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Verne Troyer

Verne J. Troyer (born January 1, 1969) is an American actor and stunt performer. Troyer is notable for his height of , the result of cartilage–hair hypoplasia dwarfism, making him one of the shortest men in the world.

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NEW CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT: You know him as Mini Me, or perhaps a certain goblin in the Harry Potter franchise, but th…
Eminem is slowly merging into a tall version of Verne Troyer it’s weird.
Is it Verne Troyer inside, or the little dude from Game of Thrones?
My pint list would be Barack obama, the rock, David tennant and just to add diversity and inclusiveness Verne Troye…
Verne Troyer does his part to protect the puppers!. Saving Dogs From The Asian Dog Meat Trade! (Emotional)
BREAKING: Apple working on a limited edition Verne Troyer iPad mini-me. Will retail for one milion dollars.
What if you got in the back seat of an UBER and the DRIVER was WEARING A SHOWER CAP? {WOW}…
I liked a video Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers VS. Verne Troyer playing Madden NFL 16 -
RIP to Verne Troyer, eaten by treat loving dogs
Something oddly satisfying about watching Verne Troyer's internet cooking show...
John Hancock Center is 425 times as tall as Verne Troyer
My maw has just hit out wi . "Tess Daly doesn't look as glam this week. I wonder if Verne Troyer has been sexting again". Verne Troyer aye?
I added a video to a playlist "Mini Me" Verne Troyer Talks Sex With Playboy Playmates on Howard Stern
Verne Troyer look like a squirtle without a shell
No joke that's Verne Troyer. Yes Mini-Me 1 year before he came to Austin Powers Fame. Find out…
Quarter to 2 and I'm watching Verne Troyer unbox fan mail. What's going on
Subscribing to Verne Troyer was the coolest thing ever.
He should have Verne Troyer do his mini monologue
I'll just stay in bed watching Verne Troyer fly drones
As if Conor McGregor got to meet Verne Troyer
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 69.6 times as tall as Verne Troyer
[bd content] going to the theater at 10am tmrw for a private screening of the Verne troyer classic Gnome Alone. Big…
TIL That the famous actor Verne Troyer, from films such as Austin Powers, is an active FIFA player on his Xbox One…
Verne Troyer's post today reminded me that I would love to eat lionfish. I'm on the wrong coast for that, though.
Wannabe Verne Troyer here is just gonna bloc…
Verne Troyer has the best account on Reddit
If you ever feel anxious about the state of the internet, know that there's a video of Verne Troyer making lionfish sashimi.
I didn't know Verne Troyer had a Reddit account.
I mean, yes. Both can hold the ball and run it. Past that it’s like saying Dwayne Johnson and Verne…
I had no idea Verne Troyer was making youtube videos, let alone a cooking show.
could be Verne Troyer in a dog suit with a machine gun
VERNE TROYER!!!. Verne is famous for his role as Mini-Me Austin Powers! . . Get your tickets here:…
As if just asked Verne Troyer who he was whilst getting a photo with him 😂😂😂😂
Verne Troyer eating a subway might just be the best thing you'll ever see.
You should make your own cooking show called "Cooking with Verne Troyer"
LOL. Has to be bald actor. Bruce Willis, Woody Harrellson, Ed Harris, Verne Troyer, The Rock. Wow what could be
S&W Ep 600: Interview with Hollywood Broker about Paris Hilton, Verne Troyer and more.…
I want to be in Verne Troyer's entourage so bad with my boy Mini golf, sandwiches. Yes.
That was like, 40 pigs though. It could take a while. . I as thinking Verne Troyer, I'm not a big water.
This coming from ole Verne Troyer himself
I liked a video How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever | Verne Troyer
That's the Verne Troyer of all downloads! Kick off or talk to Alex Hunters granda…
I liked a video I Got Hypnotized by a REAL Hypnotist! | Verne Troyer
Thing is, it really was like that. The last dream had Verne Troyer and a 2-0 win over Derby, but thi…
At a quick glance i thought this was Conor McGregor and Verne troyer!!! 😂😂😂😂
I don't mind. It's not like he invited Verne Troyer to his party
Verne Troyer eating a Subway is the best thing ever
.just confused French novelist Jules Verne with Mini Me actor Verne Troyer. I don't understand how this happened.
If Verne Troyer can eat this. You can do anything.
Verne Troyer would have made both of these last two missed FG's. Fact.
Connor comes out with Emmanuel Lewis and Verne Troyer on his shoulders. Conner boxers have pictures…
Verne Troyer, Terry George, Andrea, Edoardo, Nicola Salerno, Gianluca Festa, your boys took one *** of a beating
I just legitimate Lee mistook Donald Trump for Verne Troyer. Why is he so smoll?
hehe thanks, small fact, the goblin at the desk that asks for the key is Verne Troyer, but dubbed with Warwick Davies voice :)
When you realise you needed to shift Verne Troyer’s lifeless body before Radz gets into his new office
Plz watch and see why this a great cause. ... and I think we're gonna need a bigger cookie!
Good. I'm almost 100% certain we prefer to see Tony Dorigo than Verne Troyer.
just said verne troyer is going to prysm and goes 'why what's he done' lmao prysm not PRISON
NEXT WEEK! . 'Mini Me' Verne Troyer hosts Q Club!. Travelling all the way from the U.S, Q Club is one destination...
Yall really letting black Verne Troyer do too much
*** Peter Dinklage was one of my three fancasts to be the Tinkerer for MCU Spidey. Him, Steve Buscemi or Verne Troyer.
Verne troyer can drive but probably can't play jenga
anyone else notice that Lucas has got the same face as Verne Troyer
don't get why club PA's are even done anyway but Verne Troyer must be a joke 😶
So, so funny. Verne Troyer in a blonde, stained wig. In a suit. 😂
I find him much less scary after the last 24hrs. The Big Scary Ogre's costume fell apart, and he's just Verne Troyer on stilts.
That's hilarious. Thanks! I cannot now un-see Verne Troyer on stilts. In a wig?!
The light relief is Trump. We were so scared of the Big Ogre, but his costume fell apart and it's just Verne Troyer on stilts.
ANNOUNCEMENT. -. The world famous VERNE TROYER is coming to host the biggest midweek party...
Verne Troyer is going to pryzm, I've seen it all 😂😂
ANNOUNCEMENT. -. VERNE TROYER is coming to ANTICS!!. The world famous actor will be joining...
is it to disguise the fact he's Griphook in the same films? As originally it was Verne Troyer
Mike Bibby thinking back to the days when he was known as Verne Troyer via /r/funny
funnily enough Adam that's what Massimo said to me when he introduced me to Verne Troyer.
That would be so bad, and yet so strangely compelling. But only if Verne Troyer is Pence.
"He's like Verne Troyer but normal sized" -anoncuck
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A Giraffe is 7.41 times as tall as Verne Troyer
The first celebrity I ever met was Verne Troyer aka "Mini-Me"
lick all doorknobs in order to open the door or have to fight a 6 foot tall Verne Troyer in order to eat any food?
I added a video to a playlist Baby Food Challenge with Roman Atwood and Verne Troyer
Kilimanjaro is nearly 7,270 times as tall as Verne Troyer
Working with Keith Lemon, Fabio and Verne Troyer on LEMON LA VIDA LOCA was a gas. A taste of the good life on set...
This was so fun. I had such a great time working on Lemon La Vida Loca with Keith Lemon, Verne J Troyer and...
Now confirmed!!! Mini Me, Verne Troyer Will be the Starting Goalie for the current defending Stanley Cup Champions! ht…
The bar is still Verne Troyer height, no matter how "powerful" a rich actor's speech is
Question: Should Verne Troyer be considered a hack? No, but... kinda yea?
They'll be no Verne Troyer signature "clamping" here.
The only reality TV star I would vote for is drunk Verne Troyer
It's a tradition that right before inauguration you fight with a celeb. Remember the Obama Verne Troyer boxing match?
Q Club is proud to present VERNE TROYER as he hosts Readings biggest and busiest night. Travelling all the way...
I liked a video Dwarf Mamba VS Verne Troyer funny video compilation - Vine Worldlaugh✔
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
At 2 ft 8 in (0.81 m), actor Verne Troyer is one of the smallest men in the world. 5 ft 5 …
either natalie portman's pregnant OR verne troyer just got snuck onto the red carpet...
I went to see the film with a regular audience for the first time o...
You live in a train car with other people who are owned by Verne Troyer.
I liked a video from Egg Roulette Challenge: Verne Troyer vs Logan Paul
Verne Troyer or John Grisham. Also Curt Schilling but I want to disavow him.
Truly a Mini Me...almost like bros. Hangin' with Verne Troyer of Austin Powers fame in Miami.
A basketball hoop is 3.77 times as tall as Verne Troyer
Maybe! But if not, tune in anyway for special guest Verne Troyer and the Sklar Brothers!
Verne Troyer comments on his own meme
Happy Birthday, Verne Troyer (He portrayed (but did not voice) Griphook in the first Harry Potter film. h…
Why are people asking Verne Troyer if he's a fish? via /r/OutOfTheLoop
I stay away from the elf roles; I stay away from playing a leprecha...
.I hope that Mike Myers and Verne Troyer ("Mini-Me") will sue for copyright infringement...
A sad day for Michigan man Verne Troyer. 😂
Now I get to pick and choose exactly what I want to do.
There's nobody else that can double me - except for a doll.
You look like a hung over Verne Troyer in every picture
I liked a video from MailTime Unboxing with Verne Troyer: Boob Painting? I Was in
Why does a club near me get special guests like Steve McFadden, Jake Wood & Verne Troyer?!
I thought Verne Troyer aka "Mini Me" how to scooter!! Comment below a famous person I should teach next!!
Mount Everest is 10,900 times as tall as Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer is one of the badass JACKALS! And Mr. Mercer - he's a player character!
Let's all hope that Verne Fiddler has bigger numbers than Verne Troyer tonight.
Remember that guy standing in the musical instrument in the grinch then he gets sucked down? That was Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer is just a tiny Vin Diesel
was expecting a bonus Are They Dead Yet? Verne Troyer edition today. Did a secret google to find the answer.
It's hard for me to even watch comedies I'm in.
If I did everything, I probably wouldn't be here talking to you. Th...
Turns out Wee Man and Verne Troyer are in Let It Die.
I want to see that casting meeting. It's a wacky Japanese game, they get Verne Troyer in to voice someone - it's gonna be offensive, right?
Just did a double-take looking at IMDB. One of the Jackals (the cyberpunk body-collectors) is voiced by Verne Troyer.
What I really enjoy the most is seeing what the crowd likes. I enjo...
In high school and college all my friends and my brother wrestled.
Verne Troyer riding his scooter drunk around the house and smashing into the Diary Room door.
Hypnotized Verne Troyer in Hollywood today, what a blast
I liked a video Verne Troyer AKA Mini-Me - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
For the record: Gary was the first choice for the movie, but he was busy. Verne Troyer was the second pick. ;)
Didn't Pat McCormick do that same bit w Billy Barty? Brad Garrett and Verne Troyer reprised it
I love London. I would move here. I like British people; everybody ...
. So many, Verne Troyer drunk driving on his mobility scooter and crashing into the diary room door was hillarious, + Tiffany
They use their hair as limbs very difficult to defend. Verne Troyer appears with similar hair, tries to shoot and I block him effortlessly.
Me being able to beat up Austin Powers? I mean, how great can that be?...
I really hope they invite some Channel 4 housemates back, Verne Troyer would be incredible again.
I've done approximately 15 films, and most of the things I've done have...
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might as well make a new bedazzled and replace him with Verne Troyer.
We were doing the dance routine and I dislocated my knee. I've been ...
. I don't want a reality stat overload, I also think they should send some ch4 housemates back in, like Verne Troyer etc...
I just take it one day at a time. Austin Powers has given me a lot o...
Genuinely thought this was Verne Troyer for a second
this yoga bagel's audio separated at birth is drunk Verne Troyer
I just realized Verne Troyer is in fear and loathing in las Vegas for like 5 seconds.
Verne Troyer shows off his Kim and Kanye-gifted infant-sized Yeezy Boost 350s.
Austin Powers 4 rumoured to be arriving at a cinema near you this September with Verne Troyer axed for Alex Wright!
Anybody know what time Danny Bonaduce and Verne Troyer's speeches are tonight? Dennis Rodman's? Should we check w...
Rapping over industry beats was a good idea before the industry standard for beats got so low Emmanuel Lewis & Verne Troyer can hurdle it...
I think that a team of me, Verne Troyer, Peter Dinklage, Wee-Man, and Gary Coleman could out rebound the Terps by 10.
Verne Troyer would out jump Fellaini for the ball.
Verne Troyer is one of the most irritating little turds to ever grace my television
Possibly the greatest job on the planet is the guy TMZ pays to follow Verne Troyer
Update your maps at Navteq
No disrespect to Verne Troyer, I just want to see him in a leading role
Unfortunately, Disney is making it as an animated film. I was thinking Verne Troyer doing an awful British accent
It's abt to be more than the height of Verne Troyer
m8 it'd be like fighting Verne Troyer
Here's a photo of Verne Troyer with the team - off to try their new dishes tonight
is no-go for the SEC tourney. He just landed a gig introducing Verne Troyer at his upcoming TED Talk.
who would you rather have in goals for Liverpool. Mingolet or Verne Troyer
How do you feel about governor Verne Troyer endorsing Trump?
Trump Tower these days is nothing but claptrap like Verne Troyer
So looking forward to Shaq as Chewbacca's dad and Verne Troyer as mini-Kylo Ren. Excellent casting.
It was an absolute pleasure meeting Verne Troyer, we hope you enjoyed as much as we do.
Why is 'bet you've seen her sex tape' a reasonable response to 'I don't like Kim Kardashian'? Ive seen Verne Troyer's too what's your point?
Babies always look like Verne Troyer when they're born don't they
*Verne Troyer dressed as angelic cherub accompanies him*
Verne Troyer always makes content that much better
Website Builder 728x90
At least there's a part for Verne Troyer! Who should play Massimo? Ideas?
He could but he'd have nothing left for offense after defending Shaq. Verne Troyer would have a better chance checking Shaq.
Confirmed to have larger hands than :. --Tiny Tim. -- Verne Troyer. -- Tattoo. -- Chuy. -- Danny DeVito. -- Gary Coleman
Verne J Troyer will be at dragon-i this Wednesday for 'I Love Wednesday' !
Verne Troyer is literally the cutest aw
I liked a video from Verne Troyer vs Apple Watch
And that's probably the last time we see Verne Troyer ref a major fight on TV again.
Oh, I see. My next suggestion was going to be Verne Troyer in a Peter Crouch type role. Who do you have so far?
Has Verne Troyer had a growth spurt?
You look like Verne Troyer with hair XD
Someone should tell that Verne Troyer wants his chair back!
I didn't know Verne Troyer was a boxing ref
Verne Troyer is the third man in the ring.
Like Verne Troyer wearing nothing but a tumbleweed.
. For purposes of Disclosure, I ALSO friend Mr. Verne Troyer, So My judgement is in question, Ya seen his pedicure?
Instead of gettin an early night last night I stayed up til 4 going through Verne Troyer's photos. I've no regrets.
Rumor has it that has the smallest hands in comedy, unless you count Verne Troyer.
One on the left must be having Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer, better known as "Mini-Me" in the Austin Powers films, has a sex tape on the internet. The world is ... a strange place
It'll be Jedoardo, in his Burger King hat, watching Terry George stroking Verne Troyer.
Hopefully they are all portrayed by Tony Cox and Verne Troyer
Richard Dreyfuss is to Daniel Stern as Mike Myers is to Verne Troyer but in Home Alone.
Epsom hometown has Rav Wilding, but we always went Wimbledon - Verne Troyer, Flawless, Marcus Brigstocke & Jarred Christmas
You're thrown into 1943 Nazi Germany, and your only companion is a Verne Troyer who believes he is John Rambo. How do you escape? …
Some great people born on 1st Jan: Lorenzo d'Medici, JD Salinger, Joe Orton, Verne Troyer, my Mum and yourself.
Hmm. Jack Black as Mario. Kristen Bell as Peach. Emma Stone as Daisy. Verne Troyer as Toad. Brock Lesnar as Bowser.
The perfect man has Devendra Banhart's icy heart, Fred Willard's agility & Verne Troyer's perfect manners
CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT!! Starring in Peter Pan this Xmas will be. Verne Troyer, Marcus Brigstocke, Flawless & Jarred Christmas!
Verne Troyer: I'd love to appear in another Austin Powers movie
The squid baby in Men in Black was played by Verne Troyer
Have a good friend.Bed time.Verne Troyer could smack him a good friend.
Verne Troyer could smack him in the scrawniest, weediest man in the oval!
And I miss Cryme Tyme.Verne Troyer could smack him in the WWE diva's division has been than that a Bella twin is so snuggly, too!
no one can muat speaker. Not even Verne Troyer bruh
unless it is Shaq fighting Verne Troyer
I added a video to a playlist EPIC AIR BATTLE with Verne Troyer | GTA V
but do you have a picture of Verne Troyer trying to eat a big sandwich to support this claim?
Still waiting on my DBZ live-action movie with Stone Cold Steve Austin as Nappa and Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer as Krillin.
you remember when you had that Verne Troyer looking dude SICK when he was tryna holla and you put him on here?
ffs I've just seen Paris Hilton advertising bingo on TV with Verne Troyer 😂😂😂
The baby looks like Verne troyer aka mini-me 😭😭
Talk spot for "Mini Me's Verne Troyer: CLUBBERS will have the chance to meet the worl... (
On 2 nd thought, Ozzy can be a bit scattered. Maybe Verne Troyer knows...
A movie where every character is Verne troyer
Im not watching Verne Troyer on wife swap cz I get scared easily
All purpose parts banner
I start by thanking all the little people: Billy Barty. Verne Troyer. Danny DeVito...
ICYMI: member talks about his love for the team. WATCH:
ahh man defo! I just want to go for Verne troyer, Richard madden and Jenna again xx
Also, this cucumber is taller than Verne Troyer.
Comparing Donald Trump The Fragrance to Verne Troyer is like comparing apples to Antoine Dodsons
Verne Troyer will be at Blackpool comic con, what a time to be alive
Last celebrity big brother i watched was when Verne Troyer was in it🙌🏼
going through my photos trying to delete for space and I come across a photo I have saved of Verne Troyer drunk on his electric scooter
Don't regret the hour and I wasted watching the Verne Troyer and Hines Ward wife swap episode 😂😂
Just learned that I'm distantly related to mini-me (Verne Troyer). Well that's enough learning about my family for today time for bed.
Verne troyer is going to be at my freshers 😭 gonna meet the actual Mini Me
Have been in LA for less than an hour and already had my first celebrity sighting. Verne Troyer. Way cool.
Why is Verne troyer at my freshers 😂😂
The midnight beast and Verne troyer are definite highlights so far
Just get Verne Troyer on our side.we won't lose
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Make sure you don't mis your welcome parties with BGT's Lorraine Bowen and Old Men Grooving and Verne Troyer!!!
When I was kid with Days of Our Lives vs kids nowadays with their Verne Troyer gibberish
I heard Verne Troyer once drove a mini bus to the mini market to buy a box of Cadbury miniatures.
Macklemore kinda looks like Mini Me/Verne Troyer
Does anyone else think that Macklemore is what Verne Troyer would look like as a big person?
Miley Cyrus and Verne Troyer have the exact same voice
Mackelmore looks like verne troyer 😂
Macklemore looks like if Verne Troyer was of average height
Remembering CBB when Verne Troyer had a few drinks, chatted up Latoya Jackson and crashed his scooter
Just hanging with my married friends, doing married stuff, you watching Celebrity Wife Swap with Verne Troyer & Hines Ward.
Expecting Kerr to counter with the Steph Curry, Mugsy Bogues, Warwick Davis, Verne Troyer, Peter Dinklage lineup
Von Miller and Verne Troyer playing NBA 2K at Verne's house in LA after a day full of appearance on ESPN Sports...
Verne Troyer uses Apple Watch for target practice: . Actor Verne Troyer spends "every *** day" adjusting to a ...
Verne Troyer seems to be on the mend after suffering a seizure - get well soon, dude
Verne Troyer just said he would love to be Little Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious series
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just saw Dan Bilzerian on a poker advert along with Verne Troyer, what?
Next week Verne Troyer is taught the flute by Michael Flately .
omg Verne Troyer is the coolest guy in the world 😭
Verne Troyer is the hottest rapper right now
Verne Troyer basically set a record today.
yeah I like how Verne Troyer won all three of his matches for Rock Island.
well done to Verne troyer (number 10) for hitting the deck at every possible moment.
Height requirements are wack. Verne Troyer got *** badder than any female you follow
surely it's a jokey booking like when Verne Troyer gets booked somewhere not a serious one?
Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) was at the Leeds United game earlier accompanied by a stunning blonde!
That looks like if Herp's dad and Verne Troyer had a baby.
do you think verne troyer should start on JT's wing tonight?
CB West choir with Verne Troyer on drums
Should have stayed home, at least I would have met Verne Troyer.
Verne Troyer and Tom Green prank calling Japan! Stay tuned and watch them taking your Skype calls
Johnny Manziel's not a midget, he's a giant. s/ Verne Troyer
Can we please get Verne Troyer to hump that laser just once? That's all I ask.
Verne Troyer is going to get knocked back into his chocolate factory. ...BENGALS roll Browns, its payback for cinci too. LOCK
My Verne Troyer sketch card for Leaf Masterworks Pop Century surfaced on eBay!.
There was once a sitcom called Shasta McNasty. It was about a rap rock group named Shasta McNasty. It had Verne Troyer and Gary Busey's kid.
Yeah I noticed that when I looked at his wiki. Hardly Verne Troyer is it...
“verne troyer” 👈 I'll take his developmental disable ARSH too...
verne troyer is starting qb for the browns on Sunday? Guess thats why its such a short line.
PS if 'Verne/short' is a Verne Troyer Mini Me reference..very funny! And in poor taste.
I hope after filming that advert they set fire to the casino with Dan Bilzerian and Verne Troyer locked in the toilet
Lmao my favorite Instagram account goes to Verne Troyer
Seth is wondering how Verne Troyer got so large.
throw in Verne Troyer and Wee Man for a tag team match
At a hole in the wall restaurant in London's Chinatown, and who comes in? Verne Troyer...aka Mini Me. SO RANDOM
that wasn't a 13lb baby, it was just Verne Troyer after a weekend binge
Hamilton Collection
Sonny and Natalia and Verne troyer = acs show , ,and , after sonnys podcast intrusion lol
every fish in the Sea was Verne Troyer
When people refer to infants as "tiny humans"... Please just say baby. . Verne Troyer is a tiny human.
Next time, try feeding Verne Troyer to the anaconda. He'll fit better.
Maybe would work better with Verne Troyer or Wee Man in the Darth Vader suit!
Flowers on Gronk is like Verne Troyer on Hulk Hogan.
The premiere of my official Born To Get Wild music vid on Watch it here!
whats with Verne Troyer doin that phone sign in every pic
I met Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me from Austin Powers at work last night.
I was on again last night with Verne Troyer. So far, I've been on four episodes. Tom Green Live is a good show.
Sad to hear about Richard Kiel to many he was jaws, but I’ll remember him for his Swedish reality show w/ Verne troyer. ACTUALLY REAL!
Besides acting, Richard Kiel was in a reality show in 2007 with Verne Troyer where they explored Sweden. Which was interesting...
Got to meet and chat with Verne Troyer on the streets of Toronto. Nice guy.
Went to with ate too many donuts, met Verne Troyer & 2 other cool people/and Had fun! :D
I'm an NFL'er, but can't condone their inaction to Ray Rice's assault on his wife. They all need to be sentenced to sex Verne Troyer.
Spotted Verne Troyer at the club tonight for the
I need more Austin Powers movies in my life. Mike Myers needs to call up Seth Green, Verne Troyer, Michael Caine and the rest of the team.
your pic with Verne Troyer someone actually shorter than you LOL. Love that guy!
Is it inappropriate that I told Verne Troyer that I'm a huge fan?
Remember when Verne troyer was on the surreal house celebrity and was pissing all over the place 😭😭
Charlie Strong as Verne Troyer might be the funniest thing I've seen all month.
I have a Verne Troyer driving me around in a golf cart talking on his cell phone...
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