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Vernon Dursley

The following are supporting characters in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling.

Harry Potter Richard Griffiths Dudley Dursley Sleepy Hollow Petunia Dursley Privet Drive Albus Dumbledore James Potter Aunt Petunia Daily Mail Paul Walker Private Peaceful Jonathan Winters Harry Potters Roger Ebert Death Eaters

5 times JK Rowling destroyed ill-tempered Duck Dynasty hosts on deforestation by publishing Vernon Dursley background.
There is no post on Sundays and no classes on Reading Day... so get to the libraries. Don't upset Vernon Dursley.…
5 times JK Rowling played hardball with ill-tempered Beliebers on child obesity by unleashing Vernon Dursley lore.
Let me not be the only one who just imagined Vernon Dursley with a flower crown please 🙈😖😂
Trump is a lot like the bad guy in Harry Potter, Vernon Dursley
6 ways JK Rowling broke bread with incendiary astronauts on transgender children by publishing Vernon Dursley secrets.
5 times JK Rowling spanked petulant mormons on industrial espionage by unveiling Vernon Dursley lore.
challenge!!! Who said it Vernon Dursley or Toupee Fiasco? Share your results! via .
I feel like Vernon Dursley trying to run from the wizards in Philosopher's Stone. Only instead of a wand wavers, it's portfolios and essays.
27 instances JK Rowling corrected hate-fuelled Aztec warriors on the Dangerous Dogs Act by unleashing Vernon Dursley nitbits.
7 instances JK Rowling shut down boorish acolytes of Cthulhu on Walking Dead spoilers by opening up on Vernon Dursley lore.
28th March, 2013: Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films, died at the age of 65.
I've spent all day saying "no bread on Mondays", and I've never felt more like Vernon Dursley
7 ways JK Rowling lied to lovely Scientologists on who let the dogs out by unveiling Vernon Dursley facts.
13 ways JK Rowling preached to seedy 90s TV personalities on deforestation by unveiling Vernon Dursley secrets.
7 ways JK Rowling destroyed new-age tennis fans on Sub-Saharan hunger by discovering Vernon Dursley background.
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145 instances JK Rowling took to school sweaty Daily Mail readers on *** sex by sharing Vernon Dursley nitbits.
Except it's actually being run by Vernon Dursley 🙃
This might be the only interaction between McGonnagall and Vernon Dursley in the entire series and it’s fantastic https:…
7 times JK Rowling illuminated hate-fuelled Daily Mail readers on nuclear arms by livestreaming Vernon Dursley facts.
Something to do with Vernon Dursley... the opening passages on drills had me thinking I was reading the wrong book
Who Said It: Donald Trump or Vernon Dursley? Surprised at how well I did.
145 instances JK Rowling incorrectly preached at ill-tempered gladiators on inner city pressure by unleashing Vernon Dursley facts.
"I will not pay to have some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks!" - Vernon Dursley
Guys i just found out Harry Potters uncle, uncle vernon dursley is dead in real life. 😭 he passed away on 2013 though. So sad.
6 ways JK Rowling corrected nefarious taxi drivers on the issue of gun control by revealing Vernon Dursley background.
7 ways JK Rowling owned pernicious drag queens on the issue of the nuclear family by revealing Vernon Dursley facts.
And now, a quiz that is a little harder than it has any right to be: Who Said It? Trump or Mr. Dursley
This is how I feel about my crippling debt, except instead of letters they're bills and I'm Vernon Dursley. "There'…
4 ways JK Rowling broke bread with mischevious Top Gear viewers on the issue of lads mags by revealing Vernon Dursley nitbits.
I remember one time it was like the SECRET behind why Vernon Dursley was SUCH A *** and I have never re…
New game: Who said it: Trump or Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon?.
*reshuffles season lineup*. *locates kazoo*. Mr and Mrs Vernon Dursley of Privet Dr…
Now for a little lolsobbing: Who Said It? Trump or Vernon Dursley
.You will love this. We got so many of them wrong!
March 28, 2013: Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley in passed away at 65. htt…
1991: Vernon Dursley drived away from Railview Hotel with Harry, Petunia & Dudley, found the Hut-on-the-Rock.
26 July 1991: Three Hogwarts letters arrived for Harry Potter, but again Vernon Dursley destroyed them.
think my biggest claim to fame is having a *** at next urinal to Richard Griffiths (uncle Monty, Vernon Dursley) once 😃
There's a lot of mysteries unanswered in Harry Potter but the biggest one is why Petunia and Vernon Dursley thought Dudley was a good name.
Vernon Dursley.  – Harry Potter's muggle uncle, married to his Aunt Petunia and father of Dudley Dursley. .
Petunia Dursley.  – Harry's aunt, the sister of his mother Lily. Married to Vernon Dursley and mother of Dudley Dursley.
Dudley Dursley.  – Muggle son of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Evans, first cousin of Harry Potter.
And to quote uncle Vernon Dursley:. "No wonder this country is gone to the dogs"
"He's a sack of fat lard. And does not deserve to live. Sorry not sorry." Becca on Vernon Dursley.
stuck in my head: Vernon Dursley saying "Our boy has gone yumpy!"
If you were casting an American version of Harry Potter, Trump would make a mean Vernon Dursley, right? Grawp is just too kind of heart.
I wish I could meet Vernon Dursley and literally 1v1 him
"One more sound and you'll wish you'd never been born, boy!" - Vernon Dursley
Post on Sunday? I've been out of the country too long, and Vernon Dursley would be very upset.
Idk if i remember this correctly but vernon dursley did smtg like im not going to pay for it and hagrid i think replied harry has money
when typing that for some reason I kept channeling in my mind Vernon Dursley's voice from Harry Potter idk why
~been spanked before. She was often swatted at by Vernon Dursley when she'd misbehaved as a child. But… it felt odd when~
What is the name of the Company that employs Vernon Dursley?
Dudley Dursley (b. 23 June, 1980) was the only son of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, and cousin of Harry Potter.
Boudreau's face channeling Vernon Dursley right now
Aunt Marge's full name is Marjorie Eileen Dursley. She is the elder sister of Vernon Dursley. (Source: Pottermore)
“Fine day Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week. Why is that, Dudley?” – Vernon Dursley https…
We're seeing Vernon Dursley in a whole new light
Vernon Dursley is the Uncle Owen for a new generation
Happy Birthday Harry Potter, and Richard Griffiths who played Vernon Dursley. It's a Harry Potter day!!
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- and to Richard Griffiths, the actor who played Vernon Dursley and passed away in 2013. That's one *** of a day.
31st July 1947: Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley, is born.
July 31: Happy Birthday to the late Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley in HP. He passed away in 2013. http…
Happy Birthday to the late Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley). Though he played a Muggle, his magic still lives on!
Synopsis Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone One morning on his way to the office, uncle Vernon Dursley see a lot of strange things are happening. He saw a cat who can read a map in the corner of Privet Drive, the people who wear black robes, and owls that fly in daylight. Uncle Dursley think that the strange events has something to do with the brother-in-law named Lily and Potter. Uncle Dursley are people who do not believe in things that are mysterious or supernatural strength. Therefore, he and his wife were named Petunia did not want to if they are both connected with Lily and Potter as a witch. Uncle and aunt Petunia Dursley stay Privet Drive. 4 UK along with their son named Dudley and a nephew named Harry Potter. Meanwhile, headmaster Albus Dumbledore Hogwarts wizards met Professor Minerva McGonagall, who is also a teacher at Hogwarts, and a giant called Hagrid outside the Dursleys. Dumbledore said that Voldemort had killed Lily and Potter, but he did not succeed in killing their babies named Harr ...
Richard Griffiths passed away today. RIP Vernon Dursley.” He died last year?
Richard Griffiths passed away today. RIP Vernon Dursley.” What again?
Hey guys! I'm having one of "those" days. I keep thinking its Monday. It feels like a Monday! I check every order has arrived safely with the customer, and I have just very nearly asked customers if their items that were posted yesterday, arrived. Then sat there all giggling to myself like Vernon Dursley (Potter Fans will get that) "NO POST ON SUNDAYS!" ehh! anyway time to start work my lovelies! Hope you've joined the give away [pinned post] :D
Hermes, you're not Vernon Dursley. ""No post on Sundays. Ha.""
Vernon Dursley is a moustache pig. I never actually noticed this b4.
A year ago we lost Richard Griffiths, the actor who portrayed Vernon Dursley, he passed away at the age of 65.
just received a package and it's Sunday and everything vernon dursley taught me is a lie
How can I continue to follow the gospel of Vernon Dursley?
Worst parents - Petunia & Vernon Dursley. Bad guardians to Harry Potter & they don't do a great job with Dudley either
No one shows disgust and condescension on their face better than Uncle Vernon Dursley.
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How have I only just realised that Dumbledore, Rita Skeeter and Vernon Dursley are all in Sleepy Hollow?!
Darth Sidious and Count Dooku are both in Sleepy Hollow with Darth Maul on stunts, Dumbledore, Vernon Dursley, Alfred and chris walken B)
Headed towards Vernon tx and all I can think about is Dursley...
July26 1991: Harry gets up but steps on Vernon Dursley who is sleeping in the hall. Three Hogwarts letters arrive.
also, if people like Vernon Dursley didn't exist.
This day in 1992, Harry received his 2nd Hogwarts letter. Plot twist: Vernon Dursley didnt let him receive it at all.
My reaction to getting a letter from IU? Cue Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter: "(she) will not be going!"
great hashtag. Read it in the voice of Vernon Dursley with his infamous line "No post on Sundays".
JULY 24-1991 : Harry Potter receives his first Hogwarts letter. Vernon and Petunia Dursley burn it.
"When will they learn that hanging's the only way to deal with these people?" -Vernon Dursley. applies to a lot of people in columbus tbh
no problem! But be prepared to hate Vernon DURSLEY and punch his face in.
To this day the image of Vernon Dursley humming Tiptoe Through the Tulips and jumping at small noises still makes me laugh
This isn't just goodbye, boy, is it? This is farewell. (Vernon Dursley, Movie 7)
idk what’s happening in this movie but Vernon Dursley is hitting on Madame Maxime
Vernon Dursley trying to stop Harry getting his hogwarts letter
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Vernon Dursley won't be too happy if Royal Mail begins to deliver on Sundays
Richard Griffiths passed away today. RIP Vernon Dursley.” he died in march 2013😂😂😂
Too much death being mentioned today. First Nick Cotton's funeral and now Vernon Dursley
Vernon Dursley was solely responsible for teaching me that there's no post on Sundays
Lol my husband thinks that derpy hog looks like Vernon Dursley. It's like Harry Potter meets Wind in the Willows :)
For instance, I am now picturing Vernon Dursley as the blob - certainly his attacks would be "viscous" then, right? >_>
Davey jones, cutler Beckett, Vernon dursley, bill weasely all in the same film
I've never been happier than when I read the chapter. As would say: JUSTICE!!!
Very dumb, eh. The big one, with the moustache. Name is Vernon, Vernon Dursley. Husband to Petunia. That should jog the mind.
You're no Harry Potter fan if you cannot remember Uncle Vernon Dursley.
Omg I just realised I always imagined Manons husband in property to look like Vernon Dursley
"You just ruined the punch line of my Japanese golfer joke." Ohh Uncle Vernon Dursley, you crack me up ha ha ha
"Let us assume that you have invited me warmly into your house." - Dumbledore to Vernon Dursley
I don't know what school you're talking about! Never contact me again! Don't you come near my family! -Vernon Dursley
Vernon: "And do I look like the kind of man eho can be intimidated?". Moody: "Well, yes, I'd have to say you do, Dursley."
did you jus inadvertently quote Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter the philosophers stone
Birthdays on Sunday's aren't as good as others because in the words of Vernon dursley "No Post On Sunday!"
For me, Harry Potter is like the gateway to fandoms. You start reading the books and then all of a sudden, you sing along to 'I wanna be the very best- gotta catch 'em all!', get weirdly fascinated with batman, realises you have a sonic screw driver, you start to describe things as legendary, you start off a conversation with 'How youuu doin'?', you know salt can ward off almost anything supernatural, you get obsessed with sherlock's intelligence, you get goosebumps when you hear "I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!", you can make make proper sense out of 'Do or Do not. There is no try', you can totally pull off 'Live Long and Prosper.' and you don't know what happened, but you're pretty sure all of this started because Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley of No.4, Privet Drive were proud to say that they were normal, thank you very much. :)
if the battle of Hogwarts was on 2 may 1998, how could Vernon dursley drive a 2008 Vauxhall Vectra. now that's magic
Now the tie breaker.. it consists of 3 questions and the one who answers all 3 ques in one comment first wins! 1.What was the first sign of "insanity" observed by vernon dursley the day after the dark lord vanished? 2. When did the Battle Of Hogwarts happened? 3. What was the main reason behind the failure of S.P.E.W. in freeing the house elves from the Hogwarts kitchen ? Time-3 minutes Best of luck. ~PatronusKing
Ever hear one of those fan theories that blows your mind? Harry Potter actually went to St. Brutus's due to the emotional effect of being in a car with his dead parents after the accident. He created Hogwarts as a coping mechanism. He never left the Dursley's house, he just stayed under the stairs. He slays Voldimort in the end of the final movie and the screen shows his face with the school in the background. The school fades into 4 Privet Drive and he's standing over Vernon Dursley's dead body, holding a wooden stake, covered in blood. He quietly whispers to himself, "You're a wizard, Harry."
A wizard am I lyrics [HAGRID] [spoken] O', 'arry Potter [sung/spoken] Many years I 'ave waited For this birthday o' yours to appear Why, I predict Dumbledor Could make you 'is favorite student of all! My 'arry, my 'arry I'll say at once you're a Wizard They should 'ave told you in advance With a talent like yours, 'ere There is a definite chance If you work as you should You'll make Hogwarts good: [Harry Potter:] Did that really just happen? Have I actually understood? This weird quirk I've tried To suppress or hide Is a talent that could Help me leave the Dursleys And make Hogwarts good So I'll make it good Now that I'm a Wizard, I can prove my worth, I can leave Privet Drive, What I've waited for since, [Spoken] Since birth! [Sung] And with all this Wizard wisdom, By my looks, Dumbledor won't be blinded Do you think these Wizards are dumb? Or, like Muggles, so small-minded? No! They'll say to me, "I see who you truly are - A boy on whom we can rely!" And that's how we'll begin A wizard I am now that I'm ...
So been watching Will and Grace on love film. I only ever saw the odd episode when it aired on channel 4. Now I'm on the last season and I'm gonna sad when it ends. I love all the characters and it's had some awesome guest stars. Including the one and only Seth Green. And Willy Wonka himself yes you guessed it. Gene Wilder. Another one of my fave guests has to be John Cleese. If Stanley Walker had of been seen on screen the perfect actor to play him would of been the late Richard Griffths. Better known for his role as Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films.
"And when I had just graduated from university, I was going out with this boy, Vernon Dursley, he was fat and he was the only boy who would talk to me. And he said he wanted children, and that his first son would be named Dudley. And I thought to myself, what kind of parent names their child Dudley Dursley?" Ça commence très très bien, HPMoR :D ( )
You know, I wouldn't mind TWO deliveries being late, if my livelihood didn't depend on it.. P.S: I know there's no post on Sunday, Vernon Dursley, stop reminding me!
As you may have noted, I'm working my way through the Harry Potter books at the moment. One thing occurred to me a few days ago. I don't think Vernon Dursley and Severus Snape ever met, so how do you think they would have gotten along if they had met? On the one hand, they do have one thing in common -- neither one of them cares for Harry all that much On the other hand, Snape *is* a wizard, and we know how Vernon feels about them. So, would they get along well or not?
There's a man on this train that looks like Vernon Dursley.
Vernon Dursley: Do you know what's so great about Snowdays, Dudley? Dudley Dursley: (Speechless) Harry Potter: No post on Snowdays? Vernon Dursley: Right you are, Harry. No post on Snowdays! Ha!
My board didn't come and there's no post on Sundays. I blame you, Vernon Dursley.
Uncle Vernon Dursley and Cliff Clavin are both in Superman II.
Just got an email that the boy's basketball game at Otsego is still on for 10:20am today. They said it will only be canceled if either Wood or Lucas County goes to Level 3 snow emergency. I guess Level 2, indicating you should only drive if it is absolutely necessary, isn't enough. Ridiculous. And in the words of Vernon Dursley, "He will not be going!"
You know THAT feeling you get when someone is staring at you from across the room? Well I was at Becks cafè when I suddenly felt that tingely feeling :P And I looked to my left, and who do I see staring at me with hate in his eyes? Wait for it. A (Uncle) Vernon Dursley lookalike at the next table X3 And he was sitting together with a blond, horsefaced, stuck up looking woman that remimded me eerily about Petunia. And they kept looking over at me X3 So I couldn't help my self, so I said kinda loudly to my friend; "I'm that special kind of freak you know ;) HA HA HA X3 Made my day! ~Harry- the special kind of freak XD
All Harry could do now was look at the floor. It seemed impossible to bring his eyes to look around him, or Merlin forbid, at the redheaded girl sitting across from him at the table. A stone bowl sat between them, covered in runes and a silvery substance that flowed softly over its edges. The two of them sat in silence, Harry gathering his thoughts, Ginny letting him come to her when he was ready. He looked up, but only briefly, as if catching her attention then being unable to look at her. "Ginny...after I show you all of these..." He gestured to the three vials full of silvery threads in front of him,"...I don't want anything to change between us. I don't want you to think of me any different, or treat me any differently. I just want you to know because I think you need to." She bit her lip in a characteristic display of emotional turmoil. " know I can't promise that. I promise that I won't think any less of you, and I won't love you any less, but you can't expect me to forget about what you ...
It's starting to get hard think about how Harry Potter actors are starting to pass away. I mean barty crouch sr (roger Lloyd-pack) and Vernon dursley (Richard Griffiths) have both passed on. It's hard to think that the main actors we've grown up with and had in our lives because of an incredible film franchise are no longer alive. Sorry that was my geeky moment of the day. You're welcome.
Hard to watch a movie with Vernon Dursley in it and have to like him.
i wish Vernon Dursley had confronted three Death Eaters with a shotgun in defense of Harry and the family. would've been …
the guy who played Vernon Dursley died last year? well *** :(
"I'm not having one in the house, Petunia! Didn't we swear when we took him in we'd stamp out that dangerous nonsense?" —Vernon Dursley refusing that Harry was a wizard
According to Sorcerers Stone, what firm is Vernon Dursley the director of? a)Gruntings b)Grunnings c)Grinnings
Movie descriptions using other characters the actors have played. Captain jack sparrow is sent to Sleepy Hollow to solve a couple of murders. There he meets up with Wednesday addams, emperor palpatine, professor dumbledore, Vernon dursley , ed Rooney and johnny Rico.
So not only did uncle Phil die but uncle Vernon Dursley died last year as well. Are no uncles safe anymore?
Book One, Chapter One Quiz 1. Where does Vernon Dursley work, and what does that company do? 25 points per first correct answer. No house = no points! Wormtail the p0tt3rgl33k
Superman 2 (1980). Awesome classic. :) I didn't know Uncle Vernon Dursley of Harry Potter was in here. He's so young in this film, like in his 30s. :)
Epic bits of Harry Potter CoS •Vernon Dursley. Just love him. The way he talks, jumps up out of bed, falls out a window. Excellent. •The look on Ginny Weasley's face when she sees Harry at the breakfast table. •Harry slapping the closed portal to track 9 3/4. •Ron's face when they are trying to catch up to the Hogwarts Express..."We must be close". Cracks me up every time. •Snape's crazy finger as he is pointing at Harry and Ron. •Every single scene with Lockhart. • The look on the Sorting Hats "face" when Harry tells him he was wrong. •Ron spitting up slugs. •Dobby. •The sink in the Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. •Moaning Myrtle. Just love her. •Lucius Malfoy getting his comeuppance. •What does the Fawkes say...jk. Seriously, Fawkes. •Madame Humphries. She reminds me of a cupcake. •Hermione running through the Great Hall to greet Harry and Ron. Warm fuzzies. •The fact that we only see this particular Tom Riddle once.
Notable deaths of 2013: Paul Walker, Roger Ebert, George Jones, Edith from Archie Bunker, Margaret Thatcher, Jonathan Winters, Dear Abbie, Hugo Chavez, Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter, Helen Thomas (the White House correspondent for the Clintons), Tom Clancy, Lou Reed, Nelson Mandela, Peter O'Toole from Lawrence of Arabia... and many more- Very sad to see them go. I hope 2014 is better than 2013 was!
How did I miss that Richard Griffiths-(Uncle Vernon Dursley) from Harry Potter had died this year in May? Makes me sad:(
Almost as though this thought had fluttered through the open window, Vernon Dursley, Harry's uncle, suddenly spoke. 'Glad to see the boy's stopped trying to butt in. Where is he, anyway? 'I don't know,' said Aunt Petunia, unconcerned. 'Not in the house.' Uncle Vernon grunted. 'Watching the news...' he said scathingly. 'I'd like to know what he's really up to. As if a normal boy cares what's on the news - Dudley hasn't got a clue what's going on; doubt he knows who the Prime Minister is! Anyway, it's not as if there'd be anything about his lot on our news -. 'Vernon, shh!' said Aunt Petunia. 'The window's open!'
Did anybody notice Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter) died this year?!
I am feeling fat, and ugly, and grumpy today. In other words, I am Vernon Dursley.
Everyones mourning Paul Walker and im just sitting here still crying over the actor who played Vernon Dursley dying.
RIP Richard Griffiths (aka: Mr. Vernon Dursley) ; Joan Fontaine ; Jack Klugman ; Jonathan Winters ; and Annette Funicello. TCM ran their "TCM Remembers" ad and I was surprised and caught off guard by a couple of the names. Thought maybe others might like to know if a fondly thought of actor had passed as well. This is by no means the full list - just the ones that surprised.
So, who’s your favorite? Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore? Whiz-kid spellcaster Hermione Granger? The massive Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds? Or Professor of Transfiguration Minerva McGonagall? Or maybe you like Harry Potter the best. If you do, you’re not alone. Kids all over the world (and adults, too!) love Harry Potter and the books that tell of his adventures. THE BOY WIZARD Maybe you haven’t read Harry Potter’s adventures. If not, then let’s quickly introduce him. Harry Potter is an unhappy 11-year-old. He lives with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley and their awful son Dudley. Harry doesn’t know it, but he’s a wizard! His mother was a witch and his father was a wizard. Both died fighting the evil wizard Voldemort when Harry was just a baby. Harry was hidden with the unmagical Dursleys to protect him from Voldemort. Harry’s adventures begin when he is accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, he meets adults like Headmaster Albus Dumbledore ...
"Your mum's just looking for something in the cupboard under the stairs. We haven't locked her in it though" ...well thanks for clearing that up, Dad aka Vernon Dursley
Vernon Dursley is sitting across the train from me. He's a Dallas Cowboys fan. I'd say Boston is a magical city because of this but his fits of anger are scary.
promos part 2 "They'll be announcing their engagement any day now" ~Ron Weasley Real or not Real? The world of wizards, elves and dragonriders The timey wimey world of the fandoms ღJosh Hutchersonღ - ϟThe Hunger gamesϟ I suspect the Nargles are behind it. -Luna Lovegood Hannibalogy Some Stories Live With Us Forever Jennifer Lawrence = Perfection Slytherpuff For Life All The Best People Are Completely Mad Primrose Everdeen, Our little angel I'm still betting on you, girl on fire. -Cinna Harry James Potter • ϟ The Quibbler ϟ • Realising that the fandom page you just made has already been made Vernon Dursley taught me something important. There's no post on Sundays. If you wanted to rip my clothes off, you should have asked - Jace Wayland ~DauntlessPeeta
So Richard Griffiths(aka Vernon Dursley in the HP movies) died in March, only found out about it now. Belated RIP, his scenes were small but hilarious...
3. Help yourself and de-stress when necessary. If Vernon Dursley would have relieved his stress properly, he might not have punished Harry so much as a child. But then again, he spoiled his own son, Dudley. It seems as though stress is not the reason why the Dursleys treated Harry unfairly, but more because of their hatred for Harry's parents.
A postman just came to my door and gave me my post. Have I lost track of what day it is or did I get post on sunday? Vernon Dursley would have a fit.
the busy Grunnings world of Uncle Vernon Dursley
Have had so many packages delivered this week at stupid o'clock in the morning for Christmas I felt like Vernon Dursley getting into bed, NO POST ON SUNDAYS!
The man who played uncle Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter died in March and I just found out now. :/
So, it's pouring rain outside, thunder and lighting and all...and Vernon Dursley blows a hole in the roof without so much as a slow drip getting in. Looks like important details didn't just get left out from the books...
The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione were all stood quietly in the kitchen of the Burrow. Normally the house would be full of laughter and loud conversation, but today they all stood around waiting. Today was the funerals of Petunia and Vernon Dursley.  Hermione and Mrs Weasley had gone into muggle London the day before to buy everyone clothes for the ceremony. No one other than Hermione had attended a muggle funeral before so she had picked out black suits and dresses for everyone to wear.  After the war there had been a lot of funerals to attend, but wizard funerals were a lot different and no one really knew what to expect. Harry felt like he'd been to enough funerals recently to last him a life time. He'd attended every funeral of the victims of the battle of Hogwarts. It was something that he'd had to do. He had to remember the life's of all those who had sacrificed themselves to help him protect the world they lived in.  'Hermione dear, could you help me with this tie please?' Mr Weasley asked, attem ...
I was thinking 'I wonder if that stuff I ordered will come today' and had to go all Vernon Dursley on myself because it's Sunday isn't it, and what does that mean?
Alfred the butler, Emperor Palpetine, Albus Dumbledore, Vernon Dursley in the same movie... NAME IT!
Just seen a lookalike of Vernon Dursley.
everyone's getting their acceptance letters for university... i'll just pretend my mean uncle Vernon Dursley is trying to hide it from me...
could this be Uncle Vernon Dursley reincarnated ?
The fact the Vernon Dursley is dead still really upsets me.
That awkward moment when you realize Albus Dumbledore and Vernon Dursley were also in the movie Sleepy Hollow.
While watching Harry Potter I realized how incredibly insane Vernon Dursley really is. In order to prevent Harry from getting a letter he buys an island in the middle of some ocean for them to live on. Who does that?
Vernon Dursley: "I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOME CRACKPOT OLD FOOL TO TEACH HIM MAGIC TRICKS!" Hagrid: "NEVER INSULT Albus Dumbledore IN FRONT OF ME!" Me:"Hagrid can i hurt him" Hargrid:"no joshua i sorry as much as i want to you can do majgic outside of school"
Maybe a bit late and not as good as the others and also not strictly HP themed, but he has a moustache and Vernon Dursley also has a moustache, so. Here's Alistair. (thanks to Jess for pic :-) )
32 years ago today, Lily and James Potter were living in hiding with their one year old son Harry. Everyday they were scared for their lives, but they were as happy as one in that situation can be. 32 years ago today, a trusted man betrayed two of his best friends, resulting in one spending 12 years wrongly accused in Azkaban Prison and the other and his wife dead, their one year old son orphaned and forced to live with his only living relatives, his aunt, uncle, and cousin who treated him like he was nothing and tried to hide from him what he really was. 32 years ago, a cat sat outside a muggle house, reading a map. Flocks of owls were seen flying in broad daylight everywhere. Muggles noticed people in strange clothing and cloaks gathering in Kent. A little wizard wearing a purple robe hugged Vernon Dursley. And there was a whisper. A whisper about the Potters, Lily, James, and their son Harry. 32 years ago on a Wednesday, Petunia Dursley went out to get the milk, and screamed when she got the shock of h ...
At this point 32 years ago Vernon Dursley was getting sternly glared at by a cat.
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I dont know what all the fuss is about, i think that Mercedes will get on just fine without Vernon Dursley
Watching sleepy hallow for the first time. And Idk if anyone else noticed it but the guy who played Vernon dursley ( Harry Potter's uncle) is in it. Lol surprised I caught that since I'm so tired.
*Opens beer and loads up Supernatural* Vernon Dursley Voice: No class on Mondays.
That moment you realize that Albus Dumbledore, Vernon Dursley, Alfred Pennyworth, and Captain Jack Sparrow are in this movie...
Moyes: "Unless I was speaking Double Dutch I said Wayne Rooney is not for sale,"Vernon Dursley is the director of an dril
Apparently post now comes on Sundays. Seems Vernon Dursley was wrong
Watching Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow and it is sooo weird seeing Vernon Dursley, Dumbledore, and other Harry Potter peeps! The weirdest is seeing Rita Skeeter as the main bad character!!!
Pretty sure I was told this when I wanted a phone..."Why? So you can send secret messages to your freaky little friends?" -Vernon Dursley ⚡️
When walking to work and seeing grown adults wearing onesies in public, I feel how I can only imagine Vernon Dursley felt seeing all the witches and wizards wearing cloaks on his commute. Except, instead of actually being witches and wizards, they're just ***
OK, so I'm once again reading the Harry Potter series. Being the kind of nerd who has lost track of just how many times I have read it through, I am picking up on little story points; details that are ultimately inconsequential to the plot of any particular book, let alone the series as a whole. For example: in chapter 3, "Letters from No One" while Vernon Dursley is driving the family around, trying to escape the Hogwarts letters, Dudley says, "It's Monday. The Great Humberto's on tonight. I want to stay somewhere with a television." And I ask myself, just what kind of show IS The Great Humberto? It sounds like the name of a magician, exactly the kind of thing Vernon and Petunia would categorically ban from their household. What sort of program was Rowling envisioning when she thought up that name? Or am I just getting too involved?!?
I wish Vernon Dursley would lock me in my room and tell me I can't go back to school.
"When, in due course, Vernon Dursley proposed marriage, very correctly, on one knee in his mother's sitting room, Petunia accepted at once. The one fly in her delicious ointment was the fear of what her new fiancé would make of her sister, who was now in her final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Vernon was apt to despise even people who wore brown shoes with black suits; what he would make of a young woman who spent most of her time wearing long robes and casting spells, Petunia could hardly bear to think. She confessed the truth during a tear-stained date, in Vernon's dark car as they sat overlooking the chip shop where Vernon had just bought them a post-cinema snack. Vernon, as Petunia had expected, was deeply shocked; however, he told Petunia solemnly that he would never hold it against her that she had a freak for a sister, and Petunia threw herself upon him in such violent gratitude that he dropped his battered sausage." - Pottermore ~Xeno
Why does the actor who plays Vernon Dursley look so much like Grover Cleveland?
R.I.P to Richard Griffiths who plays Vernon Dursley, Harry Potters uncle...
RIP Richard Griffiths. No one could have played Vernon Dursley better than you.
RIP Richard are the only person who could have played Vernon Dursley
Please raise your wands and lets pay out respects to the man who brought Vernon Dursley to life. RIP Richard Griffiths.
And it's a pity Richard Griffiths was already Vernon Dursley because he'd've made a perfect Slughorn.
Does anyone here think that Vernon Dursley could, in fact, give a Dementor the ol' one-two? -Royal
It's Vernon Dursley and Milton Bradley. I like Boyd too. It should've been his first name, IMO, cuz it fits.
I like Boyd though! Or at least I'm used to it? Idk. Mostly I just associate Vernon with Vernon Dursley, so.
Does anyone else think the actor who plays Arthur Weasley is starting to look like Vernon Dursley?
My humanities teacher looks like Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter. LOL!
i'm gunna carry on the initals quiz! points V.D
Only Vernon Dursley would be happy about no post on Sunday.
Alright, guys last one for today :p 20 points for this one! I don't believe in wands Or in the Quidditch World Cup, And this is the last time I'll say this, Shut that ruddy bird up! Who am I? -Miss Fleur
Vernon and Petunia Dursley are actually brilliant actors!
HP3: what is the name of Vernon Dursley's sister?
What's with all these english speaking people? And a fat foreigner who looks like Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley! :D
Just saw an van and my mind immediately went "no post on Sundays" in Vernon Dursley's voice...
I still want to know what the punchline was for Vernon Dursley's Japanese golfer joke. What happened at the ninth hole?!
I wish I had a chin like Vernon Dursley's
Even though i know there is no mail on sundays (Vernon Dursley taught me that when i was 6). i will wait anyway.
Petunia Dursley: You know the saying you never know what you have got until its gone? well there could be no truer words ever spoken to describe Petunias feelings when harry left for the last time. she knew they had to be safe and she thought she would be relieved to have him away from her family...but she wasn't, it was as if harry being there numbed the pain of loosing lily, like cos she had harry right there she didnt think about the loss of her sister, but when harry was gone it hit hit her like a ton of bricks. and for the first time in all of harrys life, she realised she actually loved the boy, and she realised just how much she loved her sister. Petunia live on edge all throughout her time in hiding, Vernon gave up trying to talk to her, he just put her reaction down to "being a woman" . she was terrified for harry. but when the war was over she still could never muster up the courage to tell harry how she felt about him and how sorry she was. (HC) ~Gryffindork.
In late 1977, Lily Evans and James Potter had a disastrous first meeting with Petunia and her then-fiancé, Vernon Dursley.
Vernon Dursley is one fine piece of ***
Vernon Dursley singing to the biscuit he dropped 'the one that got away'
Petunia and Vernon HC :D “Wingarrdium levioosaa” whispered Petunia, waving the twig she had picked up. She had escaped the “F.O.L.D” (fussing over Lily day) by going to the park. Lily was leaving for her “special school” in two days for her sixth year and the usual bout of jealousy had washed over Petunia. If her sister could do magic, why couldn’t she? She threw the twig down in frustration. “What were you tryna do?” said a voice from behind her. She spun round to see a dashing young man who had neat light brown hair and the sweetest smile. “I was trying to levitate that leaf by magic,” she replied. “You know, for fun because magic obviously doesn’t exist,” she added hastily, avoiding eye contact. Raising an eyebrow, he said “why don’t you try that again?” Confused, she picked up the twig and whispered the words her sister had told her about. The leaf rose slowly, held by the lad opposite her. She giggled, while he smiled sweetly. Petunia stared at him for a while before ...
Hi my name is vernon dursley and I think I can hide from wizards by moving to an island
QUOTES QUIZ!!! ♥ SilverDoe/SD Who said it? 5. "Funny way to get wizards' to school, the train. Magic carpets all got punctures, have they?"
Vernon Dursley is such an underrated Harry Potter character
Look at Vernon Dursley, chilling out with Dumbledore. This is freaking me out.
And Vernon Dursley, naw so many illusions have been shattered tonight
Saruman, Dumbledore and Vernon Dursley aka Harry Potters uncle are all in my nightmare film.. somehow I'm not scared anymore
so vernon dursley is in Sleepy Hollow! Did you know this?
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Slowly discovering that Sleepy Hollow has Jack Sparrow, Dumbledore, Senator Palpatine, Max Zorin, Alfred Pennyworth, and Vernon Dursley.
Apparently the post office doesn't deliver mail on Saturday anymore. That's news Vernon Dursley would appreciate.
We almost all know that JK Rowling shares the same birthday as Harry. However, did you know, Richard Griffifths - the actor of Vernon Dursley is also born on July 31st? Professor Shunpike
ACTORS TRIVIA QUIZ! Name the actor described, NOT the character. Note: Please include your house in your answers. Thanks! For 15 POINTS, 5. Name three sets of two actors in the Harry Potter films who have starred together in other films and the movie which they starred in. (Example: Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson, Love Actually)
I was playing Angry Birds, minding my own business, when I realized... Vernon Dursley.
Now I know how Vernon Dursley felt when Harry got all them letters!
Massive haul this year. Feel like Vernon Dursley trying to keep out all these letters. If only today was a Sunday.
It's curtains for Oscar. In the words of Harry Potter's Uncle, Vernon Dursley -->
NO cards are you serious? I must be either unloved or my dads turned into Vernon Dursley over night and is hiding them
I'm reading JK Rowling's adult novel The Casual Vacancy. First thing I noticed is that in the first few chapters, her characters use all the basic dirty words which nobody in Harry Potter's world (except perhaps Vernon Dursley, off-stage) could ever utter. Next thing I noticed is that early on, a character dies OF NATURAL CAUSES. That's a very adult-novel thing to happen.
Headcannons 8. Vernon Dursley never liked Harry, but he couldnt help being amazed. Sure, he hated magic, wizards, witches, and all that other stupid crazed stuff. But sometimes he would lie in bed at night and wonder. Wonder if magic really was possible. Wonder why he couldnt do it. He hated himself for thinking these things, and always pushed them quickly out of his mind afterwards. However, his mind often drifted back to the magical boy living in his house. And he wished, so badly, that he could do it too. That thing called magic. ~DraMione~
Passed the city of Vernon and a street called Dursley. Tis a sign, I say! ~Pansy
INITIALS QUIZ!!! ♥ SD Has to be the one I am thinking of and TWO FACTS! 7. M.D
Saw Vernon Davis was trending and automatically thought of Vernon Dursley.
Early in the book, page 34, supposedly Vernon Dursley is whistling/singing it!
Update your maps at Navteq
What would you offer umm... Vernon Dursley for Christmas? xD ~ Cho
Marjorie Eileen Dursley is the older sister of Vernon Dursley. Although no blood relation of Harry Potter, he has been taught to call her ‘Aunt Marge’. Marge is a large and unpleasant woman whose main interest in life is breeding bulldogs. She believes in corporal punishment and plain speaking, which is what she calls being offensive. Marge is secretly in love with a neighbour called Colonel Fubster, who looks after her dogs when she is away. He will never marry her, due to her truly horrible personality. This unrequited passion fuels a lot of her nasty behaviour to other people. Marge dotes on Dudley, her only nephew. She does not know that Harry Potter, who lives with her relatives, is a wizard. She believes him to be the offspring of two unemployed layabouts who dumped their son on their hardworking relatives, Vernon and Petunia. The latter, who are terrified of the prejudiced and outspoken Marge finding out the truth, have fostered this impression over many years. When Harry becomes angry with Aun ...
I went to see the film adaption of Private Peaceful today, and guess who was the colonel? None other than Vernon Dursley. I was told to shut up several times because of my whoops of joy. XD ~ Ludo the Ludicrous
Would you rather... Work at the Ministry of Magic with Arthur Weasley OR Work your dream job with Vernon Dursley? ~Admin Nagini
Did anyone else not know that Vernon Dursley was in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? :3 - Luna/Moony x
The Private Peaceful movie is going to be good just because Vernon Dursley is in it.
Today, I saw look-a-likes of Vernon Dursley, Rufio, and the witch-wife from Princess Bride. Fingers still crossed for Maria Sharapova.
on August 1 1992: Vernon Dursley put bars on Harry Potter's bedroom at 4 Privet Drive.
With all the Harry and Jo commotion, I almost forgot that today, July 31st, is also Richard Griffiths birthday, who played Vernon Dursley!
Happy 65th birthday to Richard Griffiths, who played Vernon Dursley! :)
1947: Richard Griffiths, the actor who portrays Vernon Dursley is born.
A Very Happy Birthday to Richard Griffiths, who portrayed the role of Vernon Dursley! :)
July 31: Happy Birthday also to actor Richard Griffiths! (Vernon Dursley in
Happy Birthday JK Rowling :) And as a piece of between Olympic event trivia it is also Vernon Dursley's (Richard Griffiths) birthday too :)
"You and that bloody pigeon aren't going anywhere!" (Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (movie)).
not sure why Vernon Dursley is trending but lovin' it ;D
And tonight, friends, I'm going to the theater that saw the premier of the last 8 gilbert and sullivan operas as well as Blythe see Danny Devito and Richard Griffiths (aka Vernon Dursley). Yeah. That's happening.
and Vernon Dursley with Jack Torrance. (Nicholson's character from The Shining)
Why Royal Mail? Why no post on Sunday? I have to wait till Monday for my Iphone now. Well I hope your happy Vernon Dursley.
So tonight I was with Richard Griffiths..and its safe to say that Vernon Dursley is much nicer than Professor Umbridge. I must not tell lies
President Snow reminds me of a skinnier, older Vernon Dursley with a cooler voice.
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