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Viet Nam

Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

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Invented by white people, made in china & mexico & Pakistan & viet nam & india
In spite of painful carnage in Viet Nam, the generation gap, these kids managed to celebrate peace & togetherness.…
Have lived through WWII, my Dad in Army, Viet Nam, Korean War, my husband Army at 77 yrs. Now we have…
My dad served in the Navy for 20 years and reserves for 10. Four tours in Viet Nam. Greatest dad ever. Lost him 4/4/17.🇺🇸❤️
Youwould have needed the expansion of Cable TV to have happened sooner. But the Viet Nam war was in full swing then.
📍Hoi An, Viet Nam. A truly photogenic city with tons of stunning…
please explain 2 the American ppl why we r in Afghanistan. Like Viet Nam u cant win. Protect our borders, build the wall
The first brand new Comebuy Tea Express of Taiwan in Viet Nam ❤️❤️
Good news! Six Senses Ninh Van Bay becomes the first resort in Vietnam to have its own free-range egg farm 👏🐓:
Viet Nam Authentic 😍😍. Beauty in Vietnam!. Have you ever dream of visiting Vietnam, and experiencing the beauty and...
A sad story, as happy as I am for Viet Nam. New Zealand needs deep public policy change…
The philosophy of Marx led to ~100 million deaths. USSR, the non USSR E Europe, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Vi…
Pepper price in Viet Nam showed a positive signal. Price at other sources, such as India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka decreased further.
Thank you Media about your words about me !
Netherlands 3rd, while India, Kenya, and Viet Nam are outperforming their peers, in the Global Innovation Index 2017. Inter…
Yeah, they also STEAL money from Viet Nam veterans, and refuse to give it back. Even though I have all the evidence.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Alex Jones isn't hiding in jungle tunnels in Viet Nam. Anyone that wants to "hear" him can do so. Denying him…
The Merino Company moves its production to Viet Nam from NZ
My first Geant4 Tutorial & Workshop in Viet Nam. Fun yet so messy understanding :)
Adam Harvey's famous father Peter would be so proud of him. Peter covered the Viet Nam War. Speedy…
He was a viscous Liberal. Sorry you didn't catch that. I remember his lies. He helped de…
No. You don't. You don't even know when Viet Nam took place. You are not military. Not one ounce.
My cuz was in a similar accident before viet nam war. Locked in a fire in engine room 4 guys died.…
Let's not forget that Nixon sold out every American serving in Viet…
Have you ever seen so many elephants? - Viet Nam News
off topic but do you remember the Viet Nam protests? One side actually killed some of the other…
Our Embassy in Viet Nam participated at the Week of the Spanish-speaking countries organized by the University…
Nha Trang is the seafood capital of Viet Nam and our Cookbook Cafe's famous seafood buffet showcases all that the...
Your Corporate Round Table group Obama who authored TPP was a Bilderberg Free Mason ruse to expand its E-Gov into Taiwan, Viet Nam, Japan
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam to Visit Japan .
Viet Nam: International Consultant based in Viet Nam: Innovation for the Child Friendly City Initiative, *** ... -
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Tb july 2016. My first visit to Viet Nam, and *** Chi Minh City 😍. Would love to go back and…
Peter Watergate also had paranoid nut job Pres and power ranger secret WH squad and extra points for Viet Nam.
Viet Nam, Israel have much in common: President Rivlin: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin…
Japanese students in the Hoi An Old Town - Viet Nam
Does anyone remember "bunghole" LBJ?Who sent us into Viet Nam on a phony gulf of Tonkin incident?I do!We lost 50,000 men and women!
All of you Quacks here... did you FORGET that Blumenthal LIED about serving in Viet Nam?? OMG Who th…
This pic is only a month old,but we lost Viet Nam vet Joel. (1 week ago today),2Cancer. PLESE help Kenny's go fund m…
Thank you for your service & the riff on LBJ, it made me think of my Dad 😄a Viet Nam vet & protester.
As a Viet Nam vet this makes me want to puke.
Sweeping legislation needed to streamline benefits for Viet Nam era to current era veterans. A Vet is a Vet. Semper Fi
Have hated him for 30 years. Viet Nam era vet here. The man is scum!
Geez another crazed Viet Nam vet story. I don't think they dropped napsm from choppers...
I am a conceal carry holder own many firearms a Viet Nam marine corps vet so yes I will be more than happy to serve again
I'm an independent & Viet Nam vet. Don't ever tell me how I should vote
I will go and support Trump, I live in Las Vegas, Just tell me when and where. VET, Viet Nam
If you don't believe your Government practices weather control, perhaps you should talk to a Viet Nam vet.
as a Viet Nam vet who is currently with the VA for medical care this worries me. doesn't bode well for his stand on…
It really has. We've become the Viet Nam vets who were the "old folks" at Vet gatherings. Time is the fire in whic…
I did and still don't like the route to dictatorship I am seeing. Viet Nam era vet
Japan's Emperor and Empress Michiko will pay the first State visit to Viet Nam from 28 February to 5 March…
Irony in that during the Viet Nam war, the media covered Jane Fonda and John Kerry as heroes as McCain was in Hanoi Hilton
Army Combat Action Badge. May be awarded to any soldier performing assignedduties in an area with hostile fire. But not Viet Nam why
Viet Nam: Tzu Chi’s relief aid for survivors after drought and flood in Vietnam, 2016
Nice to meet you, I'm from Viet Nam. I like oriental medicine.
hi, i from Viet Nam, also use oriental medicine for treatmetn. Nice to meet you.
A new camping place in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province, Viet Nam. With only VND 150,000/ person
Remember when conscientious objectors fled north during Viet Nam?
For who finding somewhere in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province, Viet Nam.
Beautiful composition by Vicnguyen design in da nang, Viet Nam.
-China and Viet Nam in some joint of South Chineese Sea. Risky to Viet Nam.. Tibet, in same extorsions.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
vacationing in South Asia is the best. So cheap. Same with Viet Nam.
South East Asia conditions overall favourable at the end of season with poor conditions in Viet Nam and North Phi…
From the Batchelor Show - discussion on the end of the Viet Nam war.
Ba Lua Archipelago, the fascinated Ha Long Bay in the south of Viet Nam:
One of founders of "fake news" - his BS reports we were losing in Viet Nam cost lives and victory
Young people in Viet Nam organize to end dating violence | .
Viet Nam destroys more than two tons of confiscated ivory & rhino horn ahead of the Ha Noi Conf via
I was 8 yrs old and living in upstate NY in 1971. The only world news I was aware of was the Viet Nam war on TV every evening.
Did you know? Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia & Lao PDR are making large investments in 💧…
Viet Nam barbecue with Da Lat red wine.
Kerry saw a lot in his four months in Viet Nam...He saw soldiers "cutting off ears, raping and raving like Genghis…
Want to spend your summer in an incredible and unique location? Apply for CHID Viet Nam for Summer A term:…
Viet Nam: National consultancy to Improve and Finalize Chapter 5 on Education of the Situation Analysis on ... -
Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford...we from Cal, Berkeley, beg to differ! Recall the Free Speech Movement, Viet Nam protests! LOL
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People Republ : Wang Yi Meets with Deputy Foreign Minister Lê *** i Trung of Viet Nam
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Officials from 21 economies are currently meeting in Ha Noi for the first time with Viet Nam as incoming chai…
Watching WWII, Korean Conflict and Viet Nam footage. NOW TELL ME, GOP, why can't we increase the budget to take care of our Veterans?
Post-tramatic stress disorder real Viet Nam veterans never treated.Never really came back.We don't need Sec.of Defe…
As a veteran with 2 Viet Nam combat service medals, I find the prospect of as head of Affairs appaling and insulting.
Viet Nam vets, this could be significant.
A Viet Nam draft dodger has no right to say anything about the symbol of what we veterans were fighting for.
The evil minion even kidnapped American soldiers from Viet Nam and did ' medical experiments ' on them, bodies neve…
WWF ambassador & world number 1 tennis champ signs petition for Viet Nam to end illegal wildlife trade
Bernie is a goddamned Communist just like the scum we fought in Korea and Viet Nam. He would have enslaved us all.
Saw your interview. You give me hope for my children & grandchildren. Viet Nam Veteran. Also a republican & TRUMPER by choice.
Multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships among men who have sex with men in Viet Nam: results from a National…
Greetings from the Go Vap Orphanage. Kids Without Borders & Rotary Mission to Viet Nam.
Dear Did Ppl make fun of the foot that kept you out of Viet Nam?.
I'm live in Viet Nam, 1 of Asian countries..any no Merc here =3= T3T
Hi guys. I'm in Viet Nam. What time can I use the service?
.Thanks for the follow back. My husband was a flight engineer going to Viet Nam many, many times.
Working with Korean Safety Engineer of Doosan Heavy Industries Viet Nam. I will try to learn Korean language before…
America treated it's vet's badly coming hone from Viet Nam on mostly DEM propaganda. Don't do it again. DO NOT elect HRC. Vote Trump!
Carter pardoned people who left the country to avoid Viet Nam-none had been charged or convicted.
We worship glory and friendship. Join alliance U18 Viet Nam on server S01 and fight with us
hey trump you seem to get on and off that jet ok but cant go to Viet nam you coward
Popular on 500px : viet nam people by DvouanPidnah
yes just like STDs were his personal Viet Nam
Had a friend who was a conscientious objector. Went to Viet Nam as a medic & was shot in the back of the head while…
Hi Eileen, Brent here. Just back from China and Viet Nam. How are you healing? I dream of hearing you again back home.
Institute launches first training for cybersecurity simulations - Viet Nam News
You're talking about discussion about civil rights, public right to know, the war in Viet Nam. Communists,no. Change makers maybe
I was a young teen then.Anti-war demonstrations,2 assassinations,1 was running 4 Prez,race riots,protest at DNC, Vi…
WHO: Air pollution in and among the worst in the Asia-Pacific region
Will follow Zimbabwe in legalizing the RMB currency? The Risks
If Trump ever releases his Tax Returns & nothing harmful is disclosed, it will prove he's the same coward who dodged the Draft & Viet Nam.
And called his relations with women as his personal Viet Nam. Worse than a coward.
Ethtrade conference in Viet Nam. Ethtrade conference in Viet Nam. Everybody is welcome to Join! . 6th of...
Check it out! tanvb82 will contact to distributors or manufacturer in viet nam for $5 on
Check it out! tanvb82 will contact with distributors or manufacturer in vie... for $5 on
memorybubbles now available in Viet Nam .
Saigon *** Chi Minh) City Vietnam. It was me. Dan Le, on 6/1989 in Sai Gon Viet Nam. I was 1 month old. my g...…
Hi , i'm Barca fan from Viet Nam , i like your super speed and Ronaldo 's speed , how i should practice to have your speed
ICT workers key to sustainable growth - Viet Nam News
Duke of Cambridge to visit Viet Nam on behalf of elephants & rhinos - & to discuss IWT as a whole
Who are the innocent People? Have we found and saved them in Iraq, Afgahnistan, Viet Nam, Grenada?
Viet Nam plays a key role in illegal wildlife trade, yet little action has been taken. You can help
Eisenhower involved us in Viet Nam after the French lost the Indochina war.
It's high noon... at least in Viet Nam (ICT, Asia *** Chi_Minh)
6 OCT 1971: Viet Nam and HMAS Sydney is at Vung Tau. The carrier embarked the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian...
I'm a Viet Nam vet, and when the first reports came out they were fine, now I wait for hours to see someone NOT BETTER Brian
I wish there was video of my wife buying her first car. She's from Viet Nam & she needed a car when her first old b…
You and Mr. Pence will take care of us OLD Vets as promised during the Viet Nam war. Thank you Sir, Hank
Uncle Si a Viet Nam vet speaks about his son's service Very sad. Pray for our Vets & Troops
What courage, Viet Nam vets would sure agree, except he had a bone spur that kept him from being hero.Is Eric an un…
Today was long at work. Super long. BUT I got to talk to WWII, Korean, Viet Nam and OEF vets. Nothing like being surrounded by heroes.
Never forgotten the Viet Nam vets~not by me. First husband came back from Nam severely mentally disabled~He died.
After all, Trump's Purple Heart was for fighting STDs. It was his Viet Nam.
Thank you for talking about the Viet Nam vets! We can't combat the suicide rate until we reach out to ALL vets who need care
Viet Nam was a war. I lived through it and thousands of war vets will agree. We bombed no one on 9/11
Thanks! And thank you for the follow and for your service. Viet Nam vets were put through *** ..there and then at home.
My WW2 Vet brother was pulled out of school to go to war, he did not have a rich father to get 5 deferments during Viet Nam
I wouldn't be surprised if Trump bows out of the last 2 debates. He'll avoid them just like he avoided the Viet Nam war.
1973-1997 Viet Nam, Gulf War etc. but you let Clinton Slide on Security? Ha.
war is the answer as long as the demz aren't running it, demz always fail.. Viet Nam, Iraq. is a weeny fool.
We are back to Viet Nam! Trump dodged the draft by foot heel spur! Money Dr..War he dodged.
OMG again. The boys club of men. Trump who skipped the Viet Nam war! Spur trouble at an early age. Money bought him an out of a war!
his numbers are off. 30 years ago Viet Nam war was on and Hillary wasn't around.
you cant defeat a gorilla organization, ask Viet Nam, besides, the war on terror is actually a profit making scheme, still blind?
They were both anticommunists-thus the advisor involvement in Viet Nam by JFK but war repudiation by RFK-Democrats…
Hillary has disdain for our military and has since Viet Nam. Donald Trump loves our vets and will seek to help them.
How RU qualified to be Commander-In-Chief when you dodged the draft 5 times during the Viet Nam war? How is that bunion now?
Trump manages to be vulgar, disgusting and disrespectful to woman and Viet Nam vets in a few short mins. You outta…
Which of your five deferments during the Viet Nam war gave you the most relief?
Did you spit in the faces of Viet Nam vets, too?! of the largest businesses supporting the Viet Nam war with personnel and material "in-country'! 50s and 60s and 70s!
but you send liaison to Fayetteville VA to attend Viet Nam recognition & pinning for our Vets! Why you never show up?
your ads say you care about Vets. Why you NEVER show up at events? Viet Nam vet pinning this week. You're a NO SHOW! Shame!!!
30,000 killed annually, half the body count for the Viet Nam not-War, for a nation which is not at war. American exceptionalism.
It was an honor to talk to Viet Nam vet Chris Nelson, who survived that war--and more recently--stage 4 Liver...
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Photo of me-60s where the zeitgeist was of dramatic change: sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Viet Nam war era & change…
Can't remember America so angry since the Viet Nam war. I believe Trump has stirred the pot and brought every racist/bigot out of the closet
John Kerry are products of pot, anti war Viet Nam smokin activists not Patriots. Don't get them confused. She hates cops
Seems "Mike Ditka" didn't serve in the armed forces during the Viet Nam war. Wonder why? Did he have bone spurs?
He has Ketchup for Brains The man dishonored the 58,000 American Lives lost in Viet Nam after the war. Pulled a Jan…
Old Mike, say you to Hippies and Viet Nam war protesters when flag was burned? . Dude, not YOUR call.
The rest of the history is that the Democratic party escalated the Viet Nam war under Johnson to a half a million men.
My college town had a Quaker that at the federal building in silent protest to the Viet Nam war.
Those close to Nash claim he considers booking WCW like Viet Nam, an unwinnable war. [3/99]
US went into Viet Nam to extricate trapped French Army which had messed up big time. US never started that war!
Thank you,you're the greatest person in the world.I wanna say "Mahal Kita".Love you and DJ fr Viet Nam
Hello, I'am technical of Cong Ty TNHH Phan Phoi Cong Nghe WIN at Viet Nam with MPN: 4546850 please help me to change the Name
Viet Nam .Hue .2010 . The woman sell vegetable on the flood . After the city build Hydroelectric plant ...a long t…
Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Yes, the elderly woman in traditional dress was using here smart phone to…
So you didn't vote for John McCain. The prison squeeler in Viet Nam. He spilled his guts to Viet Cong.
Viet Nam: International technical assistant - Support to Capacity Development for Planning Reform (CDPR) -
Crossing the border from Kampot, Cambodia and onto Phu Quoc Island, Viet Nam? Free travel tips here.
both of his sons-my uncles-vets-served in Viet Nam & hearing invite foreign hacking of USA makes them upset,
All seniors are not vets. We might not have fought in Viet Nam, Korea or Afghanistan, but we paid for it! Help us!
TIL three SR-71's flew over the Hanoi Hilton during the Viet Nam war - their sonic booms "the sound of thunder" to alert Vice Admiral Stock…
"Fummi super double Viet Nam natural hair" by on
I grew up with WW2 , Korean war, Viet Nam vets. Worked with them daily and listened to what was not being said and understood
I do not care for Mel Gibson. Sam was in "We Were Soldiers," which is about the 1st Cavalry in Viet Nam. Sam stole the film.
Viet Nam vet and beloved brother in law . We miss you.
my dad was a Viet Nam vet who took his own life in 2002 we need to remember them as well
My hubby is Viet Nam vet as are my sister and brother~
Mostly funny B/c Trump dissed Viet Nam vet hero McCain..but glad they came to DC & hope they'll support
Do you not check your sources? You made a headline of her being a Viet Nam vet. No say Viet Nam era vet. That's stupid.
Viet Nam vet I know won't be camping this wkend..or any other time.. reminds him too much of his tours in Nam... still
My father was a Navy combat vet in WW2 and my brother as well, Navy in Viet Nam and Desert Shield. Thank you for your bravery and courage.
I am a Viet Nam vet and l appreciate the thanks being shown to soldiers today.Being called a baby killer ***
* Took my mother to see this memorial - she lost her son and I lost my older brother in Viet Nam in 1968. -Bradford D Wright-
because of what my dad went thru in Viet Nam, I do not observe Memorial Day. I'm very anti-war & believe it destroys families left behind.
Memorial Day question: How can any veteran support Trump after his McCain comment? From 3 yr. Viet Nam veteran.
On Memorial Day thank a veteran for preserving our freedom. left is my dad, WW2, right my husband Danny , Viet Nam.
Memorial Day - I HONOR my dad Petty Officer William VanLinden of the Sea Bees who did two tours in Viet Nam. . RIP!
This Memorial Day I am remembering a high school friend killed in Viet Nam. You can search the wall here.
Help us welcome Viet Nam to the Peace Corps Family! 🇻🇳
Mark, how about a Memorial Day call in show only from Vets, say 1st hour WW1 & WW2, 2nd Korea&Viet Nam, 3rd Irag,Afagan War
Speaking of Viet Nam, anyone around Sacramento going to the Memorial and want to meet up ?
while you are in Viet Nam you should check in permanently to the Hanoi Hilton, maybe Jane Fonda can get you a discount
I'd planned on going on Sunday!! Rolling Thunder is Sunday and I wanted to go to Viet Nam memorial for my Poppy.
Hillary: making people long for Presidential candidate John F Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, by the way) since 2015.
Obama apologizes to Viet Nam for War, Japan for nuke, days before Memorial Day.
To the new city of Binh Duong, Viet Nam country!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
.Great memorial for Morley, his best work was on the Viet Nam war that got him negatively "labeled" by the POTUS!
Courtesy call Amb. Ibnu Hadi to the Minister of Defence of Viet Nam, Gen. Ngo Xuan Lich
Happy man in Viet Nam. . Having a great time capturing people on the streets of Ha Noi. Fun…
A little Richard Wagner in the morning smells like victory , by the way my uncle dan was chopper pilot in Viet Nam
Deputy PM Minh welcomes US Deputy Secretary of State: VGP – Viet Nam and the US should…
Do you want to get high quality products from Japan in *** Chi Minh City, Viet Nam? . .
Good evening from *** Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Thanks for hosting this writing activity. It's great!
Prague Street Food Festival offers a taste of Viet Nam: Visitors got an opportunity to taste…
ABOUT US - *** Chi Minh City, Viet Nam has so many opportunities to do business- low labor costs-...
Combat Vet. Are we less entitled if we did not serve in combat zone?(9years active. Viet Nam era. 18 reserves, Ouch!
clearly you are some kind of baby Viet Nam vet
My brother, a Viet Nam vet said "They can't fight, they want 2, but they r handcuffed" listen 2 Ret. Military they tell truth.
Got my father in law a Viet Nam vet He read it in one day. Said it was the greatest book ever. Thx
Reminds me of when i shared a dining car on the train w/ an Anglican priest from New Brunswick, who was also a Viet Nam vet w/PTSD
right now a nephew and a neice Marine n Air force..Hubby a Viet Nam vet lot more vets in fam
my dad WW2 vet, christian home/W the Lord, I was drafted to Viet Nam, I can't get my SS money to survive to take care of my wife caroline. ?
Tell him to hang in there. as a disabled Viet Nam vet I know first hand about a nation that takes every thing for granted.
Viet Nam vet and his Combat Strike Force reassemble in "The Destroyers"
I was a US Army soldier, a Viet Nam vet, SP/4E-4, and this is the soul numbing nonsense that informs our fine military under Obama
Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island are two most beautiful seascapes in Viet Nam, which was considered as World Natural...
Today is National Vietnam Veterans Day. On March 29, 2973, our final troops came home from Viet Nam. . Thank a Viet Nam V…
1916 Irish Rebellion was part of global movement during WW1. Rebellions in Viet Nam, Indian, Cameroon, Czech Republics. Natio…
It is currently 82F/28C and Partly Cloudy for Da Nang, Viet Nam.
Top News Stories – W10/2016. Viet Nam sets up new airline.
Vietnam thumped by S Korea in Olympic qualifier: ietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam lost to South Korea 0-4 in the la...
Ambassadors in Viet Nam plan to discover Son Doong Cave in May...
Actually, it's about four young men, and what they go through at the South Carolina Army institute during Viet Nam.
International: Viet Nam finds a father of twins...
Viet Nam war ratings are faltering under the [soccer] [Nikkan sports"s...
Chartered Accountant Worldwide meet in Viet Nam for first time: HCM CITY (Biz Hub) — Members of the Chartered ...
New population of Critically Endangered grey-shanked douc found in Viet Nam
. serious soil salinization, Viet Nam suffered the most severe drought, especially in the southern Mekong River Delta important.
Boys have benefited more than girls from structural transformation in Viet Nam.
Today's Countries of the day is Viet Nam. If you have a company in that wants to market into the USA and...
How do we improve the speed of ambulances in Viet Nam? - Viet Nam News
EU, Viet Nam move forward on FTA agreement for 2018 - Viet Nam News
Foreign visitors to Viet Nam increase by 3.5% in February - VietNamNet Bridge
DTN Vietnam: Hospitals to hire only graduates for some posts: Viet Nam's hospitals will employ only graduates ...
DTN Vietnam: Solar-energy lights to be installed on national highways: The Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam (...
My husband, Viet Nam vet, died of cancer, he got no medical help.We did it on our own.My kids r college grads, they worked 4 their education
VN courts Russian tourists: Ha Noi (VNS) — Viet Nam aims to receive 400,000 Russian visitors in 2016 and one m...
NHS Juniors--US History classes are in the lecture hall today!
Kong: Skull Island has arrived in viet nam
ReliefWeb - Jobs * Viet Nam: Consultancy to support the development of UN Women Viet Nam Country Strategic Not...
I'm phuong. I leave at *** Chi Minh City,in Viet Nam. Nice too meet you
"Straight double virgin and remy Viet Nam hair" by on
Popular on 500px : viet nam agriculture fields forests green by nguyenhoa140791
Beautiful viet nam agriculture fields forests green by nguyenhoa140791
Viet Nam starts off 2016 with 20% increase in foreign tourist arrivals
Hope for the Children of War : Viet Nam 1971-1975 by Bach-Thuy Le-Thi (2014,...
If you want to buy and lease the Soosan cargo crane in Viet Nam, you can acesses the website
International tourists to Viet Nam in February increase 20%
Remember when were in Office & the nightly news blitzed w/ the in Viet Nam. 2day news always local…
CPI growth rate slows to lowest level since 2003: Ha Noi (VNS) — Viet Nam saw the lowest growth in the consume...
Viet Nam demands China immediately end its wrongful activities on Hoang Sa (Paracel) Archipelago.
Blacks veterans returning from Viet Nam in the 60s & 70s racism was intense. I felt some of the same pains.
This is a slap in the face to Viet Nam
Do you owe Viet Nam veterans an apology for having sex with multiple is like your personal Viet Nam?
No words can do this place justice. @ Ha Long Bay - Viet Nam
Pho lovers! Where are you? Join me on March 20th in this unique opportunity to build schools in rural Viet Nam.
From one of my favourite Marines and Viet Nam veterans -- thanks for sharing this!. A SOLDIER WITH PTSD . falls...
As a Viet Nam veteran I am outraged and embarassed when those not veterans, or just providing what they assume is a political corect...
Progressive? Bernie voted for deregulating banking sector, all wars but Viet Nam, the anti minority crime bill, anti Brady.…
HIs one trick pony was getting out of Viet Nam. I was 2 young 2 vote, but, I was 4 Bobby Kennedy (Atty General + NY Sen)
Manchester city club football in Viet Nam
Yes. I grew up in the days of Viet Nam and Daniel Ellsberg. I've been appalled. He's prosecuted whistle blowers
. These thugs should think about how Viet Nam dealt with the Khmer Rouge. The KR were another US black op that …
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs concludes visit to Hanoi, Viet Nam (Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...: (Sourc...
Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Vietnam respects innocent passage of US ship through territorial sea of Paracel
They sendin me to Viet-Nam, it's this whole other country.
I kno that my cousin was front line infantry 3 x Viet nam..I'm clearly aware of this info and more..SURPRISE I kno something
Viet nam VET STILL crippingly embarrassed about
After viet nam all that was traded in for sex drugs and rock n roll baby
Successful leader in Vietnam needs to be faceless: The guest assured Hue that China appreciated Viet Nam's con...
If Donald Trump cares so much for America, why did he not fight for America in the Viet Nam War. Also what about the caps, Chinese?
what is the appeal? I got married three times and avoided serving my country in viet nam?
WoW !! God Bless You. That is a Great Accomplishment. I got stuck in Viet Nam while all that money was there to be made.
Just picked up a little something for ya for the 3-on-3 tomorrow. Hope you wear it.
You could fit *** Chi Minh City, Viet Nam into PEI about 4 times. This city is the 67th largest in the world by land area.
Trump attacks JM for not being a war hero cuz he was caught? Where was his sorry azz hiding during Viet Nam?
must be great to use vets for your own desire where was he during Viet Nam. Jane Fonda
seeks another beating as viet nam I did them ?
Heartwarming and inspirational. Roy Mike you have my utmost respect and admiration.
David Hume Kennerly; Reporters, photographers in Viet Nam could go anywhere and do whatever they wanted. Hasn't happened sinc…
With the news that incumbent Nguyễn Phú Trong is poised to continue as General Secretary of the Viet Nam Communist Party, …
Viet Nam Infantry Veteran Michael FitzGordon writes a story about a former POW of the Viet Cong, thirty years...
The Army is sending him to Viet Nam, but what if he doesn't get there.
and that's all I got to say about. Viet...nam
New agricultural products all the rage ahead of Tet - Viet Nam News
» The Wildlife Justice delivers Map of Facts regarding a large criminal network to the gov of Vietnam
Get 6 Free VitaTops
The Tet Offensive in South Viet Nam begins on this date in 1968.
DTN Vietnam: Vietnam to import power from Laos:  Viet Nam has invested in upgrading its electricity ...
Some facts about Viet Nam you might not believe. Read more at:.
Viet Nam defeated USA. China might not want to mix it up with them.
Deputy PM cuts ribbon to open bridge in Nam Dinh -
Viet Nam take eight golds at SEA archery event
News: VN to import power from Laos - Viet Nam News
John McCain shot down over Viet Nam, held 5 years, tortured and refused ransom return without his comrades.
The staged premiere of transcends Viet Nam. It's asks, what would you have done?
yeah, but it's always going to be easier in Indonesia or Viet Nam without a pesky minimum wage
drift car by children 8 year old in Viet Nam qua
And check how the athletes trained prior to the .
I send this to my friends in Viet Nam and Philippines. ☺
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