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Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs is a term of the business that deals with the relation between a government and its veteran communities, usually administered by the designated government agency.

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Officials at Veterans Affairs hospital in New Hampshire removed over 'substandard care' via
New Orleans, - Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration - Laborer - The duties and of a L...
Pros and cons of privatization the Department of Veterans Affairs
22 Vets commit suicide everyday. VA does nothing-VA suicide hotline still riddled with problems, investigation finds htt…
Remember that time you closed Veterans Affairs offices and replaced military counsellors with a…
Sec Shulkin is doing an incredible job at the VA on behalf of our great veterans!
Court said Williamson should not have been allowed to pursue his lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs. h…
.Is Off To a Quick Start “Five months on the job, the has been a whirlwind of activity."
But who will be a shadow diplomat, reinvent government, handle Mideast Peace, the opioid crisis, veterans'…
Honored to announce my Veterans & Military Affairs plan at Norfolk VFW Post 4809 w/
Check out newly released agenda to improve Veterans and Military Affairs in VA.
This soap opera had everything... even a choking by the president at the White House.
The turns 87 this week. Our VA reporter gives you the dirt on how it all started. https:…
JW filed a FOIA lawsuit against the VA over improper use of property set aside to use as home for disabled vets.🇺🇸🔎. http…
Congress has been hard at work to pass bipartisan legislation to keep promises to Very proud of efforts http…
News - Posts | An audit by Veterans Affairs has found tens...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Veterans affairs are dirty words in my family. They're happy for to risk your life an…
Report identifies series of “system weaknesses” at the El Paso Veterans Affairs Health Care System.
GPs treating veterans may be interested in DVA updates on Gold Card eligibility & access to mental health care . https:/…
King Vet's Home lessening population. Policy likely is good, but means less $ for Walker to transfer
Graves of 45,000 veterans in disrepair due to funding shortfall: audit
Dr. Phillip Row, GOP Rep from Tenn, Chair of Veterans Affairs, suggests that military and vets should pay for their benef…
The Harper Tories slashing funding for Veterans Affairs wasn't a slap in the face to Canadian soldiers, though.
How to become a Department of Veterans Affairs police officer
Join the Department of Veterans Affairs team! See our latest opening here: IN
US Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert A. McDonald and Mykesha A. Robinson speakers for Welcome Home! https…
PIERRE, S.D. – At the request of the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs, Gov. Dennis Daugaard has...
We have lived our whole lives caring for a veteran with no pay because we love him. Money doesn't matter. We...
President Trump signs bill giving Department of Veterans Affairs more power to fire failed employees ht…
Let's talk about actual deaths from government sponsored healthcare.
Trump signs "historic" bill to transform Veterans Affairs
I voted on "Should it be Easier for the VA to Fire Underperforming Emplo…"
.signs the The Veterans Affairs Accountability Act, "We will not rest until the job is 100% complete for our great vete…
Nearly 100 patients died waiting for care from Los Angeles VA - CBS News
So does that mean you are going to hold your party accountable for all the cuts they've made to veterans affairs ?
Must not work in LA then. Nearly 100 pati…
Obama admin Depart of Veterans Affairs (VA) prohibited veterans from hearing Christmas carols or receiving gifts wrapped in C…
Nearly 100 patients died waiting for care from the Los Angeles VA, new report finds
Department of Veteran Affairs: Expand comprehensive caregiver benefits to severely disabled veterans ... via
Sad state of affairs when the previous administration helped illegals more than our veterans.
President Trump signs the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. Promise kept!🇺🇸.
Trump signs 'historic' bill to transform Veterans Affairs by making it easier to fire VA employees
Trump has signed into law a bill designed to make it easier to fire Department of Veterans Affairs employees.…
MSPB whistleblower retaliation public hearing for DeNofrio vs. Veterans Affairs scheduled for July 17-19 in Altoona, PA.…
Veterans Affairs nursing assistant charged with 28 counts of theft at VA medical center | American Military News
Presidential Executive Order on Many Pray for Looking the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Alaska VA faces issues, but is making steady progress - Department of Veterans Affairs flag Earlier this week, ...
WASHINGTON -- The Department of Veterans Affairs secretary would be able to dismiss poor-performing employees...
Want to work at Department of Veterans Affairs? We're in IA! Click for details:
Today is Armed Forces Day. The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs would like to pay…
President Trump is creating an office aimed at easing long-term problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs. by SRN News
Military and Veterans Affairs to test effects of medical cannabis on PTSD
Canada: Military, Veterans Affairs to test effects of medical marijuana on PTSD in…
"The Department of Veterans Affairs and Crown Hill Cemetery announced an agreement that will keep the DVA’s...
Albuquerque, - Department of Veterans Affairs - Electrician - The incumbent will work with three...
Sanofi Pasteur Agrees to Pay $19.8 Million to Resolve Drug Overcharges to the Department of Veterans Affairs
2017 Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day. The Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs will host the 2017 Vietnam...
Trump's freeze resulted in an increased backlog of benefits claims at the Veterans Affairs
Impact of federal hiring freeze seen at Veterans Affairs, prisons, Social Security via
How the federal hiring freeze is starting to impact Veterans Affairs, prisons and Social Security
The Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs & The Military will meet today at 10 a.m. in Room 233. Watch live:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
During the summer of 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) intends to expand eligibility for VA mental healt…
LIVE at 4 PM on Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs, Space, and Domestic Security
@ WI Dept of Veterans Affairs thank you for the valuable information for the members of the Vet & Military A…
Check out this job at Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration: Fee Basis Chaplain (Native American).
Speaking at his confirmation hearing with the state Senate Committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs
VA Hospital Removes Trump Photo Hung by Veterans - A Veterans Affairs hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida, is ...
The House Veterans' Affairs Committee holds hearings on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' com: via
The House Committee on Veterans Affairs will hold oversight hearing tonight regarding the VA Choice Program:...
Yesterday an Senate Committee confirmed Larry Hall as Sec. of Military & Veterans Affairs:
Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin is the designated survivor, according to the White House
The "designated survivor" Cabinet member is Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
The last thing I want is more Federal Government Employees in any agency except Veterans Affairs. No more big government.
Federal authorities are stepping up investigations at Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers due to a sharp increase in opioid.
VA Selects USDA as its Federal Shared Service Provider: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has selected ...
Former Rep. Larry Hall, now the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, is on the House floor today. Not sure why.
Larry Hall was appointed by to lead the NC Department of Veterans Affairs
Matt Snead, appointed director of the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs, has resigned:
2. Friday at 9:00am, Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs, will be officially announcing funding for (Banff Int. Res. Station)
has appointed Daniel Zimmerman to head the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.
Via Sanders finds common ground with Veterans Affairs nominee
.appoints new Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs secretary
Pleased to appoint Daniel Zimmerman to serve as the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.
Scott Walker appoints Daniel Zimmerman as Department of Veterans Affairs secretary…
Former president accepts role as senior White House adviser to the Office of Veterans Affairs
Trump picks David Shulkin for secretary of Veterans Affairs.
Question: Are these benefits separate from the Veteran Affairs Health Plans for their Veterans?
PE interviewed over 100 people for the Veterans Affairs appointment (I'm too tired to give you the real name of that position)
Dept of Veterans' Affairs, poisoning of the Colorado River, Secret Service agents hiring Colombian prostitutes
Shulkin to head Veterans Affairs ..and he actually seems competent, caring & committed to the job. .
declines in Veterans Affairs hospitals after federal initiative
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
my first action as in charge of Veterans Affairs; patients get 3 feet of toilet paper a day. anymore, they have to bring some from home
Trump picks Obama appointee to lead Veterans Affairs. Has he cooled on his plan to overhaul it? VCS "relieved"
Trump taps VA health chief Shulkin to be secretary
Trump picks Veterans Affairs insider to lead agency
Trump picks Veterans Affairs insider to lead troubled agency.
."Speaking of veterans, I appointed today David Shulkin to head the Department of Veterans Affairs"
AMVETS is pleasantly surprised with President-elect Trump’s nominee to lead VA
I liked a video Trump taps David Shulkin to lead Veterans Affairs
If confirmed, he will be the first secretary to lead Veterans Affairs who is not a veteran.
Trump VA pick Shulkin: give nurses authority to treat patients without supervision by doctors to decrease wait times ht…
We're honored to be mentioned in Secty Robert McDonald's Exit Memo. Read more about our partnership:
Eight years of decreased MRSA healthcare-associated infections associated with Veterans Affairs Prevention...
Today President-elect Donald J. Trump announced his intention to nominate Dr. David J. Shulkin as Secretary of Veteran…
Full respect for what he had to say about the state of veterans affairs&th…
BREAKING We are optimistic about nomination of Dr. Shulkin as Secretary by PEOTUS
Trump announces nomination of David Shulkin, current Undersecretary of Health, to head Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
Trump turns to experienced Obama guy for Veterans Affairs.
Trump to Nominate David Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs - ABC News - via
David Shulkin tapped by Trump to lead Veterans Affairs department - Washington Times
Program I created for the Department of Veterans Affairs Small Business Office. Watch this program grow. Supporting…
Veterans Affairs Canada still understaffed despite Liberal pledge ... - The Globe and Mail
Locals veterans say they're having problems with Veterans Affairs - WJHG-TV
cover-up is morally indefensible, writes Bruce Fein.
Trump nominates Dr. David Shulkin as Veterans Affairs secretary. He has a huge job to fix the hor…
President-elect Donald Trump says he picks VA undersecretary David Shulkin to lead Department of Veterans Affairs. | via
Organizations must remain vigilant about the changing dynamics in their sectors & shifting needs of their customers. https:…
names Obama official to run Department of Veterans Affairs
BREAKING says he's naming insider David Shulkin, VA undersecretary, as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
Pres.-elect Trump says he intends to nominate David Shulkin to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
picked Dr. the Under Sec for Health for VA, as his nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Huh. David Shulkin is currently an undersecretary in the Veterans Affairs department under Obama.
I'm astounded that no one at Veterans Affairs is expressing absolute outrage that a veteran murdered 3 women and killed himself
According to the Dept. Veterans Affairs, 1 in 4 women seen at a VA health facility reports experiencing military sexual trauma in service.
Veterans Affairs says spoke with the Borden/Desmond family today, VAC/DND "are in discussions" about how to pay…
Know anyone stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987? . The Department of Veterans Affairs...
you think President Clinton will tap him to head the Department of Veterans Affairs to get him out of Missouri?
Sen. Mazie Hirono will serve on the Judiciary, Veterans Affairs, Armed Services and more committees. Photo from...
by the Veterans Affairs lack of MORAL FIBER for allowing a VETERAN in HOSPICE CARE to DIE in a shower... https:…
Great possible pick of CEO of Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Toby Cosgrove, to head Veterans Affairs.
John McCain for Veterans Affairs. McCain can't say no to the vets, and Gov Ducey gets to pick a new Senator to replace him.
Christmas recess reading for the Minister of Veterans Affairs. Veterans look forward to his response
I went to the Memorial Day Parade this year. I'm all set for Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Memorial Affairs.
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. 4.3K people talking about this. Alec Baldwin. 170K people talking about...
Elizabeth Warren endorses Scott Brown for secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:
please consider Gary Sinise for head of Veterans Affairs. No one has done more for veterans.
Sure. Why not? Watta ya got tah lose? ⚡️ “Report: Sarah Palin is being considered for Veterans Affairs role”.
Sarah Palin under consideration for Veterans Affairs secretary
Sarah Palin is being considered to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs
Call me crazy, but as a military veteran, I want someone who actually served in the military to run Veterans Affairs, not Sar…
Sarah Palin interviewing for Secretary of Veterans Affairs position.
NEW: Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sources tell News. -
Trump may pick Sarah Palin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs because of course he will
Sarah Palin . Veterans Affairs. I hope that means she will sleep with Gomer Pyle
Monument Monday from our friends at the National Cemetery Admin. (NCA) Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Mitt Romney with his Olympic turn around record would he be a great choice for Secretary of Veterans Affairs?
Veterans what we're is R.I.C.O. violations, where Veterans Affairs police is acting like lucobroski/strong arm. http:…
Ben Carson for Urban Dev. Mark Sanford for Veterans Affairs. Mike Rowe for Labor. Shamwow Guy for Commerce. Pickup Andr…
Beta Epsilon Gamma Gamma Alpha Rho Sigma, is in cahoots with Department of Veterans Affairs
Austin Frakt of Boston University and the Department of Veterans Affairs: “I never understood the appeal of this...
First-time Senate Committee chairs: Bray (Judiciary), (Veterans Affairs), (Ethics). Charbonneau is new Health chair.
House-Hunting Tips for VA Buyers - Veterans Affairs home loans offer big-time benefits for qualified...
'It's hurting people': Veterans Affairs union says caseload promise taking too long
The text of the FY17 CR as well as the 2017 MILCON, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act is at
House Passes Continuing Resolution with Full Military Construction and Veterans Affairs funding, and Resources ...
VE-HEROeS is a Department of Veterans Affairs study on the health and well-being of Vietnam Veterans, Blue Water...
More Politically Correct BS! Veterans Affairs quietly bans the Confederate flag at cemeteries it runs - -
He doesn't even know it is not the Veterans Administration. It's the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Since 1989.
In his opening remarks, discusses his 10-Point Plan for Veterans Affairs (VA) at the Sandler Ctr, Virginia Beach (9-6-16)
Money won't fix what ails the VA. Here's how to revive it.
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Department of Veterans Affairs to award almost $9.5 million to aid veteran homelessness in Virginia: submit...
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The VA office which is the Veterans Affairs office ***
With & confirming Veterans Affairs will reopen its Service Centre in Saskatoon in Novembr http…
We spend more on national debt interest than the Depts of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security combined https:/…
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Being at the Veterans Affairs for 3 hours completely drains your energy but it was nice seeing veterans have a good time
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VA seeks information on EHR replacement for VistA - The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a reques...
Better late than never--VA considers allowing the private sector to manage patient health records
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come out and support Blount County Veterans Affairs and honor service and sacrifice 🇺🇸
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Last week Trump released a 10-point plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Robert McDonald, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs tells every day 20 veterans take their own lives.
Robert McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and the MyVA Committee hold a meeting to discuss Important VA issues
The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Robert McDonald granted equitable relief to more than 24,000...
What about all the veterans who suffered due to VA hospital fraud while you were head of Senate veteran…
Footage of Trump leaving the venue today after crushing his Veterans Affairs address.
The media won't report on it, but Donald Trump spoke about what he would do to help veterans and veterans' affairs https:…
Donald Trump’s Ten Point Plan for reforming the Veterans Affairs Department.
Watch live: Donald Trump speaking in Virginia Beach on veterans affairs - Virginian-Pilot
Mark Takano is taking over as House Veterans' Affairs ranking member for Corrine Brown on an acting basis per Democrati…
Local war veterans are tired of waiting for the veterans affairs office to re-open. has details. .
Trump preaches 'law and order' amid renewed push to reform veterans affairs
Echoing Nixon slogan in 1968, Trump calls himself "law-and-order candidate." by
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Donald Trump: Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs will be among my 'highest priorities'
VA disability backlog tops 70,000 — 7 months after it was supposed to be zero
Donald Trump said that as president he would press for an extensive overhaul of the Department of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - A plastic shopping bag full of shrimp left in the sun.
Over 20 US military veterans commit suicide every day according to a study by US Department of Veterans Affairs. https:/…
Evidence Trump plagiarized his campaign's plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Veterans Affairs secretary to keynote Augusta event via
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 65 and Tomah's Department of Veterans Affairs thanked volunteers for their work.
Statement by Secretary of Veterans Affairs on Commission on Care Report
SB3132 [NEW] A bill to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to carry out a pilot program to provide service d...
Today is Day 21 of my 22 day push-up challenge!. In 2013, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs...
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs marks 90 years of VA social work
Hey Dan If you remain as Minister for Veterans Affairs start realising your inaction is actually causing Veterans to suicide
H.R. 2577 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017 is scheduled for …
VA won't use law that allows expedited firing of executives: The Department of Veterans Affairs will no longer use…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs joined with ESD and State Rep. Gina McCabe on Flag Day to...
The Secretary of Veterans Affairs lost his job over it. Is that not heads rolling?
Veterans Affairs admits to another privacy breach by Canadian legion staff
Is the Veterans Affairs agency America's national shame? Joe Davis, , reports on the good, bad & really ugly:
Wow: More than 1/5 of Canada's Veterans Affairs drug reimbursements are for med. marijuana.
Missouri Sen. Blunt calls on Veterans Affairs secretary to resign
"This is not make-believe.". Paul Ryan slams Veterans Affairs secretary for comparing long lines to Disneyland.
Paul Ryan slams Veterans Affairs secretary, but stops short of calling for resignation
Donald Trump: The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is absolutely unacceptable! As
Check to check out our upcoming Committee Meetings -- GSPI/PBCS, Litigation, Military & Veterans Affairs and IP!
Find this Job&More Assistant Human Resources Officer - Department of Veterans Affairs - Harlingen, TX: As the...
Speaker greets Commissioner after executive budget hearing on Veterans Affairs
Happening now in Denver: leading a House Committee on Veterans Affairs field hearing
Senate Committee passed big legislation affecting how Veterans Affairs hires/fires/pays/manages its 300k employees
James Prosser joins the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs as the new Assistant Secretary:
in LA: Physician (Associate Chief of Staff... at Department of Veterans Affairs
in SC: Licensed Practical Nurse - Community... at Department of Veterans Affairs
ALA Defense Forces and Veterans Affairs policy will defiantly pass the pub test
New HIV CD4 testing guidelines could reduce unnecessary testing and save Veterans Affairs up to $600k/yr
Veterans Affairs holds “stakeholder summit” but is it just a dog and pony show?
CA Associate Chief of Staff/ Research and... at Department of Veterans Affairs
Report: VA office in Wichita manipulated data on appeals: A Veterans Affairs regional office in Wichita listed…
A new government watchdog report has confirmed that Veterans Affairs management in Wichita, Kansas told employees...
Electric Boat holds recruitment event for veterans: The job fair, hosted by UConn's Veterans Affairs and Military...
in NY: Urologist -... at Department of Veterans Affairs
My father Richard Hall Mahler is a honorably discharged US Airforce veteran and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs...
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