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Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire (born 2 October 1968, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England) is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who currently presents the mid-morning news/current affairs & interview programme on BBC Radio 5 Live between 10am and 12noon each weekday.

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Victoria Derbyshire crid:5ai2zq ... two aircraft that make up the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight have been grounded ...
Possibly the Beeb's lowest point since Robbie Travers was invited on to the Victoria Derbyshire show to talk military str…
Victoria Derbyshire found time in the last 5 minutes of her current affairs show today to highlight that the US...
Just watched and Peter Stringfellow chatting over lunch on bbc2 Victoria Derbyshire - strange concept but fascinating.
on Victoria Derbyshire is hilarious. Put it on prime time Today's Peter Stringfella v Mary Beard!
Victoria Derbyshire have done "Election First Dates" with Peter Stringfellow and Mary Beard and it is quite something
Tune in to Victoria Derbyshire this morning at 10:15am to see these beautiful ladies share some…
Nicole Kidman clarifies comments in support of Donald Trump
That was the 2nd programme in a row with a bias - the Victoria Derbyshire show was a car-cr…
News coverage from the BBC following Victoria Derbyshire's show re the Contaminated Blood Scandal
Victoria Derbyshire that rare beast at an impartial journalist.!
It's really no different than Dominic Raab's answer on Victoria Derbyshire the other day. It appears the Tories don…
I sure do! 😉 we should do a virtual Victoria Derbyshire date - google it if u don't know what am talking about!
I usually like the Victoria Derbyshire show but this was 'chewing gum' for the mind. Sad that the sho…
says more money for health and social care is a childish wish list. Dignity?
Dominic Raab ! his answers to the questions put to him whilst on Victoria Derbyshire & Newsnight , proves his on a different planet . Sad !
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We talked to about campaign in the lead up to Paterson's sentencing
I saw you on Victoria Derbyshire you were great😀
A batch of our homemade Victoria Sponges are nearly ready for the shelves!
Thanks to for supporting of on today from 1:33mins:
❤️ Gr8 example of a politician who changed strong views after being swayed by evidence.
Victoria Derbyshire show was recorded in Manchester where Mr Ullah is a local chaplain, he…
This is Mohammed Ullah from Manchester. Victoria Derbyshire interviewed him and Question Time/Big Q…
Was on this AM to chat about a new report on bulling in gaming. 1hr 15min in. Thoughts?
NIce! I like Martine. 😎She looked great last week filling in on the Victoria Derbyshire show.
Cool to see on BBC earlier talking about how devs & players can combat in-game bullying - 1hr15 mark:
We supplied an electric van for Victoria Derbyshire's Van Share with rep 🚐 🍃
Tory MP dismisses disabled woman live on TV as she tells him 'people are dying'
Victoria Derbyshire crid:5ai2y6 ... is, the preparedness to take non-violent direct action when other measures have ended. That ...
Victoria Derbyshire crid:5ai2y6 ... Trident nuclear weapons, HS2, the Hinckley nuclear-power station. We would say that ...
Conservative MP dismisses disabled woman who tells him 'tens of thousands of people are dying'.
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Victoria Derbyshire programme on the BBC News Channel .. Worth the licence fee on it's own! .
Would be amusing if Victoria Derbyshire was related to John Derbyshire. 😎
Oh dear, Victoria Derbyshire tries to do a Jeremy Paxman, total flop. That's the real headline.
09:00 Victoria Derbyshire: The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme.
Our amazing founder Barbara Wilson in this mornings Victoria Derbyshire show.
Cancer: Terry Foster told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme he was "treated appallingly" by his employer.
Looking forward to going to London & appearing on the Victoria Derbyshire show Tuesday morning speaking about
Dyslexia discrimination at work: "People just think you're slow" - Rosie Edmondson was bullied at work
'You are 5 times more likely to have debt problems if you have a condition'. wants change http…
"Using the we got the law changed" - Ann Thornber's 17 year old son killed himself
War surgeon David Nott, Pride of Britain award winner, describes when IS fighters burst into his operating theatre https:…
Excellent interview from on tackling sexual violence in Universities Highlight…
"Hospitals should be a place to get better" Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive Alzheimers Society
Pleased to take part in debate on relatives & care homes, complex issue that needs exploring further
strip search woman and HJA's solicitor interviewed by (inte…
strip search woman and HJA's solicitor interviewed by (interview starts 16:58)
Director Jemma Garside appears on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, read more here:
Victoria Derbyshire crid:5ahyzh ... sexually explicit comments. The Paris deal on climate change takes effect today, less than a ...
Typical bias lefty interview on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire. Where's the other side of the argument?
See ITN's Ravi Naik speak about illegal curfews on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show
wish we could have actual news after 8.30 rather than the awful Business show and Victoria Derbyshire. Having to go to Sky News
A good film showing the government's disregard for migrants' dignity > Victoria Derbyshire Living under a curfew
The Victoria Derbyshire program shortly after brexit exclaiming how hate crime had increased dramtically. They'd had... 1/2
Families of six Britons jailed in India plead for Theresa May to help release them from their 'excruciating *** https:…
Religious arbitration councils, such as Sharia councils, ‘serve interests of patriarchs, not women’. Do you agree? https:…
Victoria Derbyshire Interview today tter_responsive via
.1hr 14m 50s explains that ME is not fatigue & how dangerous CBT can be for classic ME.
Speaking about what is doing to help on the Victoria Derbyshire show i…
'It's not about how anyone voted' - lead claimant welcomes High Court's ruling on triggering Brexit.
'Nobody helped us' - Daughter describes how her mum was told to leave care home after her family's complaint.
Lizzie Horgan, who has ME, explains how a new fatigue treatment helped her feel better
Full programme now available at - client speaks at 18mins in re impact of & at 26 mins
Petition update - Victoria Derbyshire Interview today via
Russian Warships in the English Channel - Victoria Derbyshire 21.10.16 via
.reacts to the Brexit High Court ruling. . Follow our live coverage here:
World's largest marine reserve agreed for . ...and well, pics 😍🐧
"She was in a bad way" - Angela Eastman's mum was evicted from a nursing home
Raise a concern about a poor quality care home, and be evicted. Watch our CEO on the Victoria Derbyshire show, 10am BBC2,…
Myself with Lutalo Muhammad after the Victoria Derbyshire show yesterday. He won silver at the…
Victoria Derbyshire thinks you have to answer yes or no/ Tony Blair or Leon Trotsky.. If I were corb I would have said STFU
Why is Victoria Derbyshire making me so emotional
Safe for pregnant women to visit Florida? "This is very much a personal decision"
Mel - Victoria Derbyshire show (Now on BBC 2) About to do item on Pokemon Go and benefits to kids with autism :) x
Victoria Derbyshire show this morning. . This is like my son,the Pokemon app has got him wanting to go outdoors...
on the Victoria Derbyshire show in Sheff. A fantastic orator, and down to earth genuine guy off camera.
hi Hannah - still really keen to talk to you on Victoria Derbyshire this morning. Let me know if you're around. thanks
Reports of torture in Turkey following the attempted coup says from
Victoria Derbyshire: I'm with the voters and there really is quite a sombre mood in here... Gotta love, BBC audience resea…
Did you know cabin crew are SAS-trained? They need it for some drunken passengers, says former air hostess Mandy. https:/…
Hello my name is Victoria. I am a mysterious gi
“At Deepcut you were dehumanised completely. You had no identity, no freedom" - former recruit Stewart Thompson
Olympian says has missed "massive opportunity to honour clean athletes"
O2 customer data is being sold by criminals on the dark net, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned.
'Dream come true' working at the premature baby unit that saved my life says
"I'm worried" - journalist is wanted by Turkey and says the country dirties the name of its critics. https:…
What's Hillary Clinton really like? Not how critics describe her, says who worked with her http…
will make UK less secure than if future were put in "the renewable basket," https:/…
Daughter speaking about her father put on liverpool pathway!Victoria Derbyshire, 28/07/2016: via
was that you on the tele on Victoria Derbyshire? That was great 👍
Polish born Conservative MP says unchecked migration is bad for both Poland and UK.
I explain to Victoria Derbyshire why Hinkley is over-priced and will leave us at risk of blackouts
Pls RT: Patient's life wrongly ended on LCP! [go to 16.29] Thanks Paul
.. Joanna Gosling hears from a woman whose father died after being put on the Liverpool Care Pathway.
"The darkness is thickening" in according to veteran Turkish journalist
We don't want to leave, we want food - says teacher Wissam Zarkau in the besieged city of Aleppo.
Our wonderful activists on this morning - 1hr 10m
John O'Neill, who must notify police 24 hours before he has sex, tells the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme his…
09:00 Victoria Derbyshire: Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.
Ageing without Children on Victoria Derbyshire show right now on BBC2 & BBCNews Watch here: https:…
"Responsible is great but won't target people who need it the most" Jenny Rosborough, https…
Lovely afternoon on Victoria Park with htt…
Sir Philip Green: "I want to apologise to all the BHS people who have been involved in this".
"Flood defences could have been better." Tom Armstrong's Carlisle home was flooded & still drying out https…
"She was open, honest & decent." Clive Betts MP on who was killed in her constituency
Former Olympic Champion Tessa Sanderson, 60, talks to the Victoria Derbyshire programme about bringing up her adopted t…
"I had to fight two wars: the Germans & my men to get their confidence." David Render, WWII tank survivor
"Domestic abuse eats away at a woman's ability to parent her children"
"Difficult to process unspeakable wickedness & hatred." MP reacts to murder of on http…
"Immunotherapy is the talk of the town. It'll be the next big thing." BBC's on drugs https:/…
"She was one in a million & can never be replaced." shared an office with who died in https:…
"Don't ask permission. Make a movie & make your story." producer Effie Brown on in film
."Great role model for many kids." David Beckham took son Romeo to play at https…
"I'd like the world to see the wounds inflicted onto Reeva" Barry Steenkamp at sentencing https:…
"She threw her heart & soul into being the best she could." remembers
Tearful tribute from Lord Kinnock to "She was prepared to fight on every front."
Your trail for Victoria Derbyshire show very insensitive, Norman. "Dead with a bullet to the head" - flipping heck
Victoria Derbyshire and Sian Williams are amazing ladies!
Victoria Derbyshire looks like Kay Adams in a wig! 😳
Hello, Mike here at Victoria Derbyshire at the BBC. Is there a way I can contact you about a piece for tomorrow? Cheers, M
More BBC BH folk seem to have their coffee in Café Nero in horse shoe than in house including Andrew Marr and Victoria Derbyshire. 💜
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Radio 5 Live (twice), BBC London with Vanessa Feltz, and the Victoria Derbyshire show. What a mad 12 hours it's been
Victoria Derbyshire asks where will we all live ahead of housing bill. Apt ahead of Nor…
Victoria Derbyshire interview grieving parents of Zane Gbangbola forced to represent themselves -
"Talking to people is crucial, not being isolated" - Dr Jon Goldin,
Victoria Derbyshire of BBC brings us another "victim" of "evil" USA. Alas, nothing can whitewash fascist Islamists!!
Great to see the lovely Victoria Derbyshire back this morning - part2
Many life lessons in this. Babar Ahmad Says He Was 'Naive' To Support The Taliban via
Babar Ahmad says he was 'naive' to support the Taliban
Dear BBC, you keep doing this, so please stop parading the Victoria Derbyshire tabloid nonsense as news.
"Hardest thing you will ever do is read your child's post mortem" Zane's mummy speaks to Victoria Derbyshire http…
"Someone said to me there shouldn't be female referees" Mary Harmer, abused football referee
"It's a bit rich of President to single out Britain & France" Sir Malcolm Rifkind http…
What an inspiring and inspirational message
interview with Zane Gbangbola's grieving parents refused legal aid for his inquest -
There is a local sheriff in a psychological technique which will be increased in April on the Victoria Derbyshire and the past week.
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Junior doc "This contract is unsafe - if this was about pay we wouldn't be striking" https…
She either wears hijab because she's oppressed or through choice, if choice sorry but ZERO sympathy for her fears!. http…
VIDEO: 'Shocked by groper's audacity': Jessica Brady tells the Victoria Derbyshire programme how..
."I was the only clean athlete on the podium. Three medals I have are the wrong colour"
"Mother's Day was horrendous" - Tracey Hanson, her son Josh was murdered in October 2015
"I said good morning and he looked amazed" Daniel Rowland has overcome
"There are days when you think this is never going to end" Fran Rowland on her son's https…
"She was on her way out but it could have made her passing easier" Lawrence Thorpe's mum died after ambulance delay https…
"This behaviour is normalised. There's a culture of silence in women" Natsayi Sithole
"Girls commonly experience this behaviour from adult men" of on
On BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire show w/Norman Smith, Joanna Gosling on the EU in/out referendum
Norman Smith is mounting a remain campaign, mostly on Victoria Derbyshire.
Victoria Derbyshire, David Dimbleby and Emily Maitlis to host 3 BBC debates on One in Wembley Arena.
Carol kirkwood and Victoria Derbyshire on Victoria Derbyshire this morning 😍
Carol kirkwood presenting the weather on Victoria Derbyshire this morning 😍
Carol Kirkwood and Joanna Gosling both wear dresses on Victoria Derbyshire show BBC 1
Victoria Derbyshire, 17/12/2015, Alan Johnson: Why we should stay in Europe
Victoria Derbyshire and Frank Skinner are among those inducted into the Radio Academy's Hall of Fame today.
Suzanne Evans making a film why we should leave EU. BBC2 17th December, Victoria Derbyshire, watch it!
Do fairy lights slow down wi-fi? - "There is a potential for interference from fairy lights"
President Hollande: Terrorists have "cult of death" we have "love for life"
We want to hear ur stories of growing up in care/ working with children in care for BBC's Victoria Derbyshire prog. ht…
Victoria Derbyshire is running until the 24 December than 28-1 will be prerecorded 'highlights' but only on the News Channel
Dear Victoria Derbyshire (R5 etc this am):. A 500lb bomb is small. THESE are 'huge' bombs:.
"Air strikes won't stop IS. It may kill the people in IS but won't kill the ideology". Syrian student https:…
And Victoria Derbyshire is beginning to look and sound more and more like Gillian McKeith, that awful pooh doctor from prime-time TV!
Was watching Victoria Derbyshire this morning as she interviewed Andy Burnham on the Isil vote and constituents` angry reaction to this! She
Catch my Interview on vote to oppose ht…
Catch my Interview on vote to oppose
Hi Chris; this is Nick at BBC Two's & BBC News Channel's Victoria Derbyshire Programme. Are you potentially free tomorrow AM?
☕️ & 🍰 time? Watch a BBC film about sugar, with cakes baked in Brackenhurst food labs. iPlayer
HI Kevin, I am a journalist calling from Victoria Derbyshire. Can you follow me so I can dm you pls? Thanks, Ashley.
"I had too many doubts". Labour's voted no to air strikes as he couldn't see a clear plan for Syria.
Pitty those who see the bombing as horrific aren't watching Victoria Derbyshire
This guys got a really intense stare on the Victoria Derbyshire show!
Victoria Derbyshire. from viewer..." I am a SNP member but I am disappointed how they voted "..You can not make this up...or can you!!!
Watching Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Two with TVCatchup app on my iPad.
Victoria Derbyshire looking fabulous live on BBC 1 now wearing our Nadia Midnight Bloom Dress .
Victoria Derbyshire "Cameron has refused to call them anything but ISIL and criticised BBC" as shows BBC
Can the expert having to tell Victoria Derbyshire that it's a 'transporter plane' point out that a 500lb bomb isn't huge or massive
Tory who voted for the air strikes, said the speech made by Labour's was "fantastic".
Marginally better than Jeremy Kyle but I prefer Victoria Derbyshire. ;-)
"i'm told this is called a transporter plane" Victoria Derbyshire
"I reached my decision with a clear conscience" says Conservative who voted for air strikes in Syria
"I'm not convinced air strikes will make the blindest bit of difference in Syria": of the SNP.
"After bombing we will radicalise more Syrians because innocent civilians will be killed" - Prof Nadje Al-Ali, http…
"When the decision comes we can't shirk it. There is a heavy burden on our shoulders" voted yes
Victoria Derbyshire is a right-wing Tory who is paid to broadcast lies on behalf of David Cameron's police state.
On BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show in a bit.
"There are 70,000 moderate fighters but they're not an army" - Ghadi Sary, Syrian rebel expert
Our chief executive, Marjorie Wallace, appeared on Victoria Derbyshire this morning to discuss waiting times for...
"People taking legal highs are ending up in the back of ambulances" says
"If assisted suicide is made legal in UK it will be abused": from
"Terminally ill people should have the right to end their life in the UK":
.looking really lovely on this morning's Victoria Derbyshire show!
The woman on Victoria Derbyshire arguing again assisted suicide is seriously pissing me off. Ignorant horrible attitudes.
give it a rest on Victoria Derbyshire you look like an evil weirdo
Tune in to Victoria Derbyshire at 9.15am to see Ian Pratt discuss
Denise gets off by misrepresenting herself on TV chat shows Victoria Derbyshire being the latest
I'm sure it was Victoria Derbyshire a couple of weeks back.
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Avalanche of lies on Victoria Derbyshire, singing the praises of SNP.
BBC 2_Victoria Derbyshire 16Oct15 - the hunting & poaching of elephants in Zimba by - via
BBC News - Victoria Derbyshire's breast cancer video diary
Watch again our discussion on Arabia & on BBC 2 last Thurs - it starts 53mins in.
My mum's story on Victoria Derbyshire Show, with Joanna Gosling 24x7 NHS discussion.
Victoria Derbyshire shares her breast cancer story in video blog
First UK user of bebionic small on BBC2's Victoria Derbyshire Show
BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire makes moving video diary as she is treated for breast cancer
I watched Victoria Derbyshire cancer blog vids fantastic shes doing gd but she opens up am really surprised how gd treatment as been in nhs
"There are 30 million people across the world in slavery" says anti-slavery commissioner,
Moving and inspiring video diary of mastectomy by BBC's Victoria Derbyshire
Actor and model Elizabeth Hurley tells the Victoria Derbyshire programmed why she is campaigning for better awareness of w…
You need a lot of luck, not just positivity, when cancer strikes | Deborah Orr If it's bad not much energy to inform
Divorce Supreme Court ruling "I'm relieved but there are no winners in divorce" Varsha Gohil
Victoria Derbyshire, 47, can be seen in the clip - filmed in the evening of September 25 – five hours after she woke up from a mastectomy
Victoria Derbyshire had a mastectomy to treat her breast cancer last month, she recorded a video diary about her treatme…
Does Victoria Derbyshire's reaction to cancer treatment send an 'over-simple ... - Belfast Telegraph via Black Swa…
: Victoria Derbyshire diagnosed with breast cancer on
Someone actually complained about Victoria Derbyshire's video diary on ? I thought it brave, inspiring and positively helpful
a new low in English; BBC viewer complains to Newswatch that Victoria Derbyshire footage was shown without "pre-warning".
Victoria Derbyshire opens to close taboos in cancer. Some will some won't who cares Victoria? You are my kinda woman-well done
Tom Bosworth tells the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire why he has chosen now to be the first British athlete to come out as ***
Victoria Derbyshire Victoria Derbyshire with stories, interviews, audience debate and brea...
German hunter kills elephant: "It might be legal but it is unethical": Resson Kantai Duff from
"We are losing an elephant every 15 minutes to poachers": from
Be on Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC 2 shortly after 10am to discuss killings of elephants by poachers & trophy hunters in …
How to spot a slave or a trafficker - Chief Inspector John Egerton from on modern slavery
"I was googling about my ovarian cancer because my GP brushed me off" says Eleanor Taylor-Davis
"The is an easy way for people to see what the last year sounded like": editor
"We all have a duty to spot signs of says from
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Hi.Wondering if you're around for an interview about housing on Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC2? Please DM your details. Cheers.
If you don't know much about depression, please watch the EXCELLENT Clarke Carlisle on todays "Victoria Derbyshire" TV show.
Why is the new daily news and current affairs programme called "Victoria Derbyshire"..?
Mental Health debate on Victoria Derbyshire this morning, hotly debating the cuts in England & where do people go in crisis?
on BBC 2 now Victoria Derbyshire followed by news, on the news channel the same. Why isn't the golf on BBC 2.
I don't usually watch the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC 2 but they're discussing Mental Health and it's an eyeopener even for me.
Great to see open discussion about Mental Health on Victoria Derbyshire this morning BBC2. . Worth a catch up if...
Victoria Derbyshire on BBC 1 talking about Mental Health this a.m
Victoria Derbyshire on BBC this am talking about Mental Health
Watching Victoria Derbyshire on BBC2. Shows how much I owe and my family.
Got the Victoria Derbyshire show on, with the sound down, it's excruciating. :(
poll: 69% of Brits think ppl with mental illness treated more negatively than those with a physical one
Look who I spotted on 'Victoria Derbyshire' !! So inspiring Zoe!! Love u xxx 💕
So we have Council House Crackdown, Victoria Derbyshire or Sounds of the 80s! U have 4 channels & a red button WHERE IS
When comes up for like 10 seconds on Victoria Derbyshire😆
A really open and frank conversation about experiences of Mental Health problems on the Victoria Derbyshire...
Victoria Derbyshire a must watch programme this morning. Understanding Mental Health
There is an interesting debate brewing on Victoria Derbyshire regarding Mental Health on BBC Two.
To be fair will be all over this like a rash. You watch. Victoria Derbyshire is brilliant. Isn't she ? #
Please can you cancel the Victoria Derbyshire programme, as if there isn't enough hare-brained talkshows already
Woke up this morning, my baby was on the BBC. on Victoria Derbyshire show now.
My friend is potentially on the TV right now. Victoria Derbyshire debate about Mental Health.
Sarah bravely talks live about Postpartum Psychosis. Like many Victoria Derbyshire had never heard of this prior to today.
Tune into BBC2 now for the Victoria Derbyshire show - Mental Health is today's topic.
If you can, do watch Victoria Derbyshire today on from 9.15 today on BBC2. Hoping to ask a question
At the Victoria Derbyshire talk show discussing living with Mental Health issues.
Victoria Derbyshire BBC2 9:15am today, Mental Health discussion. Hopefully enlightening for many.
At 0915 on BBC Two Victoria Derbyshire on the stigma of mental illness.
BBC2 discussing Mental Health issues with Victoria Derbyshire
Victoria Derbyshire today talking Mental Health!
Update your maps at Navteq
24 hr shift so busy that I'm missing the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC2 this AM on which I was going to be interviewed about Mental Health
At the BBC waiting to go on the Victoria derbyshire show for Mental Health xx lets do it
How can I not mention Victoria Derbyshire on BBC2 from 9.15 tomorrow. BBC really know what they're doing when it comes to sport
We're represented as an audience member in live debate on Victoria Derbyshire show tomorrow, 09:15. Any questions for... (1/2)
saw it very genuinely suggested that we shouldn't have a leader at all on Victoria Derbyshire, maybe all 4 could do it...
I'm an admirer of Victoria Derbyshire. An excellent journalist of the highest quality. doesn't make the most of her skills
18/6/15 Fiona Bruce, Victoria Derbyshire, Alice Beer Linda Papadopoulos all looking great at the theatre
Parenting charity National Childbirth Trust is worried about cuts to breastfeeding. Watch the video now>
VIDEO: 'Support cut' for breastfeeding mums: The Victoria Derbyshire programme meets a group of mothers in sou...
Jeremy Corbyn was brilliant on Victoria Derbyshire, talking sense and economic justice! :)
Worth watching. These are undecided and Labour supporters on
So, Victoria Derbyshire gives yet another Tory the oxygen of publicity?
NICKY MORGAN on Any Questions.? Like a ferret on uppers. A bit like Victoria Derbyshire. Are they sisters.? Nicky is Gove diluted.
Can't help but agree, he was on some Victoria Derbyshire show in the week and stood out above all the other contenders
Repairs were carried out in-situ on the Queen Victoria train station
All the mums on Victoria Derbyshire are obese so no wonder they are coming up with excuses about feeding their kids too mu…
/4lets challenge the BBC shedulers to produce the new talent. get Victoria Derbyshire off &Denise Lewis poor girls.
Victoria Derbyshire is looking for people to join Mental Health debate for Monday's TV programme contact calum.macdonald01
Victoria Derbyshire &Norman Smith flirting isn't as entertaining as seem to think -GET A ROOM & keep it on a business footing
Turn on BBC2 NOW! Jill Robinson is on, talking to Victoria Derbyshire
Discussion on 5 Live about the BBC. Caller came on to slate the Victoria Derbyshire simulcast. Oddly the caller disappeared. Funny that
Yulin festival currently being covered on BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire.
I do like Victoria Derbyshire 's blouse that she has on today.
ALL ANIPALS 9.40 bbc2 Victoria Derbyshire show bit about gt to watch. uk.
9.40am Yulin Backlash Victoria Derbyshire Show. Well done for bringing this to BBC TV audience!
today discussing on Victoria Derbyshire radio show. From 10am.
Today Victoria Derbyshire will talk about the Yulin dogs and cats meat festival on her show at 9,15 BBC
No he didn't, he is only 37! It is being investigated by our solicitor, we appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire BBC2 on Wed
A relaxing time listening on Victoria Park
At 12 with Victoria - more details on a house fire in Derbyshire which has killed two adults and a child.
Reverend Hayley Young who contracted HIV through a non-sexual attack speaks to the Victoria Derbyshire programme.
At 10 with Victoria - Breaking news...a man, woman and child have been killed in a house fire in Derbyshire.
Found this interview with the really quite uncomfortable to watch…
Victoria Derbyshire programme on asbestos in schools - on BBC iplayer- with NUT's Sarah Lyons
Joanna seems present Victoria Derbyshire show more often than Victoria Derbyshire. Perhaps the show needs name change?
Victoria Derbyshire. How does a bionic hand work? Nicky Ashwell who has "the world's most lifelike bionic hand"...
Something of a surreal day. Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning talking about online reviews,…
- Me and co on Victoria Derbyshire BBC2 earlier today
On Tuesday 9th June students from Bentley Wood took part in the Victoria Derbyshire programme ht…
I can't be the only person who thinks the Victoria Derbyshire show is painful viewing.
Bit stupid for the to call this show Victoria Derbyshire when she only appears 4 days a week. Must apply for a job sounds good.
Victoria Derbyshire is causing me a problem. I keep missing - sorry
Victoria Derbyshire Islam extremism .. Time we stopped grovelling to & *** licking these feckers ..!
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