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Vicente Fox

Vicente Fox Quesada (born July 2, 1942) is a Mexican former politician who served as President of Mexico from 1 December 2000 to 30 November 2006 and currently serves as co-President of the Centrist Democrat International, an international organization of Christian democratic political parties.

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox drops f-bomb about Trump's wall, again
yo quit celebrating Vicente Fox just cause he doesn't like Trump, Vicente is not good either
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox uses the F-word live on CNN. Alisyn Camerota's reaction is everything. 😂.
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: "We'll never pay for that f---ing wall"
Vicente Fox :. once again I tell you: we're not paying for the Don't try use us for…
Explain to a time traveler from 2001 that Donald Trump is president and Vicente Fox is swearing on live TV
Since everyone is loving themselves Vicente Fox today, another reminder of how amazing he is at trolling Donald Trump. https…
Oh, you know, just former Mexican President Vicente Fox dropping the F-bomb live on CNN. Alisyn Camerota's reaction was pric…
Vicente Fox mocks Trump over vacation: 'If you're not happy with your job, just leave'
Vicente Fox trolls Trump: Your White House is like a "really bad reality TV show with low ratings" htt…
Vicente Fox mocks Trump for vacation: "If you're not happy with your job, just leave"
Vicente Fox drops F-bomb on live TV while tearing into Trump
"Vicente Fox" anyone that is against the wall is inherently for human trafficking
Vicente Fox to Trump: Before you lead us to nuclear war use these tips I found “in a book about toddlers”
Vicente Fox is a fool! He is quick to criticize, but did nothing as Pres. of Mexico. Total f…
Vicente Fox snatched Donald Trump’s soul on the internet yesterday and none of you told me.
A pleasure to have been spoken about Mexico and US relations at
If Vicente Fox knows how to create jobs why didn't he, in Mexico? He's a corrupt Mexican…
I don't really like profanity on social media but when it's Vicente Fox talking to Trump I don't mind😜
I told my dad Vicente Fox came to Berkeley and he was like "ese pinche viejo no sirve pa nada como Peña Nieto" 😂😂😂 my dad knows they trash
I wonder why Vicente Fox doesn't troll like he trolls . Is it fear of or is…
Donald saw on Fox News that he said Mexico would pay. Fox News wouldn't lie (unlike FAKE…
Yeah, I follow Vicente Fox. There is NO chance Mexico pays for this wall and I wouldn't if I were them either. Grow up.
Meheeco began paying for the wall not long after Vicente Fox said (raised middle finger) FU we are not pay…
No one can put it more succinctly than Vicente Fox Quesada! USA TO PAY FOR LEGACY WALL, useless, tech *** stu…
Im just S "Former Mexican President Vicente Fox reminds Trump that Mexicans won't be paying the wall:
And to think that Vicente Fox and President Trump have a lot in common, President Trump i…
Sometimes it seems like Vicente Fox is my subconscious.
Vicente Fox torches Trump: Behave like a president
Trump - our national embarrassment gets a healthy reality check from Vicente Fox, the Former President of Mexico...
Looks like former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, was right when he said this on behalf of Mexicans...
i win Vicente Fox doing an impression of Ethel Merman! oh please...
I have to stop reading comments on Vicente Fox threads. I usually do for laughs but this time 😡
Ever wonder why Vicente Fox is quoted so often when he's not the president? Need more proof that cesspool of a country is on take w/swampers
Vicente Fox, Mexico's Former President, and others comment in the Advisor on the state of Mexico-US relations...
no, it is very possible. but the media is purposefully distorting it. Including Vicente fox.
presidente Vicente fox you are the last one to talk...fix your country's cycle of corruption. that has Mexico under misery for 70 yrs
I was taking about Vicente Fox but what I do is I like at different news sources regarding a topic.
Trump’s border wall is a distraction, another act in the long play of immigration enforcement theater.
ask Vicente Fox what he thinks about lowering the pension to ex presidents?
And here's the mashup of Vicente Fox singing 'Phenomenon'
EXCEPT on this date in 2001, George W had met with Vicente Fox, president of Mexico and had "a goo…
Breaking out Vicente Fox again?! Holy cow CNN. U guys r really scrping the bottom of the barrel. R u evn trying 4 credibility ne more?
Vicente Fox is a corrupt gangster and human trafficker.
The interview with Mr. Diego Luna is fine, but it is not a good idea to do it to Mr. Vicente Fox because has retrograde ideas
Loved the CNN interview with Vicente Fox and Chris Cuomo, Now that's a President that makes Sense!
shut up Vicente !! You left a mess !! Fundación Fox was a disaster, Martha's sons, your inexplicable wealth
To Vicente Fox just flush him. The engine works but nobody on the Wheel.
The Air Force will send F16's provide support, right after they rescue Doug Masters and Chappy who are being held by Vicente Fox
I'm 100% for closed borders but I remember Vicente Fox' flyers detailing how to enter US; US corps. ignoring laws;…
Vicente Fox is a crook and a hack. And CNN is - VERY FAKE NEWS
When you have such important folks like Vicente Fox calling on all Americans to depose Trump you know it's serious😂
It was a good interview but from got Vicente Fox on that show a couple of weeks ago.
Vicente Fox 2020 (or right after all the impeachments. Whatevs)
u must to say to vicente fox. "Comes y te vas". Like he say in 02 to Fidel Castro. He sn't the more indicated for this interview
Just spent time reading Vicente Fox bio... What is his deal? We get it that you hate Trump. you ar…
"President Fox, any words on Trump?". Vicente: You're wack, you're twisted, your girls a *** you broke, the kid aint yours and everybody know
"I hope American people will wake up" Ex Mexico President Vicente Fox - ...
People are calling Vicente Fox Quesada a greater leader than Trump. This dude allowed the cartel to become boss...
Yes, Vicente Fox has scandals, exploitation of labor including child labor to prove it.
Vicente Fox has Trump figured out. Trump is a very bad actor that needs constant attention and acceptance.
From Chuck Schumer to Vicente Fox, foes of Pres. Trump's immigration order welcome its suspension
Momento bastante wow escuchar al ex presidente mexicano Vicente Fox decirle a Anderson Cooper "we will not pay for tha…
Why is freaking out over voting investigation and the Wall. please get guilty Media also Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox (Former Mexican President too) slammed Trump for the same. Saying Mexico will NEVER pay for that stupid wall.
Reminder that charismatic ex Mexican president Vicente Fox was always a shady character
I really like Vicente Fox, even if he is no longer Mexican President. He tells it like it is! And good for him!
if you'd rather have Vicente Fox influence your president than V Putin
Vicente Hall of Fame. 1) Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, for his brutal owns of Trump. 2) Vicente Padilla, MLB pitcher, for his eephus pitch
Gary Johnson/How abt President Hollande, Anwar Sadat, yes re Vicente Fox and probably current Mexican president r great. Kennedy. Come on.
"[We're] not going to pay for that f**king wall.". Vicente Fox had some advice for Nieto on how to handle Trump:
CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Remember what Vicente Fox's real priorities are--pot legalization in Mexico & U.S.
EXCLUSIVE: Vicente Fox stresses Mexico still won't pay for that 'f**king... by via
I wish Vicente Fox stormed this and said "I'm not paying for this f-ing wall."
Vicente Fox the Former President of Mexico says again that Mexico doesn't not like nor do they want him to visit.Trump, p…
You help him Vicente Fox by sending all your guy's to spy on me, cartels, reporters, political contributions to PAN here.
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Let's raise our voices against this dictator, Donald Trump | Vicente Fox, in April 2016
Mexico's Former President slams the expected meeting between Donald Trump and the country's current president
FmrMexPres-Vicente Fox: "Trump not welcome to Mexico, We don't like him, We don't want him, We reject his message.".
Vicente Fox is owned by the cartels. They probably have him making meth in his bathtub.
Former Mexico President Vicente Fox: 'Trump is not welcome here'
Former Mexico President Vicente Fox unloads on Donald Trump: ‘He is not welcome in Mexico’
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox tells he apologizes for Trump invitation:
Vicente Fox is not the president of Mexico now!
Mexican ex-president Vicente Fox is outraged at Donald Trump's trip to his country:
Vicente Fox, ex-president of Mexico, scoffs at Donald Trump's visit
Vicente Fox: 'I really apologize' for Trump's Mexico visit - POLITICO
“He is not welcome to Mexico ... We don’t like him," Vicente Fox says of planned Trump visit
"President Pena is taking an enormous political risk," Vicente Fox says, noting if Pena is perceived as soft on Trump he'…
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: Donald Trump "is going to be rejected by everybody here in Mexico."
I think Vicente Fox would put them hands on Donnie if he could...
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Former President Vicente Fox, who is railing against my visit to Mexico today, also invited me when he apologized for…
Prohibition didn't work in the Garden of Eden. . Adam ate the Apple. . - Vicente Fox . When will Indian states learn.
Vicente Fox opens Day 2 of at New World Symphony Center here in Miami.
- Vicente Fox's immigration gibberish; who are the real native Mexicans?
With video. Vicente Fox warns of war with Mexico if Trump wins in November. Is he nuts?
Vicente Fox to pickpocket who insulted drunk Felipe Calderon said you were crazy and President Enrique Peña Nieto
Now they say George Clooney and Vicente Fox .. ?. ah .. ! Clooney birthday..
We should start a game: Vicente Fox or fictional paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant?
We know about dictators in Latin America, Mexicos Former President, Vicente Fox, tells NPR
Former President Vicente Fox has a message for (Vine by
former Mexican president Vicente Fox is not a fan of Trump's wall (Vine by
Ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox in intv with me, says "absolutely" a racist + supporter of "s…
washdcnews: Vicente Fox says it again -- this time on live TV: 'I'm not going to pay for that f***ing wall'
"We're doing it LIVE" - Ex PREZ of MEXICO, Vicente Fox, drops F*Bomb on Maria Bartiromo morning show
Vicente Fox: Donald Trump should drop out of the race - POLITICO Why are outsiders all in our biz!!
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He cursed on tv yesterday & he did it agn on live tv this am. needs to build the wall & keep Vicente Fox on the other side
Vicente Fox Blames mexican drug traffic on Americans for buying them. Build that wall and fast
you are so intent with taking down that you are taking down.awful Vicente Fox interview...
Vicente Fox just repeated the "F" word on Maria Bartiromo's live morning show. What is this guy's problem? will pay
Wow, great interview with Mexican President Vicente Fox. Thanks for a look from the other side
It looks like the negative demographics of who needs to be kept on the other side of Trump's proposed wall's been proven by Vicente Fox
Funniest out of Trump was criticizing Mexico Vicente Fox for saying a foul word on national TV, the same word Trump said at …
Omg! What was that all about. Vicente Fox w/the f word again. Mexico is scared
. had to apologize for Frmr Mexico Pres Vicente Fox for using profanity on live tv. Why would you expect otherwise frm him
.How many times does Vicente Fox have to say "fufor to build us a wall to Mars?
Vicente Fox just dropped the F bomb on Maria Bartiromo. Good Morning, Everybody!
Mexican Pres Vicente Fox Is Anti-America Politician Like Our US Prez Obama..Fox's name for his failed leadership was "Revolution of Hope"!
mr Trump you use profanity, why are you asking the ex president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to apologize??
Vicente Fox, hyper - corrupt Pol from a hyper - corrupt country with rigged elections, feels butt hurt by an American. Boo hoo
Fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox: I will invite to withdraw from the race.
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Vicente Fox &MEXICAN LEADERS R problem they partner with drug cartel & refuse 2 control flow drugs into USA or 2control ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
Vicente Fox on FOX just repeated "I'm not going to pay for that F'n WALL"while talking to .
Vicente Fox should end corruption and drugs in Mexico & make it a better place for Mexicans to live instead of pawning them off
This reminds me of when King Juan Carlos told Hugo Chavez "Porque no te callas!".
Vicente Fox reacts to "Only those who feel fear build walls."
Vicente Fox just used F word again with Maria, great stuff!
Ex-prez says Mexico won't pay for Trump's wall. Heck no need to ship shipments . (Sent from
Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico, makes some good points here.
Vicente Fox isn't going to like that!!
If Donald Trump isn't right, why is Vicente Fox so upset?
Former Mexican president Vicente Fox in f-word outburst over Donald Trump's wall
Don't miss fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox with at 8:30a ET on
Vicente Fox on FOX doing the bashing thing. asking Y drugs come in from Mex,he states "US…
The fact that Vicente Fox is so against this wall being built is a good enough reason to build it.
FMR PRES of Mexico, Vicente Fox horribly used the F word when discussing the wall. He must apologize! If I did that th…
Former Mexican president Vicente Fox on Trump: "I will never apologize... he’s the one who should apologize.”
Fmr. Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox: I'm not going to apologize for all these stupid things we've been hearing from
Vicente Fox: doesn't know about history. He doesn't recognize what NAFTA is all about.
Trump called a p***y but thinks Vicente Fox dropping an F-bomb is disgusting.ugh
Vicente Fox is 6'5 Irish-Spanish Former President of Mexico. If he can be a Diversity Hire - so can you!
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"There is a crucial point, which is that governments cannot impose behaviors on human beings" -- former Mexican prez Vicente Fox
other expresidents in the payroll of mogul David Rockefeller: Ruth Dreyfuss (Switzerland) Cesar Gaviria (Colombia) Vicente Fox (Mexico)
TRUMP IS RIGHT: "Mexican immigrants accused Mexican President Vicente Fox of actions that forced them to emigrate and find jobs in the U.S."
For crying out loud, the Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, had a grandfather named Joseph Louis Fuchs.
*** !! Recreational purposes only?non- profit? BS, a corrupt country in every sense of the word,Vicente Fox estara muy feliz
Vicente Fox, who in 2000 became the country’s first democratically elected president, had earlier been president...
2 of our original with Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Q&E Awards
Former Mexican Pres Vicente Fox says crime in MX is down 30% from last yr at Q&E Entrepreneur Awards
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Enjoyed getting to meet Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox
Cool night i just got to have a nice conversation with president Vicente Fox.
fwd: Vicente Fox, Ann Coulter, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Antonio Villaraigosa to speak in Bakersfield via
Do you think Vicente Fox is afraid of you becoming president, that his money train will halt?
Totally impressed with former Mexican president Vicente Fox!
I don't HATE Mexico, I don't like the government & the segregation in Mexico remember Vicente Fox? & the cartoons?
Out# Remember during Bush there was a pamphlet put out by Mexico how to get into US? While Bush was chummy w/Vicente Fox.
Once solid, the George W. Bush-Vicente Fox partnership faded after 9/11
y should quit he travels too much Mexico needs a Vicente Fox
is Vicente Fox still president of Mexico?
Vicente Fox, the Former President of Mexico, WENT OFF on last night. Watch the slaying here:
Favorite clip of the day: Vicente Fox being asked about Donald Trump by TMZ.
ur so happy that Vicente Fox commented about Trump, but ur ignorant to the fact that Mexico has tighter immigration laws that the U.S.
Political change takes time. Stabroek News-36 minutes ago. Fifteen years ago, when Vicente Fox became president of Mexico
I just learned that Vicente Fox was president of Mexico 10yrs before everyone else thinks and that he lived in San Antonio during his tenure
Vicente Fox visits Dallas to get investors interested in Mexico oil and gas |
On his trip back from Mexico Roland sat next to Vicente Fox who had no body guards and who was *** his own luggage
Fox freed from choking patronage politics.
If a Government needs to investigate what people are thinking, it is because it is not listening. -Presidente Vicente Fox
"We human beings and nations respond to dialog, respond to principals, respond to discussions." - Vicente fox.
President Vicente Fox: Venezuela is being governed by a gorilla with dreams of grandiosity
Also formed coalition with Vicente Fox in Mexico. Votes for budget with in BC.
Yep. Spending the 16th of September interviewing Fmr. Mex Pres Vicente Fox and Marta at Midland College. Look forward.
Wow you totes missed all the George Bush / Vicente Fox butt licking, didn't ya!
Yep, and let's not forget, that before 9/11 Bush had this stance on immigration
I swear Vicente Fox was in front of me in line at the old Safeway on Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA tonight.
Investors’ Forum: Amosun Showcase Ogun’s Agric Potentials to the World May 21, 2014 Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun yesterday flagged-off the second edition of the state’s Investors’ Forum with a call on willing investors to harness the agricultural advantage that abound the state. Declaring open the two-day forum with the theme, “Agriculture and Urban Development” and which had Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox as the Keynote Speaker at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, Amosun said that the state is determined to aggressively promote agriculture which has been identified as a pivot of industrial lives. He emphasised that the growth of any economy depended largely on its agriculture, pointing out that the his administration has started expanding the agro-based processing industry through the exploration of the value chain in the sector as it enters a new frontier. The governor who noted the huge success the first edition of the forum held in March 2012, said tha . ...
Utah residents, Jim Mower and Denny Lytle are the father and son-in-law partnership behind L & M Spurs. Jim makes the spurs and Denny engraves them. Horses always figured prominently in Jim Mower's childhood (b. 1935), leading to his appreciation for quality tack. After his retirement, working in National Forests and range development, he finally had opportunity to pursue his life-long passion for building high quality bits and spurs. Denny's interest in Western tack began when he was just a boy in Nevada, working with cowboys and buckaroos from both the US and Mexico. This gave him opportunity to see many fine old bits and spurs first hand; so, his and his father-in- law's interests meshed nicely. Both attended the Elmer Miller Bit & Spur School in 1990. They have made spurs for Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico, and also restored a bit designed and made by renowned turn of the century spur and bit maker G. S. Garcia . Lee crafts the spurs, and Denny puts the finishing touch of engraving on them .. ...
Vicente Fox: Rise To Power. The untold story of a madman who overthrew a 70-year old government and kicked Fidel Castro out of his country.
Mexico's Former President, Vicente Fox; a fan of SRK met him on the sets of 'Happy New Year' being shot in the RK Studio in Mumbai.
former Mexican president Vicente Fox and his Wife visited the sets just to meets ★ ★.
Det er nå sendt inn to forslag om lovliggjøring og regulering av cannabismarkedet i Mexico City, den største byen i Mexico. 13. februar 2014, Drug Policy Alliance: "Possession of less than 5 grams of marijuana would not lead to any form of prosecution or jail time. The bill also creates a mechanism for establishing spaces for the safe production and distribution of marijuana, aimed at removing people who use marijuana from the violence of the illicit market. These spaces are not permitted to sell other substances, including alcohol and tobacco; cannot sell adulterated marijuana; cannot sell to minors or be near schools; and must grant access to government health officials to educate consumers about the effects of cannabis, harm reduction, prevention and treatment. If these and other criteria are met, the government's Institute for the Attention and Prevention of Addictions will permit them to supply marijuana." postet om Mexico City: 26. september 2013 Tidligere president Vicente Fox, Mexico City har s ...
Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, visited the sets of just to meet
"Meets The Former President of Mexico ,Vicente Fox on the sets of Happy New Year
Lolol Nancy's on the same plane w mexicos ex president Vicente Fox 😂
Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, visited a film set in Mumbai just to meet SRK
yo the PRI be poppin. Vicente Fox is mah nigguh.
[Press Release] : UST Global hosts Former President of and strategic partner Vicente Fox in
Vicente Fox, Former President of and Marta Sahagún with UST Global officials in Bangalore
1/2 *** Morris worked as an advisor for Vicente Fox in 2000. He may be working for Calderon in this election. And he has the gall to tell
Latest news from THE WAR AGAINST METH AND HEROIN in MEXICO... Tirso Martinez (aka "La Mayra"), a drug-smuggler, money-launder and gang-stalker, was apprehended in Guanajuato. Mexican federal authorities apprehended him on a 2007 warrant issued by the DEA, for which he will likely be extradited. He is said to be the "compadre" of the late Arturo Beltrán Leyva from Tijuana, which means that "The Hank Rhon Brothers Crime Syndicate" were his handlers, and that his drug-smuggling was on behalf of Britain's MI-6, Mossad, and "The San Diego to Las Vegas Meth Bridge" run by Harry Reid's people. As you may recall, the former "first lady" of Mexico, Martha Sahagún, (wife of Vicente Fox) was caught speaking directly on an open telephone-line with Beltrán Leyva, organizing drug-shipments and bribes. Her drug-smuggling logistics-coordinator was none other than *** Morris, of Fox News fame. Martha Sahagún and Vicente Fox are part of the "Las Momias de Guanajuato Crime Syndicate", and Tirso Martinez (aka La Mayra) . ...
One of my favorite ZSpeakers to-date -- Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico via Blog
The right road to isn’t that simple. Join the conversation with Vicente Fox, Former President, Mexico at 2014.
Vicente Fox: optimism should be the word of the 21st century. Make things happen.
Innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity. These can only occur if a country is free. -Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico
Former Mexico pres Vicente Fox shares wisdom with Seattle startups, schools Children, can you spell Zillow?
Former Mexico president Vicente Fox with Zillow co-founders Lloyd Frink (far left), Rich Barton (second from left) and Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff (far right). Photo via Zillow. Former Mexico president Vicente Fox paid a visit to Zillow’s offices earlier this week and the first thing he wanted to tal
"NBC News, the mainstream media, has time to investigate Justin Bieber. They have no time to investigate Benghazi or the IRS corruption, but they do have time to investigate Justin Bieber, who was smoking so much marijuana with his dad and being so abusive to the 'trolley dolly,' or the 'flight attendant' as we're now obliged to say, that she had to take refuge in the cockpit of their plane." -Vicente Fox.
We are thrilled to announce that Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico, will be our keynote speaker at the 12th annual Shipper Symposium, May 12-14 in Dallas! Vicente Fox served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, winning a historic election that ended 71 years of consecutive rule by the Ins...
Dawn Moore, CEO of Allegiance Title, recently traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, for a World Presidents' Organization event. She is pictured here with her husband, Steve Moore, and Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico, and his wife, Martha. Additionally, Dawn and Steve are pictured with Former President Vicente Fox in a replica of the presidential office at the Vicente Fox Center of Studies, Library and Museum.
Just listened to former Mexican president Vicente Fox speak to Zillow. Wow.
2000: Vicente Fox sworn in as president of Mexico after 71 yrs IRP.
The Labour Party blames the rise in Vicente Fox consumer energy prices on c...
When the only people you recognize at are Martin Sheen and Vicente Fox, you know you're
May 2006: Vicente Fox to visit colonies, meet with Alta California legislators:
Mexico's Fox to return to Peoria fundraising dinner: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox will return to Peori...
Back now from meeting former Mexico President Vicente Fox and acting as Head of the Mind Sports Faculty at his new Academy
My husband, Steve Whitmore, with Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox.
My sweet cousin has been posting pictures of "Vicente Fox" as requested by me.
International Cannabis & Hemp Expo presents Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, speaking about the impact of...
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Thrill of the day, and of the year, shaking hands this morning with Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico. It happened at City Hall.
So We came out on TV and we met the ex president of Mexico. Vicente Fox.
Vicente Fox to deliver address on defeating drug cartels
greatly enjoyed my time here in Mexico with Presidente Vicente Fox.A great man! Thanks to for wonderful introduction.
Got invited to go see the Presidential Series again at TCU sometime in September!! I get to see Vicente Fox for the 3rd time!! Yay! :D
greetings from all at Centro Fox. About to attend 1st four hour lecture on leadership by former Mexico Presid…
Embrace “the Party of No” Label! Rafael Elias July 9, 2013 During my last meeting at the RNC a member of the Party’s leadership told me that polls showed that too many Americans define Republicans as “the Party of No”. This should not come as a surprise, yet it does. It shouldn’t because by now we should have learned to counter and not let us be defined by Obama, his campaign team, and the Democrats and Liberals perverting the political process through the use and abuse of false labels, half-truths, and other Alinsky tactics (and a compliant media carrying their water). Yet it is surprising because there does not seem to be a “war room” and/or a “rapid response” team to do just that (counter and re-define them) and if there are, they are doing a lousy job and being completely ineffective. In any case, the “Party of No” label reminded me of what happened during the campaign of then candidate and future president of Mexico, Vicente Fox. During the campaign a debate was scheduled to t ...
Rolling Down The Change Train In Southern Kaduma :A Call To Service (1) Days are getting slimmer for our scheduled vertical rolling of our change train from Kaduna to Fadan Karshi to Kafanchan...back to Zonkwa-Kachia and Kaduna. Our own version of the first missionary journey! Or the great Red Army march on a victory day parade. Belittlers are already mocking and predicting doom of this little begining that is like a light of a match stick. The Arab Spring started with a frustrated Boaziziz in Tunisia. The 2000 Vicente Fox's defeat of PRI party started with his sole protest during their inauguration as parliamentarians in 1994. The YES WE CAN Kathrina that made history in US started by a few people that saw the potentials in Obama. The civil rights movement of the 60s started with Rosa Park who refused to surrender her seat to whites supremecists in a bus. All historical changes werent engineered by a crowd but a courageous few willing to bear the pains, insults, walk an extra-mile, hear blacmail, go ...
Carl Hodges, Vicente Fox and State of Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours discuss the newly planted seawater crop at the Bahia Kino demonstration farm.
VAM NOTE THIS TO ME I DO NOT THINK, THINK IS MANIPULATED 28 criminal organizations in Mexico I took the trouble to edit the title and order of text, as had several inconsistencies Traffickers are restructured At the end of the presidency of Vicente Fox had seven cartels, while President Felipe Calderon recognizes only 11 criminal organizations in 2011. Heads of thugs converted and leaders, share and fight crime control in the 32 states. Are known, they kill and denounce each other. As they were armed wings, are dedicated to all crimes: the movement of drugs, domestic sales in Mexican municipalities, kidnapping, extortion and human trafficking without large mafias can control them. Rosario Mosso Castro Enrique Mendoza Hernández The federal government blows drug cartels have caused its reorganization, admitted in May 2008 the President of the Republic, Felipe Calderón. Indeed, since December 2006, each time you stop a capo arrive three or 10 to try to replace him. This multiplier effect generated cell ope ...
Heyy still sittn in the delta as i dwell on Nash tryan to figure euro dollars how office space trades falsified cash quick to see linkin park sit down on the other side my roasting burnt heart lookn forra fight and my lady is a paralytic architecht for ug opus seclorum she seems to smoke marlboro reds up n durham just a trip to mexika~citi enouff to liten up my piety soo how long will consecration take with no axis got me in hoop dreams heaven rememberin practice theyy devised a plan im in the trunk weyl augustus knocks but Vicente Fox im into the Nazi eye for pure rocks if we make it then im tachen it to *** horizons disbanded dispersed eyes branded citis smited n a well the *** u dont juana cee... When i git freeh...
Timothy Egan June 6, 2013, Big Pot By TIMOTHY EGAN They assembled on the 40th floor of the tallest building in Seattle last week, the ex-Mexican president and the businessman who wants to be known as the Bill Gates of Bud. On the table: a pie bigger than the sky. It would involve drugs, suppliers and retailers, and laser-targeted marketing for buyers willing to pay a premium. The would-be mogul, Jamen Shively, is trying to make the leap from Microsoft to marijuana. He’s not shy. He wants to plant the first brand-name retail chain in the United States in a market worth upward of $100 billion. “Yes, we are Big Marijuana,” he said as cameras clicked. The ex-president, Vicente Fox, has seen his country suffer decades of carnage and corruption, all in service of this same market — the one that exists now, run by gangsters, drug lords and sketchy characters on city corners. To go legal, big and capitalistic, said Fox, who has no financial stake in Shively’s operation, would be “a game changer” f . ...
Vicente Fox supports medical marijuana! to all my mexican peeps thats the president before this new one. you know before mexico turned into a war zone.
This article was originally written in the midst of George W, Bush’s last attempt to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. While some of the general facts may have shifted a bit, as a whole what was said still holds as it applies to both the United States and Mexico. Nor does the anticipated harm to the United States. What Price Immigration? By Padraig MacConmara The Independence Sentinel ' President George W. Bush's new immigration initiative most likely will be a major topic of discussion when he meets with Mexican President, Vicente Fox, during the meeting of the Organization of American States in Monterrey Mexico starting January 12, 2004. Anticipating this meeting, President Bush is expected to outline this new initiative, which may well be the largest scale revamping of the Immigration Code since the 1980's wholesale amnesty for large numbers of illegal aliens, which initiated the current onslaught of immigration. Intuitively, most Americans feel that current immigration is not in thei ...
Saw Tony Blair and Vicente Fox last night in L.A. Best Blair line: you can't create peace if people don't want it!
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Understanding Pena Nieto's Approach to the CartelsSecurity WeeklyTHURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013 - 04:00 Print - Text Size +Stratfor By Scott Stewart Vice President of Analysis Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's approach to combating Mexican drug cartels has been a much-discussed topic since well before he was elected. Indeed, in June 2011 -- more than a year before the July 2012 Mexican presidential election -- I wrote an analysis discussing rumors that, if elected, Pena Nieto was going to attempt to reach some sort of accommodation with Mexico's drug cartels in order to bring down the level of violence. Such rumors were certainly understandable, given the arrangement that had existed for many years between some senior members of Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party and some powerful cartel figures during the Institutional Revolutionary Party's long reign in Mexico prior to the election of Vicente Fox of the National Action Party in 2000. However, as we argued in 2011 and repeated in March 201 ...
Below are some notes from our program with Condoleezza Rice in no particular order.   - Dr. Rice was incredibly gracious and personable. She was very generous with her time and an outstanding speaker, I thought. I actually think this may be shaping up to be our best season yet with every program being great. It rivals Season 3 (Ken Burns, Maya Angelou, Brian Mulroney, Gingrich/Daschle) and Season 4 (Vicente Fox, Carville/Matalin, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Sally Ride) as my favorite thus far. I thought that Dr. Rice was the perfect combination of international affairs, domestic issues and personal narrative. She reminded me of Mark Kelly in that way. He also weaved the personal and the professional quite well.    - I told Dr. Rice that I was disappointed to see her rooting so hard against my USC Trojans at the SC/Stanford basketball game the other night, but that I understood given her role on the Farm. She reminded me that not only as Stanford administrator, but a graduate of Notre Dame, she has been "root ...
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Vicente Fox!
Is that Vicente Fox in the owners booth? Nah, can't be.
“Man U vs Liverpool is LIVE on FOX Soccer tomorrow at 8 AM ET! watch this one. or at least record it
just got a press release promoting a contest to win a dinner w/Vicente Fox. learn "the secret to growing an excellent mustache," per release
The team were at the TCAs on Tues. What did & have to say to reporters? Read on:
Plan to be President 1day? Support for the chance to have the ultimate political experience w/ Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox was the coca-cola executive before becoming the president in mexico.
Occupy Los Angeles shared photo. The pic below is OLA comrade Benji Torres, a veteran and an organizer for foreclosure resistance. He was arrested for leafleting on a sidewalk after attending a documentary screening. Please call Pasadena Police (626) 744-4241 and demand the immediate release of our comrades: sample convo: "I demand the release of Ulises H, Benjamin T, Alex T, Amari S. and anyone else who was wrongfully arrested near the Vicente Fox event. There was no riot last night yet people are being held for "inciting a riot." Dara Glanzer was taken in on a felony and released on a misdemeanor. (If they deny this) If we find that a white woman was released while numerous latinos and blacks were not for the same types of charges during the same incident, this could be very interesting for the city of Pasadena." xo
Told my wife I wanted to wear a Mexico soccer jersey & comb my hair to be Vicente Fox for Halloween,she said nobody would know who I was :(
During a World Economic Summit, George W Bush, Mexican President Vincente Fox, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and French Prime minister Jacques Chirac are ceremonially riding in Japan's newest bullet train. As you might know all of these political leaders have big egos and this is what ensued. George Bush says "This is a fine bottle of wine Prime Minister Chirac" Upon hearing this Prime Minister Chirac throws out a case of France's finest wine and says "In France fine wine is bountiful and plenty!" Not to be outdone by Vladimir Putin who then throws out two cases of Russia's finest Vodka "In Russia premier vodka spirits flow like the Volga River" President Bush not wanting to seem weak, thinks for a moment, looks at Mexican president Vicente Fox, and throws him out the window
The Coming Merger with Mexico and CanadaIn "The Late Great USA," Corsi proves that the benignly-named "Security and Prosperity Partnership," created at a meeting between George W. Bush, Paul Martin and Vicente Fox, is in fact the same kind of regional integration plan that led Europe to form the EU.
Vicente Fox was more laid back than Calderon. I can't remember his presidency much & he used to be on the news FAR more than Calderon today.
My teacher is a silver fox.. And his name is Vicente. No really.
Secretary Ken Salazar at with Juan Hernandez and saluting Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico.
my friend gabriel has a good idea, he says we should vote vicente fox for U.S president lol
Listening to Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, speak in McAlister Auditorium at Furman University!
The Former President of Mexico strikes up a unique partnership with a local business.
Same thing with Vicente Fox; understands and speaks English fluently, but at pressers, only speaks Spanish.
2/2 a presidential candidate had to be born in Mexico and be "the child of parents who are Mexican by birth."
1/2 Vicente Fox - Article 82 of the Mexican Constitution was revised in 1993. That article had stated that
Frisks Vicente Fox at WH door, lingering over the crotch for several minutes.
New TV network MundoFox launches today. (Fox as in Rupert, not Vicente) Cheeky: "Americano Como Tú." :D by
Dam vicente fox was here!! When he was president in mexico life was soo good
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox with owner Dave Kenney and exercise rider Humberto Gomez enjoying a day at...
Fomer Mexican President Vicente Fox and I thought had a following!
Vicente Fox Former President of Mexico & Joe Haper before the 8th
2/2 enabling the election of Vicente Fox in 2000 (P3)
3/3 enabling the election of President Vicente Fox. His mother was born in Spain. "
Website Builder 728x90
Vicente Fox "The "Fox" surname was changed from the German "Fuchs" during the 1870s.[6] "
As journalist Sam Quinones convincingly demonstrates, much of Mexico was already changing before the July 2000 presidential elections which ousted the PRI and presented the world with President-elect Vincente Fox. Fox's victory marked the triumph of another Mexico, a vital, energetic, and creative ...
So Vicente fox is at our store but they make it a whole comoshin.. He's not the big thing for me.
Vicente Fox means corruption and fraud, why deal with him?
Watch our Google Hangout w and more.
Just finished listened to President Vicente Fox talk about legalizing drugs
Vicente Fox It is a dishonest politician.
I can't believe I agree with Vicente Fox about ANYTHING.
Mexico's Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs to Weaken Cartels: Ratings have been disabled for this video. Published on ...
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: to kill the cartels, America needs to legalize drugs -
U.U Vicente Fox was never mad at me..
Uh this was George W Bush thing. He gave speech on it when he returned from talks w/ Vicente Fox.
Yes, Sr. Fox I agree. Would it work? What are your thoughts? Legalising drugs in the U.S. to curb Drug Wars.
Greg Grunberg and Fox LA in Los Angeles store on Wilshire/San Vicente today...what's YOUR Big 5 location?
Vicente Fox visits headquarters of Aliso Viejo company
- Yessir. Read former Mexican president Vicente Fox’s book “Revolution of Hope” - he talks of a monetary union in N America
why are you hanging out with Vicente Fox?
mexico I like the PRI but I gess Vicente Fox was better he stole miney but he didnt kill people but you
I favorited a video Mexico's Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs to Weaken Cartels
Vicente Fox calls on America to end the War on Drugs to cripple the cartels
gallokladio baanaa_ adding to that, it's like Vicente Fox. Se va a vender with those bad people. Mon
Check this video out - Mexico's Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs to Weaken Cartels
Mexico's Former President Vicente Fox Joins Calls to Legalize Drugs | PBS NewsHour OMG *** is this world coming too?
Former President Vicente Fox joins calls to legalize drugs
Deepak Chopra - Google Hangout with Paulo Coehlo, Vicente Fox ...: To celebrate the official launch of The Chopr...
1/2 Vicente Fox >:" Although popular and charismatic, he was not seen as a presidential contender until Article 82 of the
What Vicente Fox Quesada ... there should be no problem for what is coming forward in the PAN .. reorganize all the Democrats !!!
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Visits UST Global to Announce IT ... - MarketWatch (press release)
Hangout with Deepak, Paulo Coehlo, Vicente Fox, Lisa Ling, Fran Drescher... (in case you missed it...)
Vicente Fox joined yesterday during the 1st day of the 21 day meditation class
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Here's my brief article on Vicente Fox's stop in yesterday: via
// Having Vicente Fox in there is totally embarrasing for Mexicans!
Back from debate training in Mexico; run into Vicente Fox twice! Didn't ask what's on my mind; someone else did
Please keep thechoprawell as something serious. Don't bring people wihtout a drop of truth and spirituality like Vicente Fox
Hi fans have you remembered that the show is on tonight at 8/7 Central on your local FOX affiliate. We're live, 1st time this season
In case you missed it, here is our hangout from this morning, with Deepak Chopra Gotham Lisa Ling Fran Drescher Paulo Coelho Vicente Fox Eric Handler AYNY Ashtanga Yoga New York. Its amazing we were able to get all these amazing people together to launch The Chopra Well. Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don't miss all our new programming and events. :) Thank you, thank you everyone for your support. cc: Positively Positive
President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto wants to open oil fields to outside investors
-- Be Present for the Future -- a journey of personal, social, global and spiritual transformation.
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