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Veterans Day

Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, is an annual United States holiday honoring armed service veterans.

Happy Veterans Day Staff Sgt Chris Kyle Operation Homefront Brentwood Academy Air Force Honor Flights

Happy Veterans Day! Like to take a moment to honor all military veterans & anyone who served in the US armed forces! …
God bless America and thank you to all those men and women who serve and have served. Happy Veterans Day! Enjoy... https…
Happy Veterans Day.. for all my brothers and sisters that got offended by my post on that day.. It was not an...
Procession of World War II veterans during Victory Day celebrations in Sevastopol, Crimea by Yuriy Lashov
Chilling Video of the AK-47 Attack on a Paris restaurant highlights ...
Happy Veterans Day to ALL our military heroes! 🇺🇸🐾
What does the number 22 mean 2 U? It's meaning 2 me is 22 veterans a day commit suicide.
Veterans celebrate light on the darkest day of the year
I'm gonna be volunteering on Christmas Day. We are gonna pass out 1,000 tamales and clothes to homeless Veterans. DM if you wanna help.
Bakersfield California Veterans Day Parade 2013 via During this Iwalked into the guy in front of me.
OROP protest by veterans enters 150th day. BJP Govt is oblivious. PM should talk to our soldiers, show compassion & grace …
Every day helps heal the injuries of war. Watch piece about how: https:…
Hopefully when I start drinking I'm a feel better being feeling terrible all day
Veterans day should be every day because is a commitment that rquire a great deal of sacrifice from ur soldiers!
I might add that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan commit suicide at a rate of 22 per day. That's 1 every 65 seconds!
Tb to the ride home from the Veterans Day parade 😂
Hamilton Collection
Good Nite Family. Another GREAT day making a positive difference in the lives of disabled veterans!!!
On the way to Veterans with Lolo and Lola. Good day ahead to all of us :) @ Veterans Memorial…
. I'm sure the GOP is busy wrapping itself in flags while they shaft our vets.
Unbelievable, because it is false. GOP Cut $1.4B from Obama's veterans bill this year.
Blame Republican in Congress, not Obama, for cutting funding for our veterans. 😡.
I talk to veterans almost every day and it is disgraceful how they are treated by this administration! Deplorable!
Why do we celebrate Veterans, Mothers, Fathers, Memorial Day only once a year? Should we not celebrate these & other special days everyday!!
There's another lie Clinton, we have many many veterans dying each day because they can't get help.
In a world where Scott Walker didn't even make it to Veterans Day, you can't really ask why Rubio's not winning.
Veterans & police are thanked every day for their bravery and courage. Lets not forget our firefighters. Thank you. https:/…
A Day in the Life of a Veterans Crisis Line Responder
Happy Veterans Day, shipmates! God Bless those who served, who are serving and who will serve...
A6. This year's Veterans Day presentations at my childrens schools. Both were very active participants in the prsentation. …
Sketch today for my Pop, who served in Vietnam & thankfully didn't end up like ol' Colonel Kurtz. Happy Veterans Day ht…
Veterans Day was special at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in D.C.
Today we thank all of the men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Happy Veterans Day.
the people who post mirror pics/ selfies & caption it happy Memorial/ Veterans Day suck and should be eliminated from the world
ROTC honors veterans with flag ceremony on Veterans Day. So proud of our students!
Nurse holds special Veterans Day parade in ...
- Veterans Day parade closes roads in downtown Vegas
Bernie Sanders marches in a Veterans Day parade in Lebanon, NH.
- You didn't even show up for Veterans Day because I was on stage with Dirty Annise Parker and reps
I said the same thing like 2 weeks ago on Veterans Day and we called Rob stupid
Okay, this is called paying respects and we should all take time everyday, not just on Veterans Day to do this!!!...
Photo from Brooklyn Borough Hall: Touro GSSW Military Fellows had a fantastic Veterans Day and week in the military…
Ontario hosts waffle supper in honor of Veterans Day: In honor of Veterans Day, the Ontario Legion Auxiliary h...
Seen on Veterans Day at Vietnam memorial for those whose name will never be on the wall via codeandcommand.… …
Activities at Regis and in Turner engaged as Veterans Day salutes
Proud of efforts in raising more than $4000 for in honor of Veterans Day:
Nothing says Montgomery like honoring a murderer (Chris Kyle) in the Veterans Day assembly.
Little Giant Ladders
Flotilla 054-1604 observes Veterans Day at Cape Hatteras School along with members of USCG Station Hatteras Inlet...
This veterans argument is just stupid. Homeless veterans have shelters to go to while Syrians are being murdered every single day.
With Veterans day just passing us, this seemed like a great story to share :)
This truly bizarre Veterans Day display was in lobby at the Walmart on Georgia Avenue this weekend.
We spread awareness yesterday. 22 Veterans commit suicide each day due to PTSD. Support Weed for Warriors. RT.
A great day last week for the Veterans' Day parade. Photos on the City's website:
On this Veterans' Day, as with every day, we offer our most profound and heartfelt gratitude to veterans and their fam…
Listen to Typ-Ill & Statik Selektah’s Veterans Day LP: It may have been Veterans Day five days ago but we shou. ht…
Learn how is helping keep our service members connected through a $350k match via Wishbook
Thank you, in the wake of Veterans Day, I've known of many who are proud of our vets and none that want to see them go to war.
Happy Veterans Day to the men and women who "stepped up". Thank you for serving our country. .
What did everyone do for Veterans Day!? Send in some quotes and pictures! ☺️
I haven't been to school since last Tuesday bc of veterans day and my professors canceling class lol
families celebrate their relatives serving in the U.S. military.
Baylor and Oklahoma's marching bands combine with the Fort Hood band for a Veterans Day performance https:…
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Can we start black friday on Veterans Day?
Got to chat with a 2 Star General this weekend at the 2nd Annual Veterans Day 10 K run in Livermore. Fun time.
Mayor, Mike Rawlings, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2015 Veterans Day Parade in downtown…
instagram: This Veterans Day, Team DELS would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the many brave men and wom
is the last part of my Veterans Day stuff
Nov 21- Int'l Survivor of Suicide Loss Day. An opportunity to recognize & honour our who have died by
Thousands lined the streets to watch Knoxville's Veterans Day parade today 🇺🇸 (Pics: WBIR)
Please join us in thanking SGT Long and Mr. Simpson from the 310th ESC for participating in a Veterans Day radio...
Mr. Branco shares his experiences in the Air Force with North students on Veterans' Day. Thank you for your service
Here are 10 videos of dogs welcoming their soldier dads home. I'm crying.
Say thank you this Veterans Day with a haircut card for your favorite vet when you get a haircut→
this is all I want for Christmas, thanksgiving, New Years, my birthday, kwanza, Valentine's Day, April fools, veterans day, idc
Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for all who have served. 🇺🇸
Veterans Day skills practice, we would like to thank our very own Coach Mike Hawke and others for their service.
locked me out of FB on Veterans Day ! I'm a DAV ! Help !. Jimbo's Surf Hut !
Make a donation to our friends in November and we'll match it!
Do you have a special veteran in your life? Find out how is thanking and supporting vets right here:
On Veterans Day, we honor America’s veterans for their sacrifice and patriotism. Read about two Crowe veterans:
We had a wonderful Veterans Day program!
A Bayonet is a Weapon with a Worker on Each End: Rethinking Veterans Day.
Thank you for your service and Happy Veterans Day. One of my best friends is a Blackhawk Medevac pilot with the 1-244th AHB
Thank you for your service and Happy Belated Veterans Day
Many thanks to our entire Pasco District team for making our 2nd Annual Veterans' Day Celebration a huge success!! We h…
I'm going to work from home next Veterans' Day.
>joined show today. He's making an impact aiding in Phx
Thank you to all our veterans and Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jorden made it in the Tampa Bay Times on Veterans Day.
So cool! Our principal, Dr.E, reading to to the kids on Veterans Day!
Her first Veterans Day parade...she performed for the Virginia governor... @ Virginia Beach Oceanfront
Veterans Day was this week= Tears Be Still at Harry's in College Station???
I'm on TV! :) Disabled veterans watch Veterans Day parade through Google Cardboard via
In honor of Veterans Day, a moving 30-for-30 short, Chattanooga Strong:.
MCPSS is very proud of the 700+ JROTC Cadets marching today in the Veterans Day parade - 10:00am - Government Street https:/…
Some amazing pictures from Veterans Day events that took place at Epworth Villa, an Epworth Living Community...
'America's Parade' honors veterans, active military in NYC: Obama said the Veterans Day federal holiday is about ...
📷 Points of Light A Chapel Talk by Reggie Pettitt Yesterday was Veterans Day, a federal holiday that...
Showed up for 7am Mass ystdy & church locked. Priest says they follow federal holiday schedule & it was Veterans Day. Sigh.
In honor of Veterans Day and in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, The Center...
Green Beret visits Brentwood Academy on Veterans Day - via
Phi Sigma Pi is so thankful for all of our veterans on this Veterans Day and every day!
We present our very own Staff Sgt. Erin Miller's interview with 94.3 The Wolf in recognition of Veterans Day.
Every day should be Veterans Day. Salute the troops. Merica.
First Report Under New Law Will Give Key Data to Coming Veterans Department: On the eve of Veterans Day, the C...
Bad weather cancels some Veterans Day events in Rhode Island - WLNE-TV (ABC6)
Meritage Homes and Operation Homefront gave one wounded vet the ultimate Veterans Day gift on Wednesday.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The Lake Orion High School Chorus was a highlight of this week's. Veterans Day ceremony. Great job vocalists!
Marine shares memories of service with his working dog and their reunion at Veterans Day ceremony.
Community Health Chair Jacqueline volunteering with Honor Flights for Veterans Day. Top left,…
A man visits the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC for Veterans Day on Nov. 11, 2015
MKE Cty Sheriff & Fox News corresp. David Clarke parks in disabled spot on Veterans Day at War Memorial
On this Veterans Day we want to say thank you to the men and women who served in uniform and continue to serve as part o…
What did you do the week of Veterans Day? OASIS Group Advocate and Navy veteran Dennis Culver spent it helping...
Happy Veterans Day to my amazing dad!!🇺🇸
Spude is featured speaker on Veterans Day ⁰: Staff Sgt. Jared Spude — you might recall his selection as the…
Remember the Missing on Veterans Day - by -
My VA Team at Palo Alto College on Veterans Day. They are awesome!
¦ Veterans Day: Suicide has caused more American casualties than wars in Iraq ...
My lil bro, Kim(2nd meeting), Steve Sweeney,me. Veterans Day ceremony at
Missing for days in the woods, veteran found safe on Veterans Day: Timothy John Marsh, who served in the Gulf War,…
Video: Cleveland Browns host military personnel at Veterans Day practice: Watch members of the military meet the…
Happy Veterans Day- beer, Fat Tuesday, and all. from, baegas 😘 @ Las Vegas, Nevada
A perfect end to a great Veterans Day: A roaring fire, some blues & tasty High West Double Rye whisky on the rocks
Members of the U.S. Army march during the Veterans Day parade on Fifth Avenue in New York on Nov. 11,…
I was stressing about whether I'd get an A in my Bible class then my prof gave a pop quiz and two of the questions were about Veterans Day
Jaime King In light of Veterans Day, I would like to acknowledge ALL of those…
On this Veterans Day, thank you to all that have fought for our freedom. Both my Pappaws (WWII), my uncles Richard, Garry & Mike.
Parades part of celebrations in Texas marking Veterans Day - Brownsville Herald
Veterans Day celebrated with ceremony in front of St. Clair County Courthouse
Congratulations to Christine Bradshaw for winning the $50 Empire Tea & Coffee gift card! Hope everyone had a great Veterans Day!
Happy Veterans Day! finally got to see the White House :)
How did you express your freedom today on Veterans Day? || Peralta Trail, Gold Canyon, AZ …
Operation Homefront, Fisher House, & Intrepid Fallen Heroes are a few charities to donate to this Veterans Day
Today is Veterans Day here in the US. We pause & give thanks to all who have served. And maybe even a hug too! xo... h…
One of my favorite winter guard shows for Veterans Day
Do you remember Valentino LaScola Jr.? On this Veterans Day, you should:
It was a privilege to be the speaker at the Georgia Hispanic Bar Association's Veterans Day reception tonight.
etired Army Command Sgt. Maj. Henry Lee is one of the grand marshals for the Veterans Day parade at Wahiawa,...
Soldiers from Camp Arifjan in Kuwait shown live on video board at Garden in honor of Veterans Day.
In honor of Veterans Day,JEA campers ventured out to The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum to learn about our military past.
A red, white, and blue meal to celebrate Veterans Day! Thank you for all that you do, veterans.
Izzy was so excited to write a Veterans Day note to her dad and uncle Carl thanking them for their…
A salute to a great veteran: Bob Dole endorsing for president this Veterans Day, will chair campaign's Vetera…
Staff Sgt. Gilbert, Retired, sharing his personal thoughts of what Veterans Day means with Students.
This is how Veterans Day was celebrated in Las Vegas
Former Wildcat and current Navy Football player Ted Colburn featured on WIAT News this Veterans Day.
Terrific job singing the National Anthem here at Hornets game on Veterans Day by Staff Sgt Chris Fairley. Hornets vs. Knic…
Here at Circus Vargas we are honoring our soliders on this Veterans Day to those men and women who have served...
Veterans Day and Women Directing. Zero Dark Thirty: Jessica as Maya "Give me the team I need" Dir Kathryn Bigelow
Veterans Day listen to Lee Woodruff re:Bob Woodruff Fdn https:/…
my uncle was a 4 star general in the army head of NSA&US cyber command, Happy Veterans Day to you uncle Keith and all of our veterans ❤️🇺🇸
Eagan High School Veterans Day Program!. Ms Adams explains the origins of Veterans Day
At the AirVenture Museum in a special free exhibit for Veterans Day: pin-up "nose art" from World War II
There were Veterans Day celebrations around the county this week. Here are pictures from just two of them.
Today on this Veterans Day, it is fitting that one of our Pioneer's Frank Kameny's resting place in Washington's...
band and choir and HHS JROTC performed at city Veterans Day celebration:
Loved ones and native sons remembered at Veterans Day events in Fayetteville, Spring Lake: By Paul Woolverton
I spoke today Veterans Day to the Patrick Henry is what I said...thanks Debbie Hall
Enjoyed a pit stop on Veterans Day at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Georgia.…
Liberty Middle School students showed Veterans Day projects and invited veterans for lunch.
📷 ・・・ In light of Veterans Day, I would like...
In honor of Veterans Day pitches the joint chiefs an Afghanistan good will tour.
Missing airman laid to rest at Veterans Day events in Harnett County
One day per year, the sunlight lines up perfectly to illuminate the seal at this monument. That day is Veterans Day. htt…
Happy Veterans Day from the cast of Joseph Hall's Elvis Rock N Remember! Make plans to come see this spectacular...
Happy Veterans Day to all who have served!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all that have served, and or will serve. We salute you.
Happy Veterans Day! I appreciate your service and pray that God continues to keep you safe. We miss and love you.
Mahalo to all the veterans who have served our country! Happy Veterans Day!
Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to those who fought & those currently fighting to keep our country safe🇺🇸
Missing today and our Veterans Day traditions.
Thanks to all the veterans and those who currently serve. Happy Veterans Day
What it's like to be an Iraq war veteran on Veteran's Day
Happy Veterans Day to my favorite marine !!! Love and miss you bud 😁🇺🇸
Happy Veterans Day from Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country.
On Veterans Day, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all military veterans, including those who serve at https:…
Happy Veterans Day to those serving along side me, those who have served, and those who gave it all…
another reason why I don't like veterans day is because armistice day makes much much more sense.
22 veterans die by suicide each day. Let's fight to change that.
Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve and have done their time for this great country. 🇺🇸
Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸 God bless everyone serving, who served, and whos going to serve !
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Happy Veterans Day, this is worth your time to watch ⚾️
Today, as we honor the brave men and women who risk their lives to defend us, we must commit to care for our veterans every…
aww no prob! Veterans' Day is also today so I feel you
Happy Veterans Day seems like it was just yesterday
you live with a vet Everyday is Veterans Day. This is my grandpa, he passed before I was old enough to remember him.
Happy Veterans Day. Thank all the veterans that risk their lives everyday to keep our country safe.
I'm wiped out but I'm in and ready to go!!! Happy Veterans Day and God Bless America . Hug a Vet and say "Thanks You"
Going out to eat with my dad. Happy Veterans Day (: 🇺🇸
Happy Veterans Day. Make sure to thank a veteran for their dedication.
Veterans day is a yearly reminder of how many young people's lives were wasted in needless conflicts and war. It should not be celebrated
Happy Veterans Day! A big Happy Veterans Day to the old man!! Wouldn't be who I am without you! Love you pops!
On Veterans Day, we salute the brave men & women of the U.S. Armed Forces who serve with courage & dignity.
Happy Veterans Day and big shouts out to the boi
Happy Veterans Day ! To my grandpa and all those who fought for our country🇺🇸 💙❤️ Thank you !
Such a rewarding profession! Listening to my students' discourse analysis of a poem for Veterans Day inspired me!
Happy Veterans Day to everyone, including two of our own brothers who serve our country!
What those who served and sacrificed want you to know this Veterans Day:
Happy Veterans Day to all! Our executive director, Stan Lilley, was an officer in the US Army and served our country for over 20 years!
I'm a at work, and all the gov offices I'm calling are closed. How about "celebrating" veterans day by doing what I did: working.
A tribute to Dad and all those who have worn the uniform to defend our freedoms:
Happy Veterans Day to all the great men that served this country 🇺🇸
On we should support the troops by scrutinizing the missions they're being sent on.
Dammit...veterans day parade has 5th ave shut down
Honor and respect Veterans every day, not just today. They have served our country for more than one day.
Happy Veterans Day to all those who served and protected this country. Thank you ⚡️🇺🇸
Happy Veterans Day! Many thanks to all the men and women who are far braver than me.
"Bravery doesn't mean you aren't scared. It means you go anyway." With gratitude to all who serve on Veterans Day.
On this Veterans Day remember is a total Veteran & Military supporter-none others have done as much
Much love and respect to our veterans. Thank you and wish you all a peaceful Veterans Day
Advice to people just joining the Air Force? on Veterans Day via https:/…
Although the Recreation Center is closed in observance of Veterans Day today, Off the Grid will still be going on in Leo Ryan Park...
I post this every Veterans Day. I was fortunate enough to meet Robert Watson 1 of the 1st guys on the…
Random music fact in honor of Veterans Day!. On this day in 1938 - Kate Smith first sang Irving Berlin's "God...
A great great uncle Carl Oshner from World War One. Happy Veterans Day to all who serve and those who support them.
Vintage planes flying in formation over South Pasadena. Great Veterans Day tribute.
People who have served in the military and like Taylor Swift should be called Swift Boat Veterans. Happy Veterans Day.
S's who led Veterans Day program today! Great job! Represent Jaguar nation well!
The choir performed at Veterans Day celebration!
In honor of Veterans Day, I thank God for my husband (former USMC), my daddy (former Alabama Air National Guard),...
Matthew Morrison posted a photo of himself in South Pacific for Veterans Day.
We are proud to be part of today's Veterans Day parade hosted by City of Mary Esther.
Privileged to be listening to Gospel Choir at in celebration of Veterans Day
Here's our slideshow of from this morning's Veterans Day events from throughout Greater Lowell:
The American Flag hangs off of a Humboldt Bay Fire truck across from the Adorni Center. A special Veterans Day...
Governor Larry Hogan and County Executive Schuh at Mission BBQ today for Veterans Day.
Thnx to the LNHS Choir and LHS band for sharing their talents at Liberty's Veterans Day celebration.
Listen when joins Chad at 12:35pm to discuss Veterans Day & Town Hall events he has hosted |
Special Happy Veterans Day the best sniper our country has ever had, here's to you Chris Kyle, thank you 🇺🇸
Watch: acting Sec. Fanning's Veterans Day message to the force
In honor of Veterans Day, watch Pastor Chris Plekenpol's interview on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network.
REAL Gratitude on Veterans Day via My essay:Dedicated to our decorated Uncle Milton
Green Berets In The News: Green Beret and CWO2 Nelson Smith will speak at Brentwood Academy on Veterans Day.
Megan Hutera, Rice Lake Senior, playing taps for staff and students in honor of Veterans Day. If you see Megan,...
President Obama lays a wreath at Arlington National Cemetary to honor Veterans Day
Veterans Day was always one of my favorite days at Wheaton North because of all the stories I got to hear
Veterans Day message from the Republican Party of Manatee County
United Way + Habitat for Humanity building a home for a Veteran's family on Veterans Day. That's…
Happy Veterans Day and thanks to all who have served 🇺🇸❤️ @ Bluffton University
Today Mossman celebrated Veterans Day. It was an amazing reception and celebration, together with Bayside's Choir...
Honored to be the Veterans Day guest speaker at the Durham County Veterans Services Division.
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Thank you to all who have proudly served our nation! Free Admission & Veterans Day ceremony:
Our Surry County bands participated in the Veterans Day parade this morning. Great job bands!
Veterans Day sales are a great way to kick off your holiday shopping while staying on budget. Check out these deals!
"Just wanted to send a shout out to my Alabama Supporting Mom for Veterans Day" - Devon
In honor of Veterans Day! 🇺🇸 I'm proud of my husband Jeff Peterson and all the others who serve!
talking about Veterans Day and the great annual event at Carroll Park
Thank you to all who have served to protect our country and promote freedom. Have a wonderful Veterans Day. https:…
National Guardsmen from the Brook Park Armory greet students following our Veterans Day assembly.
ICYMI: Falcons TE Jacob Tamme has a special place in his heart for veterans as we observe Veterans Day.
My friend Alex North took the photo on the right. What better way to honor Veterans Day than that? My job still...
Sponsors clean up Guardino Park for Veterans Day, 2016 Heroes Run kickoff
Scenes from the annual Veterans Day program with HCHS Alumni Senior Master Sergeant Jonathan Turner as the guest...
Come down to the Veterans Day parade on fourth ave! Today a portion of Danny boy's kettle corn will be going to the wounded warriors proj.
Pictures from the Veterans Day assembly held at Patrick Henry High School.
Why do kids get Martin Luther King day off for school but not Veterans Day? Seriously? 😂😂😂
W would like to send a big thank you to our veteran Chris Harris. Happy Veterans Day!
Mayor Tom Hayes teaching Westgate Students about local government on Veterans Day
Republicans celebrate Veterans Day by cutting VA budget.
Veterans Day parade underway. Cememony continues at Lee Newton Park at 10:30.
Carroll Gardens neighbors: join us at 11 a.m. at the Carroll Park memorial to commemorate Veterans Day and thank our vets for their service.
In observance of Veterans Day, The New Hope Baptist Church and New Hope Now Community Development Corporation will be closed Wed, Nov. 11.
Veterans Day for the 65,000 vets buried at Cape Cod Nat. Cemetery
Today on Veterans Day only the words of God... John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life f…
is honoring Veterans Day with an evening of readings and a choir concert
Crane Kenny was going great until the very end when he referenced "fallen heroes" as Harry and Ernie...on Veterans Day of all days.
Lincoln parish would be the only parish to go to school on Veterans Day
Thank you all Veterans for your sacrifice & service - National Guard, Coast Guard, Army, Navy Marines, & Air Force on this Veterans Day.
In honor of Veterans Day and the work of our vets, please enjoy this free download of "America the Beautiful."
High winds, storms possible today in Topeka: A windy, and potentially stormy, Veterans Day is forecast Wednesday…
It is very fitting for the Feast Day of Saint Martin of Tours to share days with Veterans Day. Go…
DMS Men's Choir singing for the Veterans Day celebration.
US ARMY- 3 invasions world war ll and Vietnam going on 99 Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸
Happy Veterans Day to half the men in my family 😂 💪🏽
Moving piece by our outstanding intern Veterans Day is personal for IU student
And to you Kelly, whose also served, Happy Veterans Day. . Love you too niece. Go Army! Ok, …
Veterans Day. Remembering James Sandeen, Army, Vietnam vet, came home and died 4 decades later from dioxin exposure.
Code Talker Congressional Medallion Exhibit will be held at Crazy Horse Memorial on Veterans Day, Wednesday, Novembe htt…
S/O to Burton for ignoring the fact it's Veterans Day..
- Marching on: WWII POW named grand marshal of Veterans Day parade
Preparing for a Veterans Day celebration at Mount Holly Elementary.
Veterans Day is extra special for me. to my dad Colonel Tony Parker who served 27 years in the Army. Happy
On this Veterans Day we say thank you to: Ms. Nelson who served in the 82nd airborne division - United States Army
Veterans Day ceremony at Soldier Field to honor military: Americans across the country will honor…
Please join us today at 10am at Brook Run Park for the City of Dunwoody’s annual Veterans Day tribute.
Great John Kelly piece for Veterans Day. Links WWII, journalism, and the WP community when newspapers weren't media.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Up early this morning to go to for a Veterans Day program. I'll be speaking about my experience w/veterans & the Honor Flights!
The Salem Public Library is closed today, along with all City offices, in honor of Veterans Day. For…
Spending the day with my Veteran Brad Walker. I love you and thank you for serving. — observing Veterans Day at...
Doubts Emerge About Pa. Budget Deal: Good morning and a good Veterans Day to you. Here’s what to know today:…
"Cape Cod weather: Rain and wind" It will be a rainy and windy Veterans Day on the Cape, according to the National…
Busy Wed morn George, Lara, Amy, Ginger, and yours truly reporting for duty on this Veterans Day. 👍🏽
Local news is on right now - Charlie Tan to return to court, Maggie Brooks' final budget, Veterans Day events & closures
Thanking all our veterans past and present on this Veterans Day. - Boykin, Jerry L, US Army Retired, God bless America
This morning I will have the honor of speaking briefly during Nathan Hale-Ray High School's Veterans Day...
The Darke County Health Department will be closed today to honor Veterans Day!
Veterans Day and the Cost of 'Forever Wars' via
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