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Vic Firth

Vic Firth is an American musician and is the founder of Vic Firth Company (formerly Vic Firth, Inc.), a percussion stick and mallet manufacturing company that he started in 1963. The company bills itself as the world's largest manufacturer of drum sticks and mallets.

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Fun jams with my eastlataiko band mate demondrummer at Vic Firth's West Coast showroom. Enjoy…
Officially part of the Vic Firth family. I've been using their fantastic products for years and so happy to be on...
Full restock of Vic Firth Drumsticks in, y'all! For all your hittin'-stuff needs!
Had a great visit to Vic Firth/Zildjian HQ this AM. Many thanks to Christian Lyman at
See more of Vic Firth at Check out their pics and bio page at
Vic Firth was kind enough to feature a video of mine on their vf15 series. Check it out on Instagram.
Recorded, mixed, and shot here! Awesome to see Vic Firth showing our good friend Lionel Forrester Jr. some love!...
I see you. Your Vic Firth videos give me life. I love you. Bye.
just submitted an application to work for Zildjian & Vic Firth making videos in like 3 minutes LOL how funny would that be if i got hired
vic firth hands down. The American classic ones are the best ones. I found carbon to be too vibratey
Spent $16 on Vic Firth Sticks only to break them in 3 songs
Brand-new Modern Jazz Collection by available to pre-order at PMT Online! Find your perfect pair today:…
Here's Liam Who's just got fully Questlove'd up He's just collected his Ludwig Drums Questlove drum kit Vic Firth S…
If I had a dollar every time somebody asked if I played drum set after seeing my Vic Firth lanyard, I could afford drumset lessons.
Just got in a brick of the Vic Firth Ray Luzier Korn signature drumsticks after asking my…
Jon crushed with Behemoth. If you missed this tour, Vic Firth posted some cool playthrough vids.
Update your maps at Navteq
Not joking, as soon as I picked these up I felt the difference to my Vic Firth pair! Now to see how the…
Nice! Using Vic Firth with the red grips...or red Flair pens?
Fletcher's Mill (formerly Vic Firth) is my favorite! Very consistent, good materials. Great a…
Check out these awesome videos from Vic Firth! Can you follow along? DCI 2017 LEARN THE MUSIC:
If anyone wants to get me a friendship gift :)))
Went live on Vic Firth's site this morning! Absolutely the best sticks!
Oh! Yeow! Next time alert me to have my Vic Firth 5As ready!
The nurse on the Vic Derbyshire show spoke a lot truth to an MP "forget what your title in life is" remember you are a still a "human" 👏👏
Looking at custom drums and accessories remembering the feel of my fav Vic Firth 7A nylon sticks. I am so turned on right now!
I added a video to a playlist Paradiddle-diddle: Vic Firth Rudiment Playalong
I added a video to a playlist Double Stroke Roll: Vic Firth Rudiment Playalong
I added a video to a playlist Flam Tap: Vic Firth Rudiment Playalong
The Drumline isn't on Mylar for this LEARN THE MUSIC video, but they've still got some sweet beats...
RIP Vic Firth, founder of the legendary drumstick company
Just need to buy some of those Vic firth headphones.
No. Custom made by the guys from Vic firth
First day of rehearsals and rockin' my Vic Firth MJC!!
What beauty set of Vintage Drums. Great Share from Vic Firth.
I just donated to Team Vic Firth in The Challenge. Not riding this year, but go
Ok now that I're researched it, Vic Firth is the company that makes the drumsticks. I never claimed to be very knowledgeable about drums! 🤣
Caught me a drumstick from Don Felder's drummer, Vic Firth!
Stoked to see Aaron Gillespie joined Vic Firth. Welcome to the family!.
Vic Firth SJD Jack DeJohnette Signature Drum Sticks Pair - - Add your ads on:…
Yo you should have your own custom sticks like me! The people at Vic firth are great! . :3…
A little teaser from an upcoming Vic Firth performance video I'm doing.
Puerto Rican percussionist Marcos Lopez and Etienne Rivera jamming at Vic Firth. Marcos website:...
Another little clip from a Vic Firth performance video I'm doing. pearl_drums…
Vic Firth Wood Tip Rock Drumsticks - - Add your ads on:
let's play shall we shoutout to Vic firth I've been using Vic for over 10 years and am almost 19
Vic Firth AJ3 American Jazz Wood Tip Drumsticks - - Add your ads on:
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Vic Firth Nova Hickory Drumsticks Black 5B - - Add your ads on:
Thank you Suavo. Rocking a great Sache shirt & showing my undying love to Vic Firth and Matt Cameron sticks. Much...
Vic Firth Gary Burton Yarn Keyboard Mallets - - Add your ads on:
I use VF sticks (5BN, 5AN) 4 years. Tried other manufacturers, but Vic Firth is as if specially created for me.
Vic Firth Nova Hickory Drumsticks Black 5A - - Add your ads on:
Vic Firth Steve Smith Birch Tala Wand Drumsticks - - Add your ads on:…
I need drum sticks. KFC or Vic Firth will suffice.
I liked a video from Vic Firth Drum Set Mute Prepack DEMO by Lindsay Artkop
Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Nylon Tip Drumsticks - - Add your ads on:
The Vic Firth Bru-llet and VicKick Beater for cajon explained on: |
Vic Firth Heritage Brushes Drumsticks - - Add your ads on:
Vic Firth : Cajon Bru-llet. ... fresh off the showcase at Winter NAMM, and soon to be available at MusicGear!
Check out our Vic Firth drum stick rack! Filled with some beautiful sticks! Check out our selection by popping...
brand new VIC FIRTH products released at NAMM in January. (veryyy) soon to be available at MusicGear!
YOU should listen to "Land" by muramatsu, an Asian lady plays it for Vic firth ITS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL
when will notice that I too, bought along with the vic firth drumsticks 😰
Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection Series Sticks. Now in stock the new Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection Series...
and I also hate zildjian sticks. Lowkey disappointed he doesn't use vic firth
When you get interviewed by Vic Firth for Imperial Dynasty and then get publicly exposed on YouTube for not having a good reason for joining
Vic Firth Titan 5B Carbon Fiber Drumsticks - USED! - - Add your ads on:…
I just submitted signature Vic Firth American Classic® 55A drumsticks to on
I used to love Vic Firth sticks, and have tried to give them chances now, but they always break so fast/easy, and I don't even play hard.
For those of you wondering, my stick of choice is Vic Firth X8D. . 📷 Rylan Euton.
Tama drums and Vic firth sticks next God willing
I liked a video Sarah Thawer playing drums at Vic Firth's office in
From the Vic Firth website..Vic Firth artist Maksym Deomin endorses the Vic Firth HingeStix as his stick of...
Those NOVA sticks are our budget line. Have you ever tried the Vic Firth 5Bs?
Had an awesome day filming with Vic Firth today!
. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was rather lucky, I was born with a pair of Vic firth in my hands
I don't even know what a vater is all I know is vic firth 😇
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Vic Firth Kidsticks by Vic Firth 109% Sales Rank in Musical Instruments: 382 (was 800 yesterday) (229)Buy new...
That video of The Cadets Percussion 2016 recording for Vic Firth 😍 can't wait!
where ever we are in the compass Vic firth has us covered
ok this is so random but I was watching vic firth videos + other live performances & I just wanted to say that u're amazing
We are very happy to announce that Luca is now endorser of the two prestigious brands Vic Firth and Remo. This...
I added a video to a playlist Vic Firth Rudiment Lessons: Multiple Bounce Roll
Vic Firth sure knows how to make me look good
Get acquainted with our NEW LOOK. FREE D'Addario Strings or Vic Firth Drumsticks while they last!. Promo Code 888.
Thank you to Vic Firth and specially to Joe Testa for their great support throughout the years... with Love
We just analyzed Vic Firth Kidphones -- Isol..., link:
Ludwig epic! 20ply of madness! Coupled with some vic firth Xtreme sticks,you can't go wrong
Shoutout to the best drum instructor ever. This man was taught by Vic Firth himself and saw…
Sometimes instead of getting out of bed I scroll through the Vic Firth Instagram for about 30 minutes.
need them new vic firth extreme 5B drum sticks!!! someone sponsor me
Standard Jazz Brush Vic Firth Drumsticks Are the Choice of Top Players in All Kinds of Genres. Whether
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
HUGE shout out to the Vic Firth Company and their Education department for donating a TON of…
Just when I thought that today couldn't possibly get any better these sweet LORD MARCO Vic Firth…
"A quick drum beat for Vic Firth VF15... .
I'm selling nine pairs of unused Vic Firth P10PR drumsticks (size 5B) for P600. Please PM me if interested. Thanks! https:…
Chris Coleman dishes on his new Vic Firth signature stick
I bought myself the VicGloves by Vic Firth. Drumming Skills Increased by 60%. No more blisters. No…
I have a knack for breaking things. 😧😧 Why Vic Firth, whyee?
find them on short notice. :-(. They were either made by Vater, or Vic Firth.
Matt's office for the next three days at The Ballet Theatre of Maryland! Thanks to Vic Firth, Remo, Offworld...
you guys should switch to Promark or Vic Firth. Very reliable mallets 😬
Question: Vic Firth or Zildjian for practice pad?
Just discovered this video of Oteil Burbridge with Oz Noy and Keith Carlock over at the Vic Firth site!
TBT - With Katie Couric on the Today Show. What a pleasant surprise it was to find that she played my Vic Firth...
Vic Firth: Vic Firth Signature Series -- Jojo Mayer: Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer pioneered and leads the recent trend of
Tim, our drummer and lead singer uses Vic Firth sticks and is proud to do so. RIP dear sir
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Musicians worldwide are pouring their hearts out, marching to the beat of the drum. We lost a pioneer, RIP Vic Firth!
R.I.P. Vic Firth. What an amazing pioneer for the drum/music industry.
*** I've used his drumsticks for years. Also have a Vic Firth pepper mill I use every day.
Rest in Peace to the legendary drum stick master, Mr. Vic Firth. My first ever pair of sticks were a pair of Firth's.
Crazy Mass Vic Firth, drumstick pioneer, dead at 85: Vic Firth, who revolutionized drum...
RIP, Mr. Vic Firth. You were a Pioneer, visionary and will forever be a legend. Thank you for everything you've done for the drum community
Today the world pf drumming lost a true pioneer. Vic Firth was an innovator of drum products and talent. He...
Today the drum world lost a pioneer, a visionary and a leader. RIP Vic Firth. You inspired to stay passionate...
We are all deeply saddened to hear the passing of Mr. Vic Firth. You were a pioneer sir. Vicfirth Drum...
RIP to drum industry pioneer and legend Vic Firth. Thanks for providing us with such great tools of our trade all these years.
RIP Vic Firth.through his teaching, the beat goes on.
We're sad to announce the passing of Vic Firth. The drum world has lost a true pioneer of the industry and a fine man. RIP
Stanton Moore: the refresher course. Thanks to Vic Firth for putting together a fantastic spotlight on such a...
I want Chris Tomson to stab me with his Vic Firth drumsticks he used in Reading and Leeds Festival sometime in August 2014
Vic firth drums, a mandolin and that acoustic... for sure
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I freakin love Vic Firth drums stick!!!
Gotta buy those new Vic Firth practice tips...
Buying mallets is hard when I don't know what company I belong to. Like am I still Vic Firth or am I IP now?
Such a talented musician and producer, check out this Vic Firth: Performance Spotlight on Steve Jordan!.
also when I read this I thought you meant Vic Firth, drum equipment provider.
We are now selling the Vic Firth Dom's Pad Sticks at the Wizdom Drumshed in Canada! / Nous vendons…
Vic Firth studio headphones are a must for any drummer or studio musician. I love these things!
This is drummer Thomas Lang's video for Vic Firth and it's mesmerizing.
I find myself playing harder now that I can hardly hear my drums! These feel l…
Hi Mike.When is the Vic Firth comp running?
Great Lesson with Vic Firth HingeStix used along with the Vic Firth PINK sticks!!!
Vic Firth Signature Matt greiner sticks just arrived! Stoked!
Vic firth Ralph Hardimon sticks are marching snare sticks right?
You're looking at the newest Vic Firth endorsee. I'm so excited to be a part of the family. Mere…
So I heard a comment that vic firth hammers can cause nerve damage... Is this true?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
When you're a drummer and you have to shovel the driveway, you use your Vic Firth Isolation…
I use Vic Firth drum sticks and brushes. These are Peter Erskine's signature Ride Stick and his round…
Great deal and product! No problems in negociation. The product is realy good … http:…
Fellow drummers, check out this great Podcast:
I need that vic firth 12 inch practise pad in my life
all Music 3000 's students with Vic Firth sticks and headphone and me teatcher too
Tried to convince myself tht Malaysian made drumsticks are as good as promark vic firth etc. But nah. The weight distribution is so 👎
Loving my gift from Vic Firth😍 I hope next year I can make it to the NAMM show 🎶
We have recently received sticks from pro-mark, vic firth, and later. We have restocked some models and brought...
Great shot of artist Matt Garstka getting ready for his photoshoot with Vic Firth
I would pay for a reverse endorsement to show my support for Vic Firth Antlers and
I’m heading out to NAMM! Hit me up and let’s hang out! I’ll be frequenting the DW, Meinl, Aquarian and Vic Firth booths…
hey Matty can I just ask you what type of Vic Firth drum sticks you use? I'm looking for a change :)
can I get that kit off there website or? And Vic Firth sticks? Or not .. I go by your videos loving them
Some girl thought my Vic Firth lanyard was the name of my boyfriend...Um no
Any drummer will tell you drumsticks are the Louisville Slugger of drumming. Vic Firth booth at
Congrats to Taye artist Sam Ruttenberg. His Vic Firth Hingestix were voted best percussion teaching tool at this...
gone drumming :) with my perfect Vic Firth Pair of sticks. Time to bang the sound out of the drums. ;)
Another little video For you guys meinlcymbals, Vic Firth
Vic Firth SIH1 Stereo Isolation Headphone. Product Features. Designed to protect musicians from the high sound...
Vic Firth sticks only. Pearl, Tama, DW, ddrum, Yamaha drums only.
Is this your bike? Vic Firth sticker. Schwinn Gateway.
New from Vic Firth at NAMM 2015. The green ones are Steve Smith's Tala Wands
Check out this Amazon deal: Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks by Vic Firth via
Some might start saying this guy is epic but I already was... I just wasn't famous or have Vic firth as a sponsor. Nothing has changed.
My Vic Firth sticks and her Vic Firth sticks...DRUMMERS FAMILY(COUPLE). and
Jimmy Fallon: Vic Firth Ahmir Questlove Thompson Signature Drumsticks: Featuring over 17" of length and an extended t
Get 50% discount on all Vic Firth SIGNATURE model drumsticks starting today December 6 'til tomorrow December 7!...
My Vic Firth wood tip 5A's felt great when I filmed my newest "Funk/Rock Fill" video drum lesson.
A great time was had by all at the Jojo Mayer DVD Release Party! Many thanks to SONOR DRUMS, Vic Firth, SABIAN,...
There wasn't Vic Firth in the store... So I had to choose Stagg :(
Mata: Are your bags Vic Firth? . Me: What? . Mata: Yeah the ones under your eyes man, they're long enough to look like mallet bags. XD
Throwing some love out to my Old Drum Instructor in High School who was recently featured on Vic Firth!.
I added a video to a playlist Hybrid Rudiment: Grandmas / Vic Firth Educational Series
He even has his own line of Vic Firth marching snare sticks. One of his most famous pieces is a warm-up called "Ditty".
I will definitely get a pair of Vic Firth signature drumsticks I mean, how can one not?
Thompson's Drum Pad is honored to be a member of the Vic Firth Education Team
I mean I don't know how well these work for you but my favorites are Jojo Mayer's Vic Firth Performance Spotlight
Dear Friends. I am very happy and proud to announce that i am now part of the Vic Firth family.The brand i...
Thanks to Vic Firth for promoting Adam's solo snare piece recorded and shot here at the pub!...
Somebody be a babe and get me these for Christmas
I would straight cry if Vic firth replied to me. 😭
if you mean like a Vic firth bass pad then get a cymbal stand and raise to height and extend the bottom legs out a bit.
My new AAX SABIAN China cymbal and new VIC FIRTH grip sticks.
gonna spend my night watching Vic Firth videos. 🎶
Vic Firth drum stick's are amazing to play with. :) :) :)
Check out this sweet Vic Firth video, I'm in it!
Our necklaces may or may not be Vic Firth.
Halfway through our European tour! Huge thanks to ALLEN & HEATH (official), ACS Custom,beyerdynamic, Aguilar Amplification, Ableton, Moog Music Inc.,Dave Smith Instruments, SONOR DRUMS, Evans Drumheads & HQ Percussion, Vic Firth and SABIAN for making our lives easy on tour and helping us sound our best!
Great find by our friends at Vic Firth. This video of Jeremie Foster in Daytona Beach, Florida may very well be the craziest 10 seconds in marching snare drumming! Tell us whatchya think! You can see all our interview episodes and sign up for our newsletter with articles by today's biggest drummers at
Hi, Pfriends. Expo Québec. This is "Paradise Lost," live with Hollywood Undead. Thank you to SABIAN, Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums), Vic Firth and Drumtacs for making such amazing instruments.
Does anyone have one of those vic firth practice pads with the two zones?
NEW Vic Firth with - Learn the tune, download the track, record your half!
Zildjian, Vic firth, Remo New York Artist session yesterday. Got to hang out wit the bros. Also met…
Loving the Extreme 5B drumsticks 16.5" x .595" grip - extra reach is amazing
You've fot to be in it to win it!! Show us your best Tommy Igoe groove and win killer prizes from Vic Firth,...
VIC FIRTH HHPSL. just in case u want to get me a present
1) The drumsticks don't say Vic Firth (which I actually thought about before posting. 2) You now prefer Sperrys
lol lemme catch you One good time with a snare and some Vic firth. Don't get your feelings hurt cause my rudiments are on point🙊
Big Thanks to GON BOPS, SABIAN, and Vic Firth for all the Support!. More info at
they aren't sponsors of Vic firth. BlueCoats is Innovative Percussion. :)
Rad time @ Zildjian & Vic Firth Artist Hang today in NYC - so much talent under one roof.
But y did my stick break on an electric drum I don't get it. Vic firth man kmt
Oh just a lil Firth in my bag...much love for the Vic Firth company & brand!
See Jarrod Roses'award winning performance Vic Firth Matt Greiner Contest, with drumdots on his floor tom!
Right - Playing rim shot's with my fav vic firth sticks. Plastic tip flew off - Ricochet off my ride onto my tom then right between my eyes
Hey doing me a discount for a is very expensive for chilean drummer 😔
try another brand got some Vic firth in
If anyone in the Gainesville area sees a pair of lightly used Vic Firth Hickory American Classic 5AN Extremes, please notify the authorities
I need a new pair of drumsticks so which drumsticks do you prefer: vic firth 5A of vic firth 5B ?
Anyone know what them Vic Firth VKB1 beaters are like?
Probs to Vic Firth for adding one of my favorite pieces in their live stream commercials
I liked a video from Vic Firth Titan Series Carbon Fiber 5B Drumsticks - TI5B
I don't think I'm ever buying Vic Firth sticks again
Just seen the big homie vid on Vic firth. I swear I've learned so much from this guy.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Just got myself a Vic Firth Drum Practice Pad. We bout to Turn Up
From Vic Firth: video of solo vibraphone rendition of Monk's Round Midnight.
bro.. I just watched your fortress session with Vic Firth.. Reall smooth and solid bro.. Enjoyed it.. 🙌🙌
Much thanks to Roland V-Drums Vic Firth sticks and Andrey Ostrov at Roland VBlogger for the continued support of...
My half of the drum duet with Anika Nilles for Vic Firth Shed Sessions! :)
Nova 5A and the ones with Dave Weckl signature... Why? Because Vic Firth!
She threw the vic firth on the floor. Nohh
We have some of the all new Matt Grenier August Burns Red Signature Drum Sticks by Vic Firth, all…
Just picked up my signature Matt Greiner sticks from Vic Firth. Such a nice feel to them!
Thomas Lang ANNOUNCES ‘BIG DRUM BONANZA 2014’ THEME SONG PLAY ALONG CONTEST WINNER Hundreds of Entries from 43 Countries Compete to Win a Spot at the Over $10,000 in Prizes from DW, Meinl, Audix, Ahead Armor, Vic Firth, Remo, Rock Science and (Los Angeles – 6/12/2014) Mika Ronos from the Czech Republic is the winner of the 2014 Big Drum Bonanza Theme Song Play Along Contest, it was announced today by drummer/producer and Big Drum Bonanza (BDB) host, Thomas Lang. Hundreds of contestants from 43 countries submitted videos of themselves playing the “Big Drum Bonanza Theme Song” to compete for over $10,000 in gear and prizes including: a DW 5-Piece Designer Series drum kit; a 3-Piece Soundcaster cymbal set from Meinl, a DP5a mic pack from Audix; a 5-piece set of Ahead Armor Cases, a Silent Stroke Drumhead from Remo, Thomas Lang Signature Sticks from Vic Firth, and a “Ultimate Drum Trivia Board Game” from Rock Science as well as a full tuition to the Big Drum Bonan ...
In celebration of a mind-blowing new album of rare Buddy Rich Solos from the peak of his career, Vic Firth is giving away six pairs of Buddy Rich signature drumsticks every two weeks for the next...
Loving these '15 seconds with...' that Vic Firth are doing. Pretty cool stuff!
Steve White Vic Firth Signature drumsticks back in stock £10.99 & free UK delivery.
I have played with a lot of sticks but with me it come's back to what i need out of a stick VIC FIRTH ,YOU ROCK THE HOUSE !!!
Vic Firth and all these other drummers keep liking the drum video I put up on Instagram ah :)
My dad is old school with that zildjian, but I'm into that new school Vic Firth
More than thankful of all the music happenig lately, please share and follow the awesome people making it possible! Big shout out to San Simón, Badinba & JeSánte Live!! Trexist Cymbals USA Vic Firth
Thank you Adam Tese for your donation of Two sets of signature Adam Tese 💀Vic Firth drum sticks, for the Prunebelly Benefit (May 18th, at KJ Farrell's from 2pm-6pm)!!! Thank you for your generosity!!! (Frank Walker) :)
Yesterday's office with my Evans Paistes Yamahas and Vic Firth Drumsticks
vicfirth's video a great series of 15 sec videos by dope drummers of the Vic Firth Fam!
Vic firth came out with their own line of Japanese oak sticks and they broke on me in a second
yea they're 3A and they last a good while for me I use promark or vater I don't like Vic firth sticks they just feel weird to me
Finally weaned myself completely off of the dipped drum sticks and went back to Vic Firth sticks. Happy hands! I really ,really miss Mainline drumsticks - I still have a few. Tried the metal sticks from Ahead with replaceable tips and sleeves - they buzzed and felt odd, and were so slippery! Looking at my used drumstick bucket (doesn't every drummer have one??!!) I've tried just about everything out there it seems... still waiting for the sticks with LEDs, light, non-breakable, super gripping with the auto-twirl feature..:)
To all my drum kit playing friends out there... If you play Vic Firth sticks or not grab a pair and make a 15 second video and vic firth will post it on their website... So needless to say I'm thinking about doing my own 15 second video hehehe
i think that painting was altered from the original ... Im pretty sure god was handing him a pair of Vic Firth extreme SA 5 drum sticks with the complete manual, how to, of John Bonham"s MOBY *** solo..
To the beat cave with my trusty side sticks Vic Firth
Vic Firth Signature Artist performs his composition "Reflections On The New World" from "Two Reflections for Solo Vibraphone" About the Piece: Ney Rosauro wr...
When the president of a huge company like Vic Firth pays tribute, you know you've made a difference. Nuff said,
Getting a fresh pair of Vic Firth's for tonight's JAM session and some nylon strings for the my Les Paul, Getcha' Pull!
My Vic Firth PDT class in Paris. A great day.
And the final show of the evening... Liz Procopio performs her junior recital now, playing Cloud Forest (Tyson), Tambourin Chinois (Kreisler), Castle Valse Classique (Dvorak/Kimura), Transmigration (Richardson), and works by Bach, Aleo, Vic Firth, Delecluse, and Pratt.
you got it - busted a Vic Firth stick signed by El born doing a similar, less acoustic, thing and I'm not even mad.
Drummers! Check out our lil tour video with Vic Firth Halocene
hmm I was always a Vic Firth man myself
The great tom Politzer on tenor making it look easy. It's not. Like, at all. Yamaha Drums Europe Official Yamaha Drums Zildjian Company Vic Firth Evans Drumheads & HQ Percussion Hudson Music Latin Percussion
I like to watch Vic Firth artist spotlights to practice but they make me realize how much I suck.
Still don't know what to do with that Vic Firth sticker
Had a little Jam today, this should annoy the neighbours nicely. Also breaking in a tasty pair of 7A's from Vic Firth!
Some days you just gotta laugh it up...yesterday the 2nd drummer for my praise and worship team shows up for the Friday night service...with the pair of sticks he promised me replace the pair of Vic Firth 5A nylon tips that he shreaded last week,,,he hands me these things that were between chopsticks and timbale sticks... wood tips with no brand on them at all...lolol...I guess I can use them to prop open my window...thanked him and moved much for respect of others tools.he left his cymbals in my care... I will use a couple to bake pies in today.anyone for pineapple upside down cake?.
We are pleased to offer all Evans Drumheads at 10% off marked price!!. I think this is a price match for the lowest on the internet!!!. Also VIC FIRTH DRUM STICKS wood or nylon tip all at £9.99!!!. HAPPY DAYS
To all my fellow drummers, any of you have ever been to Malaysia? Is it easy to get sticks there? Vic Firth 5b
Vic Firth 85000 perfect pairs. Any thoughts on planting trees to replace resource?
One of my favorites to play. Thy Art Is Murder rules. Proudly using Vic Firth drumsticks, Sabian cymbals and Evans Drumheads.
Vic Firth signature artist Dave Weckl performs "Just Groove Me" with Oz Noy and Michael Rhodes at the 2013 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (...
Paul's 1980 Gretsch 7 shell Classic in Champagne Sparkle and Zildjian A & K cymbals. For those who know, the snare is a 61/2 " COB 10 lug, all drum shells have Cast rims and Paul plays with Vic Firth (Buddy Rich model) Sticks.
A word about our composer for "Pelican Frolics", original chamber music to be presented by the Nebraska Chamber Players, along with original dance by the UNL Dance Department, March 29, 6:30 p.m. at the Alma Johnson Center, in honor of the spring Pelican migration: Joe Holmquist is a performer, music educator, and composer living in Lincoln since 2000. As a generalist in percussion, he plays everything from timpani and drumset to cymbals and xylophone. He received his Master of Music degree at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he studied with master teacher Vic Firth, timpanist of the Boston Symphony. Joe’s compositions have been played all over the U.S. and Europe, released on various CDs, and have received many public radio broadcasts. As an educator, Mr. Holmquist is known most broadly for his drumset and snare drum etude books published by Neil A. Kjos Music Co., a leading company in the field. Joe works in Lincoln as a freelance player for a number of music organizations. His caree ...
In this video lesson feature, Vic Firth artists & educators teach you a difficult "lick" that will incorporate a wide range of techniques, rudiments, hybrids...
Well, not going to be able to upload my new A Lot Like Birds cover to my YouTube channel, StavelyDrums, because of copyright infringement or some nonsense, but I spent weeks working on this cover, I want to show it to the world by golly. Here's the description I would have put on the YouTube video for any of you that care: Elijah Stavely, 17 years old, from Kentucky! UGGHGHHHG A LOT LIKE BIRDS. No Place and Conversation Piece are easily two of my favorite albums out there. While I would love to do what I did with Hail the Sun's Elephantitis and cover every song off of No Place, I'm no Joseph Arrington. Seriously, major props to him. He's an incredible drummer, live and in recordings. This song took me weeks to sit down and learn, and that's because of the intricacy, speed, and dynamics of the drum track. It's incredible how accurate Joe is, and how well he can play dynamically. He's easily one of my main influences when it comes to drumming and writing. Major props. Go check out A Lot Like Birds, and SIan ...
Just booked a great Drum Summit performance clinic for May 5th - sponsored as always by Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth, Hudson Music & Sam Ash Huntington with Lou Gervey and special guests John Donavan and Stik Figures percussion ensemble.
Known for having the most comprehensive line of sticks and mallets in the business, Vic Firth Company is always aiming to offer players the highest quality implements for all of their performing needs. Built on that principle, the new VicKick™ line is designed to raise the standard for drum set bass...
Drummers and drumsticks... What a pair!. Don't be caught without Vic Firth sticks!. Grab a couple of pairs at JB...
NEW ITEM! Vic Firth Soundpower Singing Bowl Gong Tool Size: 17.25 inches long with a 3 inch yarn wound ball end The Vic Firth Soundpower Singing Bowl Gong Tool features a turned maple handle, tapered for comfortable gripping and a yarn wound head. This yarn wound gonger can be used with Tibetan singing bowls 14 inches in diameter and up and any of our various styles of gongs. It helps to create a softer gong like sound. This tool is a must for anyone that collects bowls and / or gongs!
If your two year old decides to be a drummer and is driving you nuts beating the house down...make sure he never gets s pair of Vic Firth sticks. They don't break.
The moment you look into your stick bag and realize."I was so dam worried about my customers, teaching staff and drum fest performers I forgot to get myself sticks for up coming gigs, lessons and clinics".Oh Vic Firth / Coast Music how I know you got my back!
Alesis DM6 drum kit ( usb ) and audio to amp phones etc , about 6 month old played err not very often ..still complete with box n instructions , stool n vic firth nova sticks . £200.00 pm me for any questions yeh
We now have in stock the new Vic Firth Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Stick. They are a light 5B made of hickory with...
Lol I should make crappy vic firth commercials
I will pick it up bro. I want us together and do some with Me, You, and Tom Knight. We are all Vic Firth Artist
Thinking about a giveaway. Any interest? Maybe some brand new The Drum Center of Lexington 5A drum sticks by Vic Firth, signed by this guy?
do you play with mallets? If so, what are you using? Have only ever played with Vic Firth T1's   10% Off
Check it out! My new jeans have a pocket just for my sticks, lol. . Vic Firth of course. (Johnny).
We now have vic firth for your feet.
no.. You will not speak of innovative ever. VIC FIRTH\./ innovative is a bad word
I have to congratulate my brother Jonathan Burks on getting his signature Vic Firth sticks today!…
he gave the son some new Vic Firth sticks and whispered "you're my favourite student" see!
At home practicing for At the gates on the Closeup boat! Pearl reference pure, Sabian, Evans, Vic firth and...
my vic firth isolation hp is down. so i decided to let my creative side takeover. iphone hp+3M's iso…
Had Promark 5B's for around 3 month now. Lasted twice as long as Vic Firth, Promark from now on !!
Time to purchase some new Vic Firth sticks for saturdays gig at The Giffard Arms. :) Mark.
I need to get endorsed by Vic Firth.
I've never seen a Vic Firth or any drumstick truck... I've heard they exist, but I never believed the legend.
Haven't had a kit for a few years. At the moment I use a hexagonal Vic Firth Practice pad and a Billy Hyde one. I use
There's this little upcoming band from Antwerp with SABIAN and Vic Firth artist Mario Goossens that just released...
Check out the new Arsenal Music single with Vic Firth artist Dirk Loots !
We'd like to thank Vic Firth, Yamaha, and Remo!
Update your maps at Navteq
Vic firth since the beginning has been based on quality. And they continue to uphold that standard
vic firth is ok, I personally like DC50's and FS-PR2's because of their sound.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY! World Premier: Pete Lockett & Gabor Dornyei are going to perform together (and solo) at the 20th ANNIVERSARY CEGLED DRUMMER's GALA at the Cegled Sport Arena, Hungary on the 10th May 2014!!! Pretty much the whole country will be there. Ticket info and poster soon. Can't wait, Bless: Gabs with: Pete Lockett, Chris Hart, Vic Firth, Remo, SONOR DRUMS, Zildjian Company, Ty *** Percussion, Hardcase Drum Cases, KickPort International
My black with red tip, vic firth Novas. they are sick!
Drummers, we got some nice stuff to give away via raffle (IE... DW Snare, Exodus Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, etc...) but we need some vids. Get the word out, get your video's posted. Let's share what we all got at whatever level.
Congrats James Payne on the Vic Firth Artist Spotlight! This is to show EVERYBODY that hard work ALWAYS pays off!...
Someone on a Vic Firth video just referred to Dave Grohl as "..that *** singer from the Foo Fighters." I am unsure what to think of this.
We have a few more crazy low price Vic Firth Seconds in stock - Bundles of 10 Pairs - only £20 !! Grab em...
Hey drummers! It's the last day to enter our contest to win a fully-stocked stick bag from &
Picked up a pair of Vic Firth Dave Weckl sticks. These things are speed demons for me!
*** tempted to get a vic firth 7A lol.
That guy had at least 10 Vic firth bumper stickers. He must be a drummer
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