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Veterans Day

Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, is an annual United States holiday honoring armed service veterans.

Happy Veterans Day Memorial Day Armistice Day Veterans Day Parade Honor Guard Remembrance Day President Woodrow Wilson Presidents Day Arlington National Cemetery Labor Day Vietnam War Pearl Harbor United States Korean War Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

It's Kona Ice Day! Head over to Cougar Dr. starting at 11 a.m. and help the Columbia College Student Veterans!
Awe, it's National Sibling Day- well enjoy our sister centers, Midtown, Veterans and East Pasco. Book a lane at
Every day, connect with resources and treatments for dealing with stress and anxiety.
The United States K9 Corps was started on March 13th 1942, and there is an effort to make this national K9 Veterans Day. And although it is not recognized nationally Michigan and a few other states has declared March 13th K9 Veterans Day to honor all dogs that have served in the military, police and...
Lol Amy Myhre look remember the veterans day that were we wanted to go
The next Cash Mob is this Saturday!! Location and time will be announced later today... Who can guess where we're going? Kids eat free on Wednesday Thursday is all you can eat fish and chips Every Monday is Veterans Day Locally owned One location
Thank You for the ad!! Here is a picture of my 58 John Deere 420 in downtown Atlanta, GA at the Veterans Day Parade.
Tomorrow is Veterans Day blood It is cheating people whe thing it must have been an act of retributiion by it.
Me: im going to the store. Stay here with your grandma. You want anything? tyler: yeah get me that candy you bought me on veterans day. Me: this a memory test? What was it? tyler: dad, you already know what i like. Just get me something. LOL
FYI fb My uncle Cliff is on the color guard !! So he'll be making his rounds to all cemetary when veterans day come & @ dances powwows when needed So lulu loud or your warrior haller when you see him & color guard!!
Let us start something new. As everyone knows, we have various holidays throughout the year such as Veterans Day, Labor Day etc. I say let us start a new one, we will call it Congregational Conference day and let set the day for APRIL 1st. Can you believe this. Tonight on the evening news some congressman is trying to get a bill past that would give every member in Congress $25.00 per day to help them off set the cost of living in Washington D.C. Every member of Congress makes $174,000 per year salary, and this FOOL says he cannot live on that. I dont know about everyone else but I could live nicely on that. We need to fire these FOOLS NOW. I dont know about eye
- News Nov 13, 2012 - Happy Veterans Day from! is happy to bring you another eye-opening episode of My Life My ...
We need to expand this to PR it was really emotional for me when on Vietnam Veterans Day Pagan sub Procurador, showed up with the group. I hope we can build and show the Islanders the true meaning of Patriotism and how to celebrate.
It Reads: Danielle was absent from school yesteray 11/11/13 Because of Veterans day. She will go
the Capital of Louisiana Needs a Veterans Day Parade to show Respect to all those Men and Women who have served in the U.S. Military !
Much respect to my warrior sister!!! Once I was unfriend and called a trader because on Veterans day I post tribal members honoring the American Flag~Warriors we are.
We did it again, for the second year in a row our lodge has a first place winner in New York State for The Elks Americanism Essay Contest. This years topic was "What does Veterans Day Mean To Me." The winner now goes to the National Elks Contest, he is Joseph Morelli, his school is Our Lady Star of the Sea. Well done Joseph and all the young men and women who submitted essays. Our annual youth awards night is on Friday May 9th 7 PM. any one interested sign up sheet is in Lodge $5.00 per person to cover expenses, space is limited so don't wait to long, Regards to all. Joe Cammarata, Americanism Chairman.
So my uncle Joseph went out to eat around 7 last night and the following is his story... "Went to the Boiler Room Steakhouse for a birthday meal. I was very surprised when this obese waitress giving poor service told me they never provided military discounts but only provide one free meal on veterans day and will be stopping that. I had mentioned the last few times I have been there they had provided the discount. She continued to be argumentative and stated that the current management desires to have anyone who is serving or has served to ever step foot in their establishment as the current management does not believe in anything the military stands for. I promised I would pass the word along." I really hope this was a misunderstanding. I am also wondering what the new management team's stance is on the military. I know few hundred fellow active duty and veterans in this town that would also like to their families and friends. If this was a mistake or just the words of one person then that pe ...
OK...two of my pics for Veterans Day.,.one is me in Korea returning from the field.and the me and my NO.1 Solder. Love You and miss you MOM...
shot in wells in the swamp 2013 Veterans Day , he looked alot bigger lol ,
Here is a little homecoming tribute video. Thanks to those who have served our country. Happy Veterans Day.
Weird how this is, signed my military contract on 9/11, was in basic on Veterans Day, graduated basic on my mom and dad's anniversary aka valentines day, and going to my first duty station on my older brothers birthday
On Veterans Day, a Moment with World War II POWs from New Englandby: Susan KaplanNovember 11, 2013It’s Veteran’s Day. Politicians, families and America’s veterans themselves are gathering at cemeteries, monuments and memorial parks. To mark this day we will hear from a group of World War II veterans...
Good Morning, Fairview - is it finally Spring?! I saw yesterday that Hines Farms had their hanging baskets out! So glad to see warmer weather, and I do hope that the detours for traffic around the bridge replacement project are improving! Went to a funeral last week for a World War II veteran and the graveside service had the full military rites with the 21 gun salute and taps. The shell casings as well as the flag were presented to the family. The first round of the salute was for duty, the second for honor, and the third for country. Even though it is not Veterans Day or Memorial Day, I want to say a special thank you to all our veterans for protecting our freedom and our democracy. Stay safe, Fairview.
Entering its sixth year, the Select Staffing Santa Barbara Veterans Day Marathon & Half will present checks to local schools as part of its community program to inspire the next generation of athletes.
Hmmm well I see all these mom's posting on their kids, so here are mine: Mason McHenry Jeter Due date: no clue! That was forever ago! DOB: 11-11-2006 (Veterans Day) Parker 'Reese' Jeter Due Date: Again I have no idea! Yep I'm a horrible parent! DOB: 2-22-2008 As far as their measurements, that stuff is written down in their baby books... I may not recall their due dates & measurements off the top of my head, but one thing I never forget is to tell them both that I love them on a daily basis throughout the day...
While at the Highlands County Veteran Services Office today to turn in my husband, Ed's death certificate, the director asked Jack to sing when she found out he retired from the United States Army Field Band and Soldiers Chorus. When she heard his voice she was in awe of his talent and asked him to sing the National Anthem at the county Veterans Day celebration. I hope all of you that live here can attend the ceremony at Lakeview Memorial Garden on May 26th at 9am.
This years Veterans Day Parade Nov.15th..Appreciate all help ideas participation or if ya just come out and watch..We are still a free nation because of our veterans both past and present...God bless them all.
[[LIVE FROM GOVERNMENT HOUSE] National Meeting on Veterans Day and Memorial in the Falklands War.
Great honor to be invited to Stoney Creek vet hospital for K-9 Veterans Day. To have both of my K-9 partners honored really makes me feel blessed. My family still misses K-9 Nike !
Just leaving K9 Veterans Day at Stoney Creek Vet Hospital. Under the tents for the rain but the dogs were sooo cute. Pix coming. Nice event
All purpose parts banner
Melrose Junior High School held its Veterans Day ceremony Monday. Below is a list of seventh-grade students and the veterans they honored.
Tony Moore's Past State Senator Accomplishments Major force in establishing the Heart Center at Pitt Memorial Hospital Major supporter of the Dental School at East Carolina University Major supporter for a funding source for the Southwest Bypass, Greenville, NC Major force in funding for the Humber House (Houses the NC Eastern Office of Cultural Arts) located on 5th street in downtown Greenville, NC) Major sponsor of legislation for making Veterans Day a holiday for all school employees
Veterans Day with a visit from the Patriot Guard Riders
I know west wing is a fictitious show written by overly idealistic liberals, but there are few episodes that do not make me cry or think, sometimes both. The thing that I truly love is all the episodes that highlight the voluntary risks that soldiers are put through and the decisions made behind closed doors that ask these soldiers to leave their homes and families for ideas. I hope someday our soldiers will no longer be needed to make these sacrifices, but until that day whether it's Veterans Day, Memorial Day or whatever soldiers should always be in our thoughts rather than our complaints because they are the ones taking a bullet for next to no money or job security. Their health benefits are not guaranteed nor is old age. I admire soldiers like my father and his friends and wish more people would.
K9 Veterans Day Man’s best friend can be a soldier’s best bud on his long road to coping with painful experiences in the service. Spartacus is up for adoption at Halfway Hounds in Park Ridge. Here, girls attending the K9 Veterans Day celebration at the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute in Mahwah give the dog some love. - See more at:
In 1954, President Eisenhower officially changed the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.
Great day at the 8th Annual Women Veterans Conference today - women vets - if you did not go, you really missed...
Veterans Day was today Lou Frank got his badge with 24 others Louie the fly also was runner up
Great day volunteering for our Marines and veterans.
: Lili's politically incorrect thought for the day
Bill would give vets option of asking for Veterans Day off: ST. PAUL - Minnesota veterans could request to take...
For the U. S. Veterans Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our freedoms that allows us the privilege to enjoy this event . It is our allegiance as citizens of the City of Lake Elsinore to include the participation, memories of, and cardinal principles supporting our Vets. 6th Annual Veterans Day Observance - LEGP, Sun. Nov. 10, 2013
nope said it ... We discussed that at length one day about veterans vs Memorial Day
Hi Nathan, this announcement was recently published on GOV UK
March 30th, 1973, was the day all American troops were withdrawn from Vietnam. March 30th is officially Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day in the United State...
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Open house March 29 in Portage for Vietnam Veterans Day - Portage Daily Register
If u live in America, it is always Veterans' Day. Thank YOU, we LOVE YOU ALL
900k Veterans on food stamps & 22 commit suicide each day. Meanwhile GOP is busy repealing for gazillionth time.
2 our armed forces past & present - on US soil & those serving far from home...thank you for your service and sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day!
.focus on 23 Veterans commit suicide every day while Gerrymandered Spkr Boehner stalls the Bill.
"State bill would grant a legal right to Veterans Day off: Finally!
State bill would grant veterans a legal right to Veterans Day off
Putin is a Communist and he hates America. I presented a speech to a Veterans Day crowd in Petaluma Ca.
900.000 Veterans are on food stamps, 22 Vets commit suicide every day. Meanwhile GOP is busy repealing Obamacare for the ga…
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund shared Support Our Veterans's photo. Very true. We see Vietnam veterans take it upon themselves to thank vets all year long, including welcoming home the new guys. Here's to the legacy of service! Let's continue to make Veterans Day, EVERY DAY.
Draw Near – 365 Guides to Greater Intimacy with God Day 53 of 365 SOLDIER In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11 as Armistice Day to remind Americans of the tragedies of war. In 1971, Congress changed the date to the fourth Monday in October and the name to Veterans Day. Canada has set aside a similar day (Remembrance Day) on November 11. Both countries seek to show appreciation for all who have given their service and their lives for the lands we love. It is sad that there even have to be veterans. Veterans are made by wars, and wars mar the history of mankind. Yet war will be with us as long as man is in rebellion against God. Paul talks about another war being waged in the spirit world. The forces of Satan are pitted against the forces of our Lord and Christ. Paul admonished Timothy to be a good soldier for Christ and to endure hardship. Christ never promised roses on the battlefields. We are involved in an intense spiritual warfare, and we all at times get weary. When it seems Sata ...
Armistice Day Blizzard of November 10-11, 1940 Minnesota's deadliest blizzard on record occurred on Nov. 10-11th, 1940. No other snowstorm in Minnesota lore holds as revered a status as this one. Many of the 154 who died in this blizzard were duck hunters who were taking advantage of the Armistice Day (now known as Veterans Day) holiday and unusually mild late season weather to pursue their hobby. A classic Texas Panhandle low developed on Nov. 10th and traveled northeastward deepening to 971mb (28.65") over Wisconsin on Nov. 11th. In Minnesota temperatures dropped 50 degrees in hours and 50-80mph winds drove 12-27" of snow into monstrous drifts up to 20 feet deep.
The National Veteran's Art Museum in Chicago has an unusual work of art which you may not have even known existed! When visitors first enter the museum, they will hear a sound like wind chimes coming from above them and their attention will be drawn upward 24 feet to the ceiling of the two-story high atrium. The dog tags of the more than 58,000 service men and women who died in the Vietnam War, were hung from the ceiling of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010. The 10-by-40-foot sculpture, entitled Above & Beyond, was designed by Ned Broderick and Richard Stein. The thousands of metal dog tags are suspended 24 feet in the air, 1 inch apart, from fine lines that allow them to move and chime with shifting air currents. Museum employees using a kiosk and laser pointer help visitors locate the exact dog tag with the imprinted name of a lost friend or relative. "If you can read this, thank a Teacher ... If you are reading it in English, thank a VET."
Switch out the Russian sentiment for American sentiment. Black, White, Red, Blue, or Green. Asian, African, Mexican, or Pacific Islander. If you are here and enjoying your American way of life, then march in step. Toe the line. This is America and we should all be Americans first; proud of the colors we fly, loyal to the troops who defend them, and brave enough to say so. Please feel free to share you cultural differences whenever you like so long as they do not get in the way of the fact that you are an American. Every day should be Veterans Day!!
I can understand the purpose of many American holidays. I can see why we have Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day and Independence Day. I can not however, see any need for Presidents' Day. What is the point? What is it that we are supposed to be observing today?
Good evening FBF, hope all is well. Well after a long road from losing the Capitol Classic in 2013 to Ft. Bragg my first team before going to Leonard Wood and now here at Ft. Myers. Our goals have been accomplished, the road to this point was hard but nevertheless we did it. Started out by winning the Breast Cancer in MD tournament,Veterans Day tournament at Ft. Belvoir Toys for Tots tournament at Ft Myers , MLK Tournament at Ft. Lee and not the Capitol Classic at Ft Myers the biggest tournament of the year. This has been a hard journey beating some of the best teams. Had to get past a Trashing talking Ft. Carson team via email and text message only to send them back on the plane back to Colorado empty handed welcoming them to the east coast the right way and taking care of business, then onto our rivals the best team next to us in the tournament in Ft. Bragg, pulled it out to face Camp Laijune and beat them only to face Bragg in the championship game. Knowing that it would go down to the wire, we stepped ...
President's Day, my least favorite holiday. Used to be nice when I was in school and we got off Washington's birthday and I was always envious of the Illinois kids who got off Lincoln's too. Just why was it necessary to add all the other presidents? Who has been so impressive since WWII that we needed to make it Presidents Day? Nixon, Eisenhower? Surely not Johnson or the Bushes. Couldn't leave well enough alone , could we. Now we are honoring them all. That means Coolidge and Hoover and Harrison and Buchanan and even Harding. We should have learned when we changed Armistice Day to Veteran's Day. Was that to honor me since I am a veteran? Or the Company clerk at Ft Huachucha? Vonnegut said Armistice Day was sacred, Veterans Day is not. Same goes for Washington's Birthday and President's Day. Hope you all get a whale of a deal at the furniture outlet on their big President's Day sale. WE have some *** holidays.
Armistice Day (which coincides with Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, public holidays) is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.
11/11/11 Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, is an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans.It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11. It coincides withother holidays such as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, which are celebratedin other parts of the world and also mark the anniversary of the signing of theArmistice that ended World War 1. (Major hostilities of World War I wereformally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 withthe German signing of the Armistice.) . The U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed an Armistice Day for November 11, 1919. In proclaimingthe holiday, he said “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled withsolemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and withgratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed usand because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy withpeace and justice in the councils of the nations.” T ...
Every Day is Veterans Day: Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders made the case in a Senate floor speech on Tuesday for passage of the most comprehensive legislation for veterans to come before the Senate in decades. Sanders’ bill would improve VA health care and dental care, expand educational opportunities, help the VA address a disability claims backlog and help veterans find jobs. The measure also would undo a 1 percentage point cut in annual cost-of-living adjustments for military pensions that was part of a budget agreement late last year. It is backed by the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and many other organizations. Watch Sen. Sanders' speech here:
This is the response I got back from Lowe's Home Improvement basically to me it says "your service to our country doesn't matter to us unless you're currently active, retired or disabled". "David, we offer an all-day, every-day 10% Military discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate family members, with a valid Government-issued Military ID: Examples: VIC (Veterans Identification Card). Uniformed Services Identification Card (either active duty or active duty family member) Common Access card All other military veterans will receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day weekends. (Customer must provide Military ID, VIC, or a DD214). Lowe's will continue to support U.S. military personnel as well as other communities through ongoing community programs and charitable donations. Military discounts are not available online. We do apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause. Have a great weekend." So from the w ...
well except Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day and oh yeah the Lords Bday Christmas.
Tying soon PHW. Recalling that ocean of green on Michigan Ave. on Veterans Day in Chicago...may these ties bring you much deserved respite.
I first met Eustace in person at an American Free Press event in Washington, DC around September, 2006 and invited him to our Constitution Party meeting that happened to fall on Veterans Day a few months later. I drove down to his house on Madison Place in Staunton, VA, and apologized for the interior of my old Volvo being so ratty. Eustace instead asked me to drive one of his Cadillacs to the meeting - he had matching white and black ones. So, I drove his black one. The powers that be had pulled about the same thing on Eustace as they had on Ezra Pound - declared him mentally unfit to operate a motor vehicle. It was a memorable drive and meeting where Eustace told all kinds of very interesting stories, particularly about living in the Library of Congress, and signed his books for us. When we got back to his town, we had dinner together at the local *** Barrel and one of his nephews saw him, but the relationship sadly seemed rather aloof. This might have been the same nephew who, after his passing, w ...
Valentines for Veterans Join the nation in celebrating Valentine’s Day by participating in the 2014 Valentine for Veterans Day project. This is a great service project for young people in your family or your social organization to help brighten the day of a confined Veteran. We encourage you to prepare handmade or store bought valentines and send them to Iowa Veterans in one of the three institutions listed below: Send attention to: Valentines for Veterans VA Central Iowa Health Care System 3600 – 30th Street Des Moines, IA 50310 Iowa Veterans Home 1301 Summit Street Marshalltown, IA 50158 Iowa City VA Health Care System 601 Highway 6, West Iowa City, IA 52246-2208 Valentines can also be dropped off at the following locations by February 7th: Iowa Gold Star Museum Camp Dodge, 7105 Northwest 70th Avenue Johnston, IA FT. Des Moines Museum and Education Center 75 E. Army Post Road Des Moines, IA This event is promoted by the Jesse F. Taylor VFW Post 12105
I am a veteran,& have never had Veterans Day off. I have to work/pay taxes to pay for foodstamps for anti military protesters
On November 11, 2013 Al Cecere and Challenger appeared on Fox News to talk about Veterans Day, and the activities they would be involved in during that time.
PINS Free day. (Corpus Christi, Texas)- Acting Superintendent Travis Poulson announced today that the National Park Service, in order to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, will waive the entrance fee to visit Padre Island National Seashore on Monday, January 20, 2014. All of America’s 400 other national park sites will have free entry as well. Residents and out of town visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to visit this remarkable coastal park at no cost and explore a portion of the world’s longest undeveloped barrier island beach. Be advised that activity fees for Malaquite Campground and Bird Island Basin still apply. In addition to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the National Park Service will waive admission fees on eight other days in 2014 – Presidents Day weekend (February 15 through 17), the first weekend of National Park Week (April 19 and 20), the National Park Service’s 98th birthday (August 25), National Public Lands Day (September 27) and Veterans Day (Nove ...
I apologize for posting more stuff about veterans, but like Natasha Leggero, I'm not sorry. I was thinking to myself during the drive to work, "Every day should be Veterans Day. We take the sacrifice for granted when we have the freedom to complain about the small things. Out of site. Out of mind."
Obama shows his true colors by not going to Arlington National Cemetery? Sadly, the days we set aside to honor those who have worn the uniform of our country — and made the ultimate sacrifice — have become highly politicized. There is an expectation that presidents should go to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial and Veterans Day. Certainly, any commander-in-chief should mark these sacred days in such fashion. But paying tribute to those whose final resting place is in any other of America's other 130 national cemeteries is no less honorable. That being said, the tradition of going to Arlington itself on Memorial Day is fairly new. Most presidents never, or rarely, went. Let's look at the past six decades: · Eisenhower: Twice in eight years · Kennedy: Never in three years · Johnson: Once in five years · Nixon: Never in six years · Ford: Twice in two years · Carter: Never in four years · Reagan: Three times in eight years · Bush Sr.: Never in four years · Clinton: Eight times in eight year ...
Little Giant Ladders
I am so blessed to know people like John Stewart. He has witnessed what popular politics are doing to real people. One day, when your bull is gored, you will see why I HATE your politics. It hurts real people. Here is his latest post: Why??? 40% of New York City Vets Going Hungry According to a report by CBS News in New York City, veterans who are returning to New York City after leaving the service are relying on soup kitchens and pantries to get the food they need. The president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, Margarette Purvis, used the occasion of Veterans Day to emphasize the plight of these veterans. In a statement, she said that 95,000 veterans, or 40 percent of New York City’s veteran population are going hungry. “That is not a guesstimate; that is a fact,” she said. She added that with the $5 billion cut in funding for the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) the situation will only get worse. (Enlarge that over the entire U.S. and we have a se ...
Veterans Day was an opportunity for all Americans to thank and honor the country's selfless soldiers. It also was a day of increased hunger and requests for help from charities like Feed Our Vets after nearly 1 million low-income veterans had their food stamps cut by Congress. The Nov. 1 budget cut affected more than 900,000 veterans who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, according to the Center on Budget and Polity Priorities. Feed our Vets, an organization dedicated to eradicating hunger among American veterans, now expects an increase in requests for food.
Marian Marrinan holds up her medals that she earned during World War Two. Marian served as a nurse in France and every years she wears her uniform for Veterans Day
“Happy Un-Birthday I love you Happy Veterans Day sometime this year I love you too.
Today we'd like to honor our true heroes around the world for laying it all on the line to protect our freedom. Here's a group of players from Sector 251 showing their respects through mass platoon deployment all across the World Map. Happy Veterans Day, Commander.
What are you waiting for now? Columbus Day is over, Halloween is over, Veterans Day is over, Thanksgiving Day is over, Christmas is over or for some Hanuka, what excuse is it now? Oh yea, its New Years next Wednesday. or maybe Presidents Day or maybe Valentines in February or _ birthday, really! If you don't do something different Today, 2014 is going to look pretty much like 2013. There will always be holidays, events, the big blue tube, oh and people to distract you! DON'T Let ANYONE or ANYTHING take you off the line this year! Ready to get it?? I am!
Need to clean out and organize the spare bedrooms, which I meant to do last summer, put it off, then Columbus Day and Veterans Day weekend, again I put it off, and again during the thanks giving break. Never thought I'd see the day when I wish mom could holler at me for not picking up after myself. Maybe when she and dad come for a visit they will lecture me :-)
Watching Forest Gump and just wanted to inform some of you soldier, sailors, airmen, and marines of Lt. Dan( Gary Sinise). He has the gary Sinise foundation that does so much for the troops and he doesn't brag or boast about it for media attention or handshakes and hugs. He helps build homes for wounded warriors he gives out suits on Veterans Day to active duty troops through jos. A. Bank and tons of other stuff. So next time you donate to a cause or just feel like helping look into the gary Sinise foundation, good night all.
The soldiers of the War Horse Battalion Scout Platoon received Veterans Day thank-you letters from Harmony...
As seen in the Washington Times on Nov. 11, 2013 By Johnny Isakson We owe a great deal to the men and women who served in our armed forces. Our top priority on Veterans Day and every day should be
Wounded Warrior Project In honor of the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day we said we would donate a portion of our sales on those days to the Wounded Warrior Project. Although the sales were slower than we hoped they would be, we made a $300 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you for your support.
I added a video to a playlist Dream Of Flight (Veterans Day) (2013Nov11)
The American Patriot is rising up again in defiance of lost liberty! Remember some gave all on Veterans Day!
Out of towners seem to be coming out of the woodwork for 2 Old 2 Furious: Veterans Day so it should be really really sick.
On Veterans Day, please remember that the commander in chief labeled you a terrorist.
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YOO! and Stand UP for the - "My Last Day" (PTSD/Veterans Tribute): RT..
Today is Bill of Rights Day, do not betray those that protect them
Day 14: The phrase "Freedom isn't free" gets a lot of airtime during Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veterans Day. But the families of those who made the greatest sacrifice for our freedom deal with the cost every day. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to the U. S. military's special operations community, which consist Army Special Forces (Green Berets), the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Navy Small Boat Teams, Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers, Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and Marine Corps special operations personnel. SOWF's mission includes two major aspects in support of special operations personnel: providing a full college education to the surviving children of those who lose their lives while serving in the U.S. military special operations community, and providing immediate financial assistance and support to ensure that severely wounded personnel are able to .. ...
Our helpers. ...veterans day out.Plano VFW
In honor of Veterans Day on Monday, November 11, Keystone Wounded Warriors would like to share an exclusive interview of Paul Spurgin, co-founder and director of KWW. In his insightful interview with Berks Career & Technology Center (BCTC), Paul describes the mission of Keystone Wounded Warriors and encourages the public to consider volunteering time to KWW and other service organizations, such as Wreaths Across America, American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. (VFW), and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). With Veterans Day approaching, Paul encourages the public, especially younger society, to remember the sacrifices made by our current and former service men & women. Extending a simple "thank you" to our military personnel is the least we can do to honor the sacrifices they made for our freedom.
I grew up in the '60's and '70's. While the world today is not quite as alien as "The Jetsons" anticipated, it's pretty close. Here are truths about when I grew up. Here are a few random remembered observations. Wherever we lived, there was that one field in the neighborhood that served for football baseball, dodge ball, and everything else... and if you were a parent looking for your children, that's the first place to check. We were told that "Negroes are just as good as we white folks, only different" by our parents. Some other kids were told that blacks were the inferior race. Just saying what we were told. When we had Veterans Day Parades when I was in high school, only two Vietnam vets would walk in them... the bitter men who wore their old uniforms covered with peace signs and carried that black "POW-MIA" flag. Everybody looked down when they walked past, and muttered things like "that's too bad". Herpes was the worst sort of VD. Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Queen fell from grace and put out Disco ...
AG Bob Ferguson's December report: preserving the integrity of WA elections GMA, marriage equality, and more. Welcome from Attorney General Bob Ferguson Dear friends, Welcome to the December issue of the Ferguson File! It has been a busy few months, and I want to share with you the latest news from our office. For a quick update on what our office has been up to, check out this recent interview with CR Douglas from Q-13. In addition to talking about the issues, we discussed how chess prepared me for my role as your attorney general—and we even played a game while we chatted! IN THIS ISSUE: Supporting Veterans Preserving the Integrity of Washington Elections Welcoming PDC Lawyer and Former Journalist as new Open Government Attorney Protecting your privacy Continuing the fight for marriage equality Recent Travels Supporting Veterans Dec-2013-Veterans-NEW Veterans Day may come just once a year but here at the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), we have been working to honor veterans and military families si ...
Happy Veterans Day.Today is my daughter"s Birthday..Jessy
  In honor of Veterans Day, graduate student Patrick Sargent pushed for an event to both commemorate the sacrifices of the American military and brought the Mason community together. The Office
At our local supermarket the weekend before Veterans Day, veterans were handing out little red poppies to pin on passersby’s lapels as tributes to generations of war dead (it’s a reference to John McCrae’s 1915 WWI poem, “In Flanders Fields”).
Austin singing his veterans day song!
Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Veterans!! Thank you for your service!
Yes, we have Veterans Day in the fall, and Memorial Day in the spring. But our service men and women sacrifice their time and safety every single day of the year, to preserve our freedoms. At many homes, there is an empty seat for one who is serving, or one who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. We honor our veterans every day. And we think there is no better time to express our apprecation, than during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. We hope you will join us at any of our 700+ participating locations, to show our veterans and their families - that we will not forget. We will never forget. There are a number of ways for volunteers to get involved. Please keep in mind there is NO COST to attend or participate in a Wreaths Across America™ event.on 14th December at one near you.
Memorial Fund for *** Geisinger Memorial Fund c/o United Bank of Union. P.O. Box 500 Union, MO 63084 Is now set up, please send all donation there. Pop passed away Nov.11th, Veterans Day, he is a decorated vet, still at the morgue. Today is Pearl Harbor Day, last pictures he showed me was Hiroshima. Please help me put Pop to rest. Needing $4600. Thank you all. Please share this with everyone. Pop was real well know and liked in the Pottstown area.
Came so close back on Veterans Day to winning, fort Bragg soldier here, thnx for all you do to support the troops
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I am just going to brag a lil!! This morning I recieved a phone call from miss Cynthia at Jefferson elementary school.. She called to tell me what a sweet and inspiring lil girl I have.. During their Veterans Day celebrations the children wrote cards to a veteran.. The man that recieved Jerica Christian card called miss Cynthia to tell her what an inspiration her card was to him.. And how special it was he reads it every morning.. The mans name was Robert Trent of Morristown if anyone knows this man tell him we hope he has a very Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year!! I'm not sure what she said in her card but I was told to be very proud of her!! Much I am!!! I'm proud of both my daughters!! I lover you Taylor Renee Christian and Jerica Christian
One of the photos Beth Nakamura chose for her Photos of the Week gallery was this image of an ROTC student waiting to play taps at a Veterans Day event at the University of Portland.
The Queens Veterans Day Parade Committee attended the Middle Village Properties owners meeting at St Margret's Church last night. Also in attendance was the Capital Christopher M. Manson of the 104th precinct with community officer Thomas Bell & members of the VFW 551 of Middle Village. The Boy Scout of troop 427 Scared Hearts James Maxham, Peter Maxham, Zachary Kurre, Jack Cohen and Patrick Machado received Community Service Awards from QVDP Committee for their volunteer service before during and after this year's 4th annual Veterans Parade on Metropolitan Ave. After the meeting the Coastal Patrol Cadets of Ridgewood performed a marching formation with rifles followed by refreshments.
.good Morning Nation...I got a fabulous sense of excitement in my aura today after waking up 2 different earlier times this morning but deciding to go back to sleep...and that's unusual for me... I like to get that 1st minute going, take care of some personal businesses, so for me to go back to sleep on a day the sun was shining was not like the me that. Started working on a better me on Jan 1 2013... I had promised myself and my mind... if they would listen to my heart ...nothing would be impossible. My heart set the sails of my life this year, and reset them daily...very focused on the goals I had set...even hourly I let my heart reset the sails...if I am straying off focus. Realizing to serve the many is my goal, I picked mentors who did so also...and were better at it than me. and thru working harder in one lap around the sun than I have in the previous 57 laps...I have accomplished much and served many... But along the way people were hurt...because I did not focus on them...focus means one thing... ...
Thanks Jessica Peiffer for this little game that I feel I have to play now. 4 Pregnancy fact. 1. Nicole Morris was born on 11/11/90(Veterans Day) at Womack Army Hospital on Fort Bragg, NC. Brando Morris was born at Genesis West 10/21/94 2. Nicole was 8 Pounds 2 oz, Brandon was 9 pounds 3 oz. 3. Didn't have any drugs during either delivery. 4. All I could eat was Pizza Hut Meat lovers pizza and Pop Sicles. There ya go Jessica:)
Q: Did u ever meet any Tuskegee Airmen? A: Yes. Fighter jocks who have seen combat have a lot in common.Last time was Sacramento Veterans Day Parade 2 yrs ago.The guys & I were honored & honored to represent the many veterans.
This Veterans Day, let's fulfill our promises to the men and women who served.
Every year at this time with Veterans Day, and the marking of The Pearl Harbor Memorials my thoug...
I made another trip during Veterans Day weekend to the CSX Mohawk Subdivision with Mike (6000csx). As usual, first stop was Selkirk Yard and we took a peek a...
On Veterans Day, November 11th, over 240 leaders in health care, military, business, and public policy attended Home Base?s Annual Leadership Forum at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.
Today, Senator Ron Wyden dropped by the Portland VA Medical Center to visit with patients and staff in honor of Veterans Day.'s collection of Veterans Day ecards are available at popular ecards in the video can be found at:- offers over 60 Day ecards.
Scenes from the Surf City Veterans Day Car Show honoring the service of all U.S. military veterans. The car show was sponsored by Johnny's Saloon and Vision 2 Victory Combat Veterans Charity. The Surf City Veterans Day Car Show took place in Huntington Beach, California on Nov 11, 2013.
Veterans Day at Juniata Elementary. Angelina took her dad, Duane.
Chandler VFW wins first place at the 2013 Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix. Great job to all that participated in the Parade.
I may get comments calling me ungrateful for enjoying the freedoms that soldiers go off to defend on America's behalf, but I got an interesting email today from a War Veteran and I want to share what he said. Believe it or not, he just emailed me this out of the blue, I had not asked him about this at all. This was his email: "Only twice have I been downtown Manhattan on Veterans Day, since I was discharged in 1955. The first time was to see what the parade was like, 2nd time was to march with the Vietnam Veterans against the War. I am a Korean War Veteran who learned my lesson, and now I am against all wars. I became a lifetime Member of the VVAW. I just hope soldiers returning home will see the folly of their going to war, and stand with people in a peaceful revolution." - Mr. Hall (Queens, NY) I've made his email shorter, but that's the main gist of it.
Vietnam War helicopters on display before Veterans Day. The Evening Sun. Colton Miller, 3, of Littlestown, tries on...
Last night, drove down Broad St West Hazleton/Hazleton. Mentioned this in past, but must say again--how elegant and pretty the Christmas lights on all the trees look down the entire expanse of the street (they were not also on the West Hazleton part of the street last I was there--but are now--terrific!!!). Broad St doesn't necessarily look so hot in the light of day (though better than years past with the new banners, new street lights, road, etc.)--still too many dilapidated buildings/filthy windows, etc. BUT in the nighttime, it REALLY looks great this holiday season--best I recall in decades in fact--I smile driving down it. Leads me to this: OK, the city isn't the same as Paris (the REAL "city of lights", but maybe Hazleton could become its own version of the city of lights/ALWAYS be pretty to drive down in the evening. Maybe there could be lights on the trees that line the roads all year long, colors changing with the seasons: From May (Memorial Day) to Nov (Veterans Day) which covers July 4th, have ...
It's not Veterans Day or Memorial Day, but our troops need to be remembered.
Sergeant Erwin and the Blazing Bomb Please share this: by: Corey Ford If I hadn't read Sarah Palin: America by Heart, I never would've known of this story. Please share this with anyone you wish. Men such as these need to be remembered. This is the true embodiment of Some gave all. God bless all our Veterans; not just today, or Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, but everyday. - Sometimes I'm asked which I like best of all the pieces I've written. I guess the answer is something I wrote one night back in 1945, on the island of Guam. It was never published; I didn't even sign it; but it was more rewarding than anything else I've ever done. Guam was our base in the Marianas from which the B-29's took off for their nightly incendiary raids on Japan. As an Air Force colonel, I had flown with them, and I knew what those missions were like. The seven endless hours over the Pacific to the hostile coastline. The wink of ack-ack guns and the flack bursts all around us, the ground searchlights that lighted up our cabin ...
Remember those who have laid down their lives fighting for this Country! Not just on Veterans Day and Memorial...
It's really not. People are stupid, they seem to forget about the days dedicated to soldiers. Veterans Day, Memorial Day.
people only PRETEND to care about us on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
November has taken off with a bang and we are even now planning our very special Veterans Day events. I am personally looking forward to the "Look Back in Time" event, when I will hear all the great old stories our veterans will tell for us, the Honor Guard and the presentation of the American Eagle Award all on Saturday, Nov. 9. We are delighted to present the award this year to Seaman 2nd Class Charlie Green for his service to his country in the Navy in World War II. Charlie survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor on the U.S.S. Curtis on Dec. 7, 1941, then fought in the Pacific isles, Okinawa, Iwo Jima and the Philippines, and also served during the Korean conflict. We are so proud to have this opportunity to express our great gratitude to Charlie and the many others that he represents. We thank you all for your great sacrifice and know that you will always deserve our highest regard and respect for your service. Some people may believe that Veterans Day sort of takes away from the holiday spirit of Thanks ...
November is National Native American Heritage Month, a time when we share and celebrate the contributions and diverse native cultures that comprise the landscape of America. This month, as the country celebrated Veterans Day, the White House hosted the fifth annual Tribal Nations Conference, an even...
So I just got back from three cathartic weeks in Vietnam and feel compelled to say something profound but words aren't sufficient and don't come easily. Horror, confusion, misunderstanding, sacrifice, bravery, honor, profound sadness are but a few reflections during Veterans Day there. Like so many things in life, we may never know the whole truth, only those pieces we experience, discover and relive as the days, months, and years pass. Had we only known then what we know today. Life is like that. I was most surprised by the spontaneous emotions and unstoppable tears that came to me almost 50 years later when visiting the Hanoi Hilton or walking through the jungle with the live sound of actual AK47's being fired in the background at the range. Knowing that the enemy could pop out of underground tunnels at any moment and shoot you from any angle (if you didn't first fall into a deadly booby trap or step on a mine) does something to your mind. And I was only there for a few hours, not months! Again my ...
VETERANS/PRISONERS: Veterans Day just passed. And we celebrated acknowlegement of their day. What a Parade, a few speeches, handshakes, pat on the backs, and then what? see ya next year. Come on for real thats all their worth? Thats their appreciation. Ignored, taken for granted, all the promises broken, what dreams, I have no home to dream in, I have no job to even builds a foundation with, my family do not understand, how can they show sympathy or empathy when they can not see the demons that hunt me in my dreams. So, I drown them with alcohol, drugs, or sometimes a bullet. "A certain number of Veterans suffering from Mental Health issues will, inveribly, end up in jail or prison. After Vietnam, the number of inmates with prior military service rose steadily until reaching a peak in1985, when more than 1 out of 5 was a veteran. By 1988, more than half of all vietnam Veterans diagnosed with PTSD reported that they had been arrested; more than one third had been arrested multiple times. Today Veterans Ad ...
Thanks to all vets on Veterans Day, especially to the most abused and ignored of all -- those from the Vietnam era.
Roseville survivor of Bataan Death March dies on Veterans Day
I liked a video from Veterans Day: Soldiers Returning Home
Today is VETERANS DAY. What does it mean to have sacrificed? Ask a veteran soldie...
VETERANS DAY CHALLENGE. On Veterans Day 2013, we are asking for 50 people to dona...
& Supporting the troops. Watched that on Veterans day. Thank You. So Sweet.
Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who have & continue to serve our country. You are all Heroes. Thank you! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Good morning to you all, hope you have a great day. We're here working tirelessly for all veterans, serving personnel and their families.
"Thank you Veterans! We owe you more than a day. We owe every year that we live free."
Letter: Veterans owed a debt of gratitude: Nov. 11 was Veterans Day. Throughout the county, schools...
Veteran surprises his daughter. Happy Veterans Day to everyone that serves our country. Like/revine if you ...
G'night 2 my dad & uncle, 92 & 96 yrs old respectively on this Veterans Day. Both are WWII vets who survived. Their brother di…
Huế,1968: The Inferno by Rick Williams to be featured in Esprit de Corps opening Veterans Day http:/…
Veterans Day with my favorite people @ Dollywood
My lawyers say it's "illegal" to fire real cannonballs during my Veterans Day sermon. How long will I put up with this…
Happy Veterans Day everyone! Thank you to all the veterans and please continue to pray for the Philippines.
veterans like myself earned our placetable, what did joe do to get there food stamps & SSI, & they never worked even a day
enjoy lovely+old video of me singing patriotic tunes for veterans day this was before I started g…
So glad we have Veterans Day to acknowledge all of our animal doctors out there :)
Much appreciated! “Thanks for the follow and salutes to your students who are veterans or want t…
Thank you to the veterans nationwide. This is your day.
Tomorrow's game marks the Raiders 2013 Salute to Service game in recognition of Veterans Day.
That tab had been open on my phone since Veterans day.
Wishing a Happy Veterans Day to our veterans and their families. Thank you for your service!
Challenge: Change you profile pic until Nov 12 to stand with POW for Veterans Day
Take the Veterans Day Challenge change your profile pic
Never gets old watching this. Thank you to those who have and currently do serve our country. Happy Veterans Day! http…
Why suicide rate among veterans may be more than 22 a day
To the Combat Medic, on Veterans Day - ==>
A must read, baseball in wartime via
All Sports Film Festival To Support the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) on Veterans Day -
Happy Veterans Day! So thankful for all the men and women who have served and are serving our country! God bless! http…
Sending out lots of to all those who've served our country!!! Thank you for your bravery!! Happy Veterans Day!!
Update your maps at Navteq
I posted this on someone else's post who said it's ok to shop on thanksgiving, I'm not saying it's wrong but just think about it I think some of the backlash is due to the erosion of time spent with family , Fourth of July , a lot of people are "home" Easter is a religious holiday and religion is a touchy subject for stores and organizations ,Memorial Day , Labor Day , Martin Luther King day , Presidents' Day , Veterans Day , New Year's Day , no one is preparing their shopping strategy . Yes 1st responders and medical , travel personal etc have to work , but a lot or most of the days I mentioned above are days of remembrance , not shopping , thanksgiving , and Christmas for Christians always have seemed to be for getting together with as much family and friends as possible and enjoy the time spent , I also can see that soon we all will be working every holiday regardless of our career choice because the companies act as if they can't make a profit on the other 364 days , also people don't mind missing a d ...
Just wanted to share this moving message AO received last week from Hank Steinbrecher (former Secretary General of US Soccer and National Soccer Hall of Fame inductee): "I wanted to take a moment, on this Veterans Day, to say thank you for all you have done for soccer in America. As a military family, and devoted US Soccer fan, I tell you of the emotional response I have had to your active participation in US Soccer matches. Certainly you are also doing a great service to your country. To be in a stadium with the American Outlaws singing, no screaming our National Anthem brings tears to my eyes. To see the pageantry and passion that you all bring to our team is simply outstanding. To hear the support our team now has, shouting God Bless America is just heart warming. As the former Secretary General of US Soccer, I can tell you that we rarely played a true home game. I have traveled the world with our team and must say that I will put the American Outlaws against the best fans of the world. You have brough ...
Protecting Servicemembers at Home and Abroad - This month we celebrate Veterans Day and the remarkable men a...
Met Arturo Sandoval when our Air Force Band was filming a Veterans Day special. Amazing!
(RNS) On a Veterans Day broadcast program, televangelist Kenneth Copeland and controversial historian David Barton told listeners that soldiers should never experience guilt or post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from military service. Reading from Numbers 32: 20-22, Copeland said, “So th...
THIS NEVER GETS OLD The Cactus Cuties singing our National Anthem at a Texas Tech game. :) I had planned to share this on Veterans Day, but since we were in the hospital with Willow, I'm sharing it today. SHARE if you're proud of our American and Texan Veterans! (More about the Cactus Cuties here:
World War I Museum to offer free admission on Veterans Day - KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Monday is Veterans Day, and there...
Congratulations to The documentary Starring Adam West was among the award winners at last weekend's Napa Valley Film Festival. * * * NAPA, Calif. (November 18, 2013) -- Co-Founders and Directors Brenda and Marc Lhormer are proud to announce the completion of the third annual Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) which culminated on Sunday, November 17th at the Uptown Theatre in Napa with an energetic Awards Ceremony & Wrap Party. NVFF spanned a full week this year throughout the Napa Valley’s picturesque towns of Napa, Yountville, Calistoga and St. Helena. After already impressive first and second installments, the Napa Valley Film Festival is quickly gaining attention on the national stage. Final attendance figures will be released later this week. The festival ran Wednesday through Sunday but got off to an early and powerful start with special programming on Veterans Day, Monday, November 11th. The inspiring program of films honoring our Veterans and those who serve in the armed services screened at the N ...
A huge thank you to our friend Ayla Brown for a wonderful Veterans Day surprise! Ayla has a new patriotic album...
You know how I feel about our veterans! The service they did and some are still doing -- well, I am so thankful to each of you! If your photo or a photo of your loved ones is not on our Wall of Honor, please get it to me right away! If you do not have an old one, I can take a new one for you. Let us thank these brave soldiers for all they gave! Veterans Day weekend is packed with some fantastic events, from tea with Betsy Ross to music to BBQ to a car show! So be sure to invite your friends and family! This is also the last chance to raise money for Outward Bound for Veterans! Anything will be appreciated!
1: Learn to play Mexican Train dominoes today. We need those who want to learn and those who are experts to play today! 2: We will have a new Smoky entertainer, Richard Robbins, who plays the flute and promises a great show! 4: Assisted Choice will be here to teach our Computer Class. See Sue to sign up. 6: Lunch at Shenanigans today; Let's compare and contrast the Irish and Scottish foods today; Our Adventure Travel leads us to Scotland this month; Join us at 3 p.m. for a Scottish Social. 8: After supper, join us as Allen mediates our Veterans Fireside Chat in the Activity Room. 9: Our Outward Bound for Veterans events end today at lunch time with an Honor Guard, adding more veterans to our Wall of Honor and finding out who won the latest raffle. 11: There will be a great Veterans Day program in Dawsonville today. We are leaving at 1:45 p.m.! Don't miss out on this event. See Carrie for more details! 11: The "Guys and Dolls" invited dress rehearsal is today at the Hosh Theater on the Brenau campus; ...
Victims of Veterans Day crashes positively identified: The Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed ...
Thought I'd add two pictures from the other night on Veterans Day. We met in City Square Park to dedicate 5 new flag poles donated by the Waconia Lions. The flag poles will fly the flags of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. I was pleased to share some thoughts, and I think it makes just a beautiful addition to our park. As you visit the park and see the flags that circle the U.S. Flag, remember the freedoms you have, and those that continue to defend them.
Here's another photo from last Monday's Veterans Day ceremony in Concord.
It's on Nov. 11 and it's a day to commemorate the war veterans. Very sober holiday.We donate to the poppy fund prior to Nov11
For Veterans day here is a drawing of my dad done by an Iraqi man he saved.
I'm sorry but if you are on your phone during the Veterans Day assembly, I will automatically lose all my respect for yo…
Agencies work together to help vets at Veterans Day Expo.
Thank you for the honor at Veterans Day. I appreciate it. And I respect both of you guys. You both are good forus
Its Day that means it's a long weekend have a little bit of fun tonight. iOS:
'My dad carried the pain of war, alone.' The story of a thru a son's eyes. >>
Even though, Remembrance Day is over. The Veterans Food Bank still needs your donations.
The Gazette Opinion Staff wrote a new blog post: Veterans deserve a day off from work: The Gazette Opinion Staff...
Truly stunning pic of Gov Sarah Palin taken with Military, in NYC on Veterans Day ~> ->
Just watched that Veterans Day video that was on here.. I'm bawling no one look at me.
Thank you to the TOWN OF DAVIE for recognizing our Purple Heart recipients! A personal invitation was sent my way to recognize our Veterans, but due to the unfortunate Veteran situation, the highways were closed on Veterans Day, I couldn't make it to Davie to receive these in person. They mailed them as you can see, personally, to Daniel! The Town of Davie knows how to recognize Veteran's, and GoldStar families with honor! Thank You Mayor Judy Paul!!!
Interesting piece in on Veterans' Day. What do you think? Vet story booth at SFS?
A beautiful Veterans Day picture by Pastor while placing flags on the…
Posted by a veteran friend of mine. Now that all the corporate sponsorships from Veterans Day are over, how about we stop patting ourselves on the back for honoring veterans -- and actually honor veterans.
It's funny that we have a day off dedicated to christopher colombus but not veterans day. We condone genocide, nationally.
Every day 18 American attempt to take their lives. Our encourages to seek help
Allow Free.Lunch to be the only non Kevin Hart trailer you will see before
3 day weekend ! So glad it's a holiday tomorrow . Bless all of our veterans .
And the award for most up sales on Veterans Day goes to 💁✨
Rebecca's War of the Week: Belatedly, a view of Day A great picture that easily worth 1000 words..
Applebee's declares bankruptcy after offering free alcohol for Veterans Day 😳😏
Why Rudolph chose sharing FB post. our every day.
Just watched the Veterans Day episode on for real
Ex-serviceman 'appalled' by classes on Veterans Day - A former serviceman who attends...
If Penn State is going to celebrate Veterans Day at the football game, they should bring people who have actually done things, not ROTC kids
Veterans Salute Day In Hinesville - Hinesville held its first Veterans Salute Day in Bryan Commons on Saturday. Th...
Veterans Day 2013 • • Special Veterans Day 2013 package available exclusively for who have a
If you didn't get a chance to check out the ESPN Veterans Day tribute I suggest you check it
Just read a post by a veteran who was upset that nobody took the time to thank him on Veterans Day. Really? If you serve expecting to get thanks, recognition, discounts, and/or free entrees from a limited menu at Applebees, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
Happy Veterans Day, and no, there is no difference
Why suicide rate among Veterans may be more than 22 per day
Happy Veterans Day to the many men and women who've served in the military. Today and every day, may you know honor, community,…
A woman told me her story today of coming to this country. Quiet, thoughtful and passionate about America. Wonderful Vete…
Salute to our veterans who have served and continue to serve. Happy Veterans Day.
Happy Veterans Day to those who fought in "the war to end all wars" | May we continue to blossom as a…
I saw her in the Veterans Day Parade and screamed ITS lizzza Before I realized I was screaming and she saw me and laughed
I just remembered I forgot to tell my big sister Happy Veterans Day
For Veterans Day, WP Magazine honors the warriors and photographer who cover them.
Veterans Day 2013 - Yerkes proud to honor employee vets. Thank you 4 your service… On 11-11…& every day!!!
Partnership b/n funds renovations for New England Center for Homeless
Happy Veterans Day to all the service men and women! We live in the greatest country in the world & I couldn't be prouder to…
Eden Prairie officially named a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon community at today’s Veterans Day program at Grace Church. Congrats to all.
It was Veterans Day in USA. They take time2 thank those have served the great nation. In India u have holidays4 ever1 except the veterans.
Thanks Ms. Thomas for organizing Veterans in the Classroom! The kids loved learning about Veterans Day.
Sad - Pretending on Veterans Day to Support Troops- It's over peace. UNTIL a disaster-- Have some balls people! Protect their own azz!
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Larry Jarrell wrote: TO ALL MY VETERAN FRIENDS!! I take this oppurtunity to invite you to OH RIVER VALLEY ELKS LODGE for our VETERANS DAY THANKSGIVING DINNER!! Sat. Nov 16th from 5-8. Veterans eat free and all others pay $5.00. Hope to see you there and on behalf of myself and my fellow ELKS. THANK YOU!
It was veterans day this past week and guess what? My employer had me working? Do you believe this? All the contractors in the business office of the hospital had to work and all the union members had the day off! I dont get this. I served proudly in the US Army and US Air Force for 13 years and was a Gulf War veteran in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and I had to work? I went on maneuvers in the back country of Texas to locate and record the location of body parts for US Air Force pilots who died when their BIB crashed against a cliff - somebody had to do it! I did it! And yet I come back to civilian life and because I am not a contractor I had to work! This is how much our country care of its veterans. I know I am in a capitalist country and the economy is not that great. I did work on veterans day. But I asked for a day off to celebrate with my fellow veterans. And I was turned down by the hospital. That is America today ladies and gentleman.
I Agree wholeheartedly with that! I think there are too many holidays and birthdays people get off for no reason at all. But Veterans Day is not one of them... Speaking from a Veteran of 22 years point of view.
I received this letter from Senator Claire McCaskill Dear Sue, Veterans Day was a special opportunity to thank our veterans for their service to our nation - bravely protecting the freedoms we often take for granted. This year, the day had even greater meaning for one Missouri veteran and his family. Sixty years after being wounded in action during the Korean War, Farmington native Dencil Francis finally received the Purple Heart he bravely earned, and I was thrilled to be able to help. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, aiding Missouri veterans in any way I can is one of the most important jobs I have. Mr. Francis, like many in his generation, never sought out praise or recognition - it was his children who contacted my office looking for help tracking down the medal he had earned. At the request of my office, the Army reviewed its records and determined that Mr. Francis should have been awarded the Purple Heart medal. My office and I were then honored to help arrange a formal award ceremony for ...
**Last couple days of Veterans Day Promo** Online shoppers use Code: VETERAN to get 20% off entire purchase plus Free Shipping.
Ya know I think its awesome in so many ways how everyone is so happy for Bat Kid. Poor little fella has battled cancer his entire young life, then gets the wish of a lifetime granted. Yes its lovely. And everyone generally is touched by a cute story. BUT, how many people intrigued or involve with this actually acknowledged, remembered, or thank a Veteran on Veterans Day? Lovely stories are great folks, but freedom isnt free. And most Vets need tons of support. I am in no way trying to discredit Bat Kid. I guess Im saying this cuz the last weeks have been troubling for me. I wish this little warrior all the best and hope he grows up happy and healthy. And I send love to the Phillipines, hoping they recover as best they can. But Fellow Veterans always come first to me. Its just I dont see enough love to or for us. Especially government types and rich politicians. A bit of a ramble, better stop here. That is all. Reporting from Long Beach. Deadman81.out!!!
Watch video from GHS' annual Veterans Day ceremony and learn about our commitment to veterans.
Professional anti-choice bully protests at Veterans Day ceremony; awesome veterans tackle him.
A small Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony in Petoskey Michigan. It was very nice. If anyone else attended any Veterans Day events and...
Here JFK grins at his son at Arlington National Cemetery, Veterans Day, 50 years ago this week:
A soldier from Old Guard stands sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknowns on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery http:/…
We're losing danceteam members like ROTC kids at the Veterans Day ceremony. 😂😂
Many thanks to The U.S. Army 13th Sustainment Command and 4th Sustainment Brigade for sharing Veterans Day with...
‘Here together for all vets’: SANFORD – Speaking at a Veterans Day ceremony on Monday, Brig. Gen. James D. Cam...
hosted its first Veterans Day ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 12 honoring those from Delran, Delanco...
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Q28 B-shift at the Ambrosio Guillen Veterans Home on the morning of Veterans Day during their ceremony.
Simi Valley celebrated Veterans Day with a ceremony that featured a gun salute and plaques honoring local veterans.
Veterans Day ceremony in Cuyahoga Falls (with video) - Falls News Press | Cuyahoga Falls, Silver Lake, OH:
Photos from the Veterans Day rememberance ceremony at War Memorial...
If we can't be out of school on Veterans Day, why get out on Christmas? Thanksgiving? Presidents Day?
Salute to vets: Gorham Police Department Color Guard opens the Veterans Day ceremony Monday in Gorham. The obs...
So I got 5 so 5 things you don't know about me…this is going to get real but if you know me you know I struggle with the filter so here goes. 1. When I was 19 I was going to be a father. My son died prematurely. 2. The reason I start Christmas music on the day after Veterans Day is because that marks the anniversary of his death and Christmas music was one of the only things that kept me sane or maybe even alive. 3. Although I hate people as a concept, I've only ever hated one person in my life. 4. I am a big fan of hip hop but if you told me I could only listen to Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Michael Buble for the rest of my life, I would be good. Singing those songs are the best morning rituals. 5. I've seen a lion up close….without the cage.
VIDEO: Abortion protester tossed out of Veterans Day ceremony.
The American Patrol concert band playing the formal portion of the Veterans Day program at Palm Island community, Fort Myers, FL
For some fans, 20 hours was worth the wait to meet Si Robertson at book signing on Veterans Day. http:…
Living section invades back page of w/ Veterans Day & Praying Hands Memorial story:
Veterans Day ceremony offers tribute to Vietnam veteran spouses
Some great shots from Monday's Veterans Day ceremony in Falmouth:
WWII Medal of Honor recip Wilburn Ross, Vietnam Medal of Honor recip Barney Barnum on Veterans Day.
Find out how celebrated Veterans Day in this excellent article by
Kemper Final Formation Fred Arthur Story Fred Arthur Story TULIA - Lifelong illusionist and magical entertainer Fred Arthur Story passed away at the age of 82 on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2013. Fred was born in Plainview on Oct. 17, 1931, to Robert E. and Nadine Story. Fred became interested in magic tricks at the age of 5 when his barber, Harvey Gaddis in Plainview, would perform sleight-of-hand tricks in trade of him sitting still in the barber chair. Fred graduated from Kemper Military School in Booneville, Mo., in 1951. He married his lifelong sweetheart Ann Cowan on Aug. 9, 1952 and the two of them celebrated their honeymoon at that summer's Abbott's Magic Get-Together. Fred earned a B.S. degree in history and education from Texas Tech University in 1954. He joined the U.S. Air Force in 1954 and was discharged in 1956 and later was discharged as a captain in the Air Force Reserves. Fred and his wife Ann performed professionally for over 20 years throughout the United States with one of the last great to ...
Boy Scout Troop 143 assists with flag ceremony retirement on Veterans Day
Belated. Nevertheless ... Obama can't even do a Veterans Day ceremony without somehow making it about race (Glenn... http…
Marie Edwards I am only sharing this again to give an apology for sharing it last night. My friend John Farris informed me that the daily current is satire like the onion. I apologize to all and to Chris Hayes. Now I need to go to his page and delete my comment! MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘Veterans Day Makes Me Sick’ MSNBC host Chris Hayes is under fire today after claiming he is personally disgusted by Veterans Day. During a segment on Morning Joe this morning the bespectacled pundit shocked hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough with his unorthodox views on the holiday, which he sees as a ... Like · · Share · 23 minutes ago via mobile · Kathleen Donaldson Gould Oooops, this explains my confusion in the the article where he stated the obvious good the military has done. But I bought it because it fits his line of thinking. Watched him many years on msdnc Saturday mornings. Also explains why I could not find video on this .. We apologize. a few seconds ago · Like
I'm still so p*ssed off about our kids going to school on Veterans Day and not observing that important day. My previous little granddaughter is without her dad all the time and for what? We can't even give one day for these men and women. To all you government/state *** . I mean officials, keep in mind that while your snuggled safe and warm at night, my son in law and millions of others are laying (not sleeping) in a dirt hole that they dug themselves with a rifle at there side! I hope you feel nothing but shame, while they observe 365 days a year for you, you can't observe 1 for them!
The most wonderful Veterans Day show in Branson I've ever had. Thanks to Col. Oliver North, Coach Bobby Knight, and my longtime friend Tony LaRussa! Thank you Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, Lennon Sisters, Clay Cooper, co hosts Gene Dove, Barbara Fairchild, and Roy Morris! Thank you to our Nam POWS for coming to Branson for my 20th Veterans show, as they did for my first 20 years ago.
Nets held practice and meals for true heroes, our nation's troops on Veterans Day at US Army Garrison Fort Hamilton .
If you haven't seen my story on Monday's Air Force ROTC vigil for Veterans Day, here's the link!
The Nets visit to Fort Hamilton Day on Veterans Day was really good stuff..most NYers don't know it's there
On this Veterans Day weekend, the Ohio National Guard thanks all of its Soldiers and Airmen who have answered the...
Many THANKS to Bethany Lutheran Church of West Hartford who donated this beautiful flower display for Veterans Day at the Iwo Jima Memorial. Also, other unknown donors of flowers left that day to remember our veterans were appreciated. It is very nice to see this being done to remember our veterans. Thanks to all of you.
Thanks the Brooklyn Nets to spent Veterans Day at Fort Hamilton! U.S Army all in!
This was Justin's partner in the Green Beret Foundation Pro Am shoot at Range 37 PSR near Fayetteville on Veterans Day. It was an honor and privilege to meet Michael and his wife Kelly. The world is a better place because of men like him.
Congratulations to my granddaughter, Ashley Harris. On Monday, she was Cadet Command Sgt. Magor when she participated in the Veterans Day programs at McDonald Green and Andrew Jackson schools. Today she was promoted to Colonel Ashley Harris. Also, The Lancaster New was wrong, I was only 7 years when Pearl Harbor was attacked.
In honor of Veterans Day, Col. Duncan Aukland, Ohio National Guard state judge advocate, was featured in the...
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not campaign events, but observing Veterans Day with veterans from my State Senate District has been the highlight -KC
A VERY long Veterans Day ended Monday, appropriately late Monday night at King Street Patriots hearing the very latest on US - Israeli affairs from former director of the Mossad, Efrain Halevy. Our friend and radio show star, Sam Malone was the MC for the evening and Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst, joined us to connect the dots from Veterans' Day to Israel, having served both in the Air Force and in the CIA, where his assignments involved close dealings with the Mossad.
MCFR Firefighter/Paramedic and Army Sergeant First Class Daniel Hudnet spends Veterans Day at Palm City Elementary with the kids.
A Happy Veterans Day & a big thank you to the brave men & women who served or are serving in our armed forces. Thank y…
Well the wait was long, but totally worth it! My Mish sounds super and is busy helping the work progress in New Jersey! P-Day was Veterans Day so they went and explored Liberty State Park in Jersey City!
I managed to offend some folks .. Go figure but I'm more than a little annoyed about this whole Veterans Day thing complaints about free food not being good enough people that served voluntarily during peace time comparing their service to those that have fought in combat . I love this country and I respect the troops . This Vets day Was about my grandfathers service during Ww2 . His humble demeanor , his true patriotism and his humility. I'm older and when people came back from Nam ( those lucky enough to make it back) they were spit on and called baby killers , they had no benefits no welcome home and were blamed for a war they may have been drafted to serve. I am so glad that folks learned we can support the troops but not the war. I support the wounded warriors program and plan on making a donation for the Christmas holidays thru my work to them. I run into homeless vets , my compassion for these folks is endless . My gratitude knows no bounds . I saw a video that attacked a fast food worker over a B ...
Thank you all soo much for the birthday wishes !!! JC and I both had a great birthday . He got to be in the Veterans Day Parade wit his Cub Scout troop and he made me a very special card ... Luv y'all and miss you all so much ...
The day after Veterans Day, some Ravens headed over to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport to welcome home 250 active...
Take a moment to watch the Veterans Day ceremony at Camp Leatherneck
Yesterday was Veterans Day, Senator Feinstein earlier this year claimed all Veterans suffer from PTSD and therefore should lose their 2nd Amendment Rights. (Our men and women who suffer from PTSD need our support, not a hack politician attacking their Rights for a political agenda)! She knows nothing about PTSD and is not a friend of Veterans! Secretary of State John Kerry is a traitor to his own men in Vietnam, tried to throw them under the bus accusing them of war crimes. Has no problem sending our troops to Syria for Obama's illegal war. Hillary Clinton was directly responsible for Benghazi where 4 brave Americans were Slaughtered two of them being Navy Seal Veterans Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. She lied in the hearings and tried to cover everything up. Still no justice for these fallen Warriors! Starting in 2009 the ATF Arizona field office began the now infamous gun walking operation Fast and Furious which was under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder. During this botched operation United ...
News: City Offices and Facilities Closed for Veterans Day - Most city government offices and facilities will be cl...
Overall... I had a good Veterans Day yesterday. Attended the KAVV's POW/MIA ceremony at Library Park in Kenowhere, WI... our Honor Guard did and outstanding job! Saw some old friends... reflected on friends that are no longer with us... toasted all my Brothers and Sisters with the usual shots of Jack! Didn't get too drunk... had a designated driver (which means that I'm either getting smarter or older... or both!) and hit the sack at 9:00 PM (still don't know what tired me out so!). And I'll do it all over again next year and every year until the good Lord comes for me.
Here's one of the most important men in my life on Veterans Day, holding the American flag. I love you, Grandpa.❤️
Touching story about Veterans Day. Reminder of the importance to take the time to say thanks. .
It is with sadness in my heart that I share my dad's passing last night. He died peacefully with mom and I at his side after being removed from a ventilator. He left his body to LSU school of science. A military Honor Guard stood at attention as his body left St. Tammany hospital; a very meaningful end to Veterans Day.
Boca students help with Veterans Day events
Starbucks wants to recruit 10,000 vets, spouses to its ranks 5:29am EST By Lisa Baertlein (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) is looking for thousands of good men - and women. The world's biggest coffee chain said on Wednesday it would commit to hiring at least 10,000 veterans and spouses of active military in five years. It also said five new and existing U.S. Starbucks cafes on or near military bases will share a portion of each sale with non-profit organizations that help veterans re-enter the workforce. Many U.S. companies have committed to hiring thousands of military veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seattle-based Starbucks said it will have specialized recruiters to match the unique skills of veterans and their spouses with company jobs. "This demographic represents one of the most underutilized talent pools in our country," said former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, now a Starbucks director. Announced ahead of the U.S. Veterans Day holiday on ...
Photo of the Day: Mayor Michael Nutter celebrates Veterans Day at the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia on...
In honor of Veterans Day, we proudly hosted a Salute to Service event at our corporate headquarters today. The event featured guest speaker Mike Raith, an Army veteran who volunteers for Clear Path for Veterans’ Dog2Vets service dog program, recognized our employee veterans, and connected our employees with local volunteer organizations that serve veterans including Syracuse Habitat for Humanity, Clear Path for Veterans, Team RWB Upstate New York, Honor Flight Syracuse and the Onondaga County Veteran Service Agency.
My father and I want to sincerely thank the Collier County Honor Flight team for all they did (in 3 months) to make our Veterans Day trip to Washington DC a wonderful day to remember for 52 war veterans and 57 guardians, one of which was me. He was so happy to finally see the War Memorials while he was able to appreciate them and what they stand for. This is my father, James L. Helms, and me in our capitol. IN GOD WE TRUST! ~~ Soul to Souls ~~
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