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Vicente Padilla

Vicente de la Cruz Padilla (born September 27, 1977) is a Nicaraguan professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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The Dodgers version of Yu Darvish reminds me of Vicente Padilla.
My dad is so *** for busting out the Vicente Padilla jersey.
Fact check: Vicente Padilla is Nicaraguan, Jose Lima is Puerto Rican. Mason&Ireland Show is
Vicente Padilla probably WOULD have thrown at Marco Scutaro, but he was relieved after his third consecutive gopher ball.
Vicente Hall of Fame. 1) Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, for his brutal owns of Trump. 2) Vicente Padilla, MLB pitcher, for his eephus pitch
Schilling is absolutely insane. I'd rather vote for Travis Lee, Vicente Padilla, Omar Daal or Nelson Figueroa. And…
In a series in which Vicente Padilla and Randy Wolf started for LA.
This is where Vicente Padilla would come in handy.
The Italian making animations for ESPN and told the story of the donkey of Padilla https: // ...
think of the D Line as Chan *** Park, and the secondary as Vicente Padilla.
Last time the Mets hit 5 home runs off 1 pitcher was in 2005 vs Vicente Padilla of the Phillies
Jason Hammel became the first pitcher to allow 5 HR to the Mets in 11 years -- since Vicente Padilla in 2005.
to answer Brian Kennys question. Vicente Padilla threw at guys who bunted on him successfully.
Vicente Padilla and three guys who have never been in my kitchen
I could swear Vicente Padilla was pitching for the Yankees rn with all these hit batters...
cut Hamilton and sign Vicente Padilla. Have him hit until he's kicked out of the game.
man Vicente Padilla was supposed to be our savior
All about Vicente Padilla : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
I NEED a night with you 😳 In the mood of Vicente Fernandez , jenni rivera y unos coridos would do it !
I've attended near-no hitters from Vicente Padilla and Hiroki Kuroda, but never the real deal.
If Ruben Amaro is looking for pitching depth, he should know that Vicente Padilla is playing in Japan for Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.
Randy Wolf had Wolf Pack. Vicente Padilla had Padilla's Flotilla. Maybe Aaron Harang can have Harangutans?
So does Vicente Padilla still pitch for the Dodgers?
where Vicente Padilla when you need him?
Gallardo takes off mask and reveals he is actually Vicente Padilla
Remember in 2010 when the Dodgers ran out Vicente Padilla for opening day? Fun times.
Did you know that Vicente Padilla started as many Dodgers openers as Sandy Koufax?
I'm giving away: Vicente Padilla Rangers MLB. Check it out -
Yo Vicente Padilla, we miss you bubba!
Vicente Padilla and Sandy Koufax had the same number of opening day starts the for the Los Angeles Dodgers
BREAKING TRADE: Phillies Trade Cole Hamels to the Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Travis Lee, Vicente Padilla and Nelson Figueroa ...
that time Vicente Padilla tried throwing that stupid Bugs Bunny curve to Ike Davis and he hit it over the CF fence in LA
The should bring back Vicente Padilla...I miss the Padilla Flotilla!
rock my uncle Vicente Padilla big throwback lol
If you ever feel down about this team, remember that Vicente Padilla was once the opening day starter
"Bubble Machine was Vicente Padilla's nickname" that pitch doe
The may have banned the but they'll never touch Vicente Padilla's Soap Bubble Pitch!
If the Phils are trading Cole Hamels. It better not be a Curt Schilling for Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla and Nelson Figueroa deal.
I don't wish injury upon anyone (besides Vicente Padilla) but if Lawrie broke his hand, that could be good for the Yankees' playoff hopes
Harry in 21 days I'll see u in Vicente Calderón in Madrid, I can't wait x ily
bruh, if messico beats brazil tomorrow. we finna go crazy out here in LA with all the paisas and get drunk and cry…
Just beginning to wonder if he has been working out with Vicente Padilla.
Balfour has an edge to him. He's what we need if we have to run one up and in. Padilla
maybe bring back Vicente Padilla and Travis Lee?
Depressing wiki note about the Millwood era In 2006, he and Vicente Padilla won 15 games; a Rangers total not matched until 09
Latest news out of the Winter Meetings: Vicente Padilla & PeteAss will star in a new sitcom called "The Not-So-Odd Couple."
I'd rather have chad qualls, and Vicente Padilla as my number 4 and 5 starters than him pitching right now.
Omar Daal. Nelson Figueroa. Travis Lee. Vicente Padilla. My youth was comprised of these people on the Phillies.
The best two free agent pitchers to re-sign with the Bobby Witt (1997) and Vicente Padilla (2006).
Players Erasmo Ramirez looks up to: Dennis Martinez (yeah, okay, El Presidente owns) and.Vicente Padilla??
MLB dot TV is blurry as all *** tonight on Apple TV, so I have no choice but to assume Vicente Padilla is pitching for the Royals.
Guys is it bad that I wouldn't mind Vicente Padilla in the bullpen right now?
The Dbacks have only made 2 big trades at the trade deadline in our 15 Year history 2000- Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla for Curt Schilling 2008- Micah Owings and prospects for Adam Dunn What are the chances that the Dbacks bring in a big name this Deadline?
Just got reminded of the old trade that traded away Curt Schilling. Omar Daal, Travis Lee, Vicente Padilla, and Figueroa.
sis, pls dont do the daniel padilla voice. Weg nemen genyen. LMAO! ;)))
If you were wondering: Vicente Padilla allowed five and Gavin Floyd allowed two in that April 19, 2005, game against Mets in Philadelphia.
Even though i am probly gonna regret this, i am putting my autographed Vicente Padilla baseball up for sale. Or i might donate it to the HOF
“Someone give me the definition of a coward please” -- Vicente Padilla
“draft falling good for the Cowboys. Do you trust them not to screw it up?” Vicente Padilla
I saw Vicente Padilla walking to school today
Anyone care to explain why Aceves is still in Boston while Vicente Padilla is playing for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks?
Little Giant Ladders
John Lannan or Vicente Padilla hadn't entered the league yet
Meeting Vicente Padilla back in high school circa 2002
Alfredo Aceves is my new favorite player on the Red Sox. Someone has to replace Vicente Padilla.
Check that Vicente Padilla is my least favorite
he been working with Vicente Padilla? Hot *** lol
That curveball looked like it was from Vicente Padilla! Old soap bubble!
Dodgers should if never let go of Vicente Padilla , he closed well and his curve ball was super dirty
The last time Jimmy Rollins hit second (May 29, 2004), he hit between Doug Glanville and Bobby Abreu. Vicente Padilla started that day.
I know Vicente Padilla used to throw an eephus here or there and it showed up as such, but I didn't think Dickey would do it.
Padilla signs $3.25M deal with Japanese team: Free-agent pitcher Vicente Padilla has signed with The Softbank Ha...
Boston's Padilla signs deal to play in Japan: Veteran Boston Red Sox pitcher Vicente Padilla has signed a one-ye...
RHP Vicente Padilla signs with team in Japan
RHP Vicente Padilla signs with team in Japan (The Associated Press): FUKUOKA, Japan (AP) -- Free-agent...
I still get Vicente Padilla confused with Vicente Palacios sometimes, and think, "man, that guy had a long career"
and the phillies with Vicente Padilla, mike lieberthal, Kenny lofton, Ricky ledee, Brandon duckworth, Randy Wolf, and Doug glanville
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I grew up with omar vizquel , darren o'day , taylor teagarden and vicente padilla .
What player was involved in trades for both Mike Boddicker and Vicente Padilla?
can u imagine if Vicente Padilla pitched in Florida?
He's so hot he'd probably hit an Eephus pitch. Someone call Vicente Padilla.
Has he arm wrestled Vicente Padilla and/or Alfredo Aceves yet?
Set up for Vicente Fernandez press conference in La Villita (Chicago).
I suggest lowering the expectations of our rabid fan base like Vicente Padilla
Id give up Bard, Andrew Miller & Vicente Padilla in a heartbeat to get John Farrell back from to manage the
Everytime I hear Raul Ibanez, I think of that old school ESPN fantasy baseball commercial with Raul and Vicente Padilla
Vicente Padilla is going to throw a baseball at Mark Texeira's face in the middle of an at-bat.
Bet that guy in the fantasy commercial is regretting going with Vicente Padilla over Raul.
You know what Vicente Padilla dresses up as on Halloween? Vicente Padilla.
All i want for X-Mas is for the to Re-Sign Vicente Padilla so he can throw at stupid
New post: Vicente Padilla Getting Accustomed to Relieving, But Hoping for Shot at Starting Via Free Agency
Get it done, Tex. Pretend it's Vicente Padilla out there.
Phil Coke allowed a .388 average on balls in play, by far the highest among MLB relievers. Vicente Padilla second at .366.
I just remembered I seen Vicente Padilla with my blurry vision at the club lol
I support this. Otherwise Vicente Padilla's page will forever be a giant yellow blob
Vicente Padilla has all your slow curveballs.
Everytime I dress up as a RedSox player for halloween they get traded that season. I think I'm going to be Vicente Padilla this year
should name Vicente Padilla player/manager. Fear of violence would lead to 130 wins.
A swinging-strike would be preferable! // Nick Swisher just went opposite field single on a 55 mph Vicente Padilla eephus
My one last dream for the Red Sox season: Vicente Padilla throws at Mark Teixeira's head. Brawl Ensues.
Well then, a very special happy birthday man! And Agreed. Hopefully they get destroyed and Vicente Padilla is brutally shellacked
I refuse to believe that Vicente Padilla hasn't been involved in at least one snuff film.
Vicente Padilla and Jim Thome, teammates briefly on '09 Dodgers.
Bartolo Colon and Vicente Padilla have the same strength and conditioning coach.
Someone help me figure out which movie vicente padilla starred in as a henchman. It's on the tip of my tongue
Is it me, or has nobody seen Vicente Padilla smile? Or have those who have seen it, not lived to tell the tale?
Does vicente padilla just bathe in grease?
Is Vicente Padilla the ugliest man in baseball? Yes or yes?
they're just following Vicente Padilla's orders
yea zman and cubby fan will turn him into sim Vicente Padilla
Oh, & Vicente Padilla, Romero, Lidge. I had to lol.
Vicente Padilla's book: Learn to speak English in 13 short..well never
happy birthday to Vicente Padilla from Nicaraguaa! HBD to Pedro too.
It's Vicente Padilla's birthday today. What do you think he got? What would you get him?
Today is RP Vicente Padilla's birthday. What will get him as a present?
Help us wish Happy Birthday to Vicente Padilla & Pedro Ciriaco!
I have no idea who this Vicente Padilla looking guy is...but he sure ***
Thanks for ruining Daisuke Matsuzaka's possible win! Vicente Padilla, Why do people still employ you? You FLAT OUT SUCK.
Vicente Padilla LOLness is over. Time for more of these clowns to pitch all leading to their queen Alfredo Aceves...
Vicente Padilla is the definition of skeevy
Vicente Padilla is warming up in bullpen - decent chance of 8th inning eephus!
Vicente Padilla just flipped me off after I asked him for some Swedish berries. Life is a success
Vicente Padilla has not allowed an inherited runner to score since 7/6.
What does Vicente Padilla do with his life when he stops playing baseball??
Wouldn’t be surprised if Vicente Padilla and Alfredo Aceves r cast for the villian role in the Expendable 3. Bad ***
hi Jon I really need that cooler when Vicente Padilla and Jason Kidd come over.
I'm about to take Padilla money in dominos right now lol me and my brother vs and vicente Padilla lol
Vicente Padilla has at least 10 kids. Guess how many moms of 'em?
I hate Vicente Padilla. Take this pudgy toad yard.
Think Vicente Padilla is gonna throw at Tex in the Yankees dugout?
vicente padilla is the ugliest woman I've ever seen.
Vicente Padilla is one of my favorite players of all time. One of a kind.
How is Vicente Padilla still hitting 96mph?
I liked Vicente Padilla better when he was in Blood In Blood Out
Vicente Padilla just looks like he smells terrible.
Dad sounding off on Vicente Padilla right now. Brilliant.
The only thing Vicente Padilla is good for is an eephus pitch. By the way, Joe Girardi just totally slipped off the ledge in the dugout.
I hope Vicente Padilla gets hit in the face with a line drive.
Vicente Padilla looks like a terrorist
Vicente Padilla in the game. Either to pitch to Nix or to rip out the still-beating heart of Alfonso Marquez
“Vicente Padilla is in the game. Hope he doesn't throw at Teixeira in the dugout.” wouldn't mind if he did
Vicente Padilla should throw at Mark Teixeira in the dugout. Just for the *** of it.
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Ok... I can deal with the Red Sox being 60-66. If they we 30-96 that would be very disappointing but fine. But the "cleansing" trade today is really disgusting. The management should be ashamed for throwing in the towel on the fans and the season. The worst team management in Red Sox history. But when only four current players — David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Vicente Padilla — show up for the funeral last Monday of Johnny Pesky, I don't think I can support what this team has become. I may go see a Yankees game, and I never thought I'd say those words...
Only four Boston Red Sox players on the current roster attended legendary Sox player and coach Johnny Pesky's funeral on Monday. Those four were David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Vicente Padilla, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Even more appalling is that the Sox front office chartered buses for players (as well as front office staff) to attend the funeral, and the team had a day off on Monday...and yet, only those four players made the trip. However, former players such as Nomar Garciaparra (who was apparently extremely emotional during the ceremony) made the trip for the legend's farewell. I can understand that a lot of the members of the Red Sox are new to the club, but when only Ortiz and Buchholz show up among your big names...that's a problem. No Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Jon's an embarrassment to the franchise. In contrast, nearly the entire team was at Beckett's Beckett Bowl event that night. If you want proof that...
Vicente Padilla even showed up at the funeral.. I bet he didn't even know Pesky
David Ortiz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Clay Buchholz and Vicente Padilla were the only four S
Someone tell me why this isn't Vicente Padilla's theme coming out of the bullpen
Only 4 Sox players showed up for the late legend Johnny Pesky's funeral. Ortiz, Buchholz, Salty, and Vicente Padilla. And manager Bobby Valentine as well as hundreds of other Red Sox employees. Ortiz had a bond with Pesky so naturally he would show up. But shockingly Pedroia decided not to show. His wife is 9 months pregnant and is resting. You just came home from an 11 day road trip. What is a couple hours more? That guy is usually classy and does all the right things. Not this time though. Gonzalez did not show as he had a charity event which he funded to provide school supplies for underprivileged kids. Valid reason. Could he have re-scheduled? I'm sure everyone would have understood. No one else decided to show up. Valentine said it's disrespectful to Pesky and his family. And he's right. Is it really too much to ask to show up at a guy's funeral who genuinely cared for each individual in the clubhouse and simply wanted to be part of the team even at 92 years old? Pesky showed more heart than every on ...
Vicente Padilla used to be a closer for the Dodgers, just saying...
Vicente padilla is my favorite red sock right now, he throws at peoples heads but still does the right thing and goes to peskys funeral
Vicente Padilla is definitely juiced ... But then again so is about 70% of baseball
Vicente Padilla. Here he is pitching in the Major Leagues when just a few years ago he was dish washing at Texas Roadhouse. Great story.
Vicente Padilla just threw a 49 mph curveball?!? 0__o
Vicente Padilla just threw a 49mph pitch. Color me impressed.
Vicente Padilla just lobbed a 49 MPH gasball to Kendry Morales
Vicente Padilla just threw a 49 mph pitch
Still can't decide whether Vicente Padilla is Uggie Urbina scary or Izzy Alcantara scary.
Imagine being the MLB drug testing guy assigned to Vicente Padilla. More dangerous than being a Navy Seal
Wait, Vicente Padilla? I thought he played for the A's and was suspended for 50 games.
reliever Vicente Padilla strikes out Howie Kendrick swinging with bases loaded to end T7. 9-9 game.
I am now officially ashamed to be a Red Sox fan. I never thought I would say I have more respect for Vicente Padilla than most of the team. At least he showed up for Pesky's funeral. Shameful.
don't look now, but Vicente Padilla is the only thing standing in front of the retaking the lead
Vicente Padilla must be in the top 10 list of most intimidating pitchers. Dude is scary.
Vicente Padilla is the greatest living pitcher at looking like he's thrown a million pitches before he even throws his first.
Vicente padilla's warm up song couldn't be more stereotypical if he tried
Would not have put Vicente Padilla in the One of Four Red Sox Players to Attend Pesky's Funeral Pool in a million years.
Vicente Padilla looks like the parking attendant who goes through your glovebox.
*** why is Vicente Padilla still playing baseball...?
and all the way in Boston, Vicente Padilla is laughing.
Darvish has had similar splits in his velocity. Vicente Padilla was the most extreme. 94-55
Thanks to Bobby Valentine, Clay Bucholz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Vicente Padilla, and David Ortiz for attending Pesky's funeral. The rest of you can suck it.
Nice to see that Vicente Padilla is the featured article on Wikipedia today.
David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Vicente Padilla,& Jarrod Saltalamacchia..Thank you for giving Pesky his due respect by showing up at his funeral
O Captain! My Captain!: Put the 'C' on Vicente Padilla and be done with it already. Pesky funeral...
Dream scenario at one point was a rotation led by Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla and Bud Smith. Oh lord.
Shout out to Vicente Padilla for continuing to baffle me on my analysis of his nature
Dear Red Sox, With the exception of David Ortiz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Vicente Padilla, and Clay Buchholz- all of you can officially suck it- you incredible bunch of frauds. I honestly thought that there was no way that this team- NAY!- this FRANCHISE could be any more despicable and less likeable. After this absolute abortion of the last 12 months- the embarrassing Crash of September 2011, the shameless running Francona out of town and turning my beloved Red Sox into the freaking Kardashians, nobody except Ortiz, Salty, Padilla and Buchholz have the decency to even show up to Johnny Pesky's funeral. A man who lived and died for the Red Sox for 61 years as a player, manager, broadcaster and anything else that he could do to keep putting on the uniform and going to Fenway Park every day- who wept harder from joy than anybody in 2004 and who from all accounts has never been described as anything less than a truly great man who has somehow impacted EVERYONE who ever wore a B on their hat, from David Ortiz t ...
Get rid of the entire Red Sox roster except for the four players who actually showed up for Johnny Pesky's funeral, which was at 1 PM on an off-day. Saltalamacchia, Bucholz, Yes, even Vicente Padilla recognized the brevity of Pesky's legacy.
And when Vicente Padilla, who probably never knew Pesky shows up and the rest of them don't its even worse.
Out of the whole Red Sox team 4 players attended the funeral of Johnny Pesky; David Ortiz, Clay Buckholtzs, Vicente Padilla, and Salty, the rest of the team couldn't be bothered, so not only are they a lousy ball club but there also a bunch of grade A *** done routing for these over paid *** hats
Im not shocked most of blew off Johnny Pesky's funeral but AM shocked Vicente Padilla was one of four who went
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dude what about mr sweaty Vicente Padilla showing up...last guy I would ever expect.
I mean, gimme a break, Vicente Friggin' Padilla went to the funeral! Pedroia, Lester, Ellsbury couldn't go?
no, Big Floppy, Vicente Padilla, Salty, and Buckholtz went, Vicente Padilla prob just went for the free food
There's more drama surrounding the Sox, and it only gets more despicable. Just four players showed up for Johnny Pesky's funeral . . . including Vicente Padilla.
I'm thoroughly shocked that Vicente Padilla was one of the 4 players at Pesky's service though.
but at least I don't have to feel bad about being a fan of Vicente Padilla
Salty, Ortiz, Buchholz, and Vicente Padilla were the only Red Sox players that attended Johnny Pesky's funeral...
Starting a movement to put the 'C' on the uniform of Vicente Padilla.
Vicente Padilla goes to Pesky's funeral but not Pedroia, the de facto "captain"? This team is pathetic.
Players skip out on Johnny Pesky's funeral. David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, and Vicente Padilla were in...
If you had Vicente Padilla in the "Which Red Sox attended Johnny Pesky's funeral?" pool, you won!
Vicente Padilla just threw an Eephus pitch ... a 53-mph curve ball that Alberto Callaspo took for a strike. Fenway crowd loved it.
Is it me, or does Vicente Padilla look a little like Gene Simmons of KISS?
place OF Carl Crawford on 15-day DL, optioned 3B Danny Valencia to AAA, activated OF Daniel Nava & RHP Vicente Padilla from the DL.
Vicente Padilla is back after a 15-day stint on the disabled list, and it's Danny Valencia who gets the boot to Pawtucket to make room.
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All fans have to look forward to this season is Vicente Padilla goin on a Nick Swisher.
Leadoff single by Raul Ibanez vs. Vicente Padilla brings tying run to plate. Mark Teixeira, who has fqohF4
If we were to compile a "hot and not"-style list for the 2012 baseball season, I suspect that eephus pitches would rank firmly in the former camp. Vicente Padilla has thrown it several times this season while Zack Greinke and … Continue reading →
Vicente Padilla hadn't allowed a run in 18 of 19 outings. Now he's given up six in his last three innings:
Had a mini heart attack at the sox game. thank you vicente padilla.
Can we cut Vicente Padilla now? Or are we saving him for the stretch run?
The highlight of this season for me has been Vicente Padilla foolin' hitters with the 56 MPH eephus pitch
Bad play from vicente padilla looked under a lot of pressure when was up by 4
On Yawkey Way waiting for postgame on Looking out for fans fleeing wrath of Vicente Padilla.
Vicente Padilla is about to blow another Red Sox lead
fans booing Vicente Padilla have no respect for their own lives.
Lol Vicente Padilla just gave up a couple of bombs to turn a 6-1 laugher into a 6-4 game (no outs) in 9th for the Red Sux
Vicente Padilla gives me hope there's still a chance of me being a pitcher in the MLB
Red Sox with 6-1 lead entering 9th, Vicente Padilla promptly serves up Josh Willingham's 28th HR and now Ryan Doumit's 11 to make it 6-4
Vicente Padilla needs hop on the next boat back to Mexico
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Vicente Padilla gives up 2 HRs to the Twins in the 9th and it gets interesting. Sox lead 6-4 w/ no outs.
I dont think it could get any worse for the Red Sox Vicente padilla officially
Uh-oh. Josh Willingham hits lead-off solo homer to straightaway center off Vicente Padilla, trimming Sox lead to 6-2.
Vicente Padilla in, Josh Willingham hits it out. Can we please just trade our whole bullpen and start fresh now?
Rough week or so for Vicente Padilla. Just gave up a moon shot to CF.
Nothing beats bringing in the greaseball vicente Padilla to close it out
Mark Teixeira always hustles, unless he is worried about a homer off Vicente Padilla hooking foul.
Not the Olympics but getting ready for Coldplay. Vicente Padilla and my beautiful wife Lauren.
Vicente Padilla pictured on holding what looks like a scythe. How fitting.
I think I'd rather see Vicente Padilla box Julian Tavarez than Pacquiao-Bradley II.
Instead of the old bullpen cars, the should have a sketchy looking white panel van drive Vicente Padilla to the mound.
I think I'd rather watch John Lackey and Vicente Padilla square off in a farting contest than watch that Sox-Twins game again
Vicente Padilla tested positive for SWINE FLU in 2009! This makes perfect sense.
Vicente Padilla is a 57 year old man.
"Damnit Napoleon, go make yourself a Vicente Padilla!"
Vicente Padilla might be the only man on Earth sweating more than me right now.
Vicente Padilla, Adrian Gonzalez. is it still the Boston Red Sox? or is the Mexico City Illegals? come on now..
Vicente Padilla looks like a bad, bad man.
Vicente Padilla belongs on a cigarette pack
I'd still like to know how Vicente Padilla has that many baby mommas. Dude is so ugly. Not even $$$ could get me in bed with him!
why bring in Vicente Padilla i was really loving that time when he didn't pitch
Vicente Padilla has a secret vat of human sweat that he showers in just prior to coming into the game
Vicente Padilla coming in to the theme from Hawaii Five-0. I have to assume he once killed a man with a surfboard.
Hipico in Acoyapa with Barry Oliver of Century 21 Gold Coast Realty Nicaragua, Roberto Clemente, Jr. (RJ), Vicente Padilla and his horses from Rancho VCP. Ac...
Vicente Padilla may have just thrown the slowest curveball ever. A whopping 55 mph.
7/28/12: Mark Teixeira scorches a two-run home run deep into the right-field seats off Vicente Padilla to deadlock the score in the eighth
Vicente Padilla is the Antonio Cromartie of baseball. He has at least 10 kids he knows about.
God. Our bullpen friggen *** Nothing intimidating about having to face Vicente Padilla and/or Alfredo Aceves in late innings.
Red Sox Vicente Padilla looks like chief from coo coos nest lmao
Loved how hit the game tying HR in the 8th of pitcher Vicente Padilla à la Reggie Jackson. 2 bad my lost 😔
Boston Red Sox reliever Vicente Padilla accused the New York Yankees' Mark Teixeira of prejudice against Latin players and also told the first baseman to go play a women's sport.
Mark Teixeira-1, Vicente Padilla-0. Mark Teixeira just tied the game!
Mark Texiera will not enjoy his next encounter with Vicente Padilla.
Shout out to The Old School Brotha Ron Washington and Derek Holland...for standing up for there Brother Adrian Beltre last night and Hitting Adrian Gonzales in the *** After JackWagon Vicente Padilla hitting Beltre on Tuesday Night... POW !! POW !!!
Game over: His jersey top completely soaked in sweat and water, Alfredo Aceves retired the Rangers in the 9th getting two quick outs, then walking Mike Napoli before Craig Gentry popped out in foul territory to record his 21st save. Vicente Padilla was the winning pitcher in relief of Clay Buchholz who pitched seven strong innings. The game was played in 3:21 before 41,237 at The Ballpark.. Top 9th: Red Sox 2, Rangers 1 A two-out walk by Daniel Nava was key in the Sox go-ahead rally. Nava had come into replace Carl Crawford defensively in the 7th and drew the walk. Jarrod Saltalamacchia also walked against Texas closer Joe Nathan before Mike Aviles hit an excuse-me single over the leaping Mike Aviles to score Nava with the go ahead run. Bottom 8th: Red Sox 1, Rangers 1 Interesting inning for Vicente Padilla. He eventually got out of a first and third jam, but he hit Adrian Beltre in the head with a pitch. Beltre came off under his own power but had to leave the game. Padilla was kicked off the Rangers whe ...
Vicente Padilla can suck it. Martin Perez IS a top prospect. Hamilton has to bust out of whatever this is.
Vicente Padilla is known to be a head-hunter, but this one truly appeared to be an accident. With two outs in the eighth inning tonight, Padilla drilled Adrian Beltre in the back of the helmet with a 92-mph fastball, sending Beltre to the ground in a heap. Beltre got up after a minute and wanted…
Adrian Beltre suffers scary moment, hit in helmet by Vicente Padilla
Padilla was decent for a while thoughThe warm fuzzy feeling upon the return of Vicente Padilla to Rangers Ballpark
Vicente Padilla just threw an eephus! Vicente Padilla just threw an eephus!
I would pay to see someone charge the mound while vicente padilla is pitching
And a lesson on the art of chin music by Professor Vicente Padilla.
No boys. Need the news that have acquired Vicente Padilla to pitch the bottom 8th and then I'm excited.
We should start a petition to get Vicente Padilla thrown outta the BoSox bullpen. That guy has to go
Vicente padilla looks like a drug dealer that owns his own pizza place
lmao sorry I can't have Vicente Padilla's driver pick me up for a day in the city.
Good thing the Braves don't have Vicente Padilla or he might be getting a broken face.
The guy who threw out the first pitch at today's game was either U.S. Open champ Webb Simpson or Vicente Padilla.
Could I interest you in a Matt Albers, or possibly a Vicente Padilla?
Vicente Padilla would kick all their butts, lol
Vicente Padilla: Mark Teixeira should play 'a women's - As if the...
Pending B test results, Penske to ship Allmendinger to Roush Fenway for Vicente Padilla, ship Padilla to Cubs for driver to be named later.
Why don't the Red Sox start Vicente Padilla
why does Vicente Padilla always look like he put his head under a sink before he even warns up
I didn't know Vicente Padilla was still playing baseball
Vicente Padilla is a scary lookin dude
I'm pretty sure vicente Padilla was in apocolypto
What is Vicente Padilla withdrawing from? Good lord he's got an ugly mug
Vicente Padilla is just so gross...I hate looking at him
Congratulations to Vicente Padilla for going an entire inning without throwing at somebody.
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Vicente Padilla sweats more than any person I've ever seen.
who looks more likely to be a drug lord after they retire? Rafael Furcal or Vicente Padilla?
Vicente Padilla looks like one of those crazy uncles that's liable to ask you for a bump at a family party 👃.
Vicente Padilla wears 44 cause that's how many victims he has.
Vicente Padilla, leading the AL in looking WAY older than he actually is.
I'll never see Vicente Padilla and not immediately think of Hawk's "What in the WORLD are you doin, PADILLA!?"
I still violently dislike Vicente Padilla. But three quick outs, please.
Vicente Padilla needs to be put in this game so I can be even happier!
Vicente Padilla is warming for Boston. Too bad AJ isn't due up for a while.
They need nick punto too"Phillies should trade Rollins for Vicente Padilla."
“Phillies should trade Rollins for Vicente Padilla.” and a bucket to collect his sweat?
... I just found out that Vicente Padilla was someone's nemesis! Awesome work ... my need weekly highlights
Vicente Padilla up in the bullpen. Either to warm up or glare menacingly at the Rays
What if he was pitching against Vicente Padilla?
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