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Victoria Grant

Victoria Grant, born in 2000 and living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, is a young Canadian who in 2012 has become an internet celebrity after her bank critical speech was posted on YouTube by her father, Zane Grant.

Want some simple & inspiring ideas for a My Great Neighbourhood Grant? Follow and check out
Proposal Grant Writing & Presentation of the Proposal for the ASEAN discussed by Dr. Maria Victoria Espaldon.
I know we keep to footy primarily but I couldn't help being moved by the maturity, courage & leadership of Adau. 👍👌
Crowdfunding project to replace my denied grant raised one year of funding in one day. Thanks to all 1540 supporters h…
Grant from allows Dr Daphne Rickson to research music therapy for children with autism
I'm wondering what the 12-year old Victoria Grant in 2012 can now can teach us about the banking system
Victoria, who marches for the National Sea Grant College Program, is pictured here as part of…
Congrats to Ss & at Victoria-Albert School for your win with the 2017 Fluor Engineering Challenge G…
Hi Victoria, send me an email and let's talk further. Regards, Robert
Victoria Tumanova discusses grant & research of speech motor control in children
We’re proud of our students at Ecole Victoria-Albert School! Their irrigation design won a grant for the 2017…
Our future engineers and designers just won the 2017 by building an irrigation model!…
"UN special rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz today gave her initial report on the impact of a government takeover...
My mind wandered off to another neglected artist Grant wood. ( 1891-1942) So much more than just American Gothic.
Why grad students should seek grant funding by Victoria McGovern via |
Shout out to TM Natalie for learning to fold and denim with HrTl Victoria!
Cheryl Eye and Linda McMann, both of operations, Jenna Grant of Sales & Marketing, Victoria Reed and...…
special rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz: Australia's failure of progress on rights is “alarming”
Great news for cancer patients in Victoria. A significant grant from Cancer Council Victoria, announced last...
We have exciting news! Many thanks to & the government for our incredible grant! 🌈
Did the start of autumn feel more like summer to you? It was warmest March on record - here's the info:  
this one about Victoria Vivians' hometown got to me too.
Hawthorn defender Grant Birchall to miss around four weeks with fractured jaw (News)
Why British milliner loves to hang out in LA
£400,000 grant will help keep Borders domestic abuse support initiative going
She is my favourite Victoria's Secret angel 💕❤️
I was very lucky to meet the super cool, super talented and very kind Victoria Grant today. A lovely lady.
So my tommy bag broke now I'm at the airport with Julia's Victoria secrets bag I look so dumb 😂
Mighty impressed with this girl Jade. Awesome effort. Our teen the first to trek to North Pole
me in 2008: *cries when a girl accuses me of buying a shirt at Victoria's Secret*. me in 2016:
by has just been awarded a grant by the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation! Thanks guys!
Congratulations to our Arbor Day Poster Contest winner - Victoria Grant, of Russiaville, IN! Check out her poster:.
Mike Grant seeking another term on Perth-Andover council.
If Congress refuse to listen to and grant what women ask, there is but one ...
Victorian solar project wins government grant to take its technology to world (News)
We could have done with Hugh Grant representing us "A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend." Shame we only had
guys Victoria is in the shower and her parents are arguing w grant and I'm just chillin in the middle of it
Catch Trav + our at Victoria Park tomorrow. Radio: Collingwood Media. TV: at 2pm. Entry: Free! https:/…
musicians - grant information next Tuesday at The Victoria Tavern!
Why the AOC should take Grant Hackett to the Olympic Games in Rio (News)
Hackett buries hatchet in Candice prenup fight (News)
Victoria Grant. 12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, ...
Victoria Grant. Grade5s check out this speech. Look at her posture, speed, flow, and level.
I'm still trying to get over the shocking and sad News that people actually found Victoria wood funny & now prince has died.. It's a sad day
Hospitals could be fined for mismanaging bullying and harassment: Jill Hennessy via
Grant Hackett admits himself to hospital (Sport)
Wirral Globe: Globe columnist Peter Grant remembers Victoria Wood, who died today after a short battle with ca...
RIP Victoria Wood. Another legend taken so soon from us. Thank you for and
Genie: I'll grant you 3 wishes. Me: I want to fall in love. G: OK next. M: With a really nice girl. *we both start laughing*
Monkey bike teen is behind bars - The Age: The AgeMonkey bike teen is behind barsThe AgeMr Jakobsson was grant...
First Home Owners Grant Victoria and home loans for First Home Buyers. ...
I expect to be watching hockey next week when I'm in Victoria !! Get it done tonight boys
re a view that complacency an issue in health policy in Oz. How change that? NSW had Garling, Qld Patel, Victoria??
Grant Hackett has support of swimmers as Rio Olympics mentor role hangs in the wind (News)
Great piece by James Grant: We owe more than we can easily repay. We spend too much and borrow too much.
😬😬😂😂 I don't say it anymore unless I want to get on Victoria's bad side😜😈
Local Western Intermediate School student, Victoria (Tori) Grant, has won the Northern division of the IUFC Arbor...
I cast my vote for Victoria to get a $10K grant. Visit to vote.
Workers' rights advocates are set to rally in Victoria for "Grant Law" changes
this was a pic taken by Grant and was part of his amazing HASTA LA VICTORIA exhibit
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
13 year old girl Victoria Grant explains Extreme Corruption the cause of... via
The Ray Hadley Morning Show with Luke Grant - Hazard Reduction Burns in Victoria: Luke talks to former CSIRO b...
Semi-annual sale happening at Victoria's Secret right now. . Good sales, ladies. Go get you something nice for the new year!
The Corrupt Banking System. The private banks are defrauding and robbing the people.
Victoria secret yoga pants are the best things in my life 💘💘
Grant Hackett sues law firm over failed pre-nup
Grant Hackett sues law firm over 'botched' pre-nup why is it always someone else fault you *** ?
Candice Alley-Grant Hackett pre-nup pact to be sorted in court pre Olympic games trials (News)
In reply to your request. My name is Reed Nykiforuk (my husband is Grant Sellen) - Flat 12 Victoria Court, Kingsbridge Ave W39AH.
Thinking about fire fighters on such an ordinary day in southern victoria.
Grant got me a rose gold heart necklace, a rose gold MK watch, Victoria secret perfume, a maroon Victoria secret hoodie, and Mac lipstick 😍😍
To Victoria and the team at Victoria Grant - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone here at Title! :)
Congratulations to on receiving a grant to study one punch homicide in Vic ht…
Do you know what you're entitled to with the First Home Owner's Grant? Find out here,
"I have a thing for grant landis, Victoria secret, and Netflix just as much as the next girl"
NRL chief John Grant in sights of clubs over allocation of $50 million (News)
Housing grant helps get homeless families off the streets: When Victoria Allen realized she would have to be h...
"When the only reason you go to the school gym is to steal the toilet papers. - Grant Macewan…
- dont miss 6:30PM for a talk covering + more! https:…
15 trams an hour through single line. Victoria had 10 trams an hour last year
they used them at Victoria last year. Last tram through single line section carries the token to the other side
edward III, victoria, george III, both Elizabeths. No idea who the last one would be
britishmuseum £3m DCMS grant will equip future trainees in conservation & restoration of …
Hi Victoria. This has been delayed today due to an earlier broken down service. Apologies for this. Grant
Growth in production & manufacturing in Victorian Dairy Industry. Chairman Grant Davies. Dairy Victoria
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to te…
British Museum to train Iraqi curators in heritage protection: Museum’s £3m government grant will... …
Please confirm which GWR service you're referring to from Redhill. We don't run trains to London Victoria. Grant
New $5m grant program launches in Victoria to support the growth of high-tech manufacturing businesses:
Science student Osama Rehman had a research internship at McGill's chemistry dept with a Vanier grant
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Come through, graduation. Come through and grant me sleep.
I would agree. But there again, a bit difficult to put a Victoria sponge in a bodycon dress! 😂
no way r u fat! Victoria sponges are way nicer than Victoria secret models 🎂
This Edition Features:. - Alison Grant from Progress! at the former Royal Victoria Hospital. - Philip Silverberg...
Grant a 12 year old exposes how the system is flawed, how it hurts humanity & offers the solution
Grant Johnson(provides Legacy with a 1yd TD Run in the final play of the 1st half. Lake Ridge 35, Legacy 7. Game …
the Grant was my mate in geelong in victoria here in Australia thats in the hospital
12-year old Victoria Grant explains (video) why her country, Canada, and most of the world, has been being robbed...
Thanks Victoria. We'll get that gift card created ASAP. Have a nice weekend, Grant.
No worries Victoria. Can you DM us your address instead? We'll send you a gift card. Thanks, Grant.
Hey Victoria. Can you DM us your Nectar card number? I'd like to pop some points on for the poor experience you had. Grant.
Victoria Grant, the next Governor of the Bank of Canada? via
Thx Victoria Grant incisive presentation Canadian Banking system.Why is this not a national issue to be resolved??
Big Congrats to heritagelottery grant funded Victoria Park voted the nation's favourite p…
Took a beautiful flight from Vancouver this morning - now sound checking here in Victoria, BC for…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Today's grant writing session is brought to you by Jan Juc, Victoria. Prime space for head space.
A Webster modelling a Victoria Grant hat from the 'Titfa-Tat' show at SW store LA. Opens Oct 30th
Alyson Grant premieres her poignant and funny play Progress! at the old Royal Victoria Hospital of the
Club powerbrokers to scrutinise NRL's transition plan as John Grant claims he won't… (News)
This my mission is to big up Ben Aaronovitch's wonderful PC Peter Grant …
Victoria Ash from RCR will explain how to grow your business at Grant Thornton 29 Oct
In his latest novel, Victoria’s Grant McKenzie offers tips on how to make cadavers look their very best. Here’s...
nina dobrev LOOKS EXCACTLY THE SAME as victoria justice
"I am merely First Among Equals yet still the First and I adorned a crown worthy of only I myself." Victoria Grant
. So enjoyed this delightful this piece grant funded Royal Victoria Park, Bath.
Last Friday's featured the WI garden in grant funded Royal Victoria Park, Bath.
It is time to open now to open the container for WHL Victoria Royals!!! I can feel it hockey is almost here:)
Grant Haffner captures the colour & feeling of sunsets burnt into his memory from a childhood in Sag Harbor, NY http:/…
Dave reaches An absolute honour that Ron Grant, first man to run around Aus was there with him!
Excited to start work on grant on Lake Victoria's potential!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Lauren, Victoria, and Grant earn all-county honors by finishing in top 7. Congrats to all Hornet runners!
Thrilled to announce new grant on Lake Victoria's potential! Congrats & many partners
Massive congrats to co-worker on grant to study potential for in Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria's potential: of awarded grant
is the stop in the Victoria coach station and is there a sign to make it aware? Don't wanna get lost!
brilliant!Does this drop you off at oxford brookes uni as that's my destination? And is the coach in Victoria coach station?
BC Adaptive Snowsports - Children and Youth Equipment Grant now available! Deadline to apply is September 13,...
bodhimaeve: RosieBarton by today standards Winston Churchill and Ulysses Grant would never have survived
Has anyone else noticed the remarkable similarity between Lana and Victoria from How I Met Your Mother?
May God protect our Troops and grant boldness, courage and wisdom. Victoria ascerta!
.confirm Grant Barker, who was mistakenly released from jail, has turned himself in at a Victoria courthouse.
Grant Christopher BARKER, the subject inadvertently released from jail, has turned himself in at the Victoria courthouse. Thanks to all.
just leave her alone tori , Grant one deal w it don't go h8ing on Mikaela
The last time royal assent was withheld from a Bill was 1708 (Queen Anne). The last monarch to personally grant assent was Victoria (1854)
doug_grant: Ringo Starr focuses on missing Beatles photos at launch of new book: Set o…
Hi Myles. Sorry to hear this. Did you speak to station staff at PAD or Victoria? Grant
Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II today who overtakes Victoria to be Britain's longest serving monarch. A fair feat!
We are so happy to have won a Grant from
Grant Anthony See NOTICE ANYTHING???. "THE TRUTH IS, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida...
We have been awarded an Independent Bookshop Grant
We have been awarded a grant from James Patterson!
well princess Victoria is a princess maybe you can ask the her godmother to grant you a sushi buffet before it strikes 12
For Woolf & Fitz - an evening talk on Fashion and Fiction: Linda Grant | What's On | Victoria and Albert Museum
Grants to Victoria County, Texas Nonprofits to Develop the Potential of Women & Improve the Comm- Due: 10/15/2015
Yes! Victoria Grant!! Very smart little girl that did a speech on The Bank of Canada "fraud…
I wanted Mary Poppins or Victoria Grant from Victor/Victoria. The Princess Diaries is not my flow.
Victoria secret horror story: I ripped my lace panties
In my mind, that word, that admission, belongs forever to Victoria Grant.
Victoria Grant 12-year old explains why Canada, and most of the world, is in debt
But whatever happened to Victoria Justice? She had a decent voice and nice cheekbones…
Just saw stunna 2 fly walk into the Victoria's Secret pink store.
Grant Mitchell woulda caught a body by now.
Bought Grant the new Very Sexy for Him from Victoria's Secret and I am so glad that I did bc he smells SO GOOD. 😍😍
12 Year old Victoria Grant explains how the banking system steals from us all. This has gone viral do share.
If I can't see you wearing Victoria Secrets I'm not gonna get it for you, well if you don't look good in your not getting it point blank! 😌
fantastic 12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how b…:
JEMMY, for Christmas I grant you Victorian Sainthood you lovely pointy face. VR
I loved your book! Where'd you find the meanings Victoria and Grant knew?
KISUMU CITY.its been 7 years since I last stepped there!!..yoh..lemmie go see L. Victoria..n May God grant me journey mercies!!
please grant my wish! Zico, chanyeol, taemin, victoria umma♡
You can be naughty around me and I will grant your wishes.
aos got au with grant as victoria hand's political marriage motivated *** pls pls pls i will PAY
DeTar partners with Victoria College for job training: The grant will be used to custom train 60 new and curre...
Another nail in Denis's coffin. Grant was inappropriate. Oopsy. Was it worth it, Denis?
The only thing stinkier than an abattoir is a dodgy grant process. Time to come clean Mr Napthine
Hamilton Collection
Victoria Grant (age 12) exposes the current immorality of global banking and explains why the financial system is nothing but a fraud.
Use of state grant to help Napthine's horse-racing partner's biz expansion "not appropriate" :advice via
State grant used to help business run by wealthy horse-racing partner of Premier Denis Napthine.
We can't afford to take care of our veterans, but we can grant amnesty and help illegal immigrants. Thanks Obama. Merica.
Napthine reveals $2 million grant for animal welfare in Victoria
I told my mom to pick out something for me to paint for her for Christmas and she goes "uh I want Victoria secrets" thanks mom
Want to have the power to decide a grant? Come to Soup Session Victoria & help support local artists!
If women would today would rise en masse and demand their emancipation, the men would be compelled to grant it. - Victo…
JAG group in DC at US Capitol today! Victoria Benton, Tiffany Clark, Grant Tarvin, Brenda Early, & Beverly Williams
Gotta job a Victoria's Secret today sooo basically I'm one happy girl
related to Ulysses S Grant as well as Queen Victoria of England 💁
Grant Ward: the one character you want to both hate and love
I added a video to a playlist Victoria Grant
Admire those who have BIG DREAMS not someone who is just a Dreamer. ~Victoria Grant~
News Release: Ego Pharmaceuticals receives IMT grant to create 63 new jobs in Victoria
A KM grant: "I caught up my dressing gown with both hands.."
The 1st book purchased by Libraries w/ our 2014 grant is "The Virtuous Marketplace" by Victoria E. Thompson
Girls actually thinking they'll get a Victoria Secret gift card 😂😂😂😂
James Grant, founder of lectures at Wed., 11/19. New book "The Forgotten Depression" is out now.
It was outright theft by Wilkins. And Victoria Woodhull would have had a shot against (President) Hayes; she ran against Grant.
Victoria I grant your miracle. Your school won't get Ebola. But anyone who did the ice bucket challenge will get ALS.
Ghana expects to agree a deal for Avram Grant to become its new national coach within days
William and Kate's trip to the States will be funded 3 ways -- public money (Sovereign Grant); their charitable foundatio…
Pat Cummins called up to one-day squad: NSW paceman Pat Cummins named but Victoria's Cameron White misses out.
But I love the mental image of a battalion of Victoria's Secret tanks.
I once had an email from Victoria's Secret offering me a free tank with every lipgloss.
getting great media coverage for my new book ~ Vancouver Island: Imagine. Victoria writer, Peter Grant, and...
This mob bought it old mob kept the $380 GRIIF grant No extra jobs new owner said
Victoria Grant? the Rugby player from New Zealand? She doesn't have a degree in economics or banking.
I cast my votes for these to get a $10K grant. Visit Pls VOTE!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
In 1800 Lt Grant surveyed Victoria’s SW coast and Cape Bridgewater was the first place named
Review of 's Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court | Katrina Grant
The only words I said to grant in person in 2014 were "I hate you for taking Victoria" nice brooke
Guys I'm going to go to bed! You better get to 100k if you don't then ill hunt you down!!hurry before I awake! Good luck grant!
Who had C lunch and remember when Emma Fought Victoria? That's when officer Grant tazed her
.Grant an exemption under sect 5 of the Domestic Animals Act, he is a little girls best friend
Gina Rinehart turned to Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett for help in family trust... (News)
Victoria Grant, 12 years old explains how banks steal people's money & how governments let them do it
Wasn't that generous of Queen Victoria to grant them land that was theirs on the 1st place
The fabulous Annabelle Sheppard of ready for Royal Ascot in our spectacular Victoria Grant hat.
Hey will you listen to my first soundcloud I did?♡ it would mean SOO muchh. Ily grant♡
I'm glad Grant only has to go to Canada once this summer. No phone service in Victoria!! It'll be worth it if they win!
Big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Blind Sports Victoria receiving a grant yesterday!
Grant just went into Victoria Secret with me. 😂😂😂
Because the competition started to represent more than just Victoria.
So we annual extravagance that has absolutely no justification at all other than I adore Victoria Grant...
Welcome home, just in time to save the Premier!
Have you heard ‘Miku Hatsune - Dead EnD’ by Victoria Von Grant on Ciel's vsqxs are amazing
Denis Napthine: grant a full amnesty to the Linking Melb Authority for career co-morbidity.
Because we have compassion: have you signed the petition Amnesty for Linking Melb monster project:
.Grant a full amnesty to the Linking Melbourne Authority via
A new favorite: I found a way to - Samura Tomi & Teto Kasane by Victoria Von Grant on
Why do only some pts benefit from particular treatments? Austin's Dr John Mariadason gets grant to find out
You probably cant sign this out of Conflict of Interest & because mercy has no place in modern politics
All schools in electorate need to apply for a grant
. It will. Every time the door opens, it will play 'victoria Avenue'. Can't fail.
Urge to do a handstand. .Victoria Roberts James Grant Stevie Scanlan!
To celebrate Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, we chatted to our friend and millinery extraordinaire >
I would like to send a 'A Big Thank You' to Heather Garland, Chiamaka Mogo, Victoria Grant and Lisa Keizer for...
Probably get a red carpet and a government grant.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
i always like the NOT lead characters. i love Victoria Greyson from Revenge and Melli Grant from Scandal.
55 jobs to be created in Bundoora through $3 million MNIIF grant - Premier of Victoria
Thank you for the George Jay Summer Support Prgram grant...
Excited for Sunday's premiere of "Grant Us Peace" (SATB) in Can't wait to hear the Details:
Citizens of Victoria, Texas - Albert E. and Myrtle Gunn York Trust - Various areas -
Heh heh, I am in your debt. You grant me the gift of death. I now go to be by Victoria’s side.
Just because you've been added doesn't mean you'll be entertained; read a couple statuses see how much I've been changed... I got bars or nah Victoria Grant . Lmbo. Ima stick to singing for now.
eWomenNetwork here in Victoria is offering a $6000 grant for non-profit organizations that help women and children. …
This is for Victoria Grant, Nikki McKee, Derek Yank Mitchell, and Damon White...and any other family and friends that I may have missed because I don't you're bikers. Look twice for my peeps please!!! :-)
half of Stirling has seen me like this as it looks like I'm heading to a typical Sunday debs shift anyway but considering I have had 3 nominations in the last half hour I might as well. 👌😂 Shows the money makers boys. Nicole Moffat Becca Young Lauren Martin Victoria Grant Hannah Jeffrey Lisa Pilley 👊✊
Congrats to MIAC Tennis Athletes of the Week Grant Johnson and Victoria Bravo
Congrats to Victoria's on winning a $5000 grant for in support of at-risk children :)
Hi Victoria! Thanks for the feedback - I will certainly log and pass this on :) Enjoy the rest of your day. Grant
props to Grant Little and Victoria Niemann for being the first to turn in scholarship material
Yep. is the only person I know who gives cake to people who didn't go to his birthday party.
You have never seen generosity until you see offer birthday cake to everyone in
"Everyone's going to have good poops after this"
"Seriously like who needs to brush their teeth? Just take a shot of that in the morning!"
Grant Allen: It's a white out (+recipes): Antonios Papaspiropoulos and his wife Victoria enjoy a special white...
I still have a massive crush on Hugh Grant
New hope for breast cancer patients with prevention research in set to receive a $1.5 million grant.
Captain Grant fighting for the ball tonight! Well done GK
"God, grant me strength for those things I can not change"🙌💜
A 12 year old figures out how banks are robbing us. Victoria Grant
On Thursday, the BC government announced that PEERS Victoria will receive a $100,000 grant to help fund its...
"Time spent watching other people's lives improve, is time wasted to improve your self! Reality TV starts in the mirror." ~ Victoria Grant
Victoria Park Friends Group was 1st application in! (we're keen) Others apply too a grant to put a gig on!
BT has an early bit of advice for the Vic Govt. get Cricket Victoria a new venue. WE SHOULD BE AT THE MCG TONIGHT!
Community Grants from are available! Fund your cool project!
Have an idea on how to enhance your neighbourhood? Grants avail to help make it happen. Deadline is MAR 31
Website Builder 728x90
Talking online extremism at YouTube -- with and Google's Victoria Grant.
Grant! One of your selfies made the global news this am. Victoria is a selfie capital
It seems like only established authors get grant money. Is there anything for newbies to help support ourselves?
And we will head to 2OT here in Victoria.
Dear Lord, please grant me with a $100 secret rewards card from Victoria's Secret, thank you amen
“your friend who really wants to be a Victoria's Secret model.”
Read about the role community foundations play in Victoria Grant's hometown & across Canada:
Hasta La Victoria photo exhibition by Grant Fleming. He dedicated the exhibition to our dear friend…
"Thousands wasted on bungled council grant Review of local govt processes required.
Thousands wasted on bungled council grant
*** Jones and Paul Weller are expected to attend the Grant Fleming: Hasta la Victoria! private view in east London this evening.
Shire pinged on conflict of interest.. Thousands wasted on bungled council grant via
"Instead of the Victoria secret fashion show we need the hot country guys In underwear show 😍😍" YES
Were it not for the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate and Derby (important I grant you), Victoria might have shut up shop ***
Met with grant awardee & supporter Victoria at today. Such a great partner!
Here's the low-down on the RESP matching grant. If you have kids or grandkids, check it out!
Much appreciatetion if you would vote for us to win a grant, helping to grow our business.thank you!
Dear God, please grant me the body of a Victoria's Secret Angel  amen.
NSW edges ahead at the MCG: A typically defiant innings from Chris Rogers has helped Victoria stave off an ope...
Draft House bill would require NSF to justify every grant as being in the 'national interest' - by
A great report from Check out who paid $80,000 to push this:
my snapchat bestfriends are.. . Grant. Devon Stephens. Victoria Clawson. 😂
Victoria College Foundation and VC Calhoun County Center receive Alcoa Foundation grant to enhance
Check out 12-year-old Victoria Grant talking about the Canada’s banking system!
Victoria College awarded $186k Skills Development Fund grant for training needs of companies in the Eagle Ford Shale.
Vote for The Victoria Law Group to receive Chase’s Mission Main Street Grant
Enigmatic Aga Khan turns to the Cup: The appearance of Verema represents a notable coup for Racing Victoria.    
of the day: WorkSafe Victoria Club Safety Fund providing clubs with up to $600 to help make facilities safer
My mum can see because of the work of the Eye & Ear Hospital. She needs another op - with no delays
$GIVN $100m grant in doubt for Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Victoria College awarded state training grant: Employers seeking more information about the Skills Development...
As today being the feast of All souls I remember the lives of sylvanus moses,victoria olabisi maja,Adesuwa Obaraye,Eternal rest Grant dem
currently winning the SBTV/Oddka competition for 10 grand grant. Please keep voting for us
It almost starred Faye Dunaway & Cary Grant as directed by George Cukor. Now James Toback may make his dream project.
Victoria: grant I want something sugary . Grant: brings her bag of sugar😂😂
Road trip down to Victoria with my boy Grant.
She did such a great job!! Literally the coolest ugh I miss your family
The Amazing "Victoria Grant" on our Corrupt System and a Better Way, 2013: via
$760,00 research grant to study NZ spirituality and religion -
I'm going for the flaming longboat + the full Valhalla/horned warriors thing. More tricky down Victoria Street I grant you.
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