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Vic Fangio

Victor John Vic Fangio (born August 22, 1958) is an American football coach. He is the current defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

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had a daydream the packers fired Capers & hired Vic Fangio, also had a nightmare the Bears fired Fox and t…
DC Vic Fangio has surpassed his original "ultimate dream."
These people that think John Fox is a good NFL head coach, or that Vic Fangio can be a good head coach, have to be…
.Why hasn’t DC Vic Fangio, one of NFL’s smartest coordinators, attracted more attention as pot…
could do a lot worse than hiring Vic Fangio to be John Fox’s replacement. .
[Pro Football Weekly] - Hub Arkush: Vic Fangio should be next head coach of Chicago Bears | Pro Football Weekly
After 30 years in NFL - Vic Fangio has proper perspective on Story coming ABC 7 Chicago
DC Vic Fangio joked about the one-on-one time he spent with CB Kyle Fuller in the offseason: "I know he didn't enjo…
John Fox, Vic Fangio won't coach Bears in 2018 for same..
Vic Fangio said Leonard Floyd was playing good and getting better before his injury. I think can co-sign…
Neither John Fox nor Vic Fangio can be the head coach next year for the same reason: Mitch Trubisky
“I’m hoping that he’s back. I’d love to be under him for the rest of my career.” DL Akiem Hicks on defensive…
Ray Horton and Gregg Williams are a part of the answer. . Capers had Vic Fangio both times he coaced an expansion t…
John Fox is at the podium following practice. He’ll be followed by Jeff Rodgers and Vic Fangio.
Bears DC Vic Fangio on Mitchell Trubiksy: 'The game's not too big for him'
DC Vic Fangio on what impresses him about QB Case Keenum: "He's a creator."
DC Vic Fangio on CB Kyle Fuller: "I think he's come back with more purpose."
Vic Fangio meets Bears media for last time in 2017
Vic Fangio on Eddie Jackson: "I think he’s got a bright future. He sees the game well, it’s not too big for him. Processes t…
Reporter to DC Vic Fangio: It seems like guys with gray hair don't get head coaching jobs anymore. Fangio (laug…
Vic Fangio: "My dream when I got into coaching was to get into high school football and live happily ever after.
DC Vic Fangio on whether QB Mitch Trubisky has “it” : “He’s on his way to having ‘it.’”
What makes people think Vic Fangio is getting fired? Lol they have a young talented defense that he created.
4. Overall, banged-up defense deserves more credit than it’s gotten for the win. Vic Fangio got a resilient…
[The Journal Times] - CHICAGO — It was just last Sunday that I wrote, based on our reporting, Vic Fangio is unlikel…
GM Ryan Pace has plans for change in near future but giving Vic Fangio an interim audition isn't happening,…
Is this a surprise to anyone? How does hiring Vic Fangio help develop Fangio is gone. Loggains is…
I heard this suggestion late this afternoon. Firing HC John Fox right now with DC Vic Fangio as an interim. Folks…
The Bear’s Den: October 27, 2017, Vic Fangio has Chicago playing ‘BEARS’ defense, can they slow down the Saints?…
DC Vic Fangio on CB Kyle Fuller: "Confidence. He's playing with confidence. He's enjoying the game."
DC Vic Fangio on how Kyle Fuller has grown as a player: "I have vague memories of 2015.I think he's having fun playing."
The Bears pressured Cam Newton on 23 of 43 dropbacks, as noted. Vic Fangio often gave his rushers the green ligh…
Vic Fangio's no-BS media gatherings are the best. When asked if it was fair to compare Pernell McPhee to his 2015 version: "Probably not."
This much I do know: Vic Fangio will be coaching Solomon Thomas is 2018.
4b. DE Daeshon Hall- Athletic passrushing 5 tech whose best days are ahead of him. Plenty of potential perfect for Vic Fangio to develop.
Would be a great move. Vic Fangio would go crazy with him. Good front seven gets wilder.
Not listening to a *** thing JLC has to say. Remember when he told all of us Vic Fangio signing with the Redskins was a done deal?
Nice thought but I rather have Vic Fangio he's a little younger
John Fox announced at a press conference that both coordinators will return next season (Dowell Loggains & Vic Fangio)
Go for broke, make an offer to Vic Fangio, Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips & bring back KNJ as LB coach, where he belongs
Mike McCoy would make this offense great . Vic Fangio as DC !
if we want to go simple I think Vic fangio is the guy but bears going to retain him.
definitely! Wade Phillips and Vic Fangio might be available! Those are good d coordinators!
I'd like to see Vic Fangio Coach our D.
Will be just as vaunted as the 3 day Vic Fangio Era a couple years back
If Vic Fangio rumors are true and he leaves; will Wade Phillips be an option if he departs Broncos?
yeah, just like he would have been suprised if Vic Fangio wouldn't be the Redskins new DC 2 years ago
Vic Fangio's LB coach when he was defensive coordinator for the 49ers was Jim Leavitt, who is now the D.C./LB coach at Oregon.
Awesome to see Kapron Lewis-Moore get a chance to play under Vic Fangio and the Bears. Cool cat, met him at Union with
I really hope that Vic Fangio stays with the They can't absorb anymore coaching losses.
I do trust Ryan Pace. I trust the defense (when healthy) will take another step forward under Vic Fangio
Not that you need my help coach , but if you really want to upgrade the defensive coaching tree, 2 words-. Vic Fangio
I'm happy about it, but how is Vic Fangio not getting HC looks?
dont read Mike Jones but here's some more Mike Nolan, Leslie Frazier, Vic Fangio (?), Fewell since you weren't satisfied
Bears DC Vic Fangio could be the top choice in Washington after Jay Gruden fired his entire defensive staff.
John Fox says his coordinators are "intact," but an option to leave looms for Vic Fangio. Via
"Bears DC Fangio and OC Loggains Will Both Return" via App: that good to hear
Would not be surprised Gruden comes asking 4 permission to speak with DC Vic Fangio.He tried hiring Fangio i…
Redskins hired Joe Barry in 2015 after Vic Fangio interviewed for DC job, but chose John Fox and the
if I remember correctly, the Skins spent that offseason courting Vic Fangio, and he told us to go screw.
Technically 0-1 on DCs... only hired Joe Barry but I believe he wanted Vic Fangio but was spurned when VF went to Chi-town.
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Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips, Vic Fangio are some names that come to mind for DC.
Redskins interviewed Vic Fangio for their DC opening two years ago, chose Joe Barry after Fangio chose the Bears.
Vic Fangio interviewed there before taking the job two years ago
Bears fire 2 assistant coaches, coordinators all remain via
The GM said John Fox and Vic Fangio have a 'healthy, productive' relationship. It'll continue through 2017
I really would have loved Vic Fangio when he was available or Schwartz.
does Vic Fangio get a interview? If Tom Cable is on the list Vic must be it as well
vic fangio was their first choice. What connection does he have to Allen?
Chicago fire two assistant coaches, but the coordinators all remain - via
overall would be a bit rich for him, but Teez Tabor is built like CBs that Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell LOVED in San Francisco.
Biggest early news:. Bears said DC Vic Fangio and OC Dowell Loggains will remain intact. George said no restructuring ahead…
If an NFL team wants to hire a DC to be its next head coach, the best option is Vic Fangio. Period.
Bears say coordinators Vic Fangio, Dowell Loggains are returning
- Ryan not the best D coordinator last 20 years !! Ever hear of Wade Phillips , Jim Johnson , *** LeBeau , Vic Fangio , Spags
What Bears CB Kyle Fuller said today about his knee pain, his future & Vic Fangio's remarks:
DC Vic Fangio says CB Kyle Fuller has not pushed hard vocally to get back on the field.
The really picked Joe Barry over Wade Phillips and Vic Fangio that right there in itself was so stupid & deserve wha…
John Fox is now addressing the media post practice. Vic Fangio and Jeff Rodgers will follow shortly. Watch live: https:/…
Hub Arkush: Friction or not, Chicago Bears and John Fox can't afford to lose Vic Fangio - Southgate News Herald
suntimes​.com >> Ex-Patriot Akiem Hicks in his comfort zone in Vic Fangio’s 3-4
Bears' Vic Fangio waiting to see healthy, ready DT Eddi..
DC Vic Fangio is now at the podium. Watch live:
Would Vic Fangio still be better than Joe Barry at this point?
Vic Fangio opens his presser with a newspaper front page of the Cubs win. “Only took me two years being here to get it done."
I don't understand how *** lebeau, dom capers, Vic fangio some of the greatest D coordinators to co…
Vic Fangio declares the SF Chronicle's headline — *** Freezes Over" — as his favorite. Brought the paper to pres…
Vic Fangio on CB Bryce Callahan: “He’s got good quickness, good speed, good football instincts. I think he has a good fe…
DC Vic Fangio saying that NT Eddie Goldman not 100%, will need to approach game tempo to be active
Everything you know about DC Vic Fangio is wrong.
DC Vic Fangio: "We've got to go and get every ball that's on the ground. Period."
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Bears DC Vic Fangio today finished the best bit going at Halas Hall, bringing to his presser the SF Chronicle's sports cover of Cubs WS win.
Vic Fangio brought this to his presser today- proud to share city w/for 2nd time in 3y…
DC Vic Fangio on Bucs QB Jameis Winston: "He's improved a lot. You can just see his maturation process."
"It only took me 2 years of being here to get it done." - DC Vic Fangio on being a good luck charm for the http…
DC Vic Fangio saved his favorite headline to hold up and show to the media. Said, "they won it all --…
Bears DC Vic Fangio is sold on Bucs QB Jameis Winston: "I think they've got their quarterback for the future."
Vic Fangio on Joe Maddon: "Durocher couldn't get it done. He did."
Good Vic Fangio quote here: "Good play, good execution fuels emotion, more than any good speech could."
DC Vic Fangio on forcing more turnovers: "We've just got to create the opportunities."
Lots of mentions for Vic Fangio, 1980 ESU graduate & defensive coordinator of Chicago Bears, in 1st half of Monday Night F…
Vic Fangio says that if win, Chicago will join Boston as only city to have every major sports team win title in la…
Vic Fangio: "I couldn’t believe (Giants) took out Moore. Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Ferguson Jenkins, what do they know about…
More clubhouse celebration, hilites, Brian Hoyer starting at QB? & what did Vic Fangio say about Cubs? 9:46pm
Vic Fangio was pounding the table to draft Leonard Floyd. Let's see what he can do with the Bears' talented rookie.
on our secondary and got Kwiatkoski to learn from Danny Trevathan and Vic Fangio. We also got an amazing steal in the 5th
From rookie Leonard Floyd to Danny Trevathan, Vic Fangio upbeat about 'better pieces to work with' on D:
Bears DC Vic Fangio offered a ton of insight today about Leonard Floyd, Danny Trevathan & other new guys. Read here:
Polian called Leonard Floyd "a perfect pick for Vic Fangio and the
2011 draft was John Fox's first in Denver and Vic Fangio's first in SF. Picked Von Miller and Aldon Smith respectively. Covet…
Vic Fangio had Aldon Smith in San Francisco, Rickey Jackson, Pat Swilling in New Orleans, he loves pash rishing linebackers
For Vic Fangio to succeed, Ryan Pace has got to make inroads with the draft.
I was lucky enough at Stanford to have Vic Fangio as the defensive coordina...
DC Vic Fangio: “I’ve done over 20 of these joint practices and they’re always very good and very beneficial.”
Ohio State LB Darron Lee, he of a freakish 4.47 40 time, could be an ideal ILB fit for Vic Fangio's Bears defense.
Give Vic Fangio some talent, and the Bears’ D will be on the rise (by
on the other hand Your bears need to go all out defense in this draft..DL LB and really let Vic Fangio stamp his mark over the D
Vic Fangio has shown a preference for bigger corners. This NFL draft is loaded with them. Doubt $10+ million for Jenkins sounds appealing.
The have John Fox, Vic Fangio and $60M in cap space. They need you to lead the LB corps.
Vic Fangio loves to mix it up, to create confusion. Bears also need a DE/DT, QB, CB. Bears will be active in FA
Now I have to wonder if someone put something in Vic Fangio and Coach Fox's coffee this morning? OH no...
Browns safety Tashaun Gipson. Have liked this guy for years. A born ball hawk at safety who would thrive under Vic Fangio.
59. Vic Fangio is a defensive genius.
Vic Fangio says Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos are his building blocks for next season
DC Vic Fangio said he doesn’t see moving CB Kyle Fuller to safety.
There is another name not talked about as a candidate. Vic Fangio
I think both Ben McAdoo and Vic Fangio should have been in your top 10
Vic Fangio would be interested in the 'right opportunity' as head coach, writes
Bears DC Vic Fangio said rookie S Adrian Amos will be a building block for the future. Made my top picks of 5th round. Happy for him
Why is Vic Fangio no longer a head coaching candidate? Continual top 5 D in San Fran. Took bears D from bottom of league to middle in 1 year
Vic Fangio: There's still room for growth. State of the defense:
Vic Fangio open to head coach opportunity if team believes he's right fit
Bears' Vic Fangio still has head coaching aspirations - Chicago Sun-Times
SageLinQ Bears DC Vic his building blocks for the future
True. And deservedly so. But don't forget about Vic Fangio. People always do. Like some forgot Arians/Zimmer.
One of Vic Fangio's building blocks on 'D,' Adrian Amos has been an ironman for
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Bears' Vic Fangio still has head coaching aspirations
DC Vic Fangio is now addressing the media following today's practice. Watch live:
DC Vic Fangio on Eddie Goldman's season: "It started slow & then he had steady progress & played well the last hal…
DC Vic Fangio on state of defense: "It's improved, from the start of the season throughout." Wants more takeaways …
DC Vic Fangio on Lions WR Golden Tate: "He's like a running back once he catches the ball. He's very hard to tackl…
>> Bears’ Vic Fangio still has head coaching aspirations
Bears DC Vic Fangio names his building blocks for the future
19 years after 1st interview, Vic Fangio still wants to be a head coach. My story:
Bears’ Vic Fangio still has head coaching aspirations
Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio open to head coaching opportunities: Six days from Black Monday, the NF...
Vic Fangio discusses the play of young defense. WATCH his press conference:
not sure yet, but I Brian Kelly,David Shaw,Vic Fangio,n Sean Mcdormatt
Mark Potash: DC Vic Fangio sees big-play potential in LB Shea McClellin
Bears DC Vic Fangio said of Pernell McPhee's health: "What we've gotten out of him the last few weeks is about all we can expect right now."
Pernell McPhee did not practice (knee) and Vic Fangio made it clear Bears aren't going to get full-strength McPhee anytime soon.
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Vic Fangio says team can't expect more playing time from Pernell McPhee than he's been giving them lately b/c of knee
Carlos Rogers: 49ers Hiring Jim Tomsula over Vic Fangio 'a slap in the face'
Bears Q&A: Keeping Adam Gase & Vic Fangio, new expectations and more
Dream scenario for my is hiring Sean Payton and Vic Fangio
why didn't we hire Adam Gase and Vic Fangio? Baalke is an arrogant moron
how has the defense been playing so well? Vic fangio? Also in your opinion how has player development gone?
[Reddit] - We need to poach Vic Fangio from the Bears this offseason
10. Gase may get all the glory, but Vic Fangio has done an even better job on that defense considering he had less talent to work with.
I guess Adam Gase as your head coach and Vic Fangio as DC wasn't good enough right ?
Heard a Bears expert on a radio pregame show today say that Fangio was the only one who wanted Shea inside. Good job Vic
I'm confident Vic Fangio will stay as the defensive coordinator, but I will do anything for Adam Gase to stay with the
he did! Mel Tucker couldn't coach players, Vic Fangio is teaching Shea how to play in the nfl and it's fun to watch!
Bye Adam Gase and if there is a smart GM out there, see ya Vic Fangio too
John Fox, Adam Gase and Vic Fangio have done a masterful job making this team with this cast of players competitive
Rams out schemed bears on 1st drive... After that Vic Fangio said no mas and defense brings it
Tracy Porter is the closest thing to a. shutdown corner in Vic Fangio's scheme. He deserves a contract extension no doubt.
Vic Fangio deserve a game ball as well
fans owe a hearty "thank you" for scaring Adam Gase away and relieving Vic Fangio of his duties in favor of a bunch of bums
For as much as we talk about Gase, Vic Fangio has been just as good this year.
Def coordinator Vic Fangio has to be one of the league's best in making adjustments after the first drive. Clamping down now.
Vic Fangio and Wade Phillips was out there looking for jobs. We kept Rob tho...
Vic Fangio's defense defended that play better than Mel Tucker's defense.
Dear Vic Fangio,. Gurley is good. Real good. That is all. Regards, Bears fans
Is everybody gonna talk about how fabulous Vic Fangio's defense is?
Vic Fangio's Picket Fence did work for Bears against Chargers.
A Gase wanted Vic Fangio stayed as DC. Front office wanted to promote Tomsula to that position. Rest is
Vic Fangio on preparing for Todd Gurley - YouTube
Does Vic Fangio forget they aren't similar because one guy hit his kid with a switch?
Vic Fangio my favorite coordinator in football strictly because his name is Vic & he's Italian.
Nah homie need to come to the Bears with Vic Fangio
Bears in retreat mode? Vic Fangio explains his unorthodox call, via
"It's more of a gut thing." No analytics for Bears DC Vic Fangio in calling "Picket Fence," writes:
If you're not sure exactly what the Bears are doing w their retreat "Picket Fence" D, Vic Fangio explains:
DC Vic Fangio said of LB Lamarr Houston: "Now, if we can just eliminate the offsides, he'll play even more and mor…
As well as Vic Fangio who arranged to have either Kyle Shanahan or Adam Gase as OC and Ed Donatell as DC.
DC Vic Fangio coached with DC Dom Capers in USFL 1984-85, then moved on to Saints, Panthers &...
Sources: Packers, Giants and Bears interested in FA Aldon Smith. Bears Vic Fangio was Smith's defensive coordinator in San Fr…
Vic Fangio: Defensive line wide open after Jeremiah Ratliff
Unprompted, Fitz just gave Vic Fangio a lot of credit for the way he took the hit the other day for the Ray McDonald signing.
Had a chance to talk to DC Vic Fangio a little bit. He said Shea McClellin and Christian Jones currently have the lea…
Vic Fangio on LB Shea McClellin: "I think he has found a home in there" at inside backer.
Shea McClellin has excelled in training camp at ILB in coordinator Vic Fangio's 3-4 scheme. http:/…
DC Vic Fangio talks transition, Shea McClellin's performance and more. Story: http…
Vic Fangio never used BIG nose tackles in San Fran, Da Bears drafting Eddie Goldman shows an intriguing new wrinkle for this defense 🐻⬇️
Vic Fangio was at the bar we were at. His going away party...we went up to him and wished him good luck
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[Forum] Vic Fangio on violating offensive protections
I love Dupree's potential and what he could be with Fangio... Vic Beasley is a game changer though, second best player i…
now Daniel is the Long Island psychic. Vic Fangio, lost how many players in SF? Addressed them w/ non difference makers?
Vic Beasley would be so awesome with fangio imo
If Vic Fangio is putting his coaching future on the line for Ray McDonald, maybe he's right:
The Chicago defense is starting to take shape (on paper at least)
as a 49ers fan I like him. I understand why they let him go. Good luck to him in Chi with our exDC Vic Fangio!
Unless they're going to play in Vic Fangio's defense, I don't care what NOW thinks.
I think Christian Jones can be a jack-of-all-trades in Vic Fangio's D, checkout my latest for
play the NFC West & AFC West in 2015, the two divisions John Fox, Vic Fangio and Adam Gase came from. Can't hurt.
The will try Shea McClellin at inside linebacker in new DC Vic Fangio's 3-4 defense.
Latest draft shows us taking Gregory out of Nebraska. Because physically he mirrors what Vic Fangio likes in his 3-4 OLBs
coach John Fox said Vic Fangio said that Ray McDonald was one of the 49ers leaders, along with Justin Smith.
Broke down Vic Fangio's scheme when he first arrived in Chicago. Recent signings show how are filling voids:
Yes, Bears are signing former 49ers DT Ray McDonald. Play for new Bears DC Vic Fangio before being cut in December
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Am I the only one who loves that Vic Fangio looks like he's out of a B&W NFL doc film from the 1950's?
please pursue DE Ray McDonald he played for Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio for the 49ers.
ooc: it has been a terrible off season for my Niners. Ugh. I still can't believe they passed on Vic Fangio for HC
The podcast will be out Monday morning. It is a must-listen. The end-all, be-all on Vic Fangio's defense is only on DaBearsBeat Radio
well, he's now coaching jay cutler. Add to Vic Fangio in charge of the D and John Fox as head coach, and it's a cool name party
Vic Fangio joins John Fox with the Chicago Bears - FanSided
New Bears coach John Fox isn’t wasting any time getting his staff together since being hired by the team Friday. Just one day after he was introduced to the media, Fox is reportedly set to hire Vic Fangio...
The Bears' busy day began with a new D-coordinator and ended with familiar candidate emerging for O-coordinator:
lol he *** He was so confident Vic Fangio was headed to WAS
Vic Fangio's gonna deliver those footballs to Washington in the AM.
With the Bears' hiring of Vic Fangio as the new defensive coordinator, Mel Tucker's days at the helm of Chicago's defense are over.
Brent Jones is hopeful that Jim Tomsula will be a great head coach, but he isn't happy about losing Vic Fangio...
yeah great hire with Vic Fangio and he'll probably hire Gase too (expect a lot of Brandon Marshall YAC)
DC Vic Fangio on "It's a great learning experience for us.". WATCH:
Watch out with the Bears next year. HC John Fox, DC Vic Fangio and OC Adam Case.
Vic Fangio is an excellent hire as new DC. 3-4 base in SF. Multiple fronts in sub (nickel/dime). Aggressive, attack…
Former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will take the same position with the Chicago Bears on new coach John Fox's staff, a league source confirmed.
Our updated story on Vic Fangio, now officially the Bears' new defensive coordinator:
Vic Fangio hired as Bears defensive coordinator
Adam Gase is scheduled to interview with on Wednesday, via
Eight things to know about new Bears DC Vic Fangio
John Fox has his choice as defensive coordinator as the Bears hired Vic Fangio Tuesday following four successful seasons in the same post with the San Francisco 49ers.
Jason La Canfora reported last night that it appeared that former San Francisco defensive coordinator Vic Fangio would be named the...
Since when did I What is today the updated "Vic_Fangio"?
New defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has league's respect
Vic Fangio from overbyder? Bam! Here we go, Laurie Killmer Pechie. Her we go! Here we go Laurie ...
Bears hire Vic Fangio to be defensive coordinator
Good pickup by the Bears...Fangio has a great defensive mind...
So the Bears got John Fox and Vic Fangio. Daaamn bruh.
49ers will face Vic Fangio next season
Bears hiring Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator
All signs point to the Bears switching to a 3-4 defense next season after Vic Fangio was hired on Tuesday to be the Bears defensive coordinator under John Fox.
I'm sad to see vic fangio leave, but i wish him all the luck in chicago.
49ers&Vic Fangio hired as Bears defensive coordinator..
Barack, what do you think your Bears defense will look like now that Vic Fangio is your DC?
Look for the Bears to have a top 5 defense next year with Vic Fangio.
Congrats to Vic Fangio on becoming the Chicago Bear d coordinator! Tremendous pick up for the Bears Tremendous loss for t…
Eight things to know about new Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.
have hired Vic Fangio as their new defensive coordinator. Fangio has spent 28 years as an NFL coach, 15 as a DC.
Well Ryan Pace brought in John Fox and Vic Fangio but can he bring in Adam Gase too.
Full story on hiring Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator. Link:
49ers' Vic Fangio hired as Bears defensive coordinator
Bears Higher Vic Fangio - NO how many mistakes you going to make? . via
John Fox as HC, Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator, and now Adam Gase as potential offensive coordinator.. I like it
coaches Greg Roman and Vic Fangio will have an easier trip to the locker room this year htt…
HC- John Fox . OC- Adam Gase . DC- Vic Fangio. ST- Jeff Rogers . Yeah I would say that's an upgrade over. Trestman. Tucker. Kromer…
Vic Fangio will bring a super bowl to Chicago next year. Simple.
So it looks like will be getting Adam Gase.So we went from Kromer, Trestman, Adam Gase, John Fox, and Vic Fangio
Vic Fangio has decided to join John Fox's staff in Chicago. Skins were very interested. Fangio made his decision today
Bears go from Mel Tucker to Vic Fangio. That, folks, is what is known as a monstrous upgrade.
Fangio hired as Bears' defensive coordinator: Former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has been hired to the…
Like the hiring of Vic Fangio by the Quality defensive mind. Hope this signals a much needed switch to the 3-4
I would like nothing more than to welcome Vic Fangio as the new defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Especially since it means that Mel Tucker is officially fired! Bear down Chicago Bears!
Vic Fangio as the new Def. Coordinator for the Chicago Bears. I'm cool with it.
Bears set to hire Vic Fangio for defensive coordinator
The Bears didn't actually officially fire Mel Tucker. They instead quietly replaced him with Vic Fangio, defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. Did anyone see any press conference announcing this?
WAS Post Insider: Vic Fangio chooses the Bears, not the Redskins
CHI CSN: Fox, Bears hire Vic Fangio as new defensive coordinator
Vic Fangio got something out of perpetual underachiever Aaron Lynch in his rookie year.
1st John Fox, now Vic Fangio. Bears going all in to improve their defense and give that offense some help. Drafting Landon Collins is next.
Who had prime rib and did Dan wear the scarf? RTJust picked up Vic Fangio, on way to Capitol Grille in Tysons.
any updates on the Bears interviewing former 49ers DC Vic Fangio or Mike Nolan/Smith?? Or for the OC w/ Shanahan??
Vic Fangio shares the same agent as HC Jay Gruden and HC John Fox. Important common thread when assembling a…
Our great Mr. Jed York has managed to part Ways with the greatest 49ers head coach since Bill Walsh AND one of the greatest defensive coordinators Vic Fangio...👏👏👏 good job
Vic Fangio, Jim Schwartz, Dennis Allen proven Defensive minds, we're just over here with Kevin Coyle like 9-7 or bust
If raiders don't get mike smith as DC , Vic Fangio is Already on the list, Marc Trestman as OC? Del rio, work it
Give up Vic Fangio, hire a yes man, and replace Fangio with Jason tarver, the worst defensive coordinator in football...
need Vic Fangio or Wade Phillips, and forget about Joe Barry as the D.C. in D.C. His last stint as a D.C? With the 0-16 Lions.
The Redskins have two potential great candidates with Vic Fangio now likely to be available, the other one being Wade Phillips.
hired the one guy who wasn't going to question Balke. Vic Fangio or Josh McDaniels would of been my choice.
If the hire this guy Joe Barry for DC over Vic Fangio, Wade Phillips or Schwartz...they (cont)
Vic Fangio, Jim Schwartz, Mike Smith, Mike Nolan, and Dennis Allen. All better DC candidates than Kevin Coyle
If you can choose between *** LeBeau, Vic Fangio and Wade Phillips, its an epic fail if you wind up with Joe Barry. Epic.
GM Mccloughan need to step in and hire the right D Coordinator ..Vic Fangio Jim Schwartz or Wade Phillips
A bad day just got worse! 49ers hired Jim Tomsula as Head Coach and are losing DC Vic Fangio and replacing him with Dennis Allen.
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Why not go after Bill Callahan as OL coach ? That's a great hire and hire a QB coach. Vic Fangio , Wade Phillips .
Wait it out for Vic Fangio or hire Wade Phillips. Jim Schwartz is available Ed Donatell is better than Barry & Morris .
49ers' Vic Fangio, Jim Tomsula have players' support in coaching ...
If Rex Ryan, Vic Fangio or Mike Shanahan get the job & it looks like one will - I would encourage to look at Jim Tomsula.
LB is hopeful that Justin Smith and Vic Fangio return in 2015.
Head Coach Jim Tomsula, Rob Chudzinski as Offensive Coordinator, Ken Norton Jr as Defensive Coordinator if Vic Fangio wants out.
Vic Fangio is not heading back to college; I wonder if Jim Leavitt, who once was K-State's d-coordinator, would be his choice at Michigan.
According to Eric Branch, Vic Fangio is not going to Michigan with Harbaugh and he has told management he would like to be the 49ers next head coach.
Vic Fangio for HC, Ken Norton Jr. as DC, & Marc Tressman as OC.
Vic Fangio as HC, Eric Mangini as OC, Jim Tomsula as DC, Justin Smith (if he retires) as DLC, Jeff Garcia OA
DC Vic Fangio thinks Justin Smith "has a lot of good football left in him.".
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