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Vic Fuentes

Victor Vincent Vic Fuentes (born February 10, 1983 in San Diego, California) is the guitarist and lead vocalist for post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil (formerly Before Today and The Early Times) alongside his brother Mike Fuentes on drums.

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so here is Jaime Preciado and Vic Fuentes on the first night of the misadventures tour a year ago in Las Vegas. sor…
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"Those red heads man, I love em'!" - Vic Fuentes . Here's a doodle I did of Danielle Victoria πŸƒπŸŒ² a very stunning lad…
I could've stanned Vic Fuentes but I took the easy way out and went with the milk god himself, George Ryan Ross III
It's OK to dream of beautiful things, like... Pasta singing. Butterflies moshing. Vic Fuentes combing his hair...
That time where Vic Fuentes pat his heart and nodded at me during Hold on til May 😍😍😍😍
That time where Vic Fuentes held my hand and sang to me during Circles 😍😍😍😍
Vic Fuentes with rocking a beautiful VMNT on stage. Let's go!! 🀘 // πŸ“Έ
Sometimes ppl say my husband looks like Vic Fuentes and I get very flattered like.. yes.. I love him...thank u
Vic Fuentes is my free pass in my relationship
I love Vic Fuentes he's my fave singer rock wise 😍
his just somebody that I used to know. Somebody That I Used To Know - feat. Vic Fuentes by Mayday Parade
im in a emo mood rn so lets pretend its 7th grade and fan girl about vic fuentes. . yall i CANNOT get over him wtff
I really want to just watch scary movies with Alex Gaskarth and Vic Fuentes
police:anything you say wil be held against you. me: andy biersack. me: Kellin Quinn. me: Vic Fuentes. me:Ronnie Radke. me: Ashley Purdy
Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil tries to catch the confetti at The Fillmore Silver Spring…
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Somebody that I Used to Know (Punk Goes Pop) covered by Mayday Parade ft. Vic Fuentes 🎧🎢
I used to be obsessed with Vic Fuentes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜β€οΈ
Okay but like the guy at subway looked like Vic Fuentes from PTV and he was sooo cute but probably thought I was like 15.
Do you think Vic Fuentes sleeps with a hat on?
He looked like Vic Fuentes in the first pic why
Got 2 see them in Chicago though with Vic Fuentes so that was enough to make my teenage heart happy
It's kind of weird I have the same vocal range as Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn but
Vic Fuentes just posted my photo on Instagram... holy
having vic fuentes and daniel flint tell me that I'm talented
Both sides are stupid and I'm voting Vic Fuentes 2024
My chibi take on Vic fuentes aka my twin:3
Now I just need a Vic Fuentes counterpart
What it's like to text with 's Vic Fuentes:
do y'all remember when I had a pet mouse and named him Vicky mouse after Vic Fuentes
Vic Fuentes just keeps getting cuter 😻😻
I can't believe I looked like Vic Fuentes once
I just remembered I spent an evening 2 meters away from vic fuentes I miss him
Can someone please tell me how can Vic Fuentes be so *** perfect?
Namiss kong istalk si Ronnie Radke, andy black at vic fuentes
When I met Vic Fuentes and my mum framed the pic and hung it on my wall
Vic fuentes from PTV was an inch from touching my hand and I cried because he didn't :(
Why does Leafy look like the lovechild of Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes?
Honestly ever since Vic Fuentes complimented my makeup, my life has been complete
Why is Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil singing for Australia?
This guy looks like the lovechild of Vic Fuentes???
I'm like madly in love with vic fuentes(: what's new?
my sexuality: Vic Fuentes singing the word sunshine.
Movements, cacti, the color red, Vic Fuentes and dogs
Murder the moment, my God, I'm the serpent. I'm sorry, I can't see that you truly love me. -PTV
Guys omg alysha shared me on her profile which is mike fuentes's gf which is Vic Fuentes's brother which is the lead singer of my fav band😭😍
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FINALLY. A NEW CHAPTER. I'm sorry it took so long. my excuse? life.
Time to read (Vic Fuentes) βœ”οΈ by Ma'am. Ma'am is Lexusrat on Go check her out!!
✘✦ And here's the part where I start to make my own *** decisions. and make a name for my self ✦✘
vic fuentes is so underrated that is my Baby
I liked a video APMAs 2016 Performance: YELLOWCARD with VIC FUENTES, BRADLEY WALDEN and EDDY
Q&A: Here's what it's like to text with Vic Fuentes and Deryck Whibley…
Dapat may collab sina Alex Gaskarth, Vic Fuentes at Kellin Quinn just sayin'
Back home, had lunch, let's read Two's a Handful by Ma'am ((Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed
Vic Fuentes has an angelic voice, whenever I listen to it, even if it's the most triggering song ever, I feel calm.❀
Caucasian SoundCloud rappers r jacking the vocals of Vic Fuentes and Oliver Skyes πŸ‘€ stay woke
Now Andy Biersack in Ethers, I need M.Shadows, Kellin Quinn, Oli Sykes, Vic Fuentes to bring my metalrock spirit back.
sorry but I'm so not over the fact that I got to have an actual conversation with Vic Fuentes and thank him for what his music did for me
You look like a younger version of Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil
Yesterday I mistook a guy for Vic Fuentes at heb in the chips aisle. I got so happy you guys will never understand
Day 10: When You Can't Sleep At Night // Of Mice & Men is basically a song made for that purpose, and it's the sweetest…
G'morning internet. New book today by Ma'am ((Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed
yes this is Parker Cannon and not Vic Fuentes I'm trying my hardest pls (this one *** so bad but oh well)
if x-23 n vic fuentes had a baby it would b her o my GOD
Wow look! It's Vic Fuentes lead singer of Pierce the Veil ! How neat!
Can someone draw Vic Fuentes, Travis Scott, kid cudi, and Abel for me please. I'll pay you
Just got called a mixture of Kellin Quinn and vic fuentes. ._.
Vic Fuentes. I would be drawn his whole face, but I didn't feel like it at the time. I might soon.
A love like War ft. Vic Fuentes was the first and the best song I heard
I liked a video Me And My Guitar interview with Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil / Gibson Explorer
Vic fuentes' voice blesses my ears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Gallavich is love, Gallavich is life.
they did NOT come for vic fuentes oh my god
With super straight hair I look like A Flair For The Dramatic / Selfish Machines era Vic Fuentes and im mad about it
Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil and you have that same last name, that's not fishy right? ___ The plot thickens.
Vic Fuentes just liked my instagram picture 😍
bruh, I just remembered how hype Isles & Glaciers were ;___;. Craig Owens, Jonny Craig, Vic Fuentes as the frontmen . lordt
Vic Fuentes said my name idek if hugging him or having him say my name was more wonderful
day 15: somebody that I used to know- Mayday Parade ft. vic fuentes
I went to Mission Bay High School. Me and my brother, we both went th...
I got to meet Moe Adams 😍 Vic Fuentes, Cheat Codes and many other artist in 2016
my sister said she loves Vic Fuentes voice I rasied her well
I feel like I'm reading those weird roleplays scene kids used to do (still do) as like, Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes. But it's real. Ew.
Vic Fuentes and Jenna McDougall performing an acoustic version of Hold On Till May
I ship Vic Fuentes friendship with all of all time low tbh
so Vic Fuentes you refuse to date anyone that isn't Vic Fuentes
I lied. I only obsessed w my dog & Vic Fuentes. Joe can suck my non existent *** He was salty & only I can be salty!
"Just wait things out, it won't be bad forever, I promise. I love you"-Vic Fuentes
ik but it was Vic Fuentes so it's ok
Are you family of Vic and Mike Fuentes of
Actually forgot where smoltaco came from aside from that it was to do with vic Fuentes
I'm really crying over Vic Fuentes rn it's 2012
Remember when Vic Fuentes said he'd rather die than be famous
"The best people all have some kind of scar."Β β€” Kiera Cass
"I'm one of those regular weird people" -Janis Joplin (yo se por que lo digo)
there's something so great about Vic Fuentes' and Kellin Quinn's screaming
. [Vic Fuentes & Kellin Quinn]. Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge?. I bet you never had a Friday night like this. Keep
lol I almost forgot I'm in love with Vic Fuentes whew
i'd delete your existence in my brain but i will NEVER delete screenshots/pics of vic fuentes and mystic messenger memes
In loving memory of vic fuentes. He isn't dead I just like remembering him.
Whenever I see a picture of Vic Fuentes ( ) ❀❀
everytime u reply i feel like im talking to Vic Fuentes and i want to cry bc i know it's not true
Why must he be such a great human being. The world needs more Vic Fuentes' okay
I'm sorry I can't see that u truly love me *se saca a lo Vic fuentes y tira todo*
Why Vic Fuentes and Zack Merrick were in my dream idk
When Vic Fuentes likes your post from last night:') I miss it so much:(( VIP WAS LIT
Sometimes when I'm drunk I think about how I met Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil 3 years ago and cry of happiness
I added a video to a playlist Vic Fuentes and Jenna McDougall, "Hold On Till May" (acoustic)
jonathan.weiner Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil .. thanks to & for the…
Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil on the Second Leg of The World Tour. prints available- prin…
On a scale from Vic Fuentes to Oliver Sykes how many tatoos do you want? πŸŒΌπŸ‘
I want Vic Fuentes to shove Taco Bell in my *** while singing bulletproof love
A bootleg Vic Fuentes just followed me
Why does Vic Fuentes hate me so much
Ask Vic Fuentes, he'll take you anytimeπŸ˜‚
God please why can't i be Vic Fuentes' girlfriend she's so pretty
this is emotional bullying and it needs to stop. I feel personally attacked by Vic Fuentes πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
"Wait for the end of things, because nothing is forever bad. I promise .". ~Vic Fuentes
Thread of my favourite Vic Fuentes pictures πŸ”₯❀️
Remember when Alanah said to me she would still fancy Vic Fuentes even if she found out he was her dad?
I'm such a sucker for Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn
Well duh! πŸ˜‚ I got Vic Fuentes on "What band member from Pierce the Veil would fall for you?"
Bihhh I had a shirt and everything lmfao I loved them and Vic Fuentes is v adorable πŸ’™
I'm looking through my notes from last school year and theres little doodles of vic fuentes everywhere like please i need to stop.
Just had the most wicked dream that I was demon hunting with Ben Barlow, Vic Fuentes and Parker Cannon. Makes sense.
Vic Fuentes. - like this wasn't obvious. - the most precious thing on this planet. - is cute when he's not killing me
Jeez I hate boys. If I have to be in the sun at all and your not like Yixing or Vic Fuentes you are wasting my time.
Vic Fuentes gets his first ever tattoo
I think I've heard her sing with Vic Fuentes, she's a good singer
Vic Fuentes never fail to make my heart skip a beat πŸ’“
πŸ“· vicvibes: Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado of Pierce the Veil Self Help Fest 2015 K Enagonio...
Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, and Jeremy McKinnon. They all taught me that I'm not alone, and that things will get better. πŸ’™
I just made so many mutuals hello friends I love Vic Fuentes and I want to hear Kellin Quinn beatbox at my funeral :)
I am gonna try this hard when I meet Vic Fuentes
Vic fuentes also sang Ocean Avenue onstage with Yellowcard haixst my heart
I love Alex Ramos for getting that video of Vic Fuentes saying "I love everyone! I love all people."
Y O this girl looks like vic fuentes ***
when scribs calls me Vic Fuentes and I'm like "I don't see it"
I'm still pretty sure Vic Fuentes and Kourtney Kardashian are the same person.
I'm still not over this. Like Vic Fuentes singing ocean avenue with yellowcard is literally the highlight of my life
I'm gonna go listen to music until I stop crying over Vic Fuentes
Hey guess what. Vic Fuentes . That is all.
No one ever believes how accurate my impression of Vic Fuentes is until I do it for them, and then they're like "woah"
I want that audio of Vic Fuentes saying "pop that cherry baby" at my funeral bye
πŸ“· ptvdaily: Vic Fuentes from PTV performs guest vocals with Yellowcard on the APMAs!
People think my lock screen is Prince but really it's Vic Fuentes in a Halloween costume
thoughts on the beautiful Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil?
you look like a female Vic Fuentes, I hope this doesn't offend you xD
all I want to do is meet Vic Fuentes but the deluxe tickets are already sold out :(
YEAH. Like you expect him to sound like Vic Fuentes or something.
//Last night I wanted to change to Kellin Quinn or Vic Fuentes or maybe someone else..
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I had a dream about how I met Vic Fuentes :(
Adorable Vic Fuentes gives the award to Twenty-one Pilots. *claps*
VIC of PIERCE THE VEIL explains the meaning behind each MISADVENTURES track%0A This made me cry
I want Vic Fuentes to count my heartbeat before I sleep
im ordering a drink next to Vic Fuentes ***
This song has helped me through depression and many other things. I love you Vic FuentesπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž
I went up to Vic Fuentes tonight to formally introduce myself & before I said bye he said "you look very pretty tonight" HELP
So I'm just getting emotional over yellowcard and Vic Fuentes just comes out of nowhere omg 😍😍😍
Vic Fuentes is killing it on stage with Yellowcard!
update: still in love w Vic Fuentes
I'm sorry but Vic Fuentes will always be so cute
Vic Fuentes is my father and Mike, Jaime, and Tony are my uncles, you can not tell me otherwise .
Vic Fuentes be looking the same since 2003
Vic Fuentes in a tuxedo is my life.
Vic Fuentes in a suit is everything!
We sat down with to talk about the process of making our new album Check it out at
Find out the inspiration behind our album in our interview with at
I love Vic Fuentes too much. I guess you could say I'm a VICtim
A friend of a friend told me Vic Fuentes' *** is small and I kind of wanna find out but I really don't.
thats the dream team and they got Vic Fuentes from pierce the veil on there too. I just found them yesterday
What was the happiest moment of your life? - Meeting Vic Fuentes ❀️
I love this seven minute song ft. Vic Fuentes
woah when Vic Fuentes says" is this temporary" on phantom power and ludicrous speed smh ugh
Vic Fuentes voice gets my bussy wet
vic fuentes is probably the main reason I want a nose ring
πŸ“· icantell: Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil @ Chile, 09/07/2013. I starting to think I have a problem
in the words of Vic Fuentes, my body is ready!
Spams the TL with a thread of Vic Fuentes gifs. 😎✨
linGER IN THE DARK . DID I MENTION I LOVE VIC FUENTES . today I saw the whole world pt3
I already miss you so much from last night. I wish I could of talked to you, instead I screamed "I met Vic Fuentes"
Little Giant Ladders
I want Vic Fuentes to shove his snapback up my *** during floral and fading this Sunday
5/// i have met Vic Fuentes, Jaime Precaido, and a few other celebrities
Me and Vic Fuentes have the same birthday.
to when I met Vic Fuentes. He's so lovely πŸ’“
Alright fam im meeting vic fuentes tomorrow. How do i go back in time and tell 13/14 yr old me
man did you ever get told you look lke Vic Fuentes?
I remember when I was like fourteen I read a Vic Fuentes fanfic based of the yeah boy and doll face video and it was surprisingly great
3. i once called Vic Fuentes little vic and my mom laughs at me for it.
Vic Fuentes: "'Circles' is one of the most meaningful songs we've ever written."
Honestly Vic Fuentes makes me the happiest person ever. Every time I…
Vic Fuentes was my soulmate this week
Making eye contact with Vic Fuentes was the highlight of my night
today, i have an interview with Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. i also gotta write my dierks bentley preview and...
I want to find Vic Fuentes and give him a taco cos I'm a really nice person who loves Vic Fuentes
I sang like Vic Fuentes from Pierce the veil and it's actually really fun lol
Vic Fuentes can just wife me up anytime now. 😍
My social life is existent as Vic Fuentes tattoos.
I got "Vic Fuentes" in the quiz "Who should be your Valentine's Day bae?" I'm so cherished via
i ain't no emo anymore but i love vic fuentes so much he's so cute dear LORD
Dan Smith, there was an unspoken bond . Vic Fuentes is pretty cute too though
make him into Vic fuentes and you into Andy biersack
why is Vic Fuentes actually young Dave Grohl
Me & Vic Fuentes are basically soulmates lmfao. Like boo I know what heartbreak is I understand all your lyrics 😭😭😭 been there done that.
Vic Fuentes. - everyone's stanned him at some point. - even if you unstan ptv you don't unstan vic; that's a rule. - πŸŽ€πŸ’― https:…
Watch Vic Fuentes in this hilarious tribute to Hall & Oates
"give Faye her 60 euro back," blathnaid screeches as she strangles the helpless Mexican that is vic Fuentes
πŸ“· the-mindofmine: Vic Fuentes from pierce the veil and Lynn Gunn from pvris Not my photos.
for sws i paid Β£30 for m&g no way im paying Β£60 to meet Kellin Quinns sloppy left over vic fuentes
Vic Fuentes lyrics are so beautiful to me
I miss Emo me having a huge *** crush on Vic Fuentes from Pierce the veil 😒
I'm having an existential crisis I'm literally in love with Vic Fuentes like literally in love
Someone should fake Vic Fuentes and slide into my dms
Vic Fuentes is so smol and must be protected
Me and nina just had an Alex Gaskarth and Vic Fuentes moment sharing popcorn at the cinema
Why does no one fake vic fuentes like a vic fuentes fake pls come into my life
Ronnie Radke is like Vic Fuentes in that 90% of his lyrics are really pretty good, but then the other 10% are just awkward as ***
you're not even good looking. Do you know who is good looking? Hmm lets see Chris Motionless, Vic Fuentes and Craig Mabbitt
remember when I spent $50 to barely say hi to vic fuentes and rub my clammy hand on his
Once when I was like 13 vic Fuentes called me via my friends phone n I cried hysterically
Since everyone swears I look like Vic Fuentes.
dad :"Bianca you look like Ariana Grande.". me: "what about me ?!". Him : " You look like Vic Fuentes. ". πŸ˜‚
If I could be half as good at writing as Vic Fuentes, Jason Butler or Tyler Joseph that'd be pretty cool.
I need a man like Josh Dun, Or vic fuentes, or maybe just a man in a band, or maybe just a man, might even settle for a boy.
you hate vic fuentes as much as I hate vic fuentes, so you're pretty cool.
Vic Fuentes: the lead singer in Pierce the Veil. He means everything to me and encourages me to always do my best. https:/…
Research has proven that if you are scared of spiders you are more likely to find them in your bedroom. I'm scared of Vic Fuentes
Salty cause my sister went to see Fall Out Boy in Irvine while I was stuck cleaning my room yesterday...she also met Vic Fuentes 😭😭😭
Pierce the Veil's Vic Fuentes' shares his most embarrassing moment with ...
Anything Vic Fuentes touches turns to gold ...
It involved Vic Fuentes in the passenger seat of a car slowly saying 'heee's an asssholeee'.. WHO VIC FUENTES? WHOM?
Whatever I did lyrically or vocally, just to try and get better at everything. - Vic Fuentes
I think my favorite punk goes pop cover is somebody that I used to know by Mayday Parade ft vic Fuentes
My boy I have dibs on = . Vic fuentes. Andy Biersack . Oliver Sykes . Patty Walters. Any argument and I'll cut your limbs off. . πŸ˜ πŸ˜’
I really wanna change on my RP Account. To Ronnie Radke. Jeff Hardy. Angelico . Vic Fuentes. . Or Mike Shinoda
Since someone told me that I look like Vic Fuentes, I swear I look like him.
if Oliver Sykes made it through bullying,Vic Fuentes made it through self-harm,Kellin Quinn made it through living in a bro…
I saw ATL on Vic Fuentes' birthday. When I saw Jeremy Loops at TØP it was the sax players bday
Check out latest column in new issue of
low key will always have a crush on Vic Fuentes cuz of my ptv obsession in 7th and 8th grade
Who would you sing a duet with? β€” if i could sing good id sing with Vic Fuentes
Vic Fuentes is the sweetest person in the world
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you can still call Nick the new guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BTW he is the cousin of vic and Mike Fuentes πŸ˜‚
Mike Fuentes is so much hotter than Vic. Come on now.
nΓ£o mano. vic fuentes. pls. vic save us with your smile
While at with All time Low coming on with Vic Fuentes
PHOTO OF THE DAY / FEBRUARY 16. Vic Fuentes of taken last year in Indiana on The World Tour.
I love Somebody I used to know cover by Mayday Parade feat. Vic Fuentes 😭😭
Michael listened to A Love Like War (feat. Vic Fuentes) by All Time Low!
Can you have a word with Vic Fuentes about how good it feels to release a new album
Vic Fuentes' voice is awesome it's a shame he sings screamo
"Just wait things out. Things won't be bad forever, I promise you". - Vic Fuentes
Spend a day in the life of in his hometown of San Diego.
Tyler Carter & Johnny Craig on. A song together is the best thing to happen since Kelli Quinn & Vic Fuentes on a song together
had a dream i met Vic Fuentes and Justin hills and Jack Fowler. vic was speaking full Spanish and jack was the translator./..
Craig Owens, Tyler Carter, Vic Fuentes, Jeremy McKinnon, Johnny Craig and Trenton Woodley all have such good voices
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