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Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson (née Harper) is a fictional character on the ABC television series Revenge, portrayed by Madeleine Stowe.

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Victoria Grayson was worse than Skylar as a mom. This list mostly accurate tho
" august 8, the day victoria grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne" MORRA
"I would love to stay and talk, but I have less boring people to talk to." .
Be an Emily in a world full of Victoria Grayson's 🔥
I got grayson pretty much the best gift of all time
Victoria Grayson is the definition of petty.
yeah! Now Aida will be an excellent successor! And what about Victoria grayson?? 😂😂😂
Loving that Grayson Perry is displaying his admiration for Victoria Wood
Victoria Grayson aka Satan in the flesh
your a better person than me if you didn't seek revenge. With long hair like your there's a lot more at stake.
one time I got a haircut that was so bad it was a mullet so I had to go to a whole new place to cut it all off. I cried
There's a huge mistake for Victoria Grayson, the actor is Madeleine Stowe. . Victoria Harper is Victoria Gra…
(AP): Duke has suspended Grayson Allen indefinitely from the team after tripping an opponent for the third time in a year.
Nobody has as many parties/events as much as Victoria Grayson.
i miss so much. Queen Victoria Grayson and Conrad special. Why this never happened on the show?
lololololololol Victoria Grayson is a LEGEND! The Queen of the Hamptons forever. hahha great video love it.
"kill victoria grayson, you have 24 hours" KE
Grayson woke me up this morning by "challenging me" to a gingerbread house building contest. I was confused as sh
how does everyone just show up on Victoria Grayson's balcony do they not have guards do they not have key locks I'm so confused
Grayson's telling me there's never before seen footage from my wisdom teeth removal vid that I've never seen before nor do…
Waiting on Emily Clark to murder Victoria Grayson like 😁😁😁 Wyd bih! Hurry up 🔪🔪
It's been nearly five years and I'm still not over how great Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria Grayson
Victoria Grayson off Revenge has to be the most horrible person in the world (despite the fact she's a fictional character) 😒😾
Three episodes into Revenge and I think Victoria Grayson is my new idol
Afternoon chilled Sunday in Bath checking out the Grayson Perry works in the Victoria Art
Victoria Miro Bid now on Grayson Perry's 'A Serious Piece of Political Art', 2015. This gl…
Finally made the decision to finish watching Victoria Grayson gives me life
So glad to have you back Victoria Grayson
A friend is like business. Investing in the wrong one always proves costly. - Victoria Grayson
I want a dog but Grayson's allergic😭
Lost in a jungle with Grayson right now
Grayson is cooking me dinner right now... Do I trust it and eat it orrr...?
Grayson and I always have the most random technical difficulties WHY😭
Why why why are Grayson and I the ONLY people who run into technical difficulties WHY😭
On the bright side, we will find a way to have this video up very early tomorrow. AND it is definitely one of mine and Gray…
Grayson can change our YouTube channel name from Dolan Twins to Dolan Twin
Grayson just woke me up to ask me if he could sleep in my bed...
Grayson's napping.. How should I wake him up..?
Grayson slaying the argument like he slays the dance floor
me when Grayson and Jonah stood in unison for their question
Saw G Perry's tapestries Victoria Gallery last Fri,may be of interest to History in Cartoons students
Victoria Grayson aka Madeleine Stowe is in the 2nd (there was a 1st??) season of the TV show 12 Monkeys. Binge watching tomorrow.
Art Gallery Bath Perry great entertaining and insightful talk to a packed audience.
Victoria Grayson is still absolutely incredible.
I'm in such a good mood today. Like, I don't think I've been this unsad since Victoria Grayson died in Revenge. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Victoria will always just put her little 2 cents in
New Victoria Grayson Ships based on chem. somewhat descriptive
I just thought I'd put it out there and state that I am in every way, Victoria Grayson from
The Grayson Perry exhibition at The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath finishes on Sunday 10 April, so…
An Ethan and Grayson conversation:. "Yo were gonna be those dads who have those weird/young hobbies that our kids pick up"
Conrad Grayson. - king. - the best manipulator. - so selfish but you love him. - DADDY. - the best lines with victoria https…
TV FEMMES FATALES: Madeleine Stowe plays the wealthy Victoria Grayson, evil queen of the Hamptons, on this soapy series
All I want in life is to look like Victoria Grayson when I'm older 🙃🙃
i need a show with & Madeleine Stowe aka Queen Victoria Grayson 😏 how fun a queen fight would it be! 😍
Does the music that plays when Victoria blows up Grayson Manor have a name? !
[message] My new Revenge Victoria Grayson strand!!!: I like that you can use them as two separate strands when...
I've never hated anyone more than I hate Victoria Grayson
Victoria Grayson speech and debate tournament champion and national qualifier!!! She's going to Salt Lake!!!
Victoria Grayson from Revenge (no more seasons of that, unfortunately.
Checking out the Grayson Perry tapestries at The Victoria Art Gallery Six tapestries. Stunning.
Adding the death of Aiden to one of the top TV deaths that I can't handle...😭😭😭 I truly hate you Victoria Grayson
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Poor Grayson has to get his wisdom teeth taken out... Will be a funny video tho😊
I aspire to be left like Victoria Grayson.
Madeleine Stowe as victoria grayson always epic on red I love this woman so much
"The day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne"
Hemlock Grove: I loved Famke Janssen's role as Olivia Godfrey. She was like Revenge's Victoria Grayson if she was a vampire.
I plan to go out like Victoria Grayson. 🔥
Lifetime has Victoria Grayson as a social worker. I've never been more terrified.
I'd never thought I'd hate a character more than Cersei on GoT but Victoria Grayson from Revenge is a close second
this Victoria Grayson is lowkey fine, but she evil
still waiting for Ethan to tape Grayson to a wall
Hi! My name is Victoria Grayson. I'm a Female Domestic Shorthair/Mix. Adopt me at:
Victoria Grayson is probably my favorite tv character ever.
Remember when Katherine Mayfair spat her hubby's mistress in the face? &Victoria Grayson her husband? Sitting here waiting for Mellie's turn
I hate to admit it but I miss Revenge so much. I still ship Victoria Grayson and Amanda Clark what can I say? I'm a disgrace
She looks like Victoria Grayson attending to Daniel's funeral
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Grayson Dolan is the reason for my happiness! he makes me see positives in anything, he makes me smile with his smile! and…
i aspire to have Victoria Grayson's style
Victoria Grayson is my first fave antagonist character in tv series. Well played Madelaine Stowe.. very well played! 👌
would you rather . Rt: Ethan come to your house right now (looking the way you are now). Or. Fav: Meet Grayson at a bi…
Victoria Grayson on Revenge makes me so mad 😑
Cryptozoic Revenge Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson Wardrobe M13 - Full read by eBay
You guys... What if this were Amanda Clark's real backstory?? And Bridget reinvented herself as Victoria Grayson?
I got home and watched Revenge. Victoria Grayson blows herself up to frame Amanda Clarke. How genius!
Despite flaws & craziness, I'll miss Emily Thorne & Victoria Grayson. Stellar acting by both in this moment
dunno how I will cope without my weekly fix of Victoria Grayson 🙈
If i look like Victoria Grayson when I'm 56, i will be a very happy person!
I've cut off Victoria Grayson's head, and Margo LeMarchal's head has sprouted back in its place ...
man I wanna punch Victoria Grayson in the face and I've only watched one episode
has Victoria Grayson completely forgotten about her daughter ..?
yes for your name being Victoria Grayson. Yes.
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So today I saw the actress Madeleine Snow (Victoria Grayson from Revenge) and I just stopped right in front of her dumfounded.
Ya know what's awful. I'm a mix between Emily Thorne, Victoria Grayson, and Cassie from skins.
Are they just gonna ignore the fact that Victoria Grayson killed Margoux father and she doesn't know
who put the hit out on Margaux # Victoria Grayson or Margaux hit man?.
Victoria Grayson has her money back.
no Victoria and Margaux are going to keep lieing that's what they're good at
I wonder if Victoria will tell Mar...the truth about Daniel and if Mar... will tell Victoria the truth about the accident?
I'm telling u, Victoria arranged for the taxi to hit Margaux; she's mad she stood in the way of the Daniel Grayson foundation.
New Fashion post on Victoria’s red lace inset skirt on Revenge in Victoria Grayson.
Victoria, the Grayson name is toxic. Deal with it.
I absolutely HATE Juliette's character on this show, & not in a good way. You know, the way u love to hate Victoria Grayson.
Lucious Lyon is the black male version of Victoria Grayson.
Victoria and Emily, face-to-face in Grayson Manor. Watch a sneak peek from tonight's new episode now!.
Lol Gina Torres just invited Victoria Grayson to her "shindig".
Jessica Pearson vs Victoria Grayson, oh my love 😍
I hope I'm like Victoria Grayson or Jessica Pearson when I'm in my 40's/50's
Omg Jessica Pearson and Victoria Grayson going head to head!! Loving
Getting my fix watching on ... Jessica Pearson vs Victoria Grayson
Giving you Conrad & Victoria Grayson at the Hampton's @ The…
The drug dealers on are watching Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson are inspirations to all.
Victoria Grayson in the background doe
“I don't take orders from you.” This sounds like something Victoria Grayson would say
Now that Victoria Grayson has nothing to lose, I can only imagine how demonic she will become.
This dress may touch my body but you will never be so lucky :)) NICE!. -Victoria Grayson .
Careful, Conrad. You should know by now I don't respond well to threats . -Victoria Grayson .
I love Victoria Grayson. I need Madeleine Stowe in some kind of witch roll on TV.
Yo, Victoria Grayson from Revenge is a role model.
I swear the devil runs the other way when he sees Victoria Grayson
Odio a Victoria Grayson. Just saying. Putting it out there.
Sometimes I feel like the Victoria Grayson among peasants
Victoria Grayson would wreck your balls
I’m confused with this Annalise. She reminds me of Victoria Grayson somehow.
I really like Stevie Grayson. She's Jack's mother and she hates Victoria 😄💚
Victoria Grayson reminds me of Morticia in a complimentary way. Still funny but not the same without CornadGrayson
catching up on Revenge && I almost forgot how much I hate Victoria Grayson
I'm such a fan girl of Victoria Grayson. 🙌 my idol.
a grand mother like Madea, a mother like Victoria Grayson, a friend like Emily Thorne, a lawyer like Annalise Keating .now that's just cool
A list of my friends: . David Clarke . Niklaus Michaelson. Victoria Grayson. Damon Salvatore. You feeling me?. Oh and Reed Hastings
I don't even like revenge that much anymore, just victoria grayson is too fab not too watch 💅💅💅
Victoria Grayson actually laughs. It doesn't suit her.
They've gotten rid of the important Grayson's. I've always disliked Victoria the most &she the only one still on here 😒
Wanting an eye roll like Victoria Grayson
Victoria Grayson is my spirit animal❤️
Victoria Grayson is so disgusting ugh
I want this chair so I can feel like Victoria Grayson
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Victoria Grayson in Revenge has the creepiest smile known to man
holy crap Victoria Grayson's backstory is so horribly sad I never thought I would sympathize this much with her
And Victoria Grayson has hit number 1 on the hate list.
Don't mind me, just in a group chat with Olivia Pope & Victoria Grayson (aka &
There's a part of me that loves Victoria Grayson
Remind me plz wia dat character originates from"I love that Victoria Grayson is smart"
I love that Victoria Grayson is smart
Victoria Grayson has more lives than a cat. Now we just need Conrad to pop back from the dead
Operation: Murder Victoria Grayson is officially back on schedule in this exclusive sneak peek from
The main things I'm getting from this ep of htgawm I are that Rebecca was in live with Lila and Annelise and Victoria Grayson might
I hate Victoria Grayson so much holy crap
If i could fight Victoria Grayson I'll just shank her
Victoria Grayson gives me the actual willies
"Victoria Grayson needs to be burnt alive"pls what are you watching?
Victoria Grayson needs to be burnt alive
I don't know who is worse, Victoria Grayson from Revenge, or Gemma Morrow from Sons of Anarchy.
You can keep your Broadchurch, my Monday night involved Victoria Grayson breaking out of a mental asylum like a boss. Welcome back Revenge.
Love it. I want to be Victoria Grayson.
Victoria Grayson you still got it hun 👑
My ex used to watch it. I sat through most of it with her & I was... polite. Mind you, Victoria Grayson is hot.
You just need to embrace the melodrama and marvel at Victoria Grayson's inability to move her face!
Victoria Grayson should probably keep on watching her back on Revenge.
Victoria Grayson committed to a mental institution is bril
No! Cry! I need to catch up... When I grow up I want to be Victoria Grayson 💕
Elena Satine promoted to series regular on ‘Revenge’: Victoria Grayson should probably keep on watching her ba...
Victoria Grayson the high lady of drama
I hate you more than I hate Victoria Grayson from revenge. That says something.
"daniel and emily could never escape one another" - Victoria Grayson
Victoria, just when I was feeling sorry 4 U..:(
Victoria Grayson is so selfish and horrible.
How I've missed Victoria Grayson on my screen 💅
“Ready for tonight? Have your tissues ready, look at the funeral:
Victoria Grayson's one redeeming quality is that she loves her children.
There is so much hate for Victoria Grayson. But I frickin love her!!.
will not be the same without Daniel Grayson 😪 but loving that conniving sneaky Victoria. Malcolm Black new villain? ❤️
Happy Victoria Grayson is d one paying d price of sending Agent Taylor (Malcolm Black's) daughter (cont)
Emily and Victoria are forced to unite against a common enemy. West Coast, an ALL-NEW episode of begins NOW.
Ready for tonight? Have your tissues ready, we have a look at the funeral:
returns in 30 minutes. We're not emotionally ready to say goodbye to Daniel Grayson. ht…
I've never hated a fictional character as much as I do Victoria Grayson.
Amanda Clark now lives in Billings. I found on a bench ad. Victoria Grayson and Amanda's father, David…
There's a Xmas movie on in which Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) fosters a little girl called Emily.
I love Madeleine Stowe, but after watching her as Victoria Grayson on I'll never be able to watch the same.
In the world of revenge is Amanda Clarke and you are the Victoria Grayson sos
Victoria Grayson is such a trouble maker faan
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I hate Victoria Grayson, David Clarke is an *** Emily should tell the truth, should end.
My review of the wonderful exhibition now up on
Go to *** Victoria Grayson! You ruined that one perfect moment bet Emily and David!! 😭😭😭
If you watch the TV series C4 you can see artwork free at the National Gallery
im convinced Victoria Grayson's character is modeled after lucifer. how could you be so evil and manipulating
"David Clarke is taking aim at the Milwaukee PD's "data-driven crap." Seems like small potatoes w/ Victoria Grayson on the loose.
Why is Victoria Grayson so hard to hate?
I wanna smack Victoria Grayson in the face
can't wait until Victoria Grayson is in the ground
Madeline aka Victoria Grayson from Revenge does charity work for Haiti so i cant hate her so much 😞😞😞
Poll: Is Victoria Grayson the new queen of ATRL?
Victoria Grayson is evil, pure evil
Victoria Grayson is the devil and everyone in the world should hate her character. I hope she flippin dies the fugly *** wanker!! 😡
Seems as though Victoria Grayson was just as shocked as we were over that ending. Perhaps even more so.
Louise is obsessed w/ Victoria & wants to become a part of Grayson family. But what she wants from Nolan is a mystery to me.
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goes to show how much of an amazing actor Madeleine Stowe actually is, good enough to make millions hate Victoria Grayson!
- imagine the stand off between Victoria Grayson & Pamela Barnes Ewing (in woman scorned mode).
It would be Victoria Grayson to ruin such a beautiful scene 😢 Big mistake not letting David & Emily talk for a little bit longer!
Girrrlll. I swear to you. Ugh. "Victoria Grayson is the spawn of satan.
Victoria Grayson is the spawn of satan.
I mean you look like Victoria Grayson so let's be real here✋😂
Watched 406 & it was buzzing... Fingers crossed for the next episode. Victoria Grayson was electrocuted.. || Clarke X Emily reunion
Catching up on -- anyone else notice how Victoria Grayson sleeps in full hair and makeup?
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“BOYS 7 for $26 starts tomorrow at Victoria's Secret, in case you were wondering how to make your lady happy”
I love to hate Victoria Grayson. She's fabulous...but she's evil.
Waiting revenge the series .Emily Thorne vs victoria grayson will continue battle ~
Victoria Grayson sleeps with all her make up
I'm so annoyed @ Victoria Grayson on Revenge she told David Clarke Charlotte exonerated him not Amanda and now he wants to kill his daughter
Well either way Amanda Clarke or Victoria Grayson. No change of a choice.
Victoria Grayson and Amanda Clarke are so much alike and my all time favorite character!
Madeline Stowe sums up Victoria Grayson in an interview.
We all have been hearing lately that season 4 of Revenge will be a whole new dynamic, but never did I expect to hear this. According to writer Sunil Nayar season 4 will have a new narrator. For the past three seasons, the whole show has been from Emily Thorne’s (Amanda Clarke) point of view, but the new season will bring forth Victoria Grayson as the narrator. This shocking revelation will be a game changer for the show. Revenge will also have a shift in the central character. David Clarke will now be the main focus of the show. This all sounds very interesting! What do you think of all the changes to season 4 of Revenge?
Madeleine Stowe will no longer star in. season4 of Revenge. The character Victoria Grayson will be replaced by
I can't stand Victoria Grayson. I hope she dies
I'm not sure if it is good or not. I took Zimbio's 'Revenge' quiz and I'm Victoria Grayson! Who are you?
Conrad Grayson is dead, Victoria is crazy and David Clarke is alive!!! What a finale!
OMG! Victoria Grayson you evil evil woman!
Who inspires you? — My mom, my grandma and victoria grayson (revenge) lol
Wish your character could have done that to Victoria Grayson
Seriously ready to kill Victoria Grayson myself... get it Amanda!!
Victoria Grayson cannot walk in heels! Needs to watch a few episodes of Suits and take some lessons from Rachel and Jessica
"Morgan is a real estate agent actually". "Oh and what will you be purchasing? A place in *** ". Got to love Victoria Grayson!!
She is half Grayson -.- Well, I´m happy with Emily putting Victoria in a mental hospital and Conrad omg!!! David!
Sometimes I feel bad for Victoria Grayson but then again she's satan so
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yup I noticed that too and she grew up to the worst actress of all time. Followed by Victoria Grayson herself
"Watch your back Steave, and also the people you love" - Victoria Grayson
"You may be sober, but you still can not think clearly" - Victoria Grayson
how amused are you on a scale of Queen Victoria to a hyena?
I still can't believe what Victoria (Grayson) did
Oh, and Victoria Grayson too, to name a few.
Victoria Grayson/Madeleine Stowe is truly pretty woman. Another with wide mouth? With full of respect but no.
Leme continue watching Victoria Grayson, since im awake with nothing to do
"Allowing yourself to fall for someone comes with a risk of a painful price." - Victoria Grayson, Revenge S01E07
"From the second I laid eyes on you, I knew something was wrong. And now I know that you downloaded the level" Grayson, Victoria
Conrad Grayson and Aiden Mathis dead, David Clark alive and Victoria Grayson on psych ward - what an epic season finale o…
Emery "I would rather have someday with Roman than now with Grayson or anyone else."
Can someone bring Queen Victoria her chair back?? Her hospital bed is quite uncomfortable!! 😠😵😫👑
"I don’t know what this means but the first couple that popped out my head was Victoria Grayson and Daniel Grayson." "Say hello to DanVict"
Victoria Grayson's face expressions kills me every time
Time to put my Victoria Grayson face on today.
Victoria Grayson está tan ejtirá that I can't help but laugh when she smiles. ayy
“What do rich white women do on Saturdays?” Have brunch at the Grayson manor with Victoria
"Emily ripped away my chance for true love. It's only fair that I do the same for her." Victoria Grayson
And Victoria Grayson is in a nut house. Can't wait for the next episode!!
Revenge 03x22 RIP Aiden Mathis. Rot in *** and in prison Victoria Grayson. Hate you :(
"Loyal to the bitter end. It's a beautiful sentiment and an even better epitaph." -Victoria Grayson to Aiden Mathis
Conrad Grayson: U did this? What abt Victoria? Amanda: Oh I'm no finished yet. Conrad: Well then, godspeed. Lol ♥ u still Conrad
1 Conrad Grayson down, one last Victoria Grayson to go!
Holy. Madeleine Stowe's portrayal of Victoria Grayson is amazing!
Madeleine Stowe's portrayal of Victoria Grayson is one of the main reasons I love
“The best couple ever and Victoria Grayson should rule!
3×21 Impetus Press Release & Synopsis Here is the new Revenge press release from ABC. Episode 3×21 of Revenge is titled “Impetus,” and it airs on Sunday, May 4th at 10pm on ABC. Revenge 3×21 Impetus Press Release Spoilers EMILY TURNS TO EXTREME MEASURES IN AN ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE HER MISSION, ON ABC’S “REVENGE” “Impetus” – Dire circumstance leads Emily to take extreme measures against both the Graysons and those closest to her, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, MAY 4 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. “Revenge” stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson, Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson, Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter, Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, Christa B. Allen as Charlotte Clarke and Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis. Guest stars TBD. “Impetus” was written by Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts and directed by J. Miller Tobin. Tvfilmnews credit source
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