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Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a national memorial in Washington, D.C. It honors U.S. service members of the U.S.

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Exploring the lived experience of Vietnam War through art | Canberra Life via
maybe Vietnam will make another memorial for you like they did after the Vietnam war for shaming our troops.
“The homeless are nesting there and defecating there because it provides a degree of concealment."
People are using Hawaii’s Korean and Vietnam War Memorial as an open latrine, lawmaker says
Human feces on Vietnam & Korean War Memorial due to rampant homelessness in Hawaii's capitol.
Human feces found at Hawaiian war memorial, lawmaker says by via Home -
Hawaii Rep. Bob McDermott took photos of the monument, which has the names of lives lost in the Korean and Vietn...
Veterans Park memorial to serve as a tribute to those who fought in Vietnam to be built in Jeffersontown.
The - my war - reintroduced America to the military it had largely ignored since Vietnam. war…
New monument coming to Veterans Memorial Park on Taylorsville Road
This is what the Vietnam War Memorial looks like at sunrise.
Deming veterans seeking more recognizable Vietnam War memorial
Police seek help identifying those who vandalized the & Vietnam Memorial in Poteau Cemetery (Oklahoma). https:/…
Vietnam war memorial we made for your reference. If you have any idea for your need, email hannahfreel…
Plus “Chopped” winner to demonstrate healthy cooking, Vietnam War memorial planned and more: nearby news.
Well I for one find it RUDE and DISHONORABLE for Meryl Streep to breakdance on the Vietnam War Memorial
Over 70,000 veterans have killed themselves since Vietnam vs 58,000 died in the war. No memorial wall for them
did you hear the news? Meryl Streep breakdanced on the Vietnam War Memorial.
Idea for the Mexico wall: it looks like the Vietnam War Memorial but it's inscribed with the name of every American with immigrant ancestors
How many more names would be on the Vietnam War Memorial wall, but for those who opposed the Presidents who supported the war
Proud to be in Pierre for the re-dedication of the Vietnam War Memorial. Thanks to volunteers Dave & Craig for oper…
My father, an Air Force Vietnam vet, at the Vietnam War Memorial. There are way too many names.…
Yale Veteran Network organized day of service on Saturday, May 28, 9am to 1pm at the Vietnam War Memorial at Long Wharf Park. Bring gloves.
I shots these at the Vietnam War Memorial in 2003. Sharing to honor and my stepdad who served.
Brittany Hirth will speak on her work at Vietnam War Memorial, 4/7 at 5:00
Our NY American Legion Family leaders visiting the Vietnam War Memorial this afternoon in Highland Park, Rochester.
We love this new addition to Veterans Park, near the Vietnam War Memorial, titled "Red, White and Blue Quilt by...
20 years to have a proper look at impacts of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans
"This is a connection of the bridge that comes over from Twin Brooks to the Vietnam War memorial," said Stuart McCarthy, director.
If you know what children are taught at public schools about the Vietnam War, you shouldn't be surprised
Bird, Jacqueline: In the matter of Agent Orange: Vietnam veterans versus the Australian War Memorial
Long article, long struggle for to look again at impacts of Agent Orange on Vietnam vets
Our clad coinage began during the Vietnam War but the coin for the war's memorial is silver.
answer the *** questions. How is debt going down with increase of GDP? Not Vietnam War Memorial, ***
Planning starts for Vietnam War memorial: The Manteca Mural Society is inviting all veterans to gather Thursday,…
Planning starts for Vietnam War memorial - Manteca Bulletin
Vietnam War sad, walked and cried the entire length of the wall brought it all back so
A soldier weeps at the Vietnam War Memorial
Learning about Vietnam War before entering the memorial
Vietnam Memorial shows all the names of the people who died because of the war
My favorite's the Vietnam War Memorial & I got to see it over break. A picture of the Washington Monument!
Very humbling walk through the Vietnam War Memorial today. Over 58,000 names on the wall.
Hazel want to go to Vietnam Memorial next @ National World War II Memorial
Another part of the war memorial at the Hanoi War Museum
To include the names of all those lost, a Civil War monument would have to be 10 times the length of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington
First 2 pics- Part of the Korean War Memorial. Third pic- Part of the Vietnam War Memorial
Volunteers needed for 'Wall that heals' Vietnam War Memorial Replica.
The Vietnam War memorial honoring all the soldiers who died in war for us.
Memorial Day Video Contest for students grades 4-12. "How did the Vietnam War change our country?"
8th Grade HST visited several memorials in DC last night...Vietnam War, Korean War, and Lincoln Memorial.
Sad image. . Vietnam War Memorial with the names of 58,195 men who never made it back.
Stealing medals off Philadelphia Vietnam War memorial... People are disgusting
First day itinerary-Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK memorials. Also the Vietnam War Wall, Korean Memorial, and the National Archives.
Memorial Day video contest by asks students "How did the Vietnam War change our country?"
I'm currently learning about the Vietnam war in APUSH and it's awful :( what an important, solemn, memorial💔
I think it's a memorial for the Vietnam War
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial near Penn's Landing was vandalized, and it'll cost about $1,000 to fix.
U.S. could limit collection of items left at War memorial
An exact replica of the Vietnam War Memorial rolled into the Mid-South. >>
**SPECIAL EVENT**. See the Huey Helicopter installed in the Vietnam War Memorial tomorrow at 7am at Veterans Park.
"Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall to come to Wareham" A smaller replica of the Vietnam War Memorial will be a short …
Vietnam War Memorial wall replica coming to Willows via
Creating scale replicas of Maya Lin's Vietnam War Memorial has become a veritable industry.
John Schneider shares a letter a soldier left to his fallen comrade at the Vietnam War Memorial.
Vietnam War Memorial wall coming to Carroll County via
Vietnam War Memorial wall coming to Carroll County -
"The Wall" tribute to the Vietnam War Memorial by The Franklin Mint
Crowds gather on lawn of Vietnam War Memorial in remembrance of 50th anniversary of Battle of Ia Drang
Hard to believe... but Maya Lin designed the Vietnam War Memorial when she was **21 years old**...
Patriot Guard Riders of Oklahoma honor fallen heroes during a flag retirement ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial...
So apparently a guy named Ben Underhill died in the Vietnam War and his name is on the memorial wall.
OH (a teacher to her students at the Vietnam War Memorial): What kind of memorial would you design for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars?
It's interesting that the Vietnam War Memorial doesn't have any platitudes about why the war was fought or what it accomplished.
Traveling memorial honors 73 Lake County residents who died in the Vietnam War
Vietnam War Traveling Wall Memorial now through Sept 6 at Memorial Grove on Nebraska Ave
Drove out to see the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall. As w the one in DC, it was heartbreaking.
There is also a complete replica of it and the Vietnam War Memorial in Pensacola, FL
Memorial to the nurses of the Vietnam War.
Nice obit from on Harry Hagaman, Marine brigadier general who helped build Vietnam Memorial in
Trump should propose to make part of it a memorial to Americans killed by illegals, like the Vietnam War Memorial.
Honoring our Rolling Thunder tribute to the Vietnam War Memorial from to ?
Lincoln Memorial . World War 1 and 2 Memorials . Vietnam and Korean War Memorials. N finally the Holocaust
“Your PR and organizational skills worked! We had thousands attend the Vietnam War Memorial Exhibit at the...
Sargent's Memorial for the Soldiers who served in the Vietnam Nam War, Colorado.
Vietnam War memorial has 58,307 names. Americans killed by gun here at home SINCE Vietnam is > 1.5 million!. …
finds a reason for disgraced former Speaker to visit Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial in Washington - a moving and thought provoking experience
Vietnam War Memorial, DC After Dark Tour Click here to book a tour for the spring!
After the WWII Memorial, the group walks along the reflecting pool to the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial. For some veterans, visiting these memorials is a lighthearted experience. For others, it is an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and remember lost friends or family members. Sometimes we can squeeze in a stop at the FDR Memorial, as well.
Come out to after your workout next Saturday. Launches from Vietnam War Memorial 9AM.
We need a memorial like the vietnam war memorial in DC 4 young people of color who are killed by police starting with emmett Till.
Happy Day from the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. (by
New print available on - 'Vietnam War Memorial Statue' by Daniel Hebard -
My cousin got a Vietnam Memorial tattoo in honor of our pop pop... Only thing is my pop pop was in the Korean War
Places to see before you die: Dawn at the memorial to veterans of the Vietnam War in the District of Columbia.
John Rambo was an actual U.S. soldier in Vietnam, his name can be found on the Vietnam War Memorial. He was awarded a silver star.
Took my dad to the Vietnam War Memorial today...he's retired Army 20 years service and a Vietnam…
The Veterans Museum & Memorial Center was thrilled to host the reunion between Mike Neil and GTO!
The Vietnam War Memorial. One of the saddest places on earth. -
This Korean War/ Vietnam Memorial made me teary eyed. Miss you daddy 💕
Statue of soldiers at the Vietnam war memorial
Wall of names at the Vietnam War Memorial
NH DECA and Maine DECA at the Vietnam War Memorial in DC.. A very impressive tour!
MOVING WALL ARRIVES IN MADERA COUNTY. Replica of Vietnam War Memorial to be displayed at Courthouse Park. Madera,...
A ceremony remembering our POW/MIA soldiers will be held tonight, Wyco Lake at the Korean/Vietnam War Memorial; 6pm
05/27/2014 12:38 PM CDT - Reading of the Names Ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial As Delivered by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, D.C., Saturday, May 24, 2014 - As we all know here this morning, things don't just happen. And I want to begin with acknowledging the leadership of Jan Scruggs and many sitting here in the front row who began this magnificent journey of building a Vietnam Veterans Memorial many, many years ago. And to you, Jan, and to your board and co-founders, we continue to acknowledge you and thank you for what you do for all of us. And I think this event this morning, recognizing a very special group of individuals, is further testimony to what you started a long, long time ago. And those of us who've had the privilege of being part of that acknowledge it and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of what you started. So to Jan, thank you. I also want to use this moment to acknowledge and put endorsement in for the continued efforts many of yo ...   10% Off
My blog: The haunting past of tall grass
Family Guy - Vietnam War Memorial: one more time people! xD
Family Guy - Vietnam War Memorial: this is the episode . lmao no chill at all !
For those who could not make it here are some pictures of today's Memorial Day Ceremony at Pioneer Park and the Vietnam War Memorial at Rancho Tapo Park.
My Memorial Day is complete - got to see Kelly's Heroes & we discussed the socio-political significance of the movie & the Vietnam War
Visited the Vietnam War Memorial replica and even though it wasn't the real thing I was still taken back quite a bit
During a 2011 visit to Washington D.C. I made a point of visiting the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War Memorials. It is truly my honor to have followed those who served, and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. In adding up, my wife and I have 21 direct relatives that have served from World War I to today. Only 1, my Great Uncle Brandscombe gave the ultimate sacrifice while flying in WWII. My thoughts and prayers to all the families who have suffered that loss. Freedom isn't free.
I remember visiting the Vietnam War Memorial as a kid, seeing all those names on the wall. The sacrifice absolutely blew me away.
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Frankfort, KY with several Vietnam vets. It...
Stubbled across some interesting Vietnam war posters for Memorial day. Check them out!
Happy Memorial Day and RIP to my grandpa that died in the Vietnam War trying to defend our country
Mom and Dad at the Vietnam war memorial traveling wall. @ Elizabethtown Nature…
My grandpa was a Vietnam war veteran, was almost blind, broke discs in his back and is the strongest man I know. Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸
Happy Memorial Day to my great aunt who fought in the Vietnam war disguised as a man! Lifelong struggles because she WANTED to defend us 🇺🇸💪
Every year, Rachel meets with her father at the Vietnam War Memorial. Panel 35.
So true...My Dad faught in the Vietnam War...reflections...
Happy Memorial Day to all that where lost in war , so thankful my grampi came out of Vietnam alive . ❤️🇺🇸
My grandpa, my hero. He served in the Vietnam War for 20 years. Happy Memorial Day 💙❤️
Vietnam War Wall Memorial at night in DC! Was there in 2012! Very emotional still
Very Moving.. At the Vietnam Memorial Today. Fellow Veterans of the Vietnam War honoring their fallen soldiers,...
Happy Memorial Day, this goes out to all my uncles in the Korean and Vietnam War
The Rensselaer County Vietnam War Memorial in Troy, NY "1959 Honor the Warriors 1975 - Not the War"
Sue and I visited the California Vietnam War Memorial today. Time well spent. We are so appreciative to the individuals and families who sacrificed their all. Grateful we can show respect to them as we reflect on their sacrifice today. We looked up two names on the Wall who Sue and I knew personally and were killed in the Vietnam War. One was a young man named George Waldron. Kind of a quiet young man. We sat next to each other in Journalism Class. He helped his father run a carpet cleaning business so he didn't have a lot of spare time. He had a maturity brought on by hard work. He worked full time in his dad's business after his high school graduation. He decided to serve his country and joined the Army Airborne. In 1966, two weeks after his 20th birthday, he stepped on a land mine and was killed. The second young man was Howard "Howdy" Earl Cramblet. Howdy was Sue's cousin and was about 4 years older than her. He lived in Crescent City with his parents. His father was a teacher at the local high school ...
Yes, the Korean War Memorial is so life like, it's my favorite, They should add something like that to the Vietnam Memorial, IMO
- Ending Memorial Day at Vietnam War Memorial to remember those from the previous…
Happy Memorial Day! Especially to my Grandpa, He served in the Vietnam War. 🇺🇸
I want to visit the Vietnam war memorial wall so badly! Definitely on my bucket list
I want to see the Vietnam war memorial
When the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, thousands of war dogs were abandoned, separated from their handlers forever.
Happy Memorial Day daddy !!! Love and miss u lots you fought that Vietnam war and it never left you
Happy Memorial Day baby your from Mercedes Texas i lost my Uncle in the Vietnam War he was my hero Love Ya;-…
Constructed in 1926, Memorial Union was dedicated to MU students who lost their lives in World War I.
Rocking Memorial Day with a Korean War vet, and two Vietnam vets. Oh yeah, and me, an Iraq and Afghanistan vet.
Steve 'Petey' DeAro lost his life in Vietnam His name is on the War Memorial. We were in band class.
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. More than 265,000 women served in the Vietnam War – and 10,000 of them served within combat...
A good day to visit the Vietnam War memorial in Washington Park.
Happy memorial day! I'm honored to say that I've meet veterans from world war II and the Vietnam war
At a memorial service I saw this couple.Arms wrapped around his wife of 58 yrs. He served in the Vietnam War.
Just left a great Memorial Day ceremony w/ WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, & War on Terrorism Vets. Was an honor to be w/them. God Bless them!
A Special Memorial Day Message From our General Manager, Travis Sherven Freedom: "It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realized. But, My Lord, if it needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." --Nelson Mandela As a member of a military family, today is especially important and touching to me. We all have an idea of what a hero is. To me, a hero puts on the uniform, straps up the boots, shoulders a weapon and serves side-by-side with others of the same ilk. Soldiers that stand guard. They rush into places and situations that would terrify most of us. They honor this great country, its citizens, and the democracy that insures our freedom. Today we thank and remember with distinction and reverence those who laid the costliest of sacrifices upon the altar of freedom. To perish in the act of maintaining our liberty and supporting this strong nation cannot go unnoticed. I have stood solemnly at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, seen the haunting beauty of Arlington National Cemete ...
Shot in Washington, D.C. This song/video tells a remarkable story of a Vietnam War widow and a magical reunion with her husband at the Vietnam War Memorial.
I've been thinking tonight of a young man from Farmington whose last name was Cleve who gave his life during the war in Vietnam. I remember going to the Vietnam War Memorial and tracing his name from the engraving and sending it to my Mother to give to his Mother - seems like she lived on Boyce near my Mother, Virginia Johnson. Does anyone remember this young man?
There are over 58,000 names of my brothers and sisters on the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. They are on my mind this wee…
Blown away by the number of fallen soldiers listed at the Vietnam War Memorial.
". This pic of the Vietnam War Memorial is going viral: . - .
Love this pic of the Vietnam War Memorial. We thank our Veterans.
Just returned from a visit to The Wall That Heals, the moving Vietnam War Memorial. Visited my brother-in-law, Thomas C. Shepherd Sr., USA; a home town neighbor, Carter Moore, USMC and a school classmate of Flo's, David M. Mills, USMC. I took some pictures of their names but can't upload yet. Please remember the sacrifices these men and all the servicemen and women who did the supreme sacrifice so that we can enjoy today's activities without fear. RIP Tom, Carter and Dave. Gone but not forgotten.
A small scale version of the Vietnam War Memorial wall is on display in Kenner throughout the weekend.
I am a Vietnam Vet '68. I want to thank all of the active military and veterans worldwide for your service. Unless you have been in a war zone, where your life is on the line 24/7, it is almost impossible to describe what it is like, when you are always under hostile enemy fire. I lost so many treasured friends in Vietnam. When I visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC, I cried like a baby. I want to thank Alan Stock, the talented and award winning talk radio host at KDWN Radio for posting this. Alan you are a treasured friend and client.
This is awesome. Glen Clemons we need to check this out 'Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial | "Cycle ride from Tomichi Creek off of Highway 50 near Gunnison, CO up to the Continental Divide, where we found this war memorial tucked away in seclusion. You won't find it on any maps. An old local at the Tomichi Trading Post said the Park Rangers keep it off maps...the story is that a Vietnam Vet somehow used a chopper to sneak the pieces in. If anyone knows the true story, I'd love to hear it." Some additional info can be found at - To see on Google Maps go to:
Does anyone know who made this amazing and haunting Vietnam War Memorial in the middle of a random wood?
Route 66 Tour from New York to Los Angeles. The official start is from Chicago to L.A. Vietnam War Memorial - The...
7:30 Monday May 12 will be candlelight service for Justin at Vietnam War Memorial.
Memorial Drive also has a Korean War Memorial built in 2005 and Vietnam War Memorial built in 1986
STUDENTS TO DC - Another GREAT DAY! We visited so many sites, including the White House, Capitol, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, and SO MUCH MORE. The kids are having a great time and learning LOTS. It is a pleasure to be here with them. A special thank you to all who made this trip possible, including parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. This trip is something our kids will NEVER forget. Good night, Bolsa Knolls.
Troop 421 at the traveling Vietnam War Memorial wall.
Visited the Traveling Wall, the Vietnam War Memorial today. I was without words.
I had so much fun taking my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ken's Senior *Citizens* pictures today. This summer they will celebrate 50 years of marriage and we sure did find the places around town that represent them as a couple over the years. I think my most favorite part was visiting the Vietnam War Memorial with my uncle for his first time and standing with him, my mom Barb Fryer McDaniel and Kari Selk singing the national anthem. I love that it meant so much to him that we did that together and that he got to see his friend's name on the wall. The war memorials are really a special place. What an honor to have the Illinois fallen represented here in Springfield.
Aloha All.Vietnam Veterans, mark your calendars for the 27th of April, 1100 hours for our VVA Chapter 785's participation with "Black April," recognizing the Fall of Saigon, 30 April 1975. This day is known by the Vietnamese as "Ngay Quoc Han," roughly translated, as "the day of national resentment." Our VVA Chapter 785 of which we have over 800 Vietnamese AVVA Members has been a participant for decades and now meets at the Vietnam War Memorial since it's dedication in 2003. We our honored to join our Vietnamese Allies, our brothers, who we fought with side by side, in the Vietnam War, against communism. We are also honored to recognize and acknowledge this day when Saigon fell under communist rule. Oooorah and Semper Fi. Monsoon
As we face a new year, I recall visiting with three old friends, a few years back, at a park in the nation's capital. It seems like only yesterday that we were all together, but actually it has been 42 years. There was a crowd at the park that day, and it took us a while to connect, but with the aid of a book we made it. I found Harry, Bruce and Paul. In 1970-72 we were gung *** young fighter pilots on America and Constellation off Vietnam, the cream of the crop of the U.S. Navy, flying F-4J Phantoms. Now their names are on that 500-foot-long Vietnam War Memorial. I am hesitant to visit the wall when I'm in Washington DC because I don't trust myself to keep my composure. Standing in front of that somber wall, I tried to keep it light, reminiscing about how things were back then. We used to joke about our passionate love affair with an inanimate flying object-we flew. We marveled at the thought that we actually got paid to do it. We were not draftees but college graduates in Vietnam by choice, opting for t ...
Wow. from former photographer at the Vietnam War Memorial:
Port warns of weekend crowds at harbor due to Vietnam War Memorial wall & cruise ships
'Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial | Someone out there knows the history.???
This guy was checking out the Vietnam War Memorial.
Had a nice walk around DC today. Our last stop was the Vietnam War Memorial. I was silent and respectful and saddened after stopping at the WW II WW I and Korean War Memorials. Openly broke down at that long black wall. Later I will post a letter I saw at the base of the memorial from one veteran to his brothers who did not come home. After giving the whole thing some thought I have come up with what I think should be a justified and long over due move. The President of the United States, Our Commander in Chief of the Armed forces should be moved from the White House and be forced to live on the grounds of Arlington Memorial Cemetery so that every time He makes decision involving our young service men the rows of fallen youth can remind him of it's cost.
On September 20, 2013 at the Vietnam War Memorial the 31 year journey of Mike "Flagman" Bowen was successfully completed. After running more than 58,000 mile...
Jacksonville-area veterans gathered at the Vietnam War Memorial in Nichols Park today for a Veterans Day ceremony.
In honor of Veterans Day, I'm reposting these pics of my dad when we went to D.C. in 2007. Dad is standing in front of the panel at the Vietnam War Memorial that bears the name of his friend that was KIA right beside him. I had never seen my dad cry until that day. He was very emotional and needless to say so was I. I was blessed to have been there with him that day. Dad I love you, and you will always be my favorite veteran!!!
is watching SEC football and attending the dedication of a new Vietnam War Memorial in Ware Shoals, SC this weekend. My best to all.
So the WWII AND the Korean War Memorial were barricaded. Anyone know whether the Vietnam War Memorial is barricaded?
58,000 Dog Tags hang in memorial of those lost during the at the Vietnam War Memorial in Chicago
Recently the SD Highway Patrol Honor Guard assisted posting the colors at the Vietnam War Memorial replica in Hot...
25th anniversary of Vietnam War Memorial coming this November from the California Department of Veterans Affairs.
Dear lady talking and laughing on the phone while walking the Vietnam war memorial: shut up for 30 freaking seconds. Show some respect.
Our new commuter parking lot. Fun fact: Currently displaying the full-size replica of the Vietnam War memorial.
Sam and I take a pencil rubbing of his relative on the Vietnam War Memorial in DC.
@ Vietnam war memorial. Etched my uncles name! All I can say is thank you to our veterans!! What a powerful place!
Friends, I came across someone you should know at the Vietnam War memorial in DC. Ray Bows wrote a top notch...
Had the privilege today to visit the Traveling War Memorial in Kentucky today. Very solemn moment.
Taking a moment to remember the cost of freedom. Happy 4th! 🇺🇸 @ Vietnam War Memorial Pensacola
There are a surprising number of Asian people getting their photo taken at the Vietnam war memorial
Guys I went to the Vietnam war memorial and I cried bc there was this old lady who lost someone and there's just too many names there
Moving Wall (scale of the Vietnam War Memorial), Irvington Farmers Market, area Fireworks, Music in Dobbs...
members at the Vietnam War Memorial on the 1st full day of DC
Great day in D.C.! We saw the White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson memorial, wwII memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War memorial.
Who said the communists don't value gold? In 1976 the Lao government commissioned a Vietnam War memorial...
Jake funny from this weekend in DC, provided by Dan: As we made our way around the National Mall on bicycles and made our various stops at the Washington Monument, White House, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, Tidal Basin, and Jefferson Memorial...I kept saying to him that our last stop before heading back to the hotel would be the Air and Space Museum. He asked me about that a couple of times and I'd say something like "They have the actual airplanes and space ships in there." He kept having a confused look on his face. Finally as we were nearing it "the light went on" and he said "OH. Air AND Space Museum. I thought you were saying 'Aaron's Pace Museum' and wondered who Aaron Pace was and why there is a museum for him." LOL, that's my boy!
Attending the ground breaking of the Vietnam War Memorial at Veterans Park. A few hundred people gathering to remember. This park is great.
Went to the Vietnam War Memorial. I saw Paul R. Hattabaugh's name on the wall. I remember when it happened. A very sad day.
I had no idea the Vietnam War Memorial was as large as it is - very humbling!!
Congressman Hunter office asked me why I am not in Washington D.C. for the Vietnam War Memorial and the answer is: A mistake happened and the flight/schedule information wasn't sent to me. I am bummed The person I am working with in the search for my uncle and the American advisors is Veterans Representative Tommy Marquez. It's good to talk to another former military man. When he asked for my email it went something like this: Delta, Echo, Quebec, Uniform, Alpha, November, Golf, Lima, Echo Go to show you can take a man out of the military, but you can't take the discipline out of a man :)
This photo reminds me so much of my brother Gerry who was in Vietnam during the war. He came back intact but went through *** when he was there, as did most of the others. God bless them all for doing what their country called them to do. The sacrificed being home with their families, all the comforts of home and endured horror, pain, suffering, loneliness, physical hardship, terrible loss - and so much more. We owe them everything, as we do those who are giving their best for America now. They are all "the few" who risk everything for "the many" who risk nothing (and that would be the rest of us). We have a wonderful replica here in the Pensacola area of the DC Vietnam War Memorial. It's 3/4th the size of the original but has the same effect, with all those thousands of names displayed. I'm very proud we have something here to honor them -it's in a park setting overlooking Pensacola Bay.
and families visit Vietnam War Memorial. shares the experience.
found my grandfather's cousin on the Vietnam War Memorial traveling wall
Memorial Day 2013 Remarks There are 31 names inscribed on the Vietnam War Memorial. And since the dedication of the monument on Veterans Day in 1993, first under the rotunda at City Hall and starting in 2004 here in this park, it became in many ways hallowed ground as family, friends, and veterans have gathered there from time to time for both public and private remembrances. Flowers were often times left at the base of the Memorial. Sometimes candles were left burning. Poignant notes were written and left. But those 31 sons of Pasadena are not just names on a memorial. They were men, some of them only teenagers, who shared the same hopes and dreams that we all have. I want to briefly tell you about a few of them. *Some had made the military their career. Master Sgt. Thomas J. Sanchez was one. "Top" Sanchez was born in Pasadena and was a Golden Gloves boxing champion at John Muir High School. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1950 and was awarded the Bronze Star with three clusters for bravery i ...
Today I basically spent the day soaking up tributes to American history - some of it inspiring, some of it terrible. I saw the original Star-Spangled Banner. I touched a piece of the Berlin Wall. I walked the acres of Arlington National Cemetery. I saw the seemingly endless names on the Vietnam War Memorial. Here's what I was reminded of so very strongly: America is a great nation. We have had a short, but eventful, world-changing history. It has had its dark moments and proud moments. It is not inherently better or worse than any other nation in the world, but it's mine. My heritage. My mistakes and glories and life. It's all a part of me. And that's why I'm proud to be an American. No inherent superiority, just a story that I get to be a part of.
Vietnam Memorial repairs could cost up to $16,000: The cost to repair the Vietnam War Memorial damaged in an A...
Visiting and paying respects at the half-scale Vietnam War Memorial in Altoona, PA.
20 years ago from right now, I was visiting the Vietnam War Memorial while on my 8th grade trip to Washington DC. Should be mandatory.
A day filled with deep and intense emotions! Pentagon, WWII Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial and Holocaust Memorial Museum. Chinatown next!
Please join us this Saturday, April 13th at the nation's first Vietnam War Memorial (on the corner of Honolulu...
We're talking about the Vietnam War Memorial and my professor said: "people really enjoy coming to look for their names on the wall"
Waving flags greet arrival of Vietnam War Memorial: Dozens of veterans on motorcycles — Patriot Guard Riders a...
Visited "The Wall" replica of the Vietnam War Memorial at the Columbus Public Library - laid flowers…
Do you know? San Jose's new Vietnam War Memorial is unveiled downtown: Several hundred family, friends and vet...
The American Flag being raised above the Sons of San José Vietnam War Memorial! Thnx Vietnam Veterans & all Vet. Luv u all !
Just finished up Mount Vernon! On our way to Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima Memorial, & the Vietnam War Memorial soon!
you being at the Vietnam War Memorial is like a nazi being at the Holocaust museum
Vietnam War Memorial traveling wall coming to Verde Valley: Sedona veterans initiated the activity, hosted the...
On this date in 1982 the Vietnam War Memorial was dedicated and every day since "the wall" has inspiNpdNH
In November of 1982 the Vietnam War Memorial was completed. LIsten to the Great 108 on November 13thN7ai1l
Vietnam War Memorial becoming a reality: For over three years the Stark ’64 Veterans Associa...
Recollections of visiting the Vietnam War Memorial by several veterans incl. David Ferriero.
Last time I was at the Vietnam War Memorial there were maybe 20 veterans here crying. Today just 1 bouquet
Had one of the saddest and most horrifying days in my life yesterday at the Vietnam War Memorial. Absolutely...
Parents, it's totally not cool and very disrespectful to let your children act like barbarians while at the Vietnam War Memorial.
Pic of me at the Vietnam War Memorial wall earlier today
The Vietnam War Memorial is much different than the one in Washington DC... Here they @ Vietnam War Memorial
12-5-2012...taken 3-31-12. Vietnam War Memorial. Love seeing my reflection with the names.
Vietnam War Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background :)
Seeing the 'Wall' required me to control my anger. Half of those visiting the 'Wall' have no sense of emotion, it is merely a curiosity. To those, I had to fightback the anger and not explain to them, why they do not deserve the valor of these young men. If these guys could somehow appear out of thin air and evaluate what has happened to their country, try telling them, "Thank you for your service". Their reply would be along the lines of "Kiss my a--!. Yeah, "Thank you for your service", while we vote in idealogues who worship Marx.
When I was a young USAF officer and aviator, I learned of the heroism of Lance Peter Sijan, a graduate of the USAF Academy.I located "Lance Sijan, Capt. USAF" on the 'Wall'. Along with Capt. Sijan, awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously and all of the other nearly forgotten names, I thought, would these men believe what has become of their beloved country, in unison they would all say, "You're kidding me, I gave my life for this!". BENGAHZI!, need I say more?
This past Sunday, I went to the traveling wall displayed at Marie Kerr Park in Palmdale. I was at the park to watch my daughter's volleyball game and saw that the 'Wall' was being displayed in the amphitheater. I was a bit apprehensive to enter the area where the 'Wall' was on exhibition. In February, 1985, while going through O.T.S., we were flown to D.C. to tour the Pentagon, the Capitol Building and in our tour, we by coincidence happened by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. It was quite a somber and moving setting(the 'Wall' was relatively new). The reason for my apprehension at visiting this replica wall was not unfounded. The mood of those few in attendance was much different than what I saw and felt during my visit to actual monument some 27 years ago. What I saw were a bunch of folks who were not in a somber mood, but several who were behaving like the replica 'Wall' was nothing more than a curiosity. Taking pictures of each other in front of the 'Wall' as if it was the Space Shuttle on static d ...
Courtney and I went to see The "Traveling" Wall (Vietnam War Memorial) in Sonoma Ca. today for Veteran's Day.
Heading to the Vietnam War Memorial to read names for the 30th anniversary of the wall. Butterflies.
The statue "Three Servicemen" was added to the Vietnam War Memorial on this day in 1984, facing the wall of more than 58,000 names.
(Human Events) “The new Vietnam War Pavilion combined with the current Vietnam War Courts of the Missi...
Friday AM, I am headed to Hawai'i to attend and photograph the dedication of the nation's latest Vietnam Memorial. Located at The The Punchbowl, it is an addition to an existing WWII and Korean memorial. I have wrangled a press pass and will have access to a lot of interesting things. I expect to meet the designer, the builder and Max Cleland who is the head of the American Battle Monument Commission. You may remember that Mr. Cleland is a triple amputee Vietnam vet who has served in many capacities after his return from the war. This is all very exciting for me and I hope to be able to do the memorial and the event justice. I have, also, located a memorial on the North Shore of O'ahu that I expect to be able to get some pics of, too. I don't know if I will post again until our return on the weekend of the 17th. Internet service was spotty and or VERY expensive when we were there in March. I'm talking $10 a minute! We'll see what I can work out this trip!
ABMC dedicates new memorial at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific: “The new Vietnam War Pavilion combined...
Once upon a time, in the youthful days of my generation, our government chose to involve the people of this nation in a civil war being fought in a far distant land. Ten years and 58,000 young lives later, that same government concluded it had miscalculated the results anticipated and abandoned the people of that distant land to their fate. I would not presume to comprehend the wisdom of the leadership then in power as to why it was necessary to insert ourselves into the conflict between the North and South of Vietnam, however, the lasting impact for the loss of so many should not be diminished by the ineptness of those who made the choices that destroyed them in their prime. We must honor the fallen for their sacrifice...for they did not falter on the battlefields of that horrific place where their government...and all of us...sent them to die. The Traveling Vietnam Memorial is at Harmon Park in Mayfield, Kentucky.
A memorial service will be held today for architect Allen Marshall, who designed South Carolina’s Vietnam War Memorial in Columbia – the first state memorial to those who died in the war, and one of the largest outside Washington, D.C. – more than a quarter-century ago.
I think the Vietnam Memorial Wall is something this country got right. Please Read on . . . A little history most people will never know. Interesting Veterans Statistics off the Vietnam Memorial Wall There are 58,267 names now listed on that polished black wall, including those added in 2010. The names are arranged in the order in which they were taken from us by date and within each date the names are alphabetized. It is hard to believe it is 36 years since the last casualties. The first known casualty was Richard B. Fitzgibbon, of North Weymouth , Mass. Listed by the U.S. Department of Defense as having been killed on June 8, 1956. His name is listed on the Wall with that of his son, Marine Corps Lance Corporal Richard B. Fitzgibbon III, who was killed on Sept. 7, 1965. There are three sets of fathers and sons on the Wall. 39,996 on the Wall were just 22 or younger. 8,283 were just 19 years old. The largest age group, 33,103 were 18 years old. 12 soldiers on the Wall were 17 years old. ...
My first visit to the Vietnam Memorial. I was able to find the name of Peter Mathes, a DHS classmate who lost his life at war. I can still picture him as a 16 year old.
Did you know that the Canadian Vietnam War memorial MAY not be completely accurate?
My favorite memorial! I have WWII Mem in 2nd, GW 3rd and Vietnam Korean War Mem is also pretty neat, if you have the time.
War dead honored with reading of names at War Memorial in Washington via
Tomorrow, the 9th of November the Vietnam Memorial Wall will be displayed at the Marie Kerr Park just blocks from my home in Palmdale. Opening ceremonies start at 12pm. I WILL PROUDLY BE THERE WITH MY VFW POST TO SAY HELLO TO SOME OLD FRIENDS! Most walls keep people out. This wall brings people together. If your not a Vietnam Vet the war was a long time ago, to thoses of us that we're there it was yesterday!
Well that's just rude. The dogs who served in the Vietnam War don't get their own memorial?
dead honored with reading of names at (Video) --
War fallen honored with reading of names at memorial - - Stripes
Riggs students recite names of SD's 193 names listed on Vietnam War Memorial for website video.
At the Vietnam war memorial listening to the names of those who fell while fighting for our nation. Thank u to those who served
This weekend is Veterans Day. It's a day we set aside to honor all of the brave men and women who have served this great Nation in her military. As I looked at this photo of the Vietnam War Memorial a war that many of us served in I am reminded of why it took me over 35 years to go and see because when I finaly did it sucked my breath away.Even now as I write this my eye's are filled with tears and I'm am even more mindful of why I joined. It was because of the sacrifices our Fathers made in World War II.
Planning and fundraising has already begun to bring the 80 percent replica model of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., to Sonoma Valley next year as part of the 2012 "Cost of...
Gave me chills! My dad did 2 Vietnam tours. He lost many of his troops and friends.
Vietnam War dead honored with reading of names at Memorial ~
to l the Lincoln Memorial, world war II, Vietnam and Korean memorials and other places (: slipped my mind
salutes on its ... Five days of events begin today ...
Westminster councilman who pushed Vietnam War memorial dies
daughter reads dad's name at the for 30th Anniversary.
Tribute to Vietnam fallen helps Shaler woman keep father in her life.
Escorting the Dignity Memorial Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. The Dignity Memorial® Vietnam Wall is a traveling, three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam...
Thursday, November 8th, David’s Drive will be having a candle light vigil at the Coatesville VA along side of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall at approximately 7PM. This is not a David’s Drive event; we will not be promoting the non-profit. Please withhold any political statements in respect of those who gave their lives for our freedom. We have approximately 35 candles and we think that should be plenty.
Dad and I at the World War 2 memorial. A fabulous experience. Vietnam Memorial next.
Kelly Coleman Rihn of Shaler will read the name of the father she never knew and those of about two dozen others who made the
Dedication of the only memorial to veterans of the Vietnam War built solely with federal funding on Veterans Day...
John will be representing the Army in a wreath laying ceremony with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other dignitaries in Chicago at the Vietnam War Memorial this Saturday for Veterans Day. Other branches of service will be represented also. It's open to the public and you're invited. Dress is business. November is Veterans Month, every day is Veterans Day for some
The Korean War Memorial shows statues of our soldiers. It and the Vietnam Memorial are places to show our respects to loved ones.
Sculpture from the The war my dad fought in.
(CNN) - Inside a trailer in Honaker, Virginia, is a 5-year-old girl who loves lemon-lime slush. She sleeps in a room with a quilted bedspread and matching purple curtains. She adores her cat Tiger, dogs Smoky and Rusty and a black, pop-eyed goldfish.
Went to the mobile Vietnam War memorial on Saturday and found my uncles name
And Vietnam, and eat all the food there. And visit the American war memorial
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a national memorial in Washington, D.C. that honors U.S. service members who fought and died in the Vietnam War.The Memorial Wall is 494 feet long and 10 feet high and contains 51,191 names. Since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973 there have been 53,600,000 known abortions. That is over 1000 times more innocent humans killed on our own soil by our own hands than all the men and women killed in that war. The Vietnam Memorial is roughly 500 ft long and to build a similar memorial for the Babies who have died by abortion it would stretch for 94.58 miles. So look at your children and grandchildren and remember that when you go vote tomorrow. Vote for LIFE ! Vote for the only candidate that apposes killing unborn babies and allowing our service men to die unaided after requesting back up more than once. There is Only one choice in my mind and its NOT obama...
should stand before the names on the Memorial and apologize. Supporting a war you run from is as unethical as it gets
Vietnam War Memorial. A class of 1956 remembering one of their own.
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The Statues in the Vietnam War Memorial seem so sad.
Highlights of the Opening Ceremony for "The Wall That Heals" traveling Vietnam War Memorial and its visit to Gull Lake Community Schools.
Well written, with heart. via An aging soldier's somber visit to Vietnam Memorial via
On the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall, Paul Goldberger on the controversy that surrounded Maya Lin’s design.
morning friends.The Vietnam War Memorial is set up in downtown Wickenburg, accross from the Library.I was there this morning.a very proud moment and also a very sad moment.please go down there today or over the weekend and visit friends whose names are on the walls.or simply go.and read and learn about American men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.for that we may live in freedom! The Green Spot here in town donated all the potted trees and plants that really make the memorial very, very pleasing.I took down a wonderful wreath that my desinger Carol Iverson made yesterday.of course we couldnt charge anything for is truely an honor to give to the memorial.BE THANKFUL.BE BLESSED. and enjoy YOUR freedom! .ONE NATION UNDER GOD! c:
"The Vietnam Memorial means a lot to me because this is the home of America's heroes." We want to hear your story. Please upload a video response by clicking...
A very powerful and moving ceremony at the traveling Vietnam War Memorial. It is in Michigan for only the second time and its at Gull Lake High School. Open 24 hours until Sunday at 4:00. You must see this if you can.
We saw the Vietnam War Memorial, climbed the Lincoln Memorial (always a thrill!) and walked around the edge of the WWII Memorial. Then we spent the afternoon at the Natural History Museum, an old favorite. Said hello to the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond and all of the fabulous minerals. Loved the Hall of Human Origins (I'm a great believer in evolution). And then came to the last of our D.C. hotels. A very fabulous urban micro-hotel called the Eldon Hotel Luxury Suites. Oh, man... you could hole up here for a week. Gorgeous and well-appointed, and yet far less expensive than the one we were just in. Glen said it was nice to be in a new space not associated with preparing for his argument!
Tomorrow, we change hotels and become tourists together for a day. Planning to see the Vietnam War Memorial and some other things, and perhaps a walk along the C&O Canal in Georgetown. When I use to live up here part-time, those were my favorite things to do. Then on Friday, we'll both leave D.C. Glen will fly home and I'll start driving back to Atlanta. I don't know my route yet, but I'd like to hypotenuse from D.C. over to the southwestern corner of Virginia and then take I-85 back down. If there's not deep snow over there, still. It's two days away, and I will check before deciding. Heading back to Margie Osheroff's, where I'll re-load my art show stuff and head home after that. Don't quite know the timing... I just know I have to be home by Tuesday to vote. Early voting didn't start before I left last week.
Field trip today and tomorrow! Library and archives today and Vietnam war memorial tomorrow!
The nation's first dual-war memorial is dedicated to veterans of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.  Marble memorial with two life-size bronze statues was formally dedicated on Veterans Day 1988.  Located at the entrance of Wyandotte County Lake Park. 
Our Capital is a beautiful city. There is so much to see. We walked from Dupont Circle, we stopped to see The Philips Collection. We saw the White House from a distance, the National Monument is beautiful from all angles. The WWII Memorial, the Reflecting Pond, the Korean War Memorial and then there is the Vietnam War Memorial; but there is so much more to see. I wl definitely want to come back some day.
Moving, heart-breaking, inspiring. Go to the travelling Vietnam War Memorial at the Greene County Fairgrounds this weekend. This is just a powerful as the real one in D.C.
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