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Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence (born Vicki Ann Axelrad, March 26, 1949, Inglewood, California) is an American actress, comedienne, and Billboard Hot 100 #1 singer, who was frequently a game show panelist in the 1970s and 1980s.

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"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."-Japanese proverb from Vicki Lawrence
Working on organizing my pictures of Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence (vicki photos are in order…
Getting 2 meet Vicki Lawrence tonight, and R&I is back on Tuesday. It's a great week ;)
Tonight is the night you've been waiting for. Two women will be performing - Vicki Lawrence & Mama. See you there!
Trivia Fun Facts: It took $1750, but Stefan made sure to get those 60 trivia points (and see Vicki Lawrence!).
I'd like to propose,. Vicki Lawrence Mogubgub,. As our new team name.
Watching Carol Burnett Show 1991 one (how I wish I had the episode vicki Lawrence guest star on grr)…
Hello Vicki, the bus terminates at Lawrence Hill, Croydon St I'm afraid (HHA)
'Two-woman show': Vicki Lawrence talks about Cape appearance at .
When you live in the most dangerous place in New York State>>>>
P.S. love your new avatar pic Carnie at first glance I thought you were Vicki Lawrence
Give the gift of laughter this with to Vicki Lawrence's show. You won't stop laughing.
The interview that meant the most to me was Carol Burnett and tomorrow Vicki Lawrence calls to wake me up, this...
Zach Paikin with Queen Elizabeth II and Vicki Lawrence from the sitcom Mama's Family
To Dave; I would like to hear the night the lights went out in georgia by Vicki Lawrence on vinyl record for turntable Tuesday! Alan
I may have Brittney Spears, Vicki Lawrence and.Backstreet Boys on that playlist. May have. *looks down* I do
"Mama" is coming to the coast! Check out Vicki Lawrence's Two Woman Show at the IP Casino Feb. 7th. Click here...
February 7. Enjoy an evening of comedy with Vicki Lawrence and her beloved character, "Mama" during their return...
How did I ever forget that Eunice was on the Gong Show? so classic
CardExecs database features Vicki Lawrence, COO and Co-Founder of Linqto. ⁰
TUG-OF-WAR right now. Michael Fox and top 2 slots for NBC. Along with Flip Wilson and Vicki Lawrence.
We went and saw Vicki Lawrence as "Mamma" last night. She was absolutely hilarious. I just love old…
Reba McEntire sings with Vicki Lawrence -The night the lights went out in Georgia
LOVED it! Madame Arcati was definitely my favorite. She's a very Vicki Lawrence sorta character, so naturally became attached.
A lovely note Vicki Lawrence receive from her mentor Carol Burnett 💗
Are the Vicki Lawrence albums any good?
Last time vicki Lawrence guest star she started mama family well it air shortly after this appearance…
Quote of The day: Vicki Lawrence (I made two lol I show the 2nd one in the later future) one of my…
It’s the night we’ve been waiting for! Vicki Lawrence takes the stage TONIGHT @ 8pm with Mama!
Selling fast: "Vicki Lawrence and Mama: A Two-Woman Show" coming to the Paramount Theatre in the far western suburbs.
Vicki Lawrence great on Carol Burnett & Mama's Family, but in Concert???
Vicki Lawrence of Linqto featured in tonight's daily edition of CardFlash by payments
livin!! (SORRY! screamed Vicki Lawrence style on Carol Burnett).
Was Vicki Lawrence (Thelma Harper) on Mama's Family the "original" Madea? Early a.m. ponderings brought to you by St. John's & 2 hrs of slep
Now I have Vicki Lawrence in my head, though I think it was Viola on Mama's Family, but still...
Doing two on this days ON This day Mama's Family (1983-1990) starring Vicki Lawrence and Ken Berry…
32 years ago today, Mama's Family premiered on NBC. Starring Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper (Mama). The series...
Vicki Lawrence quotes her own song and vicki tantrum 😂😂😂
Listening to - Vicki Lawrence ~~ The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence are my biggest idols ugh like I want to be everything they are
When I was younger, I thought that Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett were the same person. lol.
For a lot of my childhood I thought Vicki Lawrence was just Carol Burnett in a wig.
Vicki Lawrence headlines Pink the Basin luncheon -
I had drinks with Vicki Lawrence last night and now she just liked my insta... So we're practically best friends right?
at the horse shoe with Vicki Lawrence
My 30th birthday cake of vicki Lawrence's Thelma Harper mama ❤️ came out more better than me and my…
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Jennifer Lawrence is just God. That line gives me chills
Win, Lose, or Draw: I want Vicki Lawrence on my team.
Unless I've misunderstood their shrieking, Jo Anne Worley & Vicki Lawrence are playing sisters on this
Getting ready to watch Vicki Lawrence in Laverne and Shirley part and two of they in they army now…
Watching Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway etch in hopefully all 4 episodes of ABC Carol…
Kate, Rhett and his Mom meeting Vicki Lawrence last week in The Val green room
Don't miss out on this blast from the past! Order your tickets now for Vicki Lawrence & Mama: A Two Woman Show on Dec. 14 at 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.
Things that are not considered salad:. Chicken souvlaki. pizza. Vicki Lawrence. black radishes. ISIS
Some funny for your Friday, courtesy of the great Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence & *** Van ***
Ivy Lawrence, thank you for taking the time. We appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for helping us find our dream house 'Vicki Harris'
somebody told me they had nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence on the internet. I thought they said vicki lawrence.
That needs to be paired with a Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper (Mama;s Family) Ben Cooper costume..
Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway & gang. Bet you can't watch all 10 minutes without laughing.
So meeting Vicki Lawrence was terrifyingly awesome.
Waiting to meet Vicki Lawrence. Terrified beyond words.
Vicki Lawrence & Mama tonight @ 7:30. There are still seats available and the box office opens at 5:30. Call...
The fun part for me is to just really push that envelope. Vicki Lawrence
I don't care about Jennifer Lawrence leaked nude photos. I'm just glad it wasn't Vicki Lawrence!
Let's take a moment to realize that Vicki Lawrence was only 8 years old when Carol Burnett did this…
Mow the grass, academic team in Johnson County, Vicki Lawrence at the Paramount, teaching on Elohim in Sunday school...somebody say weekend?
Going to start my Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence order soon starting with Carol Burnett 😄❤❤…
Things have always sort of happened for me. Something else always comes up. Vicki Lawrence
Good luck. I've rewound many times. A million billion times and I never knew it was Vicki Lawrence who shot Andy. ;)
Tomorrow I'm starting my Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence order everything they did starting with…
Now that Vicki Lawrence is the right age, how about a Mama's Family reboot?
Part of the "grandma" trope that bugs me is the assumption all women over 50 are Vicki Lawrence in Mama's Family or Miss Marple.
Vicki Lawrence is slaying it at this grocery store with "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia.". So much more than Mama's Family!
The Cledus T Party will have more Vicki Lawrence tickets tomorrow morning at 7:30am with Cledus' College of...
Caught the last half of the Carol Burnett Show reunion on Queen Latifah Show. So. *** Funny. Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence are amazing.
Vicki Lawrence at Paramount Arts Center this coming weekend
That is like if Vicki Lawrence had a dummy of Ed Asner
Have a BUY>>. written from the heart soul revealing …
❓80s Trivia: This 1987 NBC gameshow hosted by Vicki Lawrence was inspired by games Burt Reynolds played at home
Because of Vicki Lawrence on I call it a PRNDL ;)
I did not look at the Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures. I looked at the Vicki Lawrence nude pictures.
CORRECTION: 'The Fappening,' so called, had nothing to do with nude photos of Vicki Lawrence. We regret the error.
even Vicki Lawrence cannot be solely classified as a stand up comedienne and she's done more stand up comedy than Carroll
Vicki Lawrence did Ice Bucket Challenge as Mamma Harper and challenged Carol. Hope Carol accepted, let us kno…
I have two versions of "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" on my phone, yours and Vicki Lawrence.
My for ALS, challenging my friend Vicki Lawrence.
Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, and Rue McClanahan Eunice and Mama's family about to start soon…
I've been looking for Vicki Lawrence pics for days now...
Ms. Harper (that's Vicki Lawrence) of comedy Mama's Family in 2day at The Grand Opera House in Galveston, 8PM.
Always luv me some Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence
Watching Carol Burnett on the Vicki Lawrence show :) they are so great together
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Watching Bob Hope, Emma Samms, Jean Smart, and Lou Rawls on the Vicki Lawrence show
I remember how Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence did this scene. Side splitting.
you're already doing the Carol Burnett of radio/podcast at the very least ur a Vicki Lawrence or Tim Conway
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence in Cinderella gets it on
17 yrs mis Vicki Lawrence shortly before being discover by carol :)
Carol singing: you made me love you I didn't want to do it I didn't want to do it Vicki Lawrence: get to it you twit
I was once told by a good friend that I am the love child of Vicki Lawrence and Paul Lynde. (He was right.)
Today is the birthday of Steven Tyler, Diana Ross, Leonard Nimoy, Nancy Pelosi, Martin Short, Vicki Lawrence, Marcus Allen, Teddy Pendergrass, Charly McClain, Kenny Chesney, and James Caan. Steven is 66 today. He is the lead singer of "Aerosmith." They are known for the hits "Dream On" "Walk This Way" "Sweet Emotion" and "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing." Diana is 70 today. She was a member of the "Supremes." They were known for the hits "Baby Love" "You Can't Hurry Love" "My World Is Empty Without You" "Stop In The Name Of Love" "Someday We'll Be Together" and "I Hear A Symphony." Diana is also known for the hits "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" "Touch Me In The Morning" "Love Hangover" "Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)" "Upside Down" "I'm Coming Out" "It's My Turn" and "Endless Love" with Lionel Richie. Leonard is 83 today. He is known for his role as Spock on "Star Trek." Nancy is 74 today. She is a California senator. She was Speaker Of The House (2007-2011). Martin is 64 today. He st ...
Live, Laugh and Take Heart event with Vicki Lawrence. Met a ton of great people! Thanks for visiting our booth!...
R.I.P. Sid Caesar who died February 12 at 91. This guy literally invented television comedy. Without him there would be no Saturday Night Lives or sitcoms or any of the funny stuff you enjoy on T.V. everyday. He spawned the careers of Neil Simon, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Imogene Coca, Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Don Knotts and the list is endless.
April 1 brings 9 more releases from Real Gone, no foolin'! We're celebrating the 90th birthday of Doris Day with a pair of titles, compiling the complete Atlantic sides of Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, reissuing the debut album from Duane Allman discovery Cowboy, going "In Action" with Keith Allison, collecting the complete Cameo recordings of bubblegum-garage rockers the Ohio Express, releasing the sole Atlantic album from Eddie Kendricks, spending the night with the lights out with Vicki Lawrence and going on the road again with the Grateful Dead. Full press release below! NO FOOLS, ALL JEWELS -- A PAIR OF RELEASES HONORING DORIS DAY'S 90TH BIRTHDAY MAKE APRIL 1 A VERY SPECIAL DAY AT REAL GONE Label's Schedule Also Includes Releases from Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, Cowboy, Keith Allison, The Ohio Express, Eddie Kendricks, Vicki Lawrence & the Grateful Dead Los Angeles, California -- It's not an April Fool's joke -- Real Gone Music's April 1 release schedule features releases from movie and TV supe ...
Watching :) With guest Janet Leigh, ann miller, Gloria DeHaven, and June Allyson on the Vicki Lawrence show
Did you catch Bianco Tours & Transportation mentioned on Bob Allison's "Ask Your Neighbor" radio show today? A traveler on yesterday's Soaring Eagle outing mentioned she took our trip to see Vicki Lawrence and had a nice time. Bob proceeded to give us a couple mentions and even provide our phone number. Downright neighborly, eh?
Let's gather around, kids. The video campfire is smoking hot this morning. From The Carol Burnett Show, this is the sketch in which Tim Conway destroyed his cast mates with the Elephant story. Because of the expletive uttered by Vicki Lawrence, the second take did not make the air show. The first take is a scream, including a little bit when Carol tries to get her composure back. From November 5, 1977, The Family Plays PASSWORD. Watch out for Conway, the little a**hole who launched a thousand laughs.
Vicki Lawrence, The Four Irish Tenors, Herman's Hermit, Jimmy Sturr are all playing the Soaring Eagle Casino and...
If you stay in Saturday night let us help keep your mind off the cold weather. Tune in for WVUT's Public Affairs program 22 Magazine for starters! ~7:30pm 22 Magazine has State Representative Kreg Battles in the studio to preview the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly. Then, officials in Lawrence County, Illinois have formed a task force to help individuals addicted to drugs get their life back on track. We’ll talk with Lawrence County Circuit Court Judge Robert Hopkins & Jerry Pacholski about the U-R Choice Program. If you missed it Friday night Carol Burnett: The Mark Twain Prize will be back on at 8pm!! ~8:00pm - 10:00pm Carol Burnett: The Mark Twain Prize - Carol Burnett is honored with the 16th Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Among those paying tribute: Julie Andrews; Lucie Arnaz; Tony Bennett; Tim Conway; Tina Fey; Rashida Jones; Vicki Lawrence; Amy Poehler; Maya Rudolph; Martin Short; and Rosemary Watson. From the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D. ...
This is a The Family sketch from The Carol Burnett Show with Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. This sketch has been uploaded to yo...
Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway at the 'Anderson Live' stud...
Watching Carol Burnett receive the well-deserved Mark Twain Prize. Her & Vicki are so inseparable, it's adorable!! I really love all these crazy old women who have made life so humorous!! (Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McLanahan, Angela Lansbury... you all rock)!
saw you on the mark Twain awards you always look fabulous. I come from the part of the world where Swahili should be spoken
Vicki Lawrence was only 24 when she started playing Thelma "Mama" Harper. She pulled it off awesomely even at 24.
"Tennessee Williams on acid"--Vicki Lawrence recalling description of
Vicki Lawrence on Carol Burnette awards brilliant
Just watched Carol Burnett get the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on PBS ... Pound for Pound the Carol Burnett Show was the funniest on TV ... With the cast of Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner killing it every week in the funniest sketch humor ever!
We're watching you on PBS SoCal; the Carol Burnett Show Carol Burnett tribute. Very nice! 11 25 2013 Vicki Lawrence ;)
Vicki Lawrence hasn't aged at all. I think that's because at 20 she looked 60.
Ok, turned on in the end. Liam and Niall! Luke Bryant’s pants. And who is Lil Mama? I’m assuming Vicki Lawrence’s granddaughter?
I saw the part with Vicki Lawrence. Made me smile.
Watched Carol Burnett receive the Mark Twain award on tonight. I'm still laughing-the hosts were superb Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, etc
I'm watching Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and others present Carol Burnett with the Mark Twain Award and during...   10% Off
Carol Burnett honored w/Mark Twain Prize! CB and Vicki Lawrence r hilarious and were the 1st to make me REALLY laugh till I peed
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence were the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler of their time
We knew it was coming, and it is STILL one of the funniest television skits ever! Vicki Lawrence's "Cissy" was a riot,
I really adore Vicki Lawrence and I'm so glad Carol Burnett is being honor this way :)
I accidentally hit a channel on the remote and it turned to a channel and there was Vicki Lawrence. Made me think of it.
Vicki Lawrence bringing back so many great memories honoring Carol Burnett.
I don't think I could love Vicki Lawrence or Carol Burnett more! Congrats Carol on the You deserve it and more you amazing lady!!
Oh my god, Vicki Lawrence has the best Carol Burnett stories ever.
Right now Vicki Lawrence is going head to head against Ke$ha! vs
The story of how Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett met is amazing!
Vicki Lawrence held out the longest. Then loved her response.
Join Tina Fey, Martin Short, Amy Poehler, Vicki Lawrence, Julie Andrews and many others in celebrating the life and career of Carol...
- her show was my FAVORITE growing up. Loved those comedy skits!! Tim Conway, Harvey Koreman, Vicki Lawrence, oh my, memories!
watch out !! Well maybe watch out Vicki Lawrence as Mama.
Definitly a must see.Seen Vicki Lawrence the past 3 years and this will be a dream came true.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Just worked out my 6 degrees of separation from Jennifer Lawrence!
Vicki Lawrence was so underrated! One of the funniest things I ever seen was an episode of "Mama's Family" and...
Carol Burnett-Her mentoring Vicki Lawrence is in The Mentor Hall of Fame in 2013.
One of my favorite of Vicki Lawrence
Three of my favorites ladies Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett, and Julie Andrews can't wait for Sunday
Vicki Lawrence Has said that meeting her mentor Carol Burnett to be the best moment of her life.
Carol does drama ?! Shocking. She is great at doing comedy (Mama's Family) w/Vicki Lawrence. That is why Carol is one of the best
I grew up watching the Carol Burnett Show and all in the family. These both had made Carol and Vicki Lawrence my favorite Comedians.
is giving away one of our Mama's Family Collections - signed by THE >
Enter for a chance to win Mama's Family: The Complete Series on DVD, signed by star Vicki Lawrence!
3 of my fav ladies the legendary Cass Elliot, Carol Burnett, and Vicki Lawrence
that's Tim Conway, Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, and *** VanDyke in the clip.
Loved the pic Carnie I'd feel the same too the 2 of you looklike good casting for a sitcom now we just need Vicki Lawrence
Still luv me some Vicki Lawrence she's still the coolest
Vicki Lawrence reading the Gettysburg address emotional at the end lil :)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Vicki Lawrence, from
Carol Burnett Discovered her protégé Vicki Lawrence at the age 17 and became a acting mentor to her. .
I would love to spend a day with Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence
'With a name like lawrence i can't like you sorry' 😂😂😂aww vicki
Please hire your Canadian Jimmy look-a-like as your sidekick on your show a la Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett.
And I love how many of those old songs they sent up. And Vicki Lawrence is brilliant! And, oh, the curtain rod...
favorite list: Shout out to Vicki Lawrence and :-)
Oooo look twins or does anyone else also think that Vicki Lawrence lookslike the late Marcia Wallace?
Here's 2 of my fav funny ladies friends in my head the legendary Carol Burnett & Vicki Lawrence
“I always wanted to be like Betty White, but now I'm like 'Doesn’t she wanna take a vacation?!'” -
Vicki Lawrence is still s joy to watch
Vicki Lawrence and Carnie Wilson are on Talk today. Should be good.
Great job on the view, I am a big fan of Vicki Lawrence! I enjoy that hour made popcorn for my little guy and we ate together
Vicki Lawrence on The Talk: As a tween, I LOVED Mama's Family. It always perplexed my mother... she soon realized her kid was a relic.
Vicki Lawrence is on.Where has she been hiding?
Vicki Lawrence is hilarious as Mama in Mama's Family. *** I miss that show. It was priceless, pure comedy.
Vicki Lawrence ... I just giggled excessively when she spoke in Mama's voice.
Vicki Lawrence is a legend. If you dont know who she is, youre missing out.
Vicki Lawrence! Carol Burnett Show was always my fav show growing up and Mama was one of my fav characters
I love Vicki Lawrence. She was hilarious in Mama's Family
on at 2 PM EST and 1 PM PST. Quick, go tune in!
Vicki Lawrence Was discovered at the age of 17 by Mentor and fame Comedian Carol Burnett and became her protégée.
Vicki Lawrence was only 34 when the Mama's Family premiered! She is 15 - 27 years younger than the actors that played her children.
Dr. Vicki Johnson-Lawrence in front of her research poster
And one more thing, Vicki Lawrence is an American treasure. Stick that in your "Notebook" and smoke it.
He's just jealous we aren't talking about his favorites, like Nell Carter and Vicki Lawrence.
has talked about wanting to get together and do a Mama and Madea sketch with Tyler Perry.
the first time I saw Madea I thought "Does Vicki Lawrence know about this? Does Larry Johnson?"
Hopefully you had more fun meeting Nick than I did Vicki Lawrence..gotta say I was disappointed in her
[on her mentor Carol Burnett] A lot of people think I'm in Carol's Shadow. Well, I can't think of a nicer shadow to be in--Vicki Lawrence
I hope they bring Vicki Lawrence out to dance tonight.
Tonight I "modeled" winter wear, met the guy from 'The Evolution of Dance' video, watched Vicki Lawrence do a bit as Mama from backstage, danced like a clown and stood on stage with Donald Driver. How was your Monday night?
Had a blast, the Vicki Lawrence show was awesome. Great night out with mom, dad and the wife.
Vicki Lawrence at 7 Feathers with friends! It was so nice to get out!!
Vicki Lawrence show its nice to be doing something so fun with my sweetheart.
Taking mom to the Casino tonight to see Vicki Lawrence
FUNNY LADY . PBS See red carpet photos of last night's Mark Twain Prize ceremonies from The Kennedy Center. This year's Mark Twain Prize went to Carol Burnett, and the ceremonies will be on PBS Sunday, Nov. 24th. See photos of her guests, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Martin Short and many others, at
I just spent the evening listening to Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Martin Short, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, and Lucie Arnez speak. As if that wasn't enough, Tony Bennett sang Sinatra. I am overwhelmed by gratitude and respect and inspiration. I don't think I'll forget this night anytime soon.
We watched 'The Doctors' recorded earlier this week, they had Vicki Lawrence on as her character "Mama" & then as herself...I have not laughed that much in a long time...the show deals with medical issues, & there is humor, but this was just 'what the doctor ordered'...excuse the pun.I loved it...she said she learned from the best...had worked with Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman (sp?).
Sitting here watching an infomercial for "Carol's Crackups" - starring Carol Burnette, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and many, many guests. Its basically all bloopers of the show/or of the cast just flat out laughing at themselves while performing. OMG - its a riot.
Vicki Lawrence – Comedic Genius and Emerald City Extraordinaire. What would you do if a stranger came up to you...
VICKI LAWRENCE & MAMA what a great show!! We never stopped laughing!! Makes me miss the "Carol Burnett Show" & all their silliness! I know the young people out there R saying, "Who's Vicki Lawrence & Carol Burnett?" U don't know what U missed!
Vicki Lawrence told yesterday that she once wrote a fan letter to Carol Burnett saying they looked alike |
The Carol Burnett Show began on CBS in 1967 with Lyle Waggoner, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence. Jim Nabors was the first guest.
Stars honoring Carol Burnett with Mark Twain Prize! - Julie Andrews, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence will also …
Breast Cancer Awareness
Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway are on today. They are so amazing! Don't miss it. They are the …
Vicki Lawrence on her Emmy win for "The Carol Burnett Show" -
That first video was really just Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper dressed up as Paula Deen.
oh yes I know what you're talking about, with Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway etc I love that skit
I used to work with a guy who wrote for Mama's Family. Really funny dude...didn't translate well to Vicki Lawrence.
Carol Burnett was Eunice and Betty White was Ellen, daughters of Vicki Lawrence's Mama on the NBC run of MAMA'S FAMILY from 83-84.
Love the show! It would be awesome if you got Vicki Lawrence & Christine Baranski to guest star
S0113: Vicki Lawrence (Mama from Mama’s Family) is shoehorned into a laffer of a B-story, for some reason.
Thanks for sharing... Maybe the funniest thing ever to come out of Vicki Lawrence's mouth - and that's saying a helluva lot.
On Pirate Cafe Radio, this we bring you some with Vicki Lawrence. It's really easy...
Hey ya'll Vicki Lawrence ain't the Mama in that movie Mama, don't make the same mistake I did.
"should be fun. If you are not having fun, are doing it right." - Vicki Lawrence
4 of my favorite people in the world: Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and the late Harvey Korman.
can't even get Tanya Tucker song which the film was based on. Which was reworking of Vicki Lawrence song (also unavailable)
Mama (Vicki Lawrence) to Eunice (Carol Burnett) - "Are you seriously considering pouring more liquor in your body?!?!" Eunice - "I had considered it."
Congratulations to Metrotones for putting on such a beautiful concert tonight and donating $6000 to Hospice. So nice to see FB friends Claire Hachey, Mary B Campbell and Helene Robb on stage -- hope I'm not forgetting other FB friends -- it was great to see you all including Vicki LeBlanc with whom I went to school.
"You ain't playin' with a full deck, Eunice. I think somebody blew your pilot light out. You know whut? You got splinters in the windmills of your mind." - Vicki Lawrence on the Carol Burnett Show, cracking up Carol. The best part of today.
To those of you that wished me luck on my first audition since my surgery, thank you, I got a call back for tomorrow. Actually 2nd callback also on another. The surgeon must have touched my "acting chop nerve" by accident. About the saga of getting paid for the rerun of my skit with Vicki Lawrence for "the Betty White 2nd Birthday Anniversary Show", after dozens of phone calls to production, NBC, and our "great" union (who did nothing to help), I finally am getting my check. Exactly 4 months later. I now fully understand why Ed Asner and 15 others are suing for the same reasons but "slightly" more money.
If you're wondering what actor made the craziest pop singer, it ain't Bruce Willis, Vicki Lawrence, or Jack Wagner..
Amen to that. That whole crew was hilarious; Harvey Korman; Tim Conway; Vicki Lawrence. Thats when TV was good.
Tim Conway, Harvey Korman & Vicki Lawrence should get mini trophies // Carol Burnett Wins Mark Twain Prize for Humor
Vicki Lawrence as "Momma" on Momma's Family...funny show with Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett...great humor...timeless
Preview of the May 16th Dr Johnny's Wayback Machine Music from Arethra Franklin,Vicki Lawrence,Poison,Toni Braxton and More Time Capsule(5 songs chosen at random) from May 16th,1982 to listen click arrow on HCC Hawk Radio
They said on the radio that Tim Conway's disgruntled son Tim Conway, Jr. has a lawsuit against Carol Burnett and Rory Emerald. Conway, Jr. must be a real declasse kind of guy. I hope he loses. Vicki Lawrence and the rest of the crew must be devastated.
The Carol Burnett Show is an American variety/sketch comedy television show starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner, and Tim Conway. It originally ran on CBS from September 11, 1967, to March 29, 1978, for 278 episodes and originated from CBS Television City's Studio 33.
Carol Burnett just turned 80. Recall this great scene with Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence & *** Van *** …
Ooo! I just thought: Wasn't that Vicki Lawrence show a spinoff of a Carol Burnett Show skit?
Ruth buzzi, Carol Burnett, & vicki Lawrence: all so incredibly funny! Who's tops to you?
Flipping channels. 3 amazing ladies and 1 of my fav shows. Mama's family. Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett and Betty White
ALASKA! She's the STAR. Jinkx can be Vicki Lawrence to ALASKA's Carol Burnett.and Roxxxy...welll
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Vicki Lawrence & Mama are coming to the Riviera Theatre May 14th? i need to go!
Happy Birthday 4/26/13 Carol Burnett gets back at Vicki Lawrence: via
Speaking of Vicki Lawrence - “Vicki Lawrence and Mama: A Two-Woman Show”-Coming to The Palace Theatre, Greensburg!
Grabbing a bite to eat at Bojangle's and I swear the lady at the table next to me sounds exactly like Vicki Lawrence.
Brilliant Carol Burnett turns 80 today. A famous scene from her show with Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence & *** Van ***
"Don't trust your soul to no back woods Southern lawyer..." Back woods, backwards, back stabbing! If u only knew!
so4U! Bring back this 70's haunting song& Modernize it in ur Kree way:Vicki Lawrence's-"The night the lights went out in Georgia"
The best thing ever is seeing Vicki Lawrence & Beverly Archer reunited again on post- I miss late-80s/90s sitcoms.
thanks Vicki having a great day now lunching with friends xx
Watchin Vicki Lawrence in Mama's Family. One of the funniest sitcoms I've ever seen.
In the Epic Battle of Golden Girls vs. Mamma's Family, I love me some Golden Girls, but I have to side with my woman Vicki Lawrence.
Colan Nolan and Tim Conway, Jr. were in the 32nd annual Burbank on Parade on Saturday, April 6, 2013. Conway was the Grand Marshal. Nolan said: "Tim Conway, Jr. was a huge disappointment and embarrassment. All he talked about was Conway Senior and actress Carol Burnett. And he kept looking for Vicki Lawrence and Rory Emerald everywhere! It was very annoying for everyone."
Vicki Lawrence was one of the best at playing She always gave great clues to her partners.
Why not one word or pic of Vicki Lawrence?
Today in music history (April 7th): In 1973, Vicki Lawrence hit on the U.S. charts with "The Night the Lights...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
7 April 1973, Vicki Lawrence started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'The Night The Lights...
Ha ha your phone corrected "Vicki" to Vicks. Miss Lawrence is of course with me.
What Joy to share Vicki Lawrence with Nicholas Ferreri of Friday night. With such an endearing persona, he is on our radar
Vicki and Mama: Doubling laughs with 2-woman show: VAN WERT — Vicki Lawrence has enough talent to front her ow...
The night the lights went out in Georgia-Vicki Lawrence.
What a joy to share an evening with Vicki Lawrence with this oh-so-lovely couple.
Finally, baby, we got a new Number 1 song in the U.S. of A. "Carol Burnett Show" cutie Vicki Lawrence!
Oh My Goodness! The excitement for Vicki Lawrence to take the stage is palpable! The laughter from the 2:00 show...
Enjoyed seeing Vicki Lawrence and Mama in Ohio this afternoon!
Comedian Vicki Lawrence will be in Elkhart on Saturday. Reporter had the chance to catch up with her:
Vicki Lawrence to deliver the keynote address at the Women For Women Power of the Purse luncheon May 1st at GCC.
Reliving some Mama's Family memories on my break...then off to see afternoon show in Van Wert!
Vicki Lawrence & Mama are coming to Van Wert and I had the opp to speak with one of them. :) Check
Make today count! Lunch and the Vicki Lawrence matinee at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center of Northwest Ohio!
I prefer Vicki's show though. Its not everyday you get to meet Vicki Lawrence and Mama in one night!
sad Vicki Lawrence's show in Elkhart can't be apart of my Saturday plans. But Jurassic park in 3d sounds fun
I do wish I could go see Vicki Lawrence's show Saturday. She'll only be a few hours drive.
Vicki Lawrence and some white guy with jheri curls
Comedian Vicki Lawrence plays the Lerner Theatre in Elkhart this Saturday.
Brush w/ fame: Interviewed (by phone) Vicki Lawrence, Mama comedian and C Burnett Show alum, who'll be in Elkhart
A Lunch Outing with Friends at DeShia Direct is the perfect way to spend the afternoon before the Vicki Lawrence...
1900 Tickets and Counting, Vicki Lawrence is on her way to filling our House for 2 shows in 1 day! Tickets are...
Vicki Lawrence heads for Riviera Theater: ... Burnett Show, from 1967 to 1978, and as Thelma Harper/"Mama" tel...
Happy belated birthday big fan of you sweetie my birthday's the day after yours lol
I said re-run because I was born in '89, long after the show was cancelled. Anyone remember Mamas Family, with Vicki Lawrence&Carol Burnett?
Today in In 1949 Vicki Lawrence born. She is best known for her co-starring role on The Carol Burnett Show from 1967-1978.
Most of us are familiar with Vicki Lawrence's work as a regular on The Carol Burnett Show in the 70s and as the...
Vicki Lawrence on an infamous blooper on "The Carol Burnett Show" - EMMYTVLEGENDS - See the full interview...
In my mind, Betty White & Phylicia Rashad & Vicki Lawrence are my adopted grandmas.
Nursing rhyme Carol Burnett: the woman lives in a shoe Jim nabor: i heard she was never been married Carol Burnett: (baffled) then how she get all those children? Vicki Lawrence: you know mary ::wink:: Carol: by winking? Jim nabor: every chance she gets Vicki Lawrence: it a fact that woman T for trash Mary 'The Carol Burnett Show' Mary contrary skit
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Watched a DVD of Carol Burnett questions and answers last nite. One of the questions she was asked was if she had a drivers license cause someone saw her driving, in which Vicki Lawrence jumps up and in her Mamma House voice said " Carol is the only person that Mr Rogers ever gave the middle finger to while driving. LOL
Vicki Lawrence is coming to town ! Please let me know if I need to order your tickets. Sure to be a great show!!! Jc Crane I already purchased you front row tickets...
I must tell you, I finished my new book "Touch and Go" by Lisa Gardner. It was wonderful - maybe her best to date. Also, on Saturday I went to the Chandler Center for the Arts and saw a two woman show - Vicki Lawrence and Mama. If you don't know who Vicki is, she played on the Carol Burnett Show years ago, and played Mama. Was a great show, lots of laughs.
Some rockin shows coming to the Union County PAC in Rahway! Kenny Rogers, Englebert Humperdinck, SNL's Chris Kattan, Jon Lovitz and Tim Meadows. Already bought my tix for Vicki Lawrence's 2-woman show as Mama!
Vicki Lawrence admits she's too sweet to dish much sass during her stageshows. The Emmy Award winning performer leaves the sass to her sidekick.
the daughter of Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway
I'm cindy Williams.britt can be Vicki Lawrence now I just need my penny Marshall (:
Vicki Lawrence live on KFAT Tuesday. Hear great stories from the days or The Carol Burnett Show, Mam's Place and more!
DID YOU KNOW that on this day Real Name: Eddi Rue McClanahan Birthdate: February 21, 1935 Birthplace: Oklahoma Career Highlights: Played Vivian, Maude's neighbor and friend, on Maude ; Played Aunt Fran on Mama's Family ; Played Blanche Deveraux in 'The Golden Girls' (1985-1992) ; Played Blanche Deveraux in 'The Golden Palace' ; Won Emmy in 1987 for Best Actress in a Comedy Series ; Starred in Broadway's 'The Women' A veteran television actress and Broadway star of the 50s, Rue McClanahan was an actress noticed by television executive, Norman Lear. Lear cast her in a number of television shows, including "All in the Family" (1971) with Carroll O'Connor and "Maude" (1972) with Bea Arthur. McClanahan next co-starred with Vicki Lawrence, Ken Berry, Betty White and Carol Burnett in "Mama's Family" (1983) for three years, and, after it was canceled by NBC, McClanahan was probably best known for her role as the saucy, sharp southern belle, "Blanche Devereaux", in "The Golden Girls" (1985). She once again worked ...
I liked a video Carol Burnett gets back at Vicki Lawrence
I am all aglow after a 20-minute phone interview with actress Vicki Lawrence. That lady is a hoot! It was great hearing her memories about getting started in show biz on the Carol Burnett Show and filming Mama's Family with Burnett, Betty White and Rue McClanahan. She spoke so openly and warmly... Before we hung up, she had me laughing with a story of her husband pulling out a map this morning. He's driving her to Yuma for the show and had to double check exactly where in the heck we are...
Going to see Vicki Lawrence today! She was on the Carol Burnett Show. She's really cool.
Aged 17 Vicki Lawrence wrote Carol Burnett fan letter. It got her 11-year run on Carol Burnett Show.
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