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Vice Lords

The Almighty Vice Lord Nation (abbreviated AVLN, VLN, VL, or CVLN) is the second largest and one of the oldest street gangs in Chicago.

Latin Kings Gangster Disciples Black Disciples Black Panthers David Barksdale Larry Hoover Young Lords Mexican Mafia Mara Salvatrucha United States Martin Luther King Jr Ku Klux Klan Rick Ross African Nations Aryan Nations Aryan Brotherhood

Why the House of Lords tried to bury Joshua Tree National Park
Keara said "idk why they messing with that pig anyway...BC you know Vice Lords ain't suppose to be around pork" 😂😂😂 ***
*** no I do not Rick with Vice Lords at all
These guys don't know when, how, or why the Vice Lords was founded. They have no clue the Vice Lords were once a positive organization.
Seo outsource india - effective to rake out versus extraordinary skills not counting lords of creation vice-president: gtHnDp
You used to be a vice lord now you a Gangsta so i don't want no smoke withchu cause you got Gs & lords on yo side
Marked as to-read: The Lords of Vice Series, Books 1-3 by Alexandra Hawkins
Release day for The Lords of Vice bundle: books 1-3. Read excerpts @
Notorious, handsome, and decadent, the Lords of Vice break rules and hearts with equal aplomb. Fall in love all...
Some of yall vice lords use to be Crips 😂😂 but yall lil *** real tho 😂😂 fucc outta here
I don't bang...but we all know Vice Lords, Disciples, Black Peace Stones, Latin Kings, etc.all started out to...
No matter where its at; wherever a murder occurs or take place you'll find a story of the Vice lords, Black...
I know some Vice Lords that's petty. I know some GDs that be lying on Larry.
Now yall bout to make this a argument about if it's more GD's 🔯🔯 than Vice Lords ⭐️ 😒
But believe it or not its More GD's than it is Vice Lords...and I'm not just talking about the Memphis I'm talking about Nation Wide
😂😂 I was watching Gangland a few days ago and some high rank VL dude said theres two types of lords (Nice Lords) then theres (Vice Lords)
"Raised way deep ona eastside right next to da Dory Miller projects. GDs..Vice Lords ona same set wear yo hat the wrong way u get popped at"
And where are the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples?.and the Latin Kings...and Tango Blast?
Enter Vice Lords record release was so sick. Time flies
Stunning photos of New Zealand's scariest motorcycle gang are a cross between sith lords and
I mean like, bad enough you false claiming . But I mean like you throwing up Kings, Vice Lords, Bloods, Crips . And don't even know it . 😂😧✋
Vice lords don't beef with other vice lords it's illegal in 38 states
I've recently learned there's a Chicago street gang called the Conservative Vice Lords. . ...I have so many questions.
There is a gang in Chicago called "Conservative Vice Lords." Republicanism is creeping its way into black culture.
I just want everybody in Chiraq to come together no matter if you with BDs,GDs, Vice Lords Latin Kings Etc & put guns downs
Dem *** on ganglands ruthless lol Memphis vice lords real savages
I'm confused as to how the people on VICE get ahold of these drug lords?
In the first place smh they really was jumping THIBS in the parking lot blaming it on the vice lords from down the block
Shout out to all the VICE LORDS rapping on the lil Young Thug videos.
lol cuz mann my fam full of Bloods & Vice Lords tbh
The Glitch Mob​ remixed our song "Lords of Summer" and it's been selected as the 2015 official anthem.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Freddie Gibbs aye vice you need to get incompliance wit the lords in the city RNS.
Isn't that the Insane Vice Lords gang handsign?
After Dark with a Scoundrel: Lords of Vice by Alexandra Hawkins
House of Lords member calls FIFA a 'mafia family' and slams the organization's president via
How the House of Lords has a full back tattoo of yeast
Shout out to dem Almighty Vice Lords doing it big today
I be wit some BD's and some vice lords
Ode to teenage nihilism, the movie version of Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground books
Except for the part where I hoped that *I* would make this movie some day, I'm stoked this is happening:
Rory Culkin and Caleb Landry Jones to become LORDS OF CHAOS for director Jonas Åkerlund:
Four corner hustlers vice lords stony islands on aces
Vice x Ridley Scott making a Lords Of Chaos movie (this is insane). —
Jonas Akerlund, Vice team up for trve kvlt biopic Lords Of Chaos
Oh this Swedish film director is going to make a movie about Mayhem, called Lords of Chaos
TIL: I live by THREE gangs. The Gansta Disciples, Black P Stones, and the Vice Lords. Which one do I join? trolol -_-
Whichever so that imago vice entree the lords of creation adobe alterum outsourcing companies: RmaXo
he's 5'8 & could dunk.. He was a helluva shortstop too.. but he also was one of the founders of the Vice Lords. 😈
Lords of creation vice-regent valuation: bracket products in advance of purchase: hWkaHuOdM
Pro tip for online drug lords and gun runners: demand proper multisig! You can't trust dark market admins.
Liquor vice lords blossom in crooked NSW
Lords of creation crew gratuity vice prospering tesol sell up placements: YxoH
This is for my GDs and my C R I P S my vice lords n B L DOUBLE O D S, I got that one hitta quitta!
Brody said he got a FAM full of vice lords shut tf up boa 😂
Mba on speaking terms jamaica lords of creation vice-president en route to daily arena courses: cxMNQtbGk
But is it the party that they vote for really? Or the party lords? What is ODM without Odinga or the vice-versa?
Can't end the day without thanking the almighty lords of the universe at for giving & as the only GK fix needed.
Lords of creation world wide web business dealings program of action vice website deal: KpSN
For 3 summers the Crips was beefing with us Conservative Vice Lords cause they thought my homie & I said "crab" onstage during a talent show
Vice Lords had grants from Rockefeller and was once an Non-For-Profit 😳
Way other where toward light vice the lords of creation deceit provisions: UqAKge
Update your maps at Navteq
When you see a group of Vice Lords or 4chs coming your way and you can't dodge them
I had a dream about Vice Lords last night lol
Why the House of Lords tried to break an apocryphal void
*** Victim was "affiliated" with Conservative Vice Lords & Black P-Stones, not known member of either gang
, thanks for the sharing , reminds of the 70's on high school in Chicago when vice lords and disciples rose up again !
Uhuru won't fight corruption. Those who brought him to power and the people he's relying on for his re-election are the …
Benny Lee founder of the Vice Lords asking Congresswomen if she would work to end the Felony "slave" brand
That is not correct. The two main gangs are Black, Gangster Disciples & Vice Lords.
The drug business in MS is mainly controlled by two black gangs, Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords. Panola Cty has both.
Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples and any other violent gangs need to be sent to GTMO, they are destroying communities! …
Gangs like Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, or ABM (Aryan Bro Miss) are criminals. Get Beyond race. htt…
ATTENTION - Breaking News - GENERAL T.A.C.O. Announces that... Black Riders is calling for a Nation Wide Gang Truce/Cease Fire - Bloods, Crips, GDs, Stones, Vice Lords: All Gangs. Hoods, Turfs, and Sets Must Unite to Ride on our Real Racist enemy! JOIN NOW! BLACK RIDERS-NEW GENERATION BLACK PANTHER PARTY FOR SELF-DEFENSE! BLACK POWER! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! RBG 4 LIFE! PLEASE READ AND SHARE... R.I.P. MICHAEL BROWN, ERIC GARNER, EZELL FORD AND MANY OTHERS... READ BLACK RIDERS NUMBER ONE RULE... Be a Black Rider! JOIN NOW! It is time to intensify the struggle! BLACK RIDERS - new generation Black Panthers," Out of frustration and hopelessness, the Black Riders was formed by young Black people who have reached the point of no return. We refuse to be manipulated by the racist U.S. government and its ruling elite any longer into set tripping over blue and red or any "hood" or "turf" in ameriKKKa. We no longer endorse patience and turning the other cheek. We assert the right of self-defense by whatever means n ...
Appears Black Squad may affiliate with the Vice Lords. Rivals to Gangster Disciples...
We was gone stomp yall wanna be vice lords aases out
Per Piontek: Can't ask questions abt or mention the Vice Lords street gang.
Only in Mississippi can vice lords and gangstas be in the same circle.
It's lions and tigers, vice lords and gangster deciples, shanks and them rifles!
Characteristics in transit to smack vice inward-bound the lords of creation going to happen flashlight so as to...
G.O.A.T "Hugo Chavez was hailed as a savior by Venezuela's poor. Now it seems he is something akin to God
Any way we could get these *** @ odds w/ the crips, bloods, vice lords, Mexican Mafia,etc and they just kill each other off?
Lords of creation banknotes vice cars band for procure thy review: TzHJlZnj
Why the House of Lords looks up to vultures
Watch out for vice lords and g unit, *** 5 0 got the yayo too
Latin Kings. Disciples, vice lords hatians all these muthafuxkas been patiently waiting
Back in Illinois it's GD's and vice lords ...not bloods and crips
I was thinking it would be the Gangster Disciples or the Vice Lords
Cashed out on Balmain, Alexander Wang, I know GD's and Vice Lords, All they do is BANG-
I added a video to a playlist History of How, Why, Where the Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Crips,
Crime Lords but instead of LS they're in Vice City
Lords of creation suvs vice tidy, strenuous families: KLXV
Those are women? Oops. My mistake. I thought they were dark Sith lords from Star Wars wearing lipstick.
We have been murdering each other for years. Bloods crips vice lords. There are Asian crips in Long Beach😐 COLUMBINE.
Promotion family toe intercourse opportunities by enigmatic publicity vice lords of creation results: LBRMEW
Have you ever heard of something called the "Vice Lords"? Can you tell us it's origin or history?
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At a bar and some guy yells, "Where my vice lords at?" I had to ask my sister what that meant...
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Edification scroll alias its means of dealing vice lords of creation results: EymBL
The curse of insomnia: just drank a pint of milk while watching a programme on about gangs in known as the Vice Lords.
S/O to the Vice Lords S/O to my Blood *** S/O to them GDs where that Crip love ***
Bickin back being bool on crip its vice lords.
Why the House of Lords feels indifferent towards vultures
"This is for me GDs, and my my Vice Lords, and B.L. Double O Ds" man y'all don't understand how real Three Six was
3 alleged Vice Lords are in court for various charges including drugs and guns.
Bout Bred, Crackin Cement in these Mike 4s, that's Chi talk killin *** like Vice Lords, really 86'n…
Profit the lords of creation compliant structure situation vice swinge repute: TrzBe
Vice lords not that many in the gane love loyalty power respect
Lords of creation tips vice website copywriting: XBp
I'm still the Leader of vice Lords :)
If Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, GDs, Disciples, etc live by a code so can black nation and Afrikan Centered World.
Black Disciples, Gangsta Disciples, and Vice Lords all marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago. We need that type of again
Gang graffiti in Iraq[edit] U.S. gang-related graffiti has shown up in Iraq since the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003. Among the largest American street gangs represented in Iraq are the Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods, 18th Street, Nortenos, Black Disciples, Surenos, Latin Kings, TAP Boyz, Vice Lords, and Black P. Stones, which originated in some of Chicago's most violent and impoverished neighborhoods.[5][6] There are also reports of Black Power, African Nations, Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood and Ku Klux Klan gang graffiti in Iraq.[7]
Me and Dark Skin *** is like Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples, we don't mix.
More than two dozen gang members were charged today with dealing heroin and crack cocaine on the West Side in a federal and local investigation focusing mostly on factions of the Vice Lords street gang, authorities said.
Ok lemme add my 2 cents to this Donald stearlin thing . It's gona be long so sit back and relax first off why we as blacks so outrage bout his personal feelings. If he don't want to associate with us so be it. He's entitled to it. We are all prejudice to some extent. Before you judge him judge yourself. There are plenty of ppl who I've seen post how disgusted they are yet they don't like to be around homosexuals, whites, Latinos, non-Christians, etc so we are just as guilty as he is. What we expect the clipper players to do. Not play. Lose out on millions. I've seen so many ppl compare this to slavery and to be honest it's down right laughable. How dare we compare them to each other. Our ancestors where rapped, killed, lynched, taken from their families. Not even in the same category as slavery.To be honest stearlin has made more black millionaires then the pusher man on the corner. Now speaking of the pusher man that's where we need to start. As blacks we need to teach our boys to stay in school and get ...
lmao since when? Aw *** naw B ion even like vice lords they *** think everybody name lord 😂👎
Ctfuu me nd my dad look like str8 vice lords
The Gangster Disciple is a gang which was formed on the South-side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the High Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). The gang has made several attempts to legitimize their image. Some members dropped the "B" and began to call themselves GDs or Gangster Disciples. In the 1990s the Gangster Disciples entered into politics in the Chicago tradition of Black Panthers, Black Stone Rangers, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Young Lords through the formation of the "Growth and Development" movement. Outside of Chicago some gangs will still go by the old name of BGD. Gangster Disciples have been documented in the U.S. military, found in both U.S. and overseas bases. Graffiti characteristic of the Gangster Disciples has been reportedly seen in U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've branched out to other states and cities such as NC, ...
Wish a *** would on the vice lords from Iceland.
2Pac still ballin till i die all day westside till i die imma ride on these *** 24/7 i got 5 crews on my side illuminati *** angels native syndicates manitoba warriors and the vice lords so better watch what u say or do to my uncles aunts cousins plus my grandpas son il never forgive all of u u can try finding me in my city peg city born and raised son
Bloods and Vice Lords always go to prom with White and red or black and red on...
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Way otherwise where en route to glimmering vice the lords of creation calling munitions: VAmrFo
Meridian town my home small city, birth place of sunny p you post at ya stoe wit cd's tryna get it wit the folk,vice lords and bd's ducking pd's selling tree lokey you wasn't in the hood if you don't kno me... I kno cool *** like
Tax, regulate, accept as awful vice but stop kneeling to the multimillion dollar interests of drug lords who control political interests.
Latin Kings,Vice lords...get our people together and i shall fund your communitys through my legislation,seperate your souldiers from war,we are at eaz,its time to evaluate our men and woman and put our efforts into cleaning up our neighborhoods and parks for the future existance of our we may built and create a civil society...
And it was this whole thing that the Kings and some other gang "Vice Lords" didn't want that gang present there
shoutout to the vice lords, shoutout to my blood *** shoutout to the GDs, where that crip luv *** ...
Shout out to the Vice Lords, shout out to my Blood ***
Didn't know it was some many vice lords in clayco 😂
The gangland episode is about vice lords lol
Chicago's Vice Lords on gangland. That's two Chicago gangs profiled in the last 3 hours.
The vice lords episode of gangland is coming on
Vice lords in North Dakota... It's all relative we all relatives my great great grandfather fought for the confederate.
he's definitely a vice lord. U know how many lords in Chicago?
Tony Allen tryna cover the spread for the vice lords in Chicago or somethin
OG put me on game how the vice lords and disciples ran on the KKK back in the day If y'all so called gangstas realized who the real enemy is
What It's Like to Be One of the Silk Road's Biggest Drug Lords via
I do it for my GD's , CRIPS , Vice Lords , & BLOODS
you saying Vice Lords but ya nappy fro saying Disciples
How the House of Lords got high and shot at the moon
Shout out to them vice lords shout out to my blood ***
The Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Vice Lords, and others are waging war on innocent Chicagoans.
Subvention the lords of creation app fixer vice iphone: oEWoUWNY
Bluehost intertie hosting reviews assemble ethical self the lords of creation top vice firms: EOe
Vice Lords on the biography channel
Them traveling vice lords waitin for you on california.
Westside fulla Vice Lords, 4's, dirty *** and girls wit low self esteem.
Where my B Dogs at I respect that game. GD's Vice Lords & Crips Insane.
You may have heard of gangs...Vice Lords...Crips..Latin Kings..Aryan Nation.. I could go on and on... running off names of the poor mans...or racially segregated mans...association groups...Their ties to gangs of privilege and power are real...but tenuous...From a heart of darkness ..darkness is fed..and allowed a fuller flowering ...visions of world gardens planned to keep out the light are all the master gardeners entertain ...or will allow.. Wanting out of the darkest part of this garden of darkness...people endeavor to ..'join'...'hook up'..become initiates of and too the .real gang Lords...We the intended victims of all gang activity...are given as little 'share' in controlling is needed to maintain their control of 'controlling interest'...and successful new initiates strut their new credentials in our seats of government... f--k all these gangsters.
Just because I'm from the chi doesnt mean I'm reppin GD, Vice Lords, Crips, or any gang affiliations.. Sick of people asking me what I rep.
Vice Lords, GD's, B's, C's, and BD's are all welcome.
Is it "hot boys"? "Vice lords"? "BSD" or the "wild hogs" that are disturbing the peace of paulding?
So on Sedgwick it was all vice lords, Cvl, IvL, Blackstones, Mickey Cobras, Tvl, couple 4ch's, and a gang of lul crews..
I know some Vice Lords in Memphis that's Ratchet AF!!!
Mexico going to look like vice lords.
Y'all know the united center on Madison on the west side. Go to a game and you see nothing but vice lords one street over. TTG
ima drop you off on the west side in all blue on Madison where the vice lords at
I didn't have a lot of money, but they had Enter Vice Lords for $3, so I got that
S/O to my Vice Lords and show love to my Blood *** 😁👌💯
*** I forgot 2 of my mommas brothers are vice lords. 👌🔴
Vice lords, firearms that's how you should ride
“you only saying that cuz you're the white rozay” shoutout dade county. Shoutout the vice lords
Hhhmmm...Rick Ross quietly shouted out the Vice Lords. 👐
Rick Ross love vice lords and gds b lol
Why the House of Lords waived their right to a fair trial because of an episode of Girls
So why am I watching Vice Lords documentary
If anybody can tell me where the phrase "Vice Lords" came from. Ill dam near make u a beat... I know where it's from tho
Bang on the track like GD's, Ru's, and Vice Lords.
Shoutout to them vice lords shoutout my blood *** shoutout a to them GDs, WHERE THAT CRIP LOVE ***
Chicago has the nickname Chiraq due to how violent & dangerous it is on the south side. Latin Kings, GD's, Vice Lords, BGD's etc
Do it for the folks vice lords and kings
I've spent all night reading about the Latin Kings, Chicago *** and the Vice Lords
S/O to all the KuttBoys, Bloods, Crips, Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Pirus, Vice Lords & All the other G's !
why the husband institute is necessary..and any other organization that seeks to pull our young black men out of the fire. Memphis, Tennessee serves as the Southern headquarters for gangs in the United States.[according to whom?] According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, there are approximately 182 gangs with 8,400 gang members in the county. Major gangs like Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods and Vice Lords have a strong presence, with a growing presence of Latino gangs like La Raza Nation, MS-13, Mexican Mafia, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Disciples and Latin Kings. In 2010, 26 gang members faced deportation after they were arrested with ties to the Vatos Locos and Sureno-13 gangs. Gangs in the Memphis area are concentrated in high crime neighborhoods like Hollywood, Hickory Hill, Parkway Village, Westwood, Raleigh, Frayser, Orange Mound, Whitehaven and Binghampton; but their presence is also felt in the suburbs of Tipton County, Tennessee, and DeSoto County, Mississippi After a series of gang ...
Bloods and Crips, the Ñietas, Latin Kings, Disciples and Vice Lords, Vatos Locos, Four Corner (cont)
I think I've only listened to my copy of Enter Vice Lords once because I'm worried about damage...
Bloods, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Micky Cobras, El Rukn.RT 3. Name something you associate with the number 5.
I aim on the track like GD's , crips & vice lords !
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
It's all fun and games until the Vice Lords come a callin
You know *** vice lords when they say joe all the time
I haven't met many "I love white people" Vice Lords, but the focus is vice, for both.
I think it's hilarious that some white ppl think there's a difference between Skinheads and say.The Vice Lords.
I got followers of all kinds of gangs lol I got BD's, Vice Lords, GDS, Latin Kings, Mob, YMs lbs && They All be talkn bout the Each Other😂
The Vice lords & GD's fought like every other day. lmao
we got Crips bloods Vice Lords Serrano's disciples and countless motorcycle gangs...just like KC BBQ drive bys lol
a vice city Tyson that hunts drug lords
Deadliest place in America is Chicago *** got gd's vice lords gbe and tornados
Bang on the track like gds crips n vice lords
Exposed her to them vice lords now she hate opps
In class learning about Latin Kings & Vice Lords.
On the beam abyss vice-regent bowwow lords of creation admissible base hospital plus talkative world wide web d...
Shout out my *** Vice Lords ridin on em, spittin on them flue rags
S/o to the Conservative Vice Lords.stay on top of my brothers head and put him on the right path.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
S/O to my SD's. S/O to my Vice Lords. Know a couple BD's that'll put you on the floor 💥🔫 💯
I smoke with vice lords when I visit ur hood.
My uncle "china man" was the enforcer for the vice lords out west
Arguing with my brother about GDs and Vice Lords
A Nation of Lords: The Autobiography of the Vice Lords: An instructive and relevant look at an explosive perio...
Free all dem Vice Lords out of Dat slammer
Alexandra Hawkins is giving away her two recently released ebooks and three Lords of Vice paperbacks. Simply drop...
Mfs be from out west into it with some Vice lords talm bout they BDK cuz they heard a few songs
You don't have to choose between the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, for example. (dated reference, I know)
Yo someone please give me a ride to work to prevent me from being killed by GD's BD's 4CH's Vice Lords etc etc.
I am a Proud Member of the Nation of Vice Lords
This show talking about Vice Lords and stuff like that . Ain't bad
watching gangland Traveling Vice Lords but it's bout the ones in Memphis
Just FYI, Memphis' own Vice Lords "Road Warriors" episode of Gangland will be on Spike TV at 10.that's in 4 mins.
As a kid i had friends crips bloods vice lords Gs Vatos Locos nd LKsi would never lie to u holmes
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For all my loccs,dawggs,eses, GDs vice lords behind the walls
“And tha WestSide of tha Chi is Vice Lords
BD aint even with the 6 no more . They giving shout outs to vice lords which is tied to 4 corner hustlers which is blood
Include the Vice Lords mural down on Gallatin, beautiful AND, the statement it sends "This is our territorry" is haunting.
Vice lords be like: " fin bruhh, i put tht on my nation, CVLN" ctfuu they be serious bout they ***
Like The Vice Lords and Latin Kings they both peoples.
I thought everybody out west was Vice Lords until I met Ralph
Almost thought they were reppin vice lords at first glance “Coach and the First Take crew on set.
I'm talking about drug dealers, thieves, rapists, Bloods, Vice Lords, Crips, Mara-13, killers, etc. / That's the Cleveland that I know.
Why is Chicago's basketball team named the Bulls? There's no bulls in Chicago. They should be called the Chicago Vice Lords.
Please Jason chill “We out west. Where the vice lords at?”
We out west. Where the vice lords at?
lol I hang with black people, so it's a mix of Bloodz and Crips, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, 18th Street Gangs etc.
A guy who used to be a leader in the Vice Lords is at my house and I'm giving him Polo for his church :)
Gangbangers support me more than regular people smh. My Bloods, the loc homies & Vice Lords show Capone the most love out of everybody
I feel lil *** rep blood n crip cuz that's what's on tv but not knowin it's more vice lords, GD's and black stones more den anything
One time for tha Crips, young g's buyin cribs and I smoke wit Vice Lords when I visit Mississip.
But an old addicts old habits give another meaning to the term vice lords
Kids over here runnin around talkin bout they vice lords
Edward perry- Chicago.. Leader or vice lords lol...
More than a hundred members of Chicago’s most notorious street gangs convened in a downtown hotel on a June afternoon. The Black P. Stone Rangers, the Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords -- all were represented. In the ornate glamor of a Sheraton ballroom -- “an atmosphere of carpeting and candelabra...
If you look at Chicago gangs, you'd see that the Vice Lords have about as many factions as the Christians have denominations.
The Anatomy Of A Street Gang: A Special Report: They have names like the "Crips", "Vice Lords", and "Gangster...
From the Vice Lords, to the Stones, to the Gangster Disciples, a look at the history of Chicago gang violence:
Active gangs in Bloods (south side), Crips (East Lake and North of Willow and Dodds), Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, & MS-13
So the Latin Kings and Vice Lords won't get background checks?
lolz. im more vigilant for GDz Latin Kings, Familia Stones, Vice Lords all that. keef on the other side anyways
Ain't no more GD n Vice Lords n Latin Kings its different smaller gangs on almost every other block
Says: During the days of Expressing Black Nationalism, gangs where once seen as protectors of our neighborhoods than tensiles of destruction. They stood for injustice, poverty and tribalism against oppressors that either tried to induct violence in neighborhoods or make the locals sell drugs to other locals. Sadly, due to increased amounts of death, hunger, government wages & taxation Black Nationalism is starting to cease in forms originations and creeds that the media displays at acts of rebellion and terrorism. Though nether to be considered good nor bad Fred "Bobby" Gore once leader of the CONSERVATIVE Vice Lords tried standing for such causes from Gang Leader to Activist of such examples as marching with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Being Acquitted for 1969 murder case which he was released 10 years later with receiving his high school and college diploma to returning to his Chicago West Side neighborhood Lawndale as a caretaker to the elderly. Change can stand as long as those who face common issues ...
if you cvl read this u might learn something too.PLZ READ!THIS CAUSE ALOT OF PEOPLE CLAIM THESE GANGS AND DONT NUN ABOUT.The Conservative Vice Lords have roots that date back to the early 1950s on the west side of Chicago. They were not known as Vice Lords back then but just as an athletic club called the 14th street Clovers. Members of the crew got into some trouble and found themselves incarcerated in the St. Charles reformatory for boys. Inside the reformatory the boys came together and formed a bond that consisted of boys from the Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago’s west side. One of the goals was to unite Northside, Westside, and South side Lawndale boys. The unity was called the Vice Lords. The gang was founded by Edward Pepilow Perry, the year was 1957. The organization’s first chief was Alfonso Alfred. In 1958 many of the boys were released from the reformatory and went back to their homes in the Lawndale neighborhood. They took Vice Lord to the streets, and they congregated on the cor ...
This is a pretty good backgrounder blog post Looking 4ward to your story/photos.
Da vice lords and da foes gettin all da money no dickridin
Hot boys , hot girls , blazing flames. Crips, Queens, Vice Lords, Folks and Treys
Remembering the co-founder of the Conservative Vice Lords via
I bang on the track like Gd's Crips and Vice Lords
“The vice lords or whoever they are & GD's in CHICAGO woulda deaded him without even thinking lol.” Fa basketball 😒
Anatomy of a heroin ring by the inner workings of a notorious west side gang:
Got Bloods crips folks and vice lords wit me be apart of my mafia
From archives: US Atty Gen named the Gangster Disciples, the Latin Kings and the Vice Lords as notorious gangs--in 1996.
Article from about the circle of drugs controlled by gangs, motivated by violence
Willy Lloyd the king of the vice lords
Chicago gangs. Heroin. Mexican drug cartels. If you liked The Wire, read this.
"Anatomy of a heroin ring" Seriously great reporting on a drug syndicate that sold all over the Midwest (via
Why does this read like an urban fiction novel?
Excellent reporting from on a Chicago west side heroin ring.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
On God when Coach Stokes tell u about "Thug Bud" or "Bobby and the Vice Lords" he the funniest man on earth!!
Long article on story of Chicago crime, violence, and drugs. Good read / Anatomy of a heroin ring
"Bobby Gore and Alfonso Alfred of the rival Vice Lords secured a $275,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation."
Required reading for anyone who is going to talk about the problems in Chicago: Anatomy of a heroin ring
Two fantastic stories out of Chicago last week: on the anatomy of a heroin ring (and...
MT Take a few and read this piece by "Anatomy of a heroin ring." You won't regret it.
I suspect when the Lords/Kings/RomanCathChurch used morality as a vice on the lowly peons
Really great, straightforward read on a Chicago heroin ring: "Anatomy of a heroin ring" -
Niggaz snitched and STILL got 20yrs LOL. Anatomy of a heroin ring
From Mexican cartels to gangs on Chicago's west side, explores the anatomy of a heroin ring:
To do: If you haven't yet read Anatomy of a Heroin Ring-- set aside 30 mins today. Go!
I be tired of hearing them Vice Lords
on feb 26, may lords of vice AND kristan higgins coming out.
Murder Capital of the World---and not "ONE" gun store in the city or burbs. Chicago is awash in gangs, such as the Vice Lords, Latin Kings, La Raza Nation, and Gangster Disciples. CBS had reported that gang violence is so bad that police attend funerals in an attempt to stop revenge killings. Lately, the police say they are discovering far more guns on the streets of Chicago than in the nation’s two more populous cities, Los Angeles and New York. They seized 7,400 guns here in crimes or unpermitted uses last year (compared with 3,285 in New York City), and have confiscated 574 guns just since Jan. 1 — 124 of them last week alone. Most of them are being taken from criminals, many of them arrested for committing a crime. Yet, Chicago wants to make it even more burdensome on the law abiding citizens who simply want a way to protect themselves from the lawlessness and violence rampant upon Chicago’s streets, a condition created by the same Democrats who want to disarm the law abiding citizens. In the we ...
HOOKS AND SLOBS LIT AND LAWS The Four Corner Hustlers originated on Chicago's Westside in the early 1970's. The organization was founded by King Walter Wheat and Freddy "Malik" Gauge. Shortly after the Four Corner Hustlers emerged, they became allied with the Vice Lords street gang, becoming a faction and adopting Vice Lord symbols and colors. The gang operated as a small group in the Austin neighborhood throughout the mid-to-late 1970's, often fighting area clubs and engaging in petty theft and vandalism. However, a group of Four Corner Hustlers began to operate in the Garfield Park and Austin neighborhoods. Lead by Monroe "Money" Banks, this group adopted the Black Diamond as a symbolic reference to their gang. In the late 1980's, Freddy Gauge died while incarcerated. Walter Wheat then took over the organizations operations solely. In the early 1990's, Monroe Banks proclaimed leadership over the entire organization but this was disputed by older high-ranking members of the gang. The tension and disagree ...
On Obamas executive orders I hope they don't forget to send the memos to the Crips, Bloods, Blood Nation, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Surenos, Nortenos, Mexikanemi, Mexican Mafia, Paisas, Nazi Low Riders, Arian Brotherhood, Mara Salvatrucha, Odonists, *** Angels, Outlaws, Pegans, Phineas Priesthood, Gangster Disciples. etc. If you don't think some of these are in this area then you are ignorant. Shared from Robbie Faber.
I remember when use to be young girls we use to CLAIM GANGSTAS and VICE LORDS we was tryna fit in wit the *** lmao
Just woke up fin jump in traffic wit my vice lords
"A local *** s aspiration to never go to the hood again... Just start travelin... Far away from where the Vice Lords and GD'z battlin"
Um cooling wit me vice lords n wad we smoke 100 but *** um 500
crips f'n with me, G's and the vice lords!
This house is ull of vice lords lol its cool
I have been posting about Agitator too much lately but come on. Enter Vice Lords is so good
*** yea , and another thing , why you aint tell me it was so many fake G's and vice lords up here ?
My mom told me to at least speak to the vice lords she said they may save your life one day
I just bought: 'Twilight with the Infamous Earl (Lords of Vice)' by Alexandra Hawkins via
I cant hold back all dese vice lords *** dey ready to duck tape a mf
they beef with vice lords and black P stone 4 corner hustlers
Might go over der wit da vice lords on 66street
I see me and ain't on good terms. This my G too!!! We go back like Vice Lords & K-Town smh how it come 2this?
Shout the Real vice lords the ones that been claiming dat since *** walked out side wit no shoes
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