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Vice Mayor

Deputy mayor is an elective or appointive office of the second-ranking official in many local governments.

Baguio City Vice Mayor Robert Garcia Long Beach City Hall City Council Quezon City United States James Johnson San Francisco

Pic with Atom Araullo, Valerie, Aaron. Pic taken by Vice-Mayor Yaokasin. Kill me now. Super awod 😂
remember when there were so many in Sinajana? I'm glad Mayor Blas and Vice Mayor Hofmann took them all out.
The leader of the 2017 Asian Winter Games (who is the vice-mayor) told me in Incheon the city is exploring the …
The 43 kidnapped students in were incinerated. By their mayor. Time to end the
In Beverly Hills, qualifying begins Nov. 10 for the City Council seats of Mayor and Vice Mayor Julian Gold, M.D.
A fab day parading with the new Lord Mayor - our LondonMet Vice Patron. Guildhall faculty put on a great show! :-)
I want to manage Vice Mayor Duterte's campaign when he runs for President :D
Soo Ghana's Vice President had the opportunity to act as president one day and he call Accra mayor so the go and collect Borla. . Lol
Tacloban's vice mayor Jerry Yaokasin said the recovery effort has been a challenge, but said: "I cannot rebuild my life until and unless ...
Ran into Angela Spizig, former Vice Mayor of Cologne, Indy's sister city.
Another set of cake from san juan vice mayor Francis Zamora!
Iguala mayor had 43 students killed and likely incinerated "because the students were 'going after' his wife"
He did it for love. Mexico's 43 students were incinerated for "going after" ex-mayor's wife
Valencia is so lucky to have such a handsome vice mayor. Young n handsome
Ok. Sat by and talked with the vice mayor and the councilor. Talked about politics, work and some random men stuff. Like whut???
Great to see that Lowell stayed Blue - despite Nangle and the Mayor! - Let’s hope he loses his vice chair.
Protesters burn Iguala City Hall as Mexico announces fugitive mayor ordered attack on students vi…
As Dresden vice mayor for econ put it to me: We lost all of our markets.
Rape victim gets backing vs former vice mayor: . Members of the... (via
PNP together with vice mayor Salcedo during Fun Run
Mayor Ken Harycki stepped down as mayor, effective today. Council member Mike Polehna will serve as Vice Mayor...
Yes, apparently I did snag the Vice Mayor title as well! And I imagine there can be a beer in our future, there's no COI there :)
District board meeting with the Economic Development Manager, Amanda Norton and the Vice Mayor, Robert…
How much force is excessive force? I feel that cops should be held more accountable for their actions
Join me, and the City of Doral Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council on Tuesday, November 11th for a Veteran's Day Parade!
Thank you to the Vice Mayor Diane Walker, and the athletes and cheerleaders from Pahokee High!
What's the future of Econ Dev Vice Mayor Hall & ACM Buss talk about opportunities on Hall's new TV show
AKAP monthly meeting hosted by Vice Mayor Rico Golez.
(2/2) retell her horrific rape allegedly by Pantabangan city vice mayor Romeo Borja Jr.
Vice mayor falls in love with speed-pedelec:19 km headwind in 50 minutes
Fietsberaad is today guest in At the door I crossed vice mayor Great small city!
Our Vice Mayor who was trying to calm the survivors. .
Mayor of Tbilisi guides the Vice-President of the World Bank around the old Tbilisi
COP Dingras MPS together with the Hon Vice Mayor Saguid had a brief dialogue to the Sanjera
Event: The 9th Annual Dialogue With Beijing Vice Mayor Cheng Hong: This is an AmCham-China member only content...
MANILA - Former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado on Wednesday presented a video of a 350-hectare property in Rosario, Batangas, which he believes is owned by Vice-President Jejomar Binay.
A slideshow on the alleged 350-hectare property of VP Jejomar Binay in Rosario, Batangas is presented by former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado during the continuation of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee probe on the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building II on Wednesday, October 8. The…
Makati’s contradictions Philippine Daily Inquirer 12:10 am | Thursday, October 9th, 2014 SKYLINE OVER POVERTY LINE The towering buildings are at the heart of Makati City, while the shanties are along an estero in Pasay City. RAFFY LERMA From whatever angle one views it, Makati City is a bundle of contradictions. It is home to the ultrarich as well as to the extremely poor. Gleaming skyscrapers tower above the dilapidated hovels of slum dwellers. Modern firms operate within a territory controlled by a political family that has wielded power continuously for 28 years. Makati is the Philippines’ financial capital and is host to some of the world’s major conglomerates. Banks, telecoms, investment houses, hotel chains, and high-end shopping malls compete with one another in a high-stakes pluralism emblematic of modern capitalism. Makati’s executive class articulates an ethic of efficiency, transparency, and accountability suitable to both corporate and political governance. Yet, the city’s politica . ...
I salute this man at least he is doing what he oath to do. Bring justice to the victims Vice Mayor Mangansakan, ikw nlng pagAsa ng mga tao jan. Saan n kaya ang ibang officials?
One day livelihood at BRGY BLUERIDGE B sponsored by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.. Course: Perfume Making
The place to be. Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles' area supporters sponsor the showing of this award winning movie as a fundraiser for her re-election campaign.
Taken on oct 9, 2014 at brgy pob west science city of munoz gift giving ceremony of congw cherry Umali w/our Vice mayor Tekila Grace Alvarez and yours truly mhel Villanueva
Gift giving ceremony ni congW cherry Umali w/our city vice mayor Tekila Alvarez and yours truly Mhel Villanuva at brgy pob west Scince city of Munoz Nueva Ecija taken on October.9,2014
2hrs in traffic its not even rush hour and there's no rain and flood. What is happening in Manila!!! 😡 Mayor Erap, Vice Isko &
Estimated cost of alleged Hacienda Binay, according to ex-Makati Vice Mayor Mercado.
In AZ having dinner Hackett House The chef is the Vice Mayor of Tempe's Swedish
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Watch explore Calgary's cowboy culture in our new series, Keep It Canada.
Another good news! Proof of confirmation from the Hon, Vice Mayor Maria Gina M. Lizares of Sipalay City *** ..
Mansion with maze garden, similar to Kew Gardens of London. Photo from presentation of former Vice-Mayor Ernesto...
The alleged Tagaytay Mansions of Vice-President Jejomar Binay. Photo from presentation of former Vice-Mayor...
Here at Ginoog City Hall with Mayor Marie Guingona, her vice mayor & council. We're playing later with…
Vice mayor of City of Doral "my God does not want me to discriminate"
Courtesy call and Liaising conducted to the Vice Mayor of Sapad, Lanao del Norte
Casually had lunch on the same table w the vice mayor today
Vice Mayor moves to add resolution to a future meeting agenda.
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a minimum wage roundtable with Mayor Eric Garcetti, at the LA Baking Company,...
Vice President Joe Biden has thrown support behind L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's plan to raise the city's minimum...
.met a surfer-turned-fighter who is running for mayor of Kauai and campaigning against GMOs:
Video of Hacienda Binay presented by former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Me...: via
A very inspiring story of Vice Mayor at . A MUST RESHARE CLIP!
Runaway vice-mayor arrested over corruption charges -
Why this city mayor spent an evening with James Franco and this mankini
From Farmhouse to Fiji: Where Corrupt Chinese Officials Hide Out.The disappearance in July of the 52-year-old vice mayor of Henan’s Luoyang
Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal is sponsoring A Nightmare Before Christmas at the East Village Arts Park on Friday,...
Runaway vice-mayor arrested over corruption charges
URGENT HIRING: Administrative Assistant I (Stenographer Reporter I): - Must be at least 18 years old - Must have completed at least two (2) years studies in college - Must be a Filipino citizen - Must have a knowledge in stenography - Must be a computer know-how (MS Applications) - Proficiency in the English Language - First Level Eligibility (Sub-professional) - No experience required For interested applicants, please send your CV with application letter, TOR and other necessary documents to the Office of the Vice Mayor, 3rd flr. of the New Ormoc City Hall, Brgy. Cogon, Ormoc City.
Surprise AZ (August 6, 2014) The Surprise City Council and the Surprise Fire-Medical Department publicly thanked two patrons of a popular nightspot whose knowledge of CPR helped save the life of a heart attack victim in July. In a touching ceremony at Tuesday night’s Council meeting, Mr. Gary Erwin and US Air Force Staff Sergeant David Patton were joined by Mr. Robert Clark, the man they helped save, and his spouse, as well as the Surprise Fire-Medical crew that responded to the emergency. “The selfless and life-saving actions taken by the two individuals we are recognizing truly represent the spirit of our community,” said Mayor Sharon Wolcott. “It’s a great feeling to know there are a lot of people who really care about one another and will act quickly to help fellow citizens in need. Mr. Clark is living proof of that.” “Being able to save a life is a rare and precious opportunity,” said Skip Hall, Vice Mayor and Councilmember from District 5, where Brookside Bar and Grill is located. .. ...
Status Update By Derrick Gerardo C. Manas MANDALUYONG HERITAGE Mandaluyong became known as the birthplace and residence of many legendary athletes especially basketball players like Narciso Bernardo,Bernie Fabiosa,Manny Victorino,Nelson Asaytono,Mark Caguioa,Vergel Menseses,Cris Calililan and even bowler Paeng Nepomuceno. Manny Pacquiao even resided in Mandaluyong for several years because it is where he started and became famous as an amateur and professional fighter thru Go for Gold program of the then Mandaluyuong Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr. But the most famous and legendary basketball player who was born and grew up in Mandaluyong,is no other than PHILIP CEZAR. He grew up in Mandaluyong though eventually transferred to San Juan and became a Vice Mayor there. This is part of my project being the Director of the Mandaluyong Historical Commission which im due to start this month. In building the Museum and creating a bok,we need to track down the original and long-time residents of this old municipality ca ...
Opening and blessing of PCP 1 attended by City Mayor,Vice Mayor and PD PSSUPT STERLING BLANCO on 07-14-14
I DUNNO. One of the candidate was the mayor of Jakarta, he left his vice-mayor. And on the news, the vice-mayor--
In the bear’s belly: Šlesers’ party of ex-PMs: Former Latvian Transport Minister and Vice Mayor of Riga Ainārs...
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PRE-DEMOLITION CONFERENCE (PDC) ON SPEC CIVIL CASE FILED BY LAIYA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AND MACARIA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION CONDUCTED ON JUNE 11,2014, 9:00 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING AT BRGY. HALL, BRGY.LAIYA APLAYA SAN JUAN BATANGAS. AGREEMENTS • All applicants who are interested to avail of the assistance from the land owner may submit their application form to HON. WIVIN LLANA, Punong Barangay of Laiya Aplaya until June 15, 2014. • Approved application will be posted at the Brgy.Hall as soon as possible. • 2 meter access road right of way to be provided by the Plaintiff; if extension will be made , to 4 ½ meters, LGU will conduct further study and provide fund and if warrant, may resort o expropriation proceeding; • LGU to request CENRO not to issue foreshore lease to Mr. Federico Campos; • LGU to enact ordinance not to issue foreshore lease; • LGU to amend existing zoning ordinance for the docking of fishing boat. • Mayor and Vice Mayor to extend personal assistance .. ...
Apparently it's not appropriate for the vice mayor's sister to have a nose ring
[Eagle News PH] Vice Mayor Isko Moreno helps family facing problems with funeral home
Thank you so much Atty. Opay and family for accommodating us. Vice mayor Dodong Bacolba I learned a…
Vice Mayor Isko Moreno went to Blumentrit, Manila, paying for the balance of a family so that they can finally bury…
Vice Mayor Anderson was the only commissioner not totally in favor of these huge changes.
Vice Mayor Anderson is speaking. He said he has never had a citizen ask for these changes or say the system is broken.
.Howdy! I'm running for Mayor in 2016 with as Vice Mayor!
NPA Vice President said the Party is not involved in any personal attacks on Mayor Robertson
Oakland Vice Mayor Larry Reid prepares for meeting this afternoon about future of the A's. Says city has no leverage.
Boynton Beach mayor, vice mayor want to be “ahead of the curve” on medical marijuana
I impeached myself as Vice Mayor to PB :(
City welcome & briefing by Vice Mayor of at City Hall!
Why does WaPo keep saying "Arab" vice Palestinian? 'Israel reckons with arrest of Jews in Arab teen’s killing'
PIA-7/BOHOL: Bohol will host for the first time this week the National Convention of the Vice Mayor's League of...
Robert became the president, vice president, Sgt in arms, mayor, and town drunk
My buddy Vice Mayor getting ready for a meeting. Definitely good to be early
Yes. The Vice Mayor has a knack for bending the truth.
"Please, Mayor Lee and Board of Supervisors, crash the real estate market on purpose."
Does the Instagram generation now experience the present as an anticipated memory?
**Cough cough*photo cred, who introduced you cred, and I'm Vice Executive Assistant to the Mayor. Case closed
Mayor Oyola could oversee day to day operation
more people care about Mayor's character than care about NPA Vice President's character.
girl whole family . My grandma was the vice mayor and ceicil jones is my great uncle
NPA vice pres supposedly attended meeting to discuss rumours being spread about private lives of mayor + fam. Huh?
The doctor asked, Wuhan City Vice Mayor: (the relationship between hospital and patients)
Cambridge will be in the house on Sunday, August 10th at Fenway Park!. Here Vice Mayor Dennis Benzan shows his...
Induction of Alliance of Pigeon Racers'officers with Mayor Edwin and Vice Rico.
The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress will attend the Vice-Chancellor's Annual Garden Party
The company that there contracted to ex-vice mayor of obtains the major contract of the history of
Zarraga PS MAC attended the meeting of LGU w/ Vice Mayor Soldevilla re Nutrition Month.
Southern Living: DAVAO CITY VICE MAYOR PAOLO DUTERTE, right, ushers actor Cesar Montano in his recent visit in...
You know your Fourth of July was good when you drove your golf cart on the beach with the Vice Mayor of Key Biscayne at one in the morning
Have our Vice Mayor and our councilors decided to allow mini-sawmills to operate again in San Vicente and Bilay? When were the sawmills closed due to environmental concerns? Why are there applications to open sawmills along the Agusan River banks? Has the ban been lifted? "1st Indorsement dated October 23, 2013 of Mr. Alexander C. Alaan, City ENR Officer, this city, endorsing to the Honorable Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod thru Hon. Virgilio G. Nery, Chairman, Committee on Environment & Natural Resources, the application of UNORICH AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT c/o Josie Lopez Lim, for Veneer Manufacturing and Mini-sawmill project located at Barangay Bilay, Butuan City, for issuance of SP Resolution interposing no objection to the application for Building and Mayor's Permits. Referred to the COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES" "Letter dated September 30, 2013 of Mr. Jesse James Marticion, Applicant/Operator, Mini Sawmill under the name of CJMS WoodCraft, Brgy. San Vicente, this city, requesting ...
VM's.. with former QC Vice Mayor now Senator Tito Sotto and former Paranaque Vice Mayor now QC Councilor Anjo Yllana.
San Jose's Vice Mayor goes for the city's top position...
MOU Signing between Vice Mayor's Office (VMO) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) re: expansion and implementation of "The Joy of Urban Farming project for Quezon City Barangays" in support of the DENR's National Greening Program
My Dear Friend April Consulo, Hall of Fame Songwriter, and Former Vice Mayor of Old Hickory TN, will be coming to the Marshville Community Center on Tuesday May 20th to speak on "How to Create Wealth"as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist as she expands her global business to North Carolina. April Consulo is the CEO and founder of, W.O.M.E.N. Word of Mouth Entrepreneurial Networkers and she is the former Vice Mayor of Old Hickory TN. In addition to these accomplishments April was named top 5% in the nation with Remax Intl. and her Real Estate team in 2012. She spent 20 years on the road touring with over 40+ Country Music Legends and was placed in The Hall of Fame as a Songwriter. She is passionate about her coaching program"Own Your Destiny" that assists and mentors college kids to pay off student loans faster as well as learn entrepreneurism and philanthropy skills at a younger age. Cost: Free Anyone can come hear this dynamic Speaker. So feel free to share this information with your friends, colleagues ...
HON. DANIEL T. FARIÑAS, 61. -The No. 1 and the best Vice Mayor of Baguio City ever had.- By Bong and Rj Cayabyab
05 May 2014 Hand over of Medical Equipment to Barangay Bigaa, Legazpi City Headed by Philippine Army Colonel Generoso Bolina, US Marine Corps Major Jason Johnson and Vice Mayor of Legazpi City Hon Victorio Roces with Barangay Captain Roberto Arienda of Bigaa.
Our deepest symphaty to the family of Baguio City Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas who passed away yesterday from Atty Remegio Maramat family and relatives .
HALF MAST AT Baguio City HALL, PHILIPPINES – The City of Baguio mourns for the untimely death of Vice Mayor Daniel T. Farinas. He first served as City Councilor from 1988 to 1992, elected as Vice Mayor from 1992 to 2001 (3 terms), elected as No. 2 City Councilor from 2007 to 2010 and elected as City Vice Mayor from 2007 to 2013 . Vice Mayor Farinas was born in March 4, 1953 died early morning of May 4 of a lingering illness. His remains lie in state at the SP Session Hall, City Hall and will remain in said venue until the interment. The date of the interment will be announced later. My condolences and my sincerest sympathy to the bereaved family. - By Bong Cayabyab
J. Brion acknowledges bar confidant atty. Cristina Layusa and her staff,the UST,Mayor Joseph Estrada and Vice Mayor Moreno, the PNP and NBI.
Vice Mayor of Gilbert, Eddie Cook spoke to us and brought us up to date on what's happening in Gilbert!
Our condolences to the family of Vice Mayor Daniel Fariñas. -
Sending our condolences to the family left behind by the Honorable Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas, you served the people of
condolence to the family of Baguio City vice mayor Daniel Farinias who died yesterday
ANNOUNCEMENT!!! THE Quezon City FILM DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE THE ACCEPTED SCHOLARS TO THE 2014 MOWELFUND FILM WORKSHOP: MS. ELUNA CEPEDA MR. GERALDO JUMAWAN MS. KIM PATRICIA SILANG The three are expected to report to the Office of the Vice Mayor, tomorrow (May 6), 9AM. Please look for Ms. Giana Barata for your orientation and short interview. Please expect an individual email and sms from the Commission for the exact details of the workshop.
A very sad day for the city of Baguio. Another great public servant just passed away. Thank you Vice Mayor DanieL Farinas for the great public service you've rendered to the city, and for being one of my most reliable and dependable source. It was a pleasure working with you. Rest in peace Sir Danny :'(
Brace yourselves: Iceland's anarchist comedian mayor is moving to Texas
Please pray for the repose of the soul of our beloved Vice Mayor Danny T. Farinas (Baguio City) who passed away last May 3, Saturday Cause of Death: Thrombosis Cause of his organs to fail. Died at Notre Dame Wake is at Baguio City Hall, Session Hall
Our deepest sympathy to the family of our beloved Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas..Rest in Peace Sir...
The unexpected death of Baguio Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas is all over the news now. May his soul rest in peace
Congratulations to my good friends Chris Roberts & Steven Fricke on their wedding today at the Mystic Theater in downtown It was a great ceremony with them surrounded by friends and family to share in their special day that has been 19 years in the making. And great job by Vice Mayor Gabe Kearney who performed the wedding ceremonies on their behalf. Congratulations Chris & Steve!
Well it took about five trips to Wise with two different bands but I finally got Caynor Smith up on stage to rock the drums. It was epic to have the Vice Mayor of Wise on stage with Nic McWilliams and David W. Shirley ! Wise Rocks!!! Thanks to Laura Craft Mullins , Reno's, UVa-Wise Alumni, Benjamin Ray Mays Troy Whitson and everyone who made it happen. Can't forget our amazing crew and support team. Loyd Conner Scism Jr. Brent Owens Melissa Casey Scism Brandon Scism Gina R Owens Tammy Lance Barrett Jessica Wilson McWilliams Angel Whitson
May Almighty ALLAH grants you the best of his blessings to you n your family Happy bday VICE MAYOR ALLAN ANGAS Jane Raheema Angas,frm Soekarno Mohammad:-)
Vice-mayor held a funny opening speech before unveiling the beautiful mosaïc. Watch!
The body of our beloved Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas lies in state at City Hall, for those who would like to pay their respects.
to the entire family of VICE MAYOR DANIEL FARIÑAS. Our Condolences. God has plan for everything. Vice Mayor Fariñas is such a very good person. May he rest in peace.
Baguio City — The vice mayor of Baguio City, Daniel Farinas, died Sunday morning. He was 61. Farinas died while at the hospital where he has been confined due to a continued drop of blood pressure ...
OUR SINCEREST SYMPATHY goes to all your family members for losing our Baguio City vice mayor DANIEL FARINIAS was pass away last night MAY 4,2014. please accept our sincerest CONDOLENCE to the family... May he rest in peace!!!
my deep condolence to my beloved instructor Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas...your the best instructor i ever had...the longest vice mayor of Baguio...
Happy bday to our 1st born datu Jaed Mamalo be good our dear vice mayor Datu Allandatu Mamalo Angas sr,happy bday kaka!
to the people of Meycauyan Bulacan thank you for having us last saturday... to my SMB family thank you for having me as and Mimi as your party host till next time ;) and special thanks to vice mayor Hon. Rafael Manzano super thanks sir Counsilor Raoul Atadero sir Felix Zamora maam Sonia Manalastas Sangguniang Barangay Saluysoy Kap. Dan Guevarra Kagawad Enr Carillo Kagawad Ferds Monadero Kagawad Obet Palomares Kagawad Anche Dionisio Kagawad Jack Carpio Kagawad Catcho Garcia Kagawad Alex Cruz to our bands Art Chemistry Free to Play Frolic Nerve our fire dancer Christine and Head Room for our music system thanks Meycauyan Bulacan see you next year happy fiesta and to Vice Mayor Rafael JOJO Manzano happy birthday po ulit see you next year :)
*** we end series. Paul george for president Lance for vice. Roy for senate. David for mayor and hill for governor.
How this city mayor designed a dress using only krokodil
“Iceland's Anarchist Comedian Mayor Is Moving to Texas You see who's movin to TX?
Hear San Jose City Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen talk about her Journey, her work, Job Creation in the Silicon Valley...
Texans, meet the anarchist comedian mayor from Iceland who is moving to a hood near you:
"You're a dedicated anti-capitalist Noam Chomsky type, and now you're in Toys ‘R’ Us all the time."
He's going to meet be like, "YOU'RE the mayor? Where's your villainous handlebar mustache?"
Iceland's Anarcho-Comedian mayor moving to TX to experience "Mordor." He's going to be disappointed by how cool it is
We pub Gnarr's memoir in June. Clearly his book tour should just be a a string of barbecue pits and kolache spots.
Iceland's anarchist comedian mayor is moving to Texas:
ICYMI, mayor of Rejkyavik, has a love affair with Texas. Somebody point him to the right kind of hat.
Was installed as President last night once again of the Gilbert Lions Club. Received a coveted Melvin Jones Fellowship from the Gilbert Club, and also Lion of the Year from my District Governor. Many thanks to all that attended, and special thanks to Vice Mayor Eddie Cook, who was there on behalf of Mayor John Lewis. Great evening and beautiful accommodation's by the Arizona Golf Resort who did a remarkable job.
"Texas, in my mind, is a bit like Mordor or something." .
Believe it or not! This is the CASKET that will be the one that, Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas wil lay/down in (r.i.p.) peace Interment will be held inside Baguio City hall.
Cool: libertarian anarchist cross-dressing comedian mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland plans to move to. Texas
Our deepest sympathies to the family and loves ones of Vice Mayor Daniel T. Fariñas. Baguio has lost one of its admirable leaders. Gone but never forgotten.
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Father Escalona in the house with uncle vice mayor...tagay tagay lng pag may time.lasheng na cla.hikhikhik..
Condolence vice mayor of baguio...U.I
Sir Danny Fariñas, KCR is the incumbent Vice-Mayor of the City of Baguio and Chapter Comander of Baguio City Chapter.
Rest in peace to our City Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas. Though unexpected, we believe you have fulfilled whatever the Lord wanted you to be done, you have lived a bountiful and prosperous life, and you became a great leader of the town. May your legacy lives on... (sorry for the last name,i have no 'enye' on my mobile's keypad) Let us pray for his soul...
my condolences to the family of our dearest vice mayor Fariñas :(
RIP to Atty./Vice Mayor Fariñas. Thank you sir for everything you've done for me and my family.
Iceland's anarchist comedian mayor is moving to Texas
This is Amazing! Really!? Sa first session. The speakers will be Senator Grace Poe. Senator Chiz Escudero. Vice Mayor of Manila na si Moreno and Speaker of the house Belmonte. Huhuhuhu. Sino na naman kaya sa Second to fourth Session? :D Thrilling masyado ang
Baguio City Vice Mayor Daniel Fariñas died Sunday morning at age 61, a radio report said. Fariñas passed away at 7:33 a.m. at the Notre Dame Hospital due to internal bleeding, according to a report on Bombo Radyo.
Condolence to the Family of the Great Vice Mayor of Baguio City. Daniel T. Farinas.. May u Rest In Peace Vice..
Rest in peace to Baguio's most beloved Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas. You did good public service to our city. Our heartfelt condolences to his family.
R.I.P TO our beloved city vice mayor Daniel Farinias Condolence to the family
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV Condolence to the family of City Vice Mayor Daniel Fariñas.
Greetings brethren! We have just concluded our annual operation tuli today, May 4, at baranggay poblacion, cordova, cebu. And close to 250 boys and not so young boys benifitted from the activity. In behalf of WB Paul Labra II, from the bottom of our hearts, the Lodge would like to thank municipality of Cordova, represented by the vice mayor Mary Therese Sitoy-Cho, the Municipal Health Office headed by Dr. Chritopher Calimbas & to the Baranggay officials and BHWs of Baranggay Poblacion headed by Brgy Capt. Dodong Casquejo who accomodated us and afforded us the very warm reception. But ofcourse, none of these would have been possible w/ out the all-out support of the Masonic Family. Special mention to the MDs (murag doctor) of Cebu Lodge 128, headed by WB Frederick Chua, Bro. Paul Michael Ong from Mt. Moriah ::252, Job's Daughter Bethel no. 11 and DeMolay's Datu Sawili chapter. May the GAOTU continue to grant us good health and make us instruments of his works. For harmony is the strength of all societies, ...
Thank you so much Vice Mayor Yuri Pacumio, Tito Dennis, Tito Einard and co. for inviting me yesterday at Grand Santacruzan 2014. I had so much fun :)
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Our beloved VICE MAYOR DANIEL FARINAS of Baguio City, may you rest in peace.
Sad, sad day for Baguio. Rest in peace, Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas.
Rest in Peace Baguio Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas! So sorry to hear about your Dad Ate Cherrie Farinas, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this difficult time. Stay strong Ate!
is in disbelief. vice mayor danny farinas has joined our Lord...
Our condolences to the bereaved family of Baguio's Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas ,may he rest in peace.
My dear foster father, Atty. Daniel Farinas, the Vice mayor of Baguio City passed away this morning. Thank you dad for inspiring me to pursue my own personal legend. Thank you for mentoring me on how to progress in my career. And most importantly, thank you Dad for accepting me in your family and treating me as one of your own. You will be missed and will never be forgotten. Thank you Dad.
So sad to hear that one of the Most helpful man have to leave..Thank you Sir Vice Mayor Danny Farinas for the help you've given to me and my family for the Case I'm fighting right now..Thank you for the consults sir..we will surely miss you..Condolence to the family of sir Farinas..God be with you and be strong God is good..
my tito Dan - who is generally called as Vice Mayor Daniel Tesaluna Farinas passed away this morning. Our pride and joy is now resting in the garden prepared for him and is now enjoying his moment with our Lord God almighty. Friends, help us to cope up with our situation in terms of emotional comfort. May peace prevail among our clan - the farinas family. We are in a sad gathering which is supposed to be a family reunion but then a final parting with our special someone, our pride and joy and the one we love. tito Dan, thank you for the times you were with us, for standing as our second father and for your leadership service you rendered not only in the city of baguio but also to those lives you had touched. you had live life to the fullest with all the good fights of faith. it hurts us so much . so heart breaking to lost you. you may be gone but all of us will never forget what you planted. your kindness and helpfulness. you the best vice mayor and best uncle. i love you and i miss you tito Dan .
Vice Mayor Daniel T. Farinas of Baguio City has passed away this morning. Condolence to his bereaved family and relatives.
A very sad news to the people of Baguio City and Benguet. We grieve the sudden death of one of the Pillars of the City, no other than Vice Mayor Farinas who passed away at about 6-7 am today, sunday, May 4, 2014. Condolences to the family. May you rest in peace Vice Mayor
Vice Mayor Atty. Daniel Farinas will be dearly missed by us, the people of Baguio City. Our condolences.
It's true and confirmed that the City Of Pines' Vice Mayor, Daniel Farinas, Our very owned uncle died already. To our relatives there in Baguio City, Our deepest grieve and Condolences... And to the people of Baguio whom our uncle gave services for a long time.
Our deepest condolences goes to the family of the late Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas - a good professor of the UB School of Law and a premier student leader during his NUSP days. RIP Sir Danny
COndolence to the family of our Vice mayor Mr. Danny Farinas you have done a lot sir improving our city Salute !! may your soul rest in peace
Rest in peace Atty D FariNas, Vice Mayor, Baguio City. We will always remember you,sir. featured in NBC s Science of Love
our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of vice mayor daniel farinas... REST IN PEACE SIR.
Condolence PB Leah Farinas, to your kids and grandchildren. Console yourselves with the knowledge that the entire populace of the City is mourning with you. He is a loss to all of us. Vice Mayor Farinas did a lot for the City of Baguio and its citizenry and we thank him for the many things he did for us... Rest in peace VM Danny.
Our condolences to the beareved family of our batchmate Vice mayor Danny Farinas .
My deepest condolences to Atty. Cherry Dane Farinas-Agustin and the rest of the family of the Late Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas. We will always remember him.
Condolence to the family of apo vice mayor Daniel farinas .. Rest in peace vice mayor .
baguio has just lost one of its leaders. Condolence to family of apo vice mayor Daniel farinas. condolence Zoilo Fariñas.
CONFIRMED. the Vice Mayor of the City Government of Baguio, Mr. Danny Farinas passed away just this morning at 09:13 due to bleeding. our prayers to one of the most trusted names in the city.
I hope whoever succeeds Vice Mayor will be worthy of filling close to his shoes and not think and believe as if it is some form of entitlement to him. Please be pragmatic and set aside agendas.
Sad news and a big lost for the City of Baguio..Our Honorable Vice Mayor Danny Farinas just passed away.To the the Farinas Family my deepest condolence.Manong Danny may you rest in peace and thank you for everything.
Our condolences to the city of Baguio for the sudden demise of the beloved vice mayor Daniel Farinas. May he rest in peace.
I am really, deeply saddened by the passing of our dear Vice Mayor Daniel T. Farinas. No one compares and will ever compare to you. Baguio lost a great man. I pray for your repose. May your family find strength in the Lord. You will forever be remembered. I will forever remember you as Tito Danny, the man who has afforded me and everyone else the respect and understanding they deserve. Baguio will never be the same. Let us pray...
Gud mrning iloilo...allan bbq house to the highest level na!!! ilo2 vice mayor joe III Espinosa nd company is our cöstumer today...
Vice Mayor Daniel Farinias died . :( condolence to his family.
Sad news this morning, baguio just lost one of its leaders... RIP vice mayor Daniel Farinas..,
Our incumbent vice mayor passed away this morning.felt sad because he is one of the best official ever...may he rest in peace...   10% Off
A day of mourning for the City of Baguio. FAREWELL, Manong Danny. You are the best Vice Mayor Baguio City ever had.
Condolence to Farinas family " Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas" You'll remain in our hearts forever.
Sitting at a table with the vice mayor of Phoenix and nine other elected officials enjoying a four course dinner. This is awesome.
Today we have lost a friend, a brother n my mentor - Kuya Danny (vice Mayor) who have joined our Creator. May you rest in peace. To the family our deepest condolences
IT IS CONFIRMED, Vice mayor Daniel Farinas just passed away this morning! Life really is uncertain. It is hard to lose a family but that is life. I just pray for God's comfort for all of us.
Ang post ko dati RIP sir Ruben. Ngayon naman RIP vice mayor Danny Fariñas :"( :"( :"( once a teacher touches your life, it will really go deep within! Nakaka sad naman! :"( :"( :"( they're both close to me pa and telling jokes with each other :"( may your soul be in the precious hands of our God. 🙏
A very sad day for the City of Baguio, We just lost our Vice Mayor. We will surely miss your passing dear VM Danny Farinas. The City has so many things to thank you for.
Event done, HAPPY FIESTA STO. CRISTO GUA-GUA,PAMPANGA. Thanks Vice Mayor Ton Twano. On our way back to manila
Vice Mayor Stephen Shelley has negotiated with the FDoT to redesign Krome Avenue north of 8th St to Avocado Drive within the current boundaries of the avenue, thus preventing the need to widen it the extra three feet on each side and remove the Royal Palms. This is a tentative agreement that must still be cleared with Tallahassee superiors. If the State approves, this repaving and repurposing could take place within the next five years and link to a widened 8th street as the truck bypass. We will have to vigilant to make sure the details of this deal get in all FDoT plans and contracts, and that when the bulldozers arrive, they do not stray from the approved plan. We have learned the lessons taught by the FDoT behavior on North Biscayne Boulevard where they promised to keep the boulevard green and then turned it into an asphalt and cement desert with a token palm or tree every block or so. We will "Trust, but Verify". We celebrate this breakthrough and thank the Vice Mayor for taking the time to escor ...
My sister, Vickie Warren grand opening of her new office in Suffolk Virginia with Vice Mayor - Charles F. Brown & City Council man - Roger Fawcett.
Thanks God for d success of malangas got talent semi finals.Thanks also for all d support frm Vice Mayor Baquial,Barangay poblacion officials,lgu officials,Organizers nd 2 all d malanguenous hu supported.all our sacrifices are worth it. CONGRATULATIONS everyone.godbless
Oh mhay gee.. I'm very honored .. According to our vice mayor nga I have a gifted talent and a beautiful voice. . To host an event... Oh my geed. Happy lang... Thank you so much vice mayor and former councilor ... the next Federico araniego daw ko... Ajehe:-)
Pat & I hosted a Luau & Buffet Fundraiser for Vice Mayor Christopher Glover ...what a great time! Thanks to all of you who came out!
I just want to congratulate all of the 2014 graduates at (FMU) Florida Memorial University!!! "Go FAR"and "DREAM BIG" Best wishes and much Success!! Vice mayor Lisa C. Davis
TO: VICE MAYOR ERIC AFRICA AND BOKAL WENG AFRICA As the Punong Barangay of Brgy Dos I would like to extend my GREAT THANKS for supporting our constituent for the TULI PATROL PROGRAM. Your such a great help in this barangay. We owe you a lot. YOUR SUCH A GREAT PUBLIC SERVANT!!! WE SALUTE ON YOU. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AND MORE POWER.
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With us is vice mayor Concha ofKalamsig
Mayor endorsed the mayoral campaign of Vice Mayor today!
I've been here for 5 straight years at my dear town of progessive Naic, province of Cavite. and right infront of my eyes, i've witness changes, (political, environmental, social, etcetera, etcetera) some are gone to worse but most are for the far as politics is concerned, its peaceful, i dont hear or know of any bickering, so i would say, very good!.az far as social is concerned, there are more programs that more citizens are benefitting, like the medical mission just to name one.up coming events like Mutya ng Naic, street dancing and the revive Grand Sunduan, i would say its outstanding!!! as far as environmental, somebody is trying to "clean" Naic.and i would!!! I just hope that it is not a "ningas kugon". Bravo Zulu go the leaders of Naic, from Mayor Jun Dualan to Vice Mayor to all SB Members down to all Brgy Captains. Same goes to all NAICENIOS or NAIKENYOS.for, without us supporting and cooperating, Naic aint gonna shine the way it is right now.God bless everyone.
A selfie with an idol, to our Vice Mayor now a Doctor in Humanities Dr. Francisco 'isko moreno' Domagoso.
We'll soon have a new mayor for the City of Hutchinson. the City Council will elect a new mayor at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 15. Bob Bush is the current Mayor of Hutchinson and Cindy Proett is the Vice Mayor. Attend the meeting at 9:00am at City Hall 125 East Avenue B or watch it live on Channel 7, if you are Cox Cable customer, to find out who will be the next mayor.
A drug test is underway for local officials of Quezon City as part of the local government's anti-drug campaign. This developed after the Quezon City anti-drug abuse advisory council (QC ADACC) is seriously considering conducting a drug test among QC barangay officials after receiving reports of substance abuse among their ranks. QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, who sits as council chairperson, said QC’s continuing effort to address its drug problem also has to be strengthened on the grassroots level.During the council’s first meeting at QC Hall, the Vice Mayor also unveiled plans to provide incentives to QC barangays whose officials all tested negative during the drug test. “What we need is to empower the youth, parents, the church and the barangays to address the drug problem in Quezon City . We all have a stake here and it is imperative that we work together since addressing the problem requires massive support among stakeholders,” the Vice Mayor said. Mayor Herbert Constantine Bautista was also pr ...
Congratulations to Felicia Brunson (City of West Park, FL Vice Mayor), Candidate for Broward County School Board-District 1 on receiving the Special Recognition Award from Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.
Breaking News: Peoria vice mayor running for re-election
I just heard Vice Mayor of Chicago Steve Koch promise that everyone at will have twice as good of a time than in Barcelona. :)
Vice Mayor of Chicago Steve Koch: "I can't tell you how big the numbers will be, my boss will want more!"
The Vice Mayor of Chicago is connected via videoconference at the Steering Committee Meeting
Peoria vice mayor running for re-election: Peoria Vice Mayor Ron Aames...
Rise of the anti-politicians: why Metal Mickey having sex with a thimble could be Sheffield's next Mayor
We love you vice mayor of manila mr. Isko moreno,thanks for your generosity and may god bless you vice mayor isko moreno.
Vice Mayor Ron Aames has decided to run for re-election in his district rather than for mayor:
If I were Vice Mayor of Anaheim, I would be irked at how Plan addresses Anaheim. It doesn't highlight city's new Intermodal Transit Center.
Vice Mayor of Anaheim now speaks in support of California High-Speed Rail Authority 2014 Business Plan. I think it's inadequate on Anaheim.
Today's your last chance to hear Mayor Jeff Gee & Vice Mayor give the State of the 11am, 1455 Madison Ave.
With my high school friend Vice Mayor Lynn Tria..
Vice Mayor Robert Garcia and Damon Dunn will compete in the Long Beach mayoral runoff election in June
Gubler, fire chief to host donuts and discussion: Visalia Vice Mayor Warren Gubler will hold a '
Am I the vice-mayor of Lily Tomlin? What is this potato's decibel rating? Why am I coated in powdered sugar?
There will be one spot open for vice mayor, who should do it? I think it should be Pam, have someone who will actually support the town
Day 3 at included discussing tourism & waterfront developments with Vice Mayor of Pudong Yan Xu
Mogadishu Mayor Muungaab says he will a form a vice and virtue police to combat the inappropriate and deviant behaviour of Somali diaspora
Vice Mayor of Tallinn joining our forum on April 25th.
that is what I mean, my family struggled when my dad was vice mayor and a cop
People of liwanay,Our municipal vice mayor show his support to my event... Thank u thank u vice... In behalf also of mayor palencia he was der to support the big event thank u mayor... :)
Round 2 is about to begin... Vice Mayor Robert Garcia John-Leslie Brown, said today at Rotary: "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great." As Vice Mayor you've done just that... You're off to a GREAT start!!
Interesting afternoon on the Stad Amsterdam Clipper at Pier 59 discussing smarter cities w/Vice Mayor of Amsterdam.
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Vice Mayor Liezel Teves of reg. Clients.. Thanks for dropping by Vice...
Thanks for watching Kapuso. What did you think of Vice Mayor story? Let us know.
Hernani Vice Mayor Wilmar Candido shares experience on the role of LGUs in education
He does a great job as Manila's Vice Mayor; featured on today's
Macario Trinidad was vice mayor of Mandaluyong and a truly principled gentleman and a fine human being.I had the honor of meeting him.
Vice Mayor Susie Baugh thanks everyone for attending and thanks panel. Will continue with future panels!
The votes are in and the winner of the 2014 Mayor of Divide campaign is Pa Kettle! Keyni is the Vice-Mayor and...
Vice Mayor sharing his public narrative
Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno is a testament that luck paired with hard work are the ingredients for…
A former Mount Carmel alderman and vice mayor who was arrested last week now faces additional counts of exposing himself, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault with police saying they've received 26 separate reports of his allegedly lewd and dange
VIDEO: the Vice Mayor of Sapporo tells about preparations for the 2017 Asian Winter Games
I WAS VICE MAYOR. and pshhh. I didn't pay taxes either and I gave us both bonuses. we'd be great in office.
nbanews Baguio Massacre, The suspect in the murder of five people in this city surrendered to Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno after a...
Congrats to Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for placing first in mayoral election, a voice for communities first.
Secret behind success of 2017 Winter Asian Games will be city's sporting history and brand, says vice-Mayor: h…
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So apply that to the her uncle, her vice mayor and anyone else that commit illegal acts while in the City employ.
We talk to Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman and RSA vice president Rod Shoemark ahead of today's royal engagements
Openly *** Vice Mayor Robert Garcia was the top vote-getter in the contentious, expensive race to be the next mayor of Long Beach. Garcia will
Hello fellow Long BeachIANS - WE HAVE A MAYORIAL RUN-OFF! JUNE 8- PLEASE VOTE! ROBERT GARCIA Vice MAYOR AND COULD BE OUR FIirst LATINA AND OPENLY *** MAYOR - CITY SPONSORED - HE came in first DAMON DUNN-BUSINESS MAN - USED HIS OWN MONEY TO run - he came in second! If he will be our first African American mayor -they didn't even count him as a serious candidate! Help please people get involved -it's not too late - please share - the choice is yours! ♡
Blubaugh wins votes to become Wichita&vice mayor ..BreakingNews WichitaNews
Vice Mayor Isko hard at work even at the wee hours of the morning! Asenso Manileño
Commissioner McCray and former Vice Mayor Hay are here!
Vice Mayor Alex Finter fought fires for 20+ yrs. Starting next wk, he'll be stamping out fires of another kind:
Congratulations to Vice Mayor Marvin Crist in his re-election. Keep up the hard work and thank you.
Congratulations to Long Beach Vice Mayor and CCSA Advocates endorsed candidate Robert Garcia, who secured his...
Vice Mayor Robert Garcia vs. Dunn, huh? Ok, dems., let's take this next election. Friends, keep me posted about events I can motivate my students to go to por favor? Especially for Garcia & Rex Richardson! :)
It is most definitely a new day in Long Beach. We are about to have one of the youngest, most diverse, most progressive city governments in these United States. It's looking like Vice Mayor Robert Garcia will soon be Mayor Robert Garcia. Very good news indeed! As if that's not enough, Lena Gonzalez, Carl A. Kemp, and James Johnson have made it to round two, and I know they are ready to do the hard work to win! (I'm gonna help.) And WOW, Rex Richardson or I guess I can say Councilmember-elect Rex Richardson winning outright tonight! Susie Price, too! Sky's the limit, people.
So pleased our Marketing and Public Relations Workshop with Wilton Manors went so well last night - here is the email we received this morning from Vice Mayor Julie Carson: "I thought the workshop last night was great, and I appreciate the amount of work that went into the presentation. A lot of good ideas were generated, and the Workshop was facilitated with ease and professionalism. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved. Super duper Job!"
Join us in congratulating Vice Mayor Juan M. Blanes with his re-election victory and Commissioner Rhonda Rodriguez on his election victory!
I just posted this on Horse Show Diva: Just like what you would see in the school yard, what we teach our children to not become, has been demonstrated by our Wellington Village Councilmen - BULLYING. Bob Margolis, Matt Willhite and John Greene have ganged up to bully their counterparts - just like in the school yard, but we are in the adult world, where we should know better. Anne Gerwig was the only person on our Village council that SHOULD have been elected by the council to the Vice Mayor position UNANIMOUSLY by ALL the council!!!. Instead in an obvious insult to Council Woman Gerwig, Willhite motioned to make Greene Vice mayor (the least experienced of the council) and it was seconded by the other two!! Willhite a fireman, public servant and BULLY Is this not a demonstration of intimidation??? Read for yourself. As a Wellington resident this further illustrates to me their (Margolis, Willhite & Greene) intent of keeping the division within this Village. They have spent millions to try tear down the e ...
Now watching : tonight with Arnold Clavio with Vice Mayor Francisco M. Domagoso ;) Nice voice Boss!! ;)
We wish to inform the public that the suspect of the stabbing of five people that includes 3 children in Kayang last Sunday already surrenderd last night to Vice Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila. The BCPO operatives are there to bring him up.
Attending South Gate City Hall for swear-in of Yucatan born, Jorge Morales as Vice Mayor of City of South Gate!...
My friend Jorge Morales getting sworn in by his lovely wife. Our new Vice Mayor.
Today was election day in the City of Long Beach and the polls have closed. Fingers crossed for my former Coro Fellows-Los Angeles Political Campaign placement supervisor and current Vice Mayor Robert Garcia (whom I met while working on Measure E for Long Beach City College) to be the NEXT MAYOR OF Long Beach! Also fingers crossed for my former SEIU 721 colleague Rex Richardson, Roberto Uranga for City Council 2014, and James Johnson! Eyes glued on City Clerk's election returns, and tomorrow we kick it into higher gear!
MANILA – The suspect in the Baguio massacre surrendered to Vice Mayor Isko Moreno on Tuesday.
info : Attention to all Knyc presidents there's Livelihood Project under knyc Livelihood Committee, we need 15 knyc president or representative and willing to join and trained in 1 month. (1) Isang Gunting Isang suklay by Ricky Reyes Livelihood project with Vice Mayor Pia Velasco and Mayor Kit Nieto. for ( 2) Making of brown bag (3) Making of dyaryo bag (4) Making of Water LiLy banig.. presidents for those who are interested visit at mswd office for slot reservation it is limited slot only..1st come 1st serve!! keep moving knyc!! god bless to all !!
Election night in Long Beach. Waiting to celebrate with Vice Mayor of Long Beach Robert Garcia running for mayor.
baguio massacre suspect already surrendered to Manila Vice Mayor isko moreno :) Baguio City Police are on the way to fetch the suspect :3 -Jem Alisto Lictao
CMO-PIO (April 09, 2014): Earlier today, the Butuan City Government joined the whole Filipino nation in commemorating this year's 72nd Araw ng Kagitingan at the Veterans Monument, Butuan City Library Compound. Photo shows Cong. Lawrence Fortun, Vice Mayor Angelo Calo, and SP Member Hon. Virgilio Nery, Jr. with some of the living veterans during the releasing of the balloons at this morning's ceremony.
Public service is already in his blood. His great grandfather Feliciano A. Gomez served as Governor of Laguna, Congressman 1st District and Mayor. His grandfather Artemio T. Gomez Sr. served as Vice Mayor of Santa Rosa while his father Artemio M. Gomez Jr. also served as City Councilor of Santa Rosa...
Only two hours left to vote Long Beach! Get out the vote and vote Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for Mayor! :)
I am practically fearless. Nothing fazes me. I pull stunts that give people I love heart attacks. There are two people that challenge that, however. Mom and Papa. I don't mind ripping at the city's vice mayor, but the 'rents, no. So when mommy goes "We'll talk about it when I get there on Monday" I naturally panic. 😂😂😂
Another Royalista born ! Congrats and welcome to Royale to Vice Mayor Nolasco of Cagayan and his wife Raquel Nolasco for getting multiple packages!!! Congrats to Knoll Quiroz ,Sebastian Antonio and Dave Hoeffliger for pay ins! Thank God for overflowing blessings! This is Royale!
Congratulations to our BJ Board member Dean Aragon on being elected Vice Mayor of the City Commission tonight!
I was 8 when my Dad, former Lipa City Vice Mayor GODOFREDO 'GODY' C. LATAY, died on April 9, 1972. NEVER FORGOTTEN DAD!
The Vice Mayor of Cincinnati's office just contacted me about displaying 6 pieces of my work in the Vice Mayor's office. I mean, WHAT?!
Thank you Vice Mayor Ruderic Rudy Marzo for the support and making this activity possible :)
Our client and friend Ronaldo Lora of the Philippines is shown receiving recognition from the Vice Mayor of Quezon City last March 15, 2014. Ronaldo says: "It was a plaque of recognition given to our national federation for promoting ostomy advocacy among which is distribution of ostomy appliances for poor patients . Team FOW-USA is very much part of this advocacy. Thanks guys." FOW-USA sends ostomy supplies to Ronaldo, and he distributes them to hospitals and clinics, including for children. A big THANKS to Ronaldo!
TODAY is Election Day in Long Beach! Get out today and volunteer, support and vote for our endorsed Latino/a LGBT candidates: Vice Mayor Robert Garcia for Mayor and Stella Ursua for LBCC Board of Trustees District 3. For more information on these candidates, go to: and or
Very early hatawan with our malulupit na business partners!!! Head Coach April Davis Martin, Nurses Demi Louise Dela Cruz, Faye Shelly Brazil, Doc Ana Maria Belgado-Naluz and sir Teddy, and our newest partner former Chief Nurse of Cabuyao Hospital Mam Marita Lumines!!! On our way to Sablayan for free check up and business talk with the Vice Mayor., PAUERUPPS!
Vice Mayor, David Anderson - thanks for coming to today's walk to
Courtesy lunch from the Vice Mayor. Happy fiesta San Francisco, Camotes.
Casello is selected as new Vice Mayor.
The San Francisco Model San Francisco with population of 45.000 is one of the 4 municipalities of the Camotes Islands (total population of 80.000) in Cebu province, the Philippines. It is a third class Municipality divided into 15 Barangays and 120 Puroks. Livelihood is predominantly fishery dependent and only recently starting tourism ('community based- and towards eco tourism'). Fragile coastal environment. Former Mayor Alfredo Arquillano (now Vice Mayor), and Champion of the Making Cities Resilient, led the program in San Francisco. He had been Mayor for the maximum three terms since 2002 (9 years). His father had been a Mayor- the first to promote change - and now his brother is Mayor. "Think Big - Start Small" was Mayor Al's policy base. In 2004 he introduced the strengthened Purok system as basis for community based governance and empowerment, to work on the planning, maintenance and implementation of development: keep registers and information base; plan roads, production, drainage, ornamental pla ...
JUST ADDED: DR. JAMES L. WALLS, JR. MASTER OF CEREMONY FOR THE HOWARD HEWETT CONCERT FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014. JOIN US IN WELCOMING BACK TO HAGERSTOWN DR. WALLS, A LONG STANDING SUPPORTER OF THE DBHM. The Honorable James L. Walls, Jr., was re-elected Mayor of the City of District Heights, Maryland on May 3, 2010. He is the youngest person in the City's History to be elected as a Mayor, as well as the youngest person to ever serve as Vice Mayor and City Commissioner. Mayor Walls has received accolades from many Cities and States from around the United States and the World for his outstanding commitment and dedication to public and community service. In 2008, Mayor Walls received the Distinguished "Martin Luther King Foundation" of Prince George's County, "Civic Engagement Award". He holds memberships in many organizations such as the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc., National League of Cities, National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO), Maryland Municipal League, U.S. Conference of Mayors, N ...
"Pushing Manila" August 8, 2013 I am rooted in Romblon, live in Makati, and have chosen to work for Manila. My new job? To promote Manila, to "push" storied and vibrant Manila as a premiere destination for tourists and respectable habitat for its residents. Manila, designated by the Spanish colonialists as Ciudad Insigne y Siempre Leal (Distinguished and Ever Loyal City). Ironically, the ever loyal city was where the anti-Spanish revolutionary society, the Katipunan, was founded. Now, best-selling author Dan Brown calls Manila the Gates of *** Whether the city is just the gates of *** or *** itself, the government of Manila headed by Mayor Joseph Erap Estrada intends move even heaven and *** by way of a comprehensive 10-point agenda to sweep the city's image clean. And I am part of the team that will do just that. I am not entirely new to public service. I had served as Vice Mayor and President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation. Additionally, my credentials include degrees in law and commerce. ...
Senators and Representatives of the Commonwealth; I want to express my gratitude for being allowed to speak with you today. I know that the Commonwealth will be wrestling with very difficult budgetary decisions in the upcoming session of the Legislature. So when someone says, that there is a way to do the good things that government was intended to do such as build large transportation projects such as bridges without huge expenditures or even having to guarantee this with government money; I know that they have your ear. I am Steve Frank, Vice Mayor of the City of Covington KY; the Fifth Largest City in the Commonwealth. We are also the largest city in the Second most Populated area of the Commonwealth, Northern Kentucky. Covington is not a rich city. We may be surrounded by them, but our city has a median family income of only $34,000 if you include transfer payments. Financially, we are about on a par with Pike or Muhlenberg County. Covington is also Ground Zero for one of the largest planned infrastru ...
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