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Victor Cruz

Victor Michael Cruz (born November 11, 1986) is an American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

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Shaquille O'Neal and Victor Cruz talk NFL and Vic's status with the Giants, plus our Halloween show
Chicago Bears need better Receiver play. They just can’t get open. With all the injuries, just go out and sign back Victor Cruz.
People forget that Graham had the same exact injury Victor Cruz did with the torn patella tendon. He’s pretty much…
Shouldn't we use the Victor Cruz line for this?
Imagine owning a pair of victor cruz sneakers and having to explain to people what they are lol
Wouldn't be surprised if Ethan started Victor Cruz this week
Per sources, Alvin Kamara is available. Pat looking for an older, run down WR along the lines of Victor Cruz in return.
Would Victor Cruz have made a difference Sunday night against the Cowboys? Only in that game as a WR that Eli had trust in
This *** came to work with a Victor Cruz jersey on. I thought they came with a knee brace.
Victor Cruz visits Panthers first in his search for a new team.
With all the WR injuries the Bears have had, should they consider resigning Victor Cruz?
Same pattern as last year. Victor Cruz was thrown to so little he started conspiracy theories
Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz plan to wear special 9/11 cleats for today's season opener.
Victor Cruz shares some Fall style at Rihanna's Diamond Ball in NYC last night. __.
Victor Cruz casually getting Beyoncé in his InstaStory
That is Victor Cruz right? Does he still play for the Giants? . I don't know why I have these questions
Is Victor Cruz still engaged to that girl?
Victor Cruz not good enough for the Even now? via
Fabulous and Victor Cruz looking real nicee right now 😍😍
Victor Cruz is sexy AF. I would pretend to be interested in football, only for him.
I know *** happened. It's the NY fashion week left overs. Victor Cruz ?
So I guess Victor Cruz made the team from his performance in practice in 2010 & 2011 &…
Do Giants fans even remember Victor Cruz or Hakeem Nicks lol.
Still tryna figure out why the bears cut Victor Cruz ... they could've used him this season
Ted Cruz, Chevy Cruze, Victor Cruz.we don't give a ***
Possible names I could see making sense are : . Victor Cruz, who was brought in for workout months ago. To…
Where are Victor Cruz, Larry Donnell, and Rashad Jennings at right now? Wil…
Victor Cruz unlikely to make Bears' final 53.
Talking football and more at 6 pm CT with Victor Cruz and Tom Thayer on All Access on We invite you to join us.
*** said Victor Cruz still better than Julian Edelman too.
Mitch Trubisky throws his first TD with the Chicago Bears to Victor Cruz. |
Bears receivers coach of veteran Victor Cruz: "I'm going to push him like he's a rookie.".
Halas Hall Pass: The value of Mark Sanchez and Victor Cruz to the Bears
People forget how good Markus Wheaton was on the steelers...but if Kevin and Victor Cruz can perform 😴😴
Ex-Giant, former Pro Bowler Victor Cruz connecting with Mike Glennon as he tries to re-start his career with
I'd take Cameron Meredith Kevin White and victor Cruz over these 3... there's a hot take for ya lol
Mike Glennon impressed slot receiver Victor Cruz with his command on Friday. camp rundown:…
How Victor Cruz will do is the question. are weak at Wideout at this point.
😂😂😂 the giants receivers like that too . Odell, Brandon Marshall, Victor cruz, Sterling Shepard
I think the Chicago Bears Cameron Meredith Victor Cruz Kevin White Markus Wheaton kendall wright
I wouldn't go there. They have had Victor Cruz for so…
I've played games where 76 OVR Victor Cruz held more catches after being tackled than 96 OVR Brandon Marshall 🤦‍♂️
But I guess to ansr ur actual point, me too: in college I read Victor Hernandez Cruz & it wz just a…
As far as what Victor Cruz brings to the table, Fox: "He has skins on the wall" and has played in the "big moments."
Someone off the street can still produce. Kurt Warner/Victor Cruz. Kerley wasn't off the street…
Highlights from Day 1 of Training Camp:. Jordan Howard taking the handoff. Victor Cruz catches a pass…
Same ppl that thought Victor Cruz was good LMFAO *** Giants fans 😭😭😭
They have Kevin White, Markus Wheaton, Kendall Wright & Victor Cruz out Wide. Zach Miller at TE & Jordan Howard a Dawg at RB
Reporter Jay Taft talks to Bears new wide receiver Victor Cruz right after the 1st practice of training camp.
I thought Victor Cruz was toast, he is doing pretty well in Bears camp. Nice!
If Victor Moses was Brazilian and was simply known as 'Cruz' he'd be worth £50 million.
Victor Cruz not performing as WR2, lack of TE production, lack of protection, l…
Victor Cruz always been a slot WR 2 me i judge them different, I told u this for the big 🐶's
Underrated 😂 yea a washed up Victor Cruz, Kevin White who can't stay healthy to save his life and then the rest are average at beat
I learned to dance through Victor Cruz and OBJ.
Julz is about to put up some inspirational sayings and a picture of her w/ Victor she always does when she's getting dragged. 😂
Need that victor cruz bears jersey 🔥🔥
Victor Cruz, idea who is, and Kevin "4 Career Games" White. I'd say properly rated: Bad.
Only cause victor Cruz was hurt lol
Victor Cruz: Giants made it clear they didn't want me
Raise your hand if you completely forgot Victor Cruz signed with the Bears ✋️
Victor "Dead Tissue" Cruz gonna push them over the edge.
Let's not forget Victor Cruz played a huge role in this also...they've both since deleted a lot of twe…
Here's our latest article about the underdog story of Victor Cruz .
Giants' Ben McAdoo denies Victor Cruz's claim that they withheld ball
Look at Victor Cruz 😂 he was beloved then them texts leaked now jawns hate him for being dirt
Anybody watch Champs vs Pros on MTV? Cara Maria screwed up the final but Victor Cruz declared her and Darrell winner anyway.
I don't have a clue what they're saying in Despacito, but I'll still Victor Cruz the heck out of it.
Victor Cruz at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Show by
The Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs thinks Markus Wheaton "has a better chance to start" than Victor Cruz or…
Victor Cruz and others at Bears OTA practice
First media session for Victor Cruz since joining the Bears, has no NFL badge on jersey.
Am I crazy to think that the Cavs could win this in 7 and Victor Cruz still has gas in the tank to help the Bears?
Love seeing Victor Cruz in a uniform. That guy is all heart!
Yep. Watch Mike Glennon, Victor Cruz and others get injured.
I'm watching fear factor rn, they should have had host the challenge instead of Victor Cruz
Notes from today's Bears OTA include more on Mark Sanchez's injury & Victor Cruz's practice debut:…
Victor Cruz hosting game shows now lol ?
My main take from is that Victor Cruz won't make it in the booth or in studio after football.
You are crying over the white QB the b…
I'm watching the Challenge on MTV with Victor Cruz and his commentary is so forced. Lmao
"Everything worked out great. Obviously, I'm standing here today," said new WR Victor Cruz. "I'm happy to be here."…
I still can't believe that Victor Cruz is no longer in a Giants jersey
We have Victor Cruz now and I don't know who is throwing to him
How long do we have to give Victor Cruz before we can say he *** as a host?
Victor Cruz not being able to say Cara Maria's name correctly is pretty funny
If we're going to have Victor Cruz return for any other mini seasons, I'm going to need him to work on his commentary.
Victor Cruz wrapped up day 1 with the
I know cara is a beast but I didn't think lolo would be scared to face her. Gotta love Victor Cruz isn't in to it
Honestly though, Victor Cruz is an INCREDIBLY boring host! This would be a MILLION times better with TJ hosting!
I'm so happy Victor Cruz is hosting the Challenge now that the Giants let him go
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Woahjhjjb its time for me to go on the challenge!! Victor Cruz is hosting it now 😩
Lmfao I had no idea Victor Cruz plays for the Bears now
I just got my nike air trainer Victor Cruz today in the mail!
Idk, I think Victor Cruz became another Miles Austin. I went so hard for him too 😔
Victor Cruz in a bears uniform is so weird
To make room for the signing of FA WR Victor Cruz, the waived QB Connor Shaw, who missed 2016 with a broken leg.
Honestly seeing Victor Cruz in a Bears jersey makes me emotional
Connor Shaw has been waived by the Bears to make room for newly acquired WR Victor Cruz.
After his first day of practice as a Bear, discussed coming back from injury and his role as a leader. 📰:…
Victor Cruz prepared to produce and mentor in Chicago Bears' transitioning WR corps -
WR Victor Cruz is expected to be at today's OTA at Halas Hall. ( Via
WR Victor Cruz is wearing uniform number 80.
WR Victor Cruz says QB Mike Glennon called him last night to invite him to dinner.
"I think I have the potential to be that guy you saw a few years ago.". - WR Victor Cruz
[NFL: Videos] - Victor Cruz on working with Mike Glennon: 'He's getting more and more comfortable' - NFL Videos
We have officially signed WR Victor Cruz and waived QB Connor Shaw.
Cam Meredith has impressed new Bears teammate Victor Cruz: "I think he's very fluid, a big target who can go up and get the b…
Bears: Signing of Victor Cruz adds another question mark to receiving corps full of them - Jeff Dickerson (ESPN)
Victor Cruz is really trying to burn bridges with the New York Giants.
A pictorial look at the talent's of new Chicago Bear, 📸:
have signed veteran WR Victor Cruz to a 1 year deal.
*** did Victor Cruz sign a contract with the Bears ??
"I just felt the love there. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't get a text from someone there.". -Victor Cru…
Victor Cruz is heading to Chicago, agreeing to a one-year deal with the Bears.
The Chicago Bears are signing Victor Cruz to a 1-year deal.
So what you going to do, Victor Cruz is a Bear, lol🏈🏈
Victor Cruz just completely trashed the New York Jets rival.
Victor Cruz signed a one year contract to the Chicago Bears! 🐻
How big of an impact will Victor Cruz have on the Bears? - Yardbarker
Our early back; From -- Victor Cruz is delusional for saying Giants sabotaged his season. ht…
How many time will we see this in 2017 fans? Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz didn’t waste any time putting himself in a Bears jersey. (via
When you hear the Bears signed Victor Cruz five years too late, but it's not your problem anymore.
Wait... Victor Cruz is now on the Bears?. Where the *** have I been?!?!?
The are signing former WR Victor Cruz to a 1-year deal, per and me. He has a new home.
Victor Cruz, Bears agree in principle to one-year deal, + report https:…
The Bears and WR Victor Cruz have agreed to a 1 year deal. . Welcome to Chicago, Victor.
It's slow for him. He gonna be the next Victor Cruz. Keeping the hype in METLIFE stadium 😂. J…
Hope you're ready to salsa, Chicago. 📰:
This is a really ... um ... interesting version of what happened with Victor Cruz last year ...
We have agreed to terms with WR Victor Cruz on a one-year contract. Welcome to Chicago, 🐻⬇️
Victor Cruz believes Giants intentionally kept the ball away from him last season so it would be 'easier' to eventually…
Bears add bit of salsa, sign WR Victor Cruz to 1-year deal
A piece of the transcript of the meeting where Victor Cruz decided to sign with the Bears has leaked:
Soon-to-be Bears WR Victor Cruz to me just now: "I'll always be blue 80 in New York in my opinion, in my mind, in my hea…
This Just In: Bears have agreed to a one-year deal with free-agent wide receiver Victor Cruz. htt…
Victor Cruz to the Bears on a 1-Yr. Deal. Super Bowl for Chicago on deck.
it's a reunion in Chi..Victor Cruz joins fellow WR Rueben Randle, CB Prince Amukamara & S Quintin Demps on the
NFL: Bears and WR Victor Cruz agree to one-year deal - Adam Schefter, reports; 39 catches, 586 yards, 1 TD with Giants last seasonvia
Not a fan of the addition. You're going to sign Victor Cruz with the same attributes that we cut Eddie Ro…
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2014 Topps Finest Victor Cruz
Need this Victor Cruz to return 😯. ~Watch this clip on the TooAthletic App
Ok @ victor cruz being in montclair today🙄
Victor Cruz scheduled to meet with Chicago Bears Monday. Jaguars May 23. Interest is heating up.
I do not like Victor Cruz as the host for
Victor Cruz news is the NFL's version of purgatory
Victor Cruz had "extremely positive" visit early this wk with Bears. Is "excited" to arrive Tuesday in Jax for visit & to see Tom Coughlin.
I think at this point we've established the defense for 2017 season, can we look for a veteran WR? I would love to have Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz always lookin’ fresh – right down to his accessories! Hublot keeping his wrist game strong 👌…
Zeitlin Perez & Bumbly perform at Comedy Thursday at Cocina Taller hosted by Victor Cruz…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
After visiting with Bears this week, former Giants WR Victor Cruz is scheduled to meet next week with Jaguars in Jacksonv…
Former WR Victor Cruz's free agent visit to Jacksonville to meet with Tom Coughlin and the still scheduled for Tuesday.
Can we sign Victor Cruz already please
Victor Cruz? Eddie Royal? No thanks. The best available receiver on the market is known by one letter - Q. . Stay tuned for my latest piece!
[NFL: Videos] - Rapoport: Victor Cruz could be cheaper replacement for Eddie Royal for Bears - NFL Videos
Cutting Eddie Royal to sign Victor Cruz would be puzzling to say the least.
WR Victor Cruz is scheduled to meet with the Bears on Monday.
LatestRavenNews. Report: Victor Cruz, Ravens have 'mutual interest' - Yardbarker
Report: Ravens and WR Victor Cruz have mutual interest.
Ravens are reportedly interested in WR Victor Cruz.
I think the ravens will snag Anquan Boldin and Victor Cruz really soon
Victor Cruz to Buffalo is a potential bargain move that should be made
time to win Super Bowl this year.maybe need lb sack brown from bills and maybe wr victor Cruz
If anyone cares DTLR in store has The Victor Cruz kicks for $50 in the black and white colorway and linen as well
New Balance Flexibility Challenge victor 👏👏👏 with me and lea_g_cruz 📷…
My appreciation for the Giant journey of a professional and personal one via
anything left in the tank for victor Cruz?
Remember when went to U Mass's Pro day and ended up drafting Vlad Duccasse and NOT Victor Cruz?! Lol those talents…
Such an honor to meet Victor Cruz tonight. Had such an amazing time…
Victor Cruz (left) speaking right now at Syracuse University. Very lucky to have the opportunity to see him, Giants…
Victor Cruz is gonna be in Cuse tonight 😩😩
Victor Cruz comes to Syracuse 5 years after I leave. Hopefully Tom Coughlin gave him some good recommendations on p…
Wonder where Victor Cruz gunna sign. He should go to denver
Nike Air Trainer 'Light Bone' on sale for $71.23 w/ code 25MORE =>
Famous Paterson dudes really don’t stay out of Paterson, word to Victor Cruz.
Victor Cruz going a lot higher than 18 smh
CitrusTV reporter is live tonight to preview Victor Cruz's campus talk. Tune in to Ch. 14.1 or watch on
gonna be a cheap Victor Cruz replacement
Tonight, we will be hosting our annual speaker series "Truth Be Told" featuring Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz!…
The Giants released Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings they better be going for Adrian peterson
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Victor Cruz has scored 6 TDs in the past four years (35 games)
Starkey’s mailbag_ should steelers go after victor cruz or Anquan Boldin_ _ pittsburgh p ... -
THE STOCKROOM EXPERIENCE at USF performance by Victor Cruz and Angelo Lozada
Remember when people thought Victor Cruz Jr. shoes was hot?
Victor Cruz was at my job today smh
Johnathan Hankins, Victor Cruz headline list of remaining Giants free agents
A look at the remaining free agents (Hankins, Victor Cruz, etc.) and where things stand
Giants optimistic for long-term deal with Johnathan Hankins, but Victor Cruz may have to wait until after draft –…
Giants first or second rounder (unless OL). Paul Perkins. Brandon Marshall. Victor Cruz. Mariota with a real chem
I love Victor Cruz but Brandon Marshall is definitely an upgrade. The dude is an unbelievable talent.
sad cs we cut Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings 😢😢❤
Victor Cruz: 'I think I have a lot of good football left ahead of me'
Starkey's Mailbag: Should Steelers go after Victor Cruz or Anquan Boldin? - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Somebody in the league gone pick up Victor Cruz in due time
One last awkward white boy salsa for Victor Cruz
Only Calvin Johnson & Brandon Marshall had more 100+ yd receiving games than Victor Cruz from 2011 until Cruz injured his…
Victor Cruz opens up about being cut by Giants (Video)
There are so many reasons why Victor Cruz's exit is harder to grasp than most
While tempting, the Jags are stacked at wide receiver
The Giants will release Victor Cruz this afternoon, goodbye Salsa in New York.
so Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings were cut from the Giants. Who thought this was good?
Lowkey think Victor Cruz should come to the Patriots for like a year
ICYMI: should not sign free agent Victor Cruz
Remember when the Eagles spent a fortune on Nnamdi Asomugha and then he got mossed by Victor Cruz? Good times.
how do you feel about Victor Cruz to the bills? He had a decent year last season
I hope pick up Victor Cruz released by New York Giants.
Pretty sad to see my Giants cut ties with Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings. Time to build for the future 🏈
Hey, Victor Cruz, please come to Baltimore. You'd look 100 times better in purple and black.
BREAKING: Victor Cruz has been released by the New York Giants. Full story below:
The giants released Victor Cruz ?... Good luck to that man and his career.. That salsa dance will never be forgotten
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Victor Cruz announces that he has been let go by the NY Giants.
Giants releasing victor cruz hit me right in the heart
Watch the Patriots sign Victor Cruz and turn him into Moss
REFUSE to discuss victor Cruz as to why he doesn't fit here should be evident and clear as day why
Let it sink in: . Victor Cruz: 1 ring . Eagles entire franchise: 0 rings
WR Victor Cruz discusses his release from the New York Giants. READ:
Take a look back at the biggest games and moments in the career of WR Victor Cruz |
It's hard to pick just five, but here are the Top 5 plays in the career of Victor Cruz. WATCH: https:/…
In honor of Victor Cruz being cut by the Giants, here is his 99 yard TD versus the Jets
Sullivan: The Victor Cruz story was great, the person is even better
The have released WR Victor Cruz and RB Rashad Jennings. Full details >>
Anybody think Victor Cruz deserves a look in free agency from the Lions???
Giants have released Victor Cruz, according to and confirmed by ESPN.
First Jeter's having a kid, now Victor Cruz is being released. Definition of a Monday my god, long live the salsa
I guess Victor Cruz has plenty of time to go boating in Miami now
Thank you, Victor Cruz. Watch this tribute video for a special look back at No. 80's career with the >>
BREAKING: The Giants have released wide receiver Victor Cruz (via confirmed by ESPN)
The have released WR Victor Cruz. Thank you for everything,
Jerry Reese on Victor Cruz: "Victor is one of the great stories of the NFL; He will always be one of the great Giants."
thank you Victor Cruz for being on of my favorite players growing up. I hope you're career continues
Something always happens to players when I get their jersey. Example: LeBron the week before he left Miami, Victor Cruz injury, etc, etc.
What does the release of Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings mean for the going forward?. WATCH: ht…
ICYMI: Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings reflect on their time with the New York Giants. FULL QUOTES: ht…
The Giants have released veterans Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings in an effort to create salary-cap space:
Giants freed up $10M in salary cap space by releasing Rashad Jennings and Victor Cruz.
Giants release Victor Cruz . Derek Jeter is expecting his first child (daughter). AND Brook Lopez possibly traded to New Orleans??
Giants will release WR Victor Cruz this afternoon, as reported.
The Giants are expected to release Victor Cruz later today. (h/t
ICYMI: Victor Cruz hasn't spoken with never had exit interview
Victor Cruz, Bill Nye, and Simon Doonan Walk the Runway for Prostate Cancer Research at…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I couldn't care less about what anybody else has to say.
And why is Ted Cruz still a thing? Go home & watch 2 broke girls on TBS or something.
Victor Cruz to the dolphins would be nice
Giants' Victor Cruz: Miami trip 'wasn't worth it' in hindsight
If the Giants release Victor Cruz this year it will be the hardest Giant for me to say goodbye to.
for some reason i think westbrook could be like Victor cruz before his injury history
Victor Cruz admits that boat trip 'definitely wasn't worth it'
From earlier: Victor Cruz on future: "The ball is in their court"
Timeout w/ Taylor Rooks ep3: Victor Cruz joins the show to talk his future, Super Bowl, OBJ, and even a little Miami. https…
Victor Cruz: Miami trip with Odell Beckham 'definitely wasn't worth it'
Victor Cruz hopes to return to Giants, but 'the ball is in their court' - Big Blue United
.Victor Cruz on excursion to Miami: "Looking back on it, it definitely wasn’t worth it" http…
Half-hearted mea culpa from on Miami trip is too little too late, writes htt…
Victor Cruz: Giants’ trip to Miami before playoffs not worth it
Victor Cruz would like to have a do-over with the Miami boat trip he took with teammates before losing in the playoffs. (…
Giants WR Miami trip wasnt worth it
Cruz's influence on OBJ, good or bad doesn't matter much if Victor doesn't play well. Giants need an upgrade at the position.
In this week's podcast...Victor Cruz reflects on his Miami trip. Such a good sport...I had to! Lol catch more clips on
NFL roundup: Victor Cruz now regrets Miami boat trip
Victor Cruz says this boat trip wasn't why the Giants lost, but "definitely wasn't worth it.".
Victor Cruz: "Patriots don't want to see us in the Super Bowl". Odell Beckham Jr.: "You right. They won't see us..." htt…
Victor Cruz season this year was worse than every season Mario Manningham had with NYG & Mario only played 15 gms or more once.
Y'all gotta understand. Eli manning has Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz and Roger Lewis Jr. He doesn't need to throw to OBJ every down
So OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis flew to Miami last night, went clubbing, and are on a boat. Livi…
Hey, Victor Cruz: Tom Brady would LOVE to see you guys in the Super Bowl. Dream come true. He could get even w Eli & G…
Justin Pugh, Victor Cruz, and Rashad Jennings discuss the challenges for the New York Giants as they get ready...
Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Odell on the same Offense? Of course you take the deep shot with Jordan Lewis... Ben McAdoo is garbage
It can all come full circle for Victor Cruz, Giants in return to Philadelphia
come in tonight for a chance to win this Victor Cruz jersey during
If dont want Victor Cruz next season ,then Cruz should become a New York Jet player..this way he still stays local.😊
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] Giants vs. Lions: Time with Giants running out for Victor Cruz?
Victor Cruz: Whitlock vandalism a direct reflection of the America that elected its next president https…
Victor Cruz in his cleats supporting S.T.E.M. education in New Jersey vs. Pittsburgh https:…
Should go cop the victor Cruz and some sweats 🤔
Blatino top Victor Zavatt barebacks Andy Star >>
Best of luck to Victor Cruz who has been nominated from the for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award!…
What my mom sends in our group chat. . 😂😂 Ran into Victor Cruz at the mall 😍
If Victor Cruz can get back to his 2011 form the Giants could make a serious run and maybe even win the division
I need a pair of those victor Cruz jawns
What's Victor Cruz's role on "He's one of the 3 starting receivers out there," according to Ben McAdoo. Played 60 snaps, 2 targets
it doesn't hurt. We have nothing right now. Victor Cruz was a practice squad dude
and victor Cruz is still a good receiver when he's heathy y'all have 2 good receivers no elite ones tho
Victor Cruz's first TD reception in 721 days... . Do your thing,
Heading Uptown to Give Out Turkeys 🦃 at Sylvia's with Mike Epps WBLS Victor Cruz starting at 2:00pm
Giants' Victor Cruz embracing role as 'party starter'
domain names
Victor Cruz embracing his role as the Giants' "party starter"
Giants' Victor Cruz embracing embracing role as 'party-starter'
Victor Cruz embraces his new reality
Now we are talking. Poor Victor Cruz even lost his “Giant known for dancing” corner
fam he barely has better stats than Victor Cruz lol
Victor Cruz was low key my first love ❤️😂
Victor Cruz talks about Giants being Super Bowl contender
I never dreamed about being a millionaire - I dreamed about being a football player. Victor Cruz
yo could you imagine Victor Cruz doing his TD chacha and stepping on a land mine and being blown to smithereens. lmfao
New York Giants fans are riled up about what Victor Cruz just said.
Victor Cruz: We have the tools to get to the Super Bowl
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