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Vice Mayor

Deputy mayor is an elective or appointive office of the second-ranking official in many local governments.

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Vice Mayor Robert Garcia and Damon Dunn will compete in the Long Beach mayoral runoff election in June
Gubler, fire chief to host donuts and discussion: Visalia Vice Mayor Warren Gubler will hold a '
Am I the vice-mayor of Lily Tomlin? What is this potato's decibel rating? Why am I coated in powdered sugar?
There will be one spot open for vice mayor, who should do it? I think it should be Pam, have someone who will actually support the town
Day 3 at included discussing tourism & waterfront developments with Vice Mayor of Pudong Yan Xu
Mogadishu Mayor Muungaab says he will a form a vice and virtue police to combat the inappropriate and deviant behaviour of Somali diaspora
Vice Mayor of Tallinn joining our forum on April 25th.
that is what I mean, my family struggled when my dad was vice mayor and a cop
People of liwanay,Our municipal vice mayor show his support to my event... Thank u thank u vice... In behalf also of mayor palencia he was der to support the big event thank u mayor... :)
Round 2 is about to begin... Vice Mayor Robert Garcia John-Leslie Brown, said today at Rotary: "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great." As Vice Mayor you've done just that... You're off to a GREAT start!!
Interesting afternoon on the Stad Amsterdam Clipper at Pier 59 discussing smarter cities w/Vice Mayor of Amsterdam.
Vice Mayor Liezel Teves of reg. Clients.. Thanks for dropping by Vice...
Thanks for watching Kapuso. What did you think of Vice Mayor story? Let us know.
Hernani Vice Mayor Wilmar Candido shares experience on the role of LGUs in education
He does a great job as Manila's Vice Mayor; featured on today's
Macario Trinidad was vice mayor of Mandaluyong and a truly principled gentleman and a fine human being.I had the honor of meeting him.
Vice Mayor Susie Baugh thanks everyone for attending and thanks panel. Will continue with future panels!
The votes are in and the winner of the 2014 Mayor of Divide campaign is Pa Kettle! Keyni is the Vice-Mayor and...
Vice Mayor sharing his public narrative
Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is a testament that luck paired with hard work are the ingredients for…
A former Mount Carmel alderman and vice mayor who was arrested last week now faces additional counts of exposing himself, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault with police saying they've received 26 separate reports of his allegedly lewd and dange
VIDEO: the Vice Mayor of Sapporo tells about preparations for the 2017 Asian Winter Games
I WAS VICE MAYOR. and pshhh. I didn't pay taxes either and I gave us both bonuses. we'd be great in office.
nbanews Baguio Massacre, The suspect in the murder of five people in this city surrendered to Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno after a...
Congrats to Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for placing first in mayoral election, a voice for communities first.
Secret behind success of 2017 Winter Asian Games will be city's sporting history and brand, says vice-Mayor: h…
So apply that to the her uncle, her vice mayor and anyone else that commit illegal acts while in the City employ.
We talk to Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman and RSA vice president Rod Shoemark ahead of today's royal engagements
Openly *** Vice Mayor Robert Garcia was the top vote-getter in the contentious, expensive race to be the next mayor of Long Beach. Garcia will
Hello fellow Long BeachIANS - WE HAVE A MAYORIAL RUN-OFF! JUNE 8- PLEASE VOTE! Robert Garcia Vice MAYOR AND COULD BE OUR FIirst LATINA AND OPENLY *** MAYOR - CITY SPONSORED - HE came in first DAMON DUNN-BUSINESS MAN - USED HIS OWN MONEY TO run - he came in second! If he will be our first African American mayor -they didn't even count him as a serious candidate! Help please people get involved -it's not too late - please share - the choice is yours! ♡
Blubaugh wins votes to become Wichita&vice mayor ..BreakingNews WichitaNews
Vice Mayor Isko hard at work even at the wee hours of the morning! Asenso Manileño
Commissioner McCray and former Vice Mayor Hay are here!
Vice Mayor Alex Finter fought fires for 20+ yrs. Starting next wk, he'll be stamping out fires of another kind:
Congratulations to Vice Mayor Marvin Crist in his re-election. Keep up the hard work and thank you.
Congratulations to Long Beach Vice Mayor and CCSA Advocates endorsed candidate Robert Garcia, who secured his...
Vice Mayor Robert Garcia vs. Dunn, huh? Ok, dems., let's take this next election. Friends, keep me posted about events I can motivate my students to go to por favor? Especially for Garcia & Rex Richardson! :)
It is most definitely a new day in Long Beach. We are about to have one of the youngest, most diverse, most progressive city governments in these United States. It's looking like Vice Mayor Robert Garcia will soon be Mayor Robert Garcia. Very good news indeed! As if that's not enough, Lena Gonzalez, Carl A. Kemp, and James Johnson have made it to round two, and I know they are ready to do the hard work to win! (I'm gonna help.) And WOW, Rex Richardson or I guess I can say Councilmember-elect Rex Richardson winning outright tonight! Susie Price, too! Sky's the limit, people.
So pleased our Marketing and Public Relations Workshop with Wilton Manors went so well last night - here is the email we received this morning from Vice Mayor Julie Carson: "I thought the workshop last night was great, and I appreciate the amount of work that went into the presentation. A lot of good ideas were generated, and the Workshop was facilitated with ease and professionalism. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved. Super duper Job!"
Join us in congratulating Vice Mayor Juan M. Blanes with his re-election victory and Commissioner Rhonda Rodriguez on his election victory!
I just posted this on Horse Show Diva: Just like what you would see in the school yard, what we teach our children to not become, has been demonstrated by our Wellington Village Councilmen - BULLYING. Bob Margolis, Matt Willhite and John Greene have ganged up to bully their counterparts - just like in the school yard, but we are in the adult world, where we should know better. Anne Gerwig was the only person on our Village council that SHOULD have been elected by the council to the Vice Mayor position UNANIMOUSLY by ALL the council!!!. Instead in an obvious insult to Council Woman Gerwig, Willhite motioned to make Greene Vice mayor (the least experienced of the council) and it was seconded by the other two!! Willhite a fireman, public servant and BULLY Is this not a demonstration of intimidation??? Read for yourself. As a Wellington resident this further illustrates to me their (Margolis, Willhite & Greene) intent of keeping the division within this Village. They have spent millions to try tear down the e ...
Now watching : tonight with Arnold Clavio with Vice Mayor Francisco M. Domagoso ;) Nice voice Boss!! ;)
We wish to inform the public that the suspect of the stabbing of five people that includes 3 children in Kayang last Sunday already surrenderd last night to Vice Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila. The BCPO operatives are there to bring him up.
Attending South Gate City Hall for swear-in of Yucatan born, Jorge Morales as Vice Mayor of City of South Gate!...
My friend Jorge Morales getting sworn in by his lovely wife. Our new Vice Mayor.
Today was election day in the City of Long Beach and the polls have closed. Fingers crossed for my former Coro Fellows-Los Angeles Political Campaign placement supervisor and current Vice Mayor Robert Garcia (whom I met while working on Measure E for Long Beach City College) to be the NEXT MAYOR OF Long Beach! Also fingers crossed for my former SEIU 721 colleague Rex Richardson, Roberto Uranga for City Council 2014, and James Johnson! Eyes glued on City Clerk's election returns, and tomorrow we kick it into higher gear!
MANILA – The suspect in the Baguio massacre surrendered to Vice Mayor Isko Moreno on Tuesday.
info : Attention to all Knyc presidents there's Livelihood Project under knyc Livelihood Committee, we need 15 knyc president or representative and willing to join and trained in 1 month. (1) Isang Gunting Isang suklay by Ricky Reyes Livelihood project with Vice Mayor Pia Velasco and Mayor Kit Nieto. for ( 2) Making of brown bag (3) Making of dyaryo bag (4) Making of Water LiLy banig.. presidents for those who are interested visit at mswd office for slot reservation it is limited slot only..1st come 1st serve!! keep moving knyc!! god bless to all !!
baguio massacre suspect already surrendered to Manila Vice Mayor isko moreno :) Baguio City Police are on the way to fetch the suspect :3 -Jem Alisto Lictao
CMO-PIO (April 09, 2014): Earlier today, the Butuan City Government joined the whole Filipino nation in commemorating this year's 72nd Araw ng Kagitingan at the Veterans Monument, Butuan City Library Compound. Photo shows Cong. Lawrence Fortun, Vice Mayor Angelo Calo, and SP Member Hon. Virgilio Nery, Jr. with some of the living veterans during the releasing of the balloons at this morning's ceremony.
Public service is already in his blood. His great grandfather Feliciano A. Gomez served as Governor of Laguna, Congressman 1st District and Mayor. His grandfather Artemio T. Gomez Sr. served as Vice Mayor of Santa Rosa while his father Artemio M. Gomez Jr. also served as City Councilor of Santa Rosa...
Only two hours left to vote Long Beach! Get out the vote and vote Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for Mayor! :)
I am practically fearless. Nothing fazes me. I pull stunts that give people I love heart attacks. There are two people that challenge that, however. Mom and Papa. I don't mind ripping at the city's vice mayor, but the 'rents, no. So when mommy goes "We'll talk about it when I get there on Monday" I naturally panic. 😂😂😂
Another Royalista born ! Congrats and welcome to Royale to Vice Mayor Nolasco of Cagayan and his wife Raquel Nolasco for getting multiple packages!!! Congrats to Knoll Quiroz ,Sebastian Antonio and Dave Hoeffliger for pay ins! Thank God for overflowing blessings! This is Royale!
Congratulations to our BJ Board member Dean Aragon on being elected Vice Mayor of the City Commission tonight!
I was 8 when my Dad, former Lipa City Vice Mayor GODOFREDO 'GODY' C. LATAY, died on April 9, 1972. NEVER FORGOTTEN DAD!
The Vice Mayor of Cincinnati's office just contacted me about displaying 6 pieces of my work in the Vice Mayor's office. I mean, WHAT?!
Thank you Vice Mayor Ruderic Rudy Marzo for the support and making this activity possible :)
Our client and friend Ronaldo Lora of the Philippines is shown receiving recognition from the Vice Mayor of Quezon City last March 15, 2014. Ronaldo says: "It was a plaque of recognition given to our national federation for promoting ostomy advocacy among which is distribution of ostomy appliances for poor patients . Team FOW-USA is very much part of this advocacy. Thanks guys." FOW-USA sends ostomy supplies to Ronaldo, and he distributes them to hospitals and clinics, including for children. A big THANKS to Ronaldo!
TODAY is Election Day in Long Beach! Get out today and volunteer, support and vote for our endorsed Latino/a LGBT candidates: Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for Mayor and Stella Ursua for LBCC Board of Trustees District 3. For more information on these candidates, go to: and or
Very early hatawan with our malulupit na business partners!!! Head Coach April Davis Martin, Nurses Demi Louise Dela Cruz, Faye Shelly Brazil, Doc Ana Maria Belgado-Naluz and sir Teddy, and our newest partner former Chief Nurse of Cabuyao Hospital Mam Marita Lumines!!! On our way to Sablayan for free check up and business talk with the Vice Mayor., PAUERUPPS!
Vice Mayor, David Anderson - thanks for coming to today's walk to
Courtesy lunch from the Vice Mayor. Happy fiesta San Francisco, Camotes.
Casello is selected as new Vice Mayor.
The San Francisco Model San Francisco with population of 45.000 is one of the 4 municipalities of the Camotes Islands (total population of 80.000) in Cebu province, the Philippines. It is a third class Municipality divided into 15 Barangays and 120 Puroks. Livelihood is predominantly fishery dependent and only recently starting tourism ('community based- and towards eco tourism'). Fragile coastal environment. Former Mayor Alfredo Arquillano (now Vice Mayor), and Champion of the Making Cities Resilient, led the program in San Francisco. He had been Mayor for the maximum three terms since 2002 (9 years). His father had been a Mayor- the first to promote change - and now his brother is Mayor. "Think Big - Start Small" was Mayor Al's policy base. In 2004 he introduced the strengthened Purok system as basis for community based governance and empowerment, to work on the planning, maintenance and implementation of development: keep registers and information base; plan roads, production, drainage, ornamental pla ...
JUST ADDED: DR. JAMES L. WALLS, JR. MASTER OF CEREMONY FOR THE HOWARD HEWETT CONCERT FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014. JOIN US IN WELCOMING BACK TO HAGERSTOWN DR. WALLS, A LONG STANDING SUPPORTER OF THE DBHM. The Honorable James L. Walls, Jr., was re-elected Mayor of the City of District Heights, Maryland on May 3, 2010. He is the youngest person in the City's History to be elected as a Mayor, as well as the youngest person to ever serve as Vice Mayor and City Commissioner. Mayor Walls has received accolades from many Cities and States from around the United States and the World for his outstanding commitment and dedication to public and community service. In 2008, Mayor Walls received the Distinguished "Martin Luther King Foundation" of Prince George's County, "Civic Engagement Award". He holds memberships in many organizations such as the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc., National League of Cities, National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO), Maryland Municipal League, U.S. Conference of Mayors, N ...
"Pushing Manila" August 8, 2013 I am rooted in Romblon, live in Makati, and have chosen to work for Manila. My new job? To promote Manila, to "push" storied and vibrant Manila as a premiere destination for tourists and respectable habitat for its residents. Manila, designated by the Spanish colonialists as Ciudad Insigne y Siempre Leal (Distinguished and Ever Loyal City). Ironically, the ever loyal city was where the anti-Spanish revolutionary society, the Katipunan, was founded. Now, best-selling author Dan Brown calls Manila the Gates of *** Whether the city is just the gates of *** or *** itself, the government of Manila headed by Mayor Joseph Erap Estrada intends move even heaven and *** by way of a comprehensive 10-point agenda to sweep the city's image clean. And I am part of the team that will do just that. I am not entirely new to public service. I had served as Vice Mayor and President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation. Additionally, my credentials include degrees in law and commerce. ...
Senators and Representatives of the Commonwealth; I want to express my gratitude for being allowed to speak with you today. I know that the Commonwealth will be wrestling with very difficult budgetary decisions in the upcoming session of the Legislature. So when someone says, that there is a way to do the good things that government was intended to do such as build large transportation projects such as bridges without huge expenditures or even having to guarantee this with government money; I know that they have your ear. I am Steve Frank, Vice Mayor of the City of Covington KY; the Fifth Largest City in the Commonwealth. We are also the largest city in the Second most Populated area of the Commonwealth, Northern Kentucky. Covington is not a rich city. We may be surrounded by them, but our city has a median family income of only $34,000 if you include transfer payments. Financially, we are about on a par with Pike or Muhlenberg County. Covington is also Ground Zero for one of the largest planned infrastru ...
"Due to Climate Change our agricultural crops were not able to have better yield and some of our farmers failed this cropping season, we know that Claveria is dependent to Agriculture but maybe its time for us create another source of Income and that its through developing our place as Tourist Destination. In this way, we can be able to generate income as we mitigate and adapt Climate change" quoted by: Vice Mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar
Over meeting with tanods, Vice mayor gets JVR’s reprimand | by Liv Campo
Sold Reliv now for kids to Vice Mayor Tantan Uy of Catarman, Northern Samar.l
MANILA, Philippines - Truck drivers should discipline their own ranks and strictly follow the daytime truck ban implemented by the Manila city government, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno said yesterday.
Bgy Batang in Hernani, Eastern Samar was completely wiped out by the storm surge brought about by Typhoon Yolanda. It was one of the 3 recipient -barangays of our fishing boats. Hernani Vice Mayor Candido brought me there to check the devastation. Hernani town had 78 casualties, most of them from this barangay
Thank you to all who helped to make tonight's Soroptimist International of Diablo Vista Poker Tournament a big success, especially Susan Manning and Norene Lowry for organizing the event, Joshua Barron and Councilmember Edi Birsan for competitively playing to almost the very end, and Vice Mayor Leone for Council 2014--tonight's big winner!
Find out why Daniel Belton impressed the Vice Mayor of South Gate in the February issue of the Jaguar Times!
Our vice mayor @ Carlton Jones. thnx for sharing your time and favorite Dr Suess book... with us... ~MISS ROSE...
Thank you for celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with us today at TPL! Vice Mayor, Carlton Jones, read, sang, and...
Congratulations ahia jeloi...basud elem school newly elected SPG vice mayor...and to my atchie trix as SPG PIO...we're so proud of you...
Pretty dubious honor. Making a virtue of vice. Take that, Mayor Bloomberg!
16.Thomas,he's elected 2be Vice mayor at Biak Numfor,But yet to inaugurate
The vice-mayor of Râmnicu Vâlcea: drop your plan to kill all homeless dogs after 7 days - it's unlawful! via
Lunch Meeting with Legazpi City Vice Mayor Vittorio C. Roces and his lovely wife (right), & and Councilor...
March 1, 2014 Opening Ceremony Barangay 7 Inter Purok Basketball League with Vice Mayor Eric Africa and exhibition game with Barangay Officials vs Office of the Vice Mayor
With António Costa the mayor of Lisbon city hall and a former vice President of the EU Parliament.
exhibition game Office of the Vice Mayor vs Barangay Officials of Barangay 7
Farm Day with my classmates @ Vice Mayor Columbres Farm in San Jacinto Pangasinan.Advance Bday Celebration of Rustana.Thank you for inviting us we enjoyed a lot!,!😉🎉
just arrived from a meeting with vice mayor Marlon Pesebre of Pasay City
Done in waiting for the Vice Mayor of Tinoc, Ifugao for Libel Mo, Inspirasyon Ko book drive...what a fulfilled day..
Tnx municpal vice mayor ervin cordeta for d accomodation..from DOLE ENUMERATORS
ok I'll hit up the Venue or the vice mayor who I'm friends with will be able to let me know who to talk to.
Mhe & thes with vice mayor BONoy Gonzaga father of Toni & Alex gonzaga
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Atty. Leni Robredo at Hernani, Eastern Samar for the turnover of 40 fishing boats to fisherfolk affected by the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda. During the disaster, the Municipality of Hernani recorded 77 casualties and massive damage to property. The Jesse M. Rorbredo Foundation (JMRF) took the liberty to adopt several municipalities in Eastern Samar to provide the necessary aid for the people in the affected areas. The activity was an initiative of the JMRF in partnership with Kaya Natin!, Negrense Volunteers For Change Foundation Inc., and The Peter Project. Atty. Leni was accompanied by Hernani Vice Mayor Wilmar Candido.
barangay Tanod and Barangay Officials attending training on fire prevention with bureau of fire at brgy cabid-an with the BFP and Office of the City Vice Mayor MCLD
Will you be the Vice Mayor of Crawford?
Reunion with ole friends and vice mayor of San Jose
3 cheers for the Vice Mayor of Harrison! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!
that's because he's the vice mayor of Harrison
Great Day @ Apitong Utap, triage about 370 people, between the 3 of us nurses, today. Met the Vice Mayor Jerry .of Tacloban who is also a Pastor of a church on our way back. Our clinic was held in a Catholic church. Some pic attached.
Seriously... Manila mayor and vice mayor get your act together! Closing roxas blvd while all the alternate routes are in repair?!?
A few minutes ago I spent time with our very scarce batchmate Alexis Dodong Almendras. I lucked out and happened to move my family just a few blocks from the Almendras' ancestral home. We had but a few minutes as he had to drive to Santa Cruz to perhaps fulfill his duties as Vice Mayor.
With the Honorables :) Mayor Ed Timbol and Vice Mayor Tess Timbol. Courtesy Call of my sisters voyage…
Dear Fellow La Vergne Neighbors: As the Vice Mayor of our city, I am seeking your support in opposing Earth Waste & Metal’s request for rezoning of the property at 444 *** Buchanan Street. The company has asked that the city rezone the property to an I-3 district. Per the city, this is the description of an I-3: “The I-3, Industrial District (Special) is intended to provide suitable areas for intense or potentially noxious industrial and scrap operations, including open land operations. Secondly, to protect these industrial lands from encroachment by other uses.” In their request, the company is proposing using the land for “auto salvage, dismantling, and part sales; scrap metal reclamation & recycling; consumer recycling – plastic, glass, cardboard; and concrete recycling.” However, if this rezoning request passes, this is what a company can actually use an I-3 property for: 1. Dyeing and finishing textiles. 2. Automobile recycling, dismantling, and salvage yards. 3. Private sanitary land ...
Fr. Joel Lusat together with Vice Mayor Meraluna Salvaleon Abrogar and Kag Maria Luisa Ong in our journey to explore Poblcaion , Claveria Mis. Or. as a Tourist Destination.. :) The Philippines Choose Philippines
or vice versa, but if you're anything like me right now, I'm practically the mayor of poor city lol
the kind of mafiaesque behaviour connected to the mayor of Canada’s largest city
Rob Ford is probably the most awesome mayor in North America. Embed with his re-election campaign please?
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It's worse that I thought. The Homestead Vice Mayor just emailed that the State plans on widening Krome Avenue from 4th Street north into a 4-lane highway as part of the State's Strategic Intermodal System by 2025. The bypass will only speed up this process to 2018.
The fact that my step dad is the vice mayor of Franklin means the cops come knocking to drop paper off.Probably shouldn't when I'm by myself
“Tempus Fugit”-time flies! The day has finally arrived, the moment of truth! I need your help. As I reflect on the last four years, I realize just how blessed I am with great family, terrific friends, and an awesome city for which I am very proud to serve as Vice Mayor. GOD has truly blessed us all…and he has also blessed me with abilities to make a real difference in people’s lives. Therefore with great pride and honor, I am announcing my intentions to run forre-election to our Port Orange City Council. With your help, we can make a real difference for people every day and continue to move Port Orange forward as a 21st century premier city! I will post occasional updates here, as our website will be live real soon. In the meantime, spread the word! Share this post! I will need help with among other things, sign-waving, hosting neighborhood meet-and-greets, and yes, donations (they all add up!). A lot has been accomplished the last 4 years, but there is plenty more to do! Please help…I ...
He came across as likeable in the latest "Esquire". He really is a hardworking mayor and cares about his people. But he smokes rock
Just wondering why Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is so "hot" on drivers and the transport industry?
Vice mayor of became the new Police chief of - |PR News
WOW! mayor Rob Ford and seem to share the same crack dealer! Toronto needs a
Mayor Jeff Gee and Vice Mayor Rosanne Foust before they present their State of the City Address.
Deadwood City no more! At RWC state of city address by Mayor & Vice Mayor.
Listening to the fantastic initiatives and programs in Redwood City at the State of the City by Mayor Jeff Gee and Vice Mayor Roseanne Foust
As community members, we shall know and believe in who is a mayor that better serves our community. I found David D. "Dave" Cortese for this. As former Vice Mayor, Dave attended Cambodian New Year Festival 2008 in San Jose - Bay Area. With our respectful community leaders, my NY committee co-chair Miss Kara Uy and I presented him statue of Apsara. Dave and his wife were fascinated with cultural performance and decided to be there till the end of the cultural show. David D. "Dave" Cortese is an American politician from California, currently serving on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, representing District 3 including Milpitas and parts of Sunnyvale and San Jose.
Being a *** *** is not an illness that can be cured instead it is a gift and a blessing from God. ;) :P :D -Vice Mayor Arevalo
"I can't undo the past," said Homestead mayor Jeff Porter. Mayor Porter, a former councilman and vice mayor, took office last fall. He follows Steve Bateman, one of the three mayors arrested in August of 2013 for corruption charges. Hear our interview with him:
Ay Grabee! Together with Unified Products and Services CEO/President Mr. Emmanuel Pascual, CDO Vice Mayor Acenas and his beloved wife. ^_^
Another things to be PROUD of...👏👏👏 Congratulations Kuya Joscel Craig Sagun newly elected Vice Mayor of Meycauayan College SPG for SY 2014-2015...
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Try working for the gov't. "The Vice Mayor will see to it" means 1 of his ghost employee will write a memo in a post it&forget it
On Tuesday night the city will be voting on a re-zoning of an area on *** Buchannon that will allow one property to be zoned as I3. What's that mean? It means that property once zoned I3 can be used as a landfill if the owners want to do so. The company that wants it re-zoned is from VT and claiming to want to use this as a recycling center. But once this is done there's no going back. Please go to city hall Tuesday to oppose this. If you have any questions contact Vice Mayor Chris Farmer. Let's not let a landfill move that close to our homes!!!
"Fresh from tense negotiations with traders and truckers over Manila's new truck ban, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno led...
CONGRATULATIONS Vice Mayor Atty. John Ungab the new regional president of the Vice Mayor's League of the Phils.
Great to have Vice-Chancellor Jane den Hollander in the Mayor's Office.
A visit to Sausalito by Cascais Vice Mayor Miguel Pinto Luz and his adjunct, Bernardo Corrêa de Barros
Vice Mayor I hope d Manila govt is also visible on Sundays at Quiapo when traffic is worse
Courtesy Call from the City officials. The Councilor and the Vice Mayor. Anyone looks familiar? :)…
City officials led by Mayor Beng Climaco, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and Cong. Celso Lobregat and members of the...
Mayor Quan + Vice Mayor Swanson join President to announce to support young men of color
San Jose Vice Mayor a mayoral candidate, outlines her plan to restore the burglary unit
WEMB NEWS -- Who is the newest Erwin Alderman and Vice Mayor? Click the link below to find out.
Fort Lauderdale mayor, vice mayor weigh in on Panthers bailout
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has endorsed Robert Garcia for Mayor of Long Beach! He lauds Garcia for his job-producing tenure as Vice Mayor and for his vision of transforming LB into a Tech Hub.
Asst City Mngr Patricia Roebling and Vice Mayor Linda Bartz calling previous CM Don Cooper to congratulate him on 1c!
Meanwhile in 32 bodies found in mass grave near a political attack from a mayor, and on and on ... h…
Here's the Mayor & Vice Mayor's Award of Excellence Winners for 2014
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!!! With informing the masses in Murfreesboro that "Vice Mayor Ron Washington" is running for...
The vice mayor Gomez asked the second finalist what song or anthem she was and she said "I'm woman hear me roar"
See you at the Meetup with Stockolm's Vice Mayor & presented by
Vice Mayor Gomez asked the second applicant what her song would be. She answered. "I am woman see me roar." This is the JByrons lady.
Fantastic that Lt Gov endorses Vice Mayor for Mayor of Long Beach. Gavin was my former SF mayor.
JUST MOMENTS AGO: Mayor Bob Foster endorsed Vice Mayor and First District Councilman Robert Garcia to be the next mayor of Long Beach.
Good Morning mga Kabarangay Kapuso!!! Thank you so much the warm welcome of Aklan to Sir Butch of 92.9 Super Radyo. To Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo and Vice Mayor Madeline Regalado. Sa mga kapuso sa Visayas at sa Aklan. Maraming maraming Salamat po!
Hon. Mayor Melchor Mergal of Salcedo, Eastern Samar, together with the Vice Mayor and the Municipal...
Mayor asks Vice President for city housing aid - Sun.Star
Christmas with vice mayor joy belmonte and my ovm family
Today (26/12/2013), 102 days the leadership Mayor of Bandung City and Vice Mayor Congratulations, we proud both of you
Homey! Thank you sa gift Inday and Vice mayor :*
Mel Mathay, former QC mayor, dies: Ismael Mathay Jr., who served as vice...
I didn't know Mayor Rob Ford owned an inn.
Noticed Vice Mayor this morning air smells much better. Past few days smelled like L.A. or China. Thank U. Merry Christmas.
Hitting the road on our way home. Thanks Former Vice Mayor Santes for the ride...
Chinese vice premier meets mayor of 12.25.2013
likewise dear vice mayor. May God give you to serve accodingly in this coming year.
Thank you and Merry Christmas City of Taguig! Mayor Lani Cayetano, Vice Mayor Ading Cruz and all the Department...
thank you. And a very merry Christmas to you and your family, Mr. Vice-Mayor!
thanks Vice Mayor. Happy Holidays to you, your entire staff and your lovely family!
Birthday greetings to Vice Mayor, Joel D.Dumdum who will be celebrating his birthday today. Many happy returns of...
Merry Christmas Vice Mayor!! Miss you hope you're good there. Pahomecoming ka soon! Mwa 😘
Happy Xmas po Vice-Mayor, hope you try our pan de suelo here if you're near QC. Regards from bakers, staff & owners
Watch out for Vice Mayor ARAFAT M. SALIC "Mothers Run Event" for marawi city cleanliness this january 2014. All of you are welcome to participate. Brgys, School, Groups, Fraternity, Sorrority and for all of those who wants to join. Just register at Vice Mayor's office, City Hall Complex. Advance Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you :))
mayor has been re-elected chair tonight. councillor Patricia Ross elected vice-chair.
Hardly 24 hours after rally of their long time ally ShivSena party workers physically attacked a BJP vice Mayor in Thane
The Toronto Mayor may have a new vice
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
China News- Chinese vice premier meets mayor of Chicago
Playing Taboo... "Who is Dan Malloy". Sam: our mayor!. Nicole:. Sam: our representative!. Nicole: . Sam: our Vice President!. Nicole: 😄🔫
no time did he or Luken mention Council/Mayor structure different than Luken's time nor that Vice Mayor is member of council.
City of Opa-locka is on YouTube too! Here Vice Mayor Kelley spotlights the Urban Rangers.
Vice Mayor, Jospeh L. Kelley spotlights the Urban Rangers division in this months segment.
Congrats to current spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg, who will be doing communications for VICE come February.
Thanks, Vice Mayor for the follow and your work!
Been 5 years queenie! With the mayor, vice mayor, and forever classmate :) see you soon! qbasilio…
City Council members: Flynn, Vice Mayor David Mann and Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld have been lambasted on 700 WLW-AM and
By Avdullah Hoti Member of the Leading Board of LDK, former vice mayor of the Commune of Pristina 2014 budget is the budget of poverty. This
/\ NEW YORK (Reuters) - Vice President Joe Biden congratulated the wrong man on being elected mayor of Boston and college football st...
Met w Vice Mayor Sellers of Chandler along with other East Valley community members to chat about smart policies to spur…
SUNSTAR CEBU: THE Talisay City College is not yet qualified to become a state college because it lacks some requirements. Talisay City Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante said that the TCC reportedly failed to comply with some requirements as mandated under Republic Act 10594, or the law converting the local college into a state college. One of the requirements that the local college lacks is Level 3 accreditation for some of their programs. Richel Bacaltos, acting TCC president, told Sun.Star Cebu that they are working on the requirements. Villarante said officials of the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) led by Regional Director Amelia Biglete met with him and Talisay City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes for a meeting last week. Biglete reportedly informed both city officials regarding TCC’s current status. Based on the law’s provisions, TCC needs Level 3 accreditation for at least four of its undergraduate programs, one in liberal arts and one in the sciences and two of its graduate programs. Villarante said ...
Christmas/Grocery baskets everywhere in the house! Thanks for being a vice-mayor uncle! Lols :""">
Julien Bargeton, vice Mayor of Paris explains that has already been successful (see figures).
Thank you so much vice mayor Joy Belmonte for doneting P6.1 million to my hometown Palompon Leyte
Have never heard of the vice president of Nigeria at any point. What's his name sef?
If you're ever feeling irrelevant, just remember that Nigeria has vice president..."
A happy day cullarin clan reunion. At candelaria ,quezon thank you vice mayor naty atienza for . Nice reunion to all my cnusins,nieces,nephews tiya maring, tiyo emilio magkita kita tayo sa may18 ,at joe residence ,lemery,bats
Mayor & Vice Mayor wanted to scope out the damage. Glad to report all is well here. (@ Morgan Park) on
Here at the Reception. Chilling with Vice Mayor Lubigan. Usapang road worthiness.
that was a long time ago. He ran for mayor and edu manzano was his vice.
grateful though. My 10 yo is in a cool place this year: performed for Mayor Emanuel, Vice Premier of China, Berry Gordy, ..
Started uno-> 9:30. Ended uno-> 11:00 after saying who the president Vice President governor mayor and mailman were
Former Archer and now City of San Juan Vice Mayor Francis Zamora wears Green Fusion! Thank You Very Much Sir for...
Even bump into Vintar Vice Mayor Gen. Roy yesterday at Vintar Campsite.
Godz Sun Productions are proud managers for the Cynthia Wilson's live Stage play Battered But Not Broken. Directed by Jevon White sponsored by Vice Mayor Alexandra P. Davis and the city of Miramar. Check out some of the cast more pics to follow.
Philippines -where can u find a vice pres of a country with a senator daughter, another congresswoman, and a son a mayor
Hey Mayors, try out the brand new Vice Mayor and Town Transfer abilities on Potato:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
This is what it's like to be in the car with a dozen of Santa's elves (and Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby's Youth Advisory Committee) while following Santa on the fire truck. They added caroling this year, making it even more special for everyone. I am so proud of them!
officials swear in five City Council members today. Council members also elected Nick Pavlis to continue as vice mayor.
Councilman Nick Pavlis to serve as vice mayor, Brenda Palmer as Beer Board chair, Daniel Brown as KTA Board member.
So who will be Norfolk's next Vice Mayor as we say good bye to Anthony Burfoot as he takes his new post as Treasurer of the City of Norfolk?
Vice Mayor Pavlis welcomes all to the swearing-in ceremony in the Main Assembly Room.
Vice Mayor of San Juan Mr coping some Jordan 11 laney. He's my new fit-spiration!
Merry Xmas Vice Mayor Bart Blanco thank you for choosing me as your guest entertainer... Hehehe…
A top official in Guangdong is being investigated for “serious discipline violations”, which is often a euphemism...
Vice Mayor kick the ball to start the 1st Football Tournament participated from Vigan City, Candon City, Laoag City, Magsingal and Sto. Domingo at Brgy. Binalayangan
ABS-CBN's Ted Failon explains in this video how they survived the storm surge which hit the house of Tacloban City Vice Mayor Jerry Yaokasin last November 8.
Having lunch with the Vice Mayor today. Your prayers would be great.
Meet with Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg Saturday morning to discuss whatever is concerning you.
Thanks Vice Mayor Bryan Lim of JCI Dagupan Bangus for the ride... I'm safely back to barracks now ...
The judges are Vice Mayor of the City of Norwalk, Marcel Rodarte, Council Member, Leonard Shryock, Nlmusd School Board President, Margarita L Rios, a City Commissioner, Mary Jane McIntosh, Beauty Queens, Kristi Calederon & Alexia Calderon. Judging will begin around 5:30pm on Sunday. Pleas have all your light on. Winners will be announced around 6:30 at 12025 east 164th street.
The wife of the vice mayor of Tuguegarao City has allegedly fled after learning that the female student she bumped in a road accident had died.
Our simple xmas party boodlefight with our Vice Mayor Floro Butch Tadena
Vice Mayor Binay, pls naman, be nice to the guards. They are just doing their jobs.
MAGANDANG TANGHALI PO MGA KABARANGAY! In line with the 75th Foundation Anniversary celebration of Quezon City, and the feast day of San Pedro Bautista, patron saint of the oldest Franciscan church in the Philippines found in Brgy. Damayan, QC; the Office of the Vice Mayor will once again hold its annual 'VOICES: Achoral Competition for Quezon City Schools and Community-based Groups.' The theme is for this year is "Awit Pagkilala kay San Pedro Bautista,". This contest will be on January 31, - February 2, 2014 for the District Eliminations, and February 8, 2014 For the Grand finals. Please confirm your participation on or befor January 9, 2014. For queries and other concerns, you may contact 988-4242 loc 8208 and look for Anjo Gante or Faye Largo. For kabarangay in Roxas District who may want to join in the contest you may contact Ms. Mary Grace Yap at 374-7248 or 0926-6169000 and 0922-5762121. Thank you.
Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno admits his ties to 'Ma'am Arlene' go beyond personal. READ:
Vice Mayor Mann: I'm glad the fight is over. I'm ready to get to work on other issues. Let's get to work on other issues.
So the same City Council members (Vice Mayor Paige Cherry, Councilman William Moody, Councilman Danny Meeks and Councilwoman Elizabeth Psimas), who voted NO to funding a Community Center on the Southside of Portsmouth voted YES to bring a casino to Portsmouth. To go with that, they voted for a deal that would bring Portsmouth only 10% of the profit. That means for every 1 million dollars the casino profits; the city would get only 100,000, but the state gets 900,000. This deal actually makes the toll deal look good. Moreover, that's not even guaranteed because all earmarked revenue is interchangeable, meaning that the General Assembly can spend the money on whatever they want to spend it on. With that being said, do you really think that a General Assembly that thought it was ok to have the tolls in the first place; who voted against every alternative regarding the tolls is really going to allocate 90% of the profit to the tolls and 10% to the city of Portsmouth? Another thing I heard was how much revenue ...
A vice mayor of Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, is being investigated for serious discipline violations, the province's disciplinary watchdog said Thursday.
Vice mayor Leo Bringas and the Sanguniang Bayan members and staff - Christmas party last night! Everyone had a great time!
In Leyte:Part of my Salaries as a Vice Mayor is invested in a meaningful & sustainable livelihood to help my poor constituents send thier children to school, coz I believed that only educated people are Free. Each deserving family will receive 3 piglets worth P6t. (Of course we can't please everybody) Morethan 255 piglets have been dispersed to different bgrys. This is a combined efforts of our members of SLBCI. "Chinese Proverb says; Teach a man how to fish for he or she can eat the rest of his life rather than giving him fish for he can only eat for a day." This how we fight poverty. Building a castle is nonsense without building sustainable community. This is my longterm Gift for this Christmas. Whay about you, in what way we can share this Christmas? Tito Jr Endico Calooy Sandee Laroa Gavino Dejito Lito Arrabis Alfredo Awe
The Hon. City Vice Mayor Roland F. Deticio just got off the air from an interview with Boy Dimit of DXDB Radyo Bandilyo Malaybalay The Vice Mayor was interviewed with regards to the Productivity Enhancement Incentives (PEI) of the Officials and Employees of the City Government of Malaybalay, and other benefits that are to be given to teachers and barangay officials in the City of Malaybalay Through the consideration, efforts and approval of the Local Chief Executive HON. CITY MAYOR IGNACIO W. ZUBIRI, the Council of the City of Malaybalay headed by the HON. VICE MAYOR ROLAND DETICIO passed various legislation authorizing the release of the said benefits to the deserving officials, employees, personnel, teachers in the City of Malaybalay The Productivity Enhancement Incentives (PEIs) of the Elected Officials, Appointed, Regular and Casual Employees were approved at 40,000.00 each. Due however to the massive campaign of the Bureau of Infernal Revenue (BIR) headed by Comm. Henares, a withholding tax of a ma . ...
,danz..danz wid our energetic VicE MayoR..jejeje..
Indonesia.!! Jakarta to Host BWF World Championships 2015 BWF The deafening noise and colorful sights inside the Istora Senayan Stadium will be the backdrop for the BWF World Championships 2015 as Jakarta was today selected as host city for that tournament. BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer made the announcement in Athens, Greece, as the BWF Council revealed the host cities for its slate of Major Events in two years’ time. The Indonesian capital beat the Chinese city of Kunshan (Jiangsu province) for the privilege of staging one of badminton’s showpiece events which returns to Asia, following the Championships going to Copenhagen, Denmark, next August. Another Chinese city, Dongguan (in Guangdong), received the nod for the BWF Sudirman Cup 2015 while the popular BWF World Senior Championships head to Helsingborg in Sweden. “We have been impressed by the technically sound and competent bids which were presented earlier today. There is clearly significant experience among you in hosting events and in cer ...
Navy Removes Ordnance Found at Barrigada Mayor’s Office BARRIGADA, Guam (Dec. 18, 2013) – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 5 Detachment Marianas responded to a call of an ordnance found at the Barrigada Mayor’s Office yesterday afternoon. The World War II, five-inch projectile was deemed safe by Navy explosive ordnance disposal technicians before transporting it to Naval Magazine for proper disposal. “We are very fortunate to have the Navy here to help take care of our village and all the ordnance we find,” said Barrigada Vice Mayor Jessie Bautista. “We are overwhelmed and grateful to have them here in our community.” The detachment has responded to 66 calls and conducted seven render safe procedures on Guam during the current calendar year. Navy personnel also provide support in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and Marshall Islands. “It’s the most active shore detachment in the Navy and it’s an once-in-a-lifetim ...
Cincinnati Business Vice Mayor Mann on streetcar: ‘I’m awfully close to saying let’s go for it’
Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez finally give a hint regarding her political plans as she is being presumed to run for mayoral position in 2013. She also discussed...
Los Angeles County Supervisor Antonovich Replaces Founding Member of AVAQMD Ahead of Palmdale Power Plant Vote Lancaster, CA. 12/16/2013 – In a last-ditch effort to control the outcome of tomorrow’s vote regarding the transfer of air credits needed for construction of the Palmdale Power Plant, Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich has removed founding Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD) Governing Board member Vern Lawson, Jr. and replaced him with Pat Russell, a Palmdale business owner and former staff member for Antonovich. She has been given instructions to vote for the power plant and will only sit on the board for one meeting. This decision follows a series of secret meetings where Los Angeles County health officials were directed to meet with some board members to lobby for their votes. The board members appointed by the City of Lancaster were kept in the dark by the Supervisors Office about these meetings. “This eleventh-hour surprise completely highjacks the public process for ...
PIA-3/PAMPANGA: The Pampanga Councilors League (PCL) has conferred a plaque of recognition to Arayat Vice Mayor Monching Changcoco for serving as municipal legislator for 12 years. PCL President Mike Tapang and other PCL officers conferred the recognition.
Tempe Vice Mayor, Onnie Shekerjian and Tempe Councilman, Kolby Granville, are both joining us again for the race as our honorary guests!
Unexpected gift from vice mayor eric martinez :) ninong
VICE MAYOR hehehe has sent you a money transfer. You might want to save this email until the transaction has been completed. This email contains the link that is required for you to see the progress of this transaction.
May this year be your best ever.I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. Not just a year older, but a year better.Here's to another year of experiene.A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip vice Mayor. May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer. Happy, happy birthday and my sincerest prayers for your good health and safety. Again, happy birthday our dearest Vice Mayor.
Stay tuned for more festive pics, and thanks SO much to everyone who came out to support out the Grand Opening, especially our new BFF + BH Vice Mayor Lili Bosse and her pup Teddy!! Thank you for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood!
Tonight Vice Mayor Derek Dobies is sponsoring the brew and view for Christmas Vacation Saturday Night December 14th 2013. Derek said he is doing it in honor of his dad. His dad passed away in 2010, but Derek says that Christmas Vacation was his favorite movie, and watching it his family's best Christmas tradition. He regrets that he could be here to crack open a beer and quote Chevy Chase with us tonight, but he hopes you enjoy the movie and have a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas with the Griswolds. This movie is FREE and opened to the public. Doors open at 6 PM and the movie starts at 7 PM. Please Like and Share.
As you can tell by all the photos and comments, last night's opening reception for the 2013 Roane Open Art Show was a resounding success. Sales were made and prizes won. Congratulations to our winners, who were graciously announced by Harriman Vice Mayor Ken Mynatt: First Place, 2D: "California Coast Inlet," by Leota Raby Wallick First Place, 3-D: "White Bracelet," by Denise May and.. Best in Show: "Orange Monkey," by Rachael Nelson What did they win besides accolades? We're here to tell you it wasn't just a pat on the back, and it wasn't just chump change. We again thank our patrons and sponsors for their contributions to the prize pool--including, at almost the last minute, a generous donation from the Harriman Merchant's Association. Yes it's raining right now, but duck on into the Annex, 431 N. Roane St. in Harriman and have a look at the art. Get there soon and we'll warm you up with some hot cider, cookies, and cupcakes!
Vero Beach Vice Mayor Jay Kramer discusses the potential for the city selling its 22,000 electric customers outside the city limits, presumably to Florida Power & Light.
Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner and I enjoyed a City Hall visit from the Wichita HS South Madrigals!
Vice Mayor Onnie Sherkerjian's assertion that Tempe maintains a "balanced budget" was grossly misleading coming from one who should know more than most about the nature of the city budget documents. While legally "balanced" because of their ability to draw from their reserves (savings), the budget most certainly is not sustainable. The very fact that they even have to draw from their reserves in order to balance demonstrates need for some concern. Read More below...
A short-term term as Vice Mayor By Carol Bogart Bogart Communications Mark Johannessen, West Sac's new vice-mayor, will still run for state assembly, he told Bogart Communications in a phone interview Dec. 12. A West Sac City Council majority (minus Bill Kristoff who was out on 'personal issue' said Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, so couldn't be again nominated for Vice Mayor or vote) elected Councilman Johannessen to serve as Mayor Pro Tem during the council meeting Dec. 11. Cabaldon and then-Mayor Pro tem Chris Ledesma voted for Johannessen. Councilman Oscar Villegas nominated and voted for Ledesma, who, had he won, would have served two back-to-back terms as Vice Mayor even though this is his first term as a councilman. The position of Vice Mayor typically is one that rotates, with each councilmember taking a turn filling in for the Mayor when, for example, he's out of town on city business. Johannessen, a two-term City Councilman, is having his first turn as Vice Mayor. That position will end with his can ...
Brief History An account by Demy Sonza, a noted Ilonggo historian says that archeologists believed that Guimaras Island was once a part of the Panay Island. Geologically speaking, the two islands are of the same age. Insofar as available historical documents can attest, the Pre-Spanish Ilonggos knew Guimaras as Himal-us. During the Spanish Era, the beautiful sceneries in the island struck the Spaniards headed by Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa who established the Spanish settlement in Arevalo. The verdant mountains of the island were covered with forest timbers for building purposes. The island is rich in limestone and has also has excellent hunting and fishing grounds. The Christianization of the people of Guimaras started almost simultaneously with that of Iloilo. For this purpose, the Spaniards organized the pueblocitos or villages of Nayup with San Pedro Apostol as the patron saint and Igang whose patron saint was Santa Ana. For a long time, these small villages formed a “visita” of Oton, Iloilo. T ...
Just a reminder that tomorrow is the GRAND OPENING of the Tuscany Theatre in Gilbert!! (Northeast corner of Higley and Guadalupe!) We will start off at 9am with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Gilbert's Vice Mayor Cooper. The morning is filled with fun activities for the kids. a bounce house, face painting, balloon animals, bake sale etc..Tours every 30 minutes... There will be Melodrama Performances throughout the day and at 5:00 an AYT 10th Anniversary Reunion performance with 2013 Miss Arizona, Jenifer Smestad!! At 9pm we are having a Karaoke PARTY!!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
HANGGANG KAILAN KA MAGTATAGO, FIXER ARLENE??? 😈 * Alleged ‘fixer’ in judiciary identified By Erika Sauler, Nancy C. Carvajal Philippine Daily Inquirer | December 13, 2013 at 12:47 am MA’AM ARLENE’S ‘AMIGAS’ Arlene Angeles Lerma (in pink circle), alleged fixer in the judiciary, joins last year’s retirement party for a court official with members of the judiciary. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO A Supreme Court insider has identified the so-called “Ma’am Arlene” who was earlier described as “the Janet Lim-Napoles of the judiciary” for allegedly influencing court decisions in favor of her clients with huge payoffs to judges and justices. The source said the alleged “decision-broker” in the judiciary was none other than Arlene Angeles Lerma. Lerma is known to most of members of the judiciary, according to the Inquirer source who asked not to be identified for lack of authority to speak to the media. The media earlier reported that there were three Arlenes who showered members of the judiciary ...
Agusan Farmers Receive Early Christmas Gifts From DAR The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) distributed Monday a total of 860.1465 hectares of agricultural lands to 491 farmers in Jabonga, Agusan del Sur, bringing to 13,541 hectares of farmland already distributed in Caraga region for the year and surpassing the region’s target of 11,088 hectares. DAR Caraga regional director Faisar Mambuay led the distribution of the certificate of land ownership awards (CLOAs) covering packets of landholdings in barangays Bangonay, Libas and Cuyago. Mambuay said the distribution of lands is the DAR’s commitment to the farmers in the hope of improving their living condition and spurring rural development. “The government also implements various support services to ensure economic improvement in the farming sector. These services come in the form of credit assistance, crop insurance and trainings” Mambuay said. Mr. Danilo Dayong, 50-year old farmer and a recipient of a 3-hectare area from Barangay Bangonay, shed ...
I've been appointed Vice Mayor. Things are going to change around here.
Meet the outgoing and incoming mayors and vice mayors of Los Altos Hills this evening at a reception after the 5:30 p.m. council meeting.
New mayor and vice mayor appointed -
Vice Mayor Keith Cowie spoke today at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Southern Technical College's Universal Access Program. The program is a part of a service provided by Polk Transit.
Today The Town of Bean Station lost a a friend, co-worker, community leader and Vice Mayor. Darrel Livesay went to be with his Lord and Savior after a battle with cancer. Darrell will be missed by all who knew him and the community he severed. May God bless his family today and the days that follow. Please join me prayer for this family as they grieve their lost. Mayor Terry Wolfe Sent from my iPad
There will be other Special Guests ; all the Secret Santas-YOU, the Kleidon's, & Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen. With all our great efforts I have arranged SJFD "Red Engine" to stop by with bells and whistles for you to witness. the bins of Toys lifted into Fire Engine (Santa's Sleigh) Thank you for your donations and support. This show is dedicated to each & everyone of YOU!
At the World AIDS Day Rally and March in Wilton Manors at Hagen Park as Vice Mayor (and Vice President of the...
San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee noted that District 3 hasn't had Vice Mayor this millenium. Last one was Julian Polvorosa in 1993.
San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee suggests that Diana Souza serve as Vice Mayor until the end of her term and then revert to Jim Prola.
San Fernando choir bags 3rd runner-up prize in national competition for state workers CITY OF San Fernando, Pampanga, September 23 (PIA) -- The City choir of San Fernando, Pampanga ended 3rd runner up in the recently concluded Choral Competition for State Workers organized by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The 29-member group, composed of city hall employees, was among the eight finalists in the tilt that is among the major activities of the 113th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary this September. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Singers took home the top honors while National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) Chorale and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Chorale placed 1st and 2nd runner-up, respectively. "As a Fernandino and the City's Vice Mayor, I am so proud that we made it to the top 4 because they are truly the pride of the City," said Jaime Lazatin who attended the contest as a show of support. NAPOCOR Chorale was awarded as having the Best Arrangement of Competition Song a ...
PIA-CAR/KALINGA: Balbalan LGU adopted the "Gammid" program where the members -Mayor, Vice Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan and department heads act as foster parents to at least 4 malnourished children each. Myrna Canapi, municipal social welfare officer said as foster parents they will provide from their own pockets supplemental foods, medicines, and other basic needs and conduct regular visits to monitor progress of beneficiaries.
Students from Pampanga HS, St. Scholastica's Academy chosen as 'Youth' Mayor, Vice Mayor of San Fernando BY: MARIE JOY L. SIMPAO CITY OF San Fernando, Pampanga, Sept. 19 (PIA) -- Jude Paolo Bognot from Pampanga High School and Ailaina Danielle Aquino from St. Scholastica’s Academy were recently chosen by the Rotary Club of San Fernando as the Youth Mayor and Vice Mayor, respectively of the city for 2013. In a message during the oath taking rites of the honorary officials, Mayor Edwin Santiago challenged Bognot, Aquino, and those chosen as youth councilors to set good examples to their fellow students and to take this opportunity as their calling to serve their own city. “As the City Mayor, we want to give our youth the right disposition when it comes to leading. Being a leader at a young age is the starting point to become an effective leader in the future,” Santiago said. For his part, Bognot emphasized the importance of molding the youth to become leaders at an early age because this will serve as ...
Gov. Imee chats with Mayor Garvida and Vice Mayor Cimatu of Bangui together with the recipients of loan...
Yeah Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is here. He's the resource speaker
Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, Vice-Mayor Edgardo Labella and Councilor Margot Osmeña led the opening of the "Rare...
Meeting with the President and Vice Mayor of Osaka City Council.
PIA-4B/PALAWAN: There is a petition submitted to the Comelec for a recount of the votes for city vice mayor from...
Vice Mayor Hannah McKinney: Asks "why" more blacks were arrested in study when contraband was found more in non blacks.
I think Weiner thinks he's gonna be like... Vice mayor or something?
Anthony Weiner taking the high road! Trying to get that vice-mayor position.
Shanghai free-trade zone expected to open Sep 27, less than 3 months announcement. They don't muck around do they?
Romania: *** on Earth for dogs. YOUR EU taxes are stolen by the people who starve and torture them.
Groveland mayor and vice mayor should resign amid Sunshine law probe
How many City Council votes has Vice-Mayor Manheimer missed? Can we expect more of the same???
What changes will be made for bikes and peds? Vice Mayor & Tran Director Ken Putnam will speak about the proposed changes.
As the unofficial mayor of Rochester, NY, you know it. Cumbo is vice-mayor in charge of Bob Segar.
Vice Mayor of Sausalito, Jonathan Leone failed to file an Annual Statement of Economic Interests in '10, '11 = $10,000 fine.
Can John Cranley sink any lower with scheme to be Mayor. 1st Tom luken, Smitherman for vice mayor, now this.
And here's cranley praising his vice mayor and making a council bid.
Shanghai scheduled 2 officially launch its free-trade zone this month
Experimental or mini-Hong Kong? Shanghai likely to launch its free-trade zone on Sept. 27 | via
One on one interview with Vice Mayor and the City Councilors. Watch out for this new segment of Bagius…
Vice Mayor Qualls to present proclamation on Weds. to honor 2 lives lost in Kennedy Heights Park & mark community effort to reclaim park
Just recieved a text from our Vice Mayor. :) shet. :)
Tree Planting with my partner Vice Mayor Jeannie Sandoval & Dumagats during SOROP week at Camp Explore, Rizal ❤
Vice Mayor We are now dealing with NHA or PAGIBIG on how to fund [the in-city relocation on Marikina].
Rizal Gov. Nini Ynares with Montalban Mayor Cecilio Hernandez and Vice Mayor Jonas Cruz together with the (cont)
Vice Mayor,Cud you tel me po the number in your office? I'll ask help regarding a docu I'll be doing for my school requirement.
Vice Mayor Martin Haag: our greatest challenge is to build bike highway
Vice Mayor Martin Haag: promoted modes inthe past 40 years, now it's the time to connect all these mrean…
Vice Mayor Martin Haag: we cannit talk about mobility and urban developmemt as two separate things
Vice Mayor Wei: We hope to learn more about low-carbon development from ICLEI and Welcome to …
Shanghai free-trade zone to launch later this month
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Dear Reformers In Delhi: Do read abt the Shanghai FEZ. 28 sqkm is all it needs and decisions are made by the cabinet.
Fmr baosteel head to lead Shanghai Free Econ zone. More interesting decisions go str8 to cabinet to avoid red tape
Hon. Mayor Noel E. Rosal, his wife, Vice Mayor Bitoy Roces, Councilor Alan Ra??ola and the rest of the city officials are in the house \m/
Shanghai to launch free-trade zone on Sep. 27th, a 1st on mainland: SCMP
Shanghai vice mayor Ai Baojun to head up free-trade zone later this month | South China Morning Post
Vice Mayor Wei of Jilin: Low-carbon development cannot go without We have to act now!
Interesting move... former SOE executive appointed to head up Shanghai free trade zone
PIA-8: Javier Mayor Sandy Javier, his vice mayor and councilors will be at the Leyte SP session on September 3 to...
Vice Mayor of Freiburg: is only an instrument, we need acceptance from the people to create liveable city
Vice Mayor Liu: we need to engage NGOs and citizens to promote low-carbon development
So, I've gotten more input from people in the know, and the Vice Mayor of Collegedale, Tim Johnson (also an...
Manila Mayor JOSEPH ESTRADA and Vice Mayor ISKO MORENO have postponed their appearance at the forum to a later date.
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