup. II? Yup. V…
I'm trying to make notes on the Vietnam War but it would be a lot easier if my head wasn't repeatedly screaming THE HEAT IS ON IN SAIGON
Used a fake event in the Gulf of Tonkin to enter the Vietnam War, while already enmeshed in an secret, illegal war in Laos - Ended up /1
Do you think they intentionally put Kong during Vietnam War because someone misunderstoood what the Viet Cong was?
his new non fiction book on the legacy of Vietnam War was up for the National Book Award too
Oi imagine the Vietnam War. There would be individual highlights of the Viet Cong v USA
Men of 60s news finally helped end the Vietnam War but w/o alacrity that 40k young American males needed not to mention 1m Vietnamese 7/
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Declassified: The Gulf of Tonkin incident that got America involved in the highly controversial Vietnam War was a stag…
First American combat troops of Vietnam War arrive at Da Nang, today 1965:
US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant addresses a new batch of recruits during the Vietnam War, 1969.
How the Vietnam War perverted American foreign policy worldwide
Ken Burns coming to Dallas for screening of 'Vietnam War' docuseries |
Celebrate Ken Burns 4 decades of historic docs & get a preview of The Vietnam War Series on 3/6 9p on WXXI:
Listen to rock station oldies for Free! : : your listen. Paint it Black, avec le titre : Vietnam War Theme
That's what I shout when I'm in a firefight in Gears of War 4. "Vietnam!!" Lol
Q: What award-winning drama about the Vietnam War starred Dana Delaney and Chloe Webb?
you sure? The Vietnam war, the economical crisis?
Trials & Blood Dragon had a baby... Fight Vietnam War 4 in Trials of the Blood Dragon out now!
An Army veteran from Vietnam lends advice and support to other Vets to get VA benefits.
have come together in a way that I have not seem since the opposition to the corp greed that…
everytime there's a story about refugees or immigrants being denied entry i just think of my parents who left Laos durin…
Lost a HS classmate. War hero who gave his all for the USA & won the Purple Heart and Bronze Star in Vietnam in some of the worst flighting.
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How old are u? Have you seen war? My husband was a medic 1st AirCav in Vietnam. War is not to take lightly!
Read a book about a badass photographer. Wrote about said book. Great read if you're into Vietnam war history.
How anti-Vietnam War activists stopped violent protest from hijacking their movement: by Robert… |
Sure you are. Like Nixon's 1968 secret plan to end Vietnam war which continued for 7 more years. Just more death. SSDD
George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, made the primitive Ewoks beat the Empire to portray the arrogance of the US in the Vietnam War.
How the Vietnam War changed American foreign policy worldwide
Beloved Vietnam War veteran slain days after DeSoto suspect was freed from jail |
I chose Vietnam, but I'm honestly thinking more the secret Cambodia & Laos operations than the public war.
im So Sick of vietnam there's so much glorification of war and I just wanted it done rippp
That new KONG movie is pretty fun. Here's my review.
As one who grew up during Vietnam War, your song Warsong was especially touching.
I watched Tropic Thunder so I know exactly what my prof is talking about with the Vietnam war.
April 15th coming up. I feel like reviving the tax revolts that occurred during the Vietnam War. I don't want to pa…
Today: music! First, the soundtrack of the Vietnam War, then the history of the electric guitar. Tune in! (See what we di…
The story behind THE VIETNAM WAR: See more ton @ 8 on WQLN TV!
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We are looking for a new VIETNAM WAR in the China sea, Northkorea, eastern europe Russia, etc.
in my day we were fighting apartheid, Vietnam war etc etc. How things change :)
well, he missed the Great Depression and WW2, but saw watergate, Vietnam, the Cold War,…
dems want to force him into a war and then bring him down when it goes badly. Their playbook for Iraq and vietnam
Steven Spielberg will be taking on the Vietnam War with stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep for his next big movie.
The dedication ceremony honored the 57,439 soldiers who were killed in action during the Vietnam War 🇺🇸.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC honors those who died in the Vietnam War. Bring it to your home.
’65 recounts the early battles of the Vietnam War, from Ia Drang to Operation Starlight
History Revisionist? The arrogance of Robert McNamara's micromanaging the Vietnam War that brought out the crazy protesters.
just give him a bit he's a genius and a master strategist, he has a paper out about "lies that led to Vietnam war"
Goodbye free speech: Calif. GOP Senator removed from floor after criticizing Tom Hayden over Vietnam War
I remember early in the Vietnam war a clown general said it was an opportunity to rest new weapons. Here we go again!
HOMEWARD BOUND Remains of Marine killed in Vietnam War head to US
My phone has been dead since the Vietnam war
Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. . May you Rest In Peace at Arlington National Cemetery.
GWB didn't serve in Vietnam, trump used bone spurs to get out of the Vietnam War (but GOLFS)!…
It's kind of like that time his foot hurt so he wouldn't have to attend the Vietnam War. htt…
A United States soldier holds up a jungle centipede during the Vietnam War in 1967.
Remains of Marine shot down during Vietnam War heading home after 48 years - Fox News
The White House press corps has been acting unpresidential since the Vietnam War. . Now they're getting a taste of their…
The non-lying media is new Vietnam ... sore foot kept him out of the War, sore *** keeping him out o…
I will not be attending the Vietnam War due to bone spurs. Please wish everyone well and have a great war !
Remains of 1st Lt. William (Billy) Ryan shot down during War heading home after 48 years
If you are a MI resident who served on active duty during the Vietnam War & want to request a lapel pin click here: http…
Reading NSA McMaster's intelligent book on how we lost Vietnam War. He will not tolerate Bannon.Expect an explosion.
from my vantage point, even weirder it doesn't even mention contemporary Asia-Pacific. Vietnam War doesn't count
I am a Vet of Vietnam War. Hanoi Jane Fonda & Hanoi John McCain shamed us. is no her…
Nothing new. McCain has been betraying USA since Vietnam War. He & Hanoi Jane Fonda should be in jail.
US army veteran Andres de Leon, was deported to Mexico, after 50 years in US, he served in the Vietnam War fighting for America.
A Southerner, Vietnam War veteran tells me: "you are very conservative. Maybe even more than your dad was. And he was very conservative."
Little Giant Ladders
Show veterans some love tomorrow at a Veterans Town Hall and Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony at Noon in Marshalltown!
U.S. had thousands of troops killed in the Vietnam War by North Vietnamese-supplied and funded Communist China.
How could you ever hate on a cripple that has cancer, ebola, and is a Vietnam War veteran have respect
Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, legendary hero of one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War, has died
Home at last: How a Vietnam War veteran found shelter (SLIDESHOW): Delbert Lammers is one of those Silicon Valley…
He went on almost 50 combat missions in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
From veteran who served three years during Vietnam War, men who didn't serve their country need to thank Sen McCain and shut up
Sen.John McCain knows more about special forces operations(as a veteran of Vietnam War)than Donald Trump!
How many VC Blumenthal engaged in battle in DC & Connecticut during the last years of the Vietnam War? No combat veteran!
Pres. accusing a decorated Vietnam War veteran, fighter pilot of "emboldening the ene…
5-Deferment Don is nearly as effective in the War on Terrorism as he was in the Vietnam War. An American disgrace.
When airpower runs up against fundamental political problems:
in his campaign Trump was very mean and stone hard for senator J McCain who was POW during Vietnam war:d…
She fled war-torn Vietnam in 1975 and was resettled in Canada as a refugee – now she helps people who escaped Syria
And my grandmother was hardcore protesting he Vietnam war and environmental causes at my age
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
And u know firsthand because u served over there, right? Or nah, maybe it was the Korean War? Vietnam? Anything? . -…
Elliot Abrams is yet another RW Vietnam draft-dodging chickenhawk who wants to send other people's kids to war. No wonder…
Ever hear of Vietnam war, Iraq War, the Indian wars, Slavery, bombing of Libya, arming of terrorists in Syria, Jim Crow?
People on the left durng the Vietnam War weren't happy about the US being a nation of killers. Trump seems to be.
a Korean film of a woman determined to find her husband during the start of the Vietnam war... Wow! Youtube this, ppl!!
.. I doubt the accommodations of US POWs in the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War were as comfortable as Fonda's pad.
IMC got so mad about video games that he now thinks the iraq war and vietnam war were good
Its so ironic that some S'poreans call Trumps ban illegal & racist when Singapore has excepted 0 refugees since Vietnam war & maybe even WW2
So then ther is the Korean War not a good thing to make Koreans popular and of course vietnam where so ma y lives were lost and changed
John McCain and the POW Cover-Up. The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam
Dickey Chapelle, American photojournalist, died covering the Vietnam War. She was incredible.
American POW in North Vietnam blinks "TORTURE" in Morse code during a televised press conference, Vietnam War, 1966 https…
we were losing the war in Vietnam after ten years,
A letter Pres. Johnson sent to The Smothers Brothers, 1960s satirists who were extremely critical of the Vietnam War htt…
Not really. Not in the US. Ever hear of the Revolutionary War? Also marching,protests, campus shut-downs had influence on VietNam.
Philadelphia protest against the Vietnam War (Julia Ryan). Automatic colorization by a neural network.
"In the United States, we want to believe we will never become a country of refugees." -
we've had 3 salient events in post-war US. 1965 immigration reform, Vietnam War, election of Barack Obama.
My brainspace is future tense but my relationship with my parents is present tense. We never talk about the past.
Go to ANY US war memorial, in ANY town, or run your hand over 58K+ names on DC's Vietnam Memorial. They're ALL descendants of immigrants.
Pulitzer-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen on being a refugee & his theory abt why refugees are feared
"No one wants their child to be a refugee"
America can only go to war but America cannot fight - only cut & run! Haven't you learned from Vietnam & Iraq?
sml for history classes that talk abt wars i could relate musicals to (ex. Miss Saigon and the Vietnam War)
“WAGES OF WAR is somewhat unique for a Vietnam novel as it deals with civilians far from battle.":
he was enraged screaming "you people killed my son" (referring to the Vietnam war). my Lola left all her groceries and walked out
The Fog of War (if you already have a decent grounding in hist Vietnam war/Cold War)
.A new look for Australia's Vietnam War database - please take a look and share
I just let out a war cry loud enough for Vietnam to hear
you need to review the Vietnam war. That was a bad joke and reference I swear.
'No one wants for their child to become a refugee.' —Viet Thanh Nguyen
The anger over Trump is fueling a surge of activism that some Democrats say they have not seen since the Vietnam War
Site of war veterans’ retreat for sale: A VIETNAM veteran who runs a retreat for fellow vets on his country……
young USA girls now registering for Vietnam too many young ppl in usa.weed out minorities and poor in war
When. I was a kid. I asked. a Vietnam. veteran. about. the war. Have you. seen. the movie. Hamburger Hill?. Yes,. I said. It was. like that,. he said.
This Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist has a fascinating theory about why Americans fear refugees via
Beautiful and nuanced thoughts on why the refugee is so "other"
Riverside Sangha ingave a great welcome tonight. What a treat to be where spoke about the…
Today marks the deadliest day of the Vietnam War. On Jan. 31, 1968: 246 US service members were lost. Never forget 🇺🇸
Americans, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, the boy band era of music, 9/11, long drawn out wars in irag
49% of Americans support Trump’s *** “Muslim Ban." This Pulitzer prize-winner has a fascinating theory why
One of the most horrifying actions of the Vietnam War was the Mai Lai Massacre. WO1 Hugh Thompson intervened and...
found out that a 1Y classification was used because we never declared war with men were defered for even minor issues.
I live here hiding in plain sight for I am merely a ghost of my Vietnam War past
1973:The Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam, known as the Paris Peace Accords, i…
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in 1973 the Paris Accord ended the America's longest at the time.
Vietnam War film gets its own video game.
he cured polio, discovered DNA, invented the Roomba, popularized Diet Coke, ended the Vietnam Nam war and ...
Jan. 27, 1973, the War in Vietnam ended. Remember those we lost. Remember that had fake heelspurs and a letter from a quack
The Paris accord ending the Vietnam War, America's longest war, was signed this day in 1973.
In memory of the 58,479 BRAVE who never returned home from the Vietnam War.
Having a US enemy ties into the "Loss of innocence" from Vietnam war. The war sent them over the edge.
Trump calls his love life ''my personal Vietnam'—this despite, you know, dodging the actual Vietnam War'
point is Trump is a patriot, people were defered during Vietnam ..all those college kids marching in the street against the war.
1973: Paris Peace Accords are signed by the U.S. and Vietnam, officially ending America’s participation in its most…
It's super hard not to get overwhelmed and burned out. I protested the Vietnam War…
The LotR was first pub'd on 7/21/54. AS A DIRECT RESULT, the Indo-China war ended when France surrendered North Vietnam to the Communists.
On This Day. 1973: By proclamation, Richard Nixon urged a day of prayer and Thanksgiving to mark the end of the Vietnam…
Tfw the friends you spend the most time with are also your heroes bc they protested Nixon/The War in Vietnam in the 60s/70s.
Country Joe's Anti Vietnam War Song Woodstock - things haven't changed. We're still getting * by the Biggiepiggies
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I had just completed basic training as an infantryman in the US Army when the war in Vietnam ended, and I never dep…
I remember Nixon and the Vietnam war but most of those protests were peaceful now they act like anarchists and have becomedangerous
Any song that came out during the Vietnam war is straight fire
my mom sent me this today. she came here in 1975 as a teen at the end of the vietnam war. i wouldn't be here if the US didn't t…
If you will recall, the US would not let the Draft Dodgers back in the country after the Vietnam war.
FWIW - Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth , Vietnam war via youtube
I am proud to say that I protested in the 70s and helped stop the Vietnam war and brought down Nixon
based on what? Your draft dodging days during the Vietnam War?
I see it differently. Trump wants a war, it'll tear America apart. Vietnam X10
War movie 'Apocalypse Now' getting its own videogame. Francis Ford Coppola is developing a videogame based on his Vietnam War film.
Wounded American Marines being treated and prepared for evacuation during the Vietnam War.1966.https:…
Wounded Marine being helped to an air evacuation point during Vietnam War. 1966.
American soldiers tending wounded comrade while awaiting evacuation just south of the DMZ during the Vietnam War.1966.…
"America arrests the Jewish children of Vietnam War Vets in the most diverse city in the world for shoving Nazi's."
Marc Riboud, Young girl with flower in demonstration against the war in Vietnam, Washington D.C., 1967 at...
Reminder that the financed feminism in the 1960s as distraction from Vietnam War. Dumb SJWs are tools of deep sta…
Today in civil liberties history: 1968, Chicago subways and EL train allowed anti-Vietnam war Ads for first time
what peace? Korea, Vietnam, "police actions" in south/Central America, Gulf war, Afghanistan, Iraq.
'The Horror...'...Apocalypse Now: a game based on the classic Vietnam war film is crowdfunding on https:…
The plight of the Hmong people fleeing persecution after fighting for the U.S. during the Vietnam war + their journey as refuge…
Change in plans. FDR, MLK, Jefferson, WWII, Vietnam War, Lincoln Memorials. Then Saw crew teams on the Potomac. It's a good day!
In a days work you can see the Lincoln, Jefferson, King Jr, Washington, WW2, Vietnam War, Roosevelt and Korean War memorials
OTD 1977—. The day after his inauguration, President Carter pardoned Vietnam War draft evaders. (Civilians, not milita…
A USMC M67A2 "Zippo" in action near Da Nang during the Vietnam War
"I fear that we’re about to stress our unity and institutions in ways not seen since the Vietnam War."
"Had Kennedy lived, I think we would have had no Vietnam war". - Texas Senator Yarborough
73 year old war hero, Alastair Livingston from Ilkley, looks back on his service in Vietnam.
"Between 1989-1994 more black men were murdered in the streets of America than the Vietnam War" - Jay Z/Decoded
Meanwhile as a young man, Donald Trump was dodging the Vietnam War & getting millions from daddy.
His last speech was against the Vietnam War ***
Prior to death, 72 % of whites & 55 % of blacks disapproved of his opposition to the Vietnam War. He wasn't universally…
1967 - Martin Luther King speaks at anti-Vietnam War peace rally that draws 125,000 in front of UN Headquarters http…
MLK's full speech "Why I am opposed to the war in Vietnam" still painfully relevant today:
Vietnam Veterans were fed huge amounts of amphetamines through out the war. amounts of
Kerry protested against the War joined in met w/ NVA Generals turned over all info…
My favorite speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is "Why I Oppose the Vietnam War" because it…
The Vietnam war is currently going on in my uterus. Sweet Jesus, take the wheel. 😰
If you listen to one MLK speech today, consider making it his Riverside Church speech against the Vietnam war
I'm sure you aren't aware that the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan War (the 1st one vs Russia) were proxy wars of th Cold War
Because the C.I.A took him out after he spoke out against the Vietnam war
Reminder that it's more likely he died for opposing the Vietnam War
did help elect Nixon. Bigger help for Nixon wer the Vietnam War protests. I think BLM helped (small) elect DJT
Possibly the most heroic part of MLK's career was speaking out against Vietnam war. He stood by his beliefs especially when i…
1967 NYT response to MLK's "error": "no simple answers to the war in Vietnam or to racial injustice in this country"
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