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Veterans Day

Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, is an annual United States holiday honoring armed service veterans.

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To mark Veterans Day and NCAA game between North Carolina and Michigan State was played on a aircraft Carrier!!
Reagan on Veterans Day: ‘Peace Fails When We Forget What We Stand For’ // these words are even more profound today
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel appears at Veterans Day Ceremony with cheek ... - Fox News
Tony in Rhode Island should read this great post by from this past Veterans Day.
Saban sound like Malcolm Thomas at the Veterans Day Ceremony when he talk.
OSU police officer plays the bagpipes on Veterans Day. Read more:.
This new memorial reminds me of the engineering at Stonehenge . It resides at Anthem in Arizona. What a great tribute to all service people, past, present and future!! I've never seen this before... how precise the planning and construction had to be...! Simply amazing...! Once a Year at 11:11 am the Sun Shines Perfectly on this Memorial At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun’s rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States. The Anthem Veterans Memorial, located in Anthem, Arizona, is a monument dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States Armed Forces. The pillar provides a place of honor and reflection for veterans, their family and friends, and those who want to show their respects to those service men and women who have and continue to courageously serve the United States. The memorial was designed by Anthem resident Renee Palmer-Jones. The five marb ...
On Tuesday, November 11, 2014 (also known as Veterans Day), Franchisee Doc Wilhelm and his team at IHOP in Warrenton, Virginia created a "Table of Honor" to remember fallen veterans from each of the four military branches. They also placed a flyer on every table, providing guests with information about the Table: Table of Honor Honored guests, as you entered the dining area, you may have noticed a table centered in our dining area, raised to call your attention to its purpose -- it is reserved to honor our missing loved ones and comrades in arms. Set for five, the empty places represent Americans still missing from each of the five services -- Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard. This Honors Table symbolizes that they are with us here, in spirit. Some of our honored guests today were very young when they were sent into combat; however, all Americans should never forget the brave men and women who answered our nation's call to serve and served the cause of freedom in a special way. The symboli ...
We celebrate Labor Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc all these holidays but yet it is sad we don't celebrate June 19.
SHP Wounded Warrior Project Club talking to kids about Veterans Day at Hazel Ave School.
John P. Hyde Chapter serving coffee, cider, cocoa, & goodies to Veterans and attendees at the Veterans Day...
Yeah, Happy Veterans Day to the military vets and also the vets in the locker room like me that control the iPod and ste…
===Long Post=== Veteran writes open letter to Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar = Dear Shri Manohar Parrikar, I write to you today after attending Veterans Day celebrations in Washington DC on November 11, 2014, as a former Indian Army Veteran. I would rather prefer calling ex-servicemen as ‘Veterans’ without giving them a feeling of gender bias or being left out as the term ‘ex’ conveys. Having served the Indian Army, given my youth to the nation and being a third-generation Army officer I am proud to say that the qualities of ‘guts and glory’ run in my blood. With this open letter, I intend highlighting the fact as to how Veterans are respected and revered in the United States of America, which I never witnessed back home in my own country. This, I say with conviction after having a first-hand experience at various events, which reflect the honor meted out to the Veterans of the Armed Forces. The country and its citizens do not give any differential treatment to non-US Veterans like me. Rath ...
A Veterans Day to remember from Fort LauderFAIL. I don't need to buy any oranges from Florida until they cut this... ht…
Scouts visit vets - Girl Scout Troops Daisy 33381 and Junior Troop 31266 recently helped to bring the Veterans Day...
I am not speaking for the school board as a whole - these are just my views: How in the world do we as a society, in a country founded on Christian values, allow 1 attention deprived kid to cause such an uproar? A veteran, giving a 45 second non-denominational invocation to begin what by all accounts was a terrific Veterans Day program, somehow offended 1 of the 901 people there. With a prayer??? Really??? And then upon receiving a letter from a fringe group, the folks in charge bend over backwards to please them??? I know there are a ton of cases where rulings have come down in favor of of these *** But when are we as the super majority going to finally have enough? I dont want our school system to have to spend huge $ that we cant afford and that by most legal accounts would be extremely difficult to win. But enough is enough. It is okay for a student to lead the invocation, but not a veteran? It is time for us as the huge majority to fight back. I PRAY this ripple at MCHS becomes a tidal wave that ...
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In honor of Veterans Day..that time I got stuck under flag during National Anthem
Friends, Please help us honor and remember Veteran military man, John Masson, 91, who survived combat in World War Ii, Korea and Vietnam only to be beaten in brutal savage home invasion on his Northern California house, and dies just days out from Veterans Day. John Masson was brutally bashed by a group of thugs who broke into his North Highlands house in the middle of the night on October 28. Masson, who fought in World War Ii, the Korean War and Vietnam, put up a fight when the thieves demanded his car keys. His stepdaughter and caretaker were tied up and blindfolded as part of the invasion, Masson managed to get the bandits out and they fled without his car. However he was severely beaten in the process. The group also made off with jewelry, prescriptions drugs and some cash. His stepdaughter, Akemi Girion, told CBS 13 that Masson tried to fight off the thugs 'because he's a military man'. On behalf of a grateful nation, we salute you Mr. John Masson for your dedication and service to your country. Rem ...
Veterans Day marked at dedication in Hawthorne -
Jesse Ventura: Military doesn't 'fight for our freedom' May be the only thing Ventura and I agree on.
On startup veterans weigh in to debunk some myths via
Getting up for a 6:30am 6 mile bike ride, then off to host a veterans event in Cooper City, Fl. Another day in Paradise!!
I have seen more coverage of Tracy Morgan's TBI in a day than I have of any coverage of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan with TBIs...
This is my video of Mr. Talkbox Style! For years now I've wanted to do this "on the talkbox" at an or Any sports game!! Ha! Also in light of Veterans Day coming up, this is my tribute to them as well. Hope y'all enjoy! My gear: by Lovin my new Ear monitors by ;)
In Arizona, on Veterans day, the sun shines through the five pillars, each representing one of the branches of the US Military, and the light shows the image of the Great Seal of our country. Only one day a year.
I want to thank everyone with the likes & comments left for the photo's I have posted. I am new to fb, I haven't even finished my fb page yet, some of you may know me & some probable don't have a clue who I am, since I don't have my picture posted yet.The red, white & blue patch was our patch as I served in the US Army 193rd infantry brigade Panama Canal Zone 1970-1972. I thought it was fitting to post it during Veterans day.
we didn't have any days off all semester besides Labor Day. Like no Veterans Day or Columbus Day or anything
My day's NOT over until I Salute our ! . ThankU 4 my FAB denims
Love these pictures from Lambeau Field that were taken in honor of Veterans Day.
22 Veterans commit suicide each day.
but it sure was good to see Harper after he flew half way across the planet for one day to 'honor' veterans. $$ well spent right
Report Veterans Day weekend: Was Awesome! . Fishing was outstanding with huge midge hatches sta...
Missed it again this year. The free Veterans Day meal by several restaurant chains today. Oh year.
Celebrate Veterans Day for month of Nov 2014 at Machines-Industrial -
Somebody please inform her that it's Veterans Day, not veterinarian day.
Our Kadena High School Red Cross Club youth did an amazing job representing the American Red Cross on Veterans Day by holding a table to hand out bags of candy and goodies to all the Vets who came to the BX. We are sooo proud of our youth!!
On Women's Entrepreneur Day, business veterans weigh in |
Gains familiarity each day. Is getting back injured players. and no longer owes veterans (Hendo) chance.
Only fully visible on Veterans Day. incredible
A color guard done on Veterans Day.
NEW INTERVIEW of from Nov 11th Veterans Day by at
I WAS going to delete my account BUT I have a few things to take care of... I am honored that while I'm away, the tribe wants to recognize me on Veterans Day as a female Marine from the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe... BUT with shenanigans happening at home.. I don't approve of, I can't say I'm very happy about them. Regardless my family, MY FATHER should be the one to receive anything in my name. I respect my family and so should others who can say they respect me.
Coastal Composite Squadron Cadets honored veterans by marching in the 2014 Veterans Day Parade at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The rain was not a deterrent.
The Story: Someone at an MCHS Veterans Day assembly did not like the fact that they led with a prayer from a Christian minister (Priest? Preacher? idk) EDIT: Apparently a US Veteran was invited to speak at the assembly. This person contacted the American Humanist Association, and the AHA are calling for actions to be taken within seven days, or they will file a federal lawsuit against the school district. These are the barebones facts. My Opinion: As someone who went to MCHS, the prayers during the Veteran's Day assembly were something that always seemed weird to me. I can remember turning to Claudia Mijares a few times and wondering "Wait...They can do that?" These assemblies have been the same since I was there eight years ago, and they apparently haven't changed since. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that this didn't happen sooner. I have nothing but love for MCHS and every teacher who helped me get through school (Shoutouts Ms. Hidalgo). I realize exactly how lucky I was to go to a small town public ...
Ron McGinty challenged me to post five of my favorite dog pictures. Here they are...they all represent TIME and VALUE. First one was of Gunner. The picture represents the elegance of his composure in the grouse woods. He was nothing less than a professional in the grouse woods and carried himself as such at all times. The second picture is of Gretchen and Gunner on a beautiful October day when we found a mess of woodcock. One of the best days of my life. The third picture is of Baron (father of Gunner and Panzer), Gretchen (mother of Panzer), and Gunner...known around here as the originals. They were the starting point of Aspen Thicket Grouse Dogs. Sadly, there is only one left with us today. They set a very high standard. The fourth picture is of an eight week old Panzer picking me. That exact moment, surprisingly captured on film, was when the decision was made to keep him as the stud to represent Aspen Thicket...when he picked me. The fifth and last picture was taken last week, the morning of Veterans ...
I was just there over veterans day weekend!
Happy Veterans Day! My love & gratitude go out 2 all who've served our country so bravely! =) xoxo RT
$Billions spent on technology to find IED's and guess what - Dogs do it better mans Best Friend save lives
Obama is in China on Veterans Day. Bush spent every Veterans Day thanking our troops personally. 🐸☕️
In the USA, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities ...
Veterans Day 2014 Felipe Adams receives the colors at the Veterans Day Ceremony at Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial. Redondo Beach has the most beautiful Veterans Memorial in all of Southern California. Felipe is one of the first of wounded vets to arrive at WHOA back in early 2007. I'm proud and honored to call Felipe my friend- Mike Talleda
“Honor vets by studying war as best means of preventing it, helping mil stay connected to civilians.” – H.R. McMaster http:…
St. Mary Parish school officials will remind school principals of the proper policy pertaining to prayer at school events following a complaint by a student about a school-led prayer during a Morgan City High School Veterans Day event.
Another look back at a truly great Veterans Day for our STS recipient, Vic, and his service dog Kira. Thank you Military Press Newspaper for helping share our mission and for all that you do for the military community. Here is the article in the latest edition of Military Press.
Community looks to support veteran robbed on Veterans Day.
RU's commemoration of Veterans Day came only a day after the announcement that the university had been included in the Military Times 2015 "Best for Vets: Colleges" listing of the top 100 4-year U.S. colleges and universities.
Amazing - Children of Civil War Veterans are still alive!
This Veterans Day, spread the goodness with to Learn more here:
How you need to wake up and take action every day 
Veterans Day trip to the casino last week.. At one point we were up!
Criticizing federal veterans cuts at Remembrance Day ceremony costs Kenora legion chaplain her job
“Veterans deserve honor every day, but especially on Veterans Day, and the best effort I can make is to do...
Everyday is Veterans Day in America! I hope that some of you have seen it or watched it last night at 11 pm on NETV. It was called something like "Homecoming, Welcoming Nebraska Veterans". Anyway, it's about Korean War Veterans Freedom Flight to Washington DC that my Dad went on. It was really interesting. But why is the Korean War known as "The Forgotten War"? I always wondered myself until it said that the Korean War was the first war based on points. For example what you did and where you were as a soldier would earn you points. My Dad was stationed right by the Front at all times, so that in return built up enough points to be sent home in a year's time. So that meant that individuals came home in small numbers and not in large units. They practically went under the radar in being seen by the Nation, but not be families and local towns. So they were forgotten but not to those who knew them. That went on into the Vietnam War and I feel even today. But a Soldier could spend many tours in Vietn ...
Story Of Only Soldier To Survive From His Team Will Break Your Heart - Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams and the eleven soldiers in his team were on a rescue mission in Barwanah, Iraq in the summer of 2005 when tragedy struck. By complete chance, Lance was told to move to another vehicle before taking off. Only a short time later, a powerful explosion shook the ground. The truck holding his entire team was completely destroyed. Now, he must deal with being the only survivor of his crew everyday. Story Corps honored Lance and his team this Veterans Day in this emotional short animated film.
"We’ll have your backs—just like you had ours." —President Obama. Happy Veterans Day.
A lawyer for Bill Cosby has said the comedian will not dignify "decade-old, discredited" allegations of sexual abuse with a response. Attorney John Schmitt said in a statement posted online that the fact the allegations are being repeated does not make them true. Mr Cosby, who has never been criminally charged over the claims, does not intend to "dignify" the allegations with a comment, Mr Schmitt said. - Pop star Rihanna may not be in line for the role of Barack Obama's spokesperson, but she looks quite at home behind the briefing room podium. She posted the image of her trying to fill Josh Earnest's shoes during a recent stop at the White House. The Stay singer is in the nation's capital for a free Veterans Day concert featuring some of the biggest names in music. Rihanna, with her entourage in tow, took a tour of the President's mansion on Monday. "West Wing Posse!!" she wrote along with one of the images posted on her Instagram account. Rihanna was one of several big name acts performing at the Concer ...
Earlier last week, Oakside Elementary students in Ms. Soucy's 3rd grade class made thank you cards for veteran members of Poughkeepsie’s Lutheran Care Center in honor of Veterans Day. The cards were delivered to residents during a special lunch celebration by retired Peekskill music teacher Dave Thomas and his father, Staff Sergeant Peter Thomas, who served in World War Ii. The students also wrote letters about what they learned about Veterans Day and made a poster for residents to display as well.
Kean University in Union honors soldiers at Veterans Day Ceremony: The Office of Veteran Student Affairs at Ke...
INDY CHAMPIONS from Central Illinois Company celebrates Veterans Day with the Community
.hits it out of the park. Best way to honor veterans? Serve, learn, and engage. But serve is number 1.
if you get a chance check out my brother Veteran's Day Podcast. Proud of him for shining a light!
On this VETERANS' DAY, let the world know, IT'S NOT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS!!!
Happy Veterans Day to all of our heros! 🇺🇸
Happy Veterans' Day! To the men and women who serve our country and protect our rights and freedoms: Thank you! …
Are you a veteran or active duty military? Today your meals at The Buffet are on the house!
Ana and the Ignacio High School choir singing at the Veterans Day Celebration.
I am reposting the song that my wife and I wrote and would like to dedicate it to her father who served over 20 years in the Army! Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service! Young, Wild & Free © Copyright all rights reserved
Thank you to all of our veterans, past and present, who have made it possible to have a day of peace for us back here at h…
JROTC cadets take the 1 train downtown to the Veterans Day Parade, Tuesday, November 11, 2014. From foreground to...
Thanks to veteran Bud Bishop for coming to speak with our students on Tuesday! Click for more: h…
Watch these soldiers reunite with their moms and have yourself a good cry this Veterans Day.
Great day whale watching today with and The humpbacks put on quite a show for Veterans' Day!
David Krause, 71, assistant secretary of American Veterans for Equal Rights New York, marched at the Veterans Day...
What a fascinating article on Children of Civil War Veterans 150 years after the fact. AMAZING
Happy Veterans Day to all of our armed service branches today, your sacrifice is not forgotten. 🇺🇸
^BB Great dedication, from Veterans Day, to all of the women who are/have served! Check it out!
Thousands of Edmontonians remembered Canadian veterans on Remembrance Day
NOT JUST VETERANS DAY… . NOV 11 was 220th Anniversary of the Treaty of Canadaigua!.
This is my 89 year old WW2 veteran grandfather doing what he loves, tap dancing on veterans day.
Keep honoring after Veterans Day. Here are 7 ways.
It was a pleasant day at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 1966. “A beautiful day,” recalls James Patrick Reilly. He then...
bruh DJ Holiday asked Guapo if he told sum1 Happy Veterans Day & this *** said "I told a firefighter thank u the other day"😂😂
The 2014 USAA Veterans Day Ceremony, celebrates the veterans in song with a medley of service songs. Inviting each individu...
Read what veterans in the city had to say at the Veterans Day Parade last week.
Ceremonies, concerts mark Veterans Day in US capi... |
Veterans Day salute to all who sacrificed & continue to protect us-including my brother Steven who's in the Army🇺🇸 http:…
Several A-10 flyovers this morning. Must be the Veterans Day Ceremony at Arrowhead Stadium
It's the last race day of 2014! Time to bring home a Wally for this MTS Veterans Trust Foundation team!
Watching boxing in my Blues show boating , headed to church for Veterans Day honor.
How many of you truly missed our Veterans Day deal? I've got hundreds of messages on this saying that we should have waited until payday! Enlisted Nine gave away over 100 shirts for free. Megan also shipped for free to everybody that participated. Bottom line. The deal was if you bought a hoodie you got 2 shirts for free. The item had to be a $24.99 shirt and you could add the difference on any other. It was a $50 coupon that we gave for spending $44.99. I will bring it back for today only if that makes everybody happy. I think we did a great thing for our Veterans and our NATION!
Veterans Day has us thinking about the great work of Team River Runner USA, winner of C&K's Paddle with Purpose Award in 2014:
This is "Veterans Day 2014" by Abq Central Center of Worship on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
This Veterans Day, let's do more than honor our vets, let's actually help them. Watch this video to learn how simply tagging 10 friends here can help the thousands of veterans who are unemployed find meaningful careers.
My school doesn't have Columbus or Veterans Day off what the ***
Happy Veterans Day to my favorite man! miss you like crazy, captain
Today is Volkstrauertag (Peoples Mourning Day). This is the German equivalent of Remembrance Sunday or America's Veterans Day. It is traditional for the following song "The Good Comrade", the lament of the German Armed Forces to be played at war memorials across Germany. Ich hatt' einen Kameraden, Einen bessern findst du nit. Die Trommel schlug zum Streite, Er ging an meiner Seite In gleichem Schritt und Tritt. Eine Kugel kam geflogen: Gilt’s mir oder gilt es dir? Ihn hat es weggerissen, Er liegt zu meinen Füßen Als wär's ein Stück von mir. Will mir die Hand noch reichen, Derweil ich eben lad. Kann dir die Hand nicht geben, Bleib du im ew'gen Leben Mein guter Kamerad! In English I once had a comrade, You will find no better. The drum called to battle, He walked at my side, In the same pace and step. A bullet came flying, Is my turn or yours? He was swept away, He lies at my feet, As if it was a part of me. He still reaches out his hand to me, While I am about to reload. I cannot hold onto your hand, ...
I feel like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, & Veterans Day are just an excuse to display American pride all year round.
Veterans Day or Remembrance Day as it's know in England has passed and many of you observed a moment of silence to honor the memory of those that sacrificed so much so that we would know peace. Memorials and monuments were attended in vast numbers. The crowds that gathered to remember were bonded in collective appreciation for the brave men and women who had paid the ultimate price in their service to their country. People of every creed and race gathered together to remember. Among the crowds there was one common feature, one common symbol – the poppy. During World War One the battlefields were scarred and devastated. It seemed as though nature had given up in the face of such tragedy. The landscape was littered with the bodies of the fallen. It was here in the seemingly barren earth that the poppy flourished. To the soldiers they must have symbolized the blood of their brothers and friends. It may have offered hope to those brave men who wondered if they may ever return to their families; a sign that ...
The Truth About the Recent Wars By Daniel P. Bolger, 10 Nov 2014 AS a senior commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, I lost 80 soldiers. Despite their sacrifices, and those of thousands more, all we have to show for it are two failed wars. This fact eats at me every day, and Veterans Day is tougher than most. As veterans, we tell ourselves it was all worth it. The grim butchery of war hovers out of sight and out of mind, an unwelcome guest at the dignified ceremonies. Instead, we talk of devotion to duty and noble sacrifice. We salute the soldiers at Omaha Beach, the sailors at Leyte Gulf, the airmen in the skies over Berlin and the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir, and we're not wrong to do so. The military thrives on tales of valor. In our volunteer Armed Forces, such stirring examples keep bringing young men and women through the recruiters' door. As we used to say in the First Cavalry Division, they want to "live the legend." In the military, we love our legends. Here's a legend that's going around these da ...
Here are a few programs you may have missed on C-SPAN this week: Wednesday: Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) speaks several times on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Senate will vote on the pipeline Tuesday. Thursday: Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) speaks on the KeystoneXL Pipeline legislation he sponsored. The House approved the pipeline on Friday, 252-161. Wednesday: Newly elected members of the Senate have a photo op with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Don Norcross (D-NJ), Dave Brat and Alma Adams are sworn into Congress. Tuesday: Vice President Biden places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day. Friday: Defense Secretary Hagel and other military officials announce a series of reforms to U.S. nuclear forces. For more archived video of C-SPAN coverage:
Local soldier's family possessions wiped out on Veterans Day
WWII vet dies at 98, with a final salute in Army uniform GLENVILLE â€" Justus "Jay" Belfield, a 98-year-old World War Ii veteran, put on his Army uniform one final time on Veterans Day and was photographed in his bed, saluting sharply. Belfield was a colorful personality and a character at the nursi…
Good News from Copper Canyon Elementary! The kindergarten students were educated about Veterans Day for the past...
MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis announced the men's basketball team will play at Pearl Harbor on Veterans Day...
New Member class getting it done for Veterans Day lunch at Sylva's National Guard Armory
Veterans Day: The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books): A young boy and his father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Pat Riley is about to go live with on for Veterans Day. Tune in now!
Fort Sam Houston will hold a Veterans Day celebration Nov. 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at MacArthur Field.
Happy to spend our morning with the U.S. Vets of Inglewood at their annual Veterans Day breakfast.
I have never fought in war, I do not yet deserve to be told Happy Veterans Day. But there is a reason that is dear to my heart of why I became a Marine. I'm seeing all these people write "HAPPY" Veterans Day. To me Veterans Day is a day to reflect on our Americans who have lost a life or lost their own life defending not only our country and people but other countrys and other people. It is a day to be so thankful that we have our Americans who do come back home. There are a few Marines I see every day who have been there done that and I don't feel like "Happy Veterans Day" is the right thing to say to them because I can only imagine that to a veteran it's a day of reflection on the friends they have lost. So maybe if you read this post you'll rethink " Happy Veterans Day" and think more along the lines of THANK YOU to a man or woman who has truly served.
Belated but Happy Veterans Day to all my brothers an sisters in arms just got my FB back up !
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Master Sgt. Tim Marks speaking to 5th grade StuCo kids about the history of Veterans Day.
Thanks, Jamie & Dave for supporting What a great Veterans Day in NYC!
It's In honor of Veterans Day, as well as today we would like to honor our Assistant Captain, Ryan Mitchell. Ryan Mitchell is proudly serving as an F-15 Fighter Jet Crew Chief in the United States Air Force with the 159th Fighter Wing. In his five years of enlistment he has earned recognition as an Honor Graduate in Basic Military Training (boot camp), Top Graduate in F-15 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance technical training, and he has recently received the "Airman of the Quarter" award where he is currently stationed. In 2012 Ryan was activated for Hurricane Isaac and was tasked with various missions during his activation. Ryan is currently studying to become a Neurosurgeon and plans to carry out this career in the Air Force. We Thank You, Ryan, and all veterans for all that you have given to our country. On this day, we honor our veterans. Happy Veterans Day! without further adieu, Tulane Hockey presents, Ryan Mitchell: Ryan Mitchell Captain Position: Forward Year: Junior Hometown: Carencro, LA Major: Neur ...
On this Veterans Day/ Armistice Day we remember veterans Louis Allen, Medgar Evers, Clyde Kennard, and many more who survived the war, only to be murdered fighting for democracy on their return to the United States. We also highlight the stories of groups such as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War - stories too often left out of the textbooks.
Perry Being Presidential Supports Veterans By P-G Matuszak on November 11, 2014 in Conservative Memes, Military Caught again, Governor Rick Perry being presidential, more than our current president, supports veterans, not just on Veterans Day but every day. Perry has pushed executive programs and su…
On November 11, 2014 (Veterans Day), President George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, will launch the release of his new book, titled "41: A ...
Happy Veterans Day to my daddy. He dedicated 31 years to the Marine Corps and retired as a E9/master guns. After 30 years of service and several deployments, he saw an opportunity for one last deployment and requested to go. Even after he was told no and to let the younger guys handle it now, he served his 31st year in the marines in Iraq. His whole life was the corps, he was even asked to appear at the White House for a job interview. He is my hero, always has been and always will be! I'm forever my daddys little girl and I'm so proud to be his daughter. So a huge shoutout to Tim Cortes, thank you for keeping us safe and fighting for our freedom. Simper Fidels and Happy Veterans Day america!!!
National Veterans Day Nason Baker salutes the flag during a Veterans Day program at the National Guard Armory in
Heroes. Question to all American and English Vets, how did you let this happen to us? I cannot honor Veterans Day http…
Saw American Sniper last night at a special screening on Veterans Day. Chris Kyle is a *** patriot.
Meanwhile, on Veterans Day, was in China negotiating with communists who hack American databases.
After a relaxing Marine Corps birthday and Veterans Day we kicked off Grass Week with dry fire at the rifle range. Qualification next week!
Veterans Day Parade in Knoxville. Info on the American Red Cross Services to the Armed Forces: h…
Veterans Day celebration at Sumner Hill (photo gallery):
Pictures from our Veterans Day celebration!! Nazareth facility. 🇺🇸🚨 A special thanks to Heartland Hospice for throwing such a great event!
Our Dalton office sponsored a Veterans Day celebration. A big thank you to our Veterans!
Chris, his pastor and the American Legion chaplain on Sunday. Chris was the spiritual leader and our father was honored on this Veterans Day celebration...noticed his picture on the " Missing Man Table "
Seguin Elementary hosted a Veterans Day celebration that was a homecoming for a former student. Thanks to all who are serving and have served our country!
Veterans Day celebration at our Senior Center. Our sincere thanks go out to AMVETS Post 104 in San Marcos for sponsoring the event (and bringing boxes of donuts)! And also to Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University for their time, and the lovely cards and bags for our veterans!
East Oldham Middle School honored 77 veterans at their annual Veterans Day celebration. Here is a video highlight of the event. More pictures to follow.
Veterans Day celebration at the boys school. Such a beautiful ceremony honoring the veterans. Very impressed as they read about the folding of the flag. If you don't know what each fold means, I encourage you to look it up. Our country was founded on Biblical principal by men of God that were lead by the Lord to make the country the great nation that it is today. I am thankful and proud to be an American. "Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His heritage." (Psalm 33:12 AMP)
Happy to attend Southminster School, Missouri City, TX - Veterans Day celebration to honor our veterans. Thank...
American Legion Riders Post 1645 at the Veterans Day Parade in Binghamton. Great day to celebrate Veterans Day
Happy Veterans Day! A special thank u to all my LGBT friends who have served. We remain inspired by your bravery.
Thank you for your service! . . . Check-out this awesome Veterans Day in-progress piece by Brandon Lee exclusively...
Veterans Day might be over, but this is America. Every day should be Veterans Day. Merica.
Thank you to our Choice associates who honored Veterans Day by volunteering at the SE Veterans Service Center in DC!
In honor of today's Veterans Day Ceremony at LIU Post and yesterday being Veterans Day, I would like…
1 day is NOT enough to honor our nation's veterans. UA has a week of activities, so let's support our vets!
On this Veterans Day, take a few minutes to watch soldiers make emotional returns to their families. » http:…
he died on Veterans Day because he was a fighter
A couple fans ... One attack and one d-pole at the Veterans Day Lax Tourney ...
tom and i saw paulie walnuts IRL yesterday. he looks EXACTLY the same as he does on television.
Instead of thanking once a year, let's thank them every day w/a great VA system, higher ed ops and good wages.
Landrieu selling the Keystone XL so *** the floor right now. Just related it's passage to Veterans Day.
Thank you for our Ted Tea Bears! Here they are visiting George Washington at Mt Vernon on Veterans Day.
My heart is filled with so much gratitude to all the men and women who have served this beautiful country. Happy Veterans D…
Veterans Day is supported by me because I support the Country's soldiers.
Pic of the day: Sun shines on Great Seal at the Veteran's Memorial, but only on Veterans Day
Every Veterans Day at 11:11 a.m., the Sunlight Perfectly Illuminates a Seal at This Memorial . https…
veterans day was on tuesday. We know your doing this to save your job.
GREAT day with female Airs tomorrow: on . Love. Them.
Happy Veterans Day god bless these women that served our country
Don't forget our reception tonight at 5, featuring and Col. David Wallace '89.
Meryl Streep Concert for Valor on the National Mall on Veterans Day in Washington Nov_11. HQ>
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just cause it ain't Veterans Day doesn't mean you can stop thanking the vets for what they've done
. Happy Veterans Day to you both. And thank you.
As a USMC Vietnam veteran, this is not new for Cardiff. The attitudes of the local enforcement officers have been...
Me and my dog yesterday on Veterans Day
I hope all Veterans enjoyed a day off yesterday! Thank a Veteran whenever possible, it will make their day!
I have so much respect for all our vets every day of the year, not just on Veterans Day 🇺🇸🙌
Veterans Day was yesterday. Not saying we shouldn't celebrate every day but that might solve your issue right now.
ICYMI: Did you see patriotic helmet? Here's the story behind it.
Great article that highlights difficulties of adjusting to life back home after deployment
Lesson learned! Next year for Veterans Day, to show appreciation, post a pic of your bare *** Thanks
Today & every day I salute our veterans! is proud to support & their work to secure jobs for vets
Ibstock students marked Remembrance Day with veterans and as a school together.
.and paid respect to the veterans during Concert For Valor:
Bruce Dave Grohl, and Zac Brown, Veterans Day 2014. Photo by Getty Images for http…
Happy Veterans Day. thank you to all those that have served our country, God bless you and your families 💗✌️🌍
Hamilton Collection
Veterans Day celebration continues 18-year tradition in Elgin:
Have you seen my Veterans Day video yet? See it now on CIARALE.COM
Veterans Day is a special day of celebration in Loudon County Schools. See video at
People gather at Rock Island National Cemetery for a Veterans Day commemoration on the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois Tuesday November 11, 2014.
Professor emeritus Sam Maloney '48 recounts his experiences in a Veterans Day address in Davidson. His full remarks are available online.
Yesterday, we had a great time at the Veterans Day Parade in Victoria. It was great seeing all the men and women proudly wearing their uniforms in service of this great country.
Hey friends... Sorry Ive been layin low, just checkin in with ya to let ya know "ALL IS GOING OK" Good progress in prepping for my career change... Happy Belated VETERANS Day for all my local heroes out there, and Back to the Future Fans: November 12th, 1955, 10:04pm, a lightning bolt hit the Clock Tower & produced 1.21 jiggawatts of electricity into the Flux Capasitor sending Marty & The Delorean back to 1985"
Thank you to Texas Christian University for hosting our 2014 Veterans Day service!
It is usual for Carter County to hold two Veterans Day observances, but it is not every year that the same veteran happens to be the keynote speaker at both events.
Speaking at a Veterans Day event at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, US Vice President Joe Biden understated the number of US soldiers...
Pictures from Peck Place's Veterans Day celebration -- another original and moving tribute! So proud of what our...
As we honor our servicemen and women on this Veterans Day, Army Ranger-turned-country singer Keni Thomas gives us the perfect soundtrack to celebrate their dedication and sacrifice.
Congressman Charles Rangel takes part in the opening ceremony preceding the annual Veterans Day Parade, aka "America's Parade" on November 11, 2014 in New York City. The parade, known to be our nation's largest event of it's kind, is themed "Land of the Free/Home of the Brave", in honor of the 200th…
On yesterday’s edition of “Trunews,” host Rick Wiles said he intended to mark Veterans Day by apologizing to veterans for the legalization of same-sex marriage, which he said has dis
Nash: Veteran's Day... enjoy a small pay back for your sacrifice. Feel free to add to the list! • Get a free haircut. Veterans who visit Great Clips shops on Nov. 11, can either receive a free haircut — or a card for a free haircut to redeem by Dec. 31. • Eat a free meal. At Hooters, the freebie meal on Veterans Day can be worth up to $10.99, with any drink purchase. Applebee's, Chili's offer free meals from a special menu to vets and active military. • Eat a free buffet. Golden Corral is serving free dinner buffets (with beverages) from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 11, at all restaurants, to anyone who is serving or who has served in the military. That same date, Bonanza Steakhouses also will offer free buffets for vets and active military. • Down a free burger. Shoney's offers its signature All-American Burger, free, to vets or active duty military all day on Veterans Day. Or, you can head to Red Robin and get a Red's Tavern Double burger with Bottomless Steak Fries, on the house. • Dri ...
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Massachusetts marked Veterans Day on Tuesday with commemorations around the state, including a parade in Boston in which *** and transgender veterans were allowed to march for the first time.
It was a great honor to speak to our veterans at the Texas Roadhouse - Somerset, KY Veterans Day Celebration on Tuesday. The awe-inspiring stories of their bravery and survival from World War Ii to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of service truly tell the history of our freedom. We are forever indebted to each and every one of these men and women for their service.
Valley Elementary paid tribute to Veterans Day by displaying photos for all students to see. A touching tribute to those who have served our country.
A short video commemorating Veterans Day at EKU, held on November 11, 2014.
A few video moments from the Higgins Middle School Veterans Day Program.
ICYMI: Video of my speech at the Town of Wappinger Veterans Day commemoration.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel thanks veterans and service members serving around the world for their service in this Veterans Day message.
What a great Veterans Day celebration yesterday at OC Fair / The Orange County Market Place! We were there...
Don't miss the Veterans Day Parade today at 9:30am followed by a memorial ceremony at the Capitol at 11am |
We were honored to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation this Veterans Day and were able…
"What'd you do for Veterans Day?" . -"watched Rachel Ray, Ellen, and went to Texas RodeHouse"
Veterans Day is observed with heartfelt salutes to the men and women who've served in uniform
Funny thing yesterday, eating my "free" Applebees dinner and watch some "Soldiers" come in with a contract that said he was in the military. I thought, stand tall and act like a true Soldier, be professional and there would be no Questions Asked! Thanks for being a part of the greatest military in the World! SCREW ICIS or whoever wants to get some! Thanks to all the servers and supporters of Veterans Day free meals and observations across the nation. Another thought, I worked yesterday, a girl from the local High School came in to do fingerprints, she stated she had school today, but it was more of "about Veterans Day", so I enjoyed it, made me feel so much better, if we ever get to vote on something that is Important, let it be our children learning history and what our Military does for this country. Also my Grandaughter Abree Beever spent the day with me, because she wanted to be with a veteran and help, even bought lunch, that's awesome!
So yesterday was Veterans Day. I spent all day doing homework. My Girlfriend surprised me by coming home early and suggested we get the kids early from school. We did and then went to Texas Roadhouse for a free meal for me. To my surprise when we came home. There was a cake and the kids got me a gift that I love. Thank you for everything Shana Hybsch Agan
Veterans Day began as Armistice Day. At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the butchery of the first world war paused. At the time it was considered the end of the war to end all wars. Sadly it has not been so! as members of Veterans For Peace, will honor our brothers and sisters in arms in a different way, by working to increasing public awareness of the costs of war. We will work to restrain our government from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations. We will work to end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. We will work to seek justice for veterans and victims of war, and to abolish war as an instrument of national policy. This is our mission. As Ulysses S. Grant stated: “The one thing I never want to see again is a military parade.” VFP Chapter 54 will not join in the parade of military form and equipment. Like US Grant, we are tired of the glorification of war. Read More:
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On this Veterans Day, we thank all of our military members for their service.
Heard from my dad and he quite enjoyed his Veterans Day by having free meals at Dennys, IHOP, and Applebees and seeing a parade in Reno
Free meals and deals for veterans on Veterans Day
6 or so pitchers of beer & 6 meals for free later.. I probably gained 4-6 lbs yesterday. Its safe to say that I had a pleasant Veterans Day!
For all of our are two links to info on free meals and discounts on Veterans Day!! Thank you for...
Richard Arvine Overton (born May 11, 1906), is an American centenarian who is currently the oldest verified surviving American World War Ii veteran. He lives in Austin, Texas. Many media sources stated that Overton had been present at the attack on Pearl Harbor, and had participated in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, such as USA Today, who claimed "Richard Overton survived Pearl Harbor, fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa..." At the 2013 Veterans Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, President Obama said "He (Overton) was there at Pearl Harbor when the battleships were still smoldering. He was there at Okinawa. He was there at Iwo Jima...", implying that Overton had seen action in those battles. However, Overton's service record shows that he enlisted on September 24, 1942, 9 months after Pearl Harbor was attacked. USA Today also stated that Overton was "a member of the Army's 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion", although no record of such a battalion has been found. A photograph of Over ...
Navy mom surprises Noblesville daughter at school on Veterans Day: A mother who returned from deployment surpr...
"For 239 years, the men and women of our nation have stepped forward to serve in our Armed Forces and to defend our freedoms. They have risked their lives for the land, for the people and for the ideals that we all cherish." — Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, on Veterans Day (see remarks:
For the first year, a local veterans group will not be holding a Veterans Day program at the Eau Claire area school district, the decision was because of a disagreement over firearms.
Good Morning on behalf of Da-Professor's Lounge I like to wish all the veterans a Happy Veterans Day. You bravery will always be appreciated
Thank you everyone for the "Happy Veterans Day" thank you's. I am so grateful to have served our great nation. It was honor! I at time miss it greatly. Kudos to the men and woman that have served and still serve especially the service members with children. I can't imagine how hard the training and deployments must be for those with kids. I look to the future as we all do and hope we make wise decisions so they don't go through the same hardships that we have endured. Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me especially Morgan Williams who stuck it out with me through it all. I love Veterans Day. It makes me feel so special. And if a time came when our country needed me again, I'm there! Love you all!!!
To everyone who served and still serves Happy Veterans Day! Without those who sacrificed what they did this country isn't what it is! Be thankful for your freedom merica!
FROM THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Every year, we set aside Veterans Day to honor all the men and women who’ve served our country in uniform. We celebrate veterans from generations past. We welcome a new generation of veterans home from war. And we thank our future veterans, still serving at home and abroad. They are securing our nation through their engagement across the globe. Some are in West Africa, contributing to the global effort to stop the spread of Ebola. Some are in the Middle East, working closely with our coalition partners in the fight against ISIL. And some are in Afghanistan, where next month the United States will responsibly end the longest war in our history. For our troops serving around the world today, and those transitioning out of the military, our obligations are only beginning. Taking care of them, and their families, is a sacred responsibility we must always uphold. Let’s celebrate them by telling their stories. Let’s help those who need it, while supporting their stre ...
I'm a little late to the party. But Happy Veterans Day. I have the highest respect for veterans. I don't care what your political beliefs are. Or what conspiracies you believe or theories you have. We all should be thankful for our veterans. End of story. Don't be a *** So thank you to all of you that have served or are currently serving!
George W. Bush Library to Honor Veterans and Families DALLAS (11/5/14) – The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum will honor military members and their families again this Veterans Day by offering free admission to all active duty, retirees, veterans, Reservists, National Guard and Coast G…
The best Veterans Day shoutout I can ever receive. The best part is the end when she forgets "Happy Veterans Day". I teared up...
Thanks Michelle Smith, To top off Veterans Day, a picture I have never seen before of Jimi Hendrix!
Veterans Day salute: Paying tribute to World War 2 vets of West Michigan via
*happy* Family dinner out in honor of Veterans Day with my two Marine sons at a restaurant where my…
I didn't watch Saving Private Ryan on Veterans Day. What is wrong with me?
Yo, can all the countries in the commonwealth get a Remembrance Day shout out? (It's like Veterans Day f…
Today Lance Corporal Gruber talked to our class about Veterans Day and being in the military.Thanks for your service! http…
Yesterday was Veterans Day. To be told I'm wrong because it's called "Remembrance Day" is a bit too far. I'm American, not Canadian.
A wonderful fun meeting tonight with hostesses Pat Rocha and Audrey McIntyre! With a Veterans Day theme a fun game was trying to name all the words to Patriotic songs! Surprisingly we failed miserably! Do you know all the words to Anchors Aweigh? Fried chicken and potato salad with apple pie a la mode! Great meeting!
A sincere thank you to all the heroic service men and women on Veterans Day here at home in the USA and Remembrance Day back…
"Sending a special Veterans Day shout out to my uncles Michael Lee Smith and Brandon Briscoe. Love y'all both and...
One last Veterans Day thought from Audie Murphy, most decorated US serviceman of World War Ii. "War robs you...
As the nation marks Veterans Day, we remember the Iraq War veteran Tomas Young, who died this week at the age of 34. He enlisted in the military just after the Sept. 11 attacks. On April 4, 2004 — his fifth day in Iraq — Young’s unit came under fire in the Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City. Young wa…
Iraq War veteran and outspoken Iraq War critic Tomas Young has died at the age of 34. Democracy Now! reported his death Monday, the eve of Veterans Day.
Veterans Day 11/11/14 I went out to diner by myself this evening. I was a little sad because I didn't really want to eat alone. I went to Outback Steak house on US 19 near Tarpon Springs. It was crowded so I sat at the bar to eat my diner. I was wearing my Navy cap in recognition of Veterans Day and was going to see if they had a special for veterans. They did a blooming onion and free diet coke. I struck up a conversation with the couple sitting next to me. The husband was a Korean War veteran. As we were talking a young male child maybe 8 to 10 yrs old came over tapped me on the shoulder and said thank u for your service. I shook his hand and told him thank you for the acknowledgment then I turn to his mom and gave her the thumbs up sign. The couple and I continued to talk and by now we were talking about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. As I finished my steak and lobster diner the waitress informed me and the couple sitting next to me that our meals plus desert has already been paid for. The lady wh . ...
I don't have direct deposit but my check was late for Labor Day and it'll ruin everything if it's late for Veterans Day!😔
Sad news this Veterans Day. Paralyzed vet Young has died.
“Happy Motherf***ing Veterans Day,” Eminem Shouts into Mic at Concert for Valor -
Big night for DC! 800,000 people celebrating Veterans Day at The Concert for Valor AND a Caps win!
Thank you both Applebee's and Olive Garden for serving free meals to both Active and Retired military! Today makes me ready to get to the Sub so I can serve , hope everyone had a good Veterans Day !
Arctic air continues to pour southward into the southern Plains behind a sharp cold front on this Veterans Day. Temperatures have dropped more than 40 degrees in southeastern Colorado and western Kansas following the dust storm in the area yesterday afternoon (check our post from yesterday)! Meanwhile, it has turned out to be quite a nice day in the eastern U.S. after a cool start in the morning. On the flip side, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories remain in effect in parts of the upper Midwest and the upper Great Lakes. The low pressure system responsible for the snow is moving into the Great Lakes. Snow in the upper Midwest will gradually taper off as the low moves away. But more than a foot of new snow is still possible in the upper Great Lakes due to lake-enhanced snowfall. The large dome of arctic air is forecast to spread eastward across the eastern U.S. over the next few days where it will feel much colder by late in the week. Latest from WPC:
As the nation prepares to mark Veterans Day, Democracy Now! has learned that Iraq War veteran Tomas Young has died just weeks before his 35th birthday. Young was paralyzed in 2004 shortly after arriving in Iraq. He went on to become one of the nation’s most prominent antiwar U.S. veterans speaking o…
THE CONCERT FOR VALOR: It was a night to remember for hundreds of thousands of concert-goers as they packed the National Mall for The Concert for Valor. Musical performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna and the Zac Brown Band were just some of the many big acts that took the stage for the free Veterans Day concert. Were you there? What did you think of the performances? And be sure to send us your pictures below and we'll try to add them to our photo gallery here:
I really enjoyed Veterans sister and I went to just about all of the restaurants in Lakeland that was offering free food to Veterans...we went to the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili's, Hooters, Applebee's, Carrabba's, Ruby Tuesday, Long Horn, Krispy Kreme...I have so much food I can't even eat it Kreme gave me one donut and a soda...ONE donut...seriously...when I went to the Desert Shield/Desert Storm war in the Middle East I had to stand guard on the perimeter in a FOX HOLE...then during the day I had to help cook the meal so that all of the other soldiers could eat...I think I deserve more than one donut...I think I need to write a letter to the CEO of Krispy Kreme and let him or her know that I need to come pick up the rest of my donuts.
If you don't know who Audie Lee Murphy is..Google him for Veterans Day
Members of the United States Armed Services unfurl a flag in honor of Veterans Day at the
Went to Olive Garden with my daddy for Veterans Day!!! I would like to thank him and everyone who has and is serving for our country!!! My daddy is awesome and I cherish every moment we spend together!!! I love him and my momma dearly!!! Was sitting watching tv with him a little while ago and these moments are.priceless!
Today is Veterans Day which I'm sure we all know. On this day it's a tradition for the president to set the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. Where does the worthless piece of shot spend his day today? CHINA. HE SPENT HIS DAY IN CHINA. I DONT THINK HE HAS DONE IT YET
So today I did my Veterans Day ritual with my favorite Veteran, my Daddy. So first we hit up Outback, then to Olive Garden, then to Applebee's, then to Cotton Patch and then to Texas Roadhouse. We were on a mission. I look forward to this date with my Dad every year. It has been our thing for the past 3 years. It great seeing all the Veterans out and how they interact with one another. The conversation always starts with "where did you serve". And the stories follow right behind. Love it!!! Thank you Veteran's for your service!
What a day! Went to VA Monday doctor told me return tomorrow "Tuesday" for blood test. Fasting overnight there 0800 sit until 0900 closed for Veterans Day. Thanks VA! Wasted trip. Back Evansville 1600 ,see Dr Lee. Left shoulder getting locked shoulder. Steroid injection take steroid packet next 6 days. Discontinue therapy for now. Go back to DrLee in a week if not improving. Schedule to be put out to manipulate. Had to do same with right shoulder. This *** But for the bright spot of the day Terry Hoskins went with me to Golden Corral thinking free meal for vets. wrong free meal is 11/17/14. Oh well ate anyway good food enjoyed with a good friend PRICELESS! I enjoyed the company. Terry well eat free next Monday. Guess I'll fast again return to VA in the morning for blood work . I will get the hang of the VA Healthcare system. Will be cold in the morning but hopefully will be a more productive day. God is good . Hope everyone had a good day today & have a better day tomorrow.
My Veterans Day: A cup of coffee from Starbucks-FREE Lunch at Applebee's-FREE Haircut-FREE Dinner at Olive Garden-FREE Spending the day with my wife and daughter on Veterans Day as a Veteran-PRICELESS!!
When did Golden Corral change their observation of Veterans Day to the 17thveterans
Girls night out with shopping and then Olive Garden for dinner. Olive Garden was Unbelievably packed-turns out they give free dinners to all veterans on Veterans Day!!
Krispy Kreme, Chili's, California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Applebee's, and Famous Daves. I think I may have permanently damaged my organs. I love Veterans Day.
A big thank you & remembrance to all our veterans & their unselfish service to this country on this Veterans Day.
Army officer, blinded by Iraqi suicide bomber, shares vision of hope: Stories of heroism abound on Veterans Day,…
Police swarmed an area of Midtown Manhattan to investigate a robbery at a jewelry store in the diamond district, just a short distance from the Veterans Day Parade.It happened on 47th St. on Tuesday afternoon.No other details were immediately available. This story will be updated.
Having a toast on this Veterans Day to those who served, including US Army Air Corps Sgt. John (Jack) Marshall
Hundreds of people were at Mountain View Memorial Park for a Veterans Day observance on Tuesday.
Now I'm getting ready to have my free dinner at Olive Garden. I love Veterans ( take nothing for granted. Share a smile or a kind word or two) It was so nice to see so many Veterans being honored and thanked today. Thank You All !!!
Golden Corral changed their date, why would they give Vets a free meal on Nov 17 a week after Veterans Day to add insult to injury the people handling the turning Vets away refused to give Francis the managers name in writing and were rude. Dozens of other Vets were turned away some websites had received the change but many did not so they were listed as one of the places honoring the Vets today. Shame on them
Grandchildren(3) and best friend(J) took me to lunch for Veterans Day. I chose Olive Garden. Their Soup & Salad is my favorite lunch !! They had a special menu for Veterans and my lunch was FREE. Other guest at the same table got a 10% discount on their order !! Of course we added up the discount and put it on the tip line for the excellent service and the genuine respect displayed by the staff. Dam, I felt like I was finally back in AMERICA !! No, I didn't have anything on that showed I was a Veteran and they did not ask for an ID. When I got home, Fedex had dropped of my new VN Veterans Cap. Wore it to the grocery store and got 10% off everything in the cart. Updated my profile picture to share !! It's a great day to be a VETERAN !!
View photos of the Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park in Winona.
Just in time for Veterans Day. The real Steve Rogers. Thanks
love what the Lenox and the prudential center in Boston did for Veterans Day!!
Do Romneys observe Veterans Day? Romney vets? Mitt quote: "The Vietnam War came at a time in my life when I had other plans.
What a truly moving Veterans Day today...went and got the CMRS certification to know how to better help our Military buy homes.About 400 Realtors met 2 war Heros and donated$27,000 to help a young Marine that lost a leg to start his own business. And Sean Purnell the Army Ranger that wrote Outlaw Platoon...has received PurpleHearts and metal of honors. 6 hours of true American Heros oh and and autograph book... True Patriotism Today
Big turnout for Veterans Day Ceremony at Barstow's Mountain View Memorial Park
Today is Veterans Day. Graduating Army Basic Training this week has given me so much respect and pride in our military. Honored to be a part
Napa pays tribute on Veterans Day: Several hundred people gathered at Veterans Memorial Park on Tuesday morning to…
“On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War.” Commemorated as Armistice Day beginning the following year, November 11th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1938. In the aftermath of World War Ii and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars.” Thank you Lewis & Clark County Deputies, Detentions Officers, Reserve Deputies, Search and Rescue Member, our Veterans!!! LCSO Deputies and Detention Officers: Ken Getz Renae Smith Phil Clark Brad Bragg Matt Reighard Rob Aldridge Jeff Stoltz Brent Colbert Shawn Wittmer John Looney Laurel Bulson Tim Armold Tunde Zimmerman Reserve Deputies: John Borske, Roger Campbell, Zac Campbell, Torrey Carpenter, Rocky Hamper, Ross Hannawalt, Jay Jones, Jorey Johns, Darryl, Reichling. Reserve Deputies currently serving: Za ...
Man arrested the day before Veterans Day on suspicion of tagging veterans memorial at Alhambra Park
In honor of Veterans Day my military experience is in my profile: Military Intelligence Officer; US Army. 1978 – 1984 (6 years); US Army Na…
Army Ranger to speak at Day Academy in honor of Veterans Day
A day before Veterans Day, police arrested the man they suspect defaced a veterans memorial at Alhambra Park. Abel Samano, 18, was taken into custody Monday on suspicion of felony vandalism, according to the Alhambra Police Department. Crews were able to remove the large, white letters spray-painted above the Thomas Jefferson quote "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" inscribed on the memorial ahead of Veterans Day. Read KTLA’s story here:
is airing Army Ranger school apparently they got the memo that it's Veterans Day unlike
Saluting at today's Veterans Day Ceremony at Kent County Memorial Park in Dover. Photo: Jason Minto /
.board recognizes Junior ROTC sponsors, school resource officers in honor of Veterans Day
In honor of Veterans's a pic of my uncle, former Army Ranger & his BFF, former Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell.
WHY is the president of the United States not at the tomb of the unknown soldiers on Veterans Day? It's not something y…
Students from Tanglewood Elementary led the pledges during tonight's Veterans Day observance. Thank you to Principal Connie Smith.
As many of you know, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. for a summer. My job was to research and write about Native American Veterans, specifically women. In honor of Veterans Day, below is a list of some people you probably have never heard of, but bravely served this country, their home. Lakota Catholic Sisters, Susie Bordeaux, Ella Clark, Anna Pleets, and Josephine Two Bears were the first recognized Native American Women Veterans. They served as nurses during the Spanish American War in Florida, Georgia, and eventually Cuba. Mother Bridget (Anna B. Pleets) wrote the addresses of the dying soldiers on her apron and wrote to their families after their death. She treasured the apron the rest of her life. Of the hundreds of patients the Sisters cared for, there were only two deaths and both of the deaths were a result of incurable tuberculosis. The women gained fame and honor in Cuba. Marcella Lebeau, a member of the Cheyenne River Sio ...
We support SEMPER FI FUND this Veterans Day and every day before and after. This program was awarded for the fact...
Unable to make this morning's Veterans Day Ceremony? has photos for you.
"The wall reminds us to honor those who have served our country," says DefSec Hagel in Veterans Day speech at Vietnam Vete…
Watch Gary Clark Jr. and Cody Chesnutt commemorate Veterans Day with "Gunpowder on the Letter":
Officers Riano & Sullivan with the Marines at today's Veterans Day Parade.
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