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Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Louise Pendleton MBE (born 24 September 1980) is a cyclist who specialises on the sprint disciplines on the track.

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TV adventurer and Olympic cyclist to climb in 2018.
Bradley Wiggins rowing in cycling weekly! Presumably there's gonna be a story about Victoria Pendlet…
Former British Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton and TV presenter Ben Fogle have announced they will attempt to cl…
Great that broadcaster, adventurer, UN Patron of Wilderness, corporate host, and speaker Ben Fogle has announced la…
Brilliant. Good luck and thank you Ben and Victoria!
Victoria Pendleton will attempt to climb Everest with Ben Fogle
TV adventurer Ben Fogle and former Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton joke about having a 'midlife crisis' as they…
Just In>> ". Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton plan to conquer Everest . " .
We're so excited to work with you and Victoria! Thank you for supporting the Red Cross.
just heard of your Everest attempt with Victoria pendleton and the brilliant When are you going Ben?
Exclusive: Victoria Pendleton and Ben Fogle on why they have joined forces to climb Everest -…
Victoria Pendleton: Why the British should spend more time visiting Germany
What's with all these sports people thinking they can just walk into new sports? Victori…
Sure but by that method Jill Halfpenny did "as well as" Victoria Pendleton.
Check out the podcast from Victoria Haskin's wonderful and moving talk at the and last month:…
Has a 66-1 winner then this blooming welcome my son xxx couldn't go to useless I know nothing with hors…
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The one lesson I’ve learned from life: Victoria Pendleton
Victoria, Fantastic support - thank you for doing this. I am a Mum with Stage…
Victoria Pendleton having a rest with her friend Hattie, who lays blue eggs when so inclined
The very cooperative Victoria Pendleton on show- 6 years old and she only stopped laying this year!
Wonderful Victoria Pendleton has jumped monster truck plate of burgers.
✍️ BLOG ✍️. Our man discusses Victoria Pendleton and his two rides at Cheltenham today. ⬇️.
✍️ BLOG ✍️. Our man discusses Victoria Pendleton and his rides at Cheltenham tomorrow.…
"Victoria was incredibly dedicated. At every stage she was at the proficiency level she was supposed to be at"…
Victoria Pendleton: ‘I spend most of my time snogging horses’
So mentor of Victoria Pendleton and her horse racing aspirations now, just 18 months on, says that sort…
Victoria Pendleton finishes fifth on Pacha Du Polder in the 2016 St James's Place Foxhunters Chase at Cheltenham……
more experience reqd for amateur riders in 'Kim Muir'/Foxhunter will all but stop Victoria Pendleton-style challenge
Radical Victoria Pendleton has told me of her battle an alternate
Cycling is very good. Just look at Victoria Pendleton!! 😍😍😍
"I was put on a pony as a kid at some birthday party when you're all led around"- ... -
Still my highlight of the year Bryony Frost highlighting what a shocker Victoria Pendleton gave Pacha.D.P in 2016
Victoria Pendleton did a Horse Racing challenge for BetFair 'Switching Saddles' that was dangerous too…
Afraid so. Same Betfair model as Victoria Pendleton horse racing experiment which you'd have to say was…
How can the writer imply Victoria Pendleton's challenge wasn't really likely to end in serious harm?…
Whilst cycling near Ivinghoe Beacon we met walking her lovely Dobermans
Don't remember so many people annoyed over victoria pendleton becoming a jockey
Get this: Victoria has declared war on her tongue!
if you are thinking the story is a stunt, look at Victoria Pendleton, raced at Cheltenham. This is easier IMO.
Filming today near ivinghoe beacon with true north tv for channel 4/ more 4 with Victoria Pendleton…
Betfair are going to get someone seriously hurt with all these public…
Betfair apart, Rio Ferdinand's boxing stunt is a very different beast to Victoria Pendleton riding in the Foxhunters. What is he thinking?
Paul, you really need to read what you wrote about Victoria Pendleton in Feb last year. It's the comp…
In light of move into boxing, revisit our feature from last year on horse racing ventur…
Betfair did the same with Victoria Pendleton becoming a jockey. It's a publicity based stunt and as you say, it's working.
From the vault: our feature on campaign which saw compete in the Foxhunter Chase…
big firms paying silly money for nothing more than a publicity stunt same when BetVictor paid for Vict…
Rio Ferdinand pictured at Chester racecourse in 2013 Alan Crowhurst Two years after Victoria Pendleton switched……
I think I'm in love with Victoria Pendleton. INCREDIBLE woman.
The natural conclusion to all this is that Rio Ferdinand becomes a jockey and Victoria Pendleton takes up boxing
It's almost as though Betfair have a vested interest in getting the likes of Rio Ferdinand & Victoria Pendleton to have a bash at new sports
Rio Ferdinand is the Victoria Pendleton sequel for Betfair. Footballer/sportsman to boxer has been seen before, but Rio is a great name.
After Victoria Pendleton taking up racing, Betfair are backing Rio to become a boxer. Next up pro gambler Joey Bart…
Difficult to price but make Victoria Pendleton slight fav
Defender to contender: clearly saw some success in the campaign with Victoria Pendleton and are trying to recreate on a wider basis
It worked for Freddie Flintoff,Victoria Pendleton got headlines,Rio's agent has seen an opportunity for a higher media profile
How about Victoria Pendleton Olympic gold medal cyclist to jocky!
What mastermind! Victoria Pendleton has 'knocked on the fingertips' claims that she supports the inhabitants of Nigeria.
I wonder why? Pendleton has told CIA of her desire to crunch a cod.
I have so much respect for Chris Froome. But he's no Victoria Pendleton 😏
I seem to recall when Victoria Pendleton and Marla Streb did pretty much the same thing…
I preferred Victoria Pendleton ' s version of this picture
Great stuff from Victoria Pendleton today. She can put a saddle on me anytime she wanted
Victoria I try to do the same, I work nightshirts permanently. I don't skimp on sleep 8 h…
How's your jockey career going Victoria?? All on schedule?
Get out! Victoria Pendleton has designed a pair of underpants letting hands poke out! Several have been purchased by a hamster-wheel...
We have a pic of TGB ambassador Victoria Pendleton at the Olympic Park yesterday to celebrate 1 year 2 go to the Games:…
‘You only live once so be sure to make the most of every opportunity that you have' — Victoria Pendleton
Meet the managers of the Pendleton Branch!. Louisa and Victoria!. Feel free to approach them and enquire about the c…
- Victoria Pendleton talks about sexism in sport, Nine-time World Champion Pendl...
I know it's a horrible thing to say, but windy Victoria Pendleton is DESPERATE. She'd get Arkle beat! For 'N' Against a knocking bet at 5/4.
i thought that was Victoria Pendleton there.
Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton opens new Sobell House store in Bicester.
Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton to open new Oxfordshire charity shop
🙈has Victoria Pendleton as reporter on the - 🙈 I suppose she's tried being a jockey now! Bring back
Ive just been asked why is Victoria Pendleton doing interviews at Grand National? Has she changed sport? Help me out 😐
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Victoria Pendleton interviewing Paddy McGuinness is enough to hand the coverage back to C4 for me.
Barbers galore in Oceanside CA where Pendleton marines get a trim every weekend. Victoria cuts up to 40 on Sun. $8
Lizzie Deignan, Victoria Pendleton and Nicole Cooke.. Weak? I think not. Have a good weekend anyway. ;0)
Ladies day at Aintree and Victoria Pendleton looks like a sack of spanners..Great effort Victoria,
Usually hate stuff like this (e.g. Victoria Pendleton's pink bike for Halfords) but do things properly
Congratulations! Pendleton has denied groping an original work by Van Gogh!
I'm rainbow Victoria Pendleton announced her desire attach her knees to her head, help from Lebanon!
News from the wallet: Victoria Pendleton has been detained in a jail in England with Chemistry her with tape.
Probably still a better jockey than Victoria Pendleton
News today: Victoria Pendleton pledged to name a character in her opera after whoever returns a billion overjoyed
Tom"Looks like our Victoria Pendleton has a dark side". Zoe" Well all us girls do tom, it's what makes us interesting😉"
I heard Victoria Pendleton is attempting to complete the course on a BMX
Victoria Pendleton will be attending the grand opening of the SO Bicester superstore. The new 12,000 sq ft store...
remind me of the work Victoria Pendleton! It's fascinating!
Breaking: Victoria Pendleton to ride in next Saturday's Grand National...
Victoria Pendleton has a new Curious how this is rated?
Such an amazing body on Victoria Pendleton. -.
Anyone who hasn't tried needs to ASAP: - alumnus backed by Andy Murray & Victoria Pendleton!
WE HAVE A WINNER! Dawn Walker from Cove is £1,020 better off after correctly guessing Victoria Pendleton on You Know Who!
It was Victoria Pendleton for anyone who's been going out of their minds guessing!! !!🎉🎉🎉
A documentary about Victoria Pendleton, Cycling's Golden Girl, is the most popular item on Planet eStream Connect t…
Victoria Pendleton a faller at Larkhill point to point.
now that's an idea. Gail Emms, Jess Ennis-Hill, Victoria Pendleton. Ryan Giggs, Iwan Thomas, AP McCoy .
I come from a cycling background. I happened to be good at it;...
I always feel that most people out there who aren't sure if the...
Hey Victoria, any idea when Tour de Celeb will be aired on tv??
For your wanking pleasure I give you Victoria Pendleton 🍆✊🏻💦
See the full galley as Cycling hero Victoria Pendleton returns to former school to unveil £2.5m sports hub.
There is already a shocking jump jockey & her name's Victoria Pendleton! 😂
Victoria Pendleton, Ryan Moore & Frankie Dettori have been paying tribute to fellow jockey Freddy Tylicki. Watch…
I just want to prove that I am really good at something. And I ha...
This is a jockey, Victoria Pendleton, she is pictured as she was one of the jockeys named pay…
Victoria Pendleton (jockey now) paying tribute on film to the injured jockey, hence why her photo is here.
The men couldn't understand how I could be so successful and so i...
[Bike Biz]Victoria Pendleton, another of our most successful female cyclists, and a Go…
Look: Victoria Pendleton has urged Ireland to act decisively on the sound barrier!
.. we met on a train to EUS 2 yrs ago - you thought I was Victoria Pendleton (!) wld love to discuss with you!
We are less than 48 hours from Election Day! Join Team Victoria in these last critical hours at Campaign HQ, 1934 Pendleton Dr, Garland, TX!
I've always been very open with my emotions. Actually, that's got...
Victoria Pendleton swaps racing colours for Ladies’ Day dress at the Epsom Derby. .
you need to read more. Read Olly holt & Victoria Pendleton columns today and yesterday. On my timeline.
Sir Tony McCoy, Zara Tindall & Victoria Pendleton among the stars at Beaufort Polo Club match via
I believe in Wendy Houvenaghel and Victoria Pendleton and Nicole Cooke
British cycling IS sexist says Victoria Pendleton after fellow star claimed team boss told her to 'Go and have...
Victoria Pendleton to ride on Gold Cup day at the Cheltenham Festival
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Victoria Pendleton and now Katie Price.we're all talking about it. It's publicity! You go girls!
So chuffed for V Pens breaking into closed club. Shows determination is all you need. Victoria Pendleton 5th place
Victoria Pendleton overwhelmed with fifth place.
Victoria Pendleton says Cheltenham Festival debut was like winning gold.
In tomorrow's Clare Balding on Victoria Pendleton's future in racing and her tremendous performance at Cheltenham.
V interesting piece about Victoria Pendleton at Cheltenham
Victoria Pendleton sets sights on Aintree after impressive Cheltenham showing - Daily Mail
Victoria Pendleton sets sights on Aintree after Cheltenham success. via
Review of the racing from Wincanton: Victoria Pendleton contributes to Paul…
Victoria Pendleton: "It ranks up there with the best things I've done in my life!"
Suspect the PR teams at Betfair, the BHA and Jockey Club are loving today's Victoria Pendleton media coverage ...
Nina Carberry and On The Fringe take the Foxhunter Chase as Victoria Pendleton finishes fifth on Pacha Du Polder
kinda sick of plummy-voiced Claire Balding gushing about Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton checks out the course ahead of her Cheltenham...: Gallery created by Gloucestershire Echo
We'll also have a beady eye out for Victoria Pendleton. What a story that would be.
I just clambered aboard Victoria Pendleton. That's the name of this train. It was that or Ben Ainslie.
Victoria Pendleton double gold Olympic cyclist. Swapping the two wheels for a house. She will be…
Like National Velvet in real life: Victoria Pendleton headed to Cheltenham?
Clare Balding needs to stop sucking up to Victoria Pendleton: 'ooh you're so brave to race a horse. You're amazing'.
BBC Sport - Victoria Pendleton: Olympic cyclist wins first race as a jockey
Victoria Pendleton out again tomorrow. Gonna put my entire bank on her. I believe. 😂😂 Let’s go
Pacha and Victoria Pendleton take on Wincanton tomorrow fences there always look testing good luck to them .
'Victoria Pendleton is a great advert for horse racing' - Cycling Weekly
Can Victoria Pendleton put her last tumble behind her? . 5/4 she puts things right.
While Victoria Pendleton toughs it out at Wincanton tomorrow.
After tomorrow, Victoria Pendleton will have had 15 rides over fences - same as William Twiston-Davies before he rode Baby Run in Foxhunters
can I have odds on Victoria Pendleton to not finish the race tomorrow please? IE fall, unseat, pull up, etc etc
Ahead of her tomorrow, has thanked everyone for their support.
Victoria Pendleton grateful for support ahead of key outing:
Victoria Pendleton: Olympic champion 'great' for horse racing
Wincanton next for Victoria Pendleton as Cheltenham creeps closer
Two days after a spectacular fall at Fakenham, Victoria Pendleton finished last of six in a point-to-point race in Suffol…
Racehorse owner Andy Stewart has given his backing to former Olympian turned jockey Victoria Pendleton as she continues her bid to ride at
Victoria Pendleton: The backing I have received has been incredible.
Victoria Pendleton - BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards in Glasgow - December 2015
One of my favourite sporting ladies, VICTORIA PENDLETON, U.K. photo | Victoria Pendleton
Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton receives backing in Cheltenham Festiva...
Sport: Victoria Pendleton has been "bitten by the racing bug". But will she rid…
Victoria pendleton between the line hardback book
Andy Stewart, owner of Victoria Pendleton's intended big race mount Pacha Du Polder, has given her his backing.
Statement from Andy Stewart, owner of Pacha Du Polder, the potential Cheltenham mount of Victoria Pendleton
Excellent piece by Charlie Brooks on Victoria Pendleton in today's Telegraph-"What a constipated, health and safety world we live in".
News: Sixth-placed finish for Victoria Pendleton on latest point-to-point outing: Victoria Pendleton finished ...
Pendleton sixth at Larkhill - Victoria Pendleton finished sixth aboard According To Sarah on...
Breaking news: Victoria Pendleton to ride minella rocco in the 4m national hunt chase
Are you sure this is not Avid Merrion dressed up as Victoria Pendleton?
Victoria Pendleton falls off horse in first big race since switching sports
Victoria Pendleton faces crunch Cheltenham Festival test at Fakenham: See also our forum
Western Morning News published Point-to-point setback for Victoria Pendleton on road to...
Dual Olympic track cycling champion Victoria Pendleton came within a head of her first victory as an amateur jockey when beaten in a
Discussions with Tony McCoy & Yogi Breisner led to Andy Stewart offering Pacha Du Polder to Victoria Pendleton to ride in the Foxhunters.
Tony McCoy and Yogi Breisner key to Victoria Pendleton's Cheltenham Festival ride on Pacha
Sir Tony McCoy talks led to Pacha Du Polder offer to Victoria Pendleton.
Talks led to Pendleton offer - Pacha Du Polder could be Victoria Pendleton's mount in the St...
Victoria Pendleton in second race ride
Olympic cycling champion-turned-jockey Victoria Pendleton pulls up Minella Theatre with two fences to clear in jumps debut
POINT-TO-POINT: Victoria Pendleton out of luck at Barbury Castle
Victoria Pendleton was my Olympic bae ngl
Former Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton pulls up on her second point-to-point ride on Sunday.
It makes you think: Pendleton has had a fantastic inkling: fix her deformed skin.
It has been decided Victoria Pendleton will make her point-to-point debut at Black Forest Lodge in Devon early this afterno…
Victoria Pendleton makes Point to Point debut at Black Forest Lodge near Exeter this afternoon
BBC Sport - Victoria Pendleton sets sights on Foxhunters' Chase at Cheltenham
According to Sarah and Victoria Pendleton in the paddock before the AGA ladies open at Barbury Racecourse on...
basically that head, hyper but on Victoria Pendleton's body
Olympic Gold medal cyclist Victoria Pendleton pushes off in Thame 2015
Victoria Pendleton pulled up her mount Minella Theatre with two fences to go as she raced for the first time over fences …
Pendleton pulls up in Wiltshire run: Pendleton took part in three races on the Flat earlier this year Victoria...
Would appear that Victoria Pendleton won't be in action at a point this weekend based on the entries out today
Pendleton out of luck at Barbury Castle: Victoria Pendleton pulled up two fences from the finish on her second...
I can't seem to get news of Victoria Pendleton off my feed. The smug one is now beating horses. Sick of seeing her smug face 👎😠
Victoria Pendleton: ‘You don’t get on a horse and jump a fence for a publicity stunt’
Victoria Pendleton fails to complete her second ride at point-to-point
O’Shea 3YO to take on WFA at the Valley
Progress for Victoria Pendleton, comfortable and in control at Barbury Castle point to point
Olympian Victoria Pendleton on According To Sarah in the Paddock at Barbury today
Victoria Pendleton pulls up in second point-to-point ride - BBC Sport
Cheltenham-bound Pendleton in heat of the action at Barbury. By (Pic: Rex)
Cheltenham-bound Victoria Pendleton in heat of the action at Barbury
- Victoria Pendleton forced to pull up the Alan Hill-trained ... via …
Victoria Pendleton pulls up According To Sarah two fences out point-to-point at Barbury Castle (yellow in video) https:/…
Victoria Pendleton second in first race
Zara Phillips, double Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton and TV presenter Georgie Thompson were among the guests at screening of
Victoria Pendleton delighted after clearing 17 fences in first jumps race Great effort Vicky
. Victoria Pendleton is such a star. I hope we see her on C4 Racing again soon!
[Daily Mail] . Legendary jockey McCoy joined by Zara Phillips and Victoria Pendleton at gala premiere of 'Being AP…
Zara Phillips and Victoria Pendleton join legendary jockey McCoy at gala premiere of 'Being AP' in London
Victoria Pendleton to make her Point via
Pendleton to make her Point - Victoria Pendleton could have her first ride in a point-to-point at either Cotten...
If you work in racing or have ridden out in your spare time you will know what Victoria Pendleton means.
Fashion front runner! Victoria Pendleton shows off her incredible physique in ... - Daily Mail
George is frustrated at being the underbidder to Lloyd Braun at Fasig-Tipton. Elaine begins a fierce rivalry with Victoria Pendleton.
Anders Limpar, Ally Mccoist, Owen Farrell, Stephanie Mcmahon, Victoria Pendleton and Jack Dee all share my birthday. Hope they feel lucky.
Double Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton finishes second in her first competitive race as an amateur jockey.
Victoria Pendleton led the glamour at the lavish Team GB Olympic Ball in London on Wednesday.
Paul Nicholls lines up experienced chaser Join Together to help Victoria Pendleton in her …
Trainer Paul Nicholls is lining up experienced chaser Join Together as the perfect schoolmaster for Victoria Pendleton in her ambitious
Victoria Pendleton should be partnered with Join Together according to the trainer Paul Nicholls
Ouch! Victoria Pendleton has fractured her tongue after soaring forwards
Incredibly, Victoria has suggested 'The Good might be improved by the addition Big Ben.
Victoria Pendleton goes from winning Olympic gold ...
Trending yesterday: Victoria Pendleton has announced she will defend Australia from jellyfishs, helped by jellyfish fingertips.
4/4 let her attempt to race over jumps in 6 months. The & must stop it .
2/3 and put a stop to it Victoria Pendleton wants to ride in the Foxhunters at Cheltenham in MARCH. It takes years to be a jumps jockey 2/3
experience in the Pt-to-pt & hunting fields first:. Victoria Pendleton challenge in Foxhunter Chase
Feel like I would have looked so much cooler on a Victoria Pendleton Bike with a cute basket though, instead of on road bike
Today's has a whole page on Victoria Pendleton's progress as a jockey. Eh? A. Whole. Page. *shakeshead*
Mind of a cyclist: great podcast with Brad Wiggins talking to Victoria Pendleton.
should have seen me when I met Victoria Pendleton
What are you doing at 12:30pm on Tuesday 11, Aug? Come with me to Victoria Pendleton Team Sprint at Fitness First Ipswich.
Victoria Pendleton (calls for radical changes in PE lessons
Hail a black cab on Monday, it may have Victoria Pendleton inside: Fitness First is breathing life into our ex...
*** it. Victoria Pendleton (CBE) turning lights on would have been great! Better than Kerry Katona (FAD)
Should see me on the bikes at pure gym.. Victoria Pendleton eat your heart out
The signed Victoria Pendleton and Geraint Thomas cycling jerseys have arrived ready for the Silent Auction
Can we some of these to help you feel better? Natural wellness remedy! Just DM address...
Photo: Victoria Pendleton and her race bike bicycle-babe: Bicycle girl
Hey Chi! I'm just blasting down HS1 on 395 025 'Victoria Pendleton' towards St Pancras! Looking forward to seeing you :)
Why has Victoria Pendleton never been made a Dame @ Queen? @ God? . @ World? @ Universe?
I can confirm I would be terrible on the track. Grass track however I beat Victoria Pendleton on regularly as a kid!
Website Builder 728x90
Not sure what riders like Victoria Pendleton would make of the either
5 of 5 stars to Between the Lines by Victoria Pendleton
Super embarased - I got up quickly and cycled on - only realising I had left my lovely Victoria Pendleton saddle bag behind me.
Be sure to try Victoria Pendleton Pro Cycling class as well. Also you can bring a friend free 20th-24 Oct
Anyone after some good reading? I've just finished Victoria Pendleton's autobiography - it was a great read.
Victoria Pendleton's Candy.Claire King being filth to Timberlake.The Lisa Snowdon dance even the judges couldn't go above a 6 for.
Real shame that Victoria Pendleton can't see the damage that the governments cuts to sports funding is doing to her Olympic Legacy!
Happy Birthday to F.Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Henson, Theo Paphitis, Jack Dee, Victoria Pendleton & all celebrating today
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ayatollah Khomeini, Jim Henson, Linda McCartney and Victoria Pendleton all feature on mine.
Emmerdale spoilers: see Victoria Pendleton's guest appearance - watch the scene - Radio Times
David Beckham and his mum in Royal Box at today. Along with Wiggo, Victoria Pendleton, Nicola Adams, David Haye, Anthony Joshua
Victoria Pendleton won two medals at the London 2012 Olympics
Victoria Pendleton: &best day of my life was my wedding day&
Victoria Pendleton: 'The best day of my life was my wedding day'
i want Victoria Pendleton but something tells me you're far more likely to get your wish! x
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Pendleton Women's Can Do Cardigan. - You may find it on this page: also - Tcm archives: forbidden hollywood collection - volume one (waterloo bridge (1931) / baby face / red-headed woman) Rosie the riveter - we can do it! poster art print Can can by paris hilton for women - 3.4 ounce edp spray Victoria pendleton signed mounted cycling photograph: olympic champion Pendleton women's can do cardigan New releases purple /black hard soft high impact armor case combo cover for apple iphone 5c at & t verizon sprint dust stylus (purple/black)-fs 331 Finding nemo (three-disc collector's edition: blu-ray/dvd in blu-ray packaging) Loving you Get married: what women can do to help it happen Woolrich 90 by 100-inch hudson bay 6 point blanket, natural with multi stripes Civilization of maxwell bright.
Book your place on the Macmillan Cycletta and ride alongside Victoria Pendleton!
Also nice to meet Victoria Pendleton and her boy all enjoyed the bus
Dear Victoria. Please can you post a to support the Barefoot Walk Nottingham Thanks.
thought u'd want to know, the gorgeous Mel C features in today's blog post, over at
New characters: Casualty: Samantha and Honey Wright. Coronation Street: Alya Nazir, Yasmeen Nazir, Zeedan Nazir and Howie (Don't know who that is that is ust the name that I am looking at right now lol). Emmerdale: Daz Spencer, and Victoria Pendleton. Holby City: Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher (Well looks like we'll still seen him then :D), And Kirsty. Hollyoaks: Nico and Cameron. Home and away: Sophie Taylor. Neighbours: Paige Novak and Paula Abdul
This massive: Victoria Pendleton has challenged Santander's reasons for backing out of the barrier.
ha! Fanks! Got me Victoria Pendleton equivalent to keep him in check!
oh no that's fine...I'm looking forward to next Olympics when Victoria Pendleton's on as a pundit :)
ahem, Victoria Pendleton's heart celebration! I'm not standing for Bale claiming that!
Great day: coaches @ Bisham Abbey , dinner with legends h…
Great day: coaches @ Bisham Abbey , dinner with legends
I thought it was Victoria Pendleton who did it first. Was she just back of the queue at the patent office?
Pro surfer Lyndon Wake & Olympian Victoria Pendleton.My life really can change in a yourself up 4 miracles.
Fancy a cycling challenge alongside Victoria Pendleton? Sign up for the Macmillan
Victoria Pendleton Signed display available now for sale in my uk eBay shop tomflinny sport autographs
yes I think it might help it's what Victoria Pendleton used to calm here mind for the Olympics !
it's a Victoria Pendleton one, so jealous ffs!!!
Delighted, excited & nervous to be swimming for Team Victoria triathlon relay team
Win a chance to cycle alongside champion
arc at Victoria Pendleton over there!!
went for a 14 mi ride. check it out on on my bike signed by Dave brailsford Chris hoy & Victoria Pendleton
Sports psychologists have become increasingly prominent over the past few years, with Victoria Pendleton,...
Propolis is BEErilliant for health via *http:…
Propolis is BEErilliant for health via *
Victoria Pendleton on life after cycling: I thought I'd get a boob job - now I'm not bothered
Gangsters don't even come close to paralleling the awesomeness of Pendleton and his loyal followers.
Raise your milk Victoria Pendleton has undergone eight operations to remove a Thames estuary from her shoulders!
Victoria Pendleton considered having a boob job - have you?.
Radical cleric Victoria Pendleton has defaced a work of art by Dali using some kind of
Victoria Pendleton said she wished she had my legs... Short and stubies for the win!
Removes becoming the next Victoria Pendleton at the Velodrome!
I'm getting that white Victoria Pendleton bike so we can cycle everywhere together ❤️
Victoria Pendleton on Richard Scudamore: "If you make comments (like that) you should be fired OR WORSE. Instantly. Atro…
Only just found out Victoria Pendleton graduated from Northumbria Uni in 2002
Emmerdale signs up Olympic star Victoria Pendleton for Tour de France special.
Anyone know what Victoria Pendleton is up to? I think she may be working in a hotel in Reading and acquired an Aussie accent. outside shouting "I'm Victoria Pendleton, you're Laura Trott"...
Waiting for this Only Fools & Horses sketch with David Beckham to come on on Sport Relief but right now I won't complain with Gabby Logan and Victoria Pendleton having a chinwag ;)
Play media 4 March 2014 Last updated at 15:58 Share this page print Roy Hodgson recruits psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters for England England plan to use the psychiatrist who helped British cyclists win Olympic gold as they continue their preparations for the World Cup. Dr Steve Peters already works with Liverpool players and has helped out snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan. "He has got a fantastic record," said England boss Roy Hodgson. "We are happy we have got the man we wanted. Who is Dr Steve Peters? Has degrees in mathematics, medicine & medical education (Masters level). Also postgraduate qualifications in sports medicine, education & psychiatry His book, 'The Chimp Paradox', explains how human mind operates and how people can learn skills to manage their mind Has helped sports stars including Ronnie O'Sullivan, Craig Bellamy, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. Teams he has assisted include the Great Britain Olympic cycling team, Team Sky, England's rugby union side & Liverpool ...
Gerrard Thanks Three Lions' New Psychiatrist for Saving His Career The Liverpool midfielder worked with Dr Steve Peters three years ago when he was struggling to get over a groin injury Steven Gerrard last night revealed how England’s new World Cup psychiatrist rescued his career. The Liverpool captain admitted he began to fear he would never bounce back from a groin injury three years ago. But Gerrard says working with Dr Steve Peters helped give him ­“positivity and power of thought” to help him believe he would recover. Gerrard’s form and performances for club and country since working with Peters are perhaps the biggest endorsement that Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson could ask for. Peters , who wrote a book called The Chimp Paradox about controlling self-doubt, was recruited by the British cycling team – helping Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton to Olympic success. England skipper Gerrard said: “I’ve been seeing Steve since I had a groin injury in 2010-11. “I had ...
The cyclist Victoria Pendleton called the sports psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters the most important person in her career and Roy Hodgson is following Ronnie O'Sullivan and Liverpool in hiring him
Steve Peters is a sports psychiatrist who works with the British Cycling team and Team Sky. Previous Olympic performers assisted included Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton.
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