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Victor Meldrew

Victor Meldrew was a fictional character in the popular BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

Richard Wilson Prime Minister Foreign Secretary Edinburgh Festival Fringe

To protect the lions from dinosaurs like Wenger. Bloody French Victor Meldrew!
Public transport brings out the worst in me!! Same every time! And peoples uncontrollable children...! Victor Meldrew over and out.
Well, there's a surprise. No element of "Victor Meldrew made worse* " there, then. (* as in peevish, choleric, truc…
Everyone loved Jose or loved to hate him cos of his charisma & charm, wittiness & wisdom...where has it all gone, hes a right Victor Meldrew
you're like the drumming tattooed version of Victor Meldrew πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Ere Victor Meldrew is quiet toneet, as red wine not kicked in yet . Up the moaning tic
victor meldrew at it again. Last week it was game of thrones this week its game of ball. Sure we might as well all just die.
I saw Henry Kelly, Victor Meldrew and some bloke from Holby City yesterday. Not even joking.
and you were whinging that your husband was turning into Victor Meldrew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I don't know about Scrooge, but I think it was a brilliant impression of Victor Meldrew
I know he's a good laugh , think I will call in Victor Meldrew from now on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hopefully it would work out like when father ted met victor meldrew "I don't believe it " lol
It's not a new thing either. Victor Meldrew here doesn't like people being happy in their work. The miserable old g…
James jordan once said he's the Brad Pitt of the dance world . Well I am the Victor Meldrew of the dental world . So take that
OH?. They created the Victor Meldrew character based on me, everyone knows buying me a Christmas jumper will not go down well πŸ˜‚
Please can someone tell miserable moaning Pierce 'Victor meldrew' Morgan to get a grip or bore off!
Yes, I have a Victor Meldrew like alter ego and I absolutely can't stand Christmas but the only thing I want is a happy family
Watching Adam & Joe and giggling anew at Frank Black's Victor Meldrew impression.
Can I say ' I don't believe it ' in a Victor Meldrew voice ?
yes!! I wrote a Victor Meldrew-esq email to them the other week, giving them a piece of my mind!
Apparently I have been compared to Victor Meldrew from One Foot In The Grave a lot lately. Accurate comparison?
Chris Sutton Is the Victor Meldrew of pundits. Surprised GN can be a pundit after his nightmare as a manager.
So thats F1 and WRC, too quick to judge before either have had chance to try their new rules, Victor "Needell" Meldrew . .
I'm also a victor meldrew, I believe in old fashioned morals which have gone up the spout these days. πŸ‘
We are all descended from the early human equivalents of Victor Meldrew - so get counting your blessing...
If I were Victor Meldrew my response would be " I don't believe it." But on closer examination isn't that monkey no…
always glass half full there Victor Meldrew πŸ˜€
Stafford centre earlier two chuggers jigging about I made eye contact both ignored me.I think I look to much like Victor Meldrew.
don't blame the player, blame the game, otherwise you sound like a whinging old Victor Meldrew.
. At risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew, I CANNOT BELIEVE that this shyster is going to be sworn in as in a few weeks
Old habits die hard, I guess. Victor Meldrew did it in One Foot in the Grave!
The ground is full of victor meldrew types who expect teams to lie down and let us win 5-0 every week! Moan, moan moan πŸ‘Ž
Did he say it in a Victor Meldrew voice? πŸ˜‚
You specifically appear to be some sort of Victor Meldrew. You caused a cyclist to shout at you. How?
Yes, there are all too many of us Victor Meldrew lookalikes roaming the land . . . I'm down south today.
Best said in the voice of Victor Meldrew
you need to get back to playing cricket mate. Proper victor meldrew these days
Ahh mate don't get me started! I'm like a young victor meldrew! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You just wanna tell them to give thier head a wobble!
For me, it has to be Victor Meldrew, the Crimson Avenger
So, let me get this straight... there is a One Foot in the Grave episode about alien abduction? Victor Meldrew & aliens? I don't believe it.
they won't like my Victor Meldrew impersonation πŸ˜‰
loving the Victor Meldrew-esque comments. You must be ready for some weekend birding to soothe your soul 😊. I know I am.
in my best Victor Meldrew voice 'I can not believe it' just seen l…
In the words of Victor Meldrew, 'I don't BELIEVE it.'
β™₯ ←← Istri Kenikmatan Grumpy types like One Foot in the Grave star Victor Meldrew are β€˜twice as…
You're far too young to be turning into Victor Meldrew just yet!
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β™₯FOLLOWβ™₯ Richard Wilson on resurrecting Victor Meldrew for the Edinburgh ... Richard Wilson β™₯β™₯
Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson suffers heart attack πŸ˜₯
Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson suffers heart attack - BBC News…get well soon sir
Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson suffers heart attack
BBC Scotland^ | Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson suffers heart attack: Actor Richard Wilson pulls out of h...
it seems to get worse every summer. Again tho, could be linked to age. According to my wife I'm becoming Victor Meldrew πŸ‘΄πŸΌ
Bloody *** David Kendrick 'Ken' is more intolerant than me. Fight you for the Victor Meldrew award.
I remember Victor Meldrew getting a pre-op shave from a "male nurse"who turned out to be a loopy patient.😳😱😱
oh how I loved that sigh you just let out - Very Victor Meldrew
I wonder if Victor Meldrew has a bench?
Please more Big Bang Theory in September, its so funny, and Sheldon Cooper surpasses Victor Meldrew, as worlds most miserable man
spitting your dummy out for no real reason! Same difference victor meldrew
The hot weather has brought Victor Meldrew back out of his box.
Victor Meldrew no Clive Harradence would like your views on the drop off and pick up lay by in Court Drive...
10 reasons optimism can help Victor Meldrew
Victor meldrew eat your heart out... Macauley Smith
Thanks! Xx. Getting more like Victor Meldrew every year 😊
you're sounding more and more like Victor Meldrew... Ban fun!
To quote that old curmudgeon Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it!"
I like that, but then being a Victor Meldrew I would. ;-)
jennifer has morphed into Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it" - she isn't as pragmatic I thought
Jenny Dahling channeling Victor Meldrew?! "I don't believe it!"
In an interesting turn of events, Jennifer appears to have become Victor Meldrew...
Whichever Burnage *** are banging out choons need a) variety and b) to stop before I go full Victor Meldrew on them.
10 reasons optimism can help Victor Meldrew :). We all can get a bit grumpy and down from time to time but I...
Victor here (not to be confused with the other famous Victor - mr Meldrew) 󾌡. I've been such a busy boy, I've...
Yesss funny that as Victor Meldrew used to say
ha! My victor meldrew moaning has range
it's a fantastic achievement for any one, jeez, is your name Victor Meldrew.
I aspire to be Victor Meldrew when the time comes πŸ˜†
I have a pathological hatred for gates at airports - always hot and sweaty . ( am I turning into Victor Meldrew ?)
I have no sense that you are anyway violent in practice. Watch out for Victor Meldrew shouty moments ... make an *** of you πŸ˜‚
Please use off pitch space for "heavy" work.Unnecessary wear and tear to pitch.Victor Meldrew
Im a female version of Victor Meldrew.
OMG stop. It's like Victor Meldrew's Holiday Moan. Go have a drink!
aye it's sticking quite a bit although not regularly. Just letting you know before I go all Victor meldrew on you.
was looking through the Fringe programme the other day and saw this. Why πŸ˜‚
Watched the Victor Meldrew ep of Father Ted earlier; we've been hollering ever-decreasing impressions of him non-stop since
The sea of bilge on the internet turns me into Victor Meldrew every day I bother to use it, I swear. Love that man. http…
a rare disagreement Mike I think he really should have been put in a museum some years ago, he makes Victor Meldrew seem happy!
Avoided a Victor Meldrew moment by buying 6 hotdogs and 6 hotdog buns.
In the words of the gr8 Victor Meldrew "I DONT BELIEVE IT!" 😧 BoJo to be Foreign Secretary.
Feeling ruff. Gastro bug. I need to shift it for Saturday. Any hints tips?. I Can't believe it (Victor meldrew)
Question. Does turning 50 automatically change you into Victor Meldrew?? I feel highly critical of everything around me right now! Well?
good grief 😡in the words of Victor meldrew, I DONT BELIEVE IT!! πŸ˜€ to
In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew, I don't BELIEVE it! Same ignorant city suit opposite me on the train...
2016 should be named the year of Victor Meldrew.
Just stop! Tonight I feel like Victor Meldrew! I am angry, grumpy and I don't believe it! via
Are you serious!!! Victor Meldrew you are not Boris Johnstone as Foreign Secretary, we need to be praying now! Diplomatic he is NOT!
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary?? I feel a Victor Meldrew moment coming on
"Just when you think things can only get better, they get worse". Victor Meldrew. . I know *exactly* what he means...πŸ™
Sometimes grumpiness is funny. Look at Victor Meldrew.
true but I'm more a Victor Meldrew fan
running the Foreign Office??!!. All we need now is Victor Meldrew as Home Secretary!. Expect fireworks (and more bomb/jaw dropping)...
I've just gone all Victor Meldrew...I don't belieeeve it! Has the whole of parliament conspired to make this farce?
No way is Ben Mitchell gonna die on & until I see a "dead" body of - as Victor Meldrew says, I don't believe it!
Superb description of the Victor Meldrew party.
I used to like Angus, not any more. He is sounding more like Victor Meldrew's miserable half brother!
am for a week. Can only manage 30 mins at a time outside so hot! TdF a bland stage till the sprint today. Groan. Victor Meldrew!
Victor Meldrew must be rather surprised to see Jean's old friend, Mrs Warboys, become Prime Minister.
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ the Victor Meldrew of the Liverpool fan base... Does nothing but moan
Who knew Jennifer was distantly related to Victor Meldrew
I've gone full victor meldrew in my old age
Yep. He's like Victor Meldrew in Guinea pig form! πŸ˜„
even victor meldrew would believe it. Brown envelopes coming in at every angle. Shame we're stuck in the middle
I'm quite happy realising that I'm not the only one that's turning into Victor Meldrew.
In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew - I do not believe it !
THE film chosen to close this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival is a remake of Whisky Galore, the wor...
Kelvin Mackenzie.. I feel sorry for him. It must not be easy 2 live your life as a bigot,finger pointing&'bin…
Come for a pint with my dad to watch the football that I'm not one bit interested in & I've spotted Victor Meldrew
Our grumpy old man went to his new home with Aideen. I used to call him Victor Meldrew. We had put him on the...
There'll come a time when we can have conversations with domestic appliances...Tumble driers are as grumpy as Victor Meldrew...
Like Victor Meldrew, I do not believe it, it is snowing in Kent !!!
But they're cranky, smelly and volatile - they're the Victor Meldrew of the animal kingdom! (Cept for the cheese)...
Snowing in Headingley and ' trendy' student lads wearing shorts and flip flops. Utter nonsense. * becomes Victor Meldrew*
thats just the Victor Meldrew in you under that flat cap. Your disguise doesn't fool everyone ...
.Patron Richard Wilson to revive Victor Meldrew in new one-man showΒ via
CPs 9-0 defeat at L'pool that season immortalised on the back of Victor Meldrew's newspaper when he falls asleep in the garden
I was just going say the same as Howard. I turn 40 soon and I really cannot stand most people!! A right proper Victor Meldrew
A massive happy 50th Birthday Victor Meldrew! Hope you have a lovely…
Either that or someone just spends the episode trying to get Tyrion to say "I don't believe it" to prove he sounds legit like Victor Meldrew
blimey, has anyone got footage of this please. I'm turning into Victor Meldrew these days."I simply don't believe it"
Victor Meldrew & Dudley Moore stare at the top of Dave Brailsford's shiny head.
First Brian's not for turning, now Neil's channelling Victor Meldrew
I didn't realise Victor Meldrew had joined the SNP!
How is Victor Meldrew still alive but David Bowie, Prince and Alan Rickman are dead?
Victor Meldrew isn't dead. Richard Wilson is bringing him back: (Go on, say his catchphrase) htt…
I think its the whole Victor Meldrew thing
This is adorable! Kinda reminds me of the time Victor Meldrew picked up the sausage dog!
Channel 4's Jon Snow criticised for cracking Victor Meldrew joke in interview
Just call me Victor Meldrew!!!. Thought 4 days of techs sorting had worked. . Both new iPhone & iPad had brief...
You've got to love Star Wolf getting in touch with his inner Victor Meldrew with "No Way! I Don't Believe it!"
think it's only long course this year. Plenty of time to plan around it for locals. Embrace it Victor Meldrew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ads for vaginal rejuvenation on the radio. . I think I've just found my Victor Meldrew Trigger Point.
It's my step-dad's birthday today. He's 71 and turning into Victor Meldrew, but we love him to bits!
Can you actually believe it? (Said in my best Victor Meldrew voice...Only not irritated like he so often was)
Do you mind if I repeat it... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?.I feel like Victor Meldrew lately...but I can't help it. It's insane.
same here but my Da is turning into Victor Meldrew. I'm a grumpy old man that knows loads of dead people.
One Foot In The Grave's Victor Meldrew revived in new one-man show
I told somebody that Victor Meldrew should be Prime Minister - they replied that he is not a real person.The one we have now isn't either !!
I'd send up Hyacinth Bucket & Victor Meldrew. They would be the greatest reflection of human life on Earth.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ me I love a moan lol just call me victor meldrew thats my new name lol
Turning into Victor Meldrew with new I'm having a break! Genuine thanks for 13 yrs of watchable TV. Take care.
I believe caught me doing my best Victor Meldrew impression during the 1st half. I am smiling a lot more now πŸ˜€β€¦
I don't believe it! Richard Wilson reviving One Foot in the Grave character Victor Meldrew for a one-man show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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Victor Meldrew to return at Edinburgh Festival Fringe via I don't believe it!
You look to young to be a Victor Meldrew but you really sound like him
1. Actor Richard Wilson ('Victor Meldrew'):. Q Which living person do you most admire, and why?. A: Jeremy – for his honesty and the
Victor Meldrew teaming up with the Doctor and Willie Nelson.
I did love it when Victor Meldrew took the snob's toupee off and chucked it down a drain. That was hilarious. Must find that episode. :-)
Could it be our very own Victor Meldrew? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
oh Gareth behave your turning into victor meldrew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It was Victor Meldrew, he had One foot in the grave.
Had the flu for about 4 days now and I sound like Victor Meldrew when he has the dodgy phone line.
Al Bundy. Is part of my hybrid wannabe hero. Him, Homer J and Victor Meldrew.
First on match of the day. To quote Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it"
,,,and l'm still waiting for my voice to break,,,going to change my name to Victor Meldrew!!! l don't beli
I think I am channelling Victor Meldrew today
Well maybe I am a right Del boy but better than being a Victor meldrew ya miserable ***
I'm sure the commentator on RUK is Victor Meldrew. Have a listen you won't believe it.
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ha mine is a combination of Victor Meldrew and Mother Teresa 😐
no harm to ye bud, but you're turning into Victor Meldrew.πŸ˜‚
Think I'll start calling Pilko Victor Meldrew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Good night all I'm up early😘
I love Richard Wilson! my childhood of watching him as victor meldrew i even named my tortoise meldrew!
Christ. How grumpy are you going to be when you're old. Victor Meldrew!
Bought a dash cam to catch stupid motorists in Solihull. I'm going to be the new Victor Meldrew
Unless you're 90s sitcom favourite Victor Meldrew, in which case you don't believe anything.
Looks like Bran has made friends with Victor Meldrew tbh.
As if no one told me Gaius from Merlin was Victor Meldrew
Good Morning all! It's Friday again already! In the word's of Victor Meldrew.. "I don't Believe It"
LRT - Mouchoir de Monsieur described as "Victor Meldrew to Jicky’s Fred Astaire" - on form
Dave's Comedy Festival Leicester. Yawn! Best Victor Meldrew: I don't believe it! I hate stand-up!!
I wonder if Victor Meldrew is the warm up act.Mrs.White speaking in Omagh tonight via
next time you visit a Chinese restaurant check what's on the menu - or end up like Vict…
I had a very modern Victor Meldrew moment thinking β€˜Well, dance music in the 90s was better than this atonal crap’
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I know I'm starting 2sound like Victor Meldrew but Mayhem is the only way I can describe trying to drive n park James Cook at mo
My Valentine is famous amongst those who know him for being a proper Victor Meldrew, though with a twinkle in his eye!
Just one thought comes to mind. Victor Meldrew...!!
what would Victor Meldrew say about it?
(Victor Meldrew Voice)...I can't believe it!!. I wonder how long it will last buddy?? 🌞🌞
I had a Victor Meldrew moment when I read it!
Basically this is just a Victor Meldrew list of whinges. Where's the optimism?
If you know that pop culture reference you should have known who Victor bloody Meldrew was!
but to us, he'll always be Victor Meldrew!
Yet they edited the sound of Victor Meldrew's face changing 2 episodes later. Odd.
You said you were leaving Victor Meldrew mode!
Rachel and Eric, her 22 year old "Victor Meldrew" horse, will both feature on Breakfast.
I have an unwanted ability to become 'victor meldrew' .bloody believe it !!
I'm not even a Christmas fan. I'm a big victor meldrew, I love a good moan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What's the difference between Victor Meldrew and a Chef who keeps dropping his Pancakes? They're both useless Tossers.
I am becoming Victor Meldrew, when working from home I do not need to hear the neighbours kids music though the wall.
How easy is it to impersonate Victor Meldrew?. a) don't. b) leave it
Enjoying mix of Socrates, Victor Meldrew, and Zappa at meeting this morning.
I bet you're like Victor Meldrew in your car.
Its only a matter of time before Statler and Waldorf along with Victor Meldrew and Jack Dee are the Saturday pundits
He was often at YTV in the 80s what with 'Only When I Laugh' being a regular, also starring Richard Wilson pre Victor Meldrew
B52's Love Shack, Victor Meldrew, Drop the Dead Donkey and John Major... all part of this afternoon's rewind, but what's the year?
My fave 'can you dig it', is the one he does as Victor Meldrew -
Not to mention the usual seat kicking and mobile phones, etc. I probably sound like Victor Meldrew now. I don't believe it!
Pmsl.. Victor Meldrew... great minds think alike eh..?
No winner today, the phonetic TV show you wanted was... VICTOR Meldrew's One Foot INDIA Grave
stop bloody moaning then. I swear you're behind that Victor Meldrew account.
Actually getting 3G in the works canteen ... (Victor Meldrew voice) : I don't believe it!
victor meldrew move over, yes I am moaning that sunday dinner sis from 6 months ago, still waiting bet its mouldy so keep it
We don't sign someone, moan, we do sign someone, moan, since when did Victor Meldrew become supporters club chairman, FFS.
I think should be told that only the exterior was used, so the comparisons are pointless
me too! Victor Meldrew should have come to watch it at the front instead πŸ˜‚ x
Sure my other half is possessed by the spirit of Victor Meldrew
you're making out like I'm a Victor Meldrew
Our current GK's, Dave Saves, Anders Lindegod, Sam Johnstoneuer, Victor Meldrew Valdes(going) and Sergio not Ramos Romero
Just finished my last task and I am now officially Victor Meldrew. I have just complained to The BBC about an interview.
nor me, I listen to much of the stuff on the radio these days and become like Victor Meldrew
Seen Rightmove be screamingly wrong about what an exterior location shot in a studio sitcom is? It's flipping amazing.
Coming from a man wearing that Victor Meldrew cap... I can only LOL! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I used to get that a lot. . .and Victor Meldrew. ...and now I'm Geoff from Rules of Engagement. Basically, grumpy/sarcastic
In the name of sanity! It's Victor Meldrew pouring a pint of the black stuff in Enniskillen.
Richard Wilson, best known for playing cantankerous Victor Meldrew, anything but grumpy in The Jolly Sandwich Bar.
is it on TV now? I'll have to wrestle the remote control from Victor meldrew lol
Did you see that Victor Meldrew's house is up for sale? Someone can use the loo which he stuck a plant down.
. You are the Victor Meldrew of my TL... Hilarious!
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A house in Dorset, which doubled as Victor Meldrew's home, is now up for sale:
Watching One Foot in The Grave, Victor Meldrew is the tv character I relate to the most. My life is one long "I don't believe it" too
Pretty sure I just bumped in to the actor who played Victor Meldrew in the airport. Probably the most boring celebrity sighting ever.
I don't believe it Victor Meldrew is also here today lol
I said he (Grandpa) was Victor Meldrew incarnate,is such a mardy bum. I swear this man is getting grumpier by the day !!
We don’t believe it! Victor Meldrew's house goes up for sale | Property Blog by Rightmove
That boy is like the Grunge Victor Meldrew.
Please help, sometime during the last 19 yrs some1 stole my husband & replaced him with Victor Meldrew, please find & return my hubby πŸ˜”
Am I morphing into Victor Meldrew. Complained about noisy party in hotel to be told that I should have found the Duty Manager. At my age!
Who am I kidding? I'd be doing a Victor Meldrew and then some lol x
Victor Made-Up-Name. No. It was Victor Meldrew & I simply don't believe it See this 4 fake moon landings
think I resembled Victor Meldrew after it!
Did you know the bloke who played Victor Meldrew causes bad weather too ?
As Victor Meldrew would say, I dont believe it. Been sent a contact email address re transgender modelling! Yes, me!
You do realize Victor Meldrew is as much a fictional character as your god (& your cannibalistic chefs)
Bee's 38 DEGREES . It's unBEElievable! - In the character of Victor Meldrew
For anyone who had never watched Merlin, this episode is just Victor Meldrew and Rupert Giles getting very emotional over a blonde bloke.
i've been mistaken for Jeremy Beadle, Victor Meldrew, Matthew Parris, Prince Charles & (wait for it) in Vietnam: Bruce Willis. I was mobbed!
James Delingpole arrives at that Victor Meldrew moment via
I may transmogrify into Victor Meldrew shortly.
When first came out I was very much like Victor Meldrew, laughed out loud when my contemporaries were screaming with fear.
I aspire to be exactly like Victor Meldrew
Victor Meldrew at his absolute best, watching one foot in the grave about as exciting as today has got, still England vs Sri Lanka later.
Anyway that will do me. That's my Victor Meldrew quota of complaining for the day. :)
One foot in the grave is making me cry with laughter 😭😭 Victor Meldrew you know..
Are you paying 'homage' to Victor Meldrew this morning?
🐒 Ha, don't seize up now. No Hokey Cokey for you tonight. Remembering when Victor Meldrew did his funny leg walk ha-ha.
.. I think I am well past that stage... Was a young fogey who taught Victor Meldrew all he knew ;o)
β€œMore Pythia than Victor Meldrew really. Ambiguity might be closer to it.
such a miserable sod he's actually funny with it, propper Victor Meldrew in the making
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Hate that miserable old git from Liverpool on makes Victor Meldrew look like a Disney worker
What a miserable old get is are we sure he's not actually victor meldrew in disguise?
Have just sent an email to Mitchum criticising the valve on their deodorant. My transformation into Victor Meldrew is now complete.
I usually like Alex, but he is starting to. Sound like Victor meldrew
Watch the whole thing! Remember victor Meldrew: "just when you think it will never get any better, it suddenly gets worse"
mine too mum calls him Victor Meldrew bol
I'm going home like victor bleeding meldrew
lol that's just age mate, you gotta act like Victor Meldrew at 40+ it's an unwritten law
Dumbed down too much for me. l'm Victor Meldrew and I'm angry.
take a gander at as a new project for . Think Karl crossed with Victor Meldrew!
I hear it is a big birthday. in the words of Victor Meldrew ' I don't believe it' Have fun.
Christ. Listen to me. I sound like Victor Meldrew.
Victor Meldrew moment here!! How Sh.t is Kanye West!!! Go back to the hood and crawl under a rock!!!
New job next week πŸ˜„ But the Victor Meldrew in me is fuming resorting to this when I could spit out kids like everyone else and be minted
50% weight on right leg & my Victor Meldrew style complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority upheld. It's a lovely sunny day too. Ace!
I appreciate you raising it with teams. However if it happens again I will go full Victor Meldrew.
Just half dragon?? Victor Meldrew would be cheerier at his grans passing!!
I love my boy but he is like a mini Victor Meldrew
07:00 Believe It!: Richard Wilson charts the extraordinary effect Victor Meldrew has had on his life.
and now an assist. My have to be like victor meldrew more often.
The way he spoke to reporters it was like Victor Meldrew.. Still, this man is a Maggot.
Victor Meldrew has nothing on me today. Bad mood central.
Have been watching re-runs of classic Victor Meldrew episode tonight..anything is better than
filling in a holiday questionnaire and I sound like Victor Meldrew!
Was that after that Victor Meldrew episode of yours?
One thing always guaranteed to put a smile on my face is Victor Meldrew. Every time without fail he has me in stitches!
Unless some local politician plank comes on and I start my victor meldrew bit! Goodnight mate
oh an interesting wee program on ch 4 dispatches the title is POLITICIANS FOR HIRE mmm il quote victor meldrew !!!
watching Victor Meldrew on tv so funny
So the victor meldrew of the street will now have to find something else to moan about ... He's mentioning potholes
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Flexed my inner Victor Meldrew by ringing bank. Subjected to guitar solo for 25 mins at 5p a min, then, soon as I got thru, line went dead!
Victor Meldrew has let himself go a bit!
It sounds like something Victor Meldrew's neighbour would send.
I think it's ridiculous an am out Duncan 'victor meldrew' Bannatyne
she doesn't like anything. She's victor meldrew in an 8 yo body lol
Jesus CHRIST.not CLOWNS.and *** KIDS!... Noise level on is too much for this near 45 year old 'Victor Meldrew"
No of course but you constantly look for negatives. No upside with you Sir. Victor Meldrew
"I don't believe it" Victor Meldrew voice. Your kettle decidin to break on a Sunday feeling looking like death. FML 😀😒
In victor meldrew fashion , I don't believe it!! West ham and 92min goals... Aaarggghhh!!
Watching is like watching a live victor meldrew
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