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Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is an American television series created by Rob Thomas.

Rob Thomas Logan Echolls Jason Dohring Jessica Jones Kristen Bell Party Down Gilmore Girls Gossip Girl Nancy Drew Ken Marino Ryan Hansen Peggy Carter Tessa Thompson

Someone who has watched Veronica Mars series 1 please tell me that the smarmy deputy leaves soon?
This is some Veronica Mars level awesomeness! Librarians! 🙌
I've been a fan of yours since Veronica mars.. and since the first episode of you are now my favorite actress.
The Veronica Mars is stalled in the pointmakers
Jon Favreau's 'Chef,' 'Veronica Mars' top first wave of Films
Veronica Mars has been distracting me
When it's a Veronica Mars type of night
Veronica Mars is very important to me
I like how on Party Down they have ppl from Veronica Mars.
Are we obstructing its view from Mars? Because an Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator might be what we need.
with Mars not far away above and to the left
Venus is bright near the moon, Mars should be visible nearby
Aaaand I was told I look like Veronica Mars today. I should start keeping track.
Y'all are both dumb. Veronica Mars was in Star Trek: TNG
I really wish Veronica Mars was in more things. I thought she was great as the cheerleader from Heroes.
two veronica mars characters in /one/ episode of Bones episode, this is too much
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Imagine Veronica Mars, but more muscular and for millennials.
This is like an episode of Veronica Mars. Well done. 🔍👏
"It’s got the mystery of Veronica Mars...and the eye candy of Gossip Girl... It’s total teen drama perfection.". https:…
I just realized I haven't seen the Veronica Mars movie.
This sounds like a first season episode of Veronica Mars. 👍
Great sleuthing here by a librarian to help a student--totally Veronica Mars or Bubblegumshoe. So glad she was vind…
An interesting explanation as to why this text-based MODE has more freedom than a visual/audio one.
Been binge-watching Veronica Mars for the past 4 days 😆
Yes! It will probably be another month or so, but I have big plans, and am eager to finish the run of Veronica Mars!
Earlier I heard 'We Used to be Friends' by the Dandy Warhols and now I want to blame everything on Veronica Mars. 😂😂😂
I compromised with ice cream. And Veronica Mars.
Lemsip and Veronica Mars are getting me through this latest bout of Witch's Lung.
Atlanta Burns is an excellent book, think Veronica Mars by way of Justified. If that appeals it's dirt cheap right…
Wasn't Veronica Mars a noir sitcom? Or did I read WAY too much into that show? Either way now I want to see Search…
A Marshmallow pleads her case for more Veronica Mars novels.
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Remember when Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) was a creepy teacher on Veronica Mars?
Sarah Walker or Veronica Mars? — oooh veronica as a character I think, but I do ador...
Mark A. Davis Isn't Andrew McClain the fellow whose desk I inherited at Laszlo? He went on to play Wallace and Piz's RA on "Veronica Mars"?!
Perfect, one of my favorite actresses (Veronica Mars)... Chucky The Lone Wolf Outlaw Sagittarius
Still high key love Courtney Taylor-Taylor's 'Love Hurts' scene in Veronica Mars.
I love 'Gossip Girl'! I still miss 'Veronica Mars,' though.
it has Tessa Thompson and Kyle gallner so I like to pretend it's alternate universe Veronica Mars
Also only $5 on iTunes: seasons of Buffy, Dawson's Creek, Veronica Mars, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Pushing Daisies
On page 97 of 372 of The Fixer, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: This is like Veronica Mars cros...
Tessa Thompson was Jackie on Veronica Mars! I knew she looked familiar.
Also, I've never seen this show but it has the Pink Power Ranger and Veronica Mars' Dad so it must be cool, right?
Doing 'Veronica Mars,' Rob Thomas is a genius. He's one of my best fr...
Fans of Veronica Mars, Lulu Dark, Nancy Drew, and Ingrid Levin-Hill will fall in love with Early Woods. Young,...
Veronica Mars, Community, Arrested Development, The OC, The Simpsons probably. I watch a lot of TV, I could go on forever.
Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring Joins iZombie: Season 3: Jason Dohring, best known for playing Logan Echolls on ...
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I LOVE that Veronica Mars' dad (aka is on this season, that he is playing Laura's dad is just too perfect!.
i find it awesome that Carm references Veronica Mars in S1 and Veronica's dad plays Laura's dad in S3
Wait a minute, Veronica Mars exists in this universe. Did Laura ever notice that Mr. Mars looked familiar?
Veronica Mars is the obvious one but I also loved Party Down! (Had Adam Scott, Martin Starr, Lizzy Caplan among others in it)
Remember when Jason admitted he was in love with Kristen while filming Veronica Mars?
Jason Dohring pre-Veronica Mars on So young and innocent!
I feel for Veronica Mars so much when I'm watching at home. It is a wonderful story. The writ
Veronica Mars could "definitely" return, according to Kristen Bell:.
Bless for always keeping the Veronica Mars hope alive
Watching the Veronica Mars movie. I still have a tv crush on Logan Echolls.
📷 lilamadison11: Logan Echolls and his appreciation, adoration and love of Veronica Mars
ah, it's Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars. His character is named Logan Echolls
Watching Logan Echolls fall in love with Veronica Mars is such a privilege.
📷 lilamadison11: Veronica Mars and her appreciation, trust and love for Logan Echolls Parallel to this...
Yeah I liked the pilot! Also I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea the lead was Krysten Ritter. Loved her in Veronica Mars.
The Trump campaign raised less money in May than Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter:
Today on Veronica Mars: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as an emo! That's fun
I had previously assumed the Rob Thomas who produced Veronica Mars & iZombie was a different R.T. than the Matchbox 20 Rob. WAS I WRONG?
I started my career as a novelist. 'Veronica Mars' was first imagined ...
If you like Veronica Mars, you'll like iZombie, both are products of Rob Thomas (not the singer, LOL).
Obviously, Clockwork Orange and Singing in the Rain. Rob Thomas was also good for this with Veronica Mars and many scenes.
Trying to convince Warner Bros. to make a $30 million 'Veronica Mars' ...
Oh, and Sleepy Hollow and we get to let Joss finish Firefly and Rob Thomas gets to do as he pleases with Veronica Mars.
A sharply spot on conversation of the Veronica Mars show & sexual assault on college campus'- | via
Don’t watch House of Lies, but just saw glimpse of Kristen Bell and Ken Marino in a love scene. As a Veronica Mars fan, weird.
iZombie is amazing. This is filling a large Veronica Mars shaped hole in my heart.
Watching/listening to Veronica Mars again while writing reports on the weekend. Prob watched and rematched this show, 3 seasons, ten times.
The gif game is strong in Veronica Mars… =D
I added a video to a playlist Veronica Mars - Bloopers
Watching the Veronica Mars movie. Never watched the TV show but I fancied a low intensity murder mystery and this seemed to fit the bill
Veronica Mars is brilliant. I am a big fan of the genre and massive Buffy fan. Izombie is best thing I've seen on TV in ages.
oh it's excellent! Have you seen Veronica Mars? Same writer, love him. Best characters, clever writing.
If you haven't read these yet, do it! It's Sherlock meets Doctor Who meets Veronica Mars.
Pretty sure I'm going to give in to this sudden urge to do a full Veronica Mars rewatch. High school TV obsessions never truly leave you...
You're killing me... I love Veronica Mars & I ship these two so freaking much ! So much memories ! Thank you !
yep that's the one. I have gone for Veronica Mars while I cook my week's lunches
Watches Veronica Mars gets to see play a teacher!!
My passport photo looks like someone just told me they still haven't renewed Veronica Mars for a new season
So many Veronica Mars references in This might be the most joyous thing that has brought to my life.
in Veronica Mars they featured coasters that could test drinks for drugs. You would just pour a little and it would change color
Love the Veronica Mars references popping up in iZombie.
I just watched the Veronica Mars movie for a second time because I thought that I hadn't seen it for a first time...
I liked a video Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring Get Steamy!
Veronica Mars wears way too many long sleeves for someone who lives in California.
Rewatching Veronica Mars for the 10th time
I also need to get to Outlander S2, Daredevil S2, Peaky Blinders, Sherlock S whatever. But part of me just wants to rewatch V…
He kinda looks like that dumb blonde guy from Veronica Mars in this
Veronica Mars and Jessica Jones have started out pretty similarly... even with the same actress
"It's Helena, it could be Neptune for all we know!" Neptune home of Veronica Mars?
that's it! . Yet. Doesn't explain why I love & root for Peggy Carter, Agent May, Black Widow, Veronica Mars, Abbie Mills
some favs are Rose Tyler, Veronica Mars, Harold Finch, River Tam, and Willow. how about you?
*checks bushisms calendar* on this day in 2005 Shrub invented the nickname "turd blossom". Veronica Mars is good
YA SFF: Veronica Mars with powers. Ana won't trust her friends. You think she'll trust the govt. who wants to study her? STTP PHH
Loved Tessa Thompson since she defined lurking on Veronica Mars. Might actually watch a thor film in the cinema for her.
all of my Veronica Mars babes in izombie this is so wonderful
is a MARSHMELLOW! YAS, Just go for Veronica Mars, its always good to rewatch for the millionth time or two.
iZombie ticks all my Veronica Mars boxes. It's very fun. And the zombies aren't scary, which is good, as I'm a wuss.
Veronica Mars has to be the best television show to exist, ever.
I had to stop watching walk the line it made me too emo so i turned to a veronica mars ep where logan catches piz&veronica kissing
Nashville/Veronica Mars Crossover. I hope this gives you the feels.
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I love that there are so many 'Veronica Mars' fans. I was not a regula...
Veronica Mars approves (but seriously, I'm sorry to hear that you were in that situation)
I'm not sure BC I think the only thing I've seen her in is veronica Mars but she's so cute k USE HA!!
have u watched veronica Mars cus she's in season 2 and she CUTE
Wishes for - One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars. In time for August time off would be great 😉
"Why are u not crazy about Veronica Mars?" h…
top 3 tv shows that made me who I am . aka the holy trinity . buffy. charmed. veronica mars. bye
I watch so I can become a mystery solving, crime-fighter like Nancy Drew, Peggy Carter, Velma, Olivia Benson, & Veronica Mars 🔎
"Why are u not crazy about Veronica Mars?"
this reminds me of Drop Dead Diva. With Veronica Mars lol .
If you count recurring roles Enrico Colantoni, the dad from Veronica Mars, has continuously been on your TV since 1995.
If I had the togetherness of Nancy Drew coupled with the guile of Veronica Mars and the strength of Jessica Jones...
I've literally just started watching, almost done with episode 1. Very Veronica Mars!
Veronica Mars was pretty magical. (Also my default female name when I play games)
Y'all, are we ever getting a third Veronica Mars book?.
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Netflix really took nip/tuck and Veronica Mars off and never looked back
so before she was huge she was Veronica Mars's murdered best friend
I found Veronica Mars on amazon prime so I figured I'd watch that now
Watched the 'Veronica Mars' movie. Enjoyed it just as much as the TV series
The Veronica Mars Soundtrack is by far the best for any tv series. Thanks gor getting me hooked babe
Veronica Mars is as bad as Ted Mosby!!!
Of course iZombie is good, its by the folks who bought us Veronica Mars.
The new knowledge I have received that Logan was the baby of the group in Veronica Mars pleases me greatly.
now that i watched most of veronica mars on it, I always forget that it's there.
has just come on Netflix and it's by the Creators of Veronica Mars and has all of it's wonderful snark and brains.literally.
it’s a strange mixture - like Veronica Mars meets Reaper. It’s good TV when I have no capacity to think.
my sister forced me to watch Veronica Mars
it's surprisingly funny and smarter than it seems. It's a lot like veronica mars if you ever saw that.
Cheered me up no end too, plus found out last week Veronica Mars has finally been released on UK DVD 😆
We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.
Are you planning your next trip to 🌴🌸
Even a month after being named L.A.'s best hotel pool we're still glowing. (https…
Who’s ready to dive into this massive burger from (We are!)
Kylo Ren knows exactly how to get under General Hux's skin.
Is that from (hopefully) spending hours sitting down and writing the next Veronica Mars book?
iZombie is now on Netflix and you should give it a go because it's really great, season 2 especially. It's Veronica Mars, but with gore.
Did you ever see Veronica Mars? Because it's like that, only with zombies. Great characters, genuine wit, extremely well-plotted.
I've never seen Veronica Mars. But I have been binge-watching Gossip Girl. I think that entered my subconscious lol.
fantastic, wanting to watch this. Just finishing a Veronica Mars marathon
iZombie is on UK Netflix! Don't avoid it because of the name, it's amazing. Buffy & Veronica Mars fans guaranteed to love it.
Your new binge for a bank holiday. If you thought Veronica Mars would be a good zombie coroner, you're in luck!
iZombie is on Netflix UK! Delighted. Real talents those Veronica Mars writers.
I met a Veronica at my new job she the bartender I can't wait to use the Veronica Mars joke HA ;)
I imported season 1 DVD because no one over here was showing (loved Veronica Mars). So happy picked it up.
it's from the creator of Veronica Mars so will be hoot in all likelihood.
All purpose parts banner
I love it when Veronica Mars people show up on
I love seeing VERONICA MARS alumni in a Rob Thomas show..
Why you should care: zombie comedy drama thing from creators of Veronica Mars, based on comic series. Reports say it's pretty *** good.
Ooooh... I'm so torn by that show tho! I love Veronica Mars (which he created), but I absolutely HATE zombies. So what to do...
Feel like watching Veronica Mars now that I've seen that chick
Watching beauty and the brief case for the first time. Hilary 😍😍. The friend is from a Veronica Mars ep in s3
Liked Veronica Mars? Felt like it needed more zombies in it? The excellent (but awfully named) iZombie is now on Netflix and is just that!
Both seasons of iZombie now on UK Netflix. Nothing like the comic, but if you loved Veronica Mars, this should work for you.
(But he's never seen an episode, so hopes it is good. Still - zombie detective show from the creator of Veronica Mars, can't go far wrong?)
I pushed myself way too hard during the first year of Veronica Mars and I g...
First world problem of the day - Veronica Mars isn't on Netflix. This is an outrage.
this is from the guy who made Veronica Mars.
Marvel Bang sign ups are open. Guess what? No ideas! lol Ah well, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, & White Collar fic still has my attention :)
FINALLY! Get on soon as. Much recommended for any fans of Veronica Mars especially
spent Saturday watching the Veronica Mars movie and playing card games with high school friends and it was chill af and I loved it
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That episode of Veronica Mars has me super emotional rn
Kristan Bell could get it since Veronica Mars
She had a recurring role on Veronica Mars for a while... not sure if I saw her in anything after that though.
Just finished binge watching Veronica Mars, girl crush on how did I wait so long! 💕
W/ all these old shows gettin new episodes on Netflix when do we get new Veronica Mars? The movie only made me want more
Just watched season 4 of and had a interracial baby i love it. Knew i always had a chance with Veronica Mars
I discovered Veronica Mars a decade late, but I'll pine away another 10 for a sequel
Watching Veronica Mars, finished the series (again) now on to the movie. I can't even explain how much i love
Feeling a bit like Veronica Mars making Snickerdoodle biscuits this morning 😉
I see a few parallels between Arrorw/and Veronica Mars
I've seen the Veronica Mars movie at least a dozen times but this is the first time I've watched the credits all the way through. Perfection
Just re watches Veronica Mars movie, God did it bring me good memories of the series
If you're in the mood to see bad guys get theirs? Veronica Mars. If you want to contemplate life? LOST.
beside Ryan Hansen, would you consider to have photoshoot sessions/take pictures with other Veronica Mars cast?
Today’s weather update: STILL SNOWING. Meanwhile, I am writing a lecture on Twelve Angry Men. Wondering if I can just put on Veronica Mars.
My innate sassiness has been heavily influenced by my mom, Max Bemis, and Veronica Mars.
In a weird way, 'Veronica Mars' was my reaction to 'Freaks and Geeks' becau...
A Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas cameo and an "Are we having fun yet?" This iZombie finale is only one Veronica Mars reference short of perfect
Guys, Ken Marino was in Veronica Mars, Party Down and Play It Again, *** So he crossed all of Rob Thomas's paths. lol
"Rats Saw God" - it's an older story by Rob Thomas before his Veronica Mars/iZombie fame.
Veronica Mars mastermind Rob Thomas wanted Leighton Meester to reprise her role as ‘Carrie Bishop’ in the Veronica…
The last episode of iZombie though, where Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 fame is turned into a zombie! This an recurring Veronica Mars actors ❤️
There was a Veronica Mars revival, and now there will be a Gilmore Girls revival...give me a one tree hill revival and life will be complete
THE IZOMBIE SEASON FINALE is giving me Veronica Mars flashbacks because of how well written it was AH Rob Thomas
It's a very smart and fun show! Makes me want to rewatch Veronica Mars (also created by Rob Thomas). :)
remember on Veronica Mars when Piz is like "Rob Thomas is a *** LMAO
just low-key recommending you iZombie, it's developed by Rob Thomas, has loads of actor cameos from Veronica Mars and is A++.
Don't you know Ken Marino from Veronica Mars, Children's Hospital, Party Down, etc?
Zeta Theta Beta as in Veronica Mars or Zeta Beta Zeta like Greek?! I got so excited I barely heard Liv lol
Finally watched the pilot ep of Glenn Frey's old TV show "South of Sunset" & loved it. :D Feels so much like "Veronica Mars".
Re-watching Veronica Mars and had this realization. Gave me the dang Harry Hamlin Heebie Jeebies!
Legendary Pictures and Guillermo del Toro need to just pull a Veronica Mars and Kickstart Hellboy 3.
Robert Pattypan, Taylor Swift and Veronica Mars, if you know what I mean :)
Rewatching b/c it's Veronica Mars meets Heroes, when Heroes was good
I've just watched episode S02E08 of Veronica Mars!
Someone watch Veronica Mars so we can fangirl together plz x
when will Netflix start streaming Veronica Mars :( PLS
Will forever be bitter about the fact that they cancelled Veronica Mars in it's prime time.
I've just watched episode S02E07 of Veronica Mars!
I've just watched episode S02E06 of Veronica Mars!
I'm rly glad you like Veronica Mars I don't know anyone else who likes that show
All don't even know how big of a fan I was of Charmed that and Veronica Mars.
I haven't watched it, but I've heard Veronica Mars fans might also like iZombie.
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Veronica Mars!
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Veronica Mars!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
hi Kristen, i love you in veronica mars, i got all the series , keep wathing them over and over again.
Alona Tal | Israeli-American singer and actress. She is known for her roles in Veronica Mars and Supernatural.
Just finished binging all of Veronica Mars (show + movie). Now I'm filled with overwhelming sadness and praying for rumoured Netflix reboot.
I'm more of a Sailor Veronica Mars fans.
Ah, Veronica Mars after all these years I still love you. The best!
Veronica Mars or lagertha lothbrok or stiles or Penelope Garcia (I can't choose)
When Veronica mars characters show up in iZombie it's the best. Especially when it's
Ticking another Veronica Mars alum off the iZombie cameo list...
I could use a Buffy and Veronica Mars marathon.
Beautiful as always, from Also, SO stoked to read a Veronica Mars reference! :-D
hmm... so heartbreaking to read iZombie fan blogs that are anti Veronica Mars. why the hate? and most of them have nev…
Now that I finally saw the movie I can start on the Veronica Mars audiobook, read by Kristen Bell herself
The Veronica Mars movie is tons of fun. Feels like season 1
I love finding hardcore Veronica Mars fans who aren't up Logan's *** It's nice to know some people appreciate more than the pretty bad boy.
"a show that got cancelled that shouldn't have been?" VERONICA MARS
I like that veronica mars was making jokes about this'll be the year of linux back in 2005
My BFF and I drove 6 hours to see the Veronica Mars Movie, from El Paso to Phoenix. …
do not ever EVER mess with someone whose idol is Veronica Mars. my sleuthing skills are scary good. ***
Veronica Mars. Such a good watch but studies
I've seen Veronica Mars but ill have to check out the other 2, thanks!
I always have an episode of Veronica Mars playing when I study
I get so sad that teenage girls don't have awesome tv female leads like Veronica Mars to look up to.
I still haven't read the Veronica Mars books and the next one's probably die out in a couple months
Season 2, Ep 7 of VERONICA MARS: *** kids at Neptune High are being blackmailed by someone called Rick Santorum.
I just started watching Veronica Mars, and I am officially addicted. 4 Episodes deep and I am beyond intrigued in the mys…
~and I had lunch and we talked about important things like POLITICS and DATING and VERONICA MARS.
Thanks! If is listening - I would gladly draft a script for him or ghostwrite another Veroni…
I pledged my undying love to because he played the Veronica Mars theme song
I have a lot of 'Bellamy Blake watches Veronica Mars' thoughts, because I'm me.
Luke Kennard looks like the victim in every episode of Veronica Mars.
Also, the best thing in the Veronica Mars movie is getting to watch Ryan Hansen and Chris Lowell spastically dance.
It's like Sesame Street meets Veronica Mars, with bondage.
Finally watched the Veronica Mars movie. Such a good ending to one of the most criminally underrated shows. Only complaint: not enough ***
Gotta be Mac from Veronica Mars. Not just smart. She was poor & the "weird one" in her family, too.
Veronica Mars, X Files, Fuller House and now Gilmore Girls - all make for one very happy Claire
Thinking of cults, I really liked Martha Marcy May Marlene. And also that one episode of Veronica Mars were she went to the hippies ;))
Logan from Veronica Mars vs Ryan Atwood in a fight who wins?
Julie Gonzalo's breakthrough role came in 2006 when she won the role of Parker Lee in Veronica Mars.
Veronica Mars changed many people's lives too, so thank you htt…
The extent of my experience of Andre was Friends With Beautiful People. That show with One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars.
I miss watching Veronica Mars and one tree hill and of course Gossip Girl cx
Michael Cera on this episode of Veronica Mars like who didn't guess star on this show as a fetus
coming in season 2: Stephen Moyer and the guy who played Duncan on Veronica Mars.
I started watching Party Down. I always need some sort of comedy in my life. the cast and cameos are most from Veronica Mars which rules!
Life is Strange is like a great season of Veronica Mars. I love it.
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Books read in 2015: Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham (I am loving the extension of V.M. in book form)
'iZombie' to stage 'Veronica Mars' reunion with Kristen Bell via
I just realised Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna, who played Logan's parents in Veronica Mars, are married in real life, oh.
Holiday traditions: Watching the Veronica Mars movie at the airport. Some things never get old.
When Rob Thomas wrote the script for the Veronica Mars movie?
She was in Veronica Mars for a season and the movie.
Who doesn't, after Veronica Mars? He had like one song and it was one of the best in the show!
and I know it's Diane Ruggiero/Rob Thomas show but the voiceovers are overwhelmingly reminiscent of Veronica Mars.
The only private investigators I care about are Veronica Mars and Encyclopedia Brown!
Jessica Jones is the Veronica Mars reboot I didn't know I wanted.
ok so after 12 min of the Jessica Jones pilot... Can we just agreed that marvel just rip off Veronica Mars...
This cornish game hens plot on reminds me of when Veronica Mars made tiny birds for Keith.
I saw you in an episode of Veronica Mars yesterday. At least I think it was you. 😀💜
Pré-Venda livro de Veronica Mars: The First Book in an Original Mystery Series -
Seinfeld too easy, Mary Tyler Moore rebooted as Better Off Ted too recent? guess ill take Veronica Mars
Little Giant Ladders
it's like... I can't even describe how dumb it is 😂 like, Veronica Mars meets mean Girls meets that stupid Sorority Row film
literally the only things I know him from are a) that one Always Sunny and b) married to Veronica Mars
Ooh!! Veronica Mars books by series creator Rob Thomas? I think I'll take 2!!
Watched and enjoyed first ep of iZombie; basically creator Rob Thomas dipping into Veronica Mars well again. But she eats brains.
Dark Tower is in the lead, closely followed by Veronica Mars! Orphan Black and Jessica Jones are tied for third.
Rob Thomas just slipped a Veronica Mars reference on iZombie! Love it! :))
Dear I need you to watch iZombie. It's done by Rob Thomas who did Veronica Mars, the men are babes and it's A+ writing
Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars fame) and Diane Ruggiero (of fame) made it their own. Funny. Sad. Crimes. Zombies.
Hearst College! Rob Thomas is at it again. I live for iZombie episodes with the Veronica Mars reference
yes izombie is awesome. tonight's episode was so good. Did you watch Veronica Mars? Rob Thomas makes awesome shows!!!
i knew you in Veronica Mars, and i continue to admire you in The Young And The Restless because in France we're…
Kyle Gallner from Veronica Mars played Matt and Elias Koteas from Chicago P.D. played the reverend. Lol. Cassidy Casablancas.
Veronica Mars. Come for the mystery, the complex, flawed characters and relationships. Stay for the one-liners. http:/…
watching Logan Echolls scenes on the Originals makes me want to re-watch Veronica Mars right away. well done, Jason, well done!
Logan Echolls (well, Jason Dohring) is in The Originals and now I just want to rewatch Veronica Mars.
My favorite thing about Veronica Mars is Logan Echolls 😍
Veronica Mars missed an opportunity to do an episode about or somehow connected to Veronica Lake.
Richard & Alexis Castle are the rich man's Keith & Veronica Mars.
Currently watching Scream 4. The second best from the franchise. Sookie Stackhouse got surprised by Veronica Mars.
@ people who don't like Veronica Mars : how???!!??¿??
You ever watch Veronica Mars? They had a character named Lilly Kane
Wow, reminds me of the Veronica Mars episode where Paris Hilton wouldn't use ice cubes made with tap water.
also I love that Beaver and Jackie from Veronica Mars star in this
"I hate it when fandoms post LoVe's Epic quote and basically make it as their own w/o acknowledging Veronica Mars.".
and his car reg. But I don't know Veronica Mars so it's useless to me
have you read the fanfic of Veronica Mars in the Buffyverse?
We are re-watching Veronica Mars from the beginning! I'm quite excited!.
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