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Victor Meldrew

Victor Meldrew was a fictional character in the popular BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

Richard Wilson Grant Mitchell

My fave 'can you dig it', is the one he does as Victor Meldrew -
Not to mention the usual seat kicking and mobile phones, etc. I probably sound like Victor Meldrew now. I don't believe it!
Pmsl.. Victor Meldrew... great minds think alike eh..?
No winner today, the phonetic TV show you wanted was... VICTOR Meldrew's One Foot INDIA Grave
stop bloody moaning then. I swear you're behind that Victor Meldrew account.
Actually getting 3G in the works canteen ... (Victor Meldrew voice) : I don't believe it!
victor meldrew move over, yes I am moaning that sunday dinner sis from 6 months ago, still waiting bet its mouldy so keep it
We don't sign someone, moan, we do sign someone, moan, since when did Victor Meldrew become supporters club chairman, FFS.
I think should be told that only the exterior was used, so the comparisons are pointless
me too! Victor Meldrew should have come to watch it at the front instead 😂 x
Sure my other half is possessed by the spirit of Victor Meldrew
you're making out like I'm a Victor Meldrew
Our current GK's, Dave Saves, Anders Lindegod, Sam Johnstoneuer, Victor Meldrew Valdes(going) and Sergio not Ramos Romero
Just finished my last task and I am now officially Victor Meldrew. I have just complained to The BBC about an interview.
nor me, I listen to much of the stuff on the radio these days and become like Victor Meldrew
Seen Rightmove be screamingly wrong about what an exterior location shot in a studio sitcom is? It's flipping amazing.
Coming from a man wearing that Victor Meldrew cap... I can only LOL! 😂😂😂
I used to get that a lot. . .and Victor Meldrew. ...and now I'm Geoff from Rules of Engagement. Basically, grumpy/sarcastic
In the name of sanity! It's Victor Meldrew pouring a pint of the black stuff in Enniskillen.
Richard Wilson, best known for playing cantankerous Victor Meldrew, anything but grumpy in The Jolly Sandwich Bar.
is it on TV now? I'll have to wrestle the remote control from Victor meldrew lol
Did you see that Victor Meldrew's house is up for sale? Someone can use the loo which he stuck a plant down.
. You are the Victor Meldrew of my TL... Hilarious!
A house in Dorset, which doubled as Victor Meldrew's home, is now up for sale:
Watching One Foot in The Grave, Victor Meldrew is the tv character I relate to the most. My life is one long "I don't believe it" too
Pretty sure I just bumped in to the actor who played Victor Meldrew in the airport. Probably the most boring celebrity sighting ever.
I don't believe it Victor Meldrew is also here today lol
I said he (Grandpa) was Victor Meldrew incarnate,is such a mardy bum. I swear this man is getting grumpier by the day !!
We don’t believe it! Victor Meldrew's house goes up for sale | Property Blog by Rightmove
That boy is like the Grunge Victor Meldrew.
Please help, sometime during the last 19 yrs some1 stole my husband & replaced him with Victor Meldrew, please find & return my hubby 😔
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Am I morphing into Victor Meldrew. Complained about noisy party in hotel to be told that I should have found the Duty Manager. At my age!
Who am I kidding? I'd be doing a Victor Meldrew and then some lol x
Victor Made-Up-Name. No. It was Victor Meldrew & I simply don't believe it See this 4 fake moon landings
think I resembled Victor Meldrew after it!
Did you know the bloke who played Victor Meldrew causes bad weather too ?
As Victor Meldrew would say, I dont believe it. Been sent a contact email address re transgender modelling! Yes, me!
You do realize Victor Meldrew is as much a fictional character as your god (& your cannibalistic chefs)
next time you visit a Chinese restaurant check what's on the menu - or end up like Victor Meldrew!
Bee's 38 DEGREES . It's unBEElievable! - In the character of Victor Meldrew
For anyone who had never watched Merlin, this episode is just Victor Meldrew and Rupert Giles getting very emotional over a blonde bloke.
i've been mistaken for Jeremy Beadle, Victor Meldrew, Matthew Parris, Prince Charles & (wait for it) in Vietnam: Bruce Willis. I was mobbed!
James Delingpole arrives at that Victor Meldrew moment via
Wow I feel like Victor Meldrew I don't believe it! You nailed diving as well!! Is it Christmas Well done!
I may transmogrify into Victor Meldrew shortly.
When first came out I was very much like Victor Meldrew, laughed out loud when my contemporaries were screaming with fear.
Hamilton Collection
I aspire to be exactly like Victor Meldrew
Victor Meldrew at his absolute best, watching one foot in the grave about as exciting as today has got, still England vs Sri Lanka later.
Anyway that will do me. That's my Victor Meldrew quota of complaining for the day. :)
One foot in the grave is making me cry with laughter 😭😭 Victor Meldrew you know..
Are you paying 'homage' to Victor Meldrew this morning?
🐢 Ha, don't seize up now. No Hokey Cokey for you tonight. Remembering when Victor Meldrew did his funny leg walk ha-ha.
.. I think I am well past that stage... Was a young fogey who taught Victor Meldrew all he knew ;o)
“More Pythia than Victor Meldrew really. Ambiguity might be closer to it.
such a miserable sod he's actually funny with it, propper Victor Meldrew in the making
Hate that miserable old git from Liverpool on makes Victor Meldrew look like a Disney worker
What a miserable old get is are we sure he's not actually victor meldrew in disguise?
Have just sent an email to Mitchum criticising the valve on their deodorant. My transformation into Victor Meldrew is now complete.
I usually like Alex, but he is starting to. Sound like Victor meldrew
- In my best Victor Meldrew voice. I don't believe it!!
Watch the whole thing! Remember victor Meldrew: "just when you think it will never get any better, it suddenly gets worse"
mine too mum calls him Victor Meldrew bol
I'm going home like victor bleeding meldrew
lol that's just age mate, you gotta act like Victor Meldrew at 40+ it's an unwritten law
Dumbed down too much for me. l'm Victor Meldrew and I'm angry.
take a gander at as a new project for . Think Karl crossed with Victor Meldrew!
I hear it is a big birthday. in the words of Victor Meldrew ' I don't believe it' Have fun.
Christ. Listen to me. I sound like Victor Meldrew.
Victor Meldrew moment here!! How Sh.t is Kanye West!!! Go back to the hood and crawl under a rock!!!
New job next week 😄 But the Victor Meldrew in me is fuming resorting to this when I could spit out kids like everyone else and be minted
50% weight on right leg & my Victor Meldrew style complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority upheld. It's a lovely sunny day too. Ace!
I appreciate you raising it with teams. However if it happens again I will go full Victor Meldrew.
Just half dragon?? Victor Meldrew would be cheerier at his grans passing!!
I love my boy but he is like a mini Victor Meldrew
07:00 Believe It!: Richard Wilson charts the extraordinary effect Victor Meldrew has had on his life.
and now an assist. My have to be like victor meldrew more often.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The way he spoke to reporters it was like Victor Meldrew.. Still, this man is a Maggot.
Victor Meldrew has nothing on me today. Bad mood central.
Have been watching re-runs of classic Victor Meldrew episode tonight..anything is better than
filling in a holiday questionnaire and I sound like Victor Meldrew!
Was that after that Victor Meldrew episode of yours?
One thing always guaranteed to put a smile on my face is Victor Meldrew. Every time without fail he has me in stitches!
Unless some local politician plank comes on and I start my victor meldrew bit! Goodnight mate
oh an interesting wee program on ch 4 dispatches the title is POLITICIANS FOR HIRE mmm il quote victor meldrew !!!
watching Victor Meldrew on tv so funny
So the victor meldrew of the street will now have to find something else to moan about ... He's mentioning potholes
Flexed my inner Victor Meldrew by ringing bank. Subjected to guitar solo for 25 mins at 5p a min, then, soon as I got thru, line went dead!
Victor Meldrew has let himself go a bit!
It sounds like something Victor Meldrew's neighbour would send.
I think it's ridiculous an am out Duncan 'victor meldrew' Bannatyne
she doesn't like anything. She's victor meldrew in an 8 yo body lol
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Jesus CHRIST.not CLOWNS.and *** KIDS!... Noise level on is too much for this near 45 year old 'Victor Meldrew"
No of course but you constantly look for negatives. No upside with you Sir. Victor Meldrew
"I don't believe it" Victor Meldrew voice. Your kettle decidin to break on a Sunday feeling looking like death. FML 😤😢
In victor meldrew fashion , I don't believe it!! West ham and 92min goals... Aaarggghhh!!
Watching is like watching a live victor meldrew
Wish would move to I'd be in bed now post late shift not sitting in a traffic jam in Clapham moaning like Victor Meldrew.
. Feeling like Victor Meldrew here. The "youngsters" are very loud.
last again as Victor Meldrew might of said I DON'T BELIEVE IT
Apparently I'm a cross of Elder Price, Lawrence Jameison, Ben Harper, Mrs Bucket and Victor Meldrew with majority of Elder Price
Listened to Robert Mugabe speaking on the radio yesterday and was struck by how similar he sounds to Richard Wilson aka Victor Meldrew.
'Father Ted: The Mainland' One of our faves with Victor Meldrew's famous catchphrase Watch here:
Jessica Bradford - Head of Content at the Science Museum - just used the word "monumentous" on the ITV news. Naturally I slipped into full Victor Meldrew mode
Just watched "in Which We Serve" with Noel Coward ... I just had a Victor Meldrew moment at the end, I DON'T...
I had to look twice at this picture. I thought Paul had turned into Richard "Victor Meldrew" Wilson!!
Definitely going to vote no, because Grant Mitchell, Victor Meldrew and Ian Rush told me to
that video with Baldrick,Grant Mitchell and Victor Meldrew?
Famous German organ builder, (as in church ones, so no sniggering at the back), Arp Schnitger breezed into life this day back in 1648. American inventor credited with refining the sewing machine, Elias Howe found his way through the eye of the needle in 1819. Dull author who pumped out slushy novels like there was no tomorrow, lover of all things pink and yappy dogs, (she was also mentioned back on 21st May when she didn't need any more make up), Barbara Cartland started her first chapter in 1901. Former top blue member and Prime Minister of Blighty between 1970 and 1974, Edward Heath, (not to be confused with the band leader of the same name), eased the sheets in 1916. American politician and businessman, not to mention being the 13th Secretary of Defence from 1975 to 1977, but also reprising the role from 2001 to 2006 - Donald Rumsfeld battled to get out in 1932. It has to be said, 'I don't belieeevee it' Scottish actor famous for playing Victor Meldrew, Richard Wilson hits his 78th birthday. Yorkshire ...
Mark Lawrenson was always going to be a BBC pundit. He is basically Alf Garnet, Victor Meldrew & The Scousers from The Harry Enfield show. Just a moaning, grumpy nightmare of a man.
I don't believe it! The eponymous words of one Victor Meldrew! Why do I say this, well it appears that Joey Barton, or rather Mr Joey Barton of QPR is appearing on BBC1 Question Time 22:35 tomorrow evening! Shock of all shocks will he be a horror !
Fuming. was meant to DOWNGRADE our package; instead they upgraded without us knowing and charged us more! In a Victor Meldrew mood...
Sorry, I seem to be in 'Victor Meldrew' mode again. Whilst watching BBC's 'Parking Mad' programme tonight, a thought occurred to me, 'Why don't we get some 'Traffic Wardens in Weston? Now there's a novelty! I haven't seen any in Weston for years, is that why ignorant people (of which I think there are many in Weston) park where they like, i.e. on yellow lines, on zig zags, loading areas, oh & mis-use of blue disabled badges & in the Disabled bays outside of small convenience stores because they're too lazy (or fat) to park where they should! 😜😃 If you are one of these people you won't hit 'Like'! 😜😃 But if you've got an ounce of common sense then you'll hit 'Like' & maybe comment! Then this council might do something about it! 😜😃
Being called Irish by (the actual) Victor Meldrew has to be the highlight of my day!
Good news Victor Meldrews home after his op and in decent fettle considering he's had half of his right ear 👂removed. Still I told him he had another, although his glasses 👓might be looking a bit wonky for while...
I feckin love bilston me, 3 days ago me & the dog (the dog & i for those that do that grammer stuff) were nearly attacked by 2 devil dogs not on leads, today i find a tree smoldering in the woods. Is it just me turning into victor meldrew or is there just a lot more wankers about these days?
This weather's atrocious for the 1st May. Is there somewhere we can complain? Being cold makes me more grumpy than Victor Meldrew :(
Oh how, sometimes, I wish that when people were on their cellphones, they could put their voices on 'silent' as well as their mobiles. (Victor Meldrew moment)
As the great victor meldrew said several times, .I don't beleve it!!!...,had a driving test in ten minuets, still on the platform due to fog, still, probably wasn't ready to be unleashed on the general public.lucky white heather anyone.
you, and Victor Meldrew need to form a parking pressure group. Vent your collective spleens over a pint.
As Victor Meldrew said, 'I can't believe it' I have just got out of bed!! Mind you, we were up til 4 am watching taped YES MINISTER lol
It's CAFE CHURCH this Sunday at 6.00pm. The theme this month is 'seeing is believing' or is it? Can you believe what you can't see? Can you believe what you CAN see? Can you. Oh just come and see for yourself. HCF 6.00pm. (Victor Meldrew would not approve)
Happy 78th Birthday to the best Grandad in the world. Even though you are a royal old goat, moan like Victor Meldrew and cant hear a bloody word I say, you are my royal old goat who moans like Victor Meldrew not being able to hear a bloody word I say. Love u so much. Now lets have a fun day putting up all the new bedroom furniture. X
thanks for the sarcasm mate but its a used car and not so straight forward as that!. I Am making a new series of Victor Meldrew!
Victor Meldrew has woke up full of the joys of spring
The latest Rob Ford story has me compusively quoting Victor Meldrew.
Busy morning , Visiting , shopping, dogs walked, Blimey ! It's not even 2 o clock and I have ventured far a field ! Out of the Valley I tells ya, " I don't believe it " as said by Victor Meldrew, back in the day .
“Paxman: if Victor Meldrew presented The Day Today.” You rightly said as much in your Prison Notebooks.
As Victor Meldrew would say... I don't believe it! Newsnight Scotland just reported on the headlines from "Wings over Scotland"... I must be dreaming? The Beeb reporting something pro YES!
victor meldrew for next Chelsea manager 👌
Very excited about our holiday in the sunshine this Sunday, Vicky Woods this time next week you will be bringing me Mohito's and rubbing cream on my back, carrying my luggage, and asking me if my sunbed needs 'turning' :-)) . I love you Victor Meldrew :-)
he's only missing a flat cap and he's the Portuguese Victor Meldrew!
lol Ian's on one tonight, he can rant better than Victor Meldrew...first it was BMW's, then it was dog poo, he's sat writing music and listening to Jean Michel Jarre now, oh hang on JMJ is in for it as well lol
I know what you mean, but as I become more like Victor Meldrew in my old age I just can't tolerate Bell Ends !
think you might have turned into Victor Meldrew Alistair? Congrats Barry on today's news
Happy 75th birthday Dad to my very own Victor Meldrew, love you really xx
I think I must be getting like Victor Meldrew as I get older. I tried to change a £20 note for 20X£1 coins in the Natwest branch in RWB High St. this afternoon but they would only do it if I was an account holder. A casual person cannot go in and simply ask for change. I of course told a white lie and said I did not have my card with me. Will they start to charge to use “their” cash machine next? So if you need change for a charity event don’t go to Natwest. I think I was probably annoyed having seen a poster on the wall in the branch saying British base rate was 0.5% but you could apply for a loan at 8%. It would seem that highway robbery in now legal and courtesy is dead. And now. the broadcast of Evensong on Radio 3 from St. John’s College in Cambridge went off from 1\2 way through the psalms until the second lesson. They were singing psalm 150 so was hoping to hear the Zimbelstern on the organ. Was rather ironic really as my music list from there only arrived today, 10 days late!!! Chapel .. ...
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Dear Business/Home/Petrol Station/Traffic cone and Wall owners. Just wondering if your gonna re-paint the half *** attempt you's have made on your belongings after the GIro d'Italia enters Dundalk on May 11th? I see that some businesses have made a fantastic effort in getting the colour right and complete and its great to see this event come through our town. However i feel that some areas of the town are gonna look like "they left a red sock in the washing machine" by accident Pink come May 12th and onwards. As much as some people like Pink i've a funny feeling we're all gonna get pretty sick of it when it turns the colour of Irish skin come Christmas. Yours, Victor Meldrew.
when I heard" Bobby Tax" I got all Victor Meldrew I thought only the Tories.
With Victor Meldrew being a bus wanker lol
Victor Meldrew moment! Step out front door- Biffawhiff in Bletchingley this morning! again!
Rest in paradise uncle Brian aka Victor meldrew. Heaven must've been missing an angel
You still seem to be following me which, given my Victor Meldrew moment earlier, is a bit of a surprise!
I think I've just walked into the BBC archives. Ronnie barker and Victor Meldrew 😃
My husband has turned into Victor Meldrew 👴😒
so true, hope it ends in a loss for Everton, just done your friends garden AKA Victor Meldrew
I can't stand his voice though, sound so forced and hammy. Like Victor Meldrew playing Benjamin Sisko from DS9
Wonderful journalist that you are, do you ever stop whinging? You are sports journalism's answer to Victor Meldrew.
yep, I'm going to be the female version of Victor Meldrew! Lol Have a good day xx
I think I might be turning into Victor Meldrew - all I appear to do is complain! Just had the most useless "live chat" with LinkedIn *sigh
hello Victor Meldrew here. I'm happy *faint. . Windows back in mk station. See my train coming into plat4 advertised plat1.
Thanks for the follow, Friendly, afraid I'm more of a Victor Meldrew .
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Victor Meldrew is my idol. Who is Georgie?
. Victor meldrew really moany tv character.
“21 goals? I don’t believe it *Victor Meldrew voice*” this sounds ungrateful but it should be more.
Victor Meldrew aka Richard Wilson is watching the Boom festival - I Don't Believe It!!!
Previously he had a humorous side but now it's like watching Victor Meldrew!
Victor Meldrew in a nasal way, John Humphreys in a posh-esque way
A family's been left shellshocked after their pet tortoise, Victor Meldrew, turned out to be a giant sized rare breed
I'm not trying to be Victor Meldrew with my rants about trains today. I just really do worry about climate change and it genuinely upsets me
Brilliant! Thank you. I'm sunbathing too. OH= other half. Victor Meldrew wannabe lol. Believe it when he sees it with own eyes
Your victor meldrew moaning every day, Mourinho played them tatics coz he knows his players are not good enough to play football,
looks more like Victor Meldrew singing 'Oh come all ye faithful'
How much more of this s**t is there? I have become Victor Meldrew. We've got to get rid of these parasites.
M5 Posse plans for Cheshire trip for PNE showdown in full swing...all members in full Victor Meldrew mode convinced we're already sunk!
Am loving the Victor Meldrew style dialogue between & this morning. This is why I don't do gardening.
Swindon Reptile Rescue takes in rare nine stone tortoise named after Victor Meldrew. .
Of course, you wouldn't want to match one of this lot. Unless it was with Victor Meldrew. Or Nell McCafferty.
the general manager there used to be Ken McLaren, the nephew of Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew). Imagine the culture clash!
Aside fm the Victor Meldrew type on train en route up I am proud of myself that I kept my mouth shut the whole day aside fm cheering on cfc
Arsene Wenger is defiantly turning into Victor Meldrew !. Arsene Wenger, Everton, and the Loan System:...
More and more these days I find myself just walking around the house complaining in a Victor Meldrew type way.
Victor meldrew moans alot and suffers anxiety attacks.. And i use to watch him daily.. Wonder if thats where i get mine lol
First job tomorrow is to find out where I get the form for the bus pass. Meldrew
Meet Ben the Monkey. He stays inside by himself when it's sunny, loves Victor Meldrew & plays with his…
How are you anyhoo? Are you full of the joys of Spring or more your Victor Meldrew?
love em mate. Talking sense is a good thing. The way society is going we'll be Victor Meldrew's times 100, NQAT
I thought John Armstrong looked like Victor Meldrew, then this happened. (All in Firebug, Photoshop is for noobs)
Global Action for Israel has been on my news feed tonight - TWICE - call me Victor Meldrew but it gets to point where you think "if I don't click Like they won't leave me alone" - I have zero interest in your illegal occupation, blindfolding young children, making them sign confessions in a language they do not understand to a crime that does not exist, nor do I recognise your Army beating mothers and sons who are older who rebel against this filth. I also choose to not recognise the automatic machine gun you have placed on your illegal wall to monitor people as they go about their daily business. I don't recognise your oppression of the Easter Festival that Christians tried to celebrate, I also think your vandalism of the Mosque was a disgusting act of state sponsored violence. I also happen to take issue with your saying "NO" to the 720,000 people who want a water supply. I think it's disgusting you arrest those that have one, even when it's paid for. I think it's a stain on the international society t ...
Feckin' typical!!! I pay for Foxtel but it seems I'm doomed to ever watch it, every *** channel working except Fox sports 1, Heart v MVFC? I can feel a 'Victor Meldrew' coming on :-/
A further five nights camping at mum's, - brother working in Poland again :( Tried my best but Victor Meldrew refused to let the flannelette duvet out of the house so i am roughing it in cold cotton :( not happy
he's like victor meldrew ain't he, he makes me want to watch games on mute! Time for some new blood in the commentary box.
Killer is fast asleep a curry and few pints he's bolloxed and here I am still sorting work out .. Victor Meldrew should be his name lol :)
I Don't Believe it!! To quote Victor Meldrew. the Northern Line has done it again, being infrequent weekend users of our branch, it's managed once again to close the very weekend we're planning a trip into town. To replace the rails no less! How do they do it? How do we manage to time it so? Anyway not ranting honest - just "I don't Believe it!!"
Single figure wind speeds forecast for Sunday. As Victor Meldrew would say
stuck up a Ferris wheel all night with Victor Meldrew. Btw any news on another series of
As victor meldrew would say, I can't believe it, after 3 months on level 34 of pet rescue saga, I am now on level 35, yahoo.
You have these precious tickets in your hand for almost a year. Excitement building as you tick off the months. Almost check the date again.YOU'RE AWAY! GR!! In the words of Victor Meldrew I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! But the tickets have gone to a very good home - enjoy Jenny x
just let me have my moment victor meldrew!!! 👴 Xxxx
Anyone who knows Katie and I, knows that we are tolerant people, definitely tolerant, we don't bother anyone. Apartment living is something we are doing right now while we work on our house, and with that comes the need to be tolerant of your neighbors, fair enough. Last night though we celebrated (with dinner at Denny's) one of the neighbors moving away, and even chinked glasses over it... Now that might sound harsh to you, and if you know us at all, you'll know that we are not mean people that way, nor should you think the old boy has totally lost it, and become a Victor Meldrew. No, these neighbors were invasive aholes, and good riddance to them. The other neighbors, an elderly Chinese family were overjoyed when they heard the jerks were moving, and smiling big smiles, when they came to tell me about it. For them it was not just the angry and rude baldy guy, but his dog which he shoved in a back room with the window open, and the doggy naturally barked all night which disturbed the Chinese family ...
Are we all going to end up like Victor Meldrew in our 70's ?! I for one don't beleive it!. .
A beautiful day today. Is it really going to be all mucked up over the weekend with snow? I can't believe it (in Victor Meldrew tone)
I can relate to how Victor Meldrew thinks now
You have turned into Victor Meldrew but I remain fond of my 'old' friend!
yes it is Colchester Army & navy pub. Noel called Liam the Victor Meldrew of pop
77% here, must be the Victor Meldrew in me trying to come out :D
I seem to be writing constant complaint letters regarding things!! I'm turning into a right Victor Meldrew in my old age👵👵👵
Think I should stop watching One Foot In The Grave with Kayden ... I was in the kitchen he was sitting on the toilet and shouted in his best Victor Meldrew Impression "I Don't Bloody Believe It " oops lololol xx
& taking Victor Meldrew position on job losses - "I don't believe it."
Victor meldrew has come outa retirement to work with me it seems
Mee humum just said too dad dat he is worse dan Victor Meldrew !
Victor Meldrew' has endured as a cultural reference for any grumpy old man but I now know where the BBC got the idea from…MY FATHER…after spending two weeks with him while mother is in hospital. I have never heard someone moan as much from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed, and I am sure he moans in his sleep. And let’s not forget some of Victors sayings which I have heard repeatedly since I have been here…OH GOD AL-MIGHTY!... UN-BE-LIEVABLE!. WILL-YOU-JUST LEAVE IT!...and of course the immortal…I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!.I hope my mother is out of hospital soon……Help!
appear to be channeling Victor Meldrew this morning. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible :D
There's a chap on the WHOSH email list who makes Victor Meldrew look happy. Described the 7-0 Hereford win as not bad.
What a cheek what a down right slur on my character, My soon not to be wife if she carries on, has just likened me to Victor Meldrew cant believe that x
I do. Even though I feel like Victor Meldrew admitting it. 😃
Happy anniversary to my very own Victor Meldrew x
Jitesh you strike me as a bit of a victor meldrew! Cheer up
As Victor Meldrew would say in One foot in the grave, I don't believe it. It's another rollover this Saturday on the lotto.Tonight's numbers were 3 10 11 24 25 35 Bonus ball 43.
any other suggestions? In fairness, on reflection, that looks nothing like Victor Meldrew
OMG . Stop moaning and complaining about everything Rachel . Turning into Victor Meldrew !!!
SONG FOR THE NEET. Thank You for the Days, Those Endless, Those Marvellous Days You Gave Me. The Kinks, eh. Well, I might just put that one on, after today. Would really fit in perfectly! Armed with a Cunning Plan, I decided to take Time Out up the cafe. Escaping from tasks, duties, and the World in general. Good plan - let the World gan by, for an hour or more.But, we all have to return to our posts sometime, of course, and get on with tasks, duties , and things to dae with the World in general. I tried to. Put my front door key into the lock, in order to return to my post, only for the bloody thing to snap. Still, at least I had some good banter - with the Locksmith, that is. Suffice to say that , having regained access to my Post.a decision was made to deter all action. Till the morra! Manana is Another Day. Victor Meldrew Hall.
fanx very much.. Gonna drag ur bro out to there on the weekend!! Unless he has a victor meldrew moment lol
Nottingham what a f ing joke.just took me 30 minutes to get off the university grounds to get to the back of another freeking traffic que. Lord help us next Friday night going to WETC Chilwell. Victor Meldrew
Why are people so damm frustrating as I get older I get less tolerant of numpties!!! It must be Victor Meldrew syndrome god help me.
Why is it whenever my girls and I come out for a meal we always get sat by some miserable Victor Meldrew lookalike who continually stares?
The older I get the more I'm turning into Victor Meldrew, I can't even go shopping without getting into an argument, happened this afternoon whilst in REWE in Fally.
A library where librarians chat loudly and old ladies roar in to mobiles unchallenged. I'm going to have to get all Victor Meldrew very soon
its like the victor meldrew club on here or Ethel glum. Some of them would fall out with themselves if they could.
About to have lunch with Richard Wilson (aka Victor Meldrew), in my eyeline.
even Victor Meldrew got more enjoyment from his existence.
Big surprise to me,40% of DM readers vote Labour Mail is an out and out Tory propaganda sheet,throwing a Victor Meldrew here
A birthday 'wall' for today- the great Dame Emma Kirkby. Victor "Meldrew" Hugo & JHKellogg.
Paul Victor Meldrew Lewis dunno if I belive that !! but it does look like him tho :P
There's all these beaming kids and then a 4yo Victor Meldrew who belongs to me.
Some Jeeves and Wooster goodness and Five Guys burgers with tonight! Even bumped into Victor Meldrew on the way in...
Everywhere should just really close down when I'm off cause I just wing lyk *** but do I care? So far I've got, £6 in 2 separate vouchers for complaining about poor bar service, got free brewers fayre meal for having a birthday, hotel charged £12 less in my favour & to end on positive petitioned against this black pudding bollics! Victor Meldrew in his prime lmao
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my lit teacher just told me I'm like the modern victor meldrew
Quiz Time: We need to know, who was the actor that played Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave??
I love listening to the Victor Meldrew of radio.
here it's better than me. Victor meldrew...😂😂x
Tracey Sugrue , For, understanding and caring, for someone who is a combination of Borat,Victor Meldrew, Karl pilkington and Attilla the Hun- I THANK YOU XX
Morning folks hope you're all bright eyed and bushy tailed its not a bad morning at all out there in good old Manc land ..yes to catchphrase Victor Meldrew " I don't believe it " mind you im sure thats subject to change !!! ha ha ha Have a gr8 day stay safe be lucky
I am in a Victor Meldrew mood today at people and life! 🐢🐢🐢🐢
How my dad's soup habit made me a champion complainer... and can make you one too!: A nation of Victor Meldrew...
OK.. time for another Victor Meldrew moment..Now, 100% is the maximum as a percentage you can have of any total quantity. You can put ten times the normal effort into something but not "Try 1000% harder"... IT DOESN'T FEKKIN EXIST!! Please correct people on this for little ole me and my sanity and I will be 10 times happier x ... Rant over. for now hehe... watch this space for more irrational hatred of tiny things that shouldn't bother people ;)
- Yes unbelievable isn't as Victor Meldrew might say, they say they're too sweet & sickly . *No such thing*
Love a good moan, modern day victor meldrew
Think I had a Victor Meldrew moment Saturday, whilst shopping, young Mum said to daughter, get a Cauli with very few leaves, as we only throw them away, then she proceeded to buy a bag of chopped spring greens, I asked her did she know what goes into the greens bag she was going to buy, she said cabbage, when I told her no, a lot of the greens are outer Cauli leaves, she got a shock put the greens back and got a leafed Cauli, she asked me how to do them, said chop them and cook with cauli. She said thanks and would remember that from now on, the leaves are the tastiest bit of the cauli, pity they don't leave the full outer leaves on, they are lovely as an extra veg.
Victor meldrew is my idol , my aim is to moan an be just as miserable. I think im doin a wonderful job at bein just like him
I wonder if there's a need for a Victor Meldrew School of Testing?
Hours I've been the day gutting out the boys bedroom moving it all about trying to make it a better space for them scrubbed every inch of it. "Fckn knackered I am". Then Lee stoats in fae college and when I tell him I've moved the room he goes victor Meldrew on me he's still up the stair moaning. Where's my tv, where's my aftershave did u move my drawers I had money in them !!.wit a boy lol Xx
Little Giant Ladders
Victor Meldrew is finally taking the Xmas lights down loool
Dragging victor meldrew around hobbycraft lol
I'm bog standard middle class, says 'How Middle Class Are You' - like Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave!
Rite imagine the woe ,misery and doomive just experienced .i just opened the second pack of briosh rolls andfound them to be pain o chocolate ,no greater tragedy has ever befallen mankind ,the sadness the grief that has beffalen me is indescribable ,ebendillan the most polite man in the known universe from willingham coop couldnt appologise enough for such a tragedy ,i sometimes go to thecoop just to hear himbe polite to me ,i suposehaving to be polite topeople all day whenimoff duty as it were i can be synical n very victor meldrew ish ,butthat doesnt solve mywoe full situation ,i will jist have to have 2now n the restfor docky ,so with a heavy heart i lovingly place my reduced rations in the bag and drag myself to the sofa to wish the hours away till i can tuck in to lunch ,nite all
if it wasn't for the moustache you could say it's Victor Meldrew
all you ever do on ere is rant. Female victor meldrew here lol x
Victor Meldrew would be green with envy at the whole performance!
Victor Meldrew is on tv the resemblance is uncanny ha ha. B xxx
Victor Meldrew is the best character ever
Kicking back watching on a chilled Sunday. Victor Meldrew you are my hero
The winter Hounslow cc, closed, Stableford competition (Rowlands castle and Hayling island) was won by Tony Parker with a combined total of 67 points. The nearly man Tabsy was second with 66. Joe(Victor Meldrew)Painter was third. The spoon went to JD after a nightmare first round! Scotty desperately tried to *** the spoon but stayed second last on countback! Well done Mr Talbot for the fine organisation!
Turned off that *** for Victor Meldrew until the Turin derby comes on.
An hour of victor meldrew. What sunday is all about.
met a friend at uni's family dog. That dog's cousin was the one that Victor Meldrew picked up as a phone in One Foot In The Grave
lol sensible woman!!! Mine has morphed into victor meldrew lol
domain names
Aquatic Sports v Hylton CW 22/02/14 Wearside Combination Premier League Following the postponement of last weeks fixture against Whitburn Village, Aquatic entertained high flying Hylton CW. Aquatic went into this game looking at avenge the 10-3 (I think) mauling earlier in the season. Things weren't looking good when the Fat Rum Pirate and Jonny one Week in Three turned up to a car park full with only Hylton players. With Danny G (work), Fergy (work), Danger Grainger (work), Daz Morse (kids), Incredible Sulk (sulking), Kev (holiday), Dan the Cow Pie Man (AWOL) and Chicken Legs (being a ponce) all missing, it looked like it would be an uphill struggle just getting 11 players out! However, things quickly took a turn for a better as the cars and players rolled in. Aquatic started the game with a surprisingly strong team GK – Kylos RB – The Fat Rum Pirate (yes RIGHT back) LB- The Ox CB – Gav Foot CB – Sean Mc LM- Tom Twenty Minutes RM- Young Fisk CM- Victor Meldrew CM- Billy CF- Jonny One Week In ...
Looked in the mirror this morning and saw Victor Meldrew stare back at me.
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Jordan Donnan is like Victor Meldrew this morning...moaning his ball bag off n doin my head in ; ) x
Car still there. I've gone full Victor Meldrew
I love them all! The ones with Graham Norton and the bloke who plays Victor Meldrew are great. Is that the one where he has..
Well, I have not been a very happy lad today. Don't know why but I just felt meh! I wanted a wee, mum let me out then I didn't want to go. She sat down then I decided I wanted one again...I met my Sams best friend for the first time today as he was home from uni. Ohh I told him! I had my hackles up, barking and growling. Mum told me I was a muppet and gave him some treats, then it licked his hand and had strokes..I have barked at everything today, mum zipping up a bag, the wind, the tele, dad flushing the loo. Just about everything has peed me off today. Mum says we are all allowed a day like today and that she loves me even though I have been a grumpy old fella. She says she will re name me victor meldrew if I keep it up! But she loves me just the same. I am now tucked up in bed, snuggled in a blanket. Ps I love my mums veggie stew mixed in with my dog food, I didn't stop licking my lips for half an hour after!
Whats Victor Meldrew doing in the background?
I love a good moan I do!!! I moan from morning till nite.Buy me a bunnet n call me victor meldrew!!
Just heard it all the Victor Meldrew and Hyacinth Bucket couple on the next table ordered slow cooked pork then moaning between themselves how long it's taken feck off the chippy if you want fast food
Yes and I'm getting worse with age, like Victor Meldrew on Speed
It's official, I've turned into victor meldrew, just traipsed up my road taking pictures of the potholes and reported each one to county highways followed by a moany email to the county counsellor. When did I turn into such an old fart?!
One Foot in the Grave never fails to make me laugh! According to Paulathan Pablo McCafferty I am Victor Meldrew! 😃
Im at risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew... but. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!! Just got a bloody big mozzy bite on my arm!!! Its not time for them yet is it?
Broadband still down. Text from BT to say I can track the fault via their website. Bring back Victor Meldrew!
As a man about to kiss goodbye 40 (I hardly knew you 40 you little tease) I am finding me entering Victor Meldrew sized complaints to rant about!
Phil Nutting has admitted he agrees with Victor Meldrew on many things
seems they reinstated my original Nini Video with the music - they never informed me of the fact though , probably too frightened after I sent them one of my Victor Meldrew moan letters calling them a bunch of ignorant insensitive jobsworths. lol
As Victor Meldrew said 'I do not believe it'..
OMG Channel four extreme dog grooming victor meldrew i don,t believe it
Many cocktails down and how lovely to see victor meldrew ... I don't believe it!
Thanks for all the birthday greetings. Am I officially the Victor Meldrew of Rock n Roll. I DONT BELEIVE IT for a second.
Looking forward to seeing everyone 2morrow at the Llandudno Arts & Craft Fair with Funday, I am told the hall has had more work done on it since we was there last, just to remind everyone that its requested that we don't scrape tables & chairs along the new floor or along the wall. Nothing can be put on the walls. Nobody under 13 is allowed in the kitchen. Most importantly there is no parking at the side of the church (like some of us did last time!!) I have been asked to highlight this so imagine this is bold writing!! but either park at the front of the church or on the road by the gate because anyone not respecting this could get a fine (£60 or £30 if paid within 30 days) we was given settling in time last time but that is now over so please just imagine the side of the church is grass with a footpath rather then 8 tempting parking spaces and the ability to reverse up to the door, we will help anyone that needs help carrying stuff just look out for the bald headed guy. But if we get it right then we ...
Today I have the honour of being best man for one of the "best men" in my life!!! Craig Victor Meldrew Cousins and Rachel Morris I hope you have the perfect wedding day and I wish you all the love and happiness for the future xxx
Lovely bit of cod roe for diner tonight with couple slices of bacon & chips, some left for breakfast, you either like it or hate it, me best breakfast ever with a bit of bacon, even great in a roll. Speaking of breakfasts, back in the day aboard the boat breakfast was without fail a couple of rolls, one with bacon or sausage and a waffle the other with a fried egg and a waffle, used to toss the waffles out the window for the gulls. Anyways was getting chockered with the rolls so asked for breakfast on a plate, you know the thing quite simple request really, bacon and eggs on a plate, no waffle, simples. Would you believe up it came two feckin rolls one bacon & one egg resplendent with the infamous waffles on a plate, as Victor Meldrew famously said, I do not believe this. Gets better so bare with me, over in the shop one night and Dugald came in with lovely smoked haddies, so got 2 as rest of crew were not keen on them, so instructed to put butter in pan the fish then poach in milk, back up into wheelhous ...
I thought that if I went down the road of destruction, I could see how life was only to turn into victor meldrew?..??.I watch a video that had human rights issues ,it was protesters peacefully protesting they're *** rights, but they were getting a beating ,batting , ???by the Russian copers and they were lady's , in are country I watch the old bill on horseback plow start throw a crowd of ladys pushing prams,peacefully, disgusting .?.as for the latest , news that. ? Pedo mps jailed ,no is that wright .? I don't read much bolox..there are murdering pedos punished, *** have served there time ,,, we call them nonces? Living amoung us,new identities .?.working , as??? I am not allowed to say, r brooks mite be around the corner. ?
Come on now ladies on FB, Own up, am I the only woman living with a victor meldrew? !
Came home to Victor meldrew today geze
OMFG - I've become Victor Meldrew!! 1- People who walk around looking down & dot apologise when they walk iti you! Why? 2- People who chew gum in the queue next to you who insist on making it as noisy as possible! & finally 3- Banks! Why at one I the busiest times in the day do you have 1 out of 8 counter positions manned!! In other news, Foo Fighters on the radio so spirits lifted!!
My next door neighbours are calling me Victor Meldrew because i'm moaning and winging alot, ive got 4 things to say to you Sue, I DON'T BELIVE IT !
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
My lovely dogs, permament and fosters alike, all 10 of them can be a bit of a handful at times :-) all shapes and sizes and ages, they are combined like a bunch of moody pensioners, think Victor Meldrew... Some are young and fit others old and have weak bladders. Some think they have sole right of the food tray, some pretend not to eat and "snack" when possible... Some are quiet, others bark, some are like unemployed teenagers - watch tv all night. but with absolute certainty, they all need exercise, plenty and they all need to chew :-). Tonight we chew :-) - release that jaw tension and later... I pray we sleep soundly :-)
Now I'm that bit older and ever so slightly more miserable I'm thinking of changing my name to Victor Meldrew I think it really suits me
Awake with another banging headache, knee hurts, I think I've missed middle aged, gone straight to old age! I've degenerated into Victor Meldrew, and have more than one foot in the grave!
Told you I have Victor Meldrew moments . Went for lunch today took about 20 mins to get parked finally got a space , had to pay for and only 90 mins , we walk in the pub every table taken , Wendy top of her voice says " this has turned into a right disaster " everyone looking at us , it was a funeral lol , embarrassing
I am so moans that I make victor meldrew look as happy as Larry
Andy Sonny Bill Gabel just gone outside in true victor meldrew style to tell some kids to bugger off away from the front of our house lol
evening...lets hope victor meldrew has done one!...technically I am from Brixton, I danced to this in Brixton...hope you enjoy if you don't then jog on...
Lunch at the CrabShakk with the Victor Meldrew Appreciation Society was very pleasant.
Happy 3rd Anniversary to my lovely daughter Emmy Anderson and to victor meldrew hope ya have a good night and you have many more years together love ya both
my mind must be going dont remember marrying Victor Meldrew !!!
In the words of Victor Meldrew. 'I don't believe it'.the washing bin empty, washing done and all the ironing, the dishwasher empty, paper work filed and shredded and the bed made, how good am I?
TOMORROW! 11am - 4pm Brighton Science Festival visits the Civic Centre with the Pocket Science Festival. It looks like a fairground. It IS a fairground, but each of the stalls has a surprise, something to grapple your mind, to discover, explore and play with. Bash the Rat, Guess the Weight of the Cake, put Dad in a Bin, build the Incredible Machine, then watch an incredible talk from Richard Robinson – (“Victor Meldrew meets Basil Fawlty! Fantastically engaging!”).
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