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Vice Mayor

Deputy mayor is an elective or appointive office of the second-ranking official in many local governments.

Vice Mayor Isko Moreno Multicultural Festival Cleveland Heights Metro Council

Hercules Vice Mayor de Vera explains that if her parents were alive,they would have been surprised I turned out to be politician
Welcome Vice-Mayor Myrna de Vera of Hercules City, to of…
Hercules City Vice Mayor Myrna de Vera with at for a meetup w Blog Watch, media
Cleaning up communities with the Vice Mayor of
Stay tuned. We're chatting with Hercules City Vice Mayor Myrna de Vera about her governance experience, campaign strategy etc
We are here with sister Myrna who is a vice mayor of Hercules City, CA
Meet & greet Hercules City Vice Mayor Myrna de Vera who is also my sister
Here at with Hercules City Vice Mayor Myrna de Vera. She's sister!
Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte Interview Sept 1: The son of Mayor, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE what can you say him! DUTERTE 2016
Ceasor Johnson not running for council in May.
Boxing Champ Mayor Wants to Knock Out Corruption in Ukraine We Ukrainians don't want to go back to the USSR
Vice Mayor Jennings getting to know students in the AFS Foreign Exchange during their visit to City Hall. These... htt…
: Amsterdam going circular _Abdeluheb Choho, Amsterdam Vice Mayor_ Amsterdam is not a circular city toda…
Vice Mayor Roy A. Perkins says Special Prosecutor George Mitchell has filed a letter stating he will recuse from the Vaughn DUI appeal.
Mayor Edwards being sworn in as Vice Chair of the Toledo Metropolitan Council of Governments.
Well done Judge Andy Devine, first Chair of Mayor Stough, Chair and Mayor Edwards, Vice Chair
All purpose parts banner
Thank you po and nice game Valenzuela Vice Mayor Eric Martinez
New York's billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg might run for president in 2016:
German expert to help save 900 year old tree at Erekle II's palace: According to Vice Mayor of Telavi Tengiz M...
Former mayor embarks on a vice presidential test run with in Iowa
Celebrating Bible @ GMA Cavite with GMAFEC Pastors and members. GMA Vice Mayor Mayor and…
Vice mayor explaining results of last week's 1st & work to be done in months to come
Visit of the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of the Hague (NL) to India. Meeting start-ups.
Kiev's heavyweight boxing champ mayor wants to knock out corruption in Ukraine: via
Kiev's ex-boxer mayor says Ukraine's fight against corruption has been an "illusion":
Ko Wen-je proposes 3 DPP members for vice-mayor job. My bet is on Lee Ying-yuan, was big presence during Ko campaign
The media is the most important and the most dangerous weapon.
Msg from Huye Vice mayor social affaires: Dear all. Hope you are doing fine. Kindly consider the following...
Visit Ukraine - with Lithuanian colleague and Vice mayor of city Brovari
: deliveryheroAU: Complete delivery ban across due to bad
Complete delivery ban across due to bad
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Coordination TO Mr. Danilo T. Anuran, UNA candidate running for Vice Mayor re Muzzle taping of FA .
Vice Mayor with the Mayor's Youth Commission at the Multicultural Festival.
Vice Mayor and Chandler's Leah Powell at the Multicultural Festival. Join us at
"Vice Mayor of L.A." means that mayoral aide Mr. Rick Jacobs is now in charge of all L.A. VICE!
2043: Mayor and Vice Mayor selected for the City of Santa Paula - Santa Paula Times
Signer, Bellamy Appointed as Mayor, Vice-Mayor: The Charlottesville City Council has selected a new mayor and…
A new mayor,Pat Burt, and vice mayor,Greg Schmid, selected by the Council. --mcleod
Pat Burt returns to the mayor's chair in Greg Scharff selected to be vice mayor:
Funeral of young Mexican mayor , riddled w/questions wars .
Cleveland Heights has a new mayor and vice mayor. Congratulations to Mayor Cheryl Stephens and Vice Mayor Jason...
.visited the Mexican town where the mayor was shot to death the day after being sworn in:
Vice Mayor Ganger, Town of Gulfstream, weighs in on public records legislation: Evisceration or sensible solution?
vicenews: "She walked through the streets without any fear."
"She walked through the streets without any fear."
Killed just 1 day after taking office, Gisela Mota Ocampo is just 1 of 70 mayors, former mayors, murdered in Mexico.
AUBURNDALE: 2016 mayor, vice mayor elected Monday. Two new city commissioners sworn in. . READ HERE:
A report from the funeral of the Mexican mayor that was murdered one day after taking office
On the ground report in the Mexican city where the mayor was assassinated one day after taking office
And so it begins...Mr. Mayor Mike Signer and Myself as Vice Mayor...The Council Meeting last…
Cleveland Heights council selects Cheryl Stephens as next mayor; Jason Stein as vice mayor
During our budget hearing at the office of the Vice Mayor last Jan. 4, 2016.. :).
[] ‘Abu Sayyaf man’ tagged in ambush on Sulu vice mayor arrested
Seized from the suspect was a .38-caliber revolver with 18 rounds of ammunition
NOW: Mayor Erap Estrada and Vice Mayor Isko Moreno at "Traslacion 2016" press conference. | via
Mexican soccer idol Cuau is bringing his antics to being mayor of Cuernavaca:
.offers condolences after death of Kim Demberline, vice chair of city's accessibility committee. Will miss l…
Kate Colin nominated, accepted as vice mayor
He is also a suspect in a series of killings in Jolo and Patikul towns.
Congratulations! City Council named Greg Scharff vice-mayor and Pat Burt mayor to serve
A mayor of a central Mexican city was just shot dead on the day after she took office:
For and all of City reeling after new mayor is murdered a day after she took office
.outgoing Vice Mayor of is mulling a run for Massachusetts State Senate.
Campbell makes history, our new Mayor, Jason Baker and Vice Mayor, Liz Gibbons taking the oath for office.
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Vice Mayor of Long Beach to headline Pat Brown Institute Event, 11/13
Incumbent Albay Board Member Bobby Cristobal files his COC for Vice Mayor of Legazpi City. He will…
Aurora Mayor, Tom Weisner and Vice Principal Mr. Hetrick hand out tickets to students who walked to school today!
Great seeing Angelia Williams Graves, Vice Mayor for the City of Norfolk at the ULHR 15th Annual Golf…
Vice Mayor Francis Zamora to attempt to depose the Estrada dynasty in San Juan -
Vice Mayor Lowenthal & EVA are partnering with Padre to host C.A.R.E. to Dine tomorrow night.
Lynchburg vice mayor Ceasor Johnson says, "We beat you once again" about Commonwealth games leaving Roanoke.
Vice Mayor setting the tone for the new Metro Council. via
Vice Mayor Al Jacquet and I,my co worker walking against Brest cancer
History in the making! Join The Mayor of Hillingdon & Heinz Wolff tonight as Vice Chancellor Sir…
Vice Mayor Levitan asks if the village can now pay back initial bank loan it took out; Staff said that's in the works.
Even with new village-adopted zoning code in Estero, existing billboards will stay, says Vice Mayor Levitan
Estero is projecting cost savings in switching; Vice Mayor Levitan says more likely to be revenue neutral in this transition year.
Vice-Mayor of Czech Republic's second-largest city calls xenophobia the national hobby -
Mayor Gatsas, why didn't you sign the contract and was it legitimate for the BOSC Vice Chair to sign it?
the Zamoras & Ejercitos against each other. Jana is running for Cong. & Janella is running for vice mayor
Me: This diet is easy. Mayor McCheese: We miss you!. Ronald McDonald: Come back!. Hamburglar: We have your *** pics. Me: On m…
Good job Chairman Francis T.. Don't run in senate, run for governor, vice governor, mayor of tagaytay...
.Jozsef Kepli, vice-mayor of the health destination of Hévíz, will join the conference about case studies
Half of the fight is already won with you as Vice President. I hope Mayor Duterte will heed the public clamor.
During the next meeting the town is set to elect a vice mayor -- currently it's
When your geography teacher is the vice mayor of Merced 😎😂😂
Salute to Mayor Emilio Messana and Vice Presidente Giuseppe Guagliano, who returned to Racalmuto knowing that...
What links former Makati vice mayor Ernesto Mercado to the Reyes brothers? DOJ to probe:
Also, new Vice Mayor sends message when it comes to Metro Council invocations
And the information now in the public record is just full of interesting claims. I did not know that had a Vice Mayor?
I'd name you vice mayor if you'd help.
Use invocations to celebrate beliefs, not divide people, writes Vice Mayor
Listening to Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte open the pre-conference for QC's "future Perfect" convening.
These are essentially the remarks Vice Mayor gave to open tonight's meeting
Vice Mayor Briley's comments went totally unheard on Metro 3. Audio kicked in when the new mayor took the podium.
Vice Mayor Briley's first gavel swing.likely not his last.
First Metro Nashville Council of the new session. Vice Mayor presides over his first meeting.
Waiting on the first gavel hit from Briley as vice mayor … Should come in about one minute to get this meeting underway. Stay tuned.
FujikoTuquib: Like aldub..i want to be together in presidential race sila Mayor Duterte and Bongbong Marcos...
Vice Mayor Johnathan Thornhill: I was driving my 95-year-old father-in-law by it because he said he wouldn't live to see it painted.
Here is the view of the new computerized voting system from the seat of new Vice Mayor
A deputy mayor of a city in Brazil also works as a builder to make ends meet. Story by
Labour's candidate for mayor wants to restore the "London promise":
Why this city mayor videotaped 40 hours of black people
Vice Mayor Marty Kiar supports civil citation for misdemeanor pot possession at Comm meeting
Honored to accept with Vice Mayor Toney on behalf of The Town of Dumfries recognition for being…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Did you catch Vice Provost Joe Hellige's shout-out to in his introduction to Mayor
This is good, in my opinion, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as President and Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong"
A powerful bomb hidden in a parked motorcycle taxi exploded and hit the passing convoy of a vice mayor in the southern P…
Photo: Donald Trump in 1978, with New York Mayor Ed Koch and Robert T. Dormer, executive vice president of...
On behalf of the Town of Dumfries, Vice Mayor Toney and myself accepted the Heal Award today from Marisa C. Jones...
All stories he told during investigation . were mere fabricated & lies because he didnt win in the election . as vice mayor
.to check if ex-Makati vice mayor Mercado should be removed from WPP
TODAY: Vice Mayor of plans to turn in recall signatures
Incoming DILG Sec. Sarmiento, like Jesse Robredo, served in local gov't. He was Vice Mayor, Mayor of Calbayog, Samar. | via
Dancers from Bicol University performing tonight at Leyte Hall for the Vice Mayor's League of the Philippines.
, Giving of relief goods initiated by LGU headed by Vice Mayor Jesus Bueno Jr at Brgy Calungboyan...
" SPREADING AWARENESS ". Delegates from the town of HINUNANGAN, SOUTHERN LEYTE headed by Vice Mayor Veronico...
Conduct dialogue/visitation re Public safety Awareness at Ifratha Resort Sariri with Vice Mayor Gaje.
Heard is getting some attention from our Vice Mayor .thanks for sharing the buzz
President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AO presents the Lord Mayor's Oration: The Future of Higher Education and the City.
Update your maps at Navteq
Vice mayor or dependable weather man?
Vice Mayor Warren would like to thank all of our sponsors for the Multi Cultural Festival.
VICE MAYOR is a true role model and representation of hard work all while giving back to the Phoenix community. soon!
Apparently your not allowed to have fun on the super bowl in SF if your homeless. Your not a good person
The VICE Guide to Right Now: San Francisco’s Mayor Says the Homeless ‘Have to Leave the Streets’ to Make Wa
We want you @ Vice Mayor Lisa Davis. and the City of Wine & Food Experience…
Come to the ASB meeting lunch today in room 26 to talk to the Carmel vice mayor about the bon fire ban. 🔥🔥🔥
Tune in to 97.5 FM today at 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm to hear Vice Mayor Warren discuss the success of the Multicultural...
Vice Mayor Jim Malfregeot is still not happy with the turnout last weekend for the Levy vote.
It's official: : posts on crime :: : posts on the Pike streetcar. Just chasing clicks.
Why would Suhanna Meharchand ask the Vice-Mayor of Roanoke if he is worried that the shooting will affect tourism?!
Very sad to hear about Virginia shooting. But the question to Vice Mayor about tourism was a bit tacky!
A major announcement from the mayor on safety... Hopefully she will announce that the vice units are coming back.
Poll Results: 85% Support the Return of Vice Squads – Mayor to “Outline Agenda to Fight Crime” later this morning.
I think the mayor should live on the street, moving and hiding the problem. Well I guess thats what they do …
communities, Ex.Sec.from Sectors,Vice Mayor inCharge of Social Affairs during com.outreach
China sacks work safety chief after graft probe; once was Tianjin vice mayor
Daluz: No offer for Mary Ann to run for vice mayor
She was offered the congressional seat in the north district though.
SF's Mayor Says the Homeless 'Have to Leave the Streets' to Make Way for a Super Bowl Fun Zone
Franco has the support of Albay's governor while Kamille has Manila's Vice Mayor! Ylona only has YOU, the fans! So dont stop voting BB YLONA
Proud that a fellow graduate of the Ateneo School of Law is leading the way for our adopted hometown. Vice Mayor...
Today on Mind Your Business. Vice Mayor Joel Wallace joins us as we focus local and discuss Clarksville's latest...
Some recognition for longtime Little League baseball exec and former Vice Mayor Fred Bowman.
Thank you so much Hon. Vice Mayor for celebrating the 23rd Annual Accountancy with us.
Vice Mayor Isko Moreno was one of the guest speaker earlier at 😄😄😄
Prabhari of Gujarat, Vice president of Rastriya BJP, Mayor of Lucknow Dr Dineshsinh ji , Gen. Secretary(...
Vice Mayor. Please check the traffic from Manila City Hall approaching the bridge going to Quiapo. TERRIBLE.
i kept on telling them to be quiet during 7:00am but at 9:00am, Intold them I will be a chill vice mayor
“Effective, honest government that will make a difference." Cousins QC Vice Mayor Joy & Rep. Kit Belmonte have...
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A quick pose with VICE-MAYOR NESTOR ARCHIVAL after the first ever off-site Session of the City Council.
Vice Mayor Moreno inspects warehouses. Manila has the largest & most no. of rice warehouses in NCR | via
Happy birthday, Sen. Sonny! From Mayor Christian, Vice Mayor Bebong and the people of the Mabuhay po kayo!
Attorney and former councilman/vice mayor vs. a community organizer who is a retired fireman. Both sound like city business as normal. sigh
My friend the vice-mayor of Casa sent me the link to ur Arise 360 interview. Impressive accomplishments; wish you all the success
council appoints Councilman Desulme as vice mayor for the next six months.
Nashville Vice Mayor candidate picks up endorsement in thoughtful editorial by
Vice Mayor Carol Keys says the notification process for resident input was "flawed."
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell: We really need to embrace folks who want to invest in this city.The city has a tendency to beat them up.
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell asks for City Manager to draft a report. Stay tuned...
Cancelled: Office Hours with the Mayor and Vice Mayor: Office Hours for Thursday, July 16th are cancelled. Regular…
There will be a recall: election to recall Camp Verde Vice-Mayor Bruce George set for Nov. 3 ...
Vice commended mayor about his way of speaking, the best 😍
Vice: If you only live once, how many times you die?. Mayor Duterte: Several times in my lifetime... Heartache, sadness...
Acting Makati Mayor Peña: Budget as vice mayor only enough to pay staff -
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Pat Gilbert, a former councilman and vice mayor, is making a bid for the city's District 1 seat:
Honored to receive editorial board's endorsement for Nashville's next Vice Mayor!
Vice mayor tells city staff to research and find area that can be designated for drone-flying only
Editorial board: Elect David Briley as vice mayor of Nashville
Protest at Sutherlin Mansion is over. Notables: Barry Koplen, Larry Campbell, Rev. Avon King, Vice Mayor Gary Miller, and Rev Scot McKenzie
Vice Mayor Dr. Gary Miller has joined the protesters at the Sutherlin Mansion
Elect David Briley as vice mayor of Nashville
Honorable Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, yesterday's guest speaker for the opening ceremony of Accountancy Week
watching videos on GMA news tv, Mayor Duterte and Vice President JoJo binay for elections 2016 😄😂📺
Not only is he tough, he can also make you laugh!.
Comfort Keepers in action! Our office staff had the opportunity to meet with the SJ Vice Mayor at The Villages!
Perhaps another big upset. City of Alexandria Mayor lost reelection to Vice Mayor in 3-way Democratic primary.
Congratulations to Vice Mayor who was chosen to receive the HERO Award.
Meeting re utilization of 4x4 vehicles during calamities/disasters @ the office of Vice Mayor
- the Vice Mayor prepares to address the Forcam conference
Jill Burgin has been a Brentwood resident for many years and now serves as the city's vice mayor. Hear her...
Vice mayor last year and this year. I luv Catherine fo lyf 😘
PI SABUD, attended the SB chaired by Hon vice Mayor Marianie Chan and presented to the body the two RAC Resolution
GDOE has a new deputy superintendent for curriculum and instruction, Agat has a new vice-mayor, and Guam men's rugby picked up a W.
KUAM: Kevin Susuico wins Agat vice mayor election: The people of Agat will have a new vice mayo...
Do you love your partner enough to be vacuum-sealed into an airtight plastic bag together?
im gonna be rich YAS ill make you my vice mayor dont worry
Good for Mayor A politician changing his mind is not a vice.
Susuico wins special election for Agat vice mayor: THE unofficial results are in: Kevin Susuico’s promise of “...
so I missed my appointment with vice mayor bc sleep seduced me
Burgos PNP conducted ceremonial folding of flag during the funeral of former Vice-Mayor Acocos.
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada declared he has no intention to run for vice president in the 2016 elections.
My feeling is for ERAP not to leave MANILA with ISKO as Vice-Mayor. After six years MANILA CITY will be like TOKYO & NY.
good morning Vice Mayor I would like to raise a concern re: pedicabs w/c were converted to tricycles which counterflows at
So is throwing his hat in the ring for mayor of Philadelphia with as his vice mayor.
Little Giant Ladders
Stoddard is not a typical doomsday conspiracy theorist, but a 3-term mayor of South Miami & local college professor.
GAMAD president hands over flame to Vice mayor of Salvador da Bahia Ms Celia Sacramento.
Thank you Vice Mayor Christian Hernandez of Cudahy for your support of small businesses and Valeria Ponce
I actually met a vice mayor of another region, a senator, a governor and other nationals in one day, in one grandest summit.
Did i just hear the word vice mayor. What what what what what what
Today as vice mayor of Bosch Town, I declare it Eamonn Welliver Day. Congrats
What is a Day Proclamation without a (actually with Vice Mayor?
AGAT ELECTION RESULTS. Susuico will be next vice mayor. see results from GEC:.
Any other country, a convicted criminal could never even run for Mayor, here he can run for Vice President. LOL
Vice Mayor of enjoyed watching wonderful dance from students.
COMING TOMORROW:. Who will be the new vice mayor of Agat?. See tomorrow's Pacific Sunday News or
PHOTOS; Agat residents turned out to support candidates and elect a new vice mayor.
Salary of president Buhari and vice president Osinbajo finally revealed! (Look) via
Opportunity to vote for Milpitas Vice Mayor Carmen Montano in this sing-off. .
We Had a Chat With the Mayor of São Paulo About Baile Funk and Brazil’s Drug Problems
It was an honor to host Mr Luo Weifeng, Vice Mayor of at Sydney Town Hall yesterday.
Vice Mayor is up early to talk to about ht…
this woman is not only the Mayor of Kingston but also the Vice President of the Senate and the Vice President of the People's National Party
Deputy Lord Mayor of Exeter, Cllr Percy Prowse, w/ Bruce Kent, vice-president of at public meeting in Exeter
Ballots printed, Agat vice mayor race heats up: Provision unclear in case of tieIT'S official – the list of ca...
Great seeing my good friend Vice Mayor on w/ this morning!
Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno still for Mayor Joseph Estrada if he runs again
Huntington is implementing the same program, thanks to our awesome Mayor.
UNILAG is just a school full of hype, it is now a LAW during Exam period that Girls are fully allowed to Boys Hostel and Vice-Versa...why 💏
says thank you to Mtn View Vice Mayor Pat Showalter for endorsing Mike's campaign for State Assembly! . -RM
Lol They cheated u out of that mayor spot "Hillary for President Luke vice President"
Vice mayor Daniel Valenzuela and our baby networking at the hive today!
Didn't the mayor recently say how crime has reduced in NYC? Why would they need more cops if that were true?
Garden City Commission to swear in recently elected commissioners, select mayor and vice mayor on Tuesday.
100 million euros to stop racism against Jews and Muslims in France. Will also combat anti-Roma racism?
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PCI PASAMONTE,AP during the meeting with Mayor Agustin,NT and Vice Mayor Agustin,EC
it makes a more compelling photo when they turn their backs on Mayor DiBlasio next time. More bodies and all
No more Chastity: Cebu city vice mayor orders probe into complaints of police abuse of street children rounded...
Tue 4/21/15 is the day. Vote 4 Vice Mayor 4 more info. RT
Who is here? The Vice Mayor and his beautiful wife. Kevin and Lynne Hartke!
Who's here? Just the Vice Mayor and his beautiful wife! Kevin & Lynne Hartke!
forgot to tag you mr. Vice mayor sir
I want to thank everyone who attended Vice Mayor Herrera's Boards and Commissions information event last night. Thank you for your interest.
Chairperson, vice Chairperson, Runaí of Valley Rovers with Mayor of Cork County & Vice Chairman of
See my conversation with Jordana Jarjura, our Director at & the Deputy Vice-Mayor of
French Mayor Dumps Alleged Manure on Roma Settlement: Pro-Roma advocates have been fighting to keep five Roma ...
Cinci Pres & guest Vice Mayor Mann did a great job at today's luncheon!
Vice Mayor Kevin Settle speaks to volunteers for the Sack Lunch Program.
French Mayor Dumps Alleged Manure on Roma Settlement via Don't worry, it's only "wet agricultural soil."
French mayor dumps three truckloads of what has been described as manure on Roma settlement:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A big Happy Birthday shoutout to the Vice Mayor of Lipscomb University, !! The only…
Vice Mayor for the City of Shasta Lake, says to "she never said no" excuses.
Can someone tell me when Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan became a thing? I don't remember voting for a Vice Mayor.
WHAT MAYOR RUDY DUTERTE MEANT WHEN HE SAID: "If I become President, I will establish a 2nd Cory revolutionary government to radically change the policies we now have". The statement actually reveals three things about him: 1. His correct assessment on how things are going with now Cory's 5th Republic mothered by her 1st Revolutionary gov't. now engulfed corruption the magnitude of which could sink our Ship of State. NOT EVEN PNOY- Cory's only son & President has this correct insight! With this insight Mayor Rudy Duterte commits to start a new 6th Republic now Federal to rescue and save our EDSA86-restored PeoplePower Democracy by estaishing a 2nd Cory revolutionary government. Said 6th Repiblika Federal ng Pilipinas shall be based upon the CORRECTED 1987 Constition to assure the Filipino people of a stable Republican Democracy. 2. His Character as a person who recognizes and pay his debt of gratitide to Cory who appointed his mother to be OIC Vice Mayor for Davao City. It was Nanay Soling who instead cho ...
The mind of Rody Duterte A PHILIPPINE 'ALCATRAZ' FOR HARDENED CRIMINALS By Manny Pinol Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the colorful and controversial Mayor of Davao City, never dreamed of becoming a politician. A former public prosecutor and a street parliamentarian who joined the movement against injustices in government during the Martial Law years, all that he wanted to be was to be a Sandiganbayan justice. "To be a justice in the Anti-Graft court was my ultimate dream," Duterte told me when I asked him about his dreams when he was a young lawyer. All that changed when after the EDSA Revolution of 1986, he was appointed as OIC Vice Mayor of Davao City, a position which was first offered to his fiery mother, Soledad Roa Duterte, who declined the appointment. The lawyer's keen sense of knowing right from wrong, however, has never left Duterte even when he waded into the world of politics where the only thing that mattered was winning elections at all cost. Two weeks ago, when the story came out in the media about t ...
Campbell News. Former Mayor of Campbell and current Council Member Jason Baker has been chosen as Vice Mayor for...
Awards nights congrats qcx audience choice award and netpac best international short film..with vice mayor joy belmonte and mtrcb chairman
with QC vice mayor Joy Belmonte and mtrcb chairman direk Milo sogueco
Pic with Atom Araullo, Valerie, Aaron. Pic taken by Vice-Mayor Yaokasin. Kill me now. Super awod 😂
remember when there were so many in Sinajana? I'm glad Mayor Blas and Vice Mayor Hofmann took them all out.
The leader of the 2017 Asian Winter Games (who is the vice-mayor) told me in Incheon the city is exploring the …
The 43 kidnapped students in were incinerated. By their mayor. Time to end the
In Beverly Hills, qualifying begins Nov. 10 for the City Council seats of Mayor and Vice Mayor Julian Gold, M.D.
A fab day parading with the new Lord Mayor - our LondonMet Vice Patron. Guildhall faculty put on a great show! :-)
I want to manage Vice Mayor Duterte's campaign when he runs for President :D
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Soo Ghana's Vice President had the opportunity to act as president one day and he call Accra mayor so the go and collect Borla. . Lol
Tacloban's vice mayor Jerry Yaokasin said the recovery effort has been a challenge, but said: "I cannot rebuild my life until and unless ...
Ran into Angela Spizig, former Vice Mayor of Cologne, Indy's sister city.
Another set of cake from san juan vice mayor Francis Zamora!
Iguala mayor had 43 students killed and likely incinerated "because the students were 'going after' his wife"
He did it for love. Mexico's 43 students were incinerated for "going after" ex-mayor's wife
Valencia is so lucky to have such a handsome vice mayor. Young n handsome
Ok. Sat by and talked with the vice mayor and the councilor. Talked about politics, work and some random men stuff. Like whut???
Great to see that Lowell stayed Blue - despite Nangle and the Mayor! - Let’s hope he loses his vice chair.
Protesters burn Iguala city hall as Mexico announces fugitive mayor ordered attack on students vi…
As Dresden vice mayor for econ put it to me: We lost all of our markets.
Rape victim gets backing vs former vice mayor: . Members of the... (via
PNP together with vice mayor Salcedo during Fun Run
Mayor Ken Harycki stepped down as mayor, effective today. Council member Mike Polehna will serve as Vice Mayor...
Yes, apparently I did snag the Vice Mayor title as well! And I imagine there can be a beer in our future, there's no COI there :)
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
District board meeting with the Economic Development Manager, Amanda Norton and the Vice Mayor, Robert…
How much force is excessive force? I feel that cops should be held more accountable for their actions
Join me, and the City of Doral Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council on Tuesday, November 11th for a Veteran's Day Parade!
Thank you to the Vice Mayor Diane Walker, and the athletes and cheerleaders from Pahokee High!
What's the future of Econ Dev Vice Mayor Hall & ACM Buss talk about opportunities on Hall's new TV show
AKAP monthly meeting hosted by Vice Mayor Rico Golez.
(2/2) retell her horrific rape allegedly by Pantabangan city vice mayor Romeo Borja Jr.
Vice mayor falls in love with speed-pedelec:19 km headwind in 50 minutes
Fietsberaad is today guest in At the door I crossed vice mayor Great small city!
Our Vice Mayor who was trying to calm the survivors. .
Mayor of Tbilisi guides the Vice-President of the World Bank around the old Tbilisi
COP Dingras MPS together with the Hon Vice Mayor Saguid had a brief dialogue to the Sanjera
Event: The 9th Annual Dialogue With Beijing Vice Mayor Cheng Hong: This is an AmCham-China member only content...
MANILA - Former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado on Wednesday presented a video of a 350-hectare property in Rosario, Batangas, which he believes is owned by Vice-President Jejomar Binay.
A slideshow on the alleged 350-hectare property of VP Jejomar Binay in Rosario, Batangas is presented by former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado during the continuation of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee probe on the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building II on Wednesday, October 8. The…
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Makati’s contradictions Philippine Daily Inquirer 12:10 am | Thursday, October 9th, 2014 SKYLINE OVER POVERTY LINE The towering buildings are at the heart of Makati City, while the shanties are along an estero in Pasay City. RAFFY LERMA From whatever angle one views it, Makati City is a bundle of contradictions. It is home to the ultrarich as well as to the extremely poor. Gleaming skyscrapers tower above the dilapidated hovels of slum dwellers. Modern firms operate within a territory controlled by a political family that has wielded power continuously for 28 years. Makati is the Philippines’ financial capital and is host to some of the world’s major conglomerates. Banks, telecoms, investment houses, hotel chains, and high-end shopping malls compete with one another in a high-stakes pluralism emblematic of modern capitalism. Makati’s executive class articulates an ethic of efficiency, transparency, and accountability suitable to both corporate and political governance. Yet, the city’s politica . ...
I salute this man at least he is doing what he oath to do. Bring justice to the victims Vice Mayor Mangansakan, ikw nlng pagAsa ng mga tao jan. Saan n kaya ang ibang officials?
One day livelihood at BRGY BLUERIDGE B sponsored by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.. Course: Perfume Making
The place to be. Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles' area supporters sponsor the showing of this award winning movie as a fundraiser for her re-election campaign.
Taken on oct 9, 2014 at brgy pob west science city of munoz gift giving ceremony of congw cherry Umali w/our Vice mayor Tekila Grace Alvarez and yours truly mhel Villanueva
Gift giving ceremony ni congW cherry Umali w/our city vice mayor Tekila Alvarez and yours truly Mhel Villanuva at brgy pob west Scince city of Munoz Nueva Ecija taken on October.9,2014
2hrs in traffic its not even rush hour and there's no rain and flood. What is happening in Manila!!! 😡 Mayor Erap, Vice Isko &
Estimated cost of alleged Hacienda Binay, according to ex-Makati Vice Mayor Mercado.
In AZ having dinner Hackett House The chef is the Vice Mayor of Tempe's Swedish
Watch explore Calgary's cowboy culture in our new series, Keep It Canada.
Another good news! Proof of confirmation from the Hon, Vice Mayor Maria Gina M. Lizares of Sipalay City *** ..
Mansion with maze garden, similar to Kew Gardens of London. Photo from presentation of former Vice-Mayor Ernesto...
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