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Bear in mind that Nazi said on Vice News that how can *** Jared Jew be with Ivanka! That's who Trump supports!
Mike Pence appears to believe this visit will make up for decades of science denial. .
Davide appointed as vice chair of National Tokhang Advocacy Coalition. Cebu Governor Hilario P. Davide III will...
Did you read about Liverpool's intention to bid to become home of
'The Iraq war was really about tying UK foreign policy to George Bush' - Chris Nineham, Vice Chair
Climate change is shaping the future of food
.Didn't you tell the Chinese Envoy to India that you are the VP of & not its Vice Chairman ?…
Extremism experts are starting to worry about the left via
Howe to move to vice-chairman position at according to reports today
Sonal Dabral joins Ogilvy India as group chief creative officer and vice-chairman - Livemint
Ohio sheriff bans overdose drug over bogus safety concerns
We're thrilled to welcome broadcaster and author Pam Rhodes as our newest Vice President
Paul Ryan does not understand how taxes work in Canada via
Two reasons this is the biggest year ever for electric cars via
JICA Vice President Takao Toda’s interview on Universal Health Coverage has been published in Devex, July 5.
Trump will pick his own ethics chief after top official gives up
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
New Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, joins Tinyclues to drive the sales strategy and accelerate growt…
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's newest challenger Nkosana Moyo has expressed admiration for Vice…
Climate change is shaping the future of food via
Ah cool, the mini-doc that did on Blender & Agent 327 is online. Featuring my typical lack of eloquence!
TIL Desk New Delhi/ The Congreess on Monday denied media reports as "fake news" that its Vice President Rahul...
From the McArchive: True Story Alert by The Sun '86. BBC to clean up the news & Miami Vice, £ at $1.40, no Euro. Rev up the DeLorean
Vice tries to prevent sites from archiving their "news stories" to prevent users documenting their lies before they can…
UBS cuts 10% of Vice and Vanity Fair content budget to push into social marketing, admit...
This is a first-time designation at Ogilvy & Mather in keeping with Sonal's stature: Piyush Pandey
The Trudeau government redacted the details of its own transparency plan – VICE News
As a Vice Chair & Precinct Committee Officer for our local D party, I'm concerned about this in counties across US. https:/…
to now skip Opposition meet on tomorrow Sharad Yadav most likely to attend d meet https…
The resurgence of the Taliban six years... - Vice News correspondent Ben Anderson and former FBI agent Ali Souf...
Excellent piece at the end of tonight's Vice News about St. Vincent and the guitar she designed for Ernie Ball...
Watch this totally insane Vice News montage of occasional Donald Trump advisor, Alex Jones
Way back in 2016 Taylor Lambert of Vice News had big hopes about a single woman's fight with fracking giant Encana
Dylan Byers ♦ Charges dropped against Vice News reporter: Alex Thompson had been trying to cover a Donald Tru...
'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (FULL EPISODE). Vice News, excellent piece.
Cadence Corporate Vice President - Finance Sean Sobers to Present at the Nasdaq 34th Investor Program
SEE VIDEO! Vice President Joe Biden is inducted into the...
Whole Foods, expensive cheese, and the dilemma of cheap prison labor uhhh ***
13/14 who wrote this is not electable 2b President or Vice-Pres California Puerto Rico
The real news here is that the Fresh Prince was a real person lol ***
People keep saying a wall is ridiculous. Ok fine, but why are we building one for Jordan?
Get ready to see more alligators north of Florida: via
Luxembourg is on track to ban the slaughter of animals for fur and of male chicks because they don't lay eggs.
Luxembourg is set to become the most animal-friendly country in the world via
The only thing it means is *** ? Mark Cuban for VP? *** NO! What the Mark Cuban V.P. Rumors Really Mean for Clinton
After detainee died at a black site, the CIA blamed training from the US Bureau of Prisons
This channel is fire. If you ever need something to watch, news and documentaries are something to look into.
pls galvanize serving female L.M. Across Nigeria & wives of d prez & vice to be more
U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon to join ASU as vice president for government affairs
NEWS: Harry Reid is promoting Elizabeth Warren as Clinton’s VP
Genius's at vice acting like needing a bigger dose of heroin is breaking news
Vice President Ansari to reach Tunisia today, MoUs likely to be signed
Reid reviews scenarios for filling Senate seat if Warren is VP pick via
North Korean media referred to Donald Trump as a "wise politician"
Why some Peruvians worry Keiko Fujimori will turn the country into a narco paradise via
Great news for having coming on board!
Harry Reid studies legal scenarios for filling Senate seat if Elizabeth Warren gets vice...
This will NOT make me want to vote for Hillary. VP's have very little, if any power.
Frank Campbell, vice president gives the details on the Chronicle Herald talks
Chicago police just released 100 videos of cops shooting suspects and brutality incidents htt…
.SCOOP. looking into MA rules for filling Senate seat should get VP nod .
Vice President Hamid Ansari returns home after two-nation trip
Congrats to Vice News hires her as tech correspondent SF bureau chief Seen at Code Conference - Recode
Vice News hires as tech correspondent and San Francisco bureau chief:
Vice News & Telegraph both gutted while tax-dodging Barclay Brothers swan it on their magic island and, well, this:
Vice News lays off 15 staff and cuts UK editorial, posing more questions on viability of digital native news models
So when Shane Smith said to "expect a bloodbath" in media, did he just mean at Vice News?
Nur Misuari's bet? Duterte and Marcos, he tells Vice News
Members of Ukrainian volunteer battalions are not eligible for veterans' benefits. Vice News.
Vice News: Corruption in Ukraine; drifting offshore: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is faci...
Judge rules Vice News must hand over reporter's chats in terror case; appeal possible:.
Fresh revelations about Thomson Reuters World-Check database. Outstanding investigation by Vice News.
I loved what you had to say in your Vice News interview at Davos. & the way you said it. Glad you were there.
"US District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras ordered StateDept to turn over 700 pgs to Vice News rprter Jason Leopold"
Yes, Todd Sopapilla, Senior Pokémon Analyst, Vice News - Senator Sanders, why do you think millennials are so disillusione…
Standing room only as BBC journalists pack Radio Theatre to hear Buzzfeed and Vice News bosses on
State Dept details FOIA (court filing came in connection with a FOIA suit filed by Vice News reporter Jason Leopold)
Her, alleged, statement to Vice News: "being in a civil war engagement with the Turkish Republic" is the legal basis.
vicenews: Iran is ready to talk about Syria – but it's still standing by Assad:
Part 1 of film embedded with the FSA's Southern Front
"Many of the girls go into their mother's profession" = "Many of the girls also go on to be raped by men"
'What's enough?': Pressure builds to bring more Syrian refugees to Canada:
In northern Mexico, farm workers who pick produce bound for US supermarkets earn as little as $7 a day. They...
'We want go!': Desperation and anxiety plague refugees moving through Hungary:
I used to love Vice News’ articles, but they’ve been behaving more like attention grabbing, opinion pieces lately.
Fracking on University of Texas land is poisoning the air, soil, and water: via
"There is hope that armed with an education, her daughters will carve a different path" Why? Isn't it just a "job"?
Created by US students, the new app helps you get home safely
An important read by our journalist
Scientists warn that drilling in Siberia could awaken giant prehistoric viruses:
Dramatic video shows plane ablaze on Las Vegas runway:
Part 1 of our new film with the FSA's Southern Front in Daraa, - the country's forgotten war
"Get me out of here guys," Rasool said as we were led away by
'There will be a civil war in ': Welcome to 'center of Kurdish resistance' via
"Europe... represents a place of hope. This is something to be proud of not something to fear"
Unauthorized put $13bn a year into the US economy http…
So this is happening in California. .
Giant prehistoric viruses could be awakened by oil drilling in Siberian permafrost:
Canadian political parties really suck at vetting their candidates:
Bulgaria to Russian military aircraft: "You shall not pass!"
"Men just come here, give me money have their fun and leave. I don't have anyone here who loves me" -
Hanif Kureishi has joined the call for Turkish authorities to release Vice News journalist Mohammed Ismael Rasool.
A Turkish court has charged two British journalists at Vice News and their assistant with aiding an unidentified terrorist group.
UK raises human rights concerns over Vice News journalists arrested in Turkey
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - 33 Nations Under Water Scarcity Threat by 2040 (Vice News).
I’m seated next to my Vice News arch-rivals and Whoever leaves the debate alive is crowned champi…
On the phone: "To report roaming death squads helmed by a charismatic rogue general, press 3" Checkmate, Vice News.
the Wille-Nelson-Offers-You-A-Joint moment is also the Kobayashi Maru part of the Vice News interview process
Vice News rips apart the idiotic 'save Clarkson' tank stunt today. Just glorious (via
Obama 'embarrassed' for GOP: President Obama told Vice News that he is embarrassed for the Republican senators that…
Guantanamo guard: 'CIA killed prisoners and made it look like suicide' Ex-Marine Joseph Hickman said Guantanamo was a "bad dream" he just wanted to forget. A FORMER Guantanamo Bay guard has spoken for the first time about what he claims was a CIA murder of detainees, covered up as a triple suicide. Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman was on guard at the Cuban prison camp on the night they died, and calls the official version of events "impossible". "They would have had to all three tie their hands and feet together, shove rags down their throats, put a mask over their face, made a noose, hung it from the ceiling on the side of the cellblock, jumped into the noose and hung themselves simultaneously," the ex-Marine told Vice News in an explosive video interview. "In a cellblock where guards are ordered to check on detainees every four minutes." There had also been an inspection of the cellblock only a few hours earlier, Hickman said, and guards had found nothing detainees might use to make the no ...
More fantastic reporting on the Iguala massacre by Vice News' Daniel Hernandez.
Hhhm!!!??? Underground chemists in the UK are trying to bring Quaaludes back: via
French recruits say they would like to come home now, please...'my ipod doesnt work out here' via
One of the missing 43 students in Mexico has been identified among incinerated remains:
VICE NEWS The Cops Cracked Down on Greece's Young Anarchists Every year, between November 15 and 17, students, workers, and anarchists from all over Greece take over the Athens Polytechnic to commemorate the 1973 student uprising against the military junta that ruled the Mediterranean nation between the years 1967-1974. The three-day celebration traditionally culminates in a mass protest that ends in Exarcheia, an artist neighborhood generally considered to be the spiritual home of the anarchist movement. [ 48 more words. ]
In Talking Heads, Mark Danner discusses his essay forecasting the Islamic State: via
Research suggests exposure to extreme weather is unlikely to affect the views of climate deniers:
These photos document the everyday lives of average citizens across North Korea:
:) "We spent time with Abu Rumaysah before he fled the UK to join the Islamic State:
In part one of a three-part series, VICE News travels to the Ayotzinapa Normal School in Guerrero, Mexico, following the disappearance of 43 students.
"Lafforgue in Vice: great photos from
Update your maps at Navteq
American photojournalist Luke Somers was killed in Yemen today:
Subscribe to VICE News here: The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: ...
Cruise ships dump one billion gallons of sewage into the world's oceans each year:
VICE reports on clinical research into treating depression and anxiety with the therapeutic use of psilocybin,...
Research fund for tertiary teachers to become operational 2015: Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur has an...
My latest news flash for 'Mother of Convicted Man Urges Gov to Welcome Returning Jihadis."
A Japanese woman faces two years in prison for making a kayak shaped like her ***
Waving a Palestinian flag at protests is going to be illegal under Israel's anti-terror plan:
A single photo threatens to freeze out a powerful crime syndicate from lucrative Tokyo construction projects:
Psychiatrist in line to receive a $2 million grant to study effects of weed on PTSD:
Australia is jailing mentally disabled Aboriginal men indefinitely:
NFU Vice President tells TGA conference that turf growers are an integral part of the British farming industry...
Subscribe to VICE News here: Foreign fighters from all over the world have left their home countries to join the ranks o...
Hundreds of police killings are unaccounted for in a national database kept by the FBI:
CAPIZ: PIA6 News Alert: Vice Mayor Welfie Apolinario Jr said the municipality of Maayon will be placed under the... featured in NBC s Science of Love
“Ambassador presents his credentials to Vice President
The story behind competitor Paul Vice in
James Rothschild has been appointed Vice President and Partner of Monument Capital Group.
VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks embedded with the Islamic State, gaining unprecedented access to the group in Iraq and Syria.
"Vice News, which is the fastest growing news platform on earth" a€” Shane Smith,
In Rare Interview, ISIS Terrorist Gives 5 Bone-Chilling Claims Of What the Group Is Planning Next In an exclusive interview with Vice News , an ISIS terrorist from Canada revealed the Islamic State’s chilling agenda and said they will only stop when the “leaders of the infidels are beheaded.” The terrorist being interviewed is Farah Shirdon, and is known for his presence in an ISIS propaganda video in which he says , “We are going for you, Barack Obama.” Shirdon claims: 1- He knows of thousands of people in the west ready to carry out terrorist attacks for ISIS. 2- That he outsmarted Canadian intelligence officers when they tried to stop him from going to Syria because they suspected he may be a terrorist. 3- ISIS has thousands more prisoners from the West that it plans to behead. 4- The terror group claims that it will make those who oppose it their slaves. 5- The Islamic State will attack New York soon. As Shirdon’s passion for spilling blood intensifies, he says ISIS might stop when Prime M ...
"Thank the Gods for Amy Goodman, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Vice News and others following in Webb’s footsteps.".
Vice News sparks debate on engaging younger viewers
Vice News looks at the silence from liberal media -- others -- on Gaza slaughter
There is literally a meth dealer called Walter White in Alabama that Vice News interviewed.
Arrest of Reformist Journalist Renews Focus on Iranian Human Rights 30 May 2014 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reported Wednesday on the arrest of reformist journalist Saba Azarpeik – The Guardian cited “numerous sources” describing her as having been detained by regime security forces – just weeks after a new report published on World Press Freedom Day established Iran as the global leader in incarcerating members of the press. Vice News had more broadly in early May outlined how “Iran’s horrifying prison conditions are used by authorities as a threat to intimidate journalists”: “They call [journalists] or make them come to the intelligence agency offices. If the journalists ignore what they want, then they persecute them in the court,” says Abdolreza Tajik, a journalist who’s been jailed many times and who was awarded Reporters Without Borders’ 2010 Press Freedom Award. He adds that security forces also employ several other coercion methods, including bribery. Domestic Ir ...
Breaking News: Simon Ostrovski, Vice News journalist released in eastern Ukraine!! Glad to have participated in the campaign. Now we need to focus on winning the release of the other missing reporters!
Vice News reporter and American citizen, Simon Ostrovsky, is being held captive by pro-russian militias in Slovyansk, Eastern Ukraine. Basically... | English
Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday confirmed they are detaining a U.S. journalist working with Vice News.
I just watched a Vice News show called "Last Chance High" I am really feeling some kind of way for the children at Montefiore school in Chicago... It verifies the feelings I have to help youth and young adults become more than a statistic. We don't have to be what others say we are.. we don't have to be the refuse that no one wants... there are no "Bad Children" there are so many circumstances that we don't even know about when these kids go home... environment, family, learned behavior , mental and physical abuse, you name it... I don't feel bad for them.. I am working towards being the change agent that will replace the anger and hurt in this world...
Interview with the head of Vice News.
Cool interview with about Vice News -
Vice News is on the scene with reporter Fat Beardo and Hot Woman Of Eastern European Descent, asking where they can get some Ukraine weed
Gonna spend my night watching Vice News videos at 1080p
While watching this thing about the civil unrest in Egypt following the coup that overthrew the Egyptian president Morsi, and seeing two factions fight in the streets of Cairo, both claim that the other was supported by America, it became painfully clear that they honestly were just looking for someone to blame. This was from Vice News which is probably the most honest news source I know of.
SYRIAN TERRORISTS SAY THEY'RE TARGETING AMERICA NEXT Written by: Editor Off the Grid News Al Qaeda groups in Syria have vowed to bring their fight to the United States and Britain once they have accomplished their goals in the Middle Eastern country. A video published by Vice News includes interviews with a pair of British men who traveled into the combat zone in Syria to join up with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra – known jihadist groups. One of the British 20-somethings had this to say to a reporter from Vice News: I say to United States that your time will come and we will bleed you to death and, inshallah (Allah willing) will raise the flag in the White House. My feeling is great, hamdullallah (thank Allah), I’m happy I’m here. And I’m here to please Allah… and I’m not here to please anyone else but Allah The second of the pair of unidentified and masked British citizens stated that British Prime Minister David Cameron and the government are guilty of perpe ...
ISTANBUL RISING - A short documentary by Vice News. Everybody should watch this video to have a close look at the events and what's going on on the streets in Istanbul. We thank Vice News for this great video. Original video page link: 2013 Vice Media, Inc. This video is posted here to reach more people. All rights are reserved by publisher.
Jhong Hilario on talk about relationship with Vice News | Mobile: The Number One Site for Philippine Showbiz
Vice News : July 21, 2012, will be on University of Southeast Philippines (Davao City) . So mga DABAWENYOS, bili na ng TICKETS.
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