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Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a national memorial in Washington, D.C. It honors U.S. service members of the U.S.

Vietnam War Vietnam War Memorial Memorial Day Korean War Memorial Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall United States White House Air Force Memorial Arlington Cemetery

"Go by the Vietnam Memorial and see the hundreds of names of Puerto Ricans that are etched in that wall, who gave...
so we should toss the statue of liberty in the garbage 🤔 or the Vietnam memorial?
Standing in front of Vietnam Nam Memorial, visiting Arlington Nat'l cemetery humbles u…
I think it's the first memorial since the Vietnam one that is so poignant.
Lt. Col. John Stuart still missing from Vietnam War, son pushes for memorial, reports
Next we will be taken down The wall that represents the Vietnam Memorial
rally in Washington DC this Sunday, 1pm, on National Mall by the Vietnam Memorial. More info -
Robert Mueller volunteered to go to Vietnam as a memorial to a…
Yep. That's why we need to get rid of the Vietnam War Memorial.
I get choked up. Prob have a hard time with it like the Vietnam memorial in DC. I couldn't even finish it
Candlelight vigil tomorrow night at the Vietnam Vets Memorial in honor of POW/MIA Recognition Day.
This architecture documentary I"m watching just labeled the Washington Monument as the Vietnam Memorial.
The traveling Vietnam War Memorial is open and ready for visitors, next to Walter Hall. Stop by on your way to work or…
There are 58,318 names etched in the black granite of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Of those, 1,571 are still considered unaccounted for .
Today we got to see the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall as it made its way to Virginia War Museum. It was...
American Legion Post 38 will have a POW/MIA candlelight vigil at Sept. 17 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Route 61 h…
Saw this at the Vietnam Memorial in DC a few years ago. Kids on a field trip and some adults. Don't get it at all.
They Tried to Erase our father on Memorial Day. A Vietnam Veteran(Purple Heart).
His name is etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The POW/MIA Accounting Agency says a...
newest memorial thanks our town residents who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.
Check out this article for some history on the creation and design of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in...
What next, the WW11 memorials, the Vietnam wall, the 9/11 memorial. Because innocent peopl…
The is missing photos from 67 veterans whose names are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial​. Please help them…
A Vietnam Veterans Memorial is up on the Athens Campus:
Please come to Bicentennial Park and learn about the Vietnam Wall Memorial and so much more. Bring your families th…
Thank you, Chuck and Bill, for creating this memorial to the 142 San Jose veterans who lost their lives in Vietnam.
Traveling Vietnam Memorial at Bicen. Park 9/14-17. on hand 12-4 today to assist. New series begi…
A replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial can be viewed today through noon Sunday at Bicentennial Park.
The Wall that Heals, Vietnam Memorial replica on display now:
Maya Lin was an undergraduate at Yale and ended up beating out her professor in the design competition for The Wall.
I think part of the Wall should be a showpiece. Do a competition for the design, like they did w/Vietnam War Memorial wall!
the WWII Memorial,Vietnam Nam Memorial,Pearl Harbor Memorial, etc, etc . til there is n…
I really don't want to see Ken Burns' Civil War be banned. Or the Vietnam M…
When is the Holocaust Museum coming down? When is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall coming down?
So this includes the Vietnam War Memorial? MLK memorial? Should they implode Rome or ancient Greece? What about Egypt?
Using lee's own words, we shouldn't have a Vietnam memorial either
The pyramids? I'm American so I'll worry about monuments in America. Vietnam memorial is not honoring a…
We're at the Moving Wall Memorial with the Vet Center this weekend! Aug. 17-21 at. Wareham Middle…
What's next for you? the Vietnam veterans memorial? the pyramids? they were built by draw so…
Hey *** take down the Vietnam memorial, as a…
Please join us as we dedicate this unique memorial for all our Vietnam Veterans at the Central Texas State...
WHY IS THIS PRESIDENT SUCH A DINGLEBERRY? We decide we want to take statues down and you want to build a memorial for Vietnam 2.0 😑
When will the Vietnam War Memorial be attacked ?
I don't see it "honoring" the Confederate cause, but those who died fighting for th…
Next,WWII statutes being removed because it will offend Japanese & German imm…
The Vietnam memorial celebrate the sacrifices endured by all American servicemen and…
So when is all the monuments to ww1,ww2,Vietnam War Memorial wall,any other wars that were fought...the lefts will come for them to rewrite
Or just an abstract object, like the Vietnam War Memorial
First Night at Vietnam Veterans Memorial "Moving Wall" dedicated to Gold Star families
True Paul. Wonder when they are going after the WWII Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and th…
True Nonni. Look at what they are doing 2 our monuments now. Next up Vietnam wall, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memori…
Our Vietnam memorial list our honored dead, those who survived to return physically & mentally wounded die and neve…
To visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall..Upon seeing the Wall, I will never forget the flood of emotions that he experienced…
So they are removing the head stone of a us veteran. What's next the Vietnam memorial wall
Once Antifa realizes Americans fought brown people in Vietnam, they'll tear down the Vietnam memorial, too.
If this keeps up, one day someone will decide that the Vietnam Memorial is offensive & want it removed. THIS MUST STOP NOW!
When are we taking the Vietnam memorial wall down since no one agreed with that war either?
Can't make it to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Take a virtual tour→
So we should destroy the Vietnam memorial as well?
You want to tear down the Vietnam Memorial in NYC that Trump donated a million dollars to help build?
Vietnam Memorial vandalized. Mob mentality strikes again.
Perhaps we need a monument that lists the names of every enslaved person we can identify, in the tradition of the Vietnam War Memorial.
"Vietnam Memorial “Moving Wall” Draws Thousands to Wareham" WAREHAM – More than two thousand people turned up on T…
Governments make mistakes Soldiers don't. They have no business destroying any memorial to any Pat…
This leads me to think the memorials should be like the Vietnam memorial, a wall of names, rather than towering soldiers.
A special ceremony was held at Newcastle’s Vietnam memorial today:
he discussed f'n CROWDSIZE(!!!) in front of the CIA's hallowed Memorial Wall. He trumped up shinsplints…
Not true. He donated $10 of his own money to the New York City Vietnam Veterans M…
the Vietnam memorial is to honor the fallen who gave their lives for this country and t…
just so it's clear: we're going to have a "war on terrorism" memorial alongside the Vietnam, WWII, Korean War, etc.…
An accurate analogy would be to put an American Vietnam Memorial in *** Chi Minh City
Guess we need to take down the Vietnam memorial...huh Penn?
ww1 and ww2 war memorial and the vetrans of all wars like Vietnam they fought for there country and got treated lik…
Leftists say that the Vietnam War was unjust and blame "American imperialism!" Should we le…
"if you want a statue, win the war..." I guess Penn has never done a rubbing on the Vietnam Vets Memorial
Do you know Maya Lin, the woman behind the design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?A must-add-to-classroom-library nonfiction…
Volunteers sought for reading of the names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the deadline to signup is August 25th
This memorial at the DMZ in Vietnam has a mother and her family looking North at men separated fr…
Three names were added to the Vietnam Memorial this year. One of them was Marine Cpl. Kenneth Rae McGuire. Semper Fi, Mari…
I would imagine the Vietnam Memorial is offensive to some South Vietnamese. 🤔
What about the Vietnam Memorial or the World War Two memorials are they next? Or what about the 9/11 Memorial that…
Virginia: Replica of Vietnam Memorial wall on display at Norfolk's Town Point Park.
The new Vietnam Memorial, honoring those from Seneca County who died in the Vietnam War was…
One of the reason's why episode 7 brought me to tears is because of the Vietnam Memorial wall scene. I have a cousin who's name is on that
Go to ANY US war memorial, in ANY town, or run your hand over 58K+ names on DC's Vietnam Memorial. They're ALL descendants of immigrants.
Police seek help identifying those who vandalized the & Vietnam Memorial in Poteau Cemetery (Oklahoma). https:/…
you need to stand at the Vietnam Memorial wall or go to Arlington and see the brave who fought for your freedom. Speak your mind.
is it okay to deface national monuments and memorials. The WWII wall and Vietnam Memorial. State Flag, UN Flag *** flag etc.
I guarded a Vietnam Memorial on veterans day at 1 am and it was super cold so I was thankful for the bib att
We have a Vietnam Memorial. Maybe we need an American Memorial wall for those killed by guns in the United States.
When I was building the Vietnam Memorial, I never once asked the veterans what it was like in the war, because from my point of view,...
Update your maps at Navteq
It was a privilege to honor those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms today at the Traveling Memori…
First I had to watch videos and see pictures of living veterans and families visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and holy emotional
He's honored on the Vietnam memorial. When duty called, he answered.
.seeing my mother as the youngest woman in the Memorial Day parade after my brothers loss in Vietnam, Purple Star
You can get these in Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Proceeds support bringing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial...
I got a bit of the same feel as at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC. Felt reverence, respect for those guys.
has to lie about Vietnam memorial,etc. if he actually did something good & decent for once he wouldn't have to lie. Busted!
Vietnam War Memorial concert motivates Adelaide entertainer to help return Dog tags of soldier to appropriate owners
The Vietnam memorial at Simkins park. Thank you veterans.
The Vietnam War Memorial.oh man it was so many names I was taken aback I almost cried
I was proud to be with my DAV friends at the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall in Pahrump today.
I am proud to be in attendance in today for the Vietnam Memorial Tribute ceremony.
Sparky checks off bucket list item Visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Local discuss plans for War memorial at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. $43K raised!
We have a long way to go but I'm so glad John Lewis got to witness the election of President Obama, MLK Memorial, and
Proud to be in Pierre for the re-dedication of the Vietnam War Memorial. Thanks to volunteers Dave & Craig for oper…
Pretty sweet flyover by a Huey today, flying out of the Veterans Park for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
When the soldiers came home from Vietnam there were no parades, no celebrations, so they built the Vietnam Memorial…
Ret. LTC Charles Kettles was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics saving 44 Soldiers in Vietnam. Read here: https:…
The traveling Vietnam Memorial wall is on display near Ross's Landing. It will be up until Sunday PM
Wall That Heals. Traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. @ West Valley City…
Vietnam Memorial travelling wall will be in Middleburg Hts, OH during convention week. Please stop by!
One of last WWII Marine Code Talkers and his wife who is a Gold Star Mother - @ NM Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire
We have completed Memorial Day observances at Melrose Cemetery, Legion Parkway and the new Korea-Vietnam Memorial...
Death in the Mekong, Laos: Ceremonies in U.S. Senate, Arlington, Vietnam Memorial, Mark Exodus of Hmong, Lao People
Kansas memorial in Junction City waiting for riders to arrive Sunday afternoon.
Jonathan Tran on the political function of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Memorial Honoring the War Dogs who served in the Vietnam Nam War. Many lost their lives. Many had to be left...
Remember those who gave all from @ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Chicago Riverwalk
"The Moving Wall" is the half-size replica of the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial and has been touring... htt…
A face to a name: Volunteers searching for photos of every Vietnam vet on the Memorial Wall in D.C.
"Together, architect and client have produced a prodigy of the Washington cityscape, a building that recalls Maya Lin's…
Museum to host The Moving Wall Vietnam memorial in 2016
Giving award to Kissenger for keeping war going beyond 1968,. so close to Memorial Day, is particularly hurtful to Vietnam Vets.
are u aware trump built n paid 4 our vietnam memorial? That when city dropped vets parade trump paid 4 it? Do u know?
Join us for our annual Memorial Day Ceremony on May 30th, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.
The Vietnam Memorial is a most humbling experience. An eerie silence as I approached. God Bless our Veterans.
In 1985 Trump gave $1M to build the NYC Vietnam Veterans Memorial. https:/…
A half-size replica of the Vietnam Memorial, is coming to American Legion Post in Windsor, Missouri.
There actually was a John Rambo in Vietnam and his name can be found on the Vietnam Memorial.
Pointing the way to Vietnam Veterans Memorial — The Medina County Gazette via
More than $20,000 has been raised for a proposed Vietnam War Memorial in Killeen, according to organizers with...
A memorial of 1,017 empty chairs will be at LZ Maryland in honor of those killed or missing in action in Vietnam.
Two must sees at the College of the Ozarks ... The Veterans Grove and The Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial War.
I shots these at the Vietnam War Memorial in 2003. Sharing to honor and my stepdad who served.
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Brittany Hirth will speak on her work at Vietnam War Memorial, 4/7 at 5:00
Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall will be on display today at Posse Grounds Park.
Vietnam War Memorial unveiled in last Saturday.
Vietnam Vets gather at Memorial Wall to mark war's '50th anniversary' via https…
Vietnam Vets Gather at Memorial Wall to Mark War's '50th Anniversary' -- via
A Wall of Names: The Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Judy Donnelly ...
(Grds: 4th-12th) How did Vietnam War change our Country? Enter video contest: Cc:…
- Traveling 'Wall That Heals' Vietnam Veterans' Memorial coming to West Springfield in ...
(2/2) provide information and educate the public about the memorial and the Vietnam War. - Dennis Cardoza (Politician).
In 2003, Congress authorized the construction of a visitor center for the Vietnam Memorial to help (1/2)
Because it's Thursday... We be acting all coy in DC.😉😅 @ Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Was an honor to meet today at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Chicago's Vietnam Memorial. Remember those who fell and those who survived.
There isnt any memorial for all the kids in Vietnam still born deformed due to saturation of Agent Orange
Sun rises over the Vietnam vets memorial (photo: Today's Frontline Photos: https:…
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You find the tomb of the unknown soldier, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the MLK Memorial cynical?
How many of you have had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial areas in Arlington National Cemetery? - Photos by Steve Johnson
Some history for Logan Elm students:. Mike Spangler's name on the Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial shows all the names of the people who died because of the war
Hazel want to go to Vietnam Memorial next @ National World War II Memorial
I promised my effort for a monument to commemorate -- like the Vietnam Memorial -- allow dignity to take root by honoring human lives.
Traveling replica of Vietnam Memorial wall to be in Venice this weekend!
7th and 8th grade students will be traveling to Willows this morning to see a replica of the Vietnam Memorial...
The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Memorial, in the - in Willows until Sunday. Steve Beckley photo
Three Soilders at Vietnam Memorial, this is at the entry of the Vietnam Wall
Cambodia province upgrades memorial to Vietnam’s volunteer soldiers at
the see-saw memorial for 7 year old possible Vietnam Vet Steph-a-Knee portion had me rolling
obama and Kerry will want that to replace the Vietnam Memorial in DC
John Schneider shares a letter a soldier left to his fallen comrade at the Vietnam War Memorial.
The 2010 buried in snow ☃ 16 rows of soldiers' names at the Vietnam Memorial!.
briefs: Soto gym to have late-night laser tag Friday; Vietnam vets sought for local memorial.
On his 5/4/14: veteran Ross Johnson Sr. found the name of his only son on Vietnam Memorial https…
someone left their Silver Star against the Vietnam Memorial wall today, without a word- just a note "please leave this near my friends name"
Aiden brought a special name to find on the Vietnam Memorial wall, his grandma's brother.
I'm so happy for Jason Day on the Iran nuclear deal is the Vietnam Memorial.
I didn't know feet could stay wet for this long (Air Force Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial)
The Wall - When I went to DC a few years back I finally got to see the Vietnam Memorial. When I walked slowly up...
Ana Navarro visited the Vietnam Memorial and so many Hispanic and immigrant names on the wall. It was a weak attempt to justify lawlessness.
News: Naperville builds its own replica memorial wall at Rotary Hill - Chicago Tribune
Been a warm enough day that the gabbro stone of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is radiating a dense, haunting heat.
getting ready for the lone star rally, last year the had the rolling Vietnam memorial wall there
Dogs sure seem great until you realize they wouldnt think twice about peeing on the Vietnam Memorial.
How crazy are the attempts to punish Planned Parenthood? How does a Vietnam Wall-type memorial for fetuses sound?
if DC wanted to accommodate more traffic from 66, should it tear down the State Department or Vietnam Memorial?
Veterans Day Observance to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Ia Drang … ……
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The message from people in Yazoo city about the Vietnam Memorial moving wall.
Vietnam Memorial in Albany You seriously did not just think it was "Confederate" things, did you? Did you?
Unveiling of Vietnam Memorial in Clark County's Veteran Memorial Park. God bless those who gave last full measure.
LIVE on At the Vietnam Memorial wall with
Col. Mills on Vietnam Memorial wall: "I think time has proven this wall has been a great healing function for this country."
The Wall comes to South Boston. I think of my Uncle Jim Madden USMC. Proud to serve and of the SB Vietnam Memorial.
Senator Blumenthal and Col Miclon stopped by CR-MRC medical tent at Vietnam Memorial event.
It really is amazing to see , if you have a chance this weekend come out to Gloucester ma and view the Vietnam Memorial moving wall . 24/7
.service info to Vietnam Memorial in Gloucester available here:
This traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial helps veterans heal & shares the legacy of those named
The traveling Vietnam Memorial - The Wall That Heals is in Gloucester from July 9 to 12. Honor our Veterans.
Today, I visited the traveling Vietnam Memorial at home in Charleston. When you look at the wall and…
Heading down to see the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall. Praying for this who have served our country…
Join us sometime for a Memorial Day celebration at the Vietnam Memorial.
UCSN Rogers Park 7th graders honor fallen veterans at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington
domain names
The Shelby County Historical Society is looking for help to erect the traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial wall:
The moving wall, a replica of the Vietnam Memorial in DC, will be outside until Sunday.
Photos of veterans on the Vietnam Memorial sought
Via 2 Million Bikers to DC with Rick Goforth and Bill Cook at Vietnam Memorial, Washington DC. Bill Cook of North...
Just left the Sacajawea Memorial. Next stop the Vietnam Memorial at Columbia Park.
Photographer snaps 'disrespectful' kids playing on Vietnam memorial via
Photo of kids on Vietnam memorial angers many
I love the "Little Brats" part of the title. Sums it up perfectly:
.yea as long as parents keep them OFF of I don't know like women's Vietnam Memorial
View of the from the Vietnam Memorial
8th graders, make your Vietnam Memorial tributes something special. Collecting from the Wall
Save the Vietnam Memorial! It has been there as a reminder since 1972!
I’m a veteran and I hated the Vietnam Memorial. I ignored all the… via
We were picked up from Union Station by our tour guide Brian with Bi-Partisan Tour Company. We had a five hour private tour that was so awesome. He told great stories and we saw so much. He took picture of us at each stop. I can't wait to see them. We stopped at the US Capitol, Ford's Theater, US Treasury, White House, Air Force Memorial. Marine Memorial, FDR Memorial. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWI Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial and Einstein Statue. Claire asked so many questions that I said I hope you are not charging by the question.
"Vietnam Memorial"- if you are standing in front of wall, know someone on it, somber place.
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The Vietnam memorial has got me deep in the feels
The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall will be at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum Nov. 7 to 11 to memorialize and honor Vietnam War veterans.The Veterans Parade on Friday, Nov. 7, will precede opening ceremonies at the Wall on the grounds of Chennault Museum. 
The Russellville VFW on Highway 7 together with the Riders club are trying to bring the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall to the River Valley so that we have the honor of paying tribute to our fallen hero's. They need to raise $5,000 plus in procedes to do this. You can help do your part by stopping by the VFW in Russellville on Highway 7 to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support
Vietnam Memorial being dedicated in Louisville - WHAS (subscription)
Veterans Day Observance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Celebrate Service and Honor Sacrifice
A Jr ROTC cadet salutes his family members name on the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.
Durand students visit traveling Vietnam War Memorial: Veterans Day is recognized on Nov. 11 next week, but Fri...
Traveling Memorial Wall opens at Chennault Museum w/ parade by
Remembering our Vietnam War veterans...don't miss out on this special opportunity!.
News: Name added to Veterans Memorial in Frankfort - WKYT
This Tuesday, November 11 is Veteran's Day. Please honor those that served our country on this special day. We...
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund seeks photos to honor the fallen . .
Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall honors service, sacrifice of veterans
Make a humbling stop on marble memorial to the heroes who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.
John Davis & Cappy Everhard reunite at the NJ Vietnam Veteran's Memorial after more than 40 years...…
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Artifacts that unnerve many turn in some cases into master pieces. Vietnam Memorial in DC as oppose to WWII monster.
As Veterans Day approaches, remember those we lost by visiting the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Rick Catus, Metalpha, and a military veteran, views the Vietnam Memorial Wall at the plant
On Veterans Day itself, Tuesday, i will be participating in an event at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. To RSVP:.
Planes fly overhead the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall at Chennault Aviation Museum
While we were in DC we visited the Vietnam Memorial, the American veterans disabled for life memorial and Arlington Cemetery. At the Vietnam Memorial we were able to visit every name that was given to us in advance by friends and family members of those Who died in service to us in Southeast Asia. Because of the Marine Corps Marathon, it was nearly impossible to park near Arlington Cemetery. We walked for over an hour and were unable to get to many of the sites you had asked us to honor. We will go again the week of November 14th to finish what we started out to do. On the 14th we are headed for Virginia Beach for the opening of the special forces retreat center LZ-Grace. Special thanks to my friends in Washington DC who helped facilitate finding the names and transporting me around Washington DC on behalf of this community. It is a deeply stirring honor. Thank you for allowing us the privilege.
I FOUND HIM! Today I went to McLevy Hall for a grand opening and I saw the new military memorial honoring those who lost their lives in the WWII , Korean and the Vietnam Wars. I remember seeing pictures and my mom saying her youngest brother was one of the first from Bridgeport who lost their life in the Korean conflict. There it was his name carved in granite .CARTER JAUDON . I was and so was my cousin Karen both moved and overcome by emotion. When I got home I called the family to let them know. Also to the boy next door MELVIN SANDERS his name was on the Vietnam Memorial. He was part of the Adams Family (Adams Street) East End. We HONOR & BLESS all the SOLDIERS that gave their lives, May they Rest In Paradise.
favorite landmark would be Vietnam Memorial wall. We will never forget
A couple more pics from Salem High School, and the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall.
There's a website called "Faces on the Wall" where you can search for names from the Vietnam Memorial & many have pics & info.
The Replica of the Vietnam Memorial wall is on tour an has been on display here in Old Town Temecula at the Sam...
Our great visit to DC. We started at the National Gallery of Art, then went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We finished off our day in Crystal City at a great Italian restaurant. Love my family
You guys will love this! Recently, at the dedication of the Silver Spring (MD) Vet Center, we had a presentation by a local Nam Vet who has devoted his retirement to finding and photographing every Vietnam Memorial in the US. I believe his count is now between 300 and 400. His favorite is Angel Fire in New Mexico. Anyway, here is his website:
Paying respects to the Vietnam Memorial wall mobile
The Collings Foundation's Vietnam Memorial Flight UH-1E made the trip to College Station Texas for the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial Park's dedication of the newly opened Vietnam Memorial. After a dramatic arrival (after the speeches had started), we were told there were many men in attendance who were wiping away tears. We chatted with many vets, including a lot of Huey crew who were thanking us for bringing the old warhorse to the ceremony. lots of wives, children, and grandchildren of those who served in the Vietnam War were introduced to the Huey by those vets. Not surprisingly, there were quite a few who later opted to take advantage of the History Experience Rides program to finish out the day
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Drove to Montrose tonight for dinner. We love Montrose - been there many weekends during its weekly harvest festival. Had wine, salad, tapas and dessert at Three Drunken Goats. Walked Honolulu Ave and discovered that Montrose is home to the very first Vietnam Memorial. Built in 1968 at the height of the war, the memorial is located on the northwest corner of Honolulu and Ocean View Blvd. Also, a plaque in front of the flag pole next to the memorial says that Montrose is the birthplace of National Flag week. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the proclamation in 1966. Amazing the things you can learn on a Saturday night out huh?:)
Operation Stand Down RI will honor the 209 Rhode Islanders killed during the Vietnam War by hosting a traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial wall at India Point Park on Thursday.
A special Vietnam Memorial wall erected to celebrate Jane Fonda's contribution to the enemy.
Think some sleep is in order and thankful for an action packed Saturday. About four hours filling in at work for some spot news helping out and got to see a really neat softball tournament for blind ball players, a flying Huey Helicopter for the new Vietnam Memorial at Veterans Park, then 3 hours of paintball fun with First United Methodist Church Bryan Young Adults. Lastly a 12 minute run, and some football punting, pig basketball and knockout with the Randall Walton and Vicki Walton Family of kids. Blessings abound.
Yes, the Korean War Memorial is so life like, it's my favorite, They should add something like that to the Vietnam Memorial, IMO
Vietnam Memorial, 3 soldiers gaze at the wall of over 58,000 names.
From CA to DC on bike to see Vietnam Memorial wall. Hundreds stop in before DC.
Memorial Day 2014: If you forget my death, then I died in vain: Like the many others who went to Vietnam, Marine...
Calling all Vietnam veterans. Golden Valley to observe Day with public program & lunch w/focus on...
Amen - got some buddies on the wall at the Vietnam memorial.
In memorial of what once was South Vietnam & our allies that fought with us there
We remember: Bardonia helicopter pilot killed in Vietnam trying to rescue troops via lohud
Disappointed that I can't get ahold of any local chapters to find out if the kids and I could help put flags on the headstones for our soldiers. So instead we are going to go the Vietnam Memorial they have up for a few days. But first, per request, we have to go see a man about taking a helicopter ride. ;)
Happy Memorial Day to all the men and woman who have served to keep us free including my father who served in Vietnam
The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is on display this Memorial Day Weekend at the Texas State Railroad in...
Meet some vets who fought for our freedom this weekend in Palestine when the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is... htt…
Published on May 25, 2014. WW 2 Memorial. We are headed to the Vietnam Vets Memorial to hand out our flyers,
Dan stops to play Taps at a Vietnam Memorial in Colorado. Very moving.
Remember. A few years ago Travis, Pam, Barry, Shanna, Sarah, and I rode our motorcycles to Washington, D.C.. We did all the touristy things like go to the top of the Washington Monument, walk through the miles of the Smithsonian, and stand in front of the White House and Congress. But the things I remember the most are Arlington Cemetery, the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the quiet peacefulness of the place, and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. There were the graves of men and women who loved the United States enough to die for Her. There were names of boys and girls, men and women etched on tombstones and a Black Wall. People who honored the flag, loved freedom, and fought for their homeland. They were from small towns, big cities, farms, factories; county people, mountain men, prairie women, Americans. Yes, more than any other site in our Nation's Capitol I will remember a Cemetery and Black wall and names, some of people we knew personally, all we knew as Brothers and Sisters in ...
6790 names being read today. Thank you to the Vietnam Memorial Fund &
5/25/1977>Article by Vietnam vet J Scruggs in Washington Post>Wants Natl. Memorial>Remind ungrateful nation what it done to sons that served
Quick visit to the Vietnam memorial to start the day
Memorial Day means a lot to our family, we fought in The Civil War, WW1,WW2, Korean, Vietnam.Morning ☀️
On This Memorial Day…..: On this, visit the family of a soldier who fought in Vietnam, Iraq or elsewhere. The...
Memorial service at the Vietnam Memorial in Iris Park Monday! May 26th at 10 AM.
Remarks at Memorial Day Ceremonies Honoring an Unknown Serviceman of the Vietnam Conflict - 5/28/84.
There are over 58,000 names of my brothers and sisters on the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. They are on my mind this wee…
Memorial Day I would like to remember lance Christopher Newton a black cowboy from Philadelphia who saved my father's life in Vietnam
Shout out to my Dadd for reading my big brothers name at the Vietnam Memorial Day fallen soldiers list…
The Vietnam Nurses Memorial, in Washington was not established until 1993. Link with info:.
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Two years ago I got to see with my own eyes my grandfather Jaime Restrepo's name on the Vietnam Memorial wall for...
Wow. MT 58k dogtags with names of soldiers that died in Above and Beyond memorial Chicago.
When family members of the late U.S. Army Sgt. John A. Karibo want to honor their loved one, they have no grave to visit or battlefield to walk, just a high school photograph and a name on the local Vietnam memorial at Mary Rutan Park.
Unofficial Sierra reunion candlelight vigil at the Vietnam Memorial in DC. We cried like babies and will be riding together tomorrow in Rolling Thunder. It as so good seeing everyone again after 22 years!
Today was an awesome day! We saw the Pentagon, went to the zoo, saw the tomb of the unknown soldiers and JFK's grave at Arlington Cemetery. We saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln's memorial, the capital and the Vietnam memorial wall. I can't wait for tomorrow!
Today's reading of the names at the Vietnam Memorial. Thank you Sunni Malone
Lives We Have Lost: Vietnam memorial replica tour brings 'the wall' to East Texas. Angie Smith, gazing at it, said, "It's sad... it's emotional." She found the name of a high school classmate on the wall & did a rubbing on a sheet of his name. "Statistics cited in other displays show that the cost of freedom from all U.S. wars has been high in terms of how many served in the wars, the missing in action, the wounded and those who died." The costs of WWII: About 16.1M served, 78,773 are MIA, 671,846 were wounded & 293,000 died. We honor all our veterans, dead or alive, who served!
This is an amazing exhibit. Make time to visit the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall on display in Palestine, Texas through May 26.
From the Father Judge Alumni Association (Official) Attention Judge Alumni & Friends of Father Judge, The Judge Community will be hosting (2) Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday: 1. For those in the Philadelphia Region will take place at Father Judge High School in front of the Vietnam Memorial on Solly Avenue at 8:00 am 2. For those at the Jersey Shore will take place at Mike Dufners at 9:00 am in Ocean City at 133 Dory Drive. God Bless those who so bravely served our county!
Vietnam veteran honored: Like any visitor to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Florence resident Beth Wilson was ...
this nurf war makes me get flashbacks, from when I was in VIETNAM! 🔫
Join Rolling Thunder Ky Chap 6 Sunday May 18th as we travel to the Vietnam Memorial in Frankfort, Ky to honor all those who paid the ultimate price for freedom. We will be meeting at Dirty Deeds Cycles in Somerset, Ky at 9am, and leaving by 9:30am.
We need a public art project echoing the Vietnam Memorial, but etching in stone the names of those who funded the denial of climate change.
JUST FYI: THE AVTT (AMERICAN VETERANS TRAVELING TRIBUTE) will be in Niles at the American Legion Post 26, June 25-29, 2014. This is replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Was quite moved by the 10-year-old boys scouring the names on the Vietnam Memorial until I realized they were looking for Ronald McDonald.
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Students etching a name at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
My destination for the week. WUSUP D.C. I'm Bak!! I love this city @ Vietnam Veterans Memorial
.brings us the stories behind the new names etched into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial:
Does anyone know who made this amazing and haunting Vietnam War Memorial in the middle of a random wood?
Parade to welcome Vietnam Memorial Wall to Dana Point As a 50-year commemoration of the Vietnam War, Dana Point...
Over the last 2 days 13 names have been added to the Vietnam Memorial with utmost care and reverence.
"Say My Name" by Jeffrey Deitelbaum vietnam veterans memorial foxnews cnn Memorial Day
3 AL servicemen added to Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Hall died in 1967. S...
Yesterday a solemn ceremony was held at the Vietnam Memorial Wall to add new names & change the status of others.
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